Human Cloning
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Human Cloning

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Human CloningPanayiotis Zavos is a controversial fertility doctor. He said to The Independent that he had already cloned human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women who had been prepared to give birth to cloned babies.

Since cloning embryos into the human womb is a criminal offense in most countries, Dr. Panayiotis Zavos is said to have worked at a secret laboratory in the Middle East where there is no cloning ban.

Dr. Zavos also revealed that he has produced cloned embryos of three dead people, including a 10-year-old child called Cady, who died in a car crash. He did so after being asked by grieving relatives if he could create biological clones of their loved ones.

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  1. colin

    SO, cloning is playing god and neing bad whereas fertility treatments (or cancer cures for that matter) are not??

  2. Rekkonn P. Xanderxindershin

    Clones, reincarnations. A clone most likely is the rebirth of the same "DNA". I don't believe it could be a reincarnation. I want to stay tuned in to find out... The thing about that is that seeing a deformed human being is just horrible. Cloning shouldn't be done if we can't do it right. But, then again, normally born humans can also be born deformed- I'm not talking about the mother drinking or smoking anything that can give the baby problems. Well, I hope that I will get to know what a soul is if that's possible sometime- and I'm not saying that a soul can't be your conscious right now. I just want to know if it could be something more.

  3. lulu2676

    Love it, scary, but nice to know.

  4. the KKK

    white people <3

  5. the jizz swallower

    grow up jordan scotcher!

  6. the jizz swallower

    put it in my mouth!

  7. my-kill rowden

    that fills me with joy! ;)=

  8. my-kill rowden

    common peasants!

  9. icnivad

    A cloned human baby that possess the "memories" of a now deceased eighty year old. SCRIPT!

    "Consciousness is hardware."
    Goo-Goo Mr Magoo

    1. Indhu Vinod

      What if the cloned person is alive.. dont spread such crap...

  10. Phoenix

    az, well said...
    It seems to me that so far for the most part no one here understands the Body is just that,a body. Not the soul or consciousness etc. The body is simply how one can be here for a while. Lizards regrow their tails. Stem cells show real promise of regeneration of body parts and internal organs. Lose an arm and then say, please don't make me another one. How silly. With cloning some original imprinted body patterns may survive. Unless the "same" consciousness returns to the clone it will have to learn "how" to be here.

  11. azilda

    Once the idea was put forth we must consider it was already done. And as with everything, once this gets done with success it will become accepted by the mass. We may not be sheeps but we act like it, following a pull and push towards knowing more and more about every subject possible. One day cloning a human may not be that despicable afterall but what if this leads to cloning a machine with human capability. And is that not already the goal?
    While some try to understand and control the physical world others are working hard to understand the reality that surrounds us and the origin of life itself or even the possible non-existence of it. Cosmology and biology are not such distant cousins of phylosophy.

  12. Harry Newman

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  13. ????

    ^ jordan was that you? ;)

  14. riley

    @Robert Allen

    there are extremes on the matter, which people argue about.

    i happen to think experiments on small clusters of cells is a non-issue.

    however, at some point in experimentation with human tissues - especially when we are dealing with whole organisms capable of becoming individuals - very legitimate ethical issues will, in my opinion and in the opinion of many other, arise.

    anyone who envisions the arena of human cloning as an ethics-free zone, i would put at the other extreme.

    the main problem comes because the places to draw bright lines are difficult to discern and, more practically, upon which to gain a broad consensus.

    it wouldnt be that hard to talk ourselves - given enough time, and technology, and social drive - into doing some pretty nasty stuff to another class of human being - 'the experimentals'.

  15. icnivad

    Most governments banned human cloning for many reasons. 99.9% of all scientist disagree on human cloning research. It wasn't a toss of a coin that decided that for them. When a 50 year old person gets cloned the clone at a cellular level is also 50 yrs old. DNA is coded with a "death gene" (for lack of a better term) so if a 50 yrs old clone themselves, then their clone would live about 50 years less. I wonder if Dr Zavos would care to refute that.

