I Lost My Job

2012, Technology  -   68 Comments
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I Lost My JobI Lost My Job is a documentary film which sets out to explore the phenomenon which is affecting and due to affect many people's lives - namely, technological unemployment.

The documentary also examines what we can do about it as a society through the analysis of a transitional direction.

Particular questions need to be raised about this subject. What are the social consequences of ongoing technological unemployment within our current economic system?

How do we handle such a situation when this process is inevitable with the ongoing emergence of machine automation and new technologies taking over repetitive jobs?

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68 Comments / User Reviews

  1. winter

    this video is just a distraction so you won't consider the real reason you are jobless. The real reason?
    1. Japan, Korea, and Mexico make our cars and car parts
    2. China makes everything else

    If we were left to our own devices we would be sitting carless and naked in our houses with no microwaves, oven, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, curling irons, toasters, can openers. . . we would be crapping in a bucket. these third world countries have got us by the short hairs. The politicians who set this avalanche in motion and gutted America are traitors and should be strung up by their balls.

  2. DocHollywood_2

    The video makes the presumption that everyone will still have something to do, that wealth, power, knowledge and influence or the collection of wealth, power, knowledge and influence with be redistributed equally among the masses, but what happens to the 45% of those doing repetitive or mundane jobs if they lack the education, skills or desire to "improve themselves?" Not everyone wants that type of life, not every one wants a higher education, so what will their option be?

    What happens if the 45% who like working just say "nope, not gonna do that, thanks but no thanks!"

  3. winston

    A recent Oxford study on technological unemployment estimates that within just 2 decades,45% of the jobs we have left in the US today, will be gone to increased automation and computerization.

  4. Richard Neva

    I am glad I do not have to live much longer in this planned nightmare!

  5. Phlake

    I think we need to accept a future that we don't need to work to live in society. Well not everyone, someone will have to program everything.

  6. CrayRail

    Definitely not enough communist hippie propaganda in this doc. They should have narrated and contextualized the various automations. There's nothing particularly communist about pointing out that capitalism does automate in order to keep costs down. The commy part comes in when we decide we've had enough of this s**t.

    1. Phlake

      Your right I didn't see one hippie or communist on this film. I agree will the lack of narration on the automations, almost lost interest. But what are we going to do with the people that will be left to scavenge off of the garbage of the more fortunate? Oh wait that's already happening.

  7. Jason Buchanon

    Definitely lame... Especially if you work in an IT Service industry... The standards for most IT practices revolve around automating everything and then outsourcing to pay less. Sucks for us.

  8. robert kelly

    give the cannon fodder a decent life? No way that's going to happen. They would rather die than let equality and dignity happen for every child.

  9. fettemama

    This documentary sucks. 80% is a music video featuring robots. The remaining 20% are communist hippy propaganda.

  10. Todd Morrow

    I like this documentary b/c it's very heavy on the machinery scenes, which is what I'm into, and very light on the gabbing commentators. I guess they'll be looking for work also soon.

  11. Robert Hay

    technology means less people required to sustain the Elite, therefore they can reduce the populations and limit the deplecton off the earth's rescorces, this is end result off technology, it require's less people's to live.. this has been the plan off the Elite all along the master race is already here and masses off peoples will face certain death and planned for man made deseases to kill off the majority off us who do not fit into this New World Order's Need's. And for those who do will become ever more Intelegent then as before those lagging behind in the brain skill's will be removed.This is the Future for mankind, To the Elite's we are all just a tradeable commodity that has little or no value.Other than to serve their need's.

  12. gracetoday

    The whole notion of technology causing unemployment is ridiculous. People don't work because they have nothing better to do. They work so they can produce things they can use.If machines help them produce more,then what's the problem? Don't agree? then lets scrap all trains and trucks and from now on we'll have people carry freight on their backs.That would solve unemployment...but would we be better off?

