I Believe In UFOs

I Believe In UFOsDanny Dyer goes on a quest to spot a UFO, spurred on by a meeting with his boyhood hero Sir Patrick Moore.

Danny examines reported UFO landing sites and the sinister evidence that aliens may have been conducting scientific experiments here in Britain.

He meets witnesses who claim to have seen UFOs and one man who says he can prove he's been abducted by aliens.

Danny's search for his own close encounter takes him all the way to the UFO Research Centre in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Shugga

    Pathetic lunatic this guy, sucks though, the subject matter is pretty interesting, but the guy is just soooooo annoying, anyway, thanx Vlatko, your hard work doesnt go unnoticed...

  2. esmuziq

    was he smoking a joint with those meditation peepz ?

  3. Sarai

    I tried to link xkcd, but it was rejected.

    They had a comic about a day that presented a mathematical equation for why there's an abundance of UFO sightings.

    It's #718.

  4. whoopi goldberg

    i actually found this to be a pretty good doc. its amusing and funny. the host totally switches his beliefs after every person he interviews. he makes some pretty witty comments too!

  5. Ned

    The guy who lives in Loveland, Colorado had a fascinating story. I would have never believed anything like that until I have seen a lot of evidence lately about that type of thing. Fascinating.

    Also the video footage of that guy in England with all those video recorders, and the last guy near Mount Ranier in Washington state, that was impressive evidence as well.

  6. WTC7

    Not impressed

  7. tophead

    I've seen a ufo once but who would believe a nobody like my self, and a high one for that matter.

  8. Invader

    One seen ufo every six minutes makes it 87600 seen ones a year, and as they seem to prefer not to be seen, let's say the "real" number is more like 500.000

    the statistics might show that there are life on other places in the universe, but seriously, 500.000 visits a year? Damn, earth must be the most hyped charter destination in history =)

  9. NakoaGnosis

    I had concrete proof, I seen a ufo, it appeared on a cloudless day after just thinking about it..... it was on thursday may 28th 2008 at about 3:20-3:30 in the north west sky over toledo, ohio, my girl friend walked out of the bank i was at and i said look were my finger is pointing, i said you see that? she said omg..I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT!

  10. Ned

    One thing that is a significant sidetrack that many closed-minded "skeptics" take is to argue about the behavior of whoever or whatever is controlling these craft.

    "The aliens surely can't come here, it's a boring planet."

    "The aliens wouldn't fly lightyears to just float around a few times and disappear."

    We really have no idea of the possibilities out there. What's important is to look at the facts rather than speculation:

    + These things move at crazy/impossible speeds and turns on radar

    + A lot of these things make no noise, even as they appear close and/or huge

    + These things are found in the lower atmosphere as well as around the Earth in the shuttle orbits (and were seen by Apollo astronauts on the way to the moon).

    ...etc. Start with facts, not with beliefs or speculation.

  11. Von Braun

    The host is some kind of drunk.

    I've seen a UFO, no joke, it was double the size of a B-52, triangle shaped. It flew over my house as I was outside smoking a joint, and there goes me being a reliable witness. It was probably some super-secret government scram jet or something.

    Forget aliens. These are just Black Project aircraft. Years ago these test pilots would buzz the Control Tower, upside down if they were feeling especially brave that day, but now how do these sepecial breed get their kicks? I like to think these handsome rogues high-tail it to Mars, the craft are obviously capable of doing so.

    I would.

    But then when you think about it, after breaking protocal on landing they would probably take you out out back and shoot you like a rabid dog. Why not, if you are capable of doing something like that then what else are you liable to do, thats what they would think. Take no chances, do the deed, "Died in crash, body vaprized due to faulty Flux capicitor", thats what the certificate would say. Due to the nature of the work, no enquires. You dont get far in Black Projects by being nice, that's for sure.

    We could have already been to Mars and we may never know.

    I demand full transparancy!

  12. Ned

    Von Braun,

    The reason it doesn't make sense to "forget aliens" is because of the evidence that they exist.

  13. Von Braun


    I was merely having some fun, the host of the show certainly was, I thought it would have been obvious from my talk of being killed out in the desert because I took a secret government aircraft to Mars.

    Anyway, I believe in UFO's for sure, I wasnt joking about seeing one. But Aliens? Real life anal-probing aliens? Where is the hard evidence that they exist? Don't give me any nonsense about there being billions upon billions of galaxies and on at least one there must be at least one with some intelligence because that is probably true. I'm talking hard evidence of them visiting us.

    I don't discount it. Everything is a posibility. The real von Braun didn't discount God either. But, what I can show you undispted evidence of a government that since the 1940's, has engaged in the production and testing of black project aircraft, and continues to do so.

    Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, a few months before he died said something along the lines of "we have stuff flying that you can't even begin to imagine".

    I can't find the actual quote at the minute, but I will find it.

    This gives me the idea that these craft, though freeky deeky, are of this earth.

  14. Ned

    Von Braun, I like that you were having fun, and didn't mean to have my comment appear in an overly critical tone (words on a screen gives so much latitude to the mind).

    Evidence and proof of things is so hard for discussion forums like this. I'm starting to catalog and record everything I come across so it is available as quick reference later (like now).

    I do not have anything concrete yet that I can point to or have a link to other than suggest a search for UFO documentaries on this great site.