  16. t pain

    the aliens already use cloning but they genetically altered our DNA to allow us to live on this planetary sphere. We will someday be able to sucessfully clone DNA, with no errors, but until that day it will be totally underground and top secret like the whole UFO cases, and probaly used for a dumb government experiment like trying to create a "super weapon" like Duncan O'Finioan to try and bring more chaos to this world. Until they do these experiments in the public eye, its not going to be an issue.

    1. knowledgeizpower

      I think they have already successfully altered DNA :-0
      Interesting information Interesting Documentary.

    2. Epicurus

      lol @ Duncan O'Finioan...are you trolling?

      you know that guy is full of s*** right?

  17. icnivad

    I want to clone ugly girls and sell them facial surgery.

  18. Jing


  19. Johhny

    Well to say that science and math is our only salvation, is a limited statement. Yes science, math, and the technological progress that stemmed out of our development into understanding the interactions of the universe will probably in the long term have a positive impact. Although if you look around the world, the current way of how we use science, it clearly show irresponsibility, waste, pollution and poisoning of many system, just so that you can text on that kewl new iPhone, drive that ecofast new car, watch that new colorful HDTV, play on that new joystick, on your personal PS3, while doing that in your wood, steel, concrete house. After a time ofcourse, you will get tired of those products and acquire "new" ones again, only to discard and forget the previous. Have you ever wondered how all that is made? What processes and chemicals are used? If you look at any industry you will find there is pollution and waste, some on a critical level (people and animals are poisoned). It's responsibility and awareness that bring about real change, whether with science, or sport, or whatever. A good example of irresponsible science is the invention of the atomic bomb for example. Now nations are afraid that some crazy guy might actually use it, again. So create unimaginable things please do, in harmony with yourself and others!

  20. JK

    I approve it, 100%. If I had the money, I would totally fund it.

  21. Robert Allen

    The biggest tragedy is that Dr. Zavos, a highly-respected and eminently qualified specialist in reproduction, has to emigrate to other countries (the Near East) to practice his profession due to the myopia of Americans (i.e., legislators) who oppose certain forms of valid scientific investigation, such as cloning and stem cell research, merely on the basis of their religious and what seems to pass for their ethical beliefs.

    In other words, those engaged in certain forms of valid scientific research face criminalization--shades of Galileo and Copernicus.

    The way this country has treated Dr. Zavos and others of his rank epitomizes the extent to which hebetudinous and ill-informed Americans will go to protect their beloved nescience.

    In addition, there is nothing which sets homo sapiens apart from other creatures except perhaps their brain (read power to think, create).

    In short, the boetian dogmas which have insinuated their way into certain of our laws have no place in science.

  22. Hooty Toledo

    Science is a massive subject with much diversity. To hold an opposing opinion on an ethical issue relating to one specific aspect of science is fine, but some seem to consider that aspect representative of the whole of science, when it is not.

    Sometimes an aspect of science may tread on ethically questionable ground. Be ethically opposed to an aspect by all means, but there's no need to take the huge logical leap required to therefore be against all science because of it.

    Furthermore, to do so is at the expense of all the wonderful achievements that science has contributed to, the understanding it has given us, and benefits we should all appreciate, such as all the lives saved by advancements in medical science.

  23. Hooty Toledo

    Facepalm @ Saladin.

    It amazes me that people who post these anti-science statements seem more than happy to utilise the benefits of scientific advancement, such as the computer used to communicate that poor analogy. The analogy is poor because for any way you can try to compare science to the blind men with the elephant, it will differ in many more.

    Science doesn't have every answer, and it doesn't claim to, but your statement that...

    "Throughout all the years our understanding of the human body is still at the beginning" to ignore all the clear, and well documented, progress made, and any biology textbook will quite clearly demonstrate that progress has been made, and therefore that we are not "still at the beginning".

  24. Hooty Toledo

    @some girl

    The proposed motivation of trying to disprove god's existence (which is unfalsifiable anyway) seems to be one present by virtue of you trying to impose it. Although specific motivations may vary, the overall aims are ones which are beneficial to our species, such as advancement in our knowledge and understanding.

    Of course sometimes scientific discovery/advancement creates contradiction with traditional religious ideologies, such as the origin of life, but that's just a result of outdated religious assumptions contradicting evidence based observations of the natural world.
    The reasoning you employ to suggest we were created by a god simply does not follow, as it assumes creation over evolution, something which runs contrary to all credible evidence.

