How to Get Away with Stealing

How to Get Away with Stealing

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How to Get Away with StealingThis short documentary looks at how easy it is to make fake passports and scam the rich into trusting you with thousands of dollars.

If the fraud industry were its own country, it would have the fifth strongest economy in the world, just ahead of the UK.

Meet the fraudsters who're making a killing from the fastest growing crime on Earth.

VICE showcases the British fraud industry and the unapologetic mindset of the type of people who turn to that life to make a living.

It's interesting to see it from their perspective, but it's nothing short of violating to know that these are the types of people who think identity theft, credit damage and stealing are viable ways to make a living.

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10 years ago

LMFAO. Amateurs, the lot of 'em.

11 years ago

30 million my arse!

11 years ago

So a 'former' con artist starts a company that specializes in combating con artists. And then makes a video that you might say encourages 'petty' fraud by showing just how simple it is. Looks like just another one of his schemes.

I agree that these are amateur examples when compared with the fraud committed by governments, corporations, and underground organizations.

11 years ago

Amateurs, compared to the bankers, who actually stole trillions more than a new pair of Nikes and a tart or two.

11 years ago


11 years ago

This is sad in that the main guy is kinda likable even though he does bad things that ultimatly hurt many people on an individual level. I wish they wouldent portray people like this in a good light and simple portray them as they really are, evil people that simply take from others. Its that easy...

simona kenda
11 years ago

Oh, I ment to coment on this doc but it went to S. Korea story and I don't feel like rewriting it, sorry Vlatko, First time comemment!

11 years ago

I was at a funeral last August and I needed gas to drive home 300 K.At the gas station my Visa Gold card was rejected ? Thank god I had a debit card for gas.

Apparently,someone was flying to spain on my card as I was trying to buy gas so the Visa company killed my card.

The criminal organization called me a month later to sell me identity thieft protection.I knew it was the criminals so I told them off.

I said " I don't mind you stelling my Visa and flying to spain but the next time you do it at least offer me a ticket " I would like to see Spain.

The guy was trying not to laugh SO HARD and we became good friends in some way.The bank got screwed and that was even better.

11 years ago

All criminals are worthless maggots and the only rehabilitation for those vermin would be a bullet into the back of their head regardless age age or gender.Maggots only breed more maggots so this is the only way to cull this
filth from society.Home invasion should carry the death penalty
see how quickly this crime would disappear.
Sure the brainless unaffected do-gooder will howl..let them.
about time we got rid of those idiots also

11 years ago

This movie is a fraud as it does not tell one s***... it simply shows people who engage in fraud.

11 years ago

bloody drunks. all a bunch of drunks

11 years ago

Scum bags. Thick headed dumb asses. I would so love to get my hands around the necks of the twits that continue to send me scam emails from nirobi. Show em the end of the barrel. I have been robbed and it changed my life. Do it again MF I'm waiting for you.

Manu Hashidate
11 years ago

Anyone else notice just how glazed those girls eyes were? And what a preposterously vain and sad lump that Dave Courtney is!

11 years ago

Very fun and interesting doc. I loved the old guy's house.

11 years ago

It would appear the main culpret in financial fraud is the retail store. The weakest link in the chain. Just as greedy and the criminal and just as uncaring on the results of thier actions.
So why aren't stores being targeted by banks for their poor security measures?
One can only cnclude that the stores and the banks make money from that enterprise and prosecuting fraudsters is just for show.

11 years ago

These VICE dudes have been putting out some pretty good docu vids. Glad to see TD pick up on what these guys are doing.

11 years ago

Hooray - Britain leads the world at something...

11 years ago

Simple, ask Wall Street

11 years ago

fraud from the top to the bottom, when the entire financial system is based on fraud (they call it rehypothecation in london) then everyone is going to do it.