    I have been watching a lot of the UFO docs here and from what I've seen in them (in addition to the little guy recorded by that guy in Colorado in this documentary), that there are other beings out there. From what I hear they do abduct people, I'm reading Whitley Strieber's Commmunion book about his own experiences in the late 1980s.

    I also heard about (but haven't seen) a movie called The Fourth Kind that came out recently. Someone said I might like it so I watched its trailer and it is based on real experiences that people have had regarding aliens in Alaska. I need to see it soon.

    If I can find some concrete facts or figures, I will paste them here for discussion. I'm not here to argue for or try to win a debate. Just to get to the truth of things, as a lot of us are. It's just many of our emotional and belief systems start to get in the way at some point and we need to remember a facts-first approach.

  15. Jonman

    The phrase "I believe in UFO's" doesn't make any god damned sense. It's not something you believe in, it's something that actually exists. An unidentified flying object. No one said it was an alien, or a balloon, or a cloud. It's a UFO. Unidentified. >.> What's to believe in.

  16. Charles B.

    Jonman: You made me laugh all the way to dinner! I guess I'm a UFO believer too as it does mean Unidentified Flying Object!

    This was an interesting doc. The last 10 minutes were really quite thought provoking.

    What's your opinion, Mr. Razor? Real or not real footage of alien spacecraft . . . no doubt they're all UFO's! ;-)

  17. Francis

    hahaha Danny dyer. The host is just being himself boys come on now,he wasn't all that bad.I found him rather intersting fella. He also hosted "The real Football Factories" you should check that shit out its sick.(football/soccer club gangs in Europe including turkey).

    Anyways i am convinced there are aliens/UFO's it is a huge universe out there what makes you think we are the only dominant species out there ??Planet earth is a fraction of what the universe is made up of. I wonder if the video clip of the alien by that dude's window is for real because that shit scared me.

    I don't mind if aliens are real but why did they have to be so scary ugly looking for ?? Imagine if they looked like models or something like instead...I wouldn't mind being abducted by them then .LOL

  18. lindsay

    Awful doc. This guy is a complete m****.

  19. susan

    I knew he needed to go to Washington first...that's where the real action is...OH I would so love to go there...throughout most of this he did a lot of whining and had little patience, but was finally rewarded...love James Gilliland..and his group...

  20. helnahandbasket

    This doc, to me, seemed to be about one man's journey to try and prove to himself that there are aliens, didn't seem like he was really trying to prove it to anyone else. I just thought that while he was speaking with the crop circle pranksters, why wouldn't he ask them things like; what tools do you use, what methods work the best, how and the heck do you map these shapes out so precisely? Can I see pics of your best work? More importantly..why do you do it?.. Or maybe those questions and answers are on the editors cutting room floor..
    Nevertheless, it was interesting.. I've heard about James Gilliand and his ranch before, its a pretty popular place for paranormal investigators. I would like to see the activity for myself, it's really so hard to hypothesize about a specific U.F.O, while only given a quick video clip..

  21. Carl Hendershot

    @WTC7 you should watch it entirely.

  22. WTC7

    @ Carl Hendershot - I have :)

  23. Son Of Scotland

    Danny Dyer who would believe enything aht comes out of that fake gangsters cockny mouth ?

  24. dumptydog

    This documentary sucks. He makes a total mockery of it all in my opinion. This is not a serious inquiry into UFOs, waste of time watching it.

  25. Nyghtmaer13

    UFO =/= Extraterrestrial spacecraft. A UFO is any object in the sky that you can't identify.

  26. Sam

    Stone the crows, this guy is abysmal. Wotta geezah. Two short planks.

    But...he is the UK media's idea of Everyman. He appeals to yer ordnry lads. Many young people, products of a woeful school system which wouldn't know 'critical thinking skills' from a kick up the jacksie, hang on this guy's every word.

    So, why are they using him to front this doc? I imagine that some UFOlogists would say that those in the know are priming the general populace for the big D = disclosure.

    From what our Cockny lad saw, I'd say that disclosure's happened. Some of it explicable, some of what's up there is government black projects, and some of it is ET.

  27. Sir Harold

    This man's diction is ghastly beyond description.

  28. Leon Fitzroy Dawson

    Have to disagree with that first old geezer who said that there's no evidence that aliens have visited. there's vast amounts.

  29. Seeur

    look a that masonic hand shake. Couldn't be so obvious. I stopped watching this doc. after that.

  30. zav

    That guy has it all wrong. What a waste. "I want to believe, so i'm gonna find the people who will make it true for me, no matter if it's true or not!"

    That's his mindset. Painful.

  31. Michael Flanagan

    Good on Danny. He is trying to do something positive. If it just his journey then so be it! Good on ya brova.

  32. TemiR

    Saint Thomas said "see is to believe". Well, if it costs so much time and money and desperation for the producer to find out about UFOs, then why go to US and England only??. He should travel to S. America (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, etc) to witness for himself UFO sightings and listen to stories and see proof of UFOs. Don't lean on high profile contries like the ones in theese videos, as S. America also has its own UFO sightings too.

  33. Jeremie Zeesman

    YES! This is why I watched 5 mins and turned it off.

  34. Mark Casper

    I am glad for him. Difficult enough to make a desperation video trying to fulfil a real need to know that there is more than just us. Those bar guys who said that they made crop circles are so full of ****, you can see it through their cocky attitude in smiling before Danny had finished his sentences. I can only say that those guys are just self-smug pr*cks with small d*cks

  35. james maimone

    nice job I Believe wish I was with you when you did this

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