Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic

2006, 9/11  -   58 Comments
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Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our RepublicThe official theory of the collapse is essentially a fire theory. So it can not be overemphasized that fire has never caused large steel frame buildings to collapse. Never. Whether before 9/11 or after 9/11 or on 9/11 anywhere else in the world except allegedly New York City. On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center Twin Towers disintegrated in a manner that scientists say resembled deliberately calculated implosions.

The facts open for discussion include: at 5:20 p.m. that same day another building, the 47 story WTC 7, completely collapsed within 70 feet of its footprint in 6.6 seconds.

These three buildings became the first such structures to ever suffer complete collapse due to fire and damage.

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  1. Sceptic#1

    In 100 years no steel-framed building has failed due to fire. On one day however, 9/11/2001 THREE such buildings failed, to the amazement of all.

    In the West certainly, all of these buildings were built to code of course.

    So - why have not all such building codes for these types of construction been changed?

  2. page8

    well I never believed in conspiracy theories, but when watching the buildings fall many times, something didn't seem right about it. The collapse of the buildings was very clean neatly falling down in place. This is something that i only ever seen in a controlled demolition. If it collapsed from the planes and the fires how would it drop so perfectly down the center all the through. Im not saying the demolition theory is correct but its hard to believe official reports because of visual evidence not to mention that the conspiracy theorists aren't the ones with a political agenda, the u.s. government is the one with political agenda and motive.

  3. batvette

    The entire premise behind this doc is dishonest, from debunking 911:

    "There were a lot of firsts for the WTC. In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been hit with a plane traveling 500 miles an hour and had its fire proofing removed from its trusses. In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever had its steel columns which hold lateral load sheared off by a 767. In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been a building which had its vertical load bearing columns in its core removed by an airliner. For Building 7, in all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been left for 6-7 hours with its bottom floors on fire with structural damage from another building collapse. Not the Madrid/Windsor tower did not have almost 40 stories of load on its supports after being hit by another building which left a 20 story gash. The Madrid tower lost portions of its steel frame from the fire. Windsor's central core was steel reinforced concrete. In all the history of high-rise fires, not one has ever been without some fire fighters fighting the fires.

    I could go on with the "Firsts" but you get the drift. The statement that the WTC buildings were the first high-rise buildings to collapse from fire is deceptive because it purposely doesn't take those factors into account".

  4. Bryan Lindsay

    911,thats what happins when they let a cowboy become president.bhandar bush is a bumboy for the rich saudi arabs.friggin knob jockey.

  5. joedsavage

    Bet your ass they were IMPLODED.Even Stevie Wonder could see that.So damn obvious it's a sickening joke.It's all about MONEY and GREED--very simple.There's a difference between being patriotic and being an idiot.Ask yourself this: Does the "government" lie to us about ANYTHING?? They're POLITICIANS for Christ sake! That's what they do best--L.P.B. abrieviations for LIES,PROPOGANDA and BULLSHIT. NEVER FORGET THAT.

    1. Leasy

      I'm always surprised by some peoples willingness to believe that the govts of the world have our best interest at heart, that we are not manipulated in order for them to instigate policies that benefit the elite few. Are we still that naive as to believe that ppl go into politics to 'make a difference'? Nurses make a difference, politicians make money....for themselves. I'm asked to believe that the worlds finest joined up security industry, the FBI, CIA, and all the other 2/3 digit 'agencies' had a bad week and "dropped the ball", allowing some 'tent dwellers' to plan and execute an operation that involved getting into a country ( when your photo is on the most wanted list), learn to fly a plane, by pass ALL security and with precise timing take control of planes and under the very noses of same security, have said planes deviate from set flight paths to crash into the Towers and then, as 'luck' would have it, the buildings collapse thereby securing millions in insurance for the owners whilst the world looks on.

      Geez!!! If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk....why are some of us still believing its a chicken.

    2. sameve9

      The few politicians who feel a duty to public service have their careers destroyed by the hirelings and their masters.

      Years ago when I was in college in Philly, I stood on a roof and watched a high rise building professionally demolished. I was impressed by how it fell. That collapse looked similar to building 7. It has always bugged me. All the buildings appear exactly as if professionally demolished, now that I watch them over again.

