How Beer Saved the World

How Beer Saved the World

2011, Society  -   148 Comments
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Did you know that beer was critical to the birth of civilization? That’s right - beer.

Scientists and historians line up to tell the amazing, untold story of how beer helped create math, poetry, pyramids, modern medicine, labor laws, and America.

If you think beer is just something cold and filling to drink during sporting matches or in the kind of bars that you probably shouldn't order wine in, then, boy, are you ever in the dark.

It turns out beer is responsible for, like, all the greatest things on earth. Learn more about what beer did for you.

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  1. Great documentary I watched it a few times.
    Not many of these fun facts are not widely known nevertheless it's very entertaining. It is big shame most of you posting comments here don't even see differences between ale, beer and lager and also old time traditional "beer"that was flat and freshly made to entertain the local crowd. Central european beers: German, Czech, Polish Dutch and Belgian are the best and free of gmo(sorry yanks but in eu experiments on mass scale will never be allowed).

  2. In Ancient Egyptian culture, Osiris is the God of agriculture. He is also known as the God of beer, not Ra (which is pronounced more like "raw" than "ray"). A Greek historian from the time of Julius Caesar once wrote that, “Osiris taught the people how to brew the beverage which is made of barley , which is not greatly inferior to wine in odor and potency.” How in the world could the researchers of this documentary get that wrong? Just goes to show you that just because something is put together into something that someone calls a "documentary" doesn't necessarily make it true.

  3. The logical leaps taken in this should qualify them for the olympics

  4. in a world full of self proclaimed genius,I find it entertaining that noone asks how much co2 is released from this piss or soda or wine,huh Al Gore? it's hard to be kind when surrounded by idiocy

  5. Great documentary. Though the sound and mimics is a little off.. - I really learned a lot and I definetly have some interesting facts the next time I'm at a party.

  6. Can't see it as Disney has blocked it here. 1 star.

  7. wow bobart really lost that argument!

  8. Magic Mushrooms and Visionary Plants is what helped us Evolve and Advance our Minds and Consciousness, NOT ALCOHOL

    1. seriously? were this true? then where are the huge fields of visionary plants and mushrooms? and...just so you know, the hops in beer? are from the same family as pot. I have yet to see anything tangibly constructive from magic mushrooms, though I will admit to medicinal value for many of the plants you deem 'visionary'.

    2. you must live under a rock...even steve jobs considers shrooms to be responsible for a lot of his success. Beer is more of a tool to keep people in a state of ignorance. This doc is making some strong assumptions based on facts but then taking those facts and manipulating them to help help argue the unvalid points.

    3. if I live under a rock? you obviously share quarters with the rest of the turds in the outhouse. Your anti beer position is obvious, but your reasoning and facts are bs.

      BEER kept the population alive during the middle ages as the only viable water purification technique of the day. BEER was the first observable use of antibiotics some 2000yrs BC. BEER was the first 'energy drink' due to the high content of carbohydrates. BREAD, the 'staff of life' and BEER share the same components, necessitating more efficient ways to grow and transport grain. These are FACTS, Bob.

      Whether Steve Job, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or anyone else used mind altering substances is irrelevant. Such altered states can produce insights, make otherwise illogical connections become inspiration, even connect one to their subconscious mind. but these are on an individual basis.

      Necessity has always been the mother of invention, demand always precedes supply, or invention. Do you really believe that its coincidence that beer drinking civilizations have mostly flourished while those without it have mostly fallen to ruin, or failed to get past the hunter gatherer stage, stagnating until rediscovered by beer drinking cultures?

    4. Sure compare bread which a man can live on to beer which has absolutely no nutritional value at all.

      Don't make me laugh. The only water purification method? An antibiotic? Energy Drink? lmfao are you drunk?

      Il debunk your claims 1 by 1.

      Firstly you can heat and sieve water to purify it so that is a complete load of crap.
      The first antibiotics were plants that grow out of the ground.
      Alchohol is a depressant not a stimulant.
      Maybe when youv sobered up youl have the brain capacity to google these things.

