How Science Changed Our World

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How Science Changed Our WorldProfessor Robert Winston presents his top ten scientific breakthroughs of the past 50 years.

Tracing these momentous and wide-ranging discoveries, he meets a real-life bionic woman, one of the first couples to test the male contraceptive pill, and even some of his early IVF patients.

He explores the origins of the universe, probes the inner workings of the human mind and sees the most powerful laser in the world. To finish, Professor Winston reveals the breakthrough he thinks is most significant.

The 10: Stem cell research, Bio-mechanics, The Contraceptive Pill, Decoding the Human Genome, The Internet, IVF, The laser, The microchip, MRI scanning and Increasing Evidence for the Big Bang.

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  1. Ramus

    The list seems to be biased towards his own branch of science.

  2. Mad
  3. Mad

    Duh that is what it says in the description "his top ten scientific breakthroughs over the past 50 years."

  4. Atrophy
  5. Atrophy

    Bionics and stem cell research are incredible in their potential for saving, altering and prolonging life. The laser certainly holds the trump card in its promise of fusion energy. But none would be possible without the microchip.
    If you believe there is something else that deserves mention, list it by all means.

  6. omicron
  7. omicron

    on my first place is clearly the transistor!
    it's certainly the most common piece of technology at this time and age created by human kind.
    remember: it is in every pc (a few billions of them), every car, dishwasher, mobile phone, radio, ...

    without it we would still live in an analog world.
    so no cheap communication, computation, no internet(!!!)

    but this is just a view of an computer science student :)

  8. Ramus
  9. Ramus

    Well duh it should be titled how mostly medical science changed the world. Am I the only one that plays docs by title not by the description.

  10. Insomnio
  11. Insomnio

    I'd go for the Big Bang too. Unless everyone understand we are not the cause and center of the Universe, we will continue destroying ourselves.

  12. phill
  13. phill

    Just think what the top 10 will be in another 50 years.
    The possibilities are mind blowing.
    What if we could link our brain directly to a computer.

  14. omicron
  15. omicron

    this is the goal.
    the ultimate input/output device is our brain.
    but i don't see it coming anytime soon.
    probably in the 2040's

  16. BlueConservative
  17. BlueConservative

    Gee - lets not forget the one that pretty much changed everything at every level - OK - im biased


  18. Simon
  19. Simon

    Can't you people read? This article is about break-throughs in the last 50 Years - ie since 1960. The transistor has been around since 1925 and the silicon transistor since the 1950's. I think Evolution has been around a lot longer than 50 years too, On the Origin of Species was published in the 1850's!

  20. BlueConservative
  21. BlueConservative

    So Sorry - you are correct of course. Sorry for the error.

    Such anger.

    Can people in the country not dialog with out some sense of respect.

  22. azilda
  23. azilda

    i agree, understanding our universe will take us to infinity.... there and back for ever and ever

  24. Wayne
  25. Wayne

    The most influential creation is, of course, the human mind/brain.
    it is and will change the universe if given a chance to survive.

  26. Jeigh
  27. Jeigh

    @Simon. Thank you for your comment. All these people pissing about the title, and then throwing in their favorites that were all older than fifty years. Why won't people just check their facts... #6.. the web.. use it folks.

    This was a great show. Well formatted, well narrated, and great cinematography.

    I used to really enjoy reading the comments here on TDF, lots of intelligent people and conversations... lately it seems folks are just getting lazy. I know you are all sluts for information... I know that you are quick to call out propaganda and BS that isn't supported with fact, so why on earth would you post your opinions that aren't based on the facts. Come on guys, there's enough disappointing crap out there... don't let me down brainiacs!

  28. Timben
  29. Timben

    It is amazing how the God of this Creation equipped & wired man's brain with knowledge.

    It has been estimated that if man was to utilise the entire capacity of his brain,he would have to learn something new,every second for the next 3 million years. isnt this amazing ?

  30. Ganpatrao
  31. Ganpatrao

    @ Timben,

    kindly do not drag your imaginary friend into this.

  32. Tigerspaw
  33. Tigerspaw

    A well done documentary. I think each has it's merits as they have all certainly changed our world. But being the hero neutral and big picture man I am, I look at how the combination of all 10 changed our world. That thought,and the fact I'm 57 yeas old I'll have to leave with "Wow What a Ride"
    PS Maybe I'll make the next 50!!!!

  34. Tigerspaw
  35. Tigerspaw

    that's years old :>)

  36. Jeigh
  37. Jeigh

    @Ganpatrao. Thank You

    @Tigerspaw, You very well could, especially if stem cell research is utilized any time soon... and spine surgery... They're probably going to need to work on that also.

    @Blue Conservative. All he did was use an exclamation point... That's anger? Or is somebody a little sensitive?

  38. Jo McKay
  39. Jo McKay

    Interesting viewing. Everyone seems to like top 10 lists. I think a more interesting question would be "what would your top 10 list be 50 years FROM now"? In my wildest dreams I never thought nuclear fusion, with no waste, would be possible, now, it may become our best hope. So I'd put that one up there - I also hope to see the fall of: capitalism, corporations,religion, & dictators, the rise of sustainability, respect for our resources & each other,generosity, zero population growth and an intelligent democracy; then maybe a personal robot who dispenses health needs, does the gardening & finishes with cleaning the house and putting dinner in the oven. (I can run the dishwasher, HA)

  40. Ang
  41. Ang

    Jo, I would love to read what you think three years later. I noticed how many issues you had hoped to see changed in the near future. We are finally experiencing the fall of capitalism, and the economy is in worse shape. We have a severely declining democracy, with what appears to be a dictator on the rise. Instead of self sustainability, we have more government reliance. Without a doubt, there is a growing lack of respect and tolerance for one another then there was three years ago.
    I read your post and was quite curious as to your opinion today.

  42. Jo McKay
  43. Jo McKay

    Hi Ang I enjoyed the film and preferred to look forward with possibility. Arguably I said the 'next 50' years. It has been 3.5. Yet a lot has happened in this time. I did not imagine that a war on reason, and science and control of the internet would entrench the corporatocracy and seed doubt and misinformation so broadly. History however, sides with the many 'serfs' and not the few elites. So historically the uber rich controllers have always gone too far, at which point the people take it all back. The last 50 years were almost a utopia for the sciences compared to today, but the tides are beginning to turn back around again, in no small part thanks to the world wide web. The signs are small now, but they are there; people are fed up, people want to know more truth, more people want to stop being owned by governments, strong arm police threats, corporations, landlords, and banks, who are all so clearly corrupted. As you have noted we seem to again be at the precipice; the question remains who is going to go over the edge? I am not worried about population over the long term; we will reach stability. The desire for humanity, for a sustainable future, for the protection of the life support systems of our planet? That desire runs deep and wider every single day; the enviro warriors may rule the foreseeable future, and that in my opinion is the best case scenario, though it will usher in great change and debate. Capitalism was a powerful vehicle for growth, but now it's day is done; living with less (probably), sharing more, mixing individual and collective rights and the rise of honest and transparent leadership are called for. I don't know if there is stomach for punishing all the guilty or killing the rich, which might have been the way of our past, I think instead that if we succeed in facing our reality and it's responsibilities then most of us will just want to contain the corruptors and get on with the business of fixing the mess. First Nations elders imagining the buried bodies of their great grandchildren's great grandchildren, have a saying: "we walk with great care over the lives of our grandchildren"... I am quietly optimistic that maybe enough begin to see this huge responsibility also. Peace

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