Horn of Africa Crisis

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Horn of Africa CrisisHave US counter-terrorism policies contributed to the deadly crisis in the Horn of Africa? The worst drought in 60 years has thrown some 13 million people across the Horn of Africa into crisis.

In Somalia, ravaged by two decades of conflict, the consequences have been disastrous. For over six months, aid agencies on the ground sounded the alarm that a major drought and famine was on the horizon.

Then in July and August, the world watched and international aid agencies scrambled as tens of thousands of Somalis fled famine and fighting in the devastated Southern part of the country, controlled by the armed group al-Shabab.

And they continued to flee - to the Somali capital of Mogadishu, and refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia - in the following months, when the world seemed to lose interest.

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    harry nutzack
  1. harry nutzack

    i couldnt help but notice the difference between the "distressed" locals in kenya (run by obama's first cousin), and those in somalia. nor the difference in level of participation by my government in both areas. i may well be in the minority, but id rather see thousands of "terrorists" fed by food aid, than a single one of those xylophone ribbed infants dying. playing politics with aid only produces more suffering, and swells the ranks of the "terrorists", who were obviously better fed than the average citizen. what a political sham, what a humanitarian shame. why must the citizenry pay the price for the bloody nose my country was given when they tried to "nation build" under the guise of "defense of food aid"? what is the body count that will "even out the books" for those 18 dead american soldiers?

  2. Terry Beaton
  3. Terry Beaton

    It's simple Mr. Nutzak. If the death toll is 18, that make's the total; 18 eyes and 18 teeth. Or 18 dead bodies to be even simpler. Can it be any simpler? I like this kind of thinking, it's so... simple! Your a genius, Mr. Nutzak!

  4. His Forever
  5. His Forever

    The legacy of Islam . . . religion of peace!

  6. His Forever
  7. His Forever

    Harry: So, what are YOU personally doing about it? $$$$? Time? Prayer? Just curious if you're putting your assets where your opinion is. I would personally like to see the terrorists ousted before we send in aid, lest we do, as you say, "feed the terrorists" while the innocent go hungry, which is surely happening and would happen if we flooded the area with supplies.

  8. Achems_Razor
  9. Achems_Razor

    Charles...I do not think that there is such a thing as religions of peace, and if they say that they are a religion of peace, then they lie! Any and all religions are a religion of wars and subjugation of fellow humans by their vindictive angry jealous psychopathic gods.

    Did I mention "invisible" vindictive, angry, jealous psychopathic gods.

  10. Guest
  11. Guest

    Religions says: if you addhere to what we profess you will be part of the saved, if you addhere to an other religion you are going to rot in hell. So by that all religions are practicing a dividing profession because let's face it, most religious people sound like professional demonstrators.
    I know there are millions of good people among the religious, people who wish to do good, it is their religion that stand in their way.
    The history of Christian and Islamic religions stand on a bloody past because the older religions they sprouted from were also bloody.
    How can this end? The answer is being found day by day by the mass who is influenced by people who cut the cord from the oppressiveness of religions while keeping the essence of what emanates from a free personal inward journey.

  12. His Forever
  13. His Forever

    Az: That would all be well and good if Christianity wasn't true and Islam wasn't just absolute evil to the core. All that is good in me I fully admit comes from God and His help. True Christianity has been a force for good in the past, now, and always. Not so with Islam. But of course that's my personal opinion. Blessings!

  14. His Forever
  15. His Forever

    Razor: I'm 99% sure you know I was being sarcastic about Islam being a religion of peace, but just in case you didn't catch it, I was.

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    See you prove my point! Islam evil to the core? How many people are you putting in that rotten basket of yours now? by the millions....including millions who are just good regular people.
    DIviding dividing dividing.
    Get ride of the oppression and dissension that is at the core of Christianity and Islam, release people of the obligation to follow one and only one path, keep your GOD and ALLAH (they mean the same in reality) if you wish and the result will be a better world right there and now.

    YOU say: "But of course that's my personal opinion", it is an opinion imposed by your religion that you have made yours. No freedom to divert here, even by a bit unless you repent afterwards.

    I hate getting you involved in religious argument, as i know your wife is not allowing you too much time on the net these days. I wish Vlatko got the new Wormhole on and got the conversation rolling on important things instead of drugs this morning.

