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That's Impossible: Eternal Life

2009 ,    »  -   84 Comments
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That's Impossible: Eternal LifeIs it possible to achieve eternal life? Some believe the first children who will live to the age of 1,000 have already been born. To find out how close humanity is to defeating death, we'll investigate plans to grow replacement body parts in labs, microscopic robots that could wipe out deadly diseases, and the possibility that aging itself can be reversed by taking a page out of one of history's darkest legends.

Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey has famously stated, "The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today …whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries."

Perhaps de Gray is way too optimistic, but plenty of others have joined the search for a virtual fountain of youth. In fact, a growing number of scientists, doctors, geneticists and nanotech experts—many with impeccable academic credentials - are insisting that there is no hard reason why aging can’t be dramatically slowed or prevented altogether. Not only is it theoretically possible, they argue, but a scientifically achievable goal that can and should be reached in time to benefit those alive today.

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84 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Life.Is.The.Alien

    Give humans any power and there will be both destruction, creation, and preservation. BUT - the achievement of immortality would be the ultimate triumph of the humanity - of technology. I often think of Luddites as ones would would prefer life without fire - without intelligence and the ability to change the environment for the better from the human perspective (the only one that matters). Freedom from the fear of death and suffering is the ultimate goal of all technology and scientific endeavor. The lies of fear mongering - helpless superstition and religion will - must- fall by the wayside. No longer will humanity have to prostrate themselves before the invisible deity - have to silence their curiosities and passions. When someone says IMPOSSIBLE. The first precept of science is to never take their word for it. Try it out yourself. The world needs more scientists and free thinkers.

    Immortality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. The way I see it divided Humanity will either leave the cradle in the next 200 years... OR go the way of the dodo.

  2. Tor
  3. Tor

    Part 2 and part 3 in this playlist is the same.

  4. barnabas
  5. barnabas

    I could think of nothing worse than immortality on this planet. Food production problems, our atmospheric pollution, our water pollution, the increasing number of virilant diseases, mismanagement of international banking, increasing numbers of corrupt governments,population blowout, etc etc etc. I could not imagine how boring life would eventually become, after a while you would be looking forward to a bullet in the head. Imortality bah humbug a wankers dream.....

  6. Charles B.
  7. Charles B.

    Tor: Parts 2 and 3 aren't the same, but have a similar beginning only.

    Death has a purpose; it's our appointment with God for judgement. We'll never overcome death in the sense this documentary is trying to convey. But, in truth, we are all eternal beings now as the soul continues after physical death eternally.

    Very interesting documentary actually. I would love to live to be a supercentarian as long as I'm healthy and mentally alert to enjoy it. It's possible.

  8. Achems Razor
  9. Achems Razor

    Well, @ Charles B: We do agree on something, when you say soul, I say entity though.
    The entity is eternal, death is a part of life, out one door and into another.
    But no judgment with any Gods, it is more like Karma, we keep coming back until we get it right, and then can progress to higher realms.

  10. thomas
  11. thomas

    Science is no more than a tool to explain things that are beyond our scope of reason in terms which we feel comfortable and secure with and that will help ease the fear which seems to dominate peoples lives. Science will never be able to explain life as a whole and can only hope to scratch the surface of our existence.
    With that said our human nature will never allow us to become immortal in the physical sense. The human thirst to control/dominate and understand all around us is to great of a trait to be quenched and will lead to eventual conflict and death. How horrible would it be if the leaders we have today are still leading a thousand years from now!
    The human race has documented countless atrocities and power mongering in the past, in the 5 thousand plus years of recorded human history we still have not seemed to learn anything.
    Also, just as a little side thought, I thought science believed the ages of the Patriarchs of the bible (all ranging to around 1000 years old) were physically impossible. Even though the human body has not evolved since recorded history, how is it feasibly possible today and not then? Physiologically and biologically speaking?

  12. Life.Is.The.Alien
  13. Life.Is.The.Alien

    Just totally wow. Negativity, pessimism, and just religious imaginary illusion is present in all the above comments - exactly the attitudes that have preserved the status qu0 for over 4000 years of human history. I say those who think they want to die should - and they should die quickly and those who want to live should live. Eventually - without a catastrophe sparking a new dark age caused by the fundamentally insane - those who hold the belief that it is good to die will... die out.

