The Horizon Project

The Horizon ProjectThe Horizon Project uses an unprecedented approach to deciphering the answers behind life's most puzzling questions; breaking through the flawed explanations of fragmented modern theory that compound each year to further mask the truth. See the overwhelming scientific evidence previously lost and re-discover the shocking answers that have been under our noses all along.

The Horizon Project begins with a frightening bang. Newly discovered scientific evidence shows that the world as we know it is about to come to an unexpected end; however, knowing what's coming over the horizon is only the tip of the iceberg; understanding why presents a picture far greater than you could have imagined.

Global catastrophic events throughout our past have severed the flow of information from one generation to the next, creating permanent gaps in history and knowledge. Civilizations that came before us knew of the upcoming inevitable catastrophe, leaving behind major clues that have just been recently discovered. The knowledge that was once lost is the missing link that provides a clear understanding of how our world truly operates.

The Horizon Project Research Team will identify some of the signs that are scattered all over our planet and reveal a shocking truth! The Horizon Project's charter is to gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized fields from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history.

These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & civilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others. The emphasis is on solving the puzzles that each field is unable to solve individually because of overspecialization and their focus to advance their own specialized knowledge.

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  1. HaTe_MaChInE

    Who are these crackpots. Why are they allowed to make videos. Why do I smell snake oil.

  2. Simo

    Bull**** doc. Science like Scientology... "best scientists of the world" - name one, "theories" - made by who?

  3. John

    The description has a lot of words, but doesn't say anything. Sounds like BS to me.

  4. Aran Islands

    Hi tdf. For real? These whackjobs on your channel?

  5. Brian Cohen

    Why is it so difficult for people to believe that there were other sucessful civilizations before us? What arrogance!IMO,We are not the first technologicaL civilization thats existed on this planet.

  6. Isabella

    I was not able to watch it all, but do find it useful to see how these folks observe the world (their shocking truth). Even if it is kind of like.. not the way I do.

  7. Dee

    I wanna choke this guy for whispering so much. I mean, why is he whispering? Should we keep this a secrete? Is there someone that he dont want to hear what he saying in the next room while he's taping?

  8. dtrain

    That is what people said about Galileo....try not to keep your minds too closed.

  9. Linda McGuigan

    What can I add to the previous posting's nothing, what a load of BS. Our calender has been messed about with so often no one know's what year we are realy living in right now, as we are only going by the birth of christianity so the Mayan's must have known in advance about this big lie we have all been spun by religion?. I only hope no one of a nervious disposition has watched this as they will spend the next two year's scared out thier mind's lol.

    Linda ;[*

  10. capricious

    He shoots his whole own premises in the foot right from the get go... "these magnetic shifts happen slowly and take millions of years" then goes on to say these have happened numerous times during civilization. Well, obviously, anyone who hangs around here knows none of the civilizations were older than 30,000 years at VERY most.

    While i'm all for ground breaking, revolutionary changes in the ways we look at things - I don't think there is as much to this as he makes it out to be. I personally would bet the churches were responsible for destroying things that could explain the Antikythera machine and the whole egypt thing is obviously highly contested by contradicting information from their actual writing.

    All in all: a waste of brainpower to even listen to 90% of it. Plus idk about everyone else but the sound/audio was WAY off.

  11. Leebo

    Their theories have more holes than a tea strainer... I do not want to comment further as it made me angry!

  12. lursa5

    This is REALLY stupid. Don't waste your time. The narrator actually says 'You might be surprised to learn that our world is not only not a perfect sphere but it wobbles as well" Sheesh!

  13. Tyler

    I got about 3 minutes into this and I couldn't watch it anymore for 2 reasons.
    1. The sound is way out of sync.
    2. The horror-movie doomsday narration is pretty cheesy.
    I felt like this could have been a good watch but it turns out to just be annoying. Say what you will about an open mind but this is kinda ridiculous.

  14. veritas

    A lot of propaganda without substance... sounds like Religious thinking to me...

  15. Vlatko

    OK I agree with all of you. The doc is utter crap and complete nonsense, but it was suggested to me and I don't want to be blamed for biased approach.

    And yes... there has to be a bottom line.

  16. Aristotle

    This Doc is an amateurish book, website and radio show promotion for Mr. Agnew. The first guy serves as a squeeze page to funnel you to the second. If you’re captured you will Google Dr. Brooks Agnew. Some will do so. Some will subscribe and some will buy the book. That’s the agenda. There are much better reads available on the subject matter. This one is for the newbe skeptic, obviously none here.

    Yes the magnetic poles shift and it is a VERY slow process. This process is currently being studied, mapped and it could happen. When is an entirely different subject? Yes the earth’s crust floats on the magma and it has moved. Yes the earth wobbles in a determinable procession. Yes we are moving into a new astrological age. Again the exact when it officially arises is controversial? Yes climates change and the solar system is currently warming. (Maybe it’s due to humans polluting the solar system with space junk? Sorry my fingers just typed that..) Yes planets have collided but the current set?? That’s a Maybe. That is one current theory for the moon’s formation. Yes our solar system will come into alignment with the galactic center. Yes to a lot of the facts stated. As usual, the devil is in the extrapolated details. Even the good Scientists can’t help penning Apocryphal scenarios. Some are more plausible than others. It all depends on where they want the squeeze page to lead you..

  17. blaxparx

    Oh good, more comedy!

  18. Jenn

    This docu is just utterly silly. XD I agree with Linda on this one. :3

  19. george

    i think most of you are narrow minded twits who cant see past their noses. maybe it was cheesy in the way it was made but it holds alot of truth. wake up people.

  20. Carole Ann

    Eric Von Danekin(not sure if I spelled his last name correctly), he made a documentary 20 or 30 years ago, called Chariots of the Gods, this guy is using EVD's work to base his thesis on. Also, it looks like he is taking shots at 'Why do people laugh at creationists', I haven't finished watching, but that is what I get so far. Never heard of any of the scientists, don't know if I can last for another 50 minutes, grainy quality and I think this guy is talking in either a library or hospital waiting room, he keeps whispering as if telling us a secret. Not one of TDF's better choices, still, it takes all sorts.