    The solution is to scrap minimum wage laws and all other barriers to work so that people who want to work can get free on the job training quickly. Let the free market train people for jobs as they come into existence, instead of having formal degree systems that try to anticipate the jobs of tomorrow a decade in advance and cost a fortune. State-determined education will never keep up with the job market.

    1. Troy Bennett

      ok so say u work in demolition and u was the only gguy who was trained to go into the mines or buildings and check the wires and then they got a machine to do it and fired u. then say ur gf or wife had a heart atack and went to the hospital the bill was like $35,000 how would u pay it

    2. Jonathan Martin

      If you spent all your free time up to that point learning nothing else and not putting a dime away for a rainy day, then I guess you will have to turn to relatives and friends. Without government-backed education, private companies would have to train people themselves, so education would basically be on the job. Also, in a free market system, healthcare would not cost nearly as much. Imagine a world with no patents on new medical technology or drugs, no doctors and nurses unions and only the market determining who should be a doctor. That alone would push down prices considerably. Companies would have no incentive to only focus their research on complicated expensive medicine and would instead look for the simplest most natural remedies, which would also be the cheapest. The only determination of which procedures and medicines were promoted would be the ones that work best, instead of the ones that cost the most and generate the most profits.

    3. Phlake

      Just like all for profit solutions cost less. LOL JK no they don't, ever heard of a profit margin? Sure there's corruption in every system, but why pay more? The free market still has a place, but a lot of things are better handled by government, but then again the only true free market is the black market(assuming your willing to pay the price of losing all of your freedom).

      And isn't it a little short sighted to assume this person has any living relatives or reliable friends and even if they do, do they have the extra cash?

  13. Maucigo

    When I was 7 my brother and I, we loved reading those illustrates books showing men living on mars, working 3 days a week, and thanks to tecnology, no man starving anymore on this planet. I remember, we were 3.5 billion people on the planet 46 years ago....We are close to 7 now. This documentary is full of interesting information, but honestly in conclusion is rather childish when it assert that there will be free time during which people will consume less and improve themselves. Finance and industries would rather prefer to start a new war rather than sharing a fraction of their own profit .
    Much more plausible is the idea of keeping the population in a controlled poverty, (economic slavery) , in order to keep alive the consumer . Nothing noble is waiting us from the world system . Goverments are getting weaker and weaker, overwhelmed by debts and more and more controlled by the monetary system. Democracy is getting day after day a facade. Thinking that Technology is the essential answer for our future is wrong. There will be more slavery, energy comsumption.
    Thomas Jefferson said: I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

  14. Wasim436

    This system can only end badley!!!
    More jobs done by machines
    = less job available for people
    = less people able to afford to buy good's
    no matter how well a business does to decrese cost and increse profit thier will be no profit if no one can afford to buy goods.
    if everyone decieds to do jobs that machines can not do "YET" e.g. Docter,scinenties,Artiest etc then the value of these jobs will decrese because. At the end resulting more and more people being poor.
    The world population is forever increseing so thier will allways be demand for goods if people have the money to buy these goods.
    What the people at the top of the pyramid need to relise is gread can only lead to destruction.
    Why do you think we can not recover from the recession, I belive it would be better for the world if the jobs are given back to the people but recover the loses for labour cost by increseing the goods value,
    We can on recover if we bring back the life cycle of a human
    Jobs > money > buying goods > selling goods > jobs > money > etc
    No Jobs > No Money > No Sales > No jobs >

    1. Steven Van Westing

      or we just expand other fields of development, notably philosophy
      present day people are far too busy to make money, that's what it's all about, think about the actual brainstorming made possible by tech-unemployment causing people not be busy acting, respectively like robots

      only problem is that society needs to make reforms with a fast pace

  15. manfruss

    The only reason to not push for a society that creates a health, happy life for all people on earth, is control. I will not be very surprised to see a great resistance from those who benefit strongly from the systems that keep people on a wage slavery. VISA does not want people out of debt and making enough to never owe them anything. We have some great changes to make as a society if we wish for an ever advancing civilization. Greed, and self centered priorities will help create a stagnated society and a 1000 year darkness (Might be less, didn't read the warning label).

