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How To Build A Dinosaur

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How To Build A DinosaurDinosaurs died out 65 million years ago and we have hardly ever found a complete skeleton.

So how do we turn a pile of broken bones into a dinosaur exhibit? Dr Alice Roberts finds out how the experts put skeletons back together, with muscles, accurate postures, and even - in some cases - the correct skin colour.

Most dinosaur skeletons are incomplete, so how do you create museum exhibits that are realistic? As Dr Alice Roberts discovers, it's a practical question for those putting together an exhibition at LA County's Natural History Museum, who have to design dynamic, punter-pleasing displays that also reflect the latest thinking in palaeontology circles.

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  1. dewflirt

    Anyone seen the video of the Siberian Mammoth yet ? Looks like a bear to me. And why stop filming before it leaves the water ?

    1. robertallen1

      As phoney as the Loch Ness Monster.

    2. Epicurus

      lol its a bear with a large fish hanging out of its mouth.

      but good find. i hadnt seen that video yet. good for a laugh.

  2. sean kilgariff

    my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend, why is it that religious people seem to have some warped view that it is an alternative science?? why dont you interfere with mathematicians and argue that "Im sorry I DON'T believe 2 plus 2 is four you've just manipulated the facts to get the result you want. Dont feel when you should think and dont think when you should feel

  3. robertallen1

    This documentary bolsters the respect in which I hold paleontologists. It's science at its finest.

  4. KooKookaChoo

    I really liked it. I had a chance to work with bat specimens in a museum collection but wasn't able to find accommodation during that time and so was unable to participate - this reminded me of that and what I missed out on. I had no idea they were discovering up to 50 new species of dinosaurs a year. My only criticism is that I found the host a little sleepy.