Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way

Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way

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Crack, Cocaine, Opium, Marijuana, Heroine, etc. – Illegal Drugs have an enormous impact on society. They make addictive, shorten our live-expectancy and change the way we interact with other people.

Drugs are therefore not only a risk for ourselves but also for others. But many drugs have not always been illegal, but were a medication against many "sicknesses", like depressions or feeling tired.

Even "coke" got popular because it has extracts of the coca-leave in it. Also in our times the use of drugs is often a sign, that people have problems in their live they don’t know any other way to escape than through drugs that change their recognition.

Directed by: Tom Yaroschuk

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  1. George Silva

    This subject is hard for me to relate to. Even though I was a teenager in the sixties and involved in the music industry, I was exposed, but never participated in any type of drugs. To this day the VA hospital has a hard time getting me to take my prescribed meds. Even when I had major surgeries to replace body parts I removed the pain blocks and took no pain meds. I just don't feel pain like other people. I do have an opinion of the drug cuture and the governments actions over the years. At seventy years old I have a contrary view from others my age. Living on a VA hospital campus , I see many veterans of Viet Nam and the middle east in recovery here. My view is, although they made bad choices over the years our government owes them the resources and education to help adjust to society. Some use drugs to escape from the past, others use it to fit in with the present culture. Drugs and alcohol may be a norm, but it is not a necessity. Still demonizing the use and the user is no help to the situation.

  2. Justin Holmes

    Weed madness... LoL! I want some of what you're smokin'!

  3. Logan Williams

    Mad weed disease! lol

  4. hanspy

    Weed-madness is realy existing!! Look how many good ppl start to lie,cheet,kill and do other harm to there fellow ppl,just by fighting it. Those that fight weed turn into beast and mindless humans.Yes, weed-madness is making ppl realy crazy. But the question is what ppl are realy harmed.

  5. GodmanEnki

    OH YEA, live it WIDE AWAKE so the Freemasons and the Illuminati can't "trick-you" into wasting your life away. They won't be able to hypnotize you as easy. Stay AWAKE, and end the Illuminati/Freemason-plan.

    1. Zach Fraser

      wtf is the freemason plan?

  6. GodmanEnki

    Trouble with most drugs, you don't see what other people see. You "think" you're OK, when you're not. Pot is different. I've smoked pot off and on all my life, I'm 61, and that was never the problem. It is a poor waste of money. But I'd rather smoke a joint, than drink any kind of alcohol. People say "pot is a gateway drug." What about ALCOHOL? EVERY FAMILY HAS A BEER IN THE REFER, OR A BOTTLE UNDER THE SHELF. It's ridiculous the fools that say pot is a gateway drug, and ignore the reality that alcohol is LEGAL. And turns more kids to drugs then pot ever has. Thereby giving a kid his first "high." I know now the reason I "needed" to get high, was due to the fact I lost my Mom when I was 6. I didn't "lose" her, she left! Which was even worse. I understand WHY I did what I did, and don't need "the crutch" anymore. A man asked me," How did you quit?" I told him, I got hypnotized to quit smoking cigarettes; and realized HE got to a part of my brain I couldn't seem to get to." And understood, I didn't need HIM to get to that part of my brain. I could "do it myself." I have never done hard drugs in 35 years. I do still burn one once in a while though. No coke, meth, acid, heroin, or anything else. I think the "12-step" program is for WEAK people. besides, most of THEM all smoke cigarettes. I can't handle being anywhere near a cigarette! It KILLS my lungs! Anyway, I say get rid of Alcohol, and kids won't be looking for their "next-high." Not because of Jesus, or any such BS. But because you should live your life....WIDE AWAKE!

    1. James Irvine

      i dont think alcohol can be made illegal but it should be illegal to glamorise it or advertise it, the fact you can do both is insane

    2. George Silva

      I like the way you rationalize and I agree with the idea of separating the culture from the young people growing up around it. It is true that alcohol may never be banned because of capitalism and money, but as of 2016 the government classified alcohol, nicotine, and gambling as addiction and has given funding in the DMS5 for treatment of these disorders. FYI the DMS5 is like the Kelly Blue Book for the cost of treatment of psychological disorders Case managers use it to justify funding for their clients medical expenses.

  7. lol

    @religionisntallbad - religion starts wars, drugs just fund them !!

  8. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Pot depends on how you use it. If you smoke it regularly, then you have all the negative side effects that come with smoking things ... inhaling carcinogens, etc. If you don't smoke it, but take it very regularly it can also have adverse effects on your perception, etc.

    Not trying to be anti-marijuana here ... just saying dosage size and interval matter when talking about either the positive or negative effects of drug use.

    1. George Silva

      Everything in moderation!!!

  9. Ken

    lol pots not bad

  10. Samir

    Orbecargo corp involved in illegal drugs sales all over mexico cartel with drug dealer named alex chiclote

  11. ertz

    this documentary have 3 more parts:

    LSD, Ecstasy and Raves
    Marijuana and Methamphetamine
    Opium, Morphine and Heroin

  12. Tomato

    They should ban tomatoes. See how that works out. Wouldnt make any sense but that hasnt stopped them before.