Homo Futurus

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Homo FuturusAn interesting documentary about the future of the human species.

This is a documentary about a controversial theory regarding the mechanism that drove the evolution of humans from primates to modern man; challenging the presently accepted evolutionary premise. It also speculates on humanity's future evolutionary path.

Homo Futurus is a controversial because it presents a theory regarding the mechanism driving the evolution of humans from primates to modern man that is distinctly non-Darwinian.

The theory being proposed challenges the presently accepted evolutionary premise that genetic mutations and environmental pressures are the prime influences for natural selection. It also speculates on humanity's long term future evolutionary path. So prepare to take a glimpse at the faces of our descendants.

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  1. Achems Razor

    A great doc. on evolution.

  2. Tyler

    Watched this on another site a while ago. A little weird, but very interesting.

  3. dread

    Madness.....................science! typical of its infancy.

  4. Hesus

    Extinction is the rule.

    Evolution is the exception.

    Based on their hypothesis we are alien in origin as the memory built in to our DNA had to come from somewhere. This documentary does not make this claim but it is implied.Can´t say it isn´t possible. Very good insight in to this subject from a different angle. Recommend it.

  5. Scientist

    A great doc. on evolution. replete with hypothesis. believe it all. believe it all.

    until another discovery overthrows this one.

    Oh, how consistent!


  6. Julian

    A great documentary that highlights a central point in science: seeking truth can reveal many surprises. Nothing is to be taken for sure, every theory is subject to question according to the evidence.
    @ Scientist: How did the world come to exist? Well, there is an invisible dude that can do whatevah the heck he wants, however and whenever he wants just by snapping his fingers. Yeh! And he made the world and the humans. In ... six months. No, DAYS!

  7. Jake

    Link broken?

  8. Vlatko

    No it's not. Clear the cache, restart the browser.

  9. Yavanna

    Mediocre doc - there are much better on the subject matter

  10. DancingSpiderman

    I have a problem of the wording of the title of this vid.
    I realize it doesn't mean what it on first impression SOUNDS like, that's why it's a lousy name for the vid. I'm just a stickler about Double Entendre...

    But I vill watch it all the way through in any case... and give my critique... Hmmmm...

  11. Scientist

    A monkey decided enough is enough: “I am not going to suck on shoots and nibble at ticks. I now need cooked food.” So he, of course over millions of years, sorted out how to cook, and then found he didn’t need certain bones, told his DNA to stop programming redundant bones and stuff, and blah blah blah ultimately, with perfection, became man.

    Only that I for the last 35 years have wished and wished and wished to grow back hair on my bald head because I live in an extremely cold country, and to grow taller because I’d really like to; but clearly I’m wishing the wrong signals to my DNA.

    I’m going to ask the apes how to do it right the next time I visit Rwanda.

  12. Scientist

    - "Julian" - six days?? When there was no sun and no moon and no oribiting of planets around the sun, hence no day and night, explain these "six days" to me.

    You even got six day dig wrong! Tsk tsk.

    May the monkeys be your guide.

  13. Hesus

    Just one thing I wanted to add. In this documentary it is said that humans evolved from more humanoids scattered through Africa, Europe and Asia. There is a very good documentary by Spencer Wells called Search for Adam. He analiyses DNA from people all over the globe and discovers a common gene that all humans carrie. It means that we have a common ancestor. So in a fact a scientific Adam that lived 65 000 years ago (if I remember correctly). So I doubt very much that there were simultaneous transformations of neandarthals and so on in to modern man, that were completely separate and started at around the same time frame. It is more likely that the extinction rule was applied to those humanoid branches, or that they even mixed with modern man, had offspring and those survived.

  14. jimtrot


    January 30th, 2010 at 16:28

    A great doc. on evolution. replete with hypothesis. believe it all. believe it all.

    until another discovery overthrows this one.

    Oh, how consistent!


    Many a true word is said in jest

  15. Rip

    Grow taller so our chances of spinal problems increases extremely, as we were not designed to walk upright, says the instruction book I received.

    Panspermia all the way, added anthropic and mediocrity principles.

    If CERN discovers Higgs Boson, will it change the world over 100 years as much as Albert's E=MC2?

    Nature should design a virus to eliminate all humans, as we are the only living things destroying the world..plants, animals, water, air, raping the land, mass suffering.....it would make my day for 'aliens' to treat us the way humans generally treat living things world wide. I don't hate you all, just our destructive nature.

