Immigrants For Sale

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Amidst the fury of the ongoing immigration debate, we're often denied the personal stories of human suffering and loss that result from the crisis. The Brave New Films documentary Immigrants for Sale follows several families who are stuck in the crosshairs of the immigration epidemic, and serves as a deeply intimate and compassionate portrait of the suffering caused by the ill-conceived laws designed to contain it.

The film also points to a far more insidious and sinister dynamic which lies at the heart of many of these laws and policies: the capturing of illegal immigrants, and the destruction of their families, for the benefit of politics and profit.

Immigrants for Sale dissects one such regulation - SB1070, a sweeping and controversial anti-immigration bill enacted in Arizona - and shows the egregious human rights violations which have rippled from its passage. As the film suggests, the 2010 bill, which has since been adopted in various forms in a series of other states, provides a financial boon to one of the most profitable industries in the United States: the prison system. After all, more inmates equals more profit, and an anti-immigration bill like SB1070 ensures that a steady stream of fresh inmates will continue to cascade upon the nation's prisons in large quantities. As a result of these measures, the United States prison system accumulates an astounding profit of five billion dollars annually.

The private prison industry, led by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), played an essential role in the formation of SB1070. According to the narrative set forth the bill represents an exciting new business model for these companies - the detainment of illegal immigrants as a means of expanding their bottom line.

These damning observations on the political and corporate machinations surrounding immigration reform are played out against a decidedly more humanistic landscape; one where spouses and children take center stage as the innocent bystanders of the war on immigration. By planting an unflinching eye upon their personal struggles, Immigrants for Sale allows us a greater understanding of the inadequacies of current immigration policies, and the need for continued debate and reform.

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    Sarah Bright-Fisher
  1. Sarah Bright-Fisher

    the sounds ruin this documentary

  2. Larry Dean Moore
  3. Larry Dean Moore

    And then people peacefully protest this atrocity... They themselves get put in jail and raise more profit for the prisons. it's ingenious. I need to invest. I got 2 gallon jars full of miscellaneous coins, some pocket lint and a couple of cousins I don't like. How far is that going to get me?

  4. buttercup123456
  5. buttercup123456

    Great film.. I think we should at the least triple the number of centers like these and get the cost reduced for quantity. I always love how its a feel sorry for these people that totally ignore our nations laws and break into our country. Maybe the cheaper way is to eliminate them at the boarder and make them into animal feed, possibly bringing own the cost of pork. Its no different than them breaking into your home and stealing your belongings. THEY ARE CRIMINALS!! They are costing us billions and billions each year! They commit numerous crimes and bring diseases with them.. Anyone remember the elimination of the measles? There back and its obivious where they came from. Personnally, I don't blame them for wanting to come here. Free medical, food stamps, SSN checks, schooling. What a great country! We as American tax payers are paying for these criminals to enjoy what we all work for and the country is BROKE! Give these criminals a piece of our pie is ridiculous. Just another O'Bama way of destroying the country. We have an immigration process. Even if it does suck it is how all others gained their entry into the country. They are just coming for the easy life and living off the backs f our tax payers!

  6. ZamaZalotta
  7. ZamaZalotta

    What a pitiful person you are. I feel for those who have to endure you on a daily basis :(

  8. a_no_n
  9. a_no_n

    Wow, so no middle ground there, just straight up calling for the mass genocide of a group that is increasingly made up of children fleeing for their lives from the drug cartels that have spawned to feed Americas drug habits.

    Nobody poor goes to America for the easy life. Yours is one of the most oppressive systems in the west for anyone in the bottom margins.

    Oh and to correct you on something else you got entirely wrong, the resurgence of Measles in America is ENTIRELY down to the anti-vaccination movement and is happening in affluent middle class areas, not areas with high immigration.

    Americans are also paying the lowest rate of tax that they have ever done in the entire existence of the country...THAT is why the country is "broke" as you put it. Although i think it's a bit ridiculous to claim that a country which spends more on it's military than the next five highest spenders combined including China can ever be considered "Broke".

  10. a_no_n
  11. a_no_n

    Immigrants are easy targets. Hence why bullies like to pin all their problems on them...It certainly saves having to engage the old synapses and figure out what might actually be wrong.

