Human Weapon: Karate

Human Weapon: KarateHosts Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to Okinawa, Japan, the home of one of the most famous and deadly martial arts, Karate.

Their journey takes them to a 600 year-old castle where they spend time practicing Iron Body Training.

An ancient temple where they learn heart-stopping vital point strikes and go through training regiments of ancient Karate masters.

And finally leading to a Kumite (sparring match) with a real black belt, and Okinawan Champion fighter.

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  1. kriz

    Very cool insight into the origins and traditional training of karate. Would love to see more from this series.

  2. DancingSpiderman
  3. DancingSpiderman

    The big dumb white guy really needs to focus on pronouncing the names of the moves, NOT the way he hears it, but in the way it is being said TO him. You can't be understood if you don't say it halfways correct.

  4. CMcF
  5. CMcF

    @ dancingspiderman, well you're about halfway to being understood then. You should take your comment to an english teacher so you can see why you have no business critiquing anyone else's language skills. How is he supposed to NOT pronounce the words the way he hears them. Logically speaking, the only way you can try to pronounce a word that you are unfamiliar with is to imitate the sound that you hear. Your sentence does not make sense.

    I would add that foreign languages don't come easily to everyone. I hear people mispronounce and "abuse" language all the time, there is no need to be indignent. Is that all you took from this doc is that some american dude had trouble with a foreign language?

    I give both of those guys alot of props for having the guts to step out of their comfort zones and take this project on. Most of these Karate guys have been doing this their whole lives, and those two just show up and let these guys wail on them. What they did was strong and they earned my respect that's for sure.

    I really liked this doc. I thought it was cool that they got into the history of Okinawa and actually went to these way out places to train with the great masters. That dude beating on that rock was amazing! The only downside was when the afore mentioned "big dumb white guy" punched his opponent in the face in the final fight, but all in all I thought he held his own.

  6. johannesfaust
  7. johannesfaust

    very interesting, martial arts go far beyond just fighting

  8. john doe
  9. john doe

    A copy of fight- quest with a portion of science thrown in.

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