    5. perhaps you'll actually google it yourself Bob. Obviously you haven't or you wouldn't be spouting such drivel against real beer.

      Here, I'll make it easy for you, copy paste these keywords into your search engine... that's highlight, right click, copy.... hope you can manage that. Here are the words:

      health benefits of beer

    6. There is no health benefits of beer.... its empty calories... mead is the only alchoholic drink that could even hold an argument. These pages that your finding when you type health benefits of beer are just telling you what you want to hear.. its a big buissness.. a lot of people drink so they aren't going to advertise how it causes premature ageing, organ damage and all the other lovely benefits are they? You can prove benefits for just about anything.. all you do is set up the tests in a biased manner. Want proof? Search health benefits of smoking.

    7. so you are saying that decades of research by independent labs all over the world, done by thousands of highly educated people, published in places like :

      Centre for Biomedical Technology of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
      Institute of Materials Science
      Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Spain,
      Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
      University of Michigan Health System
      (just to name a few)

      are all wrong, and you are right? Despite the factual evidence presented in hundreds of studies, you know better, hmm?
      as far as the detriments you list? that is from OVERINDULGENCE. And because overindulgence of ANYTHING is detrimental, your point holds no merit.

      Just so you know, I did look up the health benefits of smoking, THANKYOU! My family has a history of parkinsonism, and it seems like 1 cigarette a day can reduce that risk... There were a few other positive things that defied explanation about smoking as well; I didn't see any 'biased' testing results... hard to be biased in double blind trials. Isn't it amazing how 'Big Pharma' is so diligent in labeling things they can't control as 'bad for you', yet time and again, converse results are discovered?

    8. What Im saying is... beer sales are down so now there are thousands of articles popping up all over claiming beer is good for you.. its not a coincidence. Type in on google health benefits of smoking weed... Im not against weed r booze.. but saying either 1 is good for you is misleading and not based on solid truth.

    9. beer sales are down? NOT FRIKIN HARDLY! mass produces beer from the big companies may be down but CRAFT beer sales have reached mega proportions!

      This is probably due to people realizing that the mass produce sanitized pasteurized fare is a buzz in yellow liquid, while craft beer (that i have been expounding upon since the beginning) is AWE-frickin-SOME!

      From the very beginning of this discourse you have FAILED to make the distinction between the mega breweries and craft beer. These are two completely different things. Don't depend on Holland's
      Budweiser, or Miller's to give you anything but consistency.

      CRAFT beers, on the other hand , are what I have been talking about, and you won't even look to see what benefits they have. Frikin MORON you are Bob.

      The proof is there for anyone to see.

    10. Funny... because I even mentioned a few benefits... maybe if you do the research and find out what beer or any other alchoholic drink actually is made up of and how it has changed from its original state you wouldn't call me a m*ron for trying to educate you on the harms it can do.

    11. I read articles, medical studies, recipes, brewing methodology, for a living Bob. As to your I know what an 'empty calorie' is.. that was just you trying to look down on me. How many women have you dated that DON'T know what 'empty calorie' means.... then again, perhaps that's how you got that date.

    12. Don't believe me? type in beer is bad for you... youl find that the search results are masked so hard that it will take a deep search to find even 1 article showing studies with the real and hard truth of the detrimental effects of alchohol in general.

    13. believe it or not, Bob. I did google 'health risks of beer'. The recurring theme in the multitude of articles was: don't drink if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, alcohol can adversely affect babies, Don't overindulge, and that beer's preventative qualities are not a cure for already existing conditions. The search took 0.23 seconds and yielded many references. I only read the first ten articles and have to say that WebMD had the most negatives against beer, however it also showed the benefits as well.

      As to your arrogant query concerning calories? pfffft...

    14. RIght so youl look at the data if it confirms what you want to believe or if it doesn't affect you .. but when I give you something to look at that is pure fact.. such as calories you say "pffft" ... I wont respond to you again there is no talking sense into you.