  25. some girl

    Scientists have been trying to prove the nonexistence of God by cloning human beings. Well, they will only prove that a racional and intelligent mind is needed in order to create another human being (it doesn't mean I am trying to compare scientists to God). This means we were also created by an intelligent mind, which we can call God.

  26. Big poppa pump

    I think this is terrible... it might get into the way of my sex life

  27. Conor

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.- William Butler Yeats

  28. some guy

    here is something for all of you christianites. God created man in his own image, therefore what we create is in our image, so that means that what is created by a creation is also in Gods image. end of discussion lmao

  29. johnnybucks

    mega-video fail >:(

  30. me

    There already are too many human beings. isn`t it enough? man kind should live WITH nature not controle it! If we (humans) have so great brains and minds why we lead ourselves to extinction (in long term) ? There is no space for that many humans. There is no need for more people as well.

  31. Danby

    Though i do think that human cloning should be legalized but should be regulated so it doesn't get out of hand. Its like any other science form. Just don't let it get out of control and its fine.

  32. Danby

    science is the new religion. Question it and you are accused of heracy and punished.

  33. Saladin

    I wanted to add that in Islam , It's completely prohibited to change the creation of God , And so it's basically in the hands of the corrupt middle-eastern leaders which only care about money , And of course is obvious in such a case .

  34. Saladin

    How stupid is this !!!

    The notion that a person is "Only" his body is as stupid as it gets .

    This is not science , This basically about human stupidity , Messing things we don't understand , Throughout all the years our understanding of the human body is still at the beginning , Ask a scientist how a human thinks a thoughts and wouldn't still know how to answer it !

    And now we're playing God , Believing that we know as much about the body and nature to make wise decisions , This pure EGOTISM , Changing the perfect divine nature of man to imperfect error-full creation of man .

    The Island of Dr.Moreau :S .

  35. dave

    This is really interesting. People that are so against it are just afraid of change or don't understand science, religious nurs..etc.

  36. Achems Razor

    But, Charles B, are you not contradicting, your unshakable belief, in your Religious, constructs, I thought It was devil stuff for humans to try to do your Gods work?

    Are you saying that your Religion allows man to make other men via science.??

    And according to your belief, I thought you would of left that in your Gods hands to cure??

  37. Pyrex

    I would have been very thrilled if he had succeeded , call me evil or whatever , I like rebels.

  38. Charles B.

    V: Obviously you've never had a terminally sick child; your child; a child you would do anything to cure or even give your own life for to make better and I hope neither one of us ever do. I hope you're not as heartless as you sound.

  39. allan


    Required viewing for you - The Elephant Man.

  40. allan


    I agree with your general view of "No Pain, No Gain". To achieve great reward their must be great sacrifice. But the examples you used to convey this point are very weak and disturbing.

    "Bringing a deformed child into the word and then not ending it is more heartless than pretending all life is sacred no matter what"

    That almost made me puke.

  41. fear and loathing

    what the hell did we learn from the nazi experiments that benefitted humanity or medicine? that maleria and mustard gas kills you that incendiary bombs bombs burn like hell? do you even know what the nazis experimented with?
    Experiments on twins
    Freezing experiments
    Malaria experiments
    Mustard gas experiments
    Sulfonamide experiments
    Sea water experiments
    Sterilization experiments
    Experiments with poison
    Incendiary bomb experiments
    High altitude experiments
    how is any of this benefit humanity if anything they benefited war in learning ways to kill more people

  42. XX.X

    How the first guy that openly attempts to clone humans can be a christian is ... crazy. In fact how any scientist can be traditionally religious is beyond me... I can understand maybe a desist... but... there are just so many red flags.

    The scene at the end is disturbing. Really. I suppose Christianity, Islam or religion in general is just as scary as cloning to me... Also people abort healthy babies - usually girls by the millions in china. It seems worse to abort a healthy baby than a deformed one. In the Economist they had an article on gendercide... where new born girls often are strangled with the birth cord as soon as they come out... so they can say they were stillborn. Isn't it crazy how those who want children will do anything for a child related to them while others toss them in the toilet.

    But I guess the most horrific thing I can think of is some type of human/animal chimera.