  21. krissto

    i could stand 10 min. what a waste of time...

  22. Danby

    Lol. I love how they always lump a magnetic pole shift(which happens every 500 000 years or so) with a geographical pole shift(which probably hasn't happened for billions of years) together. The reason the earth doesn't flip around is because the moon keeps it stable. Without the moon, the earth would be spinning all sorts of ways.

    This documentary is complete conjecture. I think for extra effect he should have whispered in a library IN a laboratory. It totally would have given him more credibility.

  23. Danby

    P.S. They have confirmed an asteroid strike in north america around 12000 bc or so.

  24. John Seals

    You guys make me proud to be a regular here, yes this is a load of crap. We did lose and then rediscover ancient greek knowledge- hence the Dark ages followed by the Renesaince ( sorry I can't spell) But this type of hyped up crap is exactly what caused that. Back then it was religion that robbed us, now it is religion and this kind of suedo science bs that we have to watch for.
    I can honestly say though that if this site were a microcosm of the world we would be o.k. I mean every once and awhile we get the occasional religiouse froot loops and the sci-fi fantasy people- but over all you guys are pretty sharp.

  25. Refa

    Why all these negative posts? Because of that, I began watching this docu expecting something really terrible. I am now 9 minutes into this docu, and don't see a real problem with it.
    OK, picture quality is very bad, narrator is very silly, but that doesn't stop me from trying to filter some information.

    Although not new to me, I like the fact that they mention the Egyptian light bulb and acid-battery.
    I have always been facinated by ancient technologies, and want to learn as much as possible about all the possible evidence.

    I think I am going to watch some more.

  26. TriforceV

    I was curious what this all was about a new "method of thinking" always catches my attention...

    unfortunately this is sketchy at best, The ideas of ancient technologies like batteries and the ability to do brain surgery was taken completely out of proportion. While there is truth to some of this (with the exception of the Egyptian hyroglyphics), they were extremely rudimentary, and fail to explain past advanced civilizations.

    Another major hole in this theory was the Moon.
    Geologists believe that the geological tilt on the planet was caused early in earths history by the collision of another planet smaller than earth (about the size of Mars) which warped the planets axis and gave us the Moon ( the planets remains).
    The moon has since stabilized the planet's wobble and given us our unique seasons. Something all ancient civilizations have recognized and never challenged.

    Another whole in the theory is the increased in global effects like earthquakes and tornado's or hurricanes. Again this is FALSE. It's not that these conditions have increased, its that HUMAN population has increased to the point that every geological effect is now more easily felt by growing populations that record and communicate these events.

    And yet as Aristotle previously presented their is some truth to this theory.
    Pole shifts do occur, but the effects are uncertain.
    Geologists believe that a new Pole shift may occur!, as the Magnetic north is moving at an increased rate, and the magnetic field is weakening slightly...
    However, while Magnetic Pole shifts are geologically short time frame in Earths history, it would still take 1000 years at least before the effects come full circle.

    In addition the Mayan Calendar is an interesting subject, these people were star watchers and gazers, and while they may have been extremely knowledgeable in this specific field (they created an accurate calender), it does not mean they could predict the future.
    We admire them not for their Astrology but their Astronomy.

    As for the Bible Passages, Anything that is quoted out of the bible to prove a thesis of science is laughable.

    Anyways, only watch this if you can think critically and have some knowledge, don't be swayed into their thesis or ideals with half truths and manipulated knowledge.

  27. Refa

    WOW, very interesting story. But they should have hired someone else to present it, instead of that wispering idiot.

    "There is definitely something not quite right with our perceived view of human history and ancient technology"

    This quote from the docu is very true in my opinion.

    Vlatko, thanks for not removing this after all the negative posts. I would like to make up my own mind.

  28. That guy

    It does sound crazy. I majored in forestry and found the lack of any dead giant sequoias, by natural means, curious. Especially because they can live well beyond 10000 years, have no natural enemies and are resistant to fire. They're only enemies are wind and lightning. They don't disappear rot or burn they petrify. John Muir found this fact curious as well. He located every stand of sequoia and dated no tree older than approximately 4300 years. They're overall stand distribution also reflects a flood recession.

  29. Mike

    Assumption based on... ? Weird allegation... childish logic or hey better.. American Government type of analogies BS lol

  30. Jack Green

    I hate these kind of documentaries. Especially the whispering tone as if it is revealing some great mystery. They have a semi-religious interpretation of scientific discoveries. Science finds an Egyptian with a square hole in his head, these guys claim the Egyptians were brain surgeons. They take scientific discoveries and extrapolate and relate them to each other in an unscientific way. There's further suggestion that researchers haven't been doing their jobs and are missing observations and relationships. They aren't, but they need proper evidence.

    I don't always like the reality of science. For example, I had a long debate with a Historian that the pyramids perfectly matched the Orion constellation. He did not let me get away it. There is simply not enough evidence to confirm the theory. There are no other records of the Egyptians attaching any special value to the Orion constellation, not even in the pyramids themselves. It might be true, but there's simply not enough evidence to rationally accept it as true.

  31. IrishKev.

    Not a waste of time vlatko, kind of helps to clarify ones stance.

  32. IrishKev.

    What a "pitcher".¬¬¬!"£$%^&

  33. Riley

    if you liked this one, check out 'water - the great mystery'

    for more insights into the mysterious heeby-jeeby powers afoot in the scary universe.

  34. Milton Babb

    We hear so much fear mongering, when we hear something with some truth in it we discount it all.we have an odd observation from a respected authority, a clue maybe.
    History is full of people who out of fear, ignorance, or lust of power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again."
    -Carl Sagan

  35. scruffy

    Successful brain surgery has been shown to exist up to 9000 years ago... "hey I found skull with a hole in it...", "wow great find! looks like successful brain surgery to me!" What?!?