  16. Scientist

    Great; and so I shall inform our ancestors when I visit Rwanda not to be so ambitious as to not only not pine to become homos of the future, but also to not try to evilvolve into homo sapiens. Meanwhile, I'll just shout to them now: "Hey uncle, stay where you are if you love your spine!"

    But what to do about the hair? Surely, we are made to be hairy! Oh, monkey, please help.

    Re nature should design a virus, why do you worry; there ARE viruses already that have recognised how destructive the homo sapien race is, and they've worked it out how to destroy us so they can enjoy the bounties of nature for themselves. Man! Super viruses those. May the original singular cell that got dropped from outer space by the aliens keep them blessed (and whereever the hell did the original cell of those aliens came from is a gap-fill for another time.)

  17. Karen

    I met an asian guy once that looked like this Homo Futurus so maybe the future is already among us. Sad thing is, I like a man with a strong jaw line and brains, guess this sexy combination will be extinct in societies to come.

    Question to ponder: Why is brain volume increasing when it was proved long ago that intelligence is not correlated to brain size? Why is density/volume increasing when we do not use what we have to its fullest capasity/capability?

  18. Arnold

    It seems to me that this hypothesis revives the old objection to evolution by natural selection that asks, "Why are 'less evolved' species still with us?" The selectionist answer is that there are no "more" or "less" evolved species: only different adaptions to different environmental pressures. But if sphenoid flexion is programmed into our DNA to take place on a somewhat fixed time scale, it really is a problem that unflexed species are still around.
    Another problem with this sudden comprehensive change hypothesis is that parents of the "old" species would perceive their "evolved" offspring as malformed and refuse to care for them -- thus sudden evolutionary advancement would lead to sudden extinction.
    It strikes me as a crackpot theory that attracts people with a racist agenda (what's with the stuff about "Bushmen" preserving early pre-sapiens language?) and aging paleontologists like Tobias grasping for one last moment in the limelight.

  19. V

    Wow people just need to be rooted sometimes. You are what you are now. One popular theory or ancient one (religion) will not change you reality. People pick and chose whatever suits them based on the circumstances.

    Oh and they way evolution would have worked is that one family or individual would have evolved first and then would slowly take over. So a genetic 'Adam' and 'eve' is possible as populations do not suddenly evolve simply based upon how much time passes. It is based upon generations and individuals. This is why bacteria and fruit flies evolve much faster than other species - because they reproduce faster.

    But evolution of this type (where there are no missing link populations) is only supposed to happen after the onset of a major disaster like a plague that only modern humans were resistant to. OR perhaps the humans killed off all the other humanoids based on religious teaching that intelligent species should further natures (gods) plans by eliminating the weak.

    Oh and Arnold. evolution in the absence of major environmental change should occur steadily over generations - there is nothing sudden about it.

    But now to watch the documentary.

  20. V

    Wow very interesting stuff. Always new things to learn.

  21. Mark

    Interesting documentary but I feel it over dramatize the controversy. The information doesn't really challenge the idea of environmentally driven natural selection but rather compliments it. If a species undergoes an advantageous mutation such as sphenoid flexion it would seem logical that the offspring are going to be more prone to such a mutation occurring again. The characteristic will grow until it stops being an advantage within its environment. Whats the big deal?

  22. DancingSpiderman

    Mark, a single occurrence of mutation does not make that new characteristic manifest from this initial point onward; multiple contemporary occurrences of that specific mutation, happening in several consecutive generations, are what is required for that new divergence to take hold in order to become a reoccurring trait, a new normal pattern. V is correct: "…there is nothing sudden about it." The scriptwriters of The X-Men movies have this concept wrong.

    The mutation's multiple contemporary occurrences may not be obviously visible in a given specimen; the misidentification of so-called "new traits" just were not systemically obvious enough to have been ID'ed as being multiple consecutive generations of multiply contemporary occurrences of that new trait, developed through environmental factors along with typical reproduction.

  23. coschaos

    we r sill evolving.... the brain willb much more round with small jaws... like aliens we see in movies... n interseting part is we'll b able tp replace our organs.... i can smoke moree ciggaretes n marijuana... i dont need to care about my lungs now......

    lotta new things to learn in this doc. awesome!

  24. LifeQuest

    Observations & Conclusions:

    1) We will continue to evolve into the so-called "alien" face that we've seen numerous times before.

    2) Doesnt that mean that our species is just not as advanced yet? Doesnt that mean that our aliens friends have gone through this process already and due to the increased flexion, their ever-increasing complex cognitive function has rendered them capable of things such as space-travel?