    That being said. Eugenics is the future. Chose the superior genes -bring natural selection to the next level.

  43. Karen

    I think the idea of cloning is more upsetting than the cloning itself. The female test tube baby brought joy to many people and she still is. This science had the same moral/ethical debates and it turned out wonderfully. Prior to this scientists were grafting trees and turning out beautiful fruit. The chance of different species combining to produce offspring seems remote since this is limited in nature and when it happens a sterile offspring is the result. One thing that was not addressed in this film was the topic of shorter lifespan of clones as was noticed in the cloning of animals.

  44. Sander

    skipped over religius bullcrap.....

    //I want to have kats with my girlfriend and be related to them :)

  45. allan


    Science gives men the chance to play scientist, not the chance to play god.

  46. Legacy

    Science created AIDS and it's our salvation, it has killed millions. Science just give men a chance to play God and not have any consequences. This is disturbing that scientists people as test subjects in order to advance their ideology.

  47. Ozan

    This guy is taking advantage of desperate families, disgusting

  48. hmm

    All hell will break loose once a human embryo is successfully cloned.. and whadda heck was the whole cow + human embryo thing.. that is just very wrong on so many levels.
    It also scares me how people are already consuming cloned beef in supermarkets.
    I feel sorry for the next generation...

  49. Locke

    Lil started a good point regarding colonization. Cloning is not the real way towards immortality like many suggest. That only keeps one set of genes alive. By spreading the human seed out to different planets we diversify our genes-like normal, through reproduction-and make it harder to kill the human race. Although the possibility is low, a stray asteroid or comet or space debris could hit the Earth and destroy all human life. However, more likely than that would be that we stink up the Earth with so much pollution that it becomes uninhabitable. If humans are on mulitple planets we drastically reduce the chance of being wiped out in one cataclysmic stroke.
    Besides, we may find an alien species out there somewhere. We haven't even been out of our own solar system yet, so we have no clue what the rest of the universe-let alone galaxy-has in store for us. The problem is that all the politicians that we so blindly elect don't or can't think past the next election. The human race needs to expand, its in our genes and our nature. We need to spread so far that it is nearly impossible to destroy us. Even having one colony on Mars or Luna would be acceptable at our present state. But no one will spend money for the long term future-not longterm in politics sense (10-15 years), long term species wise (100-1000 years)-because all they care about is getting elected and dealing with problems as they arise. If America spent as much on its space program as it does on national defense it could have a fusion engine rocket by 2025. Yet no one will give money to institutes that develop new technologies that do not benefit millions of people right now. If we can fix this spending problem with the world, not just America, then the whole human race would be much better off. The problem is getting people elected that don't worry about partisan and short term affairs. Not many people want someone representing them that worries just as much about a future colony as their losing benefits at work. By changing our priorities we can spread the human seed to the stars and become truly immortal.

  50. allan

    I've learned a long time ago not to try and be sarcastic in text. It doesn't work.

  51. Locke

    Clones of people are not reincarnations. We are shaped by our environment and experiences. If a clone was created of, say, arnold schwarzenegger, it would not be a huge body-building legend because of how it (actually he) would have been brought up. The cloned arnold could be a normal guy, or an iceskating champion.

    However, to the counter arguement I make the statement: the potential for abuse is not a sufficient reason to arrest scientific research and progress. Saying a governemnt or or group will abuse the system (create illegal clones, make a "clone army"...) is true. In every case. All new technologies have impacted society and been abused. The internet, television, the telegraph...all have been abused by the government and the common man. So now the question becomes: why are we trying to stop cloning (because it's not just human cloning that is being debated, although it does bring out the most demagogues) if it is only a moral and ethical question? The atomic bomb, to use CMcF's example again, was not halted in production because of the ethical questions. It was developed fully before any questions were asked or answered about its ethical value. And since everyone-and I mean everyone-has a different system of values, it's impossible to have unanimity on the issue. the majority will prevail yet again and the minority will have to sit and watch and deal with the results.

  52. deox

    Mister Christian Defense Whatever... Lab Rats are no different than human embryos. Learn to be more cold-hearted. This is science. Humanity and Ethics are contemporary delusions.