  36. james

    virtually unwatchable. Lots of stock footage and cheesy narration.Uses solid theories to support phony scientific
    presumtions.Still,it is only one bad apple in the otherwise
    good doc barrel

  37. Steve

    I enjoy this type of documentary,But when he started to whisper like he was doing me a favour by letting me in on a secret,It just lost all credibility.

  38. John Seals

    "I like the fact that they mention the Egyptian light bulb.."
    See this is what i do not like about these types of documentaries. No respected scientist believes that the Egyptians had a light bulb. In order for a light bulb to work one needs electricity, a way to make a fillament from the correct type of medal, the abiltiy to create and hold a vaccuum inside a glass bulb, not to mention wires to carry said electricity and some efficient means to make connections- like solder maybe. So you think the Egyptians had all this? Not only had it all but it was obviousely not very interesting to them- they never wrote about it that anyone has found. Trust you me electricity is something you would definetly write about if you are the Egyptians and you have discovered it- Let's face it, if someone would have come up with a working light bulb it would have probably been worshiped and feared by the Egyptians or anyone else that saw it at this time. The lead based battery I can't really explain but I think the picture of the light bulb is an exagerrated egg plant insted. I'm sure they used the battery for something other than a battery though, they had nothing to use a battery on.

  39. Mike

    To Jack Green : I like your objectivity in your critics. You have well verbalized what I thought. Critics are only negative when they are filled with hate and judgment on values. :) I like this website verymuch... I learn how to be more open minded when I read comments on docs that are less objective like this one, because of ppl like Jack..

  40. chAng

    When Michael Tsarion showed up all pretense of credibility went way out the window. That guy is a proven shill. -aside from that though, it's good to understand a polar magnetic shift is possible, possibly even in our lifetime, but let's not get all worried about things we have no control over, shall we?

    The host was kinda creepy when he started whispering a lot. Overall I think the doc was a little over-dramatized, but brings some thought-provoking possibilities to the table in general.

  41. Milton Babb

    to Brian: we are assaulted daily with propaganda from factions with apparent different agendas. their lies and confusers are intended to delay our realization of betrayal and robbery and murder.

  42. Jonathan

    Lots of 'internet scholars' commenting on this one. It's laughable.

  43. Refa

    to John Seals: I don't believe they had lightbulbs or electricity. But I do believe there was some kind of ancient technology, probably something we don't have or even know about.
    There is evidence they were able to "melt" stones like granite, or do something with it to make it soft.

    If I like to see people talk and speculate about something, that does not mean I have to agree with them. Or is it?

  44. Ossi Butz

    Very manipulative, inaccurate nonsense. What bothers me, is, that the makers of this movie obviously knew that they were procuding misinformation. My question is: Who in the world is interested in spreading lies? Only certain religious groups come to my mind.

  45. BAM

    Glad I read the reviews... just saved me an hour I'd never get back.

  46. lora

    All those who outright laughed at this are those who only watch local and national news and take their word for it.. have never read current theories, never and a Nature publication, looked into quantum mechanics/theories and and think all they see is truth. He may be way off in his main theories. but his BASIC premise ARE things being studied today and much proof is being amassed. Our history, human history very well could have witnessed MANY VERY technologically advanced civilizations throughout it's millions of years. If we were to die off tomorrow most of the signs of us being here would be destroyed within the blink of earth's eye, in 10 thousand years they would find little of us that would tell we were here, much less the life we lead. OPEN YOUR MINDS before you open your mouth to ridicule, if nothing else, watch to learn what some may be thinking, even that is learning, something we do to little of before scoffing.

  47. lora

    Sorry for the way my post came out, apparently there is something wrong with my keyboard ... sorry.

  48. tectonic_surfer

    Anyone who has been around this planet for a LONG time knows its power to move.

    Whether or not this shift actually occurs on December 21st 2012, or it is a mass hysteria covert op designed to distract the population from its being increasingly mechanized and "herded" until the time comes to try to develop a new world order, is irrelevant...

    The point is that this earth is MOVING in a physical reality of matter and gravity and it can roll. Duh, of course this is what caused the Biblical Flood. And Duh, the Mayans and their SOPHISTICATED ancient time-keeping methods placed us PHYSICALLY in a point of reference to movement through the galactic plane. Lemme break it down a bit.

    Part of the higher consciousness occurring during this shift is this very ancient understanding of our physical place in time and space. It is a good thing to know, in an expanded way, how our planet moves, through what, and on what cycles...

    This is a "level" or awareness that our societys of 2,000 year old history has yet to learn, but the ancients who had tens of thousands of years to watch and observe were aware of. The passing through of the galactic plane, in which the planet we inhabit will transition along a plane of what is thought to be the spatial & temporal Space around which the whole universe seems to be spiraling will have gravitational, vibrational, electro-magnetic repercussions for our reality.

    We are an integral, connected physical form in the universe. Our consciousness must remember our connection to the all that is. It is that simple. We have already begun our process that is unavoidable into the change of the future.

    Here is a fun exercise! Imagine the world in the year 3010. Ask yourself honestly, patiently, and carefully? What do you see based off of what you know about the scientific way the earth moves. IF YOU LOOK. YOU WILL SEE. All you all haters neeed to check your tectonic maps and brush up on your knowledge of the physics of our planet, how its electro-magnetism operates, and what can be done to understand its effects.

    If only the earth wobbles 4 degrees off its axis, it as an object is not destroyed, but all of the movement on its surface is physically altered because ITS AN OBJECT THAT MOVES. Just like they say Christopher Columbus discovered America and the earth is not flat? Well, Christopher Columbus did not discover America, the FIRST PEOPLE did. And not only is the earth not flat, it is not solid. It is made of Molten MAGMA> that has cooled and solidified.

    The time to truly evolve and understand the earth in a larger, expanded, manner is here. AND IF YOU DONT YOU WONT SURVIVE. True story.