    3) Doesnt that mean that when they visit us, it's almost as if they're peering back into their own similar past? Just on a different planet/galaxy?


  25. PAtman

    Bigfoot is our ancestor.

  26. Carl Hendershot

    Karen is funny. This was great, bigger is better then why are all my gadgets shrinking? LOL. I think our harddrives/brain/left&right side will just get better at sending info across the web in which its in. LOL again anyhow its worth a watch. Very interesting.

  27. Carl Hendershot

    January 31st, 2010 at 11:37

    Let me know the apes number when u talk to him. I seem to have the same hair loss issue. I dont mind being average height so that i can skipp. Plus most tall people are very clumsy and eat far to much. Just look at basketball players. Very few are nimble at a certain heigth. Go Koby LOL.

  28. Scientist

    The apes' numbers are simple; just dial: (0044) 9282662 or try (001) 224367 72967
    Do use your cell phone.

  29. Zyro Tekna

    There can be several different motive forces shaping evolution.From environmental which includes forces from space such as cosmic rays, which we know fluctuate on both large and small time scales due to Sol's cycles of power output and magnetic flux, to the forces here on Earth that have multiple time scales as well, such as differing radioactive isotopes and their half lives, and even weather and lightning.All no doubt trigger chemical processes in some form or another.That said, there is still natural selection.Natural selection does not determine what mutations take place.That is left to evolution.Natural selection simply determines what will survive.Therefore evolution and natural selection work in concert to bring about new species.The rate of time at which this occurs should vary from slow minute changes that build up over time to large changes that can take place in a short amount of time.Why should this vary?The different forces governing evolution and natural selection vary in time and strength and therefore their product,a new species,should vary as consequence.Lets no forget the new force helping to shape evolution now which has a major if not dominate impact, culture.

  30. Carl Hendershot

    Zyro Tekna your right i never heard them once metion the big toe moving foward ugggggs lol.

  31. Carl Hendershot

    Both are correct and those are ape digits oddly enough. I called and was told to get a bannana if i want more info. o.o

    Radiation in all my tests confirm that there is instant change with larger ammounts of radiation. I do mean instantly. Take the time to perform a simple test. Take seeds and use a 1000 watt bulb all spectrum and place just on top seed tray. You wont believe what will happen to the few seeds that live and grow to maturity. Freakishly bizzare but well worth the time. Ka boom.

  32. believe what you want

    I do have a bachelor of science though and doing a thesis in osteopathy, which by the way studies the human sphenoid longer than any paleintologistand orthodontist for it's many lesions. These lesions of the sphenoid occur about 5 or more axis that we can measure. These researchers only look at the angle of the nasion to opisthion. Changes in this angle occur in the entire population of the world and vary from embryological to foetal, infancy, childhood...etc. and they can be changed by many things not just genes. Eg. teratogens, toxins, inutero malposition (breach position, multiple births,trauma of the head going through the birth canal)..Evolution theory is only one theory! Now, it might be of interest for the palentologist to know that the osteopath originated from intelligent design thinking of A.T Still, who believed that structure governed function, but that needs a definition..eg. the femur had a particular shape that allowed circumduction movement. Life began with motion..not just chance...the motion of the lifeforce, the lifeforce moves the sphenoid and occiput into flexed, extended position in normal physiology and it it also torsions with walking and so forth. Osteopaths found that you can have your heart and breathing stop, but when the spheno-basilar junction stops moving..you die. If you doubt the skull bones move, that's fine, you are looking at a dead skull, and not one under video taped MRI, by Russian scientist, Moleshenko. Nasa believes in the subtle inherent motion of the skull too. The skull movements have been deteted by various types of devices as well. Nevertheless, the palentolgist is only somewhat on track of what helps a human walk, but even physiotherapists and doctors do not know what makes us walk, talk ...it's all mystery when you look at it all. You'll never know it all, so you can believe what you want, I'll leave it to you to understand that your own human thinking cannot resolve the dilema of how we came into existance.

  33. Carl Hendershot

    WOW you really went all out ,believe what you want. Nice work i must say.

  34. Roscoe

    Looks like Nicolas Cage??

  35. Caroline Harris

    I enjoyed te doc and the discussion, however I need to point out that it is highly unlikely that an evolution in human species will allow for a decrease in the size of nostrils and nasal passages and a simultaneous increase in cranial capacity. Creatures are higly dependant on their ability to breathe and one can ask any sheep farmer whether it is true that clear broad faces and prominent noses allow for a stronger specimen. Besides we already have expereinced that infants effectly need to be born earlier than optimum gestation for us because of our cranial size potential not being a great fit with our pelvic capacity in birthing.