  6. Jean-Claude Lafond

    I have an Engineering friend from Canada who said the same thing... that the buildings went down like it was done by a pro-demolition team.

    1. batvette

      I have an optometrist friend from Australia that says if that's what your friend sees when looking at footage of this, he's blind.

  7. Theodore Cibran

    No way was it an inside job. Nobody in the government is smart enough to pull off something so elaborate. Some of you think of the government/military as hyper-competent, they are not. For you to really believe Bush and company, or anybody else could really work such a plan is ridiculous. It is funny that you would give so much credit to the "powers that be."

  8. rljp

    And lets not forget the force of a jet engine. It will go through just about anything including the world trade center as per the video.

  9. rljp

    no one in these documentaries will tell you the make up of a Boeing 767 loaded with fuel and how much magnesium is in the plane and what temperature Magnesium and that quantity of jet fuel will burn at. NONE OF THEM. Because if they used a modicum of intelligence and investigated those facts they would not come up with hair brained theories. Take a magnesium car tire rim and lite it on fire and put it on a piece of steel. Gee what happens. Americans love a conspiracy. Whether it be JFK to 9/11 to the latest financial cirsis. those who look to boogeymen to blame will live in ignorance forever. those who actually sit down and go through the evidence and investigate will find answers. Everyone is more than willing to take the word of self professed experts. Well good luck with that.

    1. Bryan Lindsay

      the big ball of fire when it hit the tower was the fuel. it burned up outside the building.most of it anyway.

  10. rljp

    Not one of these documentaries will tell you the metalic make up of an airplane and the % of magnesium etc. Nor how long thousands of pounds of jet fuel will burn at and how hot.

    To think that a 767 loaded with fuel could not take down just about any building on the planet is to stand up and say I am an idiot.

  11. Phill Pelling

    You will all know the truth in 2012..

  12. Mercenarry ForHire

    This is the new Roswell >:D
    Rejoice you are all part of History now >:D

  13. B

    Doug obviously doesn't pay attention to the details. If he was paying attention to this documentary, it revealed that the towers were undergoing an upgrade of the fire retardant coating of its structural members. To track down a criminal, you need a motive and an opportunity.....this can explain the vibrations and humming of drills....and how they pulled off a controlled demolition of three buildings in one day. I highly recommend following up this with the top documentary: 911 Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out.

  14. Gilbert

    So if this theories are correct that makes G. W. B. and company a mass murderers and should be put to death, right?

  15. jerry jahnke

    Very well made, interesting and recommended 'food for thought'.
    10 years have past..........and my interest for others to awake and wake others has not come to be.
    I do feel it's just a matter of time before the masses awoken to our reality.

  16. Slow Ride

    All I have to say is that before watching several films similar to this one, I believed what the government was telling me. I have now seen an overwhelming amount of evidence, as well as enough believable expert testimonies that I now believe that there is something wrong with this picture..

    Now the question is, what the hell do we do about it? The government is never going to admit to these atrocities.

  17. cancelyourcablenow

    Even if you do believe the Government conspiracy theory, how can you be okay with being watched, groped, your kids sent to kill kids in other countries, and the list goes on and on. All in the name of security. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 if you like freedom and want to restore the constitution to America.

  18. Clevo

    Hey Doug,
    That's the beautiful thing about being in America. We can disagree and not have to go to war, we can express our thoughts and opinions one to another and not feel like we're going to be picked and taken away never to be seen again. Now I don't know if this applies to the first man or woman who invents an engine that doesn't require gasoline who tries to present it to the world, but that's another topic. Thanks for the conversation and for sharing your thoughts. Best wishes to you!

  19. Doug

    @Clevo, most of my friends from other countries think the conspiracy nuts are stupid. I agree. Everyone in the world can listen for the type of explosions used in demolitions, and hear that they were not there, didn't happen, end of story.