    Oh and Thomas and Barnabas (both Christians from birth it appears as they have a completely negative view of themselves and humanity)... True Science does not believe... it does not have too it just is. Further more - you both give up your dreams much to quickly - without even trying... how sad. Plus one reason humanity does not learn over 5000 years is because we do not live forever, we have no genetic memory in th traditional sense - and humanity is a collection of individuals.

    Bah humbug to you... it is people like you I hate.... because you are already dead in mind and zest. Life forever as you think now would be hell, I know because I was brain-washed like you until finally breaking free to some extent at 16.

  14. Form the C
  15. Form the C


    What you wrote reminded me of a book called "bringers of the dawn"

  16. Rip
  17. Rip

    Wild, In terms of extended space flight, this may be a way for humans to populate the solar system, or simply another planet, before we all die here on earth.
    Space flight technology and human life extension may start evolving at the same rate. Wicked.

  18. Glen
  19. Glen

    Imagine catching a conversation between two people in the future and all you hear is "Yeah, I've been assistant supervisor at Walmart for 345 years". No wonder the government who works for the corporate world wants this, it's cheap labor forever, nobody retires.

  20. barnabas
  21. barnabas

    Thanks Life.Is.The.Alien I enjoyed your comments about me and my views. I love people like you as you give me something to smile about. Science is doomed by the overuse of assumptions. I have in my many years obtained two Doctorates plus a Masters in science and I can see the humbug in the documentary very clearly, I give lectures in subjects such as positive thinking, lateral thinking, and self esteem as part of many of the courses I teach. My aim in life is to see and do as much as I can for I really enjoy life and all it brings me. You have one comment that is correct I am a christan but not from birth. In conclusion my friend I stand by my comment after a few hundred years you would get bored silly and run out of things you want to do and it would be time to load the gun. Especially if the world was full of people like yourself it would be mind numbing not to have anyone intelligent to converse with.

  22. Joe_nyc
  23. Joe_nyc


    "The entity is eternal, death is a part of life, out one door and into another.
    But no judgment with any Gods, it is more like Karma, we keep coming back until we get it right, and then can progress to higher realms."

    Had to read your comment few times to understand it.
    Are you saying you believe in reincarnation?


  24. Achems Razor
  25. Achems Razor

    @ Joe_nyc:

    Maybe 95%, Everything seems so damn weird, about Quantum for one thing, everything I looked at about Quantum says the same thing.
    We form what we see!

    A lot of people think that when we kick-off there is oblivion, so what is oblivion? has anyone ever seen it? what does it look like?
    How can you possibly define it? nothing exits. There is no time.

    I hold there is no such thing as oblivion. We are always here, in some reality or some form, but never regressing in our cognizant senses, because we are consciousness, that means we should always be progressing upwards, upwards mobility so to speak.

    What is your take on this?

  26. mahususi
  27. mahususi

    If life prolonging can be possible the concern should be how to deal with challenges,just imagine a country with idi amin or pol pot as its head of state?On the other hand would this discovery be confined to humanbeings?Some scientist would spread it to all living things,animals,vegetable and micro scopic organisms.What would be the scenerial if they mutate?Are we headed for self destruction in the name of progress?
    What really happen when one dies?is it the end or beginning of a new life-[birth and death are precondition of each other?]
    Since modern man is really advanced in technology that ancient man,have we become more advanced spiritually,what i mean are we more selfless.Since spiritually we are not any better from ancient men,my personal view is this is dangerous development!!!

  28. Ivan
  29. Ivan

    Achems Razor

    Well done, I agree.

  30. Life.Is.The.Alien
  31. Life.Is.The.Alien


    There is no advancement in 'spiritually' because there is no immortality - it is back to square one every adult generation. All men who say they have greater access to the divine - speak in uncertain terms and ask something as payment from you are dangerous. There is only the free flow of information, the development of an open but skeptical mind that sees through delusion - greater understanding of the desires and needs of self, others, the environment and how we alter it.

    Then there is the conscious decision to seek the most pure means to bring the goal of improvement to the world. Time is your life - so find the best way to spend it. If you see someone with something you desire - instead of trying to destroy them, make peace and learn from them. Instead of hoarding your good ideas reveal them to the wider world and receive much more back than you could have given.