    15. Also note in the first study I listed this particularly interesting factual statement

      "Many of these trials have been conducted for weeks, and in a few cases months, to look at changes in the blood, but a long-term trial to test experimentally the effects of alcohol on cardiovascular disease over many years will probably never be done"

    16. Just out of of interest ... do you know what an empty calorie is?

    17. One thing I find truly astonishing, Bob, is that the very same people that tell us beer and smoking are bad are telling us that GMOs are good... why would you trust their word on one thing but not the other?

    18. Heroine and co codamol are both synthesised into morphine in our bodies.. are they the same?

    19. Oh...

      And Bob, if you really want to get into an insult fest, you'll lose.

    20. No I really won't for you see.. I know what I'm talking about and you don't :)

  9. Very entertaining and I've always held alcohol to be mankind's crowning achievement. Total shi*e though!

  10. Beer now is made from GMO. Keep that in mind!

    1. so are 90% of the processed foods in the USA. Studies are currently underway investigating the possible ramifications. If GMO is that much of a concern for you, then simply buy beer made in countries that have banned the use of GMO (there are like 50 of them to date)

  11. this documentary is misinforming the public. i think, it is funded by beer companies. i just thought these;
    1. beer is not the only alcoholic drink and overvalued here.
    2. they do not clearly say that, at ancient times, it was not the same beer we drink today. there are lots of fermented drinks, soups made from barley and wheat which has a lot more nutrition. ancient beer was more like Boza (we drink in Turkey)
    3. if it is that important for Boston why is the legal drinking age 21 there?
    4. for medicine it is alcohol not beer
    5. i am not a drinker but i grabbed a beer while watching this, because of the advertisement.
    6. Thank you :)

    1. 1 no beer isn't the only alcoholic drink, just the best one healthwise, definitely not 'overvalued' considering it was the FIRST
      2 the definition of BEER includes those early type originally discovered, form and presentation may be vastly different, but the basic chemistry is the same.
      3 legal drinking age is not set by beer, it is set by busybodies and politicians who think they know what's best for everyone and takes steps to make up for a lack of parental responsibility regarding children. As a parent you CAN buy beer and share with your kids if you are moved to do so. There is something to be said for controlling access by minors.
      4 you certainly don't know anything about what is in craft (the original types) of beer, see my posting below.
      5 if one advertisement gets you to change your choices,my sympathies. before you condemn beer, do the research.
      6 you are welcome

  12. Are these guys serious? Funny & informative!!! You will never look at beer the same way. Pay attention so you can tell this story at party's.

  13. What is beer, but piss-colored water?

    1. I agree, I do not drink beer either, but if you were in Mexico and knew the water could kill you, you just might have a beer.

    2. just don't drink's owned by Coors

    3. "....the laws of probability show that for every glass of water you drink, at
      least one molecule has passed through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell."

  14. Can you imagine the pride of Homer Simpson?

    1. hahahahaha...Best comment ever :D :D

    2. Homer over indulges a bit, eh? But you have to admit, aside from the beergut? he's got kids, hasn't had a stroke, and I'd hate to see his cognitive function WITHOUT the beer.....

  15. First documentary I've watched in a while that made me smile.

  16. What does it matter anyway? Someone makes a comment and no one gives a s*it, except what they have to sa themselves, and yes thats including is going wrong?!

    1. Not necessarily so. I'm drawn to these commentaries and read many completely. I guess I'm curious as to why people think and say what they do, and why they would react as they do regarding a video. Often I'll read the comments before I watch the video..... And as to whether it 'matters' anyway.... well, that's up to each of us individually to decide. As to your last question, I don't think anything is going wrong, it's just the way we are..... Curious about other humans.

  17. This Documentary is a joke. Are Americans actually this s*upid or do they just think that I am?
    The notion that Mathematics was created as a means to evenly divide land used for the cultivation of grains used in beer is absurd. Anyone defending the legitimacy of this information is borderline r*tarded.

    1. Well, it's easy to understand that specific life-motivation, many functional mathematics in a given region or period would absolutely drive it. I guess you have a rotten crotch about Americans, and I sort of do too (although I am American). However, Americans have distinct challenges/advantages in different ratios to other countries. Nevertheless, life isn't without it's absolute joke on us no matter from where we hail.

