The Secrets of a Drug Dealer

2012, Drugs  -   56 Comments
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How to Sell DrugsEver wonder how to sell $100,000 worth of drugs in a week? VICE learned the secrets of a drug dealer in NYC - a man who will deliver any substance you want, 24/7. He told them everything - from where he gets his drugs to how his crew operates.

VICE first met the dealer few months ago and after kind of earning his trust for a little while he agreed to let them hang out with him, but for a really obvious reasons, lot of the names and the places that you see in this peace are going to be withheld.

A few weeks after this interview the dealer was arrested while with his girlfriend. Three days later he was released. He still plans to get out of the game within the next few months.

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56 Comments / User Reviews

  1. TheDanishViking

    Average docu... Being a drugdealer is apparently a truly boring job - driving around NY for 12 hours a day, but probably making ok money.

  2. John Marus
  3. John Marus

    ya know, I remain disappointed mainly because I'm not sure what the point is of this doc. Short, superficial and somewhat boring - no new insights, especially from the featured one-dimensional drug dealer, what an uninsightful loser. Not worth the time to watch imho

  4. dewflirt
  5. dewflirt

    This was so exciting I nearly put down my cross stitch! Apart from that, I don't know any dealer moving that much stuff and still seeing his customers personally, that job is for the gofers. Either he's more stupid than he appears or he's not making as much as he says he is ;)

  6. drinker69
  7. drinker69

    Dealers have many ways to move product. In one major city I used to live a tow truck company used that legal business as a front to distribute cocaine. Each driver had their own route and customers. You can make crazy money selling drugs but if you get caught, you're screwed.
    Also who wrote the above introduction to this PIECE? Whoever it was should maybe lay off the smack.

  8. docoman
  9. docoman

    A pretty short doco, a lot of the drug dealer talking himself up really. I found it mildly interesting but was glad it was short.

  10. dewflirt
  11. dewflirt

    Mostly agree but in my experience any man that close to the action is not making that much money. Maybe he's on coke, bit of a control freak in which case he might not trust the runners. That type don't trust anyone, he's running his mouth off on camera so I'd guess he is, his ego has the better of him. What's the point in being Mr Big if nobody knows it? And he's wearing Nike, middle man at best ;)

  12. drinker69
  13. drinker69

    Here's another fun anecdote as I feel like telling some..
    A guy I worked with went on holiday to Europe with a friend and they put some cocaine in a cd case and shipped it to the address where they would be staying for a couple weeks. Party time!

  14. dewflirt
  15. dewflirt

    That's just funny, didn't they know how swamped Europe is? :)

  16. CyberDog Breath
  17. CyberDog Breath

    Yeah, getting someone else to move your stash would really make more sense in that line of work, than to put your own life at risk. Though it is clear from what he is saying that having a few good lawyers, and some money to pay them really re-defines what you can get away with legally.

    And, on a lighter note, it is definitely the completely incorrect place for the post, but anyways, happy B-day Dewflirt!

  18. John Krisfalusci
  19. John Krisfalusci

    I ALWAYS respect my drug dealer. Imagine all the bullshit they have to go thru. If you treat them well, they will hook u up in the long run! Trust me!

  20. dewflirt
  21. dewflirt

    If by respect you mean paying up and not ticking then yeah :)

  22. drinker69
  23. drinker69

    A cigarette for company, a needle for fun right? Spoken like a good little junkie. You're probably from the states and talking about buying weed. Thats not drugs boy. Get into the harder stuff if you're any kind of man.

  24. oQ
  25. oQ

    Happy Birthday Dew.

    I could easily shoot a short doc on BC buds, but people around here rather not have such direct attention.
    Vice's library is expanding fast as travellers owning camera and a great idea take to the world. I bet with your playfull mind, you'd have a great idea for a next VICE doc. Take a guess for a birthday wish...someone may make it.