  16. ndb8

    You clearly do not understand the intentions of the documentary. The film clearly shows that technological advancement is in fact something to push even further because the better our technologies; the richer the lives of people in terms of health, liberating people from mundance occupations, streamlining societal processes etc. Technological progression is only an issue within the current monetary economic system today because it displaces people from jobs so an answer to this problem is to transition out of a monetary economic system towards a new social system which operates upon technological and people progress without harming people in terms of unemployment conseuqences because without money, and if everyone's needs are met technologically, there is no cause for concern regarding the ramifications of redundancies.

    There is no such thing as a utopia - utopia implies perfection which can never be attained but we can always strive for the 'next best thing', and the 21 hour working week is a transitional tool from this old, broken system we live under today towards a new one. I repeat this again: THIS IS MERELY A TRANSITIONAL TOOL - not some kind of utopia that you ignorantly call it. I recommend you do some research on general semantics because terms such as 'utopia' are empty labels, devoid of a physical referent. It's a purely subjective, emotive label.

    You've really offered nothing but short-sighted criticism here that is so easy to deconstruct. Have you ever researched alternative social systems?

    And another thing: regarding those people in society that you call 'lazy' - you might want to pick up a book on human psychology so that you can understand how environment shapes behaviour.

  17. Ghulam Abbas

    Capitalism system takes care of the multinational company only but socialism on the other hand cares both the investors and also assures the employment of its peoples. Therefore I strongly believe the socialism to be a relatively superior to that captitalism.


    1. ndb8

      Socialism is a decent stepping stone but a more scientifically oriented society is far more innovative than any other social system idea (so far). Science is always updating itself.

  18. zeldarth

    Capitalism is dependent on -human- wage labor to exist. Without human labor there are no wages, no consumption, no production. But limiting this discussion only to economics is shortsighted. Why have a representative democracy at all? Technology allows for direct democracy, and so it should be. The people have a right to rule themselves without intermediaries. Any citizen should have a vote on any law through a public forum. Any outcome from automation and direct democracy is better than bankers and politicians ruling our lives.

    1. Jonnossi

      Meh, laws would be irrelevant. Law's are a byproduct of the failing system trying to patch itself up. Without money, 95% or more of all crimes would have no basis. And the rest of those percents, are also caused by other factors of this system not related to money.

    2. zeldarth

      In response to your comment: "laws would be irrelevant." and "95% or more of all crimes..." Firstly, the dictionary definition of the word "crime" (according to Google) "An action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law." In other words, crime=breaking of law. Thus your two statements above are paradoxical. Logic dictates that law must exist before crime can exist. That being said, I assume that by "crime" you must therefore be meaning things like immoral, not virtuous, unrighteous, wrong, bad, etc. If this is the case, I must say that I do not support any utopian ideology. Direct democracy and Automation of production is merely a more effective and efficient system (i.e. as I stated below, by removing at least most politicians and bankers). The world will never be perfect. Not in the least.

  19. commenturion

    interesting closing comment by captain Picard answering the question of what to do in the jobless society where al material needs are already met: "the challenge is to improve yourself".
    Ok, not bad, but how about: "the challenge is to do good to others".

    1. i_drink_Scope

      thanks Jesus.

    2. Jonnossi

      Actually those would become one and the same, by improving yourself, you're improving society.

  20. commenturion

    you might lose your job, but in return you get cheaper products and services. so if only you owned some stocks in those highly efficient companies, and spent your money wisely, you could still have a great life.... right?

  21. David Foster

    Best da*ned thing that ever happened to me was losing my job(s). Now I have time to enjoy life!

    Now, if I could only get these idi*t employers to quit banging on my door....

  22. Plenum

    This is not about technological unemployment. Anybody should be able to see through the BS. This "so-called" documentary is more about the woopee-wow and promo FOR all those cool-doin' robots than the LOSS of employment and the consequences CAUSED by all the technological "advancements".

