Human Senses

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The Human SensesNearly everyone has experienced a moment when a faint fragrance brings a memory of a long-lost moment in time crashing back to the forefront of their minds.Often we will have forgotten about the event completely, yet it transpires our unfathomable minds have filed it neatly in some unreachable corner of the brain, primed for instant retrieval.

Nigel Marven goes in search of the most disgusting and the most attractive smells, sets out to discover why we are excellent at seeing some things, but sometimes miss what’s right in front of our eyes, the biological reasons why humans eat such a diverse range of foods, from rotten raw ducks eggs to a sweaty blue cheese, demonstrates that when it comes to our sense of touch humans are similar to elephants, tracks down the sounds which have the most powerful emotional effects on us and joins stunt co-ordinator Marc Cass for a dramatic drive and experiences how the balance organs let us know how we’re being yanked around and even turned upside down.

Humans’ real specialty is checking each other out. We’re so good at it, we do it without even being aware of it. With the help of the latest eye-tracking technology and scientists from Sussex University, we show some unsuspecting volunteers what their eyes really get up to. We are also very skilled at gauging depth and distance. Nigel discovers how top baseball players manage to track a ball coming towards them at high speed. This skill is an extreme example of the basic hand/eye co-ordination that we all acquire as we grow up.

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    Charles B.
  1. Charles B.

    This was really very good! I really liked them all.

  2. Nonika Jorgensen
  3. Nonika Jorgensen

    Absolutely fascinating! It puts many things into perspective...

  4. Jess
  5. Jess

    Great Documentaries! Are there any more? :( haha

  6. Masood
  7. Masood

    Don't miss the gorilla!
    well done!

  8. Amy
  9. Amy

    I missed the gorilla :P

  10. Aram
  11. Aram

    So many things bundled into one fascinating documentary. This was just so amazing to say the least.

  12. ashbreaksstuff
  13. ashbreaksstuff

    I really enjoyed this! Very interesting. I laughed so hard when that man was huffing on the dookie smell and making noises. lol

  14. Mehadi
  15. Mehadi

    Undoubtedly this documentary is worth to watch.

  16. mike
  17. mike

    middle doc isnt working, but the other two were very informative and insightful

  18. mike
  19. mike

    im curious to know how different drugs alter our senses, but i can see why they wouldnt have included that in this doc

  20. Tyler Stanley
  21. Tyler Stanley

    I actually noticed the gorilla like once before lol.

  22. theknowitall69
  23. theknowitall69

    You should try psilocybin mushrooms or any other psychedelic for that matter. Experience all of your senses(plus a couple you never knew you had) join together in one intense symbiotic experience of the universe and all it has to offer.

  24. Godsclaws
  25. Godsclaws

    lol cool doco, i was expecting a little more from it to be honest. Like how drugs alter the senses and maybe how our senses adapt in stressful situations etc but I still learnt a few things! And I even spotted the gorilla sitting on the sidewalk when the bike rode by! (but really thats coz I was bored of that part and was looking around anyway lol)

  26. John
  27. John

    careful... you dont know how to swim

  28. ROMO
  29. ROMO

    they always zoom in on the food going right into the mouth in programmes , brill documentary though

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