    In general terms by looking out for others - by being dedicated to public health in all actions. By having a design that is pure in purpose in all steps - especially the big picture as it is most important not to be 'pound foolish and penny wise.' You will have your investment returned back to you many times in the future by orders of exponential magnitude.

    Karma, and 'the golden rule.'

    Do unto others as you would have them do to you. The one thought from the bible that is universally true in principle.

    There are however some shrewd exceptions to this rule of do no harm -when the ideology meets the gritty reality. As the failure of pacifism has shown.

    But in the end mahususi I would prefer to live with one eye open than both closed. Progress that is social must be perused.

    I would love to see the day where a person who does not do anything at all to 'make a living i.e work' could live what we now consider a middle class life - but with all the free time in the world.

    A day where inspiration, joyful activity, pursuit of personal interest, exploration, discovery, and creativity is the zeitgeist of the day instead of shackled drudgery -non-discriminating stealth slavery. With robotics and automation there is no reason this should not be a possibility in this century. Utopia must be pursued with the try try again spirit.

  32. Bunny Prole
  33. Bunny Prole

    The Grim Reaper, the ultimate foe.

    I for one say, Death to Death!

  34. Danby
  35. Danby

    You don't have to worry about over population and immortality. Only the super rich will live forever. The rest of us will probably have life expectancies of 50 years or so.

  36. WoW
  37. WoW

    Life. Is. The. Alien:

    In reference to your last common, in fact technology is only a tool for humanity (by which I mean the technology owning nations) to further control nature. That's all technology is being used for currently. Science does not necessarily produce free-thinkers, it is still an institution and institutions hardly harbour free-thinkers.

  38. Ddub
  39. Ddub

    I agree with rip I think ultimately we need our lives extended if we're to have any chance of seeing and populating other regions of space. Life extension and extended space flight should be developed and develop together.

  40. mahususi
  41. mahususi

    Ddub you are right,without other cosmic bodies that can sustain life assuming the inhabitats of those world are lower than we[if they are higher than us,we shall end up in their zoo's or game parks or in labs for experiments!the scene is bleak!hehehe]then we can colonise the new lands and continue with our wars of supremacy!!

  42. BBC
  43. BBC


    I am a little surprised at your comment. You are using the same words religee's use. ;)

    There is a multiverse for sure, is it same time or different time? I think it is parallel and same time. I think some Absinthe might help bring clarity.

    I am not sure our planet will make it through the next 50 years, so what good will living a thousand years do?

  44. BBC
  45. BBC


    Wow that was profound. I think. I am trying to think freely, its not working well.

  46. Achems Razor
  47. Achems Razor

    @ BBC:

    It might seem like some words religee's use, but I can assure you it is a different perspective.

    Religee's do not believe in reincarnation, they believe they will be born again, which is different, reincarnation was, I believe prevalent in the Bible at one time.

    Reincarnation and quantum theory basically go hand in hand.
    Quantum says we are consciousness that form the reality.

  48. richard
  49. richard

    I know beyond doubt where we will all end up. I speak from certainty! This will take you right back to the very beginning. Right before we're born , our souls were stationed in a space where we'll all end up anyway. There's no furniture, let's say like a green room, where people gather before appearing on t.v. There's no catering either. But we are all heading for a real space exactly like the space where we are all lingering before our birth. Keep happy everyone, Nothing is as bad as it first seems. Mother, you were right, I didn't know just who I had for a Mother until you were gone. You memory is as if you were beside me. Thanks for everything.

  50. Shane
  51. Shane

    How can a documentary about eternal life only deal with overpopulation as an afterthought while the end credits are rolling? Surely the political, social and economic implications of eternal life are worthy of at least twenty minutes! The fact that this documentary spent at least ten minutes discussing completely trivial nonsense such as the biblical dude who lived to be 969 years old or that lady in trannsylvania who enjoyed bathing in blood while ignoring the real issues shows that it is just pandering to the lowest common denominator. American TV is beyond belief. This sh1t would never slide on Irish TV. There would be uproar! What is even more laughable is that I wasted nearly an hour of my (soon to be eternal) life watching sensationalist garbage. I'm glad Ryker is still putting food on his table somehow anyway!