    1. John Gros

      Actually it is about the consequences we should CHOOSE to have from technological unemployment.
      What we have now is owners taking all resources and no longer sharing with employees as they sack them. The ex employee now is a non person, not worthy of food and shelter, and should wither and die.
      What we should want is the wealth of work that is no longer necessary be spread among everybody. So all have the time and resources to eat, drink, learn and play.
      Your continued existence is not predicated on the goodwill of someone who can get something from you.

  23. magarac

    I once had to do the work of a robot for one day. It had to be replaced by a bigger one and the assembly line could not be stopped for a whole day.
    After lifting 16 tons of boxes in 8 hours i can´t see why there should be anything wrong with the use of any available technology.

    1. John Gros

      Its not about opposition to labour saving devices.
      Its about who owns the "saving".
      its about sharing the saving with all of society, even the ex worker whose labour has been "saved".

    2. johnBas5

      Social Security.
      Wealth redistribution through taxation.

  24. Pysmythe

    Man, all this South Park sh*t is cracking me up. I'm laughing so hard I'm fricking wheezing.

  25. Davide Bryant

    Those god dame robots took my JRRRRBBBBB!!!!!!!!!

  26. Prodromos Regalides

    After no more than 200 years(at this pace of technological progress) and probably in the span of the next century there will be no kind of labour physical or mental that could not be achieved by machines.
    The jobs as we know them now will have no meaning whatsoever and if we are not ready for this kind of situation now, we won't be ready in the future too.
    We talk about capitalism or communism and their hybrids. On one hand they are not implemented as they were intended to be(the main reason for economic and social turmoil now), on the other, they are already inefficient in the present time and they will be less useful than toilet paper in the future.
    If we are ever to make any use of future technology, we should take measures now for restitution of justice at a global level, in order to achieve a kind of worldwide unanimity. A new political and financial system is urgently needed but it won't succeed if there is no agreement universally.
    A system that is now obscure at best and one that ensures at the very least, that noone receives unjust financial benefit from the labour of machines(which may become sentient as crazy as this sounds), i.e. not from the "sweat" of his/her own labour.
    Money may be useful, but should reflect the new reality. Since human labour will be more of a mental kind and in anyway only a minuscule amount of the whole, the money one should receive should be both a function of total resources available and the amount of energy invested in his/her job(more easily quantified by unthinkably fast information systems).
    All those things are incredibly difficult to approach by any possible strategy for many reasons. There are whole societies that adhere to ancient myths from thousands of years ago let alone think about capitalism, communism and even more their final demise.
    There are people now that simply have too much for what they are worth. They will have much to lose and little to gain and there will be bitter fights, even if noone forces a new political agenda, because we will be de facto led to this new situation. If you add to this that many of those are psychologically disturbed and guided by utopian visions of grandeur and power and superiority, it is not difficult to understand that we will become such an ugly mess.
    We need to acknowledge that we are a lonely sentience in the vastness of space, having noone to care about us but only us. If we do not value human life, and only think about such vain things as capitalism and communism, christianity and islam, atheism and deism, political benefit and "financial growth" is just the same as endlessly arguing about the best way to extinguish a fire that is an inch away from consuming us.

    1. i_drink_Scope

      "if we are not ready for this kind of situation now, we won't be ready in the future too" <--- complete nonsense!

  27. rawbot

    I think this documentary kind of asks the right questions, it's just that I'm not sure it has the right answers. Near the end where it says "imagine if we had solutions but they would be pushed back because of whatever reasons" (or something like that, I'm loosely paraphrasing the whole section)... well, this is already happening now, it's not like some distant possible future. I mean first of all most if not all of the stuff they showed in the weird "commercial" section of the doc is not really anything new and is mostly just plain automation. We could have all the factories (and not just factories) in the world already fully automated and no one would have to work production lines anymore if there would be will for it.

