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HyperspaceIf the scholarly tone and historical depth of Cosmos made that science miniseries akin to National Geographic magazine, then Hyperspace is like the National Enquirer.

Each episode centers around a dramatic question (Will asteroids destroy the Earth? Could a black hole suck up our sun?) that is examined with slick computer-generated eye candy but fairly shallow content--for example, one episode argues that human beings need to colonize other planets because the sun will one day expand and burn the Earth to a cinder, but never mentions that the expansion of the sun won't happen for millions of years.

Still, Hyperspace does present a variety of exciting ideas and may prompt viewers to learn more. The graphics are beautiful, host Sam Neill projects an engaging intelligence, and you have to love a television show that treats scientists like rock stars. Young science fiction fans will enjoy it enormously.

1. Star Stuff. Lets go on a journey a journey like no other, a journey out into the depth of the Universe. Look up at the night sky, what do you see? The Planets, the Stars, a million points of light. Your looking at your universe. This show will take you there. You will experience first hand the wonders of the universe. Its power and it's danger and to take a closer look we'll even bring space down to Earth. Seek out Alien life, witness the birth of new worlds and you'll discoverer what happens out in space effects all of us here on the one small planet we call our home.

2. Staying Alive. Take a walk on planet Earth, it's a wonderful place. But don't take it for granted because one day it might just vanish, forever. This is the story of the universe we live in and the dangers we face just by being here. We'll fly with the comets and asteroids witch threaten all life on our planet. Here on Earth we will recreate our Sun's head long plunge around the galaxy and watch disasters unfold witch can spell the end for us all. Our planet is under threat, our mission is to stay alive.

3. Black Holes. Humanity, ignorant in bliss as we go about our life's unaware that in the depths of space lurks an invisible monsters. Destroyers powerful enough to tear apart our Sun and leave our Earth a shattered burned out ruin You are about to enter the world of the Universe's ultimate Killer. You will be there when the monster is created in the heart of a dieing star. We will search for it's tell till signs in the darkness of deep space. This is the story of the power that one day might destroy us all.

4. Are We Alone. We've all grown up wondering if we are alone in the Universe or if one day we may come face to face with an Alien. This is the story for the search for extraterrestrials. Does ET really exist. Go on a journey to find out. Visit alien planets in search of life. Dive into the oceans of distant moons. On earth Astronomers scan the Universe for alien life and seek out the answer to one of life's greatest questions. Is there life on other worlds or could it be that we are completely and utterly alone?

5. New Worlds. The Sun, brilliant, powerful and giver of life. But this is the story of the Sun and how one day the Sun will become our enemy. If we are to survive we will have to leave the Earth. We will need to seek out new homes and amazing new places and change other worlds to recreate the Earth we left behind. In the far future our Sun will become a monster. It will burn all life from our planet and destroy entire worlds and finally our Sun will even destroy itself. It's going to happen. One day our Sun will die and when it does we will go with it. It's time to think about the future.

6. Boldly Go. We humans have come along way traveling our world in search of new lands, spreading to ever corner of the globe. But the time has come to look to new destinations, to go once more into the unknown. This is the story of our journey into space. We will fly to the stars on a ship that sails on starlight. We will explore the most distance edges of the cosmos by taking a roller coaster ride through the very fabric of our cosmos. We will discover a machine that has charted the heavens as never before.

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  1. Chris

    This presupposes that mankind will not have destroyed himself before developing the technologies that would take us to new worlds. If we were ever to overcome our propensity toward self-destruction, taming the technology will seem to be the easier part.

  2. JohnGalt

    Since when do humans have a propensity toward self destruction. Last time I checked, humanity hasn't entirely destroyed itself even once.

  3. Mark

    Modern preoccupation with destruction aside. does mankind really have a propensity to destroy itself that is stronger than the survival instinct that has carried us from the darkness of caves to the darkness of outer space? Whatever the case, if history is an indicator, humanity will go on.

  4. killeroftime

    We've never had nuclear weapons before in our history, so we've always been able to bounce back and recover from various wars and religious turmoil. But now it is a very real possibility to complete destroy ourselves and our planet.

  5. doc-fan

    @killeroftime: your right, with nuclear power there is some possibility that we might nuke earth which would throw us into nuclear winter for some time. But even then some people should survive and begin this process all over again. LOL! Lets get hell out of this planet already and visit other worlds! :D Great doc. Thanks admin.

  6. roland gopel

    hmmmmm propensity for self destruction?? i know for a fact you're not speaking for me at the very least lol
    .... and also ..... perhaps there have been nuclear wars before. .... radiation in india ...... and then there's that little problem of OOPARTS.....

    but enough of that lol and yes lets boldly go where no man (we think!!) has ever gone before!!! lol

    i thought this docco was very well presented

  7. James Colwell

    I blame religion for not being off this planet already... It has slowed down science far to long...

  8. dlwunz

    Episode 5 Terraforming Mars is a grand and noble endeavor. The human race would learn so much, even from the mistakes however tragic. But your children would be twelve feet tall and have several endemic health problems, brittle bones, spinal problems, collapsing organs; not many would live to full adulthood. They could never visit Earth, due to the greater gravity, and would necessarily become a sub-species with a completely alien perspective. Think of the diffences between us and Neaderthal. In three generations they would not be truly human.

  9. dlwunz

    I had to go through so much rigamarole with yahoo and discus that posting my comment about twelve foot children and anew sub species isn't worth it.

  10. yiannis karadimas

    Sam Neil just rules presenting this, despite it not being a very good series...

  11. Shannon Green

    Keep expecting a T-Rex to come out of nowhere :L (I know he's done other films but LOL anyway)

  12. Rampage

    Thats alot of assertions any reasons there would be for instance health problems? Who says we cant use technology to fix most any issue especially considering were are talking about decades if not many many decades into the future.

    Also regarding children being twelve feet tall. That sounds like a misunderstanding of evolution...

  13. Rampage

    Well we have only been capable of it for about 50 years or so. Its more like a matter of when not if. Imagine it being the year 4000 with 2000 years of potentual self destruction. Much less unlikly we would be around.

  14. Brad Lancaster

    SAM NIEL!!! where were going you wont need eyes!!

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