    I did enjoy it being emphasized that human 'evolution' apears to be non-linear and independantly occuring in different localities but are suspect of the 'directionality' of out evolution as suggested.

  36. bobfresh

    Oh Your God!!
    Did you just question science's consistancy in favour of the 'almighty creator' theory?

    fnck me that's funny man. and just a little bit sad too.

  37. FreeThinker

    Through this documentary we can finally begin to see the peices of the puzzel that has questioned human evolution for a long time.

    This is an amazing documentary that will surely answer fundamental questions that one may have about the transition between ape to man.

    When I was learning in school (not even that long ago) ... apparently God created man... what a waste of time that was!


  38. Reasons Voice

    Well one could see the possibility of man eventually mophing into a form similar to the typical "grey" type alien. Since evolution is driven by environment prolonged space enhabitation could be that environment. As mentioned above the nasal opening, An oxygen rich environment such as a space capsule over generations could cause that selection. Large cranial capacity can be a corillary to eye size. As eye size increases to acomidate a dim environment the neural network that translates the images would also need to grow thus the increased need for cranial capacity. I don't believe in the theory but can see the direction and logic there.

  39. Atrophy

    @ Karen
    Natural selection says that if enough desire goes to certain traits, they will probably endure. While alcohol and drugs set us back a bit on selection, we tend towards specific features, strong frame, physical proportions etc. as ingrained attributes that determine health and productivity.

    The human brain is a truly a remarkable object to behold. While consciously we don't use much of our brain, behind the scenes there is a massive amount of processing going on. CT scans and the like show us clear regions activation during different stimuli. The act of seeing and then rendering it down to our narrow band of perception for example. The size and density of the brain reflects the need of greater capacity to render what we perceive and regulate the internal workings of our body. On the mate selection level, increased cognitive ability has become synonymous with strength and speed would have been in the past.
    So, while a strong jawline will likely endure, the form will probably evolve towards a more slender, less physically capable form which uses tools and wits to persevere in its environment. In short, big brains, long fingers, small slender bodies, and this form will be desirable.

    Genetics role in spontaneous evolution such as the marked deflection points of the sphenoid lands squarely on examples like Oliver the chimp. Such variations provide advantages in an environment which become desirable through practicality.

  40. Sammy

    i found it odd they didn't talk about how the skull formation from the point of the neck/spine join. There is also a change.

  41. eric in ga

    "Question to ponder: Why is brain volume increasing when it was proved long ago that intelligence is not correlated to brain size? Why is density/volume increasing when we do not use what we have to its fullest capasity/capability?" quote from one of the many posts above.
    I recall that long ago proof did not have a control group isolated from a fear based culture to determine the effects of societal influence.I can well imagine that living in fear (as we all do,currently, and have throughout history) is a factor. My imagining is not very scientific though. Perhaps you can all join The Zeitgeist Movement so we can allow science to find out the answer to that. So much fear is tough on ya brain foo!

  42. asian girl

    ohhh...sooo UGLY!

    not all Asian people look like this Karen.

    future people look like "bakemonos" or monsters. that's the end of beauty pageants for sure! no more Ms Teen USA!

  43. ash breaks stuff

    What if aliens with their big heads are really us from the future? creepy...

  44. Before you mock evolution, understand what it says!!

    @scientist (and all you other ignorant creationist).

    you can not simply wish to grow more hair, or to be taller, and expect 'evolution' to magically grant your wishes..... You need to step out of your supernatural mentality......

    In populations, there is individual variablilty......
    Do you at least beleive that?
    (Even ignoring all the mitochondrial and genomic evidence PROVING evolution and common ancestry, let's just forget about that for a moment....)

    So, in populations, there are variations...... Under different circumstances, over THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS OF YEARS, those variations that have proved to be advantageous, will persist and out-compete other phenotypes....

    (Have I lost you yet??)

    So, a giraffe has a long neck because over thousands of years, random mutations occured causing some 'giraffes' to have longer and longer necks.... those with longer necks, were able to have more food and had better survival....

    Larmarkian evolution (VERY different from Darwinian) clains that a giraffe will see that he needs a longer neck and magically grow it over his life...

    Long story short... YOU WILL NEVER EVOLVE.... EVER..... INDIVIDUALS CANNOT!!!
    If you are evolutionary sucesful (which by your comments I sincerely doubt) then your genes will be passed on and your 'uniqueness' along with it....