  12. UBK
  13. UBK

    You now live in a fully fledged Nazi state. People like Buttercup are not only the guardians of it, they will treat YOU as an enemy alien for not being the same as them.
    Thank God I never jumped ship there !

  14. UBK
  15. UBK

    One day the shoe may be on the other foot. In this life you NEVER know what lies around the corner.

  16. UBK
  17. UBK

    This is the plan for the WHOLE world. Non US citizens should watch this to know what is in store for their country !

  18. ZeissIkon
  19. ZeissIkon

    Well, it does look like slavery is back in fashion in the Land of the Free, and they're barely bothering to hide it either. How very depressing.

  20. buttercup123456
  21. buttercup123456

    Dear a_no_n: Children? Are you kidding me? Look again! And as for measles, yes it does effect the unvacacinated, but it doesn't come from thin air? Do you really think a administration is going to tell you where it is really coming from when they are trying to force illegal immigration down the USA's throat? Read below:

    Breitbart Texas

    by Joel B. Pollak3 Feb 2015220

    The sudden outbreak of measles across the United States raises questions about how the disease arrived in the country after it was eradicated here in 2000.

    A quick review of the U.S. State Department visa requirements for immigrant visas reveals that applicants must be vaccinated for measles prior to their approval. Measles vaccination is not required for tourist visas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nor is it required for any other disease.

    That leaves three possibilities. One is that a tourist present legally in the U.S. brought measles to the country while visiting. This is the most plausible explanation, given that the outbreak began at Disneyland.

    Another possibility is that an illegal immigrant brought measles to the country.

    And the third, probably most remote, possibility is that a legal immigrant who was vaccinated still managed to contract the disease abroad, since the vaccination is not 100% effective in all cases.

    There was a sudden arrival of illegal immigrant children over the summer. However, many of those children were from countries and regions that have high rates of immunization.

    The highest rates of under-vaccination in the U.S. are to be found in low-income communities where illegal immigrants may liveā€“but also in high-income communities where many residents have graduate degrees, and some are attracted to alternative methods of healing and non-Western medicine.

    Reports from the border last year did indicate some problems with diseases, including illnesses likely to be spread rapidly in cramped holding facilities. Border patrol officers told Breitbart News at the time that they do not screen for diseases among those detained.

    From the border, many detainees were scattered to processing centers throughout the country, and many entered local schools this fall. The spread of measles from Disneyland across the country is far more recent, however.

    As far as tax rate, boy are you lost!! If fact, since 1916, with the except of approximately 2 dozen years, our tax rate ranged from 67% to 94%. What re-written boks are you cts from?getting your so-called facts from?

  22. a_no_n
  23. a_no_n

    What can i say... except Bullsh/t!

    The measles outbreaks is happening in middle class areas, coincidentally all the ones that have high rates of anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists.

    Your one source is nothing, in fact looking at some of the articles it seems to have a very definate right wing bias.

    For example it seems to think Jon Stewart is quitting the daily show because "the future of the Dems is Bleak" rather than he's fifty and been doing that job for sixteen years.

    It talks entirely about the GOP campaign for first glance it seems to be a very right wing in it's biased, so untrustworthy!

    Also your figures on tax agree with my point that the richest Americans are paying the lowest tax they have ever done in the history of the country! Read them again.

    the BBC, a newssource that that doesn't have a horse in the American election on account of being British and bound by British law to political neutrality calls the influx of children illegally entering the US a crisis.

    If you think the BBC is a socialist conspiracy then here's a link from the daily mail, a far right British newspaper which numbers the children at 37000 with tens of thousands more unaccounted.

    Also your "That only leaves three possibilities" statement is an argument from ignorance! Just because you can only think of three other options that doesn't mean only three exist!

    Also...Since we're talking about Disneyland, whose more likely to go there? an immigrant with barely two cents to rub together, or an affluent middle class family?

    It's the second one isn't it...That supports my claim that Measles epidemic is coming from the middle classes more than it supports your theory that it's being brought in by immigrants!

    Try not cherrypicking next time and you might find a more rounded argument.

  24. Bryan Plymale
  25. Bryan Plymale

    an excellent and articulate comment!