  26. desmond desmond
  27. desmond desmond

    VICE's funding tells me all I need to know, $100million in annual revenue and investments from companies like WPP, a British multinational advertising and public relations company, contracts with VIACOM, CNN and Bloomberg TV. I believe they are the major media owners solution to the problem of dwindling viewer counts among the younger demographic. Here is a pitch VICE CEO Shane Smith gave to potential investors at a meeting in NY:

    "Young people are disenfranchised, they don't consume news media in the same way anymore,"

    And later added:
    "Young people are going to be activists," Smith told his audience, "and they are going to be activists with their money. And what we wanna do is say, OK, here's the information on what this actually really means."

    In my opinion VICE are not in the entertainment/information business anymore, they are in the perception management business now.

  28. oQ
  29. oQ

    Vice is the Cirque Du Soleil of cinema, both originally from Quebec.

  30. dewflirt
  31. dewflirt

    Thankyou oQ, 40 at last. Am I a real grown up now?
    A birthday wish, wouldn't be a vice like topic but I'd love something on endurance riding in UAE. Only ever seen bits and pieces. Don't know if you know much about Arab horses but their stamina and loyalty are unequalled. Or maybe some good footage of a race between a thoroughbred and a quarter horse, Black Caviar against Eyes of Dawn over a quarter mile. Ultimate fantasy wish, a flat out gallop on Secritariat just to see if I could do it without dying ;) I'm off to Alabama next year on my own, I plan to ride while I'm there. Never ridden in a western saddle :) Sorry guys, so off topic! Think of it as a birthday present :)

  32. drinker69
  33. drinker69

    VICE is trash tv in documentary form.

  34. Mandy Reiss
  35. Mandy Reiss

    Too bad Arabs are always so silly, slinging their heads around all the time.

  36. drinker69
  37. drinker69

    Because they sensationalize the story for the camera and not in a funny or humorous way which is misleading, unimaginative and makes them punks. One day I will make a mockumentary of my own and people will see what real creativity and writing and wit really is. You think I'm kidding maybe, yes? I'm for real my Epicurean friend. Think of my style as a mash-up of a sad, hungover Hemingway and drug-induced Dr. Thompson with a pinch of philosophical prose a la Aristotle. I'm now going to explore my own Epicuriousity through alcohol and food. I just made my own rum punch from a melted strawberry popsicle as I had no mix but some Bacardi on hand. Next, I have a leftover lobster tail that I may or may not cut into nice pinkish slivers and cover them smooth in Hollandaise in my eggs benedict. Damn that sounds good. You see, creativity at every possible turn. You'll see. Be well citizen.

  38. oQ
  39. oQ

    I bet if you were to make a good witty doc, Vice would be the first to make an offer. I'd be in line to watch it.

  40. I AM POP SLAG.
  41. I AM POP SLAG.

    You are mistaking drug dealers for gangsters. not the same thing.

  42. I AM POP SLAG.
  43. I AM POP SLAG.

    Hope you make it to that sailboat... Im sitting on mine... smiling...

  44. sknb
  45. sknb


    All the smack lowers testosterone levels for years after they quit. I know I've dated them. And love them.

  46. Johnkula
  47. Johnkula

    Very mediocre documentary at best. Sound quality is bad, lacks action, fails to show us the "secrets" of drug dealing and instead shows us a censored out jail yo-yo that lies through his teeth. $60,000 a week selling those kinds of weights? 2 out of 5 at best. 1 star for photography and the other for one drug shot. Once again these guys aren't pros.

  48. earlymorningslatenights
  49. earlymorningslatenights

    i bet you've never even seen more than an 8ball of anything, what secrets do you expect? Your told how to hussle, be honest, keep good rep with your customers, stick to your money and be careful who you trust. Thats the life of a dealer, always by your phone dealing with customers at the worst times. Its stressful and makes you damn paranoid. 60k a week wouldnt be hard at all with those weights. And what did you expect? A Tony Montana to come on camera and flash his millions?

