Human Evolution: Clash of The Cavemen

2008, Science  -   15 Comments
Ratings: 6.11/10 from 27 users.

Human Evolution - Clash of The CavemenIn the ice-ravaged wilds of Europe, circa 25,000 BC, a range war like no other raged between two species of primitive man. In a unique moment in the world's history, these two species, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon (Homo sapiens), competed for resources and for a permanent spot at the top of the animal kingdom.

It was an epic battle of brains versus brawn that determined the course of human history. In this scenario, based on scientific theories, witness our prehistoric ancestors as they clash with a completely different species of humans, the Neanderthals, some 30,000 years ago in Ice Age Europe.

In Clash of The Cavemen, cinematic re-creations and state-of-the-art CGI bring to life the Neanderthals--stocky, powerful and able to tolerate intense pain--and their foes, the Cro-Magnons--weaker and more fragile but with a superior brain capable of complex thought. This cinema-quality documentary from HISTORY uses the latest science to re-create the surroundings and dangers they endured: massive four-legged predators, punishing temperatures, and the unrelenting threat of starvation.

Cutting-edge archaeological and anthropological research, including data from the ongoing Neanderthal genome mapping project at Germany s Max Planck Institute, lends up-to-the- minute realism and accuracy to this cataclysmic fight to the finish.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Michael

    I have watched more than the first half of it and it seems excellent. It seems well researched and presented by a range of experts on the topic.

    I am finding it quite engaging.

    I am surprised by some people's criticisms of it.

  2. bringmeredwine

    I found each segment very repetitive, as if the viewer was a slow learner; and there weren't enough pixels for me to watch this in a large screen format.
    Otherwise, it wasn't so bad.

  3. North

    How old is this documentary? It's way out of date!

  4. Eniki520

    Neanderthal brains were just as big as ours. they just lived more isolated and in smaller family groups

  5. Angelica Guerrero

    This website will be the end of me. It's become far too easy for me to just stay in my room all day watching documentaries.

    1. qpoppyz

      LOL, me too!

    2. PamE

      Me too

  6. Winston Smith

    Damn!! what away to open this thing!..Like a wrestling match. says something about our culture. a few things I think ^^

    1. Angelica Guerrero

      Absolutely! Haha, I thought the same thing.

  7. danielmcd3

    this was obviously made by Neanderthals for Neanderthals.

    1. sknb

      HAHAHA! YES!

  8. Rob Henderson

    This is all speculation and theory about a war between two species

  9. zzz

    The dramatized parts are as wild and silly as the "Bold & beautiful". One may think that Neanderthals had to hide for some 5000 years from Cro-magnons and eat their grandmas each week since they were not properly adapted to the environment. Sadly that contradicts with included informations given by the experts. It indicates that the film makers had their own imagined picture of Neanderthals and did not wanted to educate themselves with their own film.

    1. Gareth Hayes

      I have not seen the film but Neanderthals were not as savage as people once thought, they were much more similar to us and even interbred with cro-magnons. I'd say that the film is more up to date than your knowledge.

    2. Gabriel Anthony Ramirez

      And it's sad to know there are so many Neanderthal's alive and well
      living to this day, They come out beating there chest but for some
      reason only when a female is around.HAAAA oh stop.