    But think about why it hasn't happened yet.
    First of all like Danby said the thing is that labour in China is still cheap and is probably going to stay that way for a while. But it's changing fast, not only are the Chinese wages rising, but they are automating their high market factories as well.. Foxconn for example, the factory that's producing products for Apple, ordered 1 million robots (ABB Frida) to eventually replace all their workers.

    Other than that (the labour still being cheap), the main obstacle (in the West at least) to rapidly increase automation is I think the capitalist system where automation puts (some, mainly the unskilled) people out of work and this inevitably creates social tension in the system we have now where they're left to whatever welfare program their country has to offer, which is usually worse than having a job - obviously.

    Why I think the doc doesn't provide the right answers is that the 21 hour work week solution is not nearly enough radical in my opinion. It basically says: yeah let's all work a bit less so we won't have to automate what we already could have automated. That's what we're already doing and it's going too slow.

    I think that on the contrary we should automate everything that's possible as soon as possible and leave just the creative and inventive stuff for us humans to wrap our minds around (for now at least, until we don't create an artificial intelligence that would surpass us in those regards).

    To solve this intermediate step of overwhelming technological unemployment which would be (or actually is?) inevitable I say give everyone an income whether they work or not which would be enough to live modestly and let people do what they love to do. I don't know the right term in English but direct translation is Universal Citizens' Income.

    Of course you could also still work if you're skilled and love what you do. And I think that most people would still want to work (I know I do), it's just that they would be more free to leave their jobs if they are unhappy or to possibly try to start their own businesses or just stay at home and paint all day and then donate a painting to a hospital or whatever...

  28. norlavine

    Been down with flu nearly 2 weeks now - unfortunately my 'robotic clone' has been doing not much more than playing PC solitaire in that time.
    Robots are great - technology being our slaves is what i want to hear.
    Minimum work and the pursuit of a quality life for the everyday person is Utopia.
    Don't wait to die to go to Heaven - let's start here on Earth.
    If it all goes wrong and we find ourselves staring into the eye of a 'terminator',then that's just another chapter in the unfortunate chain of events we humans seemed to have foisted upon ourselves since time began recording our struggles, our wars, our struggles, wars, wars, wars.
    Some idiot/idiots shall ruin the technological revolution and millions of lives lost yet again through: starvation, war, or both.xx

    1. AntiTheist666


      Lie down I’m a Doctor! Lol

      Seriously. 2 weeks is far too long for a young healthy person to be down with flu. Look for some other underlying factors going on here. Check your diet, exercise regime, see your GP, blah de blah, blah de blah. Just think that in the future Science and Technology may be able to eradicate all human suffering. Some people might look back at days when you could fall ill with flu wistfully? Hope you feel better soon....xx

      The Musical One

    2. norlavine

      Hey Doc!
      Perhaps going out into the freezing night air didn't help the situation.
      I self diagnosed self until needed a note from someone who looked at me and said 'You have the flu - go home'.
      Thank you for your kind words, don't forget to look at Venus transiting the Sun tomorrow..xx

  29. cezy

    I could watch the last minute over and over and over again

  30. Matt Kukowski

    FINALLY someone is seriously thinking about this. Great documentary. I hope there are more of them to come.

  31. stepitup_onenotch

    This film starts out by showing us how business benefits by replacing workers with machines, a well understood notion. Then it spends about 15 minutes filming the latest robotic assembly line machinery and the latest in automated warehousing. At this point the film feels more like a high tech commercial for robotics. Suddenly we meet speakers from the London School of Economics proposing a 21 hour work week. Hallelujah, we're all saved, machines take over all the menial jobs and we get to work a 21 hour week leaving us all kinds of time to enrich ourselves and explore strange new worlds like they do on Star Trek. What kind of propoganda is this?

    1. Matt Kukowski

      You obviously have no clue about robotics, computers and technology??? You think that it is propaganda to lesson the LABOR of humans in favor of robots?

      Do you really think your job is so important ? Like pushing papers or loading boxes on a cart?