    1. trumpsahead

      You did not investigate fully. There are several videos showing people reflexively dropping their upper torso when they hear loud explosions emanating from the Towers well after planes hit. And as mentioned in this video, well over 500 people attest to hearing explosions and bombs going off.
      There may not have been as many explosions as in "normal" demolitions but perpetrators tried to minimize loud sound but used extra large dose of thermite and thermate. It makes sense if you think about it: you can fool people visually easy enough - show a plane, blow up the bldg, and tell everyone the plane did it - and all the idiots believe every word - like you and your idiot friends.
      Loud sounds like explosions is like another Reality however, and may have awakened the sheep (shmucks like yourself) to think for a second or two and realize those noises should not be there.
      Did you see the guy with his two friends trying to make a phone call when extremely loud explosions almost made him jump to the ground? That was in a different video of course. If you did not see it, then you are a charlatan and probably a govt shill, or at least someone who is certainly not a patriot of my country, America.
      Ten years after 9/11 and you have the gall to call citizens who see the truth of that day "conspiracy nuts". You are lucky you are not physically in front of me 'cause I'd drop you faster than the towers came down. And your friends are all morons too, you arrogant s***.

    2. GoughLewis

      Duhrrr I be agreein' with you boss.... No need to think about it anymore, right? We don't be needin' the laws of "physiques" and stuff bro... eh!

      Jesus... learn to read.

  20. Clevo

    Hey Rambo, It's obvious to me that you won't be able to convince some people of the inside nature of this event. This just made it clearer for those of us who still have the will to question these things. It's interesting that those who argue the impossibility of this being an inside job obviously just read the posts and don't look at or listen to the the info provided in the actual documentary. They also most likely didn't loose a family member in this event. They just don't want to accept the possibility of an alternate truth regarding this event. So despite accounts from the many people who reported hearing explosions, they continue to act as though these people never mentioned a word about hearing these any explosions, any explosions other than that of the planes crashing into the towers. One thing they never seem to touch on is the big elephant taking a crap in the middle of their living room floor, that being Building 7 collapsing without any impact form an airplane hit, what took that down? We hardly hear anything about that! And we wonder why foreigners think Americans are stupid. One thing for sure, we must respect the Egyptians, They have balls! They took action and will hopefully get the results they desire. Are we even halfway there yet?

  21. Doug

    Rambo, I have no doubt about how evil our gov't is. I am just interested in facts and the obvious impossibilities of it. When you can actually prove something you say about the theory that our gov't did it, get back to me. I am sure I won't live that long. There are some impossible hurtles for you to overcome, one example, how a building could be brought down with explosives that no one heard. There are plenty of videos of demolitions where any reasonable person can hear what it actually sounds like. If you say there were explosions, yadda yadda, you are a f'ing nut job. I guess we already know you are, lol.

  22. Rambo

    Doug, of course it is possible to put explosives in there considering George Bush's brother served as one of the board of directors to the security firm of the WTC.
    Are you really that shocked to learn that government would do something like this? Governments have been doing this kind of thing since...forever. George Bush as well as the majority of politicians don't give a damn about you quite frankly. Politicians are greedy, manipulative, and extremely deceptive.

  23. Doug

    When you ignore your common sense and believe what someone else has said instead, you have sign of brain washing. Common sense says there is no way explosives could be put in buildings with no one knowing. Common sense says that anyone can watch videos and see that buildings did not fall at free fall. Common sense makes one wonder why the lie saying they did fall at free fall speed. Common sense is being ignored by those buying into the conspiracy theory. Those are the brain washed among us. Tune in to Alex Jones and the like for more brain washing. lol

    1. trumpsahead

      I was about to post a short comment, but I hear Traitor talk coming from you Doug. It is You who ignores common sense. The govt's official theory is not fact, it is theory; and it is ten times weaken than the Demolition theory. Firstly, there is visual evidence coming from a policeman who tells a pedestrian "they're gonna take it down", then counts down & runs one sec. before Bldg 7 comes down.
      All three bldgs fell on their own footprint, and yes they fell at or very near free fall. How long does it take for a floor to break 287 columns before it reaches the next floor and breaks another 287 columns? The govt says 1/10th of a second; if you believe 1/10th of a second then you are daft or criminally complicit; I say, get an effin life.
      Common sense is being ignored by those in denial. But you, you are a govt shill, I can smell a rat like you a mile away, you traitorous bass turd. If you cannot see that most of these 9/11 documentaries
      are asking honest and yet unanswered questions after two so-called official investigations, trying desperately to find the truth, then it is you who is the nut job on this site.
      If you don't work for govt mister, you had better wise up quickly because soon the siht is gonna hit the fan and you better pick your side.