  52. doe
  53. doe

    Life expectancy has doubled in the last 150 years where as the population has risen from 500m to almost 7B.... That's 1400% from just doubling the average life span! I don't get why they would want this type of technoligy/result when the worlds governments can't control todays problems. If this is going to be possible I don't see it getting into the hands of any ordinary (middle class-poor) people.

  54. Eric
  55. Eric

    Do you think the governments want this? of course not, we already are too much on this planet (from a recent U.N. study), imagine if everyone lives for 1000 years. The best way to accelerate our ends.

    honestly, i think its only lot of stuff to pump money from old people. And, hope for very rich people.

  56. Technocrat Kid
  57. Technocrat Kid


    I completely disagree, frankly I don't think you know what you're talking about.
    "Food production problems, our atmospheric pollution, our water pollution, the increasing number of virulent diseases, mismanagement of international banking, increasing numbers of corrupt governments,population blowout, etc etc etc. I could not imagine how boring life would eventually become"

    I don't know how you can spout out all those problems and then say life would be boring. I'll admit problems aren't all that fun, but they do give a person purpose, and finding a solution to those problems can be an enjoyable process, especially if you find one that works.

    How the hell is any of that boring? You could say that it's "bad" or "a pain in the butt", but you can't honestly say it's "boring" and mean it.

    I don't know about you, but it sounds like you kept your to-do list short on purpose because you know how short your life will be, and I could understand if maybe you are trying to encourage others to keep theirs short as well, after all dying with half of your to-dos, not done. leaves a disappointing end.

    It's apparent you are against immortality, but are you against longevity? Would you be able to do everything you wanted to in the estimated 80 years, or have you already done everything you've wanted and are now just waiting it out?

    Anyway. I think it would be impossible to get bored. With all the hobbies, with all the professions you could practice and master, with all the people you could meet and learn and love, with all the people around you creating new things for you to enjoy, with you creating things for others to enjoy, the advancements in science, and..... I could go on and on, but my life's too short to list all the things a person could do. Maybe the only reason YOU wouldn't want it is because you have no more passion (assuming you had any to begin with), or maybe you lack imagination, but for the rest of us, I think we'd all be much happier at least living 1000 years instead of a measly 80.
    This next part isn't completely directed at you, just people that seem to not care about this stuff.

    The only thing that bugs me about stuff like this, is supply and demand. If not enough people are interested in these sorts of things. Then I can't imagine it's getting enough funding. Not that progress won't occur. I believe it to be inevitable, but I'd like to be one of the people living to be 1000 or more, and that's less and less likely to occur in my lifetime with all the disinterest in life-extension. I could understand the lack of interests if due to not knowing about the topics existence, but I just can't stand how people who do know, would be against it. It's not like you would be forced to live forever, but why not encourage it so the ones that do want to live, can.

  58. nj
  59. nj


    Thanks for your first comment; what's wrong with these people I seriously do not understand. When I read the description of the documentary, "wow, this is absolutely amazing," i thought to myself and quickly scrolled down to see some comments about the quality of the video and thoughts on what possibilities lay in front of us. But, negativity and religious rubbish is what I found.

  60. Pierre
  61. Pierre

    K so i watched this hopeing to learn more about the potential for a kid thats going to live 1000 years... and it's just a guy saying "yeah i think that someone lives today who will love for 1000 years" without any explanation... wth man...

  62. disko
  63. disko

    First of all, I hate the negitave standpoint which this film is delivered from; it seems to be in favour the agenda.
    I know that I would not want to live for ever in this reality, and I know all like minded people would agree. I feel that if you're [spiritually] grounded, you sould see no fear in death.

  64. random dude
  65. random dude

    the music at the beginning sounds a lot like the music at the opening credits of the first spider man movie

  66. Pablo
  67. Pablo

    and this guy thinks "religious" people believe in fairy tales:

    "I would love to see the day where a person who does not do anything at all to ‘make a living i.e work’ could live what we now consider a middle class life – but with all the free time in the world.
    A day where inspiration, joyful activity, pursuit of personal interest, exploration, discovery, and creativity is the zeitgeist of the day instead of shackled drudgery -non-discriminating stealth slavery. With robotics and automation there is no reason this should not be a possibility in this century. Utopia must be pursued with the try try again spirit."

    the word naive comes to mind.