      I will have you know... this is only the start. The world is changing fast.. Corporations are firing people in favor of robotics and automation. Why do you think board members of corporations make so many BILLIONS of dollars why laying you off?

      It is because of automation. This is the secret no one wants to talk about because if they do talk about it people will want the robots removed and so costing the corporations reputation and money...

      GROW UP... technology is the only thing that is going to save us. WHY?

      The robots will free the minds of so many slaves so we can think about Earth as a whole and how to stop killing Earth.

      Problem is that most people do not have TIME to learn about anything... they are always moving trying to work for pennies.

    2. stepitup_onenotch

      I don't know of too many people out there who like working on an assembly line or digging ditches, we all agree to let someone or something else do it. There is no question that robots have already taken a ton of jobs out of the economy from the factory worker to the humble bank teller. It is inevitable that this will continue.

      This film suugests that humanity will be enhanced as robots take over all menial tasks. There are examples where this is true but do we honestly believe that getting served by a robot in a retirement home is a good thing? That we eliminate another point of human interaction - sorry but this example in the film is ludicrous. I find it curious that they focus on health care with their robots, if there is one industry where human contact is essential for enhancing humanity it is health care.

      The London School of Economics is promoting a 21 hour work week. That is complete nonsense in todays economic structure. In todays structure that would mean everyone is part time, no full time benefits or rights, everyone is completly disposable. Not to mention that hardly anyone can actually afford to live on a part time wage.

      What does a 21 hour work week have to do with robotics? Not much really but if we look at a 21 hour work week where essentially two people are now doing the job of one person then it is a way of economic interests to promote healthy employment figures to the electorate. Teaching/promoting a 21 hour work week to uni students and the public is a way of getting people to believe in giving up their full time status. A business would no longer be responsible for full time employees because everyone would be part time.

      That is why I believe this film is nothing but a subtle piece of propoganda. Technology is not saving us, if anything it is helping to use up all of our resources faster than ever before and economists only promote the interests of the private sector.

    3. John Gros

      A 21 hour week does not have to go down as a part time, rightless, slavery.
      We can't jump to a 21 hour week anyway its too much social change in a short space. Some countries have a 35 hour week. Dropping it to a 32 hour week would increase employment by 10% of the current workforce. Also giving all employees the benefit of a 4 day week and a 3 day weekend. Think of the boon to humanity of one extra bbq, or cultural/sporting event per weekend.
      Then we can think about cutting working hours to a 24 hour week, 3 days working and 4 days to ourselves.

    4. stepitup_onenotch

      I agree that it does not have to go down as no rights, part time slavery, but it will, there are too many precedents for it to go down otherwise. Todays business world is all about growth and profits, businesses aren't interested in enhancing humankind, they believe that profits enhance humankind. I am sure there are lots of readers out there who will point to all kinds of corporate sponsorship of the arts etc, but it is all lip service, all tax deductible and a nice way to treat your favoured clients.

  32. Jessica Casey

    Because education is insanely expensive. University is pretty well out of the question for a great majoirty of US and Canadian citizens, not to mention those in the rest of the world.

  33. Jessica Casey

    Technology replacing human counterparts could be a great thing, if we did not live in a capitalist society. The reason so many people are unemployed is because they don't have to work to support society. Not everyone has to work 40 hour weeks in order to keep society thriving, but they do to keep the economy running, and people need to keep consuming. The system is flawed. Wages are so low that people need to work 60 hour weeks in order to support their families, but in reality, society does not need them. When this issue is resolved, perhaps then technological unemployment could be a good thing.

  34. Topi Tuulensuu

    Who really wants to do a job that could easily be performed by a machine? Why don't people educate them selves? I bet my balls there won't be any excess of doctors in the future or engineers or scientists for that matter.