  53. Sar

    The saddest part for me was the Mom who lost who 10 year old daughter and didn't seem to be able to let go. She didn't say how much money she paid for "a billionth of a percent chance" that Cady might come back, but judging by what others interviewed were paying these guys, it wasn't cheap.

    I disagree with the researcher's stance that the same parent's raising Cady's clone would raise a reasonably good replica of Cady. The cloned Cady would be growing up in a household with a lot of, er, baggage that the old Cady didn't have to deal with. Even if the child was physically normal (which odds are against), I imagine that being the cloned sister of a girl who died tragically and whom parents just paid 200.000 USD for renegade scientists to clone would be a lot of . . . . pressure that would no doubt affect the development of her personality.

    For those above who attack those with doubts about the ethics of human clonging, did you miss the part where the scientists had to make a deal with Hezbollah to get funding, protection and access to a lab for these sick little projects? Mainstream scientists the world around agree that human cloning is fraught with ethical difficulties. These men are not heroes who want to advance human understanding. I think their's actually a very good chance they're in it for the money.

  54. CMcF

    We (humans) spend far too much time wondering if we can,and not near enough time wondering if we should.

    I've also noticed that the "science faction" on this site has an almost religious zeal in the advancement of their views.Interesting no? Let's not forget that it's science that creates the weapons that allow us to kill those that don't agree with our religious views. Be careful in your hate or you may become that which you detest.

  55. Mind

    For people who can't reproduce through natural, in-vitro or other assisted reproductive methods, cloning seems to be the only option left for them to ever have a closely genetically related child.

  56. Ssikpie

    @ lol@comments: I dont't get your point? Damn, it all goes straight to hell when people don´t see the sarcasm.. :S Pff

  57. lil

    Now just need to find a way to mind transplant and we could live longer than the universe itself, This could be the beginnings of space exploration/colonization in the making.

    Finally humans are making some progress after being stalled by the sand cultist for so long (christian,jews,islam).

  58. Tyler

    I've never really had an opinion on human cloning before, but this is very weird and interesting stuff.

    Now, the debate. I think those people who have moral scruples with cloning are entirely justified, because the subject of human life is of primary importance, and as the doc says, this technique has a projected 70% failure rate. Obviously scientists are dealing with something we've never touched before as a species, and it's only natural to feel skeptical, outraged, or repulsed by the implications.

    That being said, I believe that human cloning is an important step in science. No progress can ever be made unless we take it upon ourselves to push the envelope and find out what is possible and what is not possible. Furthermore, while this stage of cloning is in fact dangerous and traumatic, the goal is still essentially the creation of life. How can anyone be opposed to the creation of life? Then again, do the ends justify the means? Also, is "science" or "progress" always a good thing? What is "good"?

    It's a thinker.

  59. lol@comments

    "Aren´t people allowed to debate etique and morale, in this case without being labeled as a religikous fruitcake??"
    "The lives of mice and human beings are after all totally equal."

    if anyone calls you a fruitcake, its because of the second comment imo.
    or your schizophrenic style of writing...

  60. Ssikpie

    WHAAT!!? Are you peolpe serious?? Aren´t people allowed to debate etique and morale, in this case without being labeled as a religikous fruitcake?? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves....

    And for the record. I weep over the sacrifices many mice have made in order for us to advance.. The lives of mice and human beings are after all totally equal. If you kill my pet mouse you must die.. A life for a life.. Or????! WTF! Get out of here! Justifying experiments on human beings because mice have been used for the same purpose is ludacris and stupid!


  61. Capricious

    Well said patel.

    It's like Bridgette doesn't consider the millions of mice who have given their lives or were born in messed up ways to produce drugs that likely has directly effected her very existence. The near-sighted ignorance of some people is precisely why religion is mentally stifling. God told her, so she knows how it's supposed to be.. who are WE to dare think outside the box (or the bible, heaven forbid!)

  62. patel

    Science and Math is our only salvation, trust me your god isn't gonna come to save us! I'ts going to be your fellow human who experiment to advanced our society! So please stop bashing our ability to create unimaginable things.

  63. Bridgette

    what's next? Having humans give birth to animals? Afterall, we're just trying to prove how limitless science can be, without having any regard for the innocent lives at the expense of experimenting.