  18. Nooniii2010
  19. Nooniii2010

    were u a SOAS student? Year of 2007?

  20. markq_99
  21. markq_99

    There is NO religion of peace. They all demand devotion, obedience and sacrifice to their deity and only their deity and all others will suffer by the will of their 'God'. Every religion has committed crimes and most have been atrocious. They are all willing to sacrifice the best they have to offer in the name of their 'God'. They should all be abolished and allow mankind to move on past superstition, myth and fable.

  22. Ben Stelle
  23. Ben Stelle

    I find that Islam does preach peace but at the same time they preach converting people, just as Christianity and when you are met with statistics like 40% of the Muslim population of Great Britain wants there Shia law to govern England it makes you think.

  24. His Forever
  25. His Forever

    And precisely how would you do that (abolishing all religions), Mark? Genecide? That's already been tried. Just curious how you'd go about de-faithing 3 billion plus people in the world (my guesstimation), that is, if 4 of the 7 billion are "faith-less", which I'm not so sure about. Be careful not to become what you're saying you dislike so very much--an oppressor and dictator.

  26. His Forever
  27. His Forever

    Noonii2010: No. Not me.

  28. His Forever
  29. His Forever

    Az: Somethings are just true, even if you do not like the sound of them. Islam, as a religion, is very evil. I've known some Muslims that I liked also, but very very few. Why even defend Islam? And then attack Christianity with such rancor? Wow. Uncomprehensible for me. I'm glad there's better Christian men in the world than myself. Our church is now part of the "Next Billion" crusade where we are planning to reach at least one billion within the next 10 years. Our church alone in Manila has contacted about 14,000 this year, bringing life, hope, love and redemption, without a single beheading, stoning, or forced conversion of any kind (which Islam does). One cannot compare darkeness and light, Az. This is one thing we truly disagree on.

    Peace to you,

    Charles B.

  30. His Forever
  31. His Forever

    Ben, how have you found Islam to be a religion of peace? In what way? Do you even read the evening news? Serious question. Please.

  32. markq_99
  33. markq_99

    Did I say anything about killing the believers? How we do it is to push science. Start here in America. Marketing can make almost anything insanely popular. Lets do that with science. And PUNISH those who have abused our children in the name of God. Punish those religions that abuse the system. If you use religion to push a political candidate, you now pay the highest tax in the country. And publicize it. Make it well known that we will not put up with lying to our children. NO... you cannot teach religion in public schools. And if you insist on praying or teaching the children sacred songs, you lose your job and teaching certificate. We need to publicly humiliate people like rick santorum and michele bachman, sam brownback and rick perry. They should not be allowed to hold public office when they make statements that are so untrue. Their rewriting of history should be stopped in its tracks. I am amazed at the 'liberal' media. These self appointed knowitallls will let Palin say the most outlandish things and not say a thing right then. Sure the comedians will take shots but thats not like calling them out immediately on their lies.
    Non believers should be made to feel special. They should be shown to the country and the world for what they are. They are people who are unafraid of a threatened sky god. The rely on facts, not superstition. The first step is eliminating the tax breaks on faith and religion. They own many, many of the best properties in the country and pay nothing on it. Level the playing field and make them pay the same tax as anyone else. That alone would curtail many of their use of the ''PUBLIC airwaves' where they constantly spread their lies, their hate and their fear. It wont happen overnite but if we start by abolishing the Catholic church for their crimes against children, maybe people will begin to wake up.

  34. His Forever
  35. His Forever

    Mark: Rightly did I assum you were just a few ideas removed from a pine pole, some rope, a match and a bond fire as your ultimate "inforement technique" for ridding the world of us ignorant pesky Christians. That was really quite scary.

