How To Mend A Broken Heart

2011 ,    »  -   9 Comments
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How To Mend A Broken HeartDr Kevin Fong finds out how close scientists are to being able to mend your heart if it stops working. He meets some of the people who have undergone pioneering heart operations and the scientists who are pushing the limits of cardiac treatment.

We meet a man who has had his heart replaced with an artificial one powered by a mechanical pump he carries around in a rucksack, and witness a scientist bring a dead animal heart back to life on a workbench.

Plus, the work of an American scientist who is using stem cells to turn what she calls a ghost heart - the scaffold of a heart - into a replacement heart for humans.

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9 Comments / User Reviews

    Daniel Pursoo
  1. Daniel Pursoo

    This guy has an artificial heart and yet he probably preaches "god's miracles".

  2. MarshalByRef
  3. MarshalByRef


  4. Shannon Elizabeth Staley
  5. Shannon Elizabeth Staley

    Not awful, but too much of Kevin and not enough science for me.....I wanted more medical video, more procedures...not just to hear a cute and clever Asian guy talking............just me!

  6. His Forever
  7. His Forever

    It was very well done. 9+ I like the fact they use a person's own stem cells rather than from aborted fetuses for the procedures.

  8. Kumamori
  9. Kumamori

    Man I thought this doc would have the answer for those who'se heart's been broken, but it's just about bringing people back to life. It won't bring the love back to your heart even if it beats man. The title just got my hopes up.

  10. Si Belsi
  11. Si Belsi

    no need to watch..the answer is nope..cant be mend..

  12. Mary Burge
  13. Mary Burge

    I have had triple bi-pass surgery to save me from an aneurysm at the coronary branch, the size of a nickle, I was told. I watched this in awe of the improvements in heart care. I am grateful for research and those dedicated to it. I felt the documentary was wonderfully presented for the lay-person to understand. Very well done! 5 stars!

  14. Emily Stites
  15. Emily Stites

    It is simply amazing the advances that medicine are undergoing relating to one I believe is one of the most advanced organs of the human body. The future in heart research is looking fairly positive and if what we know and what we have already accomplished is what it is now, I will be very interested to see what advances are made in the next 30 or 40 years.

  16. Ambananza
  17. Ambananza

    I love this documentary. it made me cry.

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