  35. Renevonn

    As or now, I'm not completely certain which I'm more in favor of; a world where automation is embraced to the fullest extent possible thereby freeing every man, woman and child from ever having to work again, or having the entire monetary economic system collapse without a solution and sending everyone hurtling back ass-first into the days of the great depression. I'd like to see us make it past the centuries old idea that "money is necessary" because at our current level of technological sophistication, it really isn't. In fact I'd argue that money now actively impedes the march of progress. At the same time, I wouldn't mind seeing Humanity get another hard slap across the face by reality when our obviously dysfunctional system collapses around our collective ears.

    I guess I don't yet feel that we as a species are (for lack of a better term) worthy enough to have our world completely revitalized. We're not humble enough yet.

  36. leanmv

    Resource Based Economy, that's the answer.

  37. princeton

    i was with them until that rbe non-sense

    1. leanmv

      RBE non-sense because... ???

    2. princeton

      rbe is nonsense because its just a new form of central planning.. capitalism and free trade are great things get done when people are left to fulfil their own desires.. rbe needs a central planning system whether it be computers or aristocrats to decide how resources will be allocated.. a fully autonomous market is the only way to know how resources SHOULD be allocated because those who need them most will strive to get them... all other proposed social systems are pure nonsense and reincarnations of long dead socialist and communist systems. collectivism does not work unless spontaneous...

    3. Plonkette

      Because we already have one. Resources are priced according to how much of it there is. If something is rare it is priced higher. If something is common, it is priced lower. That is a resource based economy.

      Humans are also a resource. In china and india there are so many that the price of their labour is cheap. Probably cheaper then automation actually.

      The real reason people are losing thier jobs to automation is because after the fall of communist russia the west was able to access the cheaper labour markets of the east. The only way for western companies to compete now is to a) lower the wage of all the workers(which just ends in riots ect.) or b) match the cheap labour of the east via robotics.

      How many farmers did farm machinery put out of business? No one cares because they can go buy cheap food. There are always new jobs out there you just have to look and be willing to settle for a lower wage or create your own buisness.

      There are too many people in the world today which is probably the biggest problem.

  38. princeton

    "what pisses me off is that I don't have a job and its not my fault?"

    hmmm... really? most people who don't have jobs now is through no fault of their own.. this is not uncommon (children, handicapped, job hunters, students, seniors, and even regular layoffs, business closures.. many more)

    just dust yourself off and try again.. why does everyone think life is all ups and no downs? no one can protect you from failing.. through your own fault or through your competitor's better performance.. its part of life.. move on and look for a job where your unique skills and abilities are actually needed.

    1. leanmv

      My dear, you're a perfect example of a guardian of the status quo, someone completely connected to the matrix if you prefer. Don't you wan't a better world for everyone on this planet? or just you and your country? Think about it.

      Best Regards

    2. princeton

      that is far from the truth.. i do want a bettter world for all to live in, but I realize that rbe wil not take us there.. voluntaryism and the non-agression principle applied consistently is what will get us there...

    3. stepitup_onenotch

      That is so easy to say. And what if there are no jobs to be had in your vicinity, how does one dust themselves off? Where does age come in - pretty simple thing to change course in your twenties and thirties, gets a little trickier in your forties and fifties. What if you have invested twenty odd years of your working life in one company and then are made redundant, again not too easy to simply dust it all off.

      There are a ton of variables out there when it comes to the how/what/where of being unemployed. We are currently in the worst financial crisis ever and it is not getting better. Suggesting that people need to dust themselves off and get over it is not only rude but quite naive.

  39. Malchik

    Derk his jerb!

  40. princeton


    technological unemployment is a good thing because that means more humans are forced to look for other ways of earning an income that require higher brain functions and probably a lil self improvement all providing a benefit to society at large.

    just sayin.. out of pure Self respect.. I would not mourn a job for which I was replaced by a machine... I would actually feel quite insulted by the notion and proposition.. try to forget and get over the whole experience as soon as possible... what an embarassment... at least thats how I would take it.. not saying nothin about anyone else.. u don't have to see things my way.

  41. magarac

    Turk his jeeerb!

  42. Ryan Evans

    they took his jerb!