  36. markq_99
  37. markq_99

    So, your belief in Jesus trumps the evidence of science? Your ignorance extends past your religion to what you think 'we' atheists believe. I am much further away from the burning cross than any of you 'Christians'. Ive had it with your self-righteous, your way or the highway thinking. Tell me... when was the last time a group of atheists slaughtered 6 million of the wrong faith? When was the last time the atheists had a witch burning? Maybe you can find a time when atheists stormed across Europe, torturing, burning homes, villages and children; all in the name of .....?
    You cant. Because it hasnt happened and it wont happen. But your religion has done all those things. And its not some ancient past. Its happening TODAY. Thats right, today they are burning witches in Africa. Christians are burning witches. And KONY, leading the Christians to slaughter other peoples using children he stole from other nations; in the name of your holy Jesus! How many more thousands of years do you need? How many more burnings, rapes by your priests, wars by your leaders and lies by your elders, do you need? It is religious oppression that causes almost all of the ills in this world. From stopping condom use to flying aircraft into the WTC. From continuing the fight against womens rights to a person's private, personal life choices being governed by your ridiculous protection of marriage between a man and a woman.

    You may be 'rightly' convinced by you are not correct. There IS a difference.

  38. over the edge
  39. over the edge

    you are usually one of the more rational Christians on this site. and i agree that when taken as a whole Islam is not a religion of peace but when held to the same light neither is Christianity. the fact that the violence of one is more visible or extreme than the other that does not excuse the actions of the so called lesser evil. the very reasons you see Islam as a negative influence are the same ones i see your faith as negative. Christianity is better at pr, has had hundreds of years more of practice at disguising their violence and most importantly the "news" we receive in the christian world is filtered through media for a mostly christian audience and a good rule in business is don't insult the audience. i am sure if you read only news from Islamic dominated areas the news would be different. the reason that the religious want religion taught in schools is that the best way to diminish the influence of religion is education. we don't have to abolish religion of any flavor only promote honest education and the implementation of logic and facts and the fall from dominance of religion will take care of itself. any respect i had remaining for religion (the organization not the flock) disappeared when they decided that their image and money was more important that the rape of children and in turn when the flock didn't demand immediate drastic changes my respect for them dissolved. trust me if an organization i belong to raped kids i would at the very least sever relations and most likely demand severe punishment for those responsible and those in the know but complacent.

  40. dewflirt
  41. dewflirt

    That ought to be argument enough but you know it won't be.

  42. markq_99
  43. markq_99

    Can you imagine, just for a minute, if 'some' of your local grocery stores were protecting known rapists and molesters of children? Would you still send you kid to the store for a loaf of bread?

    But 'we' still send our kids to Catholic schools and churches AND tithe billions of dollars to them to help them spread the insanity and protect the guilty.

    But its me with the torches and ropes..... sure...

  44. over the edge
  45. over the edge

    agree completely. there is a reason that faith is blind

  46. markq_99
  47. markq_99

    Let me guess. You feed the hungry who come in to hear the teachings?

    I actually got a chuckle when you wrote, 'forced conversion'.

  48. His Forever
  49. His Forever

    Well, yes, actually. We've treated for free hundreds (nearly a thousand) that have needed dentists, doctors and, yes, they do have a feeding program for street kids monthly. But, the majority that have made decisions to accept Christ have been done with our traveling bus ministry, I guess. I wish our church did more for the medically needy apart from the medical crusades--I think that is their one drawback.

  50. His Forever
  51. His Forever

    Over the Edge: If you're referring to the R.C.C. in your last few paragraphs, as I've said before, they would have burned me at the stake too had I lived in the right time period; I don't consider them Christian--pehaps an extreme few, but only God knows that for sure.

  52. ProudinUS
  53. ProudinUS

    nevermind...................I was trying to respond to some anonymous clown on another doc. silly me.

  54. over the edge
  55. over the edge

    these unforgivable acts among others have been repeated by many flavors of Christianity and if my memory serves me correctly in the past you include the rcc in order to claim popularity of your faith and now choose to separate? next i do not know your personal denomination of Christianity and if you do not wish to share that is completely reasonable (personal information). but just so you know where i am coming from. i am native Canadian and while not abused personally i do have family that was abused by the church and even after it was made public no personal apology was even offered. these abuses were not solely carried out by the rcc and the list includes the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, the United Church of Canada, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada among others there is enough blame to go around

  56. His Forever
  57. His Forever

    Edge: I grudgingly have to be associated with Catholics as "Christians" but as my wife, who used to be Catholic and even wanted to be a nun says, they aren't Christian as a whole. I'm an Evangelical Protestant.

    Do you mind expanding on "abused" by the church? That's quite a long list of "offenders" and I'd like to know what you're referring to precisely. Or, are you being general in saying that other denominations besides the RCC have committed offenses also without any kind of accuntability?

