Illuminating Angels and Demons

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Illuminating Angels and DemonsDan Brown's bestselling novel, Angels & Demons, has become an international success to rival his blockbuster The Da Vinci Code - and this documentary will help those fans unlock its many mysteries.

Millions of readers have avidly pored through Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, where they encountered a world filled with ancient Christian symbolism, secret societies, and pagan signs. But at the end, they were left wondering what was true and what false.

All those looking for the real story behind the legend of the Illuminati will find the answers in this enlightening guide. Written by Simon Cox, author of Cracking the Da Vinci Code and a well-known lecturer described by the BBC as a "historian of the obscure," it offers a treasure trove of fascinating facts and revelations.

The hundreds of entries include Gailileo, the Papal Conclave, Gianlorenzo Bernini, the New World Order, Obelisks, Knights Templar, the Freemasons, Lucifer, and much more.

Simon Cox was the founding editor-in-chief of Phenomena magazine, a U.S. based newstand publication launched in 2003. Having studied Egyptology at University College London, he went on to work as a research assistant for some of the biggest names in the alternative history game, including Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and David Rohl. He lives in England.

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  1. deo

    hmmm, not the best documentary ive seen, get a sense of confusion tactics when i watch this, as if the makers were telling a few truths to cover up a more misleading agenda.

  2. charlesovery
  3. charlesovery

    this is where your research should come into play to decide for yourself what you think is true or fact. If you felt lost by this information in this doc then you obviously need to update your knowledge on the subject.

  4. Jota
  5. Jota

    “Simon Cox went on to co-author four A to Z series of books, with subjects comprising, Egypt, Atlantis, King Arthur & The Holy Grail and The Occult”.

    Gosh, Simon Cox is in everything that is alternative to our official history… and we writes and speaks about all them with great authority!!! He’s he a genius? Think not :/

    We live in a boring, repetitive, violent, selfish, incomprehensible, chaotic and sometimes stupid age. We all need something different to absorb as information, something to easily explain some facts that we don’t understand or are too complex or hidden to us. But more than all, we need good mysteries to spur our occidental and dull daily life. This guy, Simon Cox, and other authors like him, know that quite well, and that’s why they write books about subjects that cause excitement, intrigue and wonder. It’s a very good way of earning lots of money with the selling of books… and become notorious.

    It’s true that there are too many secrets along our human history, but it’s clear that these pretence experts are very far of having what is need to unfold them. They’re very dubious and what they say and write will only harm and confuse a true quest to find something near to what can be “a” truth.

    *John Anthony West is one of the few searchers of alternative history at whom I can give “some” reliability and honesty. At least he asks the help of REAL experts to defend his theories.

  6. charlesovery
  7. charlesovery

    well Jota maybe you should look up Graham Handcocks books. You should enjjoy them then.


    the only secret society is the catholic church ha

  10. Linda McGuigan
  11. Linda McGuigan

    I enjoyed this documentary very much. I have read the book and seen the film it was very interesting to learn some fact's that I did not know about. I will take from this that not all of it is true,but it is a subject I am very intrerested in.

    Love and Peace,
    Linda ;-*

  12. deo
  13. deo

    @ charlesovery
    didn't say i felt lost did i mate, but i understand you're trying to make your self feel better by telling others they "obviously need to update" their knowledge...

  14. Carl Hendershot
  15. Carl Hendershot

    Not bad. But good =).Worth a watch.

  16. Milton Babb
  17. Milton Babb

    The Catholic Church was created by the Jews because the Jews were losing control of the Roman Empire. The Jews eventually lost control of the Church. The Pharisees served the church for a time, then even they deserted the Church. As people are able to consolidate power the power corrupts everyone.
    Humans cannot rule themselves for very long times. We need bloodless revolutions every two hundred years.
    Even Islam employed Pharisees (Janisaries.) The Masons arose with the Jews in England after Henry VIII disenfranchised the Church. Now the Masons serve the Jews destroying U.S.A. Endless Hegemony.

  18. Marc Keys
  19. Marc Keys

    I lost 50 or 60 IQ point watching this sh*t.