    2. geometry was devised to do the land division, it was chemistry (recipes) and the associated algebraic equations that was developed to create fairly consistent beer.... oh that's right minch...that's all math from 4000 bc. Funny how some of the earliest writings discovered were beer recipes.

      As far as the bug in your butt about Americans, keep this in mind: Whenever there is a major disaster anywhere in the world, it is the AMERICANS who are there with aid FIRST. Many other countries don't even bother trying to help out.

  18. Pretty sure this documentary was intended to be fun. While there is truth in it I highly doubt the creators intended it to be gospel. Lighten up people. Obviously beer wasn't the only contribution to the advancement of humanity.

    1. sorry ginni, i like to think it was beer...helps me keep thinking the world is as delightful as i do think it is

    2. not the only contribution, just the most significant one.

  19. clearly the persistent support i have provided to the brewing industry has been fundamental to the advancement of society.

    of course the pleasure has been all mine and i vow to strive even more mightily to not let up in my pursuit for the social betterment of all men through my beer consumption.

    you are all welcome. slainte

  20. Interesting how the anti-beer crowd come out to try to find a single point to nitpick, for if they can find a single doubt.... then well, none of it could be true? YES YOUR CHURCH WAS BUILT ON BEER., life was simpler, before people became so righteous and judgemental.

    1. guys this was sponsored by miller.. tells you something?

    2. It is sponsored by miller not created by them. JS. If you sponsor a cancer fundraiser that doesn't mean you found a cure it means you support them.

    3. The 'colonies' were supported by England... we all know how that turned out eh?

  21. @ yahoo-L3TGAWGLZX2U63FB5GP77FD5FI, I would think Daron Brinsdon is referring to the entire plethora of American civilizations, some of which built cities still lived in today and roads still used today. Want an example? How about the Inca road system going form north to south along the Andes mountains. This road was well built and structured, and is still used extensively for transportation with little change.

    1. Except that Native Americans DID have various forms of alcohol, including beer. Nice try, though.

    2. including the Inca!

    3. not really sure how egyptians brewing beer in 4000 bc relates to the americas... beer provided stimulus for a great number of societies to improve agricultural efficiency, via irrigation, and inventions like the plow and wheel

  22. Seems funny that they would end the documentary with a brewer attempting to brew flat beer. Seem like our drive for beer should fuel the creation of artificial gravity. I figure I will stay put until MillerCoors or someone else uses beer technology to overcome this slight inconvenience. Ain't like we're trying to save the world here, just moving beyond it

    1. i'm with you...if god wanted us to be in space why did he put carbonation in beer. clearly we need to stay put and have another beer while we figure out the atmosphere problem so we can have proper beer in space. flat beer? OH HELL NO!

    2. beer in space would be awesome! it would provide a use for one of the major by-products of respiration! They could carbonate using our own CO2 exhalations! assuming they could figure an effective way to filter and capture it.

    3. all beer is brewed 'flat'. it's after the initial fermenting is done that the brewer uses either direct CO2 injection, or a process called 'bottle conditioning' (refeeding the yeast with sugar) to carbonate it.

  23. If beer elevated ancient cultures from hunter gatherer nomads to an agricultural society how do you explain the raft of cultures which had no prior exposure to alcoholic drinks before colonisation but had developed agriculture, written languages, methods of transport etc?

    1. raft is used to travel beer from one island to the other, to make it simple transporting barley in other land evading enemies and other bandits that would try to steal their own barley that can be use to make beer. red

    2. Please name a few of those "raft of cultures" that had a "full fledge agricultural society" (not just growing a few ears of corn for their immediate tribe) that had no exposure to alcoholic drinks? Yes, we did have to start growing food before the alcoholic drinks were discovered but I cant think of a true "Elevated Ancient Culture" that didn’t have some sort of mind altering substance that they used. In other words if we remained just "Good Christians" we would have died off years ago :-)

    3. Beer didn't create agriculture, BUT once beer was discovered it DID give rise to measuring, irrigation, and inventions such as the plow and the wheel to meet the rising demand for grain

    4. and how far behind are they now?