    Most of those donomination are dying out and I'd wish they'd just hurry up and go extinct myself! Corruption in the people of God is what upset Jesus the most too. In fact, no religious group of his time was ever praised by him for anything that I can think of off the top of my head--"brood of vipers" and "sons of the devil" are not compliments, so wolves hiding in the flock is not a new problem.

    Nonetheless, the Heart of God can still be found only in Christ's Church. When a donomination gets corrupt, crusty, or useless, a new movement starts to renew the faith. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater; I've had wonderful experiences in church. I cut my teeth on the pews (litterally) and I've never strayed from them. It's my whole life!

  58. markq_99
  59. markq_99

    Do you feed only the believers?

  60. His Forever
  61. His Forever

    Certainly not! Whatever feeding or medical missions we do are open to anyone that needs them--rich or poor, Catholic, Christian, Muslim or Atheist, actually. We do give them the opportunity while going through the process to hear the Gospel and many do respond with the desire for follow-up of different kinds.

    It would be extraordinarily foolish of us if we only offered hope for temporary medical treatments or feeding but not for an eternity with God after this life. I love helping with the medical missions. I'm a "head holder" as we have to extract so many rotten teeth, they need a strong man to hold their heads while they pull the teeth out. One young boy took two hours of intense labor to get a tooth out that was rotten to the root. We were praying he wouldn't faint or go into shock. It's really a labor of love in many cases! All our dentists and doctors are real doctors by the way. We had them dentist 11 deep all day long in December--I could barely hold my arms up at the end of the day.

    P.S. My wife helped with "circumcision missions" and I joked when I met her, "So, honey, exactly how many penises have you wrapped?" Hundreds! Mostly adults or young men in the provincial areas. In those cases they really do need it for cleanliness.

  62. over the edge
  63. over the edge

    i cannot expand on the specific abuse of my family.they have not chosen to share specifics with me and i do not feel comfortable with asking. but the abuse admitted by the groups mentioned include sexual,physical and emotional. the attendance was mandatory and there were many cases of forced labor (to fund schools) and cases of the children dieing and the parents were not immediately informed along with forced sterilization and the practicing of native religions were illegal until 1982. to end on a positive note. i want you to know that i believe you are a good person and honestly try to make the world a better place. i am not holding you personally responsible for every action of your fellow Christians. but i do believe you would be good regardless of your faith but your faith (all faith) has the unique ability to make otherwise good rational people do bad and irrational things.

  64. over the edge
  65. over the edge

    @ charles
    for a better understanding watch 'Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide" right here on TDF

  66. Guest
  67. Guest

    It's not normal to be a priest who can't have sex which is one of the condition of the church. Nuns on one side and priest on the other...and the kids in the middle?????

  68. over the edge
  69. over the edge

    @ az
    i agree completely. if you are interested the doc i mentioned (if you haven't seen it) is focused in your neck of the woods (if i remember correctly where you are from)

  70. Ben Stelle
  71. Ben Stelle

    You clearly lack sense.

  72. Ben Stelle
  73. Ben Stelle

    We really don't need to hear your views on Muslims and your wife's penis hobby

  74. His Forever
  75. His Forever

    Fair enough. I doubt I'd be as good without Christ, but I'm pretty sure I'd be more highly educated. I went the way of study to be a pastor only to be told "Not good enough!" Should have been a scientist instead.

  76. batvette
  77. batvette

    Birth rate: Somalia: 42.71/1000
    (was over 51/1000 in 1960!)
    Birth rate: US: 13.5/1000

    Air drop condoms and the pill and call us in 20 years when you figure out what you've been doing wrong over there. I'm tired of feeling guilty for keeping my zipper shut over here.

  78. markq_99
  79. markq_99

    When religion gets it right, and when they actually do their job of feeding the hungry and healing the sick, as they were commanded to do; and NOT using the captive audience as a way to bring the people to the 'lord'.
    Im sick and tired of the hypocrisy of you religious zealots. Constantly telling others how to live, yet still raping and killing in the name of God.

    Give it a break. You should feel guilty.

  80. batvette
  81. batvette

    Most irrelevant reply ever. What do your comments about religion have to do with Somalia's high birth rate?
    What "religious zealot" advocates birth control?