  68. jai bajrang
  69. jai bajrang

    i'm appalled at the conviction shown by the commentors here. everyone seems to know the right thing. and almost everyone seems to think it's gonna be the right thing for everyone else too! the arrogance of it all!

    if there's one thing that indicates lack of an open intellect, it is the absolute certainty of one's own beliefs. the logical conclusion from such certainty is that the commentor thinks of himself/herself(/itself?) as being smart(beign able to reach the correct conclusions) as well as omniscient(w.r.t. the topic at hand). that in itself implicates them in their ignorance. ... and then they go on to espouse on their imaginative theories!...still, one's own theories atleast indicate some progress. but please people, be dumb not lazy. if u r dumb, u r welcome to discuss fairy tales with all sincerity. it's a privilege that comes with the handicap. we understand. but don't be lazy and make dumb statements just because u did not make the effort to think it through.

  70. ash
  71. ash

    completely agree with barnabas

  72. sadhikar
  73. sadhikar

    Would life have any joy if you were to live forever. People want to make most of their life because they know that their time is limited. They want to right the wrong, but if you were to live forever, who'd give a damn! Also, not to mention life would be completely boring and utterless. If you were to hooked into a pleasure machine and get pleasure sensation eternally, would you hook into one? I am afraid not. I see with the more technological advancement in our daily, the more societial disarray. As our society becomes more corrupted,our mental thinking has been corrupted too, and each of us are affected as a result. We have been making policies that will destabilize or eventual self destruct the human civilization.

  74. gary
  75. gary

    Hey at least I might get a run for the presidency in those 1000 years, and imagine how many titles the UK monarchy has to make up...the 133rd Prince of Wales or so....

  76. Wyatt
  77. Wyatt

    Nobodies going to be immortal. The Earth can barely handle the people it has now, humans need to die off to keep the populations down.

  78. sasidhar
  79. sasidhar

    immortal life impossible. may be you can live for about 250 years in future excluding cryogenic sleeps or such things.

    thinking to live for 1000 years without any problems is insane. recently we got financial crisis , in future there are many environmental problems ready to strike upon us. then there are problems of population blowout. and may be there will be personal problems. this list continues on and on. to live such a long life is also against the law of the nature. this ultimately leads to destruction of our biodiversity and environment.

    i would prefer a happy short life of 150-200 years:)

  80. The Optimist
  81. The Optimist

    "Life.Is.The.Alien" is right on the money.

    I'd be really interested to know how 'thomas' can demonstrate that "Science will never be able to explain life as a whole and can only hope to scratch the surface of our existence."

    And this statement just stinks of utter stupidity; "Even though the human body has not evolved since recorded history, how is it feasibly possible today and not then? Physiologically and biologically speaking?"

    Evolution is a never ending process my friend. Not until life ceases to exist will it stop. Furthermore, recorded history is approximately 5000 years. According to scientists, life began on earth approximately 3.5 billion years ago. You're assessing evolution through the scope of approximately 0.00000143% of life's existence. Not to mention we didn't even know what DNA was until something like 1953.

  82. BetsMcGee
  83. BetsMcGee

    Could stand to live as long as I am healthy, it would take me at least 500 years to do everything I want to do today let alone all the new stuff that the future will bring.
    I don't kid myself but if it ever comes possible, it's only going to be available for the people who own the world as yet another way of solidifying their control over the population

  84. Beau81
  85. Beau81

    I think that if I could, I would live for many thousands of years. The things I could learn see and do in that time would be worth it. maybe even get to the point where I could travel to mars, or help discover the orgins of life. I would even be satisfied with learning a few more languages.

  86. Craigzz
  87. Craigzz

    The only reason i can think of for living a long time, would be to go out and visit the stars and create new worlds and new civilisations. I mean some trees live for thousands of years, but i'm not sure what kind of life it would be to spend such a long time anchored in the same place. The reality might be stranger than we think, we may all have once been trees, and we might all go on to be many other forms of life in the future, we are a collection of atoms after all, and atoms dont die, so with that in mind, we never really die, only our ability to take in and store information is lost. I mean someone with alzheimers is in the most basic terms, a kind of zombie, they dont have the ability to form new memory, there brain tries to make sense of it by retrieving the memories it has, but in a way, the person has died.

