How to Rob Africa

How to Rob AfricaThe world's wealthy countries often criticize African nations for corruption especially that perpetrated by those among the continent's government and business leaders who abuse their positions by looting tens of billions of dollars in national assets or the profits from state-owned enterprises that could otherwise be use to relieve the plight of some of the world's poorest peoples.

Yet the West is culpable too in that it often looks the other way when that same dirty money is channeled into bank accounts in Europe and the US.

International money laundering regulations are supposed to stop the proceeds of corruption being moved around the world in this way, but it seems the developed world's financial system is far more tempted by the prospect of large cash injections than it should be.

As an add-on to this interesting report, there is another video in the playlist named King Cobra and the Dragon. As China increases its economic ties in Africa, has the continent entered a new era of colonialism? China's increasing engagement with Africa has become a subject of great controversy.

The country's commercial interests in Africa have been called a new form of colonialism by some in the West, but many Africans say that China is a better partner than Europe or the US. But what is the reality in the African nations with the longest standing links to China?

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  1. Jeffrey

    The actual reason why Africa is in so much poverty is the reason of powerful countries (you can think of them yourself) and the IMF.

    The IMF & friends (powerful countries) forced a "helping" package onto Africa to make them a free market, capitalist continent. They did that somewhere in the 70's or 80's. They forced it by telling them they'd cut funds if they didn't accept the terms.

    Which sounds great, because the wealthy countries all have a (sort of) free market capitalist environment and are really good in exporting goods, which was the idea for Africa as well: make them exporting, capitalist based, so they can make profits.

    The Africans at that time had a really protectionist governments with almost no export and a lot of in border trading. That worked, because African countries had been growing a lot (sometimes 6 to 7%, compared to western countries with 1,2 to 1,6% on average).

    But the growing stopped and there economy is now even decreasing with 0,7% in some African countries, just because of forcing export and capitalism onto them.

    To conclude, the African governments should become a protectionist government again (like almost every other rich country was in the beginning) and develop their economy enough to later join the rest of the world in export and a free market way of economy.

    1. Jane Doe

      The problem with that is that there isn't actually a way for African countries to become a protectionist states anymore. If we do so, we run the risk of becoming like north korea. Where all trading partners would be stopped except potentially from China...which will unlikely be wiling to help us. What is needed is some kind of divine intervention at best....
      Governments all over Africa have (despite the media coverage) been trying for years to get ourselves out of the economic slavery which it's in but honestly, the IMF needs to stand trials for its corruption and the authoritarian rules it imposes on developing countries ALL over the world.

    2. Jeffrey

      I have to disagree with what you say. Going back to a protectionist state is very bad for the economies of wealthy/developed countries, indeed. It would be destructive for the world trade, which is something the world has build up to. They're not going to break down what they've build from the ground up, but that's not what I'm suggesting. I'm suggesting that the less developed countries in Africa go back to their protectionist state, because it has proven to be a very viable way to get an economy up and running.

      When the united states was found all the founding fathers were for a protectionist state, which the US was for a long time. For example, George Washington got his clothes from a shop in the US, while he could get much better fabric for a cheaper price in the UK. He didn't do it, because he knew that they had to build up a nation wide economy before they could really open their borders for foreign trade.

      The hypocracy is huge if you know that the IMF is mainly ruled by the US. They should be the last country to force Africa into the world market, while they're not ready yet.

      p.s. Also well developed countries like the UK, the Netherlands and most part of West-Europe had a protectionist economy before going global.

  2. David

    Good documentary but it's bit dishonest when it talks about "the West" abetting stealing from Africans. The reality is that -- as the
    documentary points out -- opening such accounts when beneficial owners are hidden and the like is illegal under Western banking laws. And these are private firms dishonestly processing illegal transactions, not governments. True, Western money laundering laws are not always enforced as well as they could be but the complex nature of such transactions make it tough for any police agency to fight the problem. The biggest blame always has to to lie with corrupt officials who steal from their people no matter where it is.

    1. Asante Kotoko

      Most if not all Western governments have been taken over by corporations. Hell, most governments of the world have been taken over!!.This is a bankers' world

    2. Jeffrey

      Of course not. The US is f***ed over by the banks, but that doesn't mean the whole world is. The US bankers do have influence in legislation, only not as much as you'd think.

  3. Robert Hisa

    when the west and its IMF and World Bank money machines say they want to help Africa, they mean buy African leaders with billions and steal from Africa Trillions of dollars worth of resource. BUT build nothing and making sure that their thug dictator friends keep citizens in hand out dependant mode through their NGO's.

    The west is selling weapons to african dictators under the condition that, they must kill their citizens once in a while.

    China doesn't say we help Africa rather they see Africa as a good development partner. I will fund any of your development project but as an investment partner with a simple understanding of benefits for both China and Africa.
    When china builds roads, bridges, schools, hospitals. it is to make sure that it will have an educated and developed partners that china makes a thriving business with.

    1. Asante Kotoko

      Hear!! Hear!!

  4. biffula

    The evils of the West will pale in comparison to the evils being done by China in Africa.

  5. Eve Vee

    Is it bad that what I came away with from this doc was "damn africans have hot accents"...? >_> Zimbabwe is particularly good.
    I tried to pay attention, I really did.

  6. Hotep Kenyatta

    Rich foreign corporations are raping africa, and the political establishment in imperial nations allow DISHONEST African leaders to stay in power (a bribe to the African leaders) in exchange for SELLING OUT AFRICA.

    1. biffula

      Not just corporations. Other nations and their governments are raping Africa. Greed isn't just a corporate thing. Governments are greedy whores too.

    2. Jeffrey

      You have a clouded opinion, because you're biased as an African. And they let those corrupt leaders stay in power, because they don't give a s*it what happens to those countries. They only do care when there's harm done on their side. That doesn't mean they don't want corruption to stop, they really just don't give a s*it, because they can't make profit out of it.

  7. ?????? ?????

    its not only africa, were all slaves to the banks and corporations

  8. baabaen

    As an African i think we must stop blaming the west for our corrupt ways.Human beings all over are greedy by nature but only if you allow them. Only we can solve the problem.Let's put in place systems that can limit or stop this scourge right at the origin.

  9. WoodyAwoody Gbi Youd

    great article
    and thank you to the author for this article short but concise denouncing the misery of African people in their own countries

    1. Sean Stuhr

      Article? It’s a documentary dude. I find it amusing when I see comments like these. I found a site with a great doc and it was setup the same, a long explanation and then you could watch the movie. So many people commented about the “long” article and wanted it to be made into a movie. Well, if they knew what “watch doc below” meant then they wouldn’t be so pissed…man people are so effen stupid dude!

  10. phillip wong

    Example of how the west is bad for the world, and how China is helping the world.

    1. Tim H

      The west is bad for the world? You dont see westerns going around with machetes killing people, or forcing children to be soldiers, or hell house militant groups and terrorists. The west is not bad for the world, the world screws itself up and always have.

    2. HI

      Those are examples of individuals and their actions and they don't reflect on entire nations. Westerns go into other countries and get angry when they retaliate. They always get involved in other countries affairs and make it worse. All countries have problems but they deal with it and they don't prey on other countries as much as the west does. That's a fact!

  11. Friso Woudstra

    Great journalism!

  12. Rosaleen Appelhans

    Unbelievable! Thank you for making this.

  13. Pythus

    the zambian president wears shirts with his own face on it. nice

  14. Lovro Šari? Kora?evi?

    Finally a docu on this subject!! Those people could have golden toilets, and they end up rejoicing our medical volunteer ships :(( Ooh the hypocrisy...