  82. markq_99
  83. markq_99

    hmmm I dont know...maybe... it could be.....SATAN?
    Lets see.... who preaches against birth control??? Who is it that is trying to turn back the clock even in America???

    But that doesnt have anything to do with Somalia, Uganda, the Congo,..nope...

    Now we hear that the 'personhood' amendment isnt about contraception,... its about RELIGIOUS FREEDOM...

    But you say... 'what religious zealot?'

    You cant dig yourself out of a hole...

  84. batvette
  85. batvette

    I have made no posts about religion here. I respectfully refrain from further debate with the obviously confused.
    Have a nice day.

    My point expressed that the underlying problems in Somalia, indeed, most of Africa, are tied to its outrageously high birth rate and as long as it continues so will its suffering, remains as posted.

    There is a consistent correlation between a nations' birth and poverty rates, why this is such an elusive mystery to some is puzzling.

    Quantity above quality I guess.

  86. markq_99
  87. markq_99

    For some reason, as intelligent as you are, you refuse to see that along with poverty, the high birth rate is caused by religious teachings. Its been going on there for hundreds of years. It also increase the poverty rate. Sorry if you dont realize its actually a part of 'the plan'.
    Its the same reason for the right attacking womens rights here in America. The more drones you have, the less you have to pay. Soon people are begging for anything.

  88. batvette
  89. batvette

    I'm agnostic.

  90. Kennygolucky
  91. Kennygolucky

    High birth rate is to blame for the drought ? interesting, I must say.
    The US is responsible for 20 % of global pollution, but that don't matter. Just destroy the planet and blame it on somebody else.
    Did any of you actually watch this documentary ? or are you just here to bla bla ? Remember this you christian crusader. It is your pope who opposes birth control ! Go blame him for lack of family planning.

  92. markq_99
  93. markq_99

    as am I. The point is that it IS religion that is responsible for much of the poverty in Africa and around the world. The cathaholic church thrives on suffering. And they stop birth control from being given to the developing nations. Thats what I was talking about.

  94. Kennygolucky
  95. Kennygolucky

    You did not watch the documentary, cool. Let me add a few more problem. Tax evasion by international corporations. Deregulation in the US caused the crash of global economy and the rise in food prices. Big US companies destroying the globe with GMO. The US fighting wars by proxy destroyed Somalia, not high birth rate. The list is so long mate and a lot is to blame on the US.

  96. batvette
  97. batvette

    This must be the doc where the confused post.
    "You Christian Crusasder"? WTF are you smoking?
    Why would the people of Africa be solely dependent upon the whims of the Catholic Church for their birth control? Is it the Catholic Church's responsibility? Can't they get it elsewhere?


    Blame America because Africans **** like rabbits. Real Smart!

    As for the drought well gee we have droughts here too. It's a simple equation, X amount of resources for X amount of people.

  98. Kennygolucky
  99. Kennygolucky

    X amount of resources for X amount of people. The man with the gun takes it all. The US are the biggest contributor to global warming, 5 % of world population consuming 20 % of all fossil fuel.
    The christian crusader comment is a "Blackwater" statement.a bunch of lunies hired to butcher people.
    I dont blame americans for the African birthrate, I only blame America for the turmoil they have created in Somalia. If the US would stay home in the US and mind their own business we would not have this chaos in Somalia. (War by proxy)
    You have drought too ? well so what ? I seems like it justifies the drought in East Africa ? I don't care for your losses, you can do something about it, but choose not to. The Horn of Africa (Somalia) is doomed. Now you have drone bases and secret prisons in Somalia. Do you think the US will ever support peace in Somalia ?
    Somalia had a good economy before the war 30 years ago. A war that was US backed and a war that let to a totally destroyed country. This has nothing to do with birthrate.

  100. markq_99
  101. markq_99

    youve passed over the line. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but, you are now officially STUPID.
    You completely ignore history and facts when presented to you.

    As a country we can afford to fight droughts. Somalia CANNOT!

  102. batvette
  103. batvette

    Meanwhile the rest of us with a firm grasp of reality remember the United States NEVER colonized any African countries but nearly every European country did.
    BTW China passed the US GGE output years ago, time to update the blind hatred database.