    Pick up a text book, I really have much better things to do with my PhD.. :P

  45. LR the Improbable

    When a theory is trying to present itself without the slightest argument given on how it can explain the facts better than existing theories, it instantly puts itself at a disadvantage.

    The multi-cradle view of Homo Sapiens is completely and consistently contradicted by global DNA evidence. Right or wrong, the new theory should be able to explain it away. Not even the slightest hint was given to the matter -- which is an obvious and terminal problem for this new outlook on evolution.

    All the evidence presented here can easily be explained as the doing of natural selection. If they are not, neither the documentary not the scientists in it could actually tell us convincingly why this may not be the case.

    I'd love to see a genuine challenge to Natural Selection and prevailing evolutionary ideology. The intellectual excitement would be monumental - and the theory does not completely satisfy me any more anyway.

    But this "internal memory" view needs a lot of work before it can even stand up and request attention.

    Yet no idea should be discarted outright - look at what happened with Alfred Wegener and his Continental Drift. He got his fair share of ridicule, but his eminent scientific opponents should have died red-faced for their arrogance.

  46. 420 Vision

    Don't care what I look like 100,000 years from now, as long as there is still good space weed !

  47. Atrophy

    @420 Vision
    Don't worry, weed will have evolved too !!

    Human appearance probably wont change all that much over the next 100,000 or so years... we tend towards typical physical standards in our mates. What I would find fascinating (though controversial of course) would be a selective human breeding project, targeting specific genetic traits from parents and seeing what kind of coolness we can evolve into our kind. Dogs are a good example of what is possible, from webbed paws to disease resistance etc.
    In humans, double muscle, higher bone density, superior senses (super tasters etc.) maybe even that third hand we all say we need :P

  48. Azhar abro

    i gave the alternate link of StageVu, but moderator didn't mention my name, and my that comment is being erased !!

  49. Vlatko

    @Azhar your link is in the post, above the video. 95% of these documentaries that I post (and you watch) are suggested by some people (over email). None of them were asking mentioning of their names. But if you want that so much here you go.

    To all: @Azhar gave the stagevu link to this documentary. Thanks @Azhar.

  50. Leonid Basin

    How interesting!

  51. Frank

    Ya thanks Azhar for googleing "Homo Futurus"

  52. gmf

    that's what I realised... after all we just create everything in our own image. and yes our heads are growing, with our brain. Babies will have to be born earlier (they are being born earlier and earlier as we are becoming smarter), since our pelvis is too small already for their large heads! I'm sure not looking forward to it

  53. Yusiley S

    LOL @good space weed. XD

  54. Yusiley S

    Interesting... our species will look more like Grays in the future. It kind of feeds into the whole ancient astronaut theories that are out there. Not that I believe or disbelieve the idea of alien intervention... none of us were there during the process, but it is an interesting concept that this documentary seem to be playing around with.

    Also, as another commenter pointed out nicely, the head of our species is in the process of continuous growth. As for how women will be able to birth such children... let us look at the most deformed dog breed, the Bulldog. Bulldog females don't birth their babies, in fact they possibly can't with the humongous heads their puppies have. Women will simply do what had been done for many years to the Bulldog... they'll have c-sections instead of live birth. This makes having babies with enormous heads possible. It's a possible thought is all. :)

    Finally, to the person who was concern over beauty pageants... what makes you think that the modern perception and ideals of beauty will stay the same? Maybe our descendants will find that look as sexy or sexier than the way modern people look today. :P Seriously... nothing stays the same, beauty is no different. Beauty changes, just like everything else.

  55. Yusiley S

    A lot of great minds were laughed out of a counsel meeting, or worse, for their findings. Just look at Galileo with his theory that the Earth is round. We now know for 100% certain that he was right, but he was killed for questioning the current belief of his time (which was seen as an act against God). Just like you, I too don't discard outright. One could never know if something isn't true, until it is 100% fully dis-proven. :) Anyways awesome post.

  56. Chaz Ed

    Too bad its not subtitled

  57. Cyber Penguin

    In the Future Everyone Shoots Lasers! >:o

  58. Alex

    I thought the multiregional hypothesis (the theory that Homo Sapiens evolved from different older species in different regions of the world) had been disproved by mitochondrial evidence. I think Homo Sapiens evolved in Africa and then spread everywhere else. It's what the DNA evidence says, and the multiregional hypothesis just seems so improbable. One species evolves into different species, not the other way around.