  26. cstack
  27. cstack

    why has no one documented the strain immigrants put on the country they are infiltrating ? Has anyone notice those countries dont give a damn at all that their people are leaving in droves ?

  28. David
  29. David

    Much of the wealth in the USA has been the result of USA raping third world countries of their natural resources. People from other countries like Mexico come here to take back what the USA has been stealing from them for a very long time.


    Why don't we just send these poor people to Cuba G and water board them. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS CRIME....prison for profit. USA YOU STINK worse than the German Concentration Camps.
    You ship them back don't kill them and make money off them. Will you sell human meat soon ??


    Ok, my family came to Canada form Scotland and the Ukraine. Canada accepts all means we don't torture and kill for profit like CCA.
    When did your relatives slip into AMERICA ??

  34. Tina Stone
  35. Tina Stone

    Seriously? Obviously, you did not pay any attention to the facts on what the documentary has given. How can one be so naive and ignorant. Ask yourself, who are the real criminals in the USA. Big corporations who are making millions off of the backs of people who for example; drove a car without a license. It's not like they robbed a bank or killed someone. Even Americans don't get treated that way, with such a misdemeanor. Where is the humanity and compassion in your heart? If you really want to define what an American is - aren't we all immigrants? What gives you the right, to say that you are better than them, because your family got here about what maybe a generation or two, sooner? What are you trying to imply - that an American life is worth more than an immigrant? By the way, I'm guessing that you still haven't figured it out on why you don't see any of that money coming into your bank account, from the profits of these big corporations? Because, they don't see your life (compared to theirs) as anything worth more either - like your mentality towards the immigrants). Figure the math out now? ;)

    And for the comment that you made about America being broke. How can you not comprehend and acknowledge that you are being deceived? Because they want to distract you from reality. America is one of the richest countries in the world, making billions of dollars by selling weapons of mass destruction (tanks, firearms, etc) to other countries - by getting rich off of the fruits of wars, and innocent people who are being killed around the globe. Just take a look at the discrepancy that gets bigger between the social classes. Why are students paying so much for higher education? Because, the administrations have a delusion that they rightfully deserve a yearly salary in the six figures, compared to the faculty members, who don't have a chance for a tenure or even a comfortable retirement. All because, of GREED!

    Wake up and welcome to reality!

  36. Tina Stone
  37. Tina Stone

    Right on!

  38. dourrsch
  39. dourrsch

    tina i couldn't of said it better!

  40. Neil
  41. Neil

    Shame shame shame ! The same thing is happening in Australia it suits the courts judges lawyer's .they all make heaps of money off the system .some computer somewhere will now pick what I've written and I could end up on a watch list. ???

  42. Tina Stone
  43. Tina Stone


  44. Tina Stone
  45. Tina Stone


  46. a_no_n
  47. a_no_n

    I'm guessing you haven't seen them because none of them confirm your position.
    Often when people do studies on the economic effect of immigration it quickly becomes apparant that it is a massive boon to the country not a strain on the resources

  48. Petra Hernandez
  49. Petra Hernandez

    I have an immigration story and would love for someone to help me create a video. The USA has gone downhill, something everyone knows and many deny. Legally I was petitioning for my husband, a university professor. One small "ignorance of the law", got him thrown into a detention facility...He's dead now and I, also a university professor, am almost bakrupt trying to clear up the mess, through legal means. Legally doing things is also a money - making deal for the powerful and money - depleting for the citizen. SOMEONE PLEASE get in touch with me. I would make a video with help! Thank you.

  50. answerman
  51. answerman

    The simple facts cannot be underscored by emotional opinions,the main fact is that there are established protocols for entering this country and if not followed become criminal acts.Allowing any illigal immigration pisses in the face of not only law abiding citizens but immigrants who entered here legally.Why should criminals be offered amnesty?.Let's not forget our retard politicians debating what should be a non issue due to the fact that we have LAWS established governing this very issue.It seems that the average american practices the antithesis of thinking demonstrated by the fact they elected and re-elected the retard Bush as well as electing and re-electing our current retard who had no prerequisite experience to be even a senator let alone the potus,wtf?

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