  104. batvette
  105. batvette

    LOL, how do you "fight" a drought? Light it on fire?
    No, you WEATHER a drought, this takes conservation of food and water, something much easier to do when you are not overpopulating an area to begin with.
    as for our involvement there it seem parts of it were ill advised HOWEVER you also cannot say with a straight face we were supposed to allow Al-Shabab to over thow the government, enforce Sharia law, and breed terrorists to spread around the world. Let's not forget this is where Bin Laden was based.

  106. markq_99
  107. markq_99

    I dont know. How do you fight a drought? I believe its called 'irrigation'? In fact, much of California would still be a desert but we were able to finance irrigating those areas.
    Lets talk history, terrorism and Sharia law. Bin Laden was PROMISED by the reagan/bush administration that America would help build Afghanistan after the Russians were defeated. Bush decided to not honor that promise and instead invaded Iraq, using Saudi land as air bases to attack muslim populations.
    What right do you or anyone else have to decide what another country wants as their law? Their religion? We hear about 'tolerance' from the Christians all the time. But its not to tolerate others. Its is our order to tolerate whatever the 'Christians' decide. Study the 'act of tolerance'.
    For over 40 years we allowed the Shah of Iran to do whatever he wanted to his people. The same with Saddam. As long as they were our 'friends', they could do ANYTHING, including getting free biological weapons to be used against the Kurds. As long as we got their oil......America had their backs.
    But now, you say with a straight face that we should have stopped what the people of the countries wanted.
    Lets not forget that the Bin Laden family bailed George Jr. out of bankruptcy 3 times before we selected him as President.

  108. batvette
  109. batvette

    "What right do you or anyone else have to decide what another country wants as their law? Their religion? "

    Because Sharia law fosters civilizations of unspeakable brutality and violence which tend to infect whole regions. Look at that recent case in Iran where a guy accused is wife of adultery and they stoned her to death. Buried her up to her waist and threw rocks at her for several hours. Turns out she was innocent and the guy wanted to get rid of her so he could be with someone else. Cutting out tongues, lopping off hands and ears....

    But I can tell your mind is made up to hate America, forget about what the real facts are. Our opinions are our interpretation of the facts we are exposed to, if the facts you present to support them stand up to scrutiny our opinions are likely sound. Yours do not appear to be right.

    " The same with Saddam. As long as they were our 'friends', they could do ANYTHING, including getting free biological weapons to be used against the Kurds."

    Saddam used mustard gas (considered a chemical weapon) and nerve agents, most of which were supplied whole or in part by Germany and other European nations and Russia. The Halabja attacks were nerve agents, and were in bombs dropped by Mig and Mirage fighter/attack planes. The United States had no role in supplying these WMD programs for Saddam, though there is an instance of limited sales of Thiodiglycol, which from wikipedia:

    "It is used as a solvent in a variety of applications ranging from dyeing textiles to inks in some ballpoint pens. In chemical synthesis, it is used as a building block for protection products, dispersants, fibers, plasticizers, rubber accelerators, pesticides, dyes, and various other organic chemicals. In the manufacture of polymers, it is used as a chain transfer agent. As an antioxidant, it is used as an additive in lubricants."

    Has so many other uses it's a real stretch to even include that, if you did you'd then have to concede we found WMD all over Iraq after we went in as plenty of such dual use products were found.

    As for biological weapons we sold Iraq some strains for medical research. No biological strains or agents were EVER weaponized by Saddam, much less ever used on the Kurds or anyone else.

    In conclusion, we didn't give or sell Saddam any of his chemical or nerve WMD that he did use and Saddam never used biological weapons on anyone.

    As for your claim about the Bin Laden family bailing out Bush 3 times, that's pretty funny stuff. The Bin Laden family is huge and encompasses hundreds of people, all wealthy and connected to the oil industry. One of them was apparantly Salem Bin Laden, (killed in a plane crash in 1988) who had assets in a company controlled by one James Bath, who was a co investor in one of Bush's failed business ventures. Big deal. You want that gross misrepresentation to be compared to the millions of dollars in endowments to the Presidential libraries of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton that were gifts by the Royal Saudi Family too?

    I could nitpick all the silly details in that post until the cows come home, you truly have a bizarre slant on reality.