  49. mik robins

    With all the researchers they had they still couldn't find the truth.That tells me they pretty much have pre determined ideas.know it all scientists with titles.

  50. Skye-hook

    The comments here sometimes make me sad. Yes, I can't stand the stiff whispering man, and the presentation alone is grounds for never watching stuff like this. It needs edited by someone with a brain. HOWEVER, why dis-respect & dis-believe everything here due to it's lousy presentation? If you want to really be intelligent & informed, study some of it. Do some info searching, for heavens sake, don't just think it's all malarkey due to the way they made the vid. Some may be malarkey. But some of it is accurate. It's up to your own brain to study it & figure it out. Don't just blindly believe NOR blindly disbelieve anything!
    *The magnetics of earth are changing, learn more soon. Study it online, on scientific sites. Earth's magnetics are wandering. Disbelieve it ONLY when you've studied it thoroughly & are very sure.
    *Disregard a kook as a kook, but don't disregard everything they say. That's as silly as blindly believing everything.

  51. DC Resident

    Granted the presentation was pretty poor but, I think our (human) perception of time is off. 30k+ years is a LONG time to learn and lose knowledge. Who really knows what happened before. As an example I submit NCR (National Cash Register) accessories. NCR has several accessories made in the early 1900's that they sold thousands of and still to this day no one knows what those devides actually did; not even NCR. Looking at it like that, devices used to enable 20th century commerce are completely alien then it's not too hard to imagine some pretty significat technological advances in the past that have been lost/forgotten.

  52. dustin

    Im studying geology at a major University and theres one thing I have come to terms with that is so important to understand. EVERYTHING WE KNOW WILL BE PROVEN WRONG WITH TIME. Think about it, the earth was flat, air was aether, and so on. The ideas of today are not going to be universal truths through time, they will be just as wrong as pevious observations from before our time and science of today.
    Your so right this guys whispering is annoying, kinda sounds like Bob Ross the painter "we'll just put a lil tree right here, next to the ol stump". Bob Ross was soothing though, this guy is begging for a slap.

  53. hellnahandbasket

    The narrator sounds like the guy who is on tv commercials selling "rare" coins .."Hurry before this offer expires forever! Strict limit of 5 coins per caller.."
    Other than that, yes the whispering is pretty annoying..
    Regardless, I do love to hear others views and theories..(..btw...kudos Vlatko for the work you do!)

  54. natasha rose

    These tacky American documentries really do my head in, even if there is truth amidst some clear bullsh*t i cant be bothered to really take it in.
    But hey i lasted 10 mins.

  55. Anonymous Coward

    Hilarious. The Egyptian battery is real enough - probably used for metal plating. The 'ancient mechanical calculator' I seem to recall was a pretty neat device for simulating the solar system - nifty but not exactly advanced, particularly as the model was wrong.

    Personally I found this quite enjoyable, especially the 'interview' with the 'respected scientist' which degenerated progressively to a couple of nuts egging each other on to new heights of doom mongering.

  56. BrainDeadButBreathing

    Well, we know something's going to happen on December 21, 2012. If I still have my job, I'm sure my 'to do' list will be enormous with all the fiscal year end tasks, so that's something.

    But, in all seriousness, I think it's a lot more likely that there will be economic and political upheaval (perhaps our first Libertarian president will have just been elected?) than any of this dooms day stuff they are spouting here.

  57. wowsers

    Wow... If this is true, incredibly terrifying, perhaps terrifying enough to not take seriously, because even if true it sounds like there is nothing we can do anyway- so why bother believing it?
    Sounds quality- lame. The whispering crap of this narrator- ridiculous. The production really lacks skill here.
    I have been studying native american prophecies recently and also watched an interesting program on Nova a few years back on pole shifts- oddly enough several theories presented here support what I learned so far.
    Is it true? I guess we'll find out. Is is only 2 years away.

  58. Lo

    I liked this documentary. The sound syncing was off and a more engaging narrator would have been nice, but overall it was an intelligent review of ancient cultures and current theories in physics and astrology. It did jive with a great deal of literature I have read in college relating to the universe and electromagnetic changes. A friend watched it with me and reacted with anger and fear when it was over. However, she never pays attention to any news that brings her down, so making her suffer through this may have been a first for her.

  59. James Jackson

    If you are a scientifically sophisticated person reading my note prior to watching this alleged documentary, I can save you time: Don't bother watching this pseudoscientific daydream unless you're looking for a few laughs.

  60. ryan g

    maybe the mayan's are right. maybe they had a calendar of so many years and instead of continually counting up, it resets back to zero.. if that is the case they could have went though many universal planes... and really who friggin cares!!!

    They spend billions of dollars on this c***.... with all the hungry children and sickness in the world today... you would think we have to take care of our own first... f--k space, f--k war, and f--k religion..... we are all going to return to star dust from which we are all made from.... i would be amazed if humans don't destroy each other or the earth before we travel through the plane.. by 2015 according to the doc whisperer.... what a waste of time seriously.

  61. Mark

    Yes, @Skye-hook: "The comments here sometimes make me sad." ...they read exactly like "don't disturb my little mind" (for example @capricious and @Linda McGuigan)

  62. csaba

    i would have watched this documentary but the guy in the blue shirt puts me off.he is trying to appear so clever but he is just a t*at

  63. Svenne

    God, I cant listen to that guy, his tone of voice is so f'in annoying that i want to puke, its so annoying that i really consider not watching this to the end... AAARGH my brain is beeing squashed by oppressed puking

  64. vonC

    This is NOT science! None of their conclusions can be substantiated by the scientific world. There are no "gabs" in human history! they should have asked some real historians about the specific items (which lie thousands of years apart!), and the "theory" about the whole planet turning upside down is just ludicrous. That's not what a pole-shift means! A pole shift is only the magnetic pole swabbing positions, and happens every 100'000 years or so.
    The power it would take to shift the whole planet upside down, would take a ridiculous amount of force, and could only (IMO) be achieved by a MASSIVE collision with a meteor. Such a collision would leave nothing alive on the planet.