    2. GoughLewis

      Check your head. You are lacking common sense. You are a born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind. Don't be embarrassed, just understand it, and try harder... learn to read. Start with "Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth" Just google it. It's easy. It's fast. It's fun.... good luck!

  24. Doug

    One common thread between many of those that think thermite was used..they don't even know what thermite is or what it does. This is obvious when they call it an explosive. Thermite is not an explosive. The ignorance is amusing.

    1. aaron seymour

      i think you need to hear what the PHD qualified experts have said about the probable use of Thermite...

  25. Alex B

    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

    If three towers collapse simply by fire, and no one questions it, did it really happen the way they tell us?

    If a single person speaks up and questions the authorities, does he/she make a sound?

    If a critical mass of people speak up and question the authorities, THEY WILL BE HEARD.

    1. Jack1952

      Why is it that the "truthers" ignore that the twin towers had huge gaping holes in their sides due to airlines flying into them at full speed? One doesn't hear them say buildings have never collapsed due to immense structural damage after a plane crash and intense fires. Why would you omit such an important factor?

    2. 911 Sceptic

      buildings have never collapsed due to immense structural damage after a plane crash and intense fires, even ones so localised as on 9/11


      The planes and fires were physically incapable of achieving thta collapse. Bother to find out why or stay in your hole. Your choice.

    3. Jack1952

      @ 911 Sceptic

      I chose to come out of my hole and do a little research and you are right. No building has ever collapsed after a plane crash and fire. Although no plane the size of those airliners flying at full throttle has ever crashed into buildings like the twin towers either. Pesky little detail, that.

  26. Dekay

    I find it deeply disturbing that after more than nine years, we still have people in this country who are willing to accept that all the laws of physics were somehow magically suspended on that fatefull day, and continue to wave that made in china American flag in the hope that maybe, just maybe, one day everything will be alright. I have news for you folks, it will not be alright unless and until you set aside your preconceived ideas that you have of what this country is and step outside the box and accept the fact that there are things going on that are indeed very hard to accept, but accept them we must, if we ever want to regain this once great republic. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what is happening here, hell a Rockie and Bullwinkle scientist can plainly see that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO! Together we CAN stop this madness, individually we are just voices in the wilderness. Look at the world we are leaving for our children to inherit. It's a mess. I for one want to at least make the effort to try to clean it up a bit before I leave. I hope you will all join in.

  27. 420 Vision

    There is nothing anyone of us can do to stop the tyranny that is nearing our very doorsteps, less be vigilant and stand with hardened fist when they come.

  28. Sambo, UK

    Doug, your brainwashed, bless the rest of your life, bless your children

  29. Doug

    Anyone that believes the buildings had explosives is a nut. Simple as that.

  30. Chris

    Thermite explosives planted in the building... and theres always the question "Are you crazy enough to believe the US government actually killed its own citizens?" How about you watch that doc FBI's War on Black America... or check out the Vietnam War... or how about Waco, TX. I hope the official story comes out one day, not that b@##$%&*commission report.

  31. duck

    Too bad that we can't edit our own 'know' should have been 'no' in the above post... That's what I get for staying up late last night and sleeping in this morning... still groggy.....

  32. duck

    Just as an aside, when I was in the military, I was informed that many buildings that were to hold important information, money, sensitive records, etc, etc, had demolition explosives built into the structure in order to keep anything that was in them from falling into enemy hands. This is/was supposed to be the same theory as when we were in the field during war and dropping a couple of thermite grenades on equipment and vehicles if we had to abandon them. Whether this was true or not, I have know way of knowing but is was stressed that if we were involved in a domestic war with foreign invaders, we should stay away from certain buildings during a retreat.

    Possible, probable, true...false? I don't know, it's just what my unit was told...