  50. JoeC1
  51. JoeC1

    The real reason drugs are illegal: that cash keeps the world turning. Wachovia was fined $50m and made to surrender $110m in proven drug profits, but was shown to have inadequately monitored a staggering $376bn through the casa de cambio over four years, of which $10bn was in cash. The whistleblower in the case, an Englishman working as an anti-money laundering officer in the bank's London office, Martin Woods, was disciplined for trying to alert his superiors, and won a settlement after bringing a claim for unfair dismissal.

  52. Manu Hashidate
  53. Manu Hashidate

    Your bud looks a bit tight... what is it - imported?

  54. egey
  55. egey

    in this piece. not peace

  56. woo
  57. woo

    I really respect these guys.

  58. Suntigershaman
  59. Suntigershaman

    This is bogus and wreaks of many staged events, I think VICE got gamed on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Johnkula
  61. Johnkula

    The video is called "How to Sell Drugs". There's nothing about selling drugs. $60,000 is a lot of money and if he's making that much then why is he is in a documentary?? This is more of "How to end up in Jail". Flash drugs on camera, talk figures, drive old ****** cars. In fact driving is one of the worst ways to sell drugs. Funny how he ends up in jail 3 weeks later. "Damn, I should have never made a movie about this ****!" as he's led away in handcuffs...

  62. Death
  63. Death

    Unless you're out there doing it, you don't know **** from the **** in your pants.

  64. Drdocwilmot
  65. Drdocwilmot


  66. Glen Hale
  67. Glen Hale

    Good business drugs, keep banks in business, police employed, jails running, guns trade, stopped Florida from going broke, kept real estate going, cars yards open...why would they stop it???

  68. FreewayRickyRoss.
  69. FreewayRickyRoss.

    Vice always comes through with the fresh subject matter... However, they really should of made more of a valiant effort to cover up this guys identity if they were hoping to protect him.... I know who he is.

  70. FreewayRickyRoss
  71. FreewayRickyRoss

    ... All you guys who thought that this doc was going to be a blueprint to the game make me laugh.. What did you think, they were going to give you the DRUG DEALING FOR DUMMIES guide? Come on... The game is all about who you know, hard work, balls, and timing - just like any other legit business...In fact, I can confidently say that those who are successful in the game posses the same skill sets as those who are successful in the corporate world, they just happen to fall into that line due to circumstances and surroundings.

  72. addicted-to-addictions
  73. addicted-to-addictions

    wish i could snatch that white pouch from screen to my desk.. I got 1/1000th of it left.. and smokin few grains by grains to pass time.. :( pity me

  74. Sergio Matos
  75. Sergio Matos

    yea when he madethat call about the fight i know who 2 lol sad i yea middle village queens

  76. ANON
  77. ANON

    wow... worst doc of the year award goes to.....

  78. Johnkula
  79. Johnkula

    Never expected it to be "Drug dealing for dummies". Just to live up to it's title. The fact he got arrested shortly after this documentary proves this point - he's not making $60, 000 a week.

  80. Dylan Moore
  81. Dylan Moore

    I can't make a comment about if this guy goes through 60k a week, from how much weed he had, I'd say that's less than 4 pounds in the suitcase, which is around 20k. I think he mixes up profit with the money he gets and still restocks with.
    This guy is just the mid level guy, there's a good deal of people, much older than him mind you, that make 100k a month profit that they keep, and doesn't go toward product. He's just another middle man.

  82. machodumpster
  83. machodumpster

    obviously he got busted after the doc because he's been getting into felony troubles for almost 10 years and it wouldn't be hard to figure out who he is. that and what kind of car he drives, what phones he uses, the clothes he wears, relatives, everything etc.. just thought i'd say that out loud

  84. FoundationCallin Fiyahsounds
  85. FoundationCallin Fiyahsounds

    Talk all you want, f*** with drugs in any shape or form it will f*** you in the a**. only a few out of many might get lucky well so they think till judgement day, blessed.