    Such pseudo science makes me angry...

  65. Philosophocles

    You said it best!
    It’s up to your own brain to study it & figure it out. Don’t just blindly believe NOR blindly disbelieve anything!

    So why are all these people mad? I'm not sure. I am lied to everyday. TV, Movies, Broadway, News, Magazines, Science. But do I care? No, because a lie is just that, a point of VIEW. Its not currently my point of view so I believe it to not be factual. But what is factual? All knowledge we have now, was by disproving scientists and philosophers from 100s-1000s of years ago. So everything that is a fact(?) now will be a farce later (maybe 10, 20, or 200 years later). So all you (for lack of a better word) haters, need to analyze your own mind.

    Why does his whispering bother you? Does that change the words he saying? Why does the presentation matter? If Michael Bay or Steven Speilberg directed this would you be more convinced? If Beethoven or Jay Z did the soundtrack would you suddenly agree? Some of the comments on this site really puzzle me. However, I love having and observing the freedom of choice. So comment as you will, it is a lovely gift Vlatko has given us. Without this site, I would be a much less analytical man.

    So in short. THANKS VLATKO!!!

  66. Philosophocles

    On the Doc however, Heard it all before. Researched it myself. Moved on. Is it a bad doc? Well depends what your definition of a bad doc is. In my eyes there are no bad docs. Just different opinions. different views. If everybody agreed on the same things, well, we would never be able to advance. Imagine if everyone decided the earth was FLAT and never questioned it. WOW, how can you ever be mad at someone for having their own opinion and sharing it? Without them, (those who challenge your views) you would never reassess your conclusions. And if you just get mad at them for being different, then your brain waves are just as flat as the Earth.

  67. Malal

    Not my fav...maybe a better quality might help...

  68. ripper

    poor quality, poor presenter. but pretty interesting stuff, well if you beleive in that kind of thing?

  69. hanz

    DENIAL! DENIAL! DENIAL! the facts are there, the beauty and perfection of this beautiful little earth we call home, we are only adding to the inevitable.. Wake up... life is short honey bunnies... if there is one thing you all can take stop and smell the roses... it wont be here much longer.

  70. mandelbaum

    I made it to 5 minutes!

  71. Ubik

    I read in lots of comments here that this doc was sortof "religious. Lets not forget that science is religion today, it has all the religious characteristics.

    Overall it was a bad filming, bad doc. But some (not all) of these info are really thought provoking. and I dont mean this nonsense about ancient batteries or electricity. Dont just use this as an excuse. It's really sad that 93% of comments here is not based on the infos provioded but on the filming itself.

    Maybe we live in a new kind of dark age? just wondering

  72. Vlatko

    @Ubik, I'm sick of those faulty statements like "science is religion today".

    What do you mean by that? Does anyone knocked on your door and forced you to read Newton's Principia Mathematica.

    Great percentage of all the people don't actually know what science is. What you see here on TDF is not real science. It's just a familiarization through videos with cheesy graphics and mild narration.

    Real science is spending dozen of years studying mathematics, physics, biology etc...

    And that my friend is not religion at all.

  73. Ubik

    @Vlatko no need to get upset my friend.

    i didnt mean to be offensive, its just the way i write in english. sorry, i am not american.

    I was just wondering.
    And by reading your reply my friend Vlatko I can only say thank you for proving my point!;)

    ps>Read Thomas Kuhn, see what happened to Reich, Tesla, Bruno and so many others. Cant you see that those minds today are like a Messiah figure?
    Where is the familiarization now??

  74. Vlatko


    Do you see any temples where those figures are worshiped?

    Do you anywhere see a mass of people chanting their names on gatherings?

    Do they wrote or narrated any dogmatic texts aka scriptures?

    I don't think so.

    What is true is that those figures paved the path and made possible the invention of the computer on which you read this comment and of course you'll type your response desperately trying to bash them.

  75. Ubik


    no my friend, i dont mean literally. I am sorry, my vocabulary is poor, maybe i failed to express myself. I am just saying that "dogma" exists. Today, many experts wondroous mathematicians with new theories cannot publish their work because of this "dogma". You see my point, yes?

    By reading comments about this doc made me really worried. Now, more than ever, this priesthood of science dominates. If you are a scientist (which I seriously doubt) you must know what I am talking about. unless of course you are one of those "priests". But from what I see, you are intelligent enough to grasp the idea. Many docs here are made from people who are trying to solidify this idea to the public.

    This doc is bad because the man who made it failed to pass this idea. But this doesnt mean that the idea is wrong.

    And, one last thing, cant you see that just by trying to defend the so called Real Science you are one priest of ScienGod? I am not trying to defend Agnew!!! I think he's an i@#$%. And, yes, you want to know where the temples are? just take a look at a nearby psychiatric hospital. You fail to see gatherings? Well.. I think anyone who reads it, gets it ;)

    Thank you and have a good weekend.

  76. Vlatko


    It is not true that many experts wondrous mathematicians with new theories cannot publish their work. They can publish them whenever and wherever they want.

    There is no "dogma" as such. There is just rigorous selection and harsh competition.

    What do you expect? Some anonymous scientist without any serious previous work to enter mainstream science instantly. Even Einstein didn't achieve that.

    However if your theory/work/idea is worthwhile it will come out to surface no matter what.

    This will refute your arguments very easily:

    In 1905 an anonymous clerk in a patent office in Bern wrote the laws of todays physics in his spare time and he had a hard time to push his idea through. Einstein's light quanta were nearly universally rejected by all physicists, including Max Planck and Niels Bohr. This idea only became universally accepted in 1919. 14 years passed until his work become widely accepted.