  59. DrJack37

    It's a cookbook!

  60. Bob Robinson

    At the rate our brains are shrinking and we are dumbing down. At some point in the distant future we will return to apelike statis. This can be argued but most experts point to about 5,000 years at the most. That is how fast our brains are shrinking. Hopefully before we get to a certain point we can make robots that can carry on earth intelligence and take care of us as we become animal-like again.

  61. Bob Robinson

    Also if we ever master genetic manipulations maybe we can reverse this trend. The largest humans skulls I have seen date back about 25k years, they were about 25% larger . With that kind of intelligence combined with modern culture and science we can become masters of the natural world.

  62. a gta fan

    The shrinking of our brains doesn't mean we are getting dumber, it is just the normal state evolution, the more strong and big you are, the more brain you need to control this.

    So why keep this useless mass in our brain if we don't use it?
    There is nothing magical about all this; use it, it will grow, don't use it, it will shrink, like a muscle, in fact, the brain is a muscle.

    The important is the parts of our brain we use, if those would shrink due to high depression, stress or other external factors, technically you would get dumber.

  63. Wayne Perkins

    Nice find. Much appreciated. You are a star

  64. Bob Robinson

    Not true. Evolution is always at work. At one time there were ALOT less people on earth and humans needed to be self-sufficient in a wider range of things. This increased our intelligence. Only the fittest (most intelligent) survivied and the rest died off. As culture evolved the need for intelligence decreased. Today we have people that specialize in everything and food is on every corner. Compare that to 25k years ago when a small group of people had to keep track of the sun, moon, and stars just to know the season and time so they wouldn't mess up a harvest and all starve. The need for intelligence has decreased over many millions of years and it continues. Culture is great but it has a price and we are getting dumber. We are becoming like ants just on a much larger scale. By ourselves we can't accomplish too much, but together we can visit stars, cure diseases, and build a particle collider :p.

  65. Niklas Lundgren

    Not true. An accepted theory is that the human brain have become more effecient and therefor require less space but our brain haven´t really shrinked at all at any point in time aswell. Our evolution for a bigger brain have just been slowing down alot but instead starting to form more complex brainknots(Haha, I´m so bad at english)

  66. itsnotgodbutclose

    So how are we suppose to evolve by the standard model when we are keeping humans alive who by natural selection they would have died? Our medical sector is pumping bad genetics back into our population. Seems like our moral burdens are out weighing our natural instinct which would say let the weak parish. I'm sure I don't need to make a list of what I would consider weakness to be.

  67. itsnotgodbutclose

    It's social engineering and suppression that is dumbing us down not our brain size. That's why you say dumb closed minded shit and I say open minded more aware and conscious s*it. You have been more supressed and tricked then I have that's all. You have lost the ability to access the part of yourself that is not clouded by your own blasts mixed with all the supressed academia. In a world where wealth dictates what's true and what's not I don't blame you for being so narrow minded and ignorant. When wealth dictates power suppression of the less wealthy will always be the main goal for those at the top. So brake away from the stupor they wish to keep us all in. Don't believe in others knowledge create your own and believe in your own intuition and foresight. Know human engineered the universe so quit treating authorities on the subject like they know a god dam thing because it's all just theories in the end. It's all just glorified guessing with a dash of scientific method. Don't be mad at me I'm just trying to get in touch with you.

  68. Kevin Levin

    I should stop reading comments BEFORE I look at the video ;(

  69. Larry Moore

    Because back in those times they didn't have specialized people to watch the stars, serfs to tend the field, and slaves to do the back breaking work....... Look at the size of stephen hawkings head. Look at schooling these days. How much material is actually taught yet forgotten. I mean are you smarter than a 5th grader? What about a comedian telling jokes about s*upid backwoods people? I'm sure if you learn everything about your car and everything about your computer, you've already learned more information than what it took to survive back then. Basic instinct is basic instinct. Blame it on the mating ritual.

  70. Timeh

    Why do you post things you don't understand or even think fully on? Whales heads and brains are larger than ours. Don't see them building seascrapers.

  71. edgedweller

    animal like again? but we barely left the jungle...

  72. Actually..

    Why do YOU post things you have no clue about? Brain structure and composition varies from specie to specie. A very large HUMAN brain would mean higher cognitive skills, because it is a HUMAN brain. He never said "Yeah man with a whale's brain composition and size we would be so shmart". So yes brain size would play a big role if it would have the right composition and structure.

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