  24. As a man with the last name Beer, I feel I should be given royalties (retroactively) THAT will save the world.

    1. royalties for you.... trying to cash in because you were named after something as precious as beer?

  25. interesting facts and 'facts', and purposed theory. but the presentation was SOO animated, i would like a different one thats more scientific based and not just one that makes inferences to theories

  26. It's a great documentary but didn't see "Platp's Quote : He was a wise man who invented beer."

    1. the 'invention' of beer.... I'll wager is was a frat prank, daring someone to drink the residual of a batch of bread gone 'bad'

  27. It would seem that beer is a two sided coin. It's been the source of so much progress and innovation (and plain good times too), and the cause of so much misery. Remember also, all the suffering that alcohol is the cause of in our society. After God gave us fire, he gave us beer. Now he's given us technology. Lets hope he gives us wisdom soon.

    1. there is no such thing as god.....its all superstition

    2. in a recent debate with someone who follows the principles of 'scientific theory' I was asked to provide one falsifiable postulate concerning creationism. Something that would be able to disprove the theory of GOD. So I gave him one.

      Using currently available techniques, recreate the DNA profiles of Joseph and Mary, this can be done by sampling DNA from their descendants and other family members, compare them to the DNA on the shroud of Turin, if you find Joseph's DNA in the mix? then Mary wasn't a virgin (despite witness testimony) and Christ was just another man.

      Until then bear in mind that the LAW of inertia, the 2nd LAW of thermodynamics, the theory of preservation of information, and particle theory; all support 'Intelligent Design'.

    3. Beer doesn't cause misery. That's a bit like blaming the rain for making you wet. If you are getting wet, go inside.

    4. Thats not what he said. He said it can cause misery. And he's correct, it's a two sided coin, like he said.

    5. beer, guns, tools, knowledge, etc; are the edge of the coin. it's how we use them that make the difference. Lets keep responsibility where it belongs, with people, not things.

    6. I agree.

    7. just like EVERYthing in life Terry, it's the abuse (or overindulgence) of alcohol that causes misery, or the intolerance of the ignorant (ie: lobbyists for prohibition thinking they 'know what's best for you, religious extremists that try to force their beliefs on others, etc) that are the true culprits.

  28. I always knew beer was special. I have made beer to 4000 yr old recipes. Was OK but I'm a Bud man . . .

    1. Bud? I thought we were talking about beer here?

    2. Ha ha, im a bud man lol budweiser isnt real beer its crap cheap and nasty its just a big advertising campain cop on man german beer is the best.

    3. Guess N hasn't tried enough craft beers, either that or he's too cheap to buy the good stuff

  29. Wow! How enlightening ,all this time I thought it was wine that saved the world. Thank you nephew for setting me straight. Only now I find out that I spent twenty years of my career in the wrong industry......Cheers!!!

  30. beer is good.. and stuff

    1. they say beer will make me dumb. it are go good with pizza.

    2. actually lindsey? the have found that moderate consumption of craft beer preserves cognitive function in women (like up to a pint per day) and preserves bone density to counteract osteoporosis.

  31. Millers used to be very good. But not anymore. Yuck.

    1. i'm still happy with an MGD while i'm working...and they have the courtesy to sell 'em in 30 packs for easy sharing

  32. All you wine snobs take jump started civilization not wine.

    1. wine snobbery actually started with the romans, since it was easier to grow grapes in the region than grain. Beer was still thriving along the fringes of the Roman empire so the 'elitists' considered beer a barbarian drink.

  33. Ancient beer contained tetracycline.Beer is a medicine:)

    1. Tetramyacin, an antibiotic only recently RE-discoved (past 50 yrs) was discovered in bones from 2000bc just south of Egypt.

  34. @ Tony - Forward this to angry women, Now they might understand the magic of the after work beer. Regardless I never knew any of this. It almost comical with irony when drinking is one of the most attack social activities.

  35. Funny; irreverant and anti -snob. It also contains more than bit of truth. Beer drinkers will love this. Angry women: keep moving. Nothing to see here.