    In November of 1919, at the age of 40, Albert Einstein became an overnight celebrity, thanks to a solar eclipse. An experiment had confirmed that light rays from distant stars were deflected by the gravity of the sun in just the amount he had predicted in his theory of gravity, General Relativity. General Relativity was the first major new theory of gravity since Isaac Newton's, more than two hundred and fifty years earlier.

    And I do not defend anything. I'm just throwing some facts at you. It is your choice to bend just to evade them.

    As far as the temples, I do not understand what you're trying to say. I read it, but I don't get it.

  77. Kara Kittle

    The truth about human history is this....

    Someone had sex with someone else, they made a baby who grew up and had sex with someone else, making more babies and so on and so forth, moving around from place to place.

    That's the truth about human history.

  78. Chris

    Why is this guy whispering? Is he trying to put me asleep or what?

  79. Kara Kittle

    I find it amazing that ancient Hebrew scholars and writers could even know about things going on in the universe, things we are just now accepting as truth. For instance, Pleaides and Orion are specifically mentioned in Job. And in the book of Isaiah 24 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage;

    The bible says that the earth is a sphere and that it is hung on nothing.

    It says that the heavens, or the Universe, is expanding.

    It says that the expansion of the Universe will end and that it will collapse on itself.

    It says that when it does collapse, the heat generated will melt the very elements.

    The Bible does the one thing atheist don't want, giving credence to God for creating these scientific wonders. Ancient people told us then, but those things were rejected until "modern science" accepted what was known all along.

  80. clix

    Notice those who demand scientific evidence are the ones who respond to this video in a very emotional manner?

    Pure science never claims that anything is impossible. Just because it is not studied through the scientific method and peer reviewed, doesn't mean it is not possible. Scientists know the limitations of science, and the resources it lacks to explore every whim. Regardless, however, most scientific endeavors are born of whims (the rest, unfortunately, are paid for and bought long before the endeavors commence). Only the uninitiated limit their world view by the filters of science.

    Science is beautiful, honest and open-minded, not to mention my life's cause. In the hands of the uninformed, it has become a profane religion.

  81. clix

    @Kara Kittle

    "The truth about human history is this….
    Someone had sex with someone else, they made a baby who grew up and had sex with someone else, making more babies and so on and so forth, moving around from place to place.
    That’s the truth about human history."

    That's like saying, the truth about the automobile is this..

    Someone got in the car and drove it from point A to point B, getting to their destination. More people got in cars and drove from point A to point B to get to their various destinations, and some started having sex in their cars.

    That's the truth about automobile history.

    Kara, my dear, you need to get laid.

  82. Teamtigerpaw

    My eyes and ears are bleeding after watching this one. Vlatko thanks much for this site and your time. Know I'll never kill the messenger. hehe

  83. Hillary

    I love how the guy talks with conspiratorial quietness... not blaring at you. They put a lot of work into this fun, crazy plausible yarn. It's very entertaining. My favorite for today~

  84. cheri lewis

    Using the different disaplines to garner information concerning all the questions is great, but why this guy whispers his way thru the series is the best reason I know to cut him loose. A few more bucks and they might have had a spokesman that was up to the challange of reporting their findings. This one made me not ever want to hear it again.

  85. IfoMonkey

    And suddenly in the fiftieth minute during the church scene his whispering seems accurate :D

  86. Gordy Scot

    They unfortunately missed out completely one of the really big mysteries , To me one of the "proofs" for anchient technology.
    Much of the stone working could ONLY be achieved using rotational cutting tools . (Before the wheel was used for even a chariot? )
    There to me is THE question ?
    How were these cutters made and powered ?
    (Especially in a desert! )
    This was a really crap "documentary" in every way, but thanks for putting it there Vlatko.

  87. Mokoshica

    I think it is not important how this guy speaks what he has to say (whispering -- i hope you discovered loudspeakers potentiometer -- VOLUME button) but what he has to say. Please if you dont agree with presented theory present several facts.

  88. tariqxl


  89. snoopysnoopypoopdog

    This is baaaaad! I didn't even make it through the intro...

  90. José Pedro Gomes


    Don't get me wrong, I too am very fond to science, and a agnostic with demands to ask - the first why here: why did "we" in the first place search or got curiosity on this documentary knowing previously it would be crap? Not allowed to be cynical when answering.


  91. José Pedro Gomes

    Anyone knows any documentary about the Antikythera mechanism and or helenistic culture?

  92. Joshua Findlay

    he said expecially. Then I turned it off.

  93. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    We are not - I repeat NOT - crossing the galactic plane in 2012! Ask any astronomer - this is an optical effect only. There is absolutely no scientific reason why this would have any effect on planet earth. The sun is crossing the region of the supposed galactic center every single year on 21st of December - one can easily prove that with every kind of astronomical device or program.
    Furthermore the Maya calendar does NOT say anything about a great disaster which would happen at that time. Their calendar begins at a time when the Mayans themselves have allegedly not existed as a nation, so how would they be able to predict anything happening based on info before AND after they even exist? The starting point of this calendar would be a purely mythological point in time for them, and could be any point in their past.
    Nostradamus does not whatsoever relate to any specific century.
    Also natural events are NOT increasing in numbers - just have a look at the meteorological statistics.
    This documentary is picking out and throwing together - mainly unlinked - pieces of info, of which scientists are essentially only guessing about, and twisting and bending other pieces to support their 'theory'. These are sure interesting, but to make a big cataclysm theory out of it is unscientific, highly hypothetical, and polemic.
    Many of these pieces are taken out of context, and even forged.
    Fearmongering makes good bucks if you write a book about it...

  94. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    You forget something. Following the credo of this documentary the Bible was written AFTER the last cataclysm, and AFTER mankind lost all the knowledge they had before (which is imo pretty unlikely btw - we have our knowledge spread all over the world, not only in coastal regions...).
    So I'm not surprised that parts of this lost knowledge appear there, and that they held a 'God' responsible for everything they couldn't understand - once again...