    1. Jack1952

      Who told you this? Was it the guy in the bunk next to you? Or is it in a training manual?

  33. yourboycal

    Just look into the events prioir to 9/11. Just look into iraq afghanistan invasion before 9/11 and 9/11 will make more sense. SEpt 10th 2.3 trillion missing but forgotten =p all the events before the date will give your answer you seek after the date ;) its more then obvious now it was an inside job. But they work hard to character assinate any conspiracy theorist now. Good luck world. 9/11 thanks to the internet and video technology was your first look at false flag operations that are one in a million around the world through out history. Easier to sucker you in then speak reason and logic .

  34. Nicholas Rion

    My name is Nick and I am getting a crash course in events that "really" happened on Sept. 11, 2001. Question: How long would it take, according to demolition experts, to wire all three buildings? Especially, if it was done by a "small" select "black operations group"? If the entire event was a conspiracy, how many people "minimally" would "have" to have been involved. Thinking George Bush was involved is giving this idiot to much credit--Cheney on the other hand and George Bush Sr. might better be implicated. There are so many questions--we all need to keep asking them. Don't let them silence uss and accuse us of being "conspiracy crazies"! The official version of 911 is the "conspiracy"!

  35. Milton Babb

    George Bush's brother Neal was maintenance super for the complex.

  36. Milton Babb

    David, David, David, of course the preparations took several weeks, the demolation was planned, to coincide with the towers attack. This was accomplished for Evelyn Rothschild who was in town on a honeymoon at a location where he could view the events of 911.... Tim, take a nap.

  37. Tim

    Did anyone consider the idea that explosive squibs were installed and wired during the construction of the ONE World Trade Center? Buildings have a service life just like any other man-made construct. The buildings would have been extremely difficult to demolish in traditional ways, and would be required to be removable without wrecking half the city. I once read somewhere there was a detonating system in place since they were originally built. Also, the WTC towers were only about 60 % occupied and reaching the end of their service lives. The (now banned) asbestos alone would require billions to safely remove. For the buildings owners (not to mention some of the tenants) the '911 attacks' were a financial godsend. Nice co-incidence. Look into the construction details if possible. I imagine they've been seized by now. Clever boys.

    1. trumpsahead

      Wired during construction? No way, that would have been 30 years prior; there must be "shelf life" to thermite and tnt, and humidity etc. There is however, plenty of evidence (which they should have revealed in this video) from WTC employees who said on camera that there were almost daily power downs, power offs, start work late days, go home early days because of partial power, and in the mornings the lobby sill area would be covered in a very fine white dust powder, during the day they would hear a faint drilling and could feel vibrations through the floor. All this started only two or three weeks before 9/11. And the dogs that patrol those buildings were taken away only days before 9/11. This should have been in the video too.
      Just arguing our case for Demolition is a humiliation. It is so obvious as to be embarrassing, then frightening when you realize the implications: govt says black is white and white is black, and here we are ten years later and they are doing it fast speed and we are still buying it. It's gonna be bad, really bad when the masses awaken.
      God bless us all. ciao.

    2. GoughLewis

      Well of course they where wired with explosives. Nano-Thermite is a innovative demolition explosive only made by military contractors.... it's new. Jesus, they wired it up. Any idiot who spends more than five minutes looking into it, as long as you don't work for FOX News, will come to that obvious scientific conclusion.

      911 event was a false flag / stand down operation. We are going to have to deal with this as a Nation, better sooner than later.

  38. David

    WTC 7 is the smoking gun. I have to ask people if they ever recall seeing any video clips of anyone going into that building laden with explosives to bring it down, in its footprint, in less than eight hours when professional demo companies take weeks?! Any interviews after the fact? None! Does the NYPD keep demo crews on 24 hour standby notice? And would they even have the wits about them, with all the death and destruction nearby, to rig up a practically undamaged building? I think the answer is, "NO". There's your answer.

  39. JR

    The collapse of towers 1 2 .. made pretty good spin doctor ... WTC 7 ? The smoking gun .. but like pearl harbor will be forgotten .. i don't know of one person who believes the official account .. gonna have to twitter Obama ..