  36. Beer is such a life-saver. I agree. When in doubt, fear, pain or anger DRINK beer. When happy, joyful, elated and satisfied DRINK a beer.

  37. Alcohol the most widely available & socially accepted drug known to man.

    1. ...and so deadly addictive they can't even prohibit it.

    2. really elmo...that's your response to the facts presented...pure emotional negativity. they did prohibit was a bad idea. fortunately my grandad made a fine fortune providing hooch during prohibition.

    3. "they did prohibit was a bad idea." ... uh.. DUH!

    4. and without it, you would likely never have been born

    5. You could be right.

    6. also the first antibiotic known to man, the first form of water purification, the first energy drink, inspiration for the wheel, the plow, irrigation....

      And just like anything else, people need to be responsible for how they use or abuse

  38. "Beer...the answer, and solution to, all of lifes problems" -Homer Simpson
    Honestly, our world would be a lot better off without beer.

    1. think you missed the point, view the video again and try to note the experts credentials, the world would be decidedly worse off if beer had never been discovered. It's a pretty compelling and accurate documentary ...CHEERS!!!

    2. It would be different, yes. To know that it would be better would require a world without beer for us to compare ours to.

    3. Actually is was, "the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

    4. okay, thanks for screwing up the quote. and please tell me you DON'T take your life cues from a cartoon

  39. Not to be watched without a sense of humor... jeez.

  40. beer sewed the first farmland? I'm pretty sure it doesnt have hands.

    1. The implication is that grain production for alcohol was the inspiration for agriculture. There is also a particular type of mold that grows on rye grass which might help to explain many of our religious concepts as well (at least Egypt's, anyhow).

    2. Here be the truth

    3. Or a needle and thread.

  41. that was great :) still smiling... and I'm thinking, gotta get that beer recipe that has antibiotic in it. If our, so called, civilisation, takes us back into the dark ages - well - BEER- might very well save the peasants again! HA

  42. You could also ask what the world could be like WITHOUT beer. Would there be nearly 7 billion of us? Would there be problems with natural resources etc? No offence, I still like beer. The document introduces the beer as our saviour, not the other side of it.

  43. Sorry but although obviously important beer isn't what history is all about. This is one big infomerical for the beer industry. Think about it, have you ever seen a history documentary other than this one that puts beer as the beginning and end all of humanity. I was hoping for something more sober :)

    1. Cheers to you steven, now lets go get a Wine Cooler together

  44. not aliens..!!!not humans..!!beer built the pyramids..:))

  45. Nothing like liquid bread. I am a bit of beer snob Ha haha. Its just that I like beer :).
    @3pl3 I was watching it also when i had a beer. Great minds think alike.

  46. Tiz brilliant...Darth Vader got a new job as a narrator and all the male experts have more chins than a Chinese facebook!

  47. This documentary is just cheesy as hell hahah

  48. I was drinking beer while whatching this ^^ . Perfect Combination!
    thank you!!

  49. Great doc!

    As tongue-in-cheek as the narrator sounds, everything is certainly plausible. Never underestimate the medicinal properties of beer! Not to mention it's inspirational qualities!

  50. oscar wilde once famously said give a man a mask and he will show you his true face, lets just replace mask with the greatest discovery ever BEER!!!!

  51. This doc gives drunks a good reason to celebrate!Theres always something for everyone.

  52. what the ffhuck is up with the nail on 4:04...
    this dude is absa crazed

  53. This was sponsored by the beer industry obviously.

  54. I've not watched yet but I certainly will do. Meanwhile, just thought I'd mention that the currency of the Sumarians (3000BC) guessed it, BEER!!

  55. Mead was the worlds first alcoholic drink... Of course honey could be hard to come by. Beer creating the modern world? I'll buy that...

  56. Let's not forget the invention of BEER GOGGLES which has leveled the playing field for those of us who are socially less desirable or painfully shy.Indeed,without beer,many of us might never have been born..HOORAY BEER!!!

  57. What we commonly known today as beer relates to the Bavarian style of brewing. The earliest known beer was dark and cloudy and the taste and standards of quality often varied widely.