  95. Jack Dempsey

    You should not talk until you understand the topic in which you speak. I am referring to you lack of the basic knowledge of astrophysics. December 21st is nothing more than the winter solstice. this represents the period in which THE EARTH revolving around the SUN,is at its most shallow position to the northern hemisphere based upon the 17 degree tilt the earth is spinning on relative to the orbital path around the sun. The Winter solstice has NOTHING at all to do with Galactic alignment. The galactic alignment has to do with the time period in which our SUN AND OUR ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM completes an entire rotation around the center of the milky way.While I tend to agree that nothing will probably happen, it makes your entire argument mute when you do not get the basics correct.

  96. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    Umm... I'm not sure why you are trying to contradict me, and even question my astrophysical knowledge. We're obviously on the same side.

    I am very well aware of the Winter Solstice and why it occurs. I was talking about something completely different though.

    First off, to know the point in time at which the solar system completes an entire rotation around the center of the milky way would require the knowledge of a definitive starting point.

    Do we know when that rotation period started? The answer is no. There is no definitive starting point. We CHOSE that starting point out of an infinite number of possible starting points. Any point in time we could have chosen is as good as any other. Thus any 'ending point' - or starting point for that matter - is imaginary and purely hypothetical. It is only an agreement needed so that everyone has the same timeline to work with, just as Greenwich being on the zero meridian on a globe, or the international date line.

    The same argument applies to the beginning of the Mayan calendar, which the Mayans themselves chose. They most likely looked at their own mythology and calculated back in time to the year 3114 BC for a starting point - just like some Christians did and found out the Earth was created 4004 BC. (For the sake of the argument let's not discuss this ridiculous idea.) If they had the starting point set in 3014 BC, the calendar would end in 2112, and nobody would talk about it.

    Regarding the Winter Solstice being on 21st of December every year, you are absolutely correct. This has absolutely nothing to do with the FACT that this is ALSO the day when the sun is crossing the region of the supposed galactic center every year (can't remember anything bad happening on 21st of December 2010 btw). You can check that - as I mentioned - with every simple astronomy program on your computer. Look for the galactic central region, and watch on which day the sun crosses that region (which can be seen like this only from the Earth's position, of course).

    The argument I was trying to counter was a totally different one. It is often said that the solar system would cross the galactic PLANE on that day. This happens about every 30 million years. But the last time it happened was about 3 million years ago, and it will happen again in about 27 million years. So there is no reason to believe that the 21st of December 2012 would be different from any other 21st of December before. And there is also no reason why it would be different in 27 million years when the solar system DOES cross the galactic plane either for that matter.

  97. Guest

    Umm... I'm not sure why you're trying to contradict me, and even question my astrophysical knowledge. We're obviously on the same side.

    I am very well aware of the Winter Solstice and why it occurs. However, this has not much to do with what I was talking about.

    First off, I absolutely agree on what you said about the Winter Solstice. Nevertheless, the 21st of December is ALSO the day when the sun is apparently crossing the galactic central region every year - which is of course only an optical effect visible only from the Earth's position. As I said you can easily prove that with any astronomy program on your computer. Watch the sun and see on which day it crosses the galactic central region.

    Regarding the completion of the rotation cycle, to know when a cycle ends there must be some knowledge of when this cycle started. So in order to know when our entire solar system completes an entire rotation around the center of the milky way we would have to know a definitive point in time when it STARTED this rotation.

    Do we know when it did that? No, we don't. There is no such thing. There is only a timeline which scientists agreed upon so that everyone knows what everyone else is talking about, just like Greenwich being the zero meridian on a globe, or the international date line. The starting point of that timeline is one of an infinite number of possible starting points, thus imaginary and purely hypothetical. The universe or the solar system could care less about any 'points' we here on Earth are choosing.

    The same argument applies to the Mayan calendar. They CHOSE their starting point around 3114 BC - probably by looking at their mythology and calculating back in time, just as some Christians do, stating Earth was created 4004 BC. (For the sake of the argument, let's not discuss this ridiculous idea.) If they would have chosen 3014 BC for example, their calendar would end in 2112, and nobody would talk about it today.

    What I was trying to counter was a different argument though. It is often said that the solar system would cross the galactic PLANE in 2012. This is far from the truth.

    The solar system crosses the galactic plane about every 30 million years, and it did so about 3 million years ago. So we have another 27 million years before it does that again, and I seriously doubt that on that day anything special will happen either.

  98. markhannu

    how many times is he going to incorrectly discribe Centrifugal Force as Centripetal force. this guy is a complete moron, none of his claims are backed up with facts he just simply states that there true without actually trying to prove it, ie the poles have shifted 3 times in the last 7000 years and that the planet just simply fliped upside down, yes the poles shift but i think its once every 200,000 years and the planet dosent just turn upside down, ive stopped listening now as its just aload of bull, could someone please shoot him and take him out the geane pool

  99. Zane Hale

    I like Ancient Aliens more (it would be way cooler if it were true). But the cyclic cataclysms that this film speaks of make for an amazing theory. I've heard of a few of these ideas, but when they come together so well as in this film, it makes you think twice.

    P.S. Why does the host always go places where he has to whisper?

  100. Keith Banks

    Good stuff, thanks for putting this together. FYI - if you happen to make a part 2 - please consider NOT doing your narrating in libraries and churches where you are forced to whisper.

  101. Sabin Russell

    human nature pit falls

  102. Sabin Russell

    gaps all over the place

  103. Sabin Russell


  104. Sabin Russell

    i do believe you meant gene

  105. Beric

    Let's shot that dummy an tek him out da geane pool. only us smart peeples should hav baybiez

  106. zav

    How is babby formed?

  107. kiox987

    1min: the voice of the commentator is like a movie trailer. Usually docs that start off like that are junk... lets see
    5min: "..are we standing in the beginning of the end of world?"..oh not again..but lets see the "evidence!"
    40min: This is not a doc...they could have named it independence day2 or the day the world ended... bla bla bla.....waste of time..couldn't even watch half of it...