    We will never have the ability to dramatically extend human life, simply because evolution is long and very precise, there is little if any understanding of this complex process, despite how much scientists think they know, in reality they know nothing, and that is clearly evident today. Recent attempts at gene therapy point this out, these scientists fail to understand basic principles of cause and effect. In trying to alter or disturb any life form, leads only to unknown and potentially catasthrophic consequences, which will be seen in both plant and animal life.

    There is of course ways around this, cloning oneself, and somehow creating an exact copy of ones neural network, complete with all life memories, might possibly be you, the question is, how do you tell if you are still alive ?

  88. David Murphy
  89. David Murphy

    I could live forever wildcamping, daveswildcamping

  90. gsjikwblao
  91. gsjikwblao

    "getting it right" is engaging the life-giving influence of the love which flows between our consciences. If a conscience dies from the withdraw of love as a person avoids the inconvenient influence of the same, (inconvenient when encountering a hateful person) that "soul" or conscience cannot "come back" because their is nothing to "come back". It is our convicting consciences that regenerate not our intellectual reasoning. Our intellectual reasoning is the very means by which we justify avoiding the influence of the love which gives life to our convicting consciences. In the near future when all convicting consciences are of an increased sensitivity state, all the problems that plague this "world" (the initial way we think) will pass. This includes the desire to live for a thousand years in the same physical body. Why drive the same old car when we can turn it in for a new one? We will understand that we are not our physical bodies or our intellectual minds. We are "detection points of love which expanded out from a single point of perspective in the creation event 13.7 billion years ago and, in caring one for another, under the influence of love, are on our way back to that same single point of perspective where we form an intelligence best described as "sensitivity without boundary". Inasmuch as we can understand that we must engage suffering ourselves if we are to reduce it in others, we can understand the motivation of our separate physical bodies to be in diametric opposition to our convicting consciences. This is not an unfortunate coincidence, but is it's very design criteria. Love generated physical existence 13.7 billion years ago to facilitate a necessary diametrically opposed motivation (love, as a binding force could not function as such without something to bind) . This is intellectual minds engaging separate physical bodies. Inasmuch as we can understand that love is a binding motivation, we can also understand that it is an illuminating one. Thus a diametrically opposed motivation would not only be division-justifying, it would also be deceptive. The immense size, age and complexity of physical existence are necessary for the deceptive nature in that they give us an alternate path of understanding till the time of change from a base-level convicting conscience to a convicting conscience of increased motivation. we need not invent eternal life in a test tube out of our fear of death. For those suffering the influence of love in a world where so many are departing, it already exists.

  92. gsjikwblao
  93. gsjikwblao

    Clearly, whatever spawned or generated or created physical existence 13.7 billion years ago must have been non-physical. Thus it would foolish indeed for scientists and free thinkers to discount the "non-physical".

  94. Carl Jodoin
  95. Carl Jodoin

    I just dont get well everybody will go.

  96. Carl Jodoin
  97. Carl Jodoin

    AND i hate how they always show life expectancy has risen from 35 in 1800 to 80.Duh!... Child deaths are almost absent now, thats the ONLY reason.

  98. kiwjer132
  99. kiwjer132

    or simply stop having kids.

  100. Admir Efendic
  101. Admir Efendic

    paying tax and working 9-5 for 1000 years so that some rich b*stard can enjoy it for 1000 years? Urk no thx :)

  102. francuccio
  103. francuccio

    This is all terribly silly science fiction. And we don't "make" bacteria resistant. New strains evolve. So much for the science part.

  104. James Colwell
  105. James Colwell

    you would know right.... don't talk rubbish on here.

  106. James Colwell
  107. James Colwell

    better than being dead no?

  108. James Colwell
  109. James Colwell

    good point, but how do you regulate ppl from having childern, whose the judge saying who/ or how many we can have each.. its a problem we haven't thought about, p.s we are growing 80 million more ppl each year sense 2010

  110. James Colwell
  111. James Colwell

    birth rates and life expectancy have nothing to do with each other...

  112. James Colwell
  113. James Colwell

    interesting point, not that i dont agreed but you'll have to forgive me when you say we can't "dramatically extend human life" that would depend on your term of dramatically, while i do believe we will extend are lives, I too believe there a limits to the physical extend in with we can.