  110. markq_99
  111. markq_99

    Are you in complete denial about the photographs AND documents that show Donald Rummsfeld making deals with Saddam? You and others have rewritten history. My grnadchilkdren will grow up to believe that not only did Saddam have WMD, we got them and destroyed them and left the country without doing any damage. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
    How dare you to say I hate America. You are worse than the pigs on faux noos. I served this country. I did my time for this country. And I have done nothing in my life that would show I hate America or Americans. But you have. By saying that I do, you are denying me the right to live as well as you do because I dont deserve it. I realize this is way to deep for your fragile mind, so I will stop now. You are a horrible person.I thoguht you may have integrity but you have reached the lowest parts of a scoundrel. I hope you are happy, proud and smiling.

  112. over the edge
  113. over the edge

    sharia law is atrocious i agree. but that doesn't mitigate christian driven laws that deny abortion or homosexuality. you do not have to look very far to find religious laws of any faith that divide, deny rights or promote violence.
    next you are correct that the U.S. wasn't the main supplier of chemical weapons, manufacturing equipment or the technology to weaponize agents. but they were involved in many areas and that should be enough.
    before you accuse me of being anti American i would like to say that there are many things to be proud of but vigilance must be used to root out the bad, avoid complacency and improve on the base. i am Canadian and we are exposed to American patriotism constantly. i grew up with "usa usa "and " land of the free" and so on i don't remember "we aren't as bad as others" or "you could do worse" echoing from some stadium. get your own house in order and reign in your religious extremists before you point fingers at others.

  114. markq_99
  115. markq_99

    Ya know
    Sharia law isnt much different than what the 'conservatives' idea of law is. And as much as I deplore the actions of the people who are responsible, I hesitate suggesting using America as some world religious police. Too many times we go into battle holding the bible up as some kind of justification. Custer did it and he was wrong. They used it during the crusades and the Inquisition and expect us to think they wouldnt do it again.
    I am tired of fighting these same old battles again and again, and I suppose the worst part of it is that we win every time. Its not as if the evidence supports any religion. Every religion has been used to suppress, oppress, torture and kill non believers for thousands of years. Its ignorant. Its arrogant. And its wrong. And for me to say it doesnt make me 'anti-American'.

  116. over the edge
  117. over the edge

    completely agree. America shouldn't be the world police religious or otherwise. i sometimes feel bad for Americans because it seems damned if you do and damned if you don't. the perception (deserved or not) is that unless an area has something important to American interest ( oil or strategically placed) there is no desire to help. the flip side is an isolationist America in which there is no strong presence to deter atrocities and no incentive for others to deal with America favorably . lets face it your credit is screwed you have little natural resources left and your cost of manufacturing is too high for investment. without the military force and aid what can you offer competitively? that is not a slight against you, my country would be in the same boat if we tried to compete militarily and weren't lucky enough to have massive natural resources. all that being said (sorry for length) curtailing religious influence on decision making could only make things better.

  118. brutusaurio
  119. brutusaurio

    It's always the same. The poor people always pay the consequences. Politics, Economics and Religion take advantage of the weakest.

    Like in this doc, a woman from Somalia says: people (journalists or "white people") come here often and take pictures of us, but nobody does anything to help us.

    I ask myself: What can I do about it?
    I reply: I really don't know. Maybe I could donate same money to help them, but I believe that won't solve anything at all.

    The answer is very sad, but I really don't know what I could do

  120. markq_99
  121. markq_99

    Please... Do you notice your first post is directly below a post by 'C_N'? I had been arguing and discussing with him about religion and I thought you were defending him. That is why I made the post about religion, seemingly directed at you but really towards 'C_N'.

  122. Sara tayeb
  123. Sara tayeb

    I cannot wait for the day of judgment, when all these officials and people of power stand infront of god, and have to answer for the lives they have helped killing. I cant wait. really. it is only then that justice will be served, if not here on earth tht is, myb they catch sme awful disease and rot in it and die.

    La7awla wala kuwa ila bilah

  124. Amber
  125. Amber

    These white nazi's are parasites, global warming is a blessing, it will help to rid the planet of those genetically weak (primarily whites). You people think that procreation is the reason these people are suffering?? Birth control is the eugenicist FIRST answer to poverty,Typical ignorant thoughts of white supremacy. The only reason you white people recommend birth control to the poor is because whites currently have the worst reproduction and fertility rates on the planet. Well it's no wonder! The creator didn't make this planet for you white parasitic degenerates. You always have been, and always will be the global minority. Death to all elitists white supremacist nazi parasites, only then will Mother Earth and Mother Africa get back on the track to peace and flourish.