  108. harry nutzack

    technically. centripedal force is more correct, and centrifugal is a misnomer...any object twirled in a circle and released (like a rock on a string, etc) will describe a tangent in its flight from the circular path, and not a radial motion from the center... that, mark, is centripedal force, and not centrifugal

  109. markhannu

    if ur going to try and take the piss atleast try and get my quotes correct am pretty sure that i said "could someone please shoot him and take him out the geane pool" not that garbeled crap you said

  110. markhannu

    my bad i spelt gene wrong but i should also point out that you spelt CENTRIFUGAL wrong. aww i feel bad for you

  111. markhannu

    no i think you will find that i am infact correct at 21:40 into this program he describes the earth being like a merry go round with an object placed on it and the object will be forced to the outside and that is centrifugal force not centripital. you are corect about the radial force being centripital, but he continually talks about the buldging effect on the earth.... and that harry is centrifugal force not centripital

  112. talkingdeer61455

    the one thing that was not talked of was the fact that this gravity plane moves as well and changes. therefore not 2012 or even 15. but more like 2021. this is because the mass of the black hole grows from cycle to cycle, as it does the rotation of it speeds up. thus the wave spiral pattern will to. each cycle would become a few yrs longer. But Im only guessing based on what they themselves said.

  113. Jordan Stevens

    I am a physicist and it would be very coincidental if Dec 21, 2012 was the same date as our passage through the galactic plane. I suspect it won't be. This video is trying to say they will be. We seem to already be very close to this plane at this moment, but no one knows where it is, cause we understand too little even about our own galaxy. However, the passing through the plane would not be my biggest concern, but rather the point we turn around and starting moving in the other direction.

  114. bluelobo

    this guy talks like a creep... what's with the whispering!!

  115. mimitam

    I am thinking exactly the same thru-out the video:

    "...this guy talks like a creep... what's with the whispering!!..."

    Can this guy talk like the background narrator with clarity and authority like a proper professional reporter?

    He came across as a gossiper with the fear of being discovered.

  116. mimitam

    ...and what is this?

    "'You might be surprised to learn that our world is not only not a perfect sphere but it wobbles as well"

    Was he serious?

  117. mimitam

    "... the picture of the light bulb is an exaggerated egg plant ..."

    lol, I love it...

  118. Chris Clyne

    Was this filmed on a phone? The video quality is HORRIBLE. Im 5 mins into it and it looks like a video from 1995

  119. Chris Clyne

    Dont even bother...the quality is so bad and the guy narrating sounds like he wants to sell me a diet

  120. Andre H. Vollrath

    You people are so nieve if you dont believe in this documentary !! Open your mind and accept this reality to earths past. The quality and narration parts are NOT important in this film !!
    So WAKE-UP !!!!

  121. David

    I just want to know when I can max out my credit cards?

  122. Blake Joseph Barkett

    they could've based it on something other than their mythology... calculating "something" like you said could be an option, but what would they be calculating? considering their astrological knowledge, they might have calculated different types of formations or other astrological "alignments" from earth point of view? i dunno, i'm not an astrologist, i just have a lot of time on my hands.

  123. Blake Joseph Barkett

    this dude keeps saying pitcher instead of picture...

  124. Anthony Athanasakis

    I would have rather watched Vince advertise a Sham-Wow. They do a mediocre job reciting ancient history but then the show morphs into a what seems like a stoned dude thinking about goofy stuff. The clown they introduce as a "world renowned physicist" is clueless. At one point he suggests the effect of a pole shift could be the "sun rising in the west" but the hardiest humans will make it to the tops of mountains and inside caves to survive and eventually repopulate. Let's be clear about something, if the earth suddenly stopped rotating and then began rotating in the opposite direction, there would be nothing left except a few aliens watching from their flying saucers smoking joints thinking "DUDE! Radical!"

  125. Jules Burns

    interesting take on the effects of our solar system moving through the gravitational wave produced by the super massive black hole in the center of our galaxy. Pole Shift here we come??? Stock up on canned food...

  126. Dreadragon

    The 'lightbulb' is actually a compressed air tank and it's not made of glass, it's just a depiction that the vessel is hollow and the symbol of air or wind is shown VERY LARGE entering into the tank and the 'insulator' below the bulbous end is a bellows. The smaller figures are likely maintaining both a pivot point and a human shut off for the AIR LINE that connected to sealed chambers and pressurized them for distribution of COMPRESSED AIR POWER used to inflate giant air bags constructed by weaving gigantic moistened carpets together in layers via the tassels.

    Long runner carpets with tassels on the ends (as pictured at the base of the AIR TANK) were rolled into tubes and overlapped for high pressure air containment.

    Other than that, I believe the rest of this film, pretty much.

  127. Steve Bristol

    i love it when these idiots say we cross the Galactic plane every year. we cross the solar system plane every year, not the galactic! these idiots don't know the difference!

  128. Jonathan Im'Sirius Riddle

    LOL LOL LOL!!! That comment is hilarious...thanks dude.... im rollin in laughter right now. LOL LOL LOL !!!

  129. spitfire

    He is serious indeed. To date the earth's highest recorded wobble is 15 degrees from it's axis which causes the abrupt climate change not global warming. And, the earth's wobble is occurring daily.

  130. Russell Beaumont

    I believe in the bit where he suggests the Mayan calendar is never ending.So in a few days it is to start all over again......What goes round comes round. Just hope I'm not around for the next pole shift

  131. sciurbab

    The narrator says "pitcher" and "exspecially"! He's a complete chucklehead without a shred of credibility or vocabulary for that matter...gimmeabreak!!!

  132. Abi

    The quality of the documentary is not great, that is the recording, the way the information is presented... BUT that does not necessarily discredit it. Learned a couple new things, would recommend to the curious intellectual

  133. Bob

    Because of the size of the planet the rotation speed would not be strong enough to lift a Canadian loonie of the ground plus the magnetic pole shifts happen every 200,000 to 300,000 thousand years.

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