  86. iMustDestroyAll
  87. iMustDestroyAll

    So you talk about judgment day and tell us to be blessed, yet you're on here using profanity. Nice way to be a typical Christian hypocrite jack ass.

  88. batvette
  89. batvette

    you're not "god" nor could you possibly speak for him in judgement of man.
    thank you for providing another convincing argument to kick organized religion like the giant turd pile it is.

  90. batvette
  91. batvette

    something fishy about this doc, nobody making 60k a week is out in contact with end users doling out $20 sacks.
    the way to a sure and early demise in the biz is to be on the move upward, you wanna be mr big well good luck with that.
    still the guy does seem legit, he appears to be what they present. it goes to show there are endless angles to this kind of work, what I've experienced is probably just a tiny bit of what's going on out there, and there is a world of things each of us have yet to know about. and if we're smart don't want to.

  92. Joey Graben
  93. Joey Graben

    Dude is saying he is doing 60k a week in sales, i think. You folks are looking at this all wrong. He's doing this on a retail level, so his profit % is probably pretty good, with that much in sales, 5 person crew, he's doing pretty well. i'm guessing he clears around 6k a week after cost. not a bad weeks work

  94. Greenie
  95. Greenie

    What a s*upid thing to say...the comment about organized religion, that is. Faith is what it is all about and someday you idiot, there is a God and He will judge, and you can take that to the bank!

  96. batvette
  97. batvette

    "someday you idiot, "

    see site rules.... as soon as you resort to a personal insult you've lost the argument.
    which you lost anyway: organized religion is obviously the fabrication of mortal men and is irrelevant toward the existence of God. Who told you God would judge us? Man did.

  98. Josiah Barnes Sr.
  99. Josiah Barnes Sr.

    This guy isn't the brightest. Your doing something highly illegal with the potential of MANY years in prison ... and you allow a camera crew to follow you around!?

  100. playa playaLOL
  101. playa playaLOL

    haha light work. Chrysler is the typical drug dealers car. Not a smart man. Texting a dude he fronted money to that didn't pay him back? Are you retarded? Conversations like "He's at the usual spot" over the phone. NYPD on this nigaz *ss

  102. Rocky Alvarez
  103. Rocky Alvarez

    Yeah genius except that the more people you have running your crap the more likely that one of them will give you up when they get pinched!

  104. cliff
  105. cliff

    Google the newspaper headline at 14:10 Thirty three years later we find out what really happened at Umberto's clam house - and you see the blacked out name is Joey Gallo - so the dealer is one of his sons.

  106. cliff
  107. cliff

    Joe Gallo was born and raised in Brooklyn's Red Hook section, to Mary and Umberto Gallo. Dad was a bootlegger during Prohibition and didn't discourage any of his three sons, (Joey, Larry and Albert) from following in his path. Police said the Gallo boys were partners in crime. On April 7, 1972 Joey was guest of honor at a birthday party at Umberto's Clam Bar…...a Manhattan restaurant. In between seafood courses, four men burst into the dining room and started shooting. Joey pulled his gun, but took twenty shots in the back and elbow. He staggered to the front door, stumbled outside and collapsed – pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

  108. Pyrotek40
  109. Pyrotek40

    This is a professional publication? They don't understand the difference between "piece" and "peace" those damn Homophones will get the uneducated every time! Lol "Speak your piece; then hold your peace. Don't restate, restate, and restate. Don't summarize if you have only written a few pages."
    (Mary Lynn Kelsch and Thomas Kelsch, Writing Effectively: A Practical Guide. Prentice-Hall, 1981) thanks Mary and Thomas these "journalist" could use the help!

  110. Mark Gaboury
  111. Mark Gaboury

    He ain't gettin' out of the game, bro, you know what I'm sayin'?

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