Ice Age Meltdown

Ice Age Meltdown

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Ice Age Meltdown18,000 years ago there was a sudden change in climate which ends a global freeze which had lasted for several thousands of years.

Melting ice caps drive up sea levels to create coastlines we recognize today and great glaciers thaw dramatically to re-sculpture the landscape.

A mass extinction took place and as the human race adapted to these breath taking changes to their familiar environment, the seeds of our modern society were sown.

The Worlds climate changed very quickly, with dramatic consequences for all life on the planet. Today our world is heating up at a similar rate what can the lessons of the past teach us about surviving our future?

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  1. john

    and man did this how? the sun vs earth is what matters

  2. Rocky M

    ...we are still leaving the last ice age and that the period between the last ice age and the one before it experienced temperatures that exceed the current temperature of the Earth. In other words, the Earth is going to get hotter as part of it's natural cycle before once again becoming cold...
    Well said.
    And I'll tell you global warming caused by man is total bs. Everything is normal, with no major fluctuations occurring currently.
    Of course, that could change fast. While you sit there and expect global warming, the grand solar minimum may cause a mini ice age very soon.

  3. george moore

    The planet is currently warming at a rate never seen before . The idiots above who use thes film to discount the fact tcan adaphat the earth is warming unnaturally fast, have a poor understanding of rates and time. Climate Change is upon us and mankind is speeding it up

  4. Dan

    i did not know the USA was a continent

  5. Fda

    Link is dead

  6. Ken Crossman

    Watched the first few minutes then realized it had been filmed for an audience ok with MTV-style nanosecond attention span clips. All bling.

  7. B Trevor Whit

    this is a very interesting article. google it the scam is almost over......

    Lawrence Solomon: Science getting settled

    New, convincing evidence indicates global warming is caused by cosmic rays and the sun — not humans

    The science is now all-but-settled on global warming, convincing new evidence demonstrates, but Al Gore, the IPCC and other global warming doomsayers won’t be celebrating. The new findings point to cosmic rays and the sun — not human activities — as the dominant controller of climate on Earth.

  8. rich_farrell

    I was taught recently, at the University level, that we are still leaving the last ice age and that the period between the last ice age and the one before it experienced temperatures that exceed the current temperature of the Earth. In other words, the Earth is going to get hotter as part of it's natural cycle before once again becoming cold. The more people understand this, the more people will hopefully see through the global warming scam. For your average person, mostly content with what they are hearing on the news, it is important that documentaries like this exist. I was lucky enough to have a free-thinking, impartial professor, but not many people have that luxury.

    1. PaulGloor

      Regardless of whether its a scam or not, the fact that we need to rethink our energy supplies and move away form fossil fuels and the like is not a moot topic.

    2. Jack1952

      It is common knowledge that there are natural global fluctuations in temperature and climate. If those huge glaciers of 10,000+ years ago have melted then it is logical and obvious to assume that the world became dramatically warmer. Today we have a new player in the climate change game. The film names 3 of them at the beginning, changes in the earth's orbit, the angle of the earth in relationship to the sun, and the earth's wobble. It also refers to a fourth at the end of the movie. This is the global warming due to an unprecedented burning of carbon fuels by man. That the earth has been warming is undeniable. How much the burning of fossil fuels contributes to this warming is unknown. All experiments and computer models show that carbon dioxide does hold in the heat, so scientists assume that there must be some correlation.

      Why someone assumes that the idea of global warming being caused by humans has to be a fraud puzzles me. Would not the big oil, gas and coal companies stand to lose if it is proven that they are the main contributers to global warming? Would they not lie to sustain their share of the world energy market? Maybe they are the ones who are encouraging the idea that human global warming is a fraud to protect their own interests and they have convinced you that it is a fraud. I'm surprised that you would have that much faith in them.

      Sometimes things happen and there is no conspiracy involved at all. That there are people on both sides of the fence who stand to make money doesn't mean they are all frauds. It may mean that someone sees an opportunity when he sees facts and is going to take advantage of them. If the facts bear out, perpetrating a fraud isn't necessary.

      Fascinating subject matter. I enjoyed the film even if it was quite limited on the subject of global warming in the ancient ice ages.

    3. Joe

      Global warming isn't really the question, it is climate change in the near term. The change in rain patterns and increasing strength hurricanes will cause more human suffering. One just needs to keep your mind open to all information. I do find that leaders that say global warming is crap have their fingers greased by the oil and gas industry. In addition, the USA is becoming a smaller player in the world, the action will be in China and India. They will be the global leaders in the next 100 years. What they do will count.

    4. k k

      Yes, I agree that global warming has always been part of the earth's natural climate cycle, but the important point about the buzz on global warming is that human activities have accelerated the process, making it more difficult for humans to adapt and survive due to a more acute change. Never in history has there been such a sharp increase in temperature in mere decades. Global warming was never referred to as a mere few decades issue but rather in the context of tens of thousand of years until recently. It would have been easier to survive a 'natural' global warming situation, yet we have made it tougher on ourselves.
      So rather than saying it is a 'scam', I prefer to see it as humans accelerating the natural cycle artificially. However I do not deny that there are commercial or other interests behind the push against it.

    5. Rocky Racoon

      What about environmental pollution-most cancer is caused by the environment-I almost feel sorry for the cigarette companies. So even if burning fossil fuels is not responsible for global warming we still need air to breath and water to drink. That is enough to stop living in the fossil fuel age right their so go back and tell your unbiased professor that.

    6. B Trevor Whit

      mr rocky racoon, you should consider the food that you eat when it comes to cancer. that is the main cause of cancer now a days, not pollution.. I do not like my air polluted either but this is all we have right now. I also do not like the government charging me carbon tax or any other tax on bad science. you should be more concerned in getting all the genetically modified food out of your diet.

    7. Joseph Lee

      Did you forget that human in the developed countries now doubled ancient life spans when there was no pollution to speak of...?

    8. lex lexich

      it is only at the beginning, it is great documentary non the less

  9. MatarD

    It was not commercials, it was promotions for shows on the same channel that provided us with this show. Definitively survivable.

    Otherwise I though the jumps between conclusions were far. Did not see much I would want to re-think or re-say. The end comments were also cheesy and a distraction from reality.

  10. Sertsis

    I guess I can live with the commercials, but why are there no other comments? I normally wait a while before commenting but I couldn't just leave you hanging there Lex. And you're right, it was interesting, at least as a reminder that we are not the only cause of global warming, and mother nature has gotten over it in the past.

  11. lex lexich

    why are there comercials in this one? shame on someone, heh... otherwise interesting