Daredevils: The Ice Man

Daredevils: The Ice Man

2009, Society  -   18 Comments
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The Ice ManIn sub zero temperatures 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Dutch Daredevil Wim Hof attempts to run a full 26-mile marathon clad only in shorts and a pair of sandals.

Hof currently holds nine world records for exposure to extreme cold, but this awe inspiring act of endurance surpasses all his previous adventures. Exposing the body to temperatures of -25C for more than four hours is an extraordinary challenge, one which experts fear is beyond the capabilities of human beings.

This film follows Wim’s preparations in Amsterdam, which include taking midnight dips in freezing canals and meditating in a meat freezer. It also examines how Wim’s extreme behaviour impacts upon his family life.

Tensions run high as Wim and family head north for the marathon. Everyone is aware that with this challenge Wim is taking on a level of exposure to cold far in excess of anything he has ever previously attempted. He is a Daredevil venturing forth into the extreme unknown.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Jordan

    Wim is great, where can I learn to control my mind in the US?

  2. TheDanishViking

    This is great stuff. They should add this again on the list so more people can see it

  3. Arjen du Gardijn

    Imagine Wim when global warming is not a swindle.

  4. Jimmy

    smoke and a pancake?

  5. aleksiina.rantanen

    It's so funny when the guy goes into the freezer to train and the narrator is like "It's almost as cold as Finland" :D:D yes Finland is much more cold and the winds make it worst. It's great that he ran there but come on the Dudesons swam in ice cold water too and although I wasn't as high as Ylläs but still in Lapland I managed with ripped jeans so not that speacial, sorry.

  6. Aleksey

    For a man two months from the age of 50, he has aged incredibly. He looks to be in his mid to late 50s

  7. Skippy

    He is using chi kung/qi gong [Chinese for "energy work"] and yes, we can all learn how to do it. It is no fake... it is what the Church has forgotten and/or suppresses in us so we will not free ourselves and heal. Now anyone can learn!

    The better Tibetan monks who do the shamanic energy work have a grading test up in the mountain peaks wherein a series of standardised sheets, soaked in freezing water, is placed on their naked bodies. They dry them out! The heat rising from the tummy is ironically called "Tummo". The oldest culture on Earth, the Koi-San Bushmen who struggle to survive modern racist violence in the Kalahari, have the same training. They call the "boiling" energy in the belly "N'om".

    Know thyself.

  8. Johnny

    I am just wondering why they felt the need to include him taking a s**t at the side of the road and him shaking off his d**ck.....weird.

    1. speccyiiii

      Gay Director?...

  9. Iceman

    Somehow I cannot believe this dude could finish even a half marathon in harsh condition like North Finland with only wearing a shorts and sandals. I have born in these latitudes where this dude is said to face this ordeal. I have run over 10yo and keep the winter running limit -20 C, after that the outer bloodstream doesn't cope too well, no matter how you train or toughten your self. Then the second most important thing is the wind factor which can make -25 C easily -35 C or lower in an eye blink. So that means if this dude is not running on Glycerol it cannot be true!!!

  10. hulk

    this guy is truely amazing. I wish I could control my mind like that.

  11. meme

    Can't seem to watch this doc, says @this video contains conteny from channel four who has blocked it in your country.."
    I'm in the uk..shame was looking forward to this 1.

  12. 420 Vision

    I bet this guy is a really cold lay. His wife should max out his life insurance and then send him to dabble in the deep cold of Antarctica.

  13. Vilhelmo

    People don't forget how do to this, they must learn as people have for millennia.

  14. Dr. Sohini Shukla

    I have seen the video and was thinking I can not stand even 20degress and how this man can live with -20 degrees !

  15. HM1983

    this man can control his body temperature.....he also can detox his body from intoxication.....he has controls over his body he says every human being can, but people forgot how to

  16. furby

    when in fear , shi t.

  17. Karl Andre Bru

    This is a brilliant docu. At some moments in the film I struggle with actually believeing what this extra ordinairy man is capable of.
    Check it out.