  126. Russ101
  127. Russ101

    Although I have to agree with you about anti-nazism, Amber. I guess to see from your angle I have to empathize with your ancestral undertakings much like the jews to see beyond your racist perspective. But check it out, when you talk about the solution for 'genetic inferiority' in which you specify runs in common with Caucasians- you did so just as your abhorred Nazis tried Eugenics. As you put "help ride the planet of genetically weak whites" like Adolf Hitler once said in the past "rid the genetically weak jews off this planet"

    That places all you and your seething rage in a little dark corner of your own ...self ...made...hell.

    So... learn to love all people and you will see we're all the same. There is no stronger party.

    I being white, having two nieces who take the African american traits of their mother. I have to say I hope they grow up to be nothing like you.

    I'm just happy to say I don't hate anybody. but nobody's going to care about someone who just plain hates the world. Cant deal with it? make art instead of letting your most disgusting thoughts be read like Mein Kaumpf.

    ...too much delay- suck it

  128. Russ101
  129. Russ101

    What matters is that you're here seeing and learning the truth. May we do something great with this knowledge.

  130. said mail
  131. said mail

    SOMALIA people are the problem

  132. said mail
  133. said mail

    Let's ignore the danger that can be found in the ashes of 9/11/2001, and the subsequent events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Madrid and London. There are many zealous and misguided Muslims who believe that, through Jihad, they must kill non-Muslims -- Christians and Jews in particular. And there are many Christains who, ignoring Jesus' teachings, wish to retaliate in kind. Let's ignore that.

    Let's ignore the ill effects of religion around the world over the last several decades. We have Muslims killing Christians (and vice versa), Jews killing Muslims (and vice versa), Protestants killing Catholics (and vice versa), Shiites killing Sunnis (and vice versa), etc., etc. All of it is completely pointless, because all human gods are imaginary. But let's ignore all of that killing and destruction.

    Let's also ignore all of the insanity that religion has brought us through the ages -- the crusades, the witch hunts and all the rest.

    And let's ignore all the people that religion oppresses -- the women, the people who have been enslaved, Let's ignore it because it is all water under the bridge.

    Religion is a problem, it makes people intolerant and delusional.
    Not all of them can be right so most of them are brainwashing their kids with nonsense.
    More likely though, ALL are wrong and they all brainwash their kids and give people crap based on some ancient, nonsensical fairy tales.
    Religion is the problem that presents itself as the solution to the problems it created.

    You know, sorta like the Republican Party in united stated lol I,m ex-Muslim young atheist Ethiopian

  134. Onyekachi Erica Nwankwo
  135. Onyekachi Erica Nwankwo

    Education and access to true knowledge will lead to liberation/freedom; that's the answer.

  136. wing shan li
  137. wing shan li

    can anyone answer me what this documentary about?
    i cannot heard many of the people, and i have to finish my homework about this

  138. Christopher T. Gray
  139. Christopher T. Gray

    That's because the U.S. was too busy dealing with its own domestic issues and internal wars. We have been large beneficiaries of Africa's resources and in many cases the largest. No trade embargos against ourselves though. Our colonizing allies were on the merchant's end of the deals

  140. Christopher T. Gray
  141. Christopher T. Gray

    Please ! Religion didn't kill all those people. People killed all of those people. If we were talking guns that's what you would say I'd bet. Stop blaming religion because you need a reason to justify your own selfishness.

  142. Christopher T. Gray
  143. Christopher T. Gray

    Well Afghanistan is even higher. Look what we're spending there for the same exact reason. Stop[ cherry picking for the sake of an arguments. Theres always someone saavy enough to follow up your weak info.

  144. Christopher T. Gray
  145. Christopher T. Gray

    Not to mention Mexican women in the US at 63 per 1000 which we support for sure

  146. Ryan Han
  147. Ryan Han

    Batvette is a Gov't troll.

  148. Terry Owen
  149. Terry Owen

    they starve because they are not thinking ahead. when it gets viewed they hope that the west will bale them out so they can get it up again. we are being ruled by thickoes who cause war .

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