  114. James Colwell
  115. James Colwell

    make more sense please....

  116. gsjikwblao
  117. gsjikwblao

    if the "big bang" that occurred 13.7 billion years ago had a "first cause", that is to say something made it happen, whatever that something was, it would have to be outside time and space because because time and space did not yet exist.

    If we could find a common denominator binding everything that we know to exist, and this had a functioning capacity, we could by implication understand that whatever has need of this function is what generated it (generated the big bang)

    This is consistant with our understanding of evolution in that life forms develop characteristics that they have need of.

    This may seem strange but it is significant to note that scientists have not taken a step forward in the search for a unified field theory in 50 years. And while it sends the search for a theory that explains everything in a different direction, that is to say in the direction of motivations governing human consciousness and away from the mechanical interactions of matter and energy, it is still "causation-bound" (as is evolution) and is no stranger then "string theory". But the "causation" driving the expanding singularity into existence would of a necessity be born of a form of consciousness because "mechanical causation" would not yet exist until the singularity appeared.
    It may also be considered, that outside time and space, the environment occupied by whatever "caused" the big bang, that some form of consciousness is the only thing that could exist.

  118. gsjikwblao
  119. gsjikwblao

    Does this mean that a 94 year old person with alzheimers will start swaying back and forth and screaming as they slip into a past reality supported by a "misplaced" memory about swinging on a swing at Mayberry park when they were 6 years old?

    The people I have encountered with this disease could not remember things and this included recognizing people. They did not re-live misplaced memories. Or perhaps reliving them is what they would do IF the brain got it "sorted out"

    Sorry if this is a little "off subject"

  120. James Colwell
  121. James Colwell

    Much better, your opening statement holds truth, thou we could debate all day on what are theories are. but connecting the universe's evolution to are own is over simplifying are universe and its stages of evolution or the word I'd rather use transformation into the matter space and time. (don't mistake me for being a creationist.)

  122. gsjikwblao
  123. gsjikwblao

    Yes, to understand the causation driven transformation of a creating consciousness into matter/space/time would not be easy and this would be necessary to stop my theory from being so thin. but if the common denominator I mentioned in my first comment could be discovered, we could "leap-frog" right over the "how" the universe began to the "why". It is interesting that Hawkings said that this was a greater question to answer (and it may actually be easier to do it). This is not to say that it is easy, but to understand how consciousness could shift into matter/space/time by consciousness designed to engage it may be impossible. It may be necessary for us to be stupid. If we were smart enough we would most likely screw up the universe and circumvent it's purpose (whatever that might be)

  124. Matthew
  125. Matthew

    What the **** are you talking about? Put the vial of acid down.

  126. TJ Kristinek
  127. TJ Kristinek

    Nassim Haramein has a unified theory

  128. gsjikwblao
  129. gsjikwblao

    Thanks for the heads-up. I'll take a look at it.

  130. standwayback
  131. standwayback

    we live eternally, how much longer can you get from that?

  132. Keith Armstong
  133. Keith Armstong

    Not for the poor, uneducated, the dregs shall go into the dust.

  134. PaulGloor
  135. PaulGloor

    Death does make perfect sense, but so does indefinite life extension. I do believe it to be a right to live as long as possible.

  136. Nakor4Twunny
  137. Nakor4Twunny

    Why would I want to forgo my eternal life as a being of energy for THIS existence?

  138. Phoenx
  139. Phoenx

    We can live forever, but the secret it's not in science, it's in us, we have the power to make and do anything if we work toghtether and enjoy ower lives. This method it's just a sintetic method to extend ower lives to work for others. Why don't they exterminate all the diseases???and create a good environment for humans to grow and live in peace with nature?Anyway, I hope u people can find the truth in tour hearts.

  140. James Gonzales
  141. James Gonzales

    I absolutely agree. It seems difficult to find others who have the logic and insight that you have expressed. Peace, Jim

  142. PLOTCH
  143. PLOTCH

    If there is going to be eternal life I would welcome it as I would have no problem at all existing forever, doing what I love to do.

  144. bburke
  145. bburke

    And what do we do with all of the people who don't die? we can't even take care of the ones we have now.

  146. Hernando Cadet
  147. Hernando Cadet

    I believe it and I believe it with all my blood, sweat and tears, this is true we are very close to becoming eternal beings, we just have to connected the dots.