    According to Wikipedia "Beer was spread through Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes as far back as 3000 BC, and it was mainly brewed on a domestic scale. The product that the early Europeans drank might not be recognized as beer by most people today. Alongside the basic starch source, the early European beers might contain fruits, honey, numerous types of plants, spices and other substances such as narcotic herbs. What they did not contain was hops, as that was a later addition first mentioned in Europe around 822".

    A regulation concerning the production of beer in Germany, "German Beer Purity Law" or Reinheitsgebot in 1516, by William IV Duke of Bavaria, restricted the use to water, barley, and hops. It was meant to ensure the availability of sufficient amounts of affordable bread, as the more valuable wheat and rye were reserved for use by bakers, and led to the domination of the German beer market by pilsener, the pale to golden-colored style beers.

    1. The irony was the Reinheitsgebot was to ensure cheap Wheat for bread instead of beer as the Bavarians had developed Hefe Weizen in 1520. They forgot to mention yeast and it was a scientist and a change to the Reinheitsgebot to the provisional German Beer Law which allowed Wheat Malt, cane sugar and removed unmalted grain.

      Thank god...Hefe Weizen is the BEST beer in the world !

    2. The thing is, after you've gotten all the good beer-making stuff out of grain, it's still edible, and probably even better for you than it was before. You can feed it to your livestock, or you can even bake it into bread. I did the latter with some spent grain, and the bread was awesome.

  58. Will work for Beer! ;D

  59. This was indeed a fun documentary to watch. Thanks Vlatko. I immediately shared it with some friends who love to brew their own beer. Who would have thought beer was so important in human history. Joke! Now I have a much greater appreciation for it.

    I just took a look over at my two beer cases, Black Label and Canadian. My two favorites.

    It is too bad that this program could not have included beer stories from Russia. I love going over to Russia during the summer time. In Russian villages and towns one cannot walk more than 20 meters before passing a small store selling beer. At $0.75 to $1.00 each it is very affordable and more popular than soda.

    It is very common and completely normal for friends to hang out and enjoy nice cold beer on a warm Russian summer evening. Or to talk a walk and enjoy a nice cold beer.

    This was a fun documentary and I fully support the change in calendar to be BB (Before Beer) and AB (After Beer). I think this change has been long over due since our calendar should mark the being of civilization and not the birth of the religion called Christianity.

    I am Christian and it has always bothered me that our current calendar does not begin closer to the beginning of the birth of human civilization.

    In this way the calendar is not religion related but rather agriculture related. so lets hear it for AB (After Beer) and BB (Before Beer).

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

  60. I will drink to that

  61. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beeer! take one down pass it around... 98 bottles of beer on the wall!

  62. Thanks for posting.

  63. I felt a little embarrassed watching and trying to take it seriously. It seemed so silly and took quite a few liberties on beer's responsibility for advancement of civilization that were a bit over the top and made me a bit cynical about the research team on this project.

    However,Funny/interesting enough to have me to the end. It will give me some fun trivia for the next time I am at the pub with friends.

    I am a Aussie stereotype - I love my beer on a hot afternoon! More recently I am getting into micro brews and sampling the various flavors out there. I would love to try the acorn one mentioned! Blueberry is my current favorite!

    1. The acorn beer was gross. I had high hopes for that one. Might have been alright hundreds of years ago, but you aren't missing anything!

    2. Start brewing your own, Lisa, and your beer world will really take off.

  64. what a fantastic docco ....
    thank you Vlatko ..... from the bottom of my glass.
    i absolutely HAVE TO share this on facebook ..... of course
    who would have thought hey .....
    beats the doom & gloom doccos any day!!!!

  65. Beer, I salute you.

  66. I hate beer, but LOVE the documentary!!

  67. Very entertaining! Love the narrator.

  68. OMG Thank you Vlatko! This is the BEST beer documentary I've ever seen & I've wanted this documentary online to share it with those less fortunate (no cable TV), I don't support alcoholism but I do drink a couple beers every once in awhile, no doubt beers history is important in almost every aspect of modern life.