  20. nameless
  21. nameless

    Stupid speculations by know nothings


  22. Makisig
  23. Makisig

    The docu went so far... It wasn't about the novel anymore, but about Cox's speculations and obviously delivers some hidden agendas that has nothing to do with the novel. This wasn't worth the title nor a watch!

    As to you Milton Babb, your conspiracy theory lacks proof. You really shouldn't say anything that could be misleading or is racist, and things that has nothing to do with the docu. Man you are worse than this Cox guy.

  24. dread
  25. dread

    Of All Man kind... White man is the CONFUSED. and by force them confuse the rest of the peoples of earth to fulfill them egoistic desires. Oh them educated fools..

  26. tony
  27. tony

    out of all man kind , white people are cofused so they force their confusion on everyone else. dred iam soorry you fell that way but maybe you are jealous of the talent of white writers and thinkers. i get confused with the obsession of gang banging and glorfication violece against my own race. yet i still dont stereotype it to all blacks becase sterotyping and racism is connected with ignorance and insecure people . sometimes people need to look at themselves andaccount for their own flaws

  28. james
  29. james

    stupid comments from people who cannot even spell properly, should not be accepted as a comment at all, clearly this documentary is far beyond these peoples level of comprehension, sorry maybe that word is to much for you,,, understanding,

  30. gero2006
  31. gero2006

    I am not going to quote Milton Babb. So much drivel in one place must be some kind of record. Congratulations, Milton. Perhaps we should have something like the 'stinking fish' award for posts like yours.

    Dread wrote "Of All Man kind… White man is the CONFUSED". Such a sweeping assertion about so many people without any supporting evidence or argument is simply self-indulgence and, as others have pointed out, it is offensively racist. What relevance does your comment have to this documentary?

    James wrote "stupid comments from people who cannot even spell properly, should not be accepted as a comment at all" and then he wrote "...maybe that word is to much for you". I think he meant "too". Hoist with your own petard, James?

  32. Tacit
  33. Tacit

    Link is broken, video removed?

  34. Vlatko
  35. Vlatko

    Ok it's fixed @Tacit.

  36. Arrival
  37. Arrival

    Watch the Arrival on youtube if you like to know REALLY about the Illuminati!

  38. krasinkies
  39. krasinkies

    You used commas as periods... Just stop.

  40. Guest
  41. Guest

    you need spell check to criticize spell check.
    too much is right.

  42. Kumamori
  43. Kumamori

    Take the words of those researchers who say "I don't think those secret societies still exist" with a healthy suspicion. Considering how much the elite can do behind the scenes, there's no way you can KNOW they aren't part of any cabal.

  44. Vynrigg2
  45. Vynrigg2

    People can be so convinced that they are right that they will twist facts to fit their theories. The woman who stated that the Catholic church claimed St. Peter as its founder, because he was the first to see Jesus resurected, made an obvious error. The claim comes from Peter's recognition of Jesus as Christ after the transfiguration. I am not Catholic, I am just pointing out that a documentary that wants to convince others should double check the premises of its arguments. The woman later called herself a researcher. Enough said!

  46. world2point0
  47. world2point0

    Speaking of "People can be so convinced that they are right that they will twist facts to fit their theories"... she said it wasn't a true statement herself! She said it in the context of calling out the obvious error.... hahahaha smh

  48. Vynrigg2
  49. Vynrigg2

    She said it wasn't a true statement, but she claimed that the Catholic church believes it to be the truth, which they don't.

  50. Ramona Erdman
  51. Ramona Erdman

    The whole Vatican system is rotten. What is sad is that most who belong to that religion people believe everything they say and give money and look the other way when there is a murder and cover up. It does not take much research to find out something is very wrong.. Greed and Power have nothing to do with spirit, but it has everything to do with mankind wanting control and power and greed and setting themselves up as a "holier than thou" belief system..

  52. thelaughingtuna
  53. thelaughingtuna

    I agree with gero2006. Stinking Fish award for your comment.

  54. benjamin
  55. benjamin

    the link is broken

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