  148. Mats Johan
  149. Mats Johan

    Fear of death, only ends with negative results. It's there for a reason. Nothing to be feared. It's the end of the experiance and the beginning of the next one. If you believe this is a physical solid world, then you need to get your basic truths corrected. Cause it's made out of atoms and they are NOT solid.
    It might look "real" but then agian. You dream and you believe that to be real as well. Sometimes wake up in a dream and believe that to be real and you're so sure it is. But agian no.
    Conciousness is the ultimate truth. Everything else is just the to serve the experiancer. Conciousness is like an eternal ocean and we're drops from it having all these experiances at once. Cause that's how conciousness works. Just because you write a name on a paper, doesn't mean you have identity. It's an illusion. And people want to hold onto what gives them this false identity cause they believe it to be real. We're all 1 and there's no such things as DEATH. There's only a transfer of energy. Same as when your computer expires and you need a new one. The energy leaves the computer and enters another.
    Only on the screen, is this, THIS. Everywhere else it's just same thing as the inside of a computer. But that which powers the computer is the same as, that which powers this computer body.
    that is needed to have to experiance this computer simulation.
    I think people listen way to much and research way too little.
    They're just sitting there looking up to people who don't give a fu*k about you. Who are in the "know" about the nature of life.
    All the answers are out there, you just need to seek it and it'll find you.
    People live in fear, and fear in a computer simulation is a different frequency range, than Love which is positive vibration and higher awareness. Cause it's all about evolving conciousness through experiances. Or devolving by letting people who use fear agianst you control your experiance here and turn you into a power station instead of a free experiancer.

  150. Rodney Bresch
  151. Rodney Bresch

    Nature seems to have failsafes built in. For one, the exponential popultaion growth has already started to slow and will soon decline. But, if we become "immortal", we will trasncend the need to have children and pass on our knowledge.

  152. heather
  153. heather

    I love life but I'm prepared to gracefully exit when it's my time to go. Nothing is meant to last forever

  154. Minh Duong
  155. Minh Duong

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions....Is anyone looking into the "unintented consequences" of eternal life - particularly the social impacts?

  156. Alex Kharlampiev
  157. Alex Kharlampiev

    The answer is yes, people do. The more interesting question is - how are you going to perceive such possible consequences? As a new challenge for humanity and research to overcome, or as a stop sign if you already convince yourself that there is no way we could achieve a win-win situation?

  158. Alex Kharlampiev
  159. Alex Kharlampiev

    I believe that if it's possible from scientific point of view, then it's possible from political point of view as well. As much as religious groups and other "don't play God" folks will hate that, it will be an insane source of income for companies selling you an "eternal life". I mean, if they charge you say 100 000$ for it, will you pay? I know I will. And as for "overpopulation" issue that people without imagination keep bringing up, here's a solution from the top of my head - you only get to have a pill if you no have children and promise not to have any. If you give birth to a child, you either pay an enormous fine or get aging process started again.

  160. Alex Kharlampiev
  161. Alex Kharlampiev

    Guess what - they try to exterminate all the diseases and already made all the advances in that field that you use today. But working on one invention doesn't stop you from working on another one.

  162. Minh Duong
  163. Minh Duong

    There are definitely upsides to eternal life... but the earth can only support so much. Eventually, if we don't go the way of the lemming or hand our the Darwin Awards in mass quantities or find ways of living off world, the biosphere is going to suffer for our eternal lives (we are part of the biosphere).
    Sad, unfortunate nut realistic.
    "Anyone who believes in infinite growth on a finite planet is either mad or an economist" - ted. com

  164. Austinzzz
  165. Austinzzz

    Or rather you are just slaughtered if you choose to reproduce.

  166. BIGDAVE1954
  167. BIGDAVE1954

    We do have room for many many more people in America. If you get in a car in Dallas and start driving west, you won't see other people until you hit the west coast of California
    We first need to build the national river. This will be a dual 6 ft. national pipeline system that diverts the spring flood waters into holding reservoirs The Libyans built rivers through their deserts, why can't we? We need the work and the jobs. Our steel industry could use the market. As soon as this country rids itself of the red shield bankers club that runs this country we will be able to do several projects that help us and our neighbors.

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