In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism

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In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and BioterrorismThis feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead.

It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a "War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans.

This monumental film exposes the agents and agencies behind: Hollywood films and the media creating a profitable culture of bioterrorism; the "War on Terrorism" used to control populations; the most lucrative war in history-the "War on Cancer".

This documentary also explores: the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flues; the "War on AIDS" triggered by contaminated vaccines; the anthrax mailings resulting in restricted freedoms, and sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, and more.

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  1. mihaela

    ... too late, as it seems ... the video was taken, "due to copyright infringements". Is there any other channel ? I really want to see it , now.

  2. Kyle

    So typical now the videos blocked due to copyright. Really wish I could watch this video

    1. truffle

      its on youtube. funny enough 1st thing it shows is a freedom from copyright disclaimer encouraging wide circulation and sharing... i wish i had been asked to remove it... lol

  3. Jason Jones

    It made me want to download Outbreak and the X-Files movie...

  4. BanishedJester

    Wonderful documentary but it serves to piss me off more. It also reiterates what I think almost all of us really knows. That we need to do away with centralized power structures, especially governments. But this is the game that they are playing. They wish to discredit governments all over the world so that they may fill the void. So how can we strike a lethal blow to the roots of all of our man-made governmental problems? Can we dissolve think-tanks who are known to perpetuate the madness of mankind's rulers? Do we annihilate the banking centers and people that control these systems of manipulated management? Is there a way to rid ourselves of these sinister element of our society that continue to perpetrate the gravest of crimes against us?

  5. Yasmine Carmillol

    I just want to thank the man who has taken the time and continues to research these mad man of science whom control what we eat, what we are currently being injected and soon to be killed from and so forth, its people that sit there and do absolutely nothing or post a criticism comment on this thread don’t make it so much more easier for the killers to continue killing and the mad scientist to continue taking over and killing and ruining our futures as well as our kids future, for those of you that have any . Any how I am very, very grateful for this man. Every one needs to watch the movie called the HUNGER GAMES comes out 03/23/2012 this is from what I understand is going to be a good movie.

  6. Matt Kukowski

    People do not understand science. YOUR body has it's OWN defense against99.9% of bacteria and decease... your immune system is a wonder of nature finely tuned over millions of years.

    Yes some man made drugs may help speed recovery like some antibodies and such... like Polio and Small pooks...

    But, it is harder and harder to determine a REAL medicine from one that just makes you sick for more drugs and profits. Only information from brave Drs to expose the truth will save us.

    It is no suprise they want to lower the populaion... the Earth is only so big... most all the farm land is taken. But, just like scared regular people, politicians do not embrace GOOD sciencelike Vertical farming, more solar power research and all the good science. So we suffer.

    Good luck.

    1. Steven Poole

      Matt, you are right in so many ways that it's disappointing to see you repeat the myth that "most all the farm land is taken." In fact, it's the U.S. government who has seized vast swaths of land and then kept it from being utilized in any way, shape or form. And as you move out from the U.S. you will millions upon millions of acres lying fallow due to tyranny in one form or another.

    2. CommentatorFJ

      Do you know that some people have actually looked in to that about humans and how much room they take in the world. Today the whole population of the world could fit in an island not larger than 645 km2. 1342 km2 is an island southeast of Sweden that belongs to Sweden called Öland, look that up in the map. There the whole worlds population would fit, and all with a bed to sleep on. The problem is not the space, it is some peoples ignorance to seek the truth.

  7. She Chaiyah

    Dear Leonard. After plodding through this video, I'm speechless. Yikes. I knew it was BAD, but I had NO IDEA!! HOW BAD. God bless you and keep you.

  8. Jordan Stevens

    This video makes me want to take my family and go live in a cave somewhere.

    1. someguyinnc

      i agree, but I don't know where to find a decent cave!!

  9. Lee Fisher

    Thanks for being a documentary warrior in the information war! God bless

  10. Shannon Elizabeth Staley

    WOW. A lot to contemplate. Low budget in ways, the content is compelling and explains some things. It is long, i watched in 4 sessions, but if more than 25% of what he says is right, what a different world view I will have to create. I fear he might be more than 25% right...........

  11. Bambi L

    this is really long and alot to take in, but absolutely fascinating/terrifying nonetheless. everything from the creation of AIDS to Gulf War Syndrome, human test subjects, the birth of Legionares(sic) disease, vote fraud, and much much more. fascinating.

    1. henrymart81

      this is really long and alot to take in, but absolutely fascinating/terrifying nonetheless.

  12. StoneOz

    Thank You.. Awesome Doco & Very well Explained. Cheerz 4 bein u' :)

  13. mike

    This doc may have had a good message, but I am couldn't wait around for the movie to start. Ten minutes in a bad spokesperson is still telling me what this documentary "is" about. I shut it off. Took too long to get on with the movie.

    1. vvindred

      i think fox news goes straight to the should watch that

  14. happytimeharry

    This doc, while well intended, is not very good. The narrator seems to have trouble reading his own copy. Also, his style, and cadence, is hard to take after awhile.

    You're all over the place. Most of what you said had nothing to do with this doc. You want to see it as being left-biased, when it clearly was not. I think you've become overly sensitive, and maybe even a little paranoid, about a liberal-media boogie man.

    Guess what,...things don't have to be balanced, or unbiased. Nobody is truly unbiased. Just watch FoxNews*. They don't even try to be balanced.(I bet you do already.)
    The conservative FoxNews types, have the largest audience, and the most power and influence.
    You have nothing to fear, from liberals. America is not, and will never be socialist, in spite of what you may believe. As long as you have to carry money, were capitalists.

    1. vvindred

      so what's so great about capitalism ? can 't u see the direction we are headed ? i'm not saying socialism is good...

    2. guest

      apparently you are saying socialism is the answer to capitalism. that means you are not asking the right question.

      we are not living under capitalism. we are living under cartelism. we are living under fascism.

      we are not looking for 'the answer' to capitalism but the answer to tyrants who have taken over every government on the face of the earth. we are looking for the answer to global governance by inbred elites and the end to all freedom.

      but we are being MANIPULATED into seeing all the evils of the world as caused by capitalism, including slaughter of millions in third world countries. it has nothing to do with capitalism.

      socialism is the answer to freedom.

      be careful what you wish for.

  15. jim

    Its a puzzler why the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration and all of the sixties, as well as the deception of the eight years of the Clintons, is eliminated from this video. Slightly left/right bias here.
    The Vietnam War brought to you by LBJ, JFK, and the all of the intelligence community, was a great experimental ground for chemicals warfare, and drugs of all kinds.
    Also the Timothy Leary, (drop out,tune out, and turn on) drug culture, was a furtile ground for doing the job by itself.
    The Janet Reno/ Clintons style of NAZI ruling class is completely overlooked here.
    I guess everyone assumed that the Clintons really cared about the people, since they came down so hard on the tobacco co.s

  16. C.I.A.

    Chris, we That goes for all the rest of you subversives too!!

  17. Ramus

    Well I got up to the hour mark before I stopped watching. This doc is badly made. The hosts voice gets on your nerves (why didnt they use someone with narration qualities?). The information could be compressed, I mean 2 and a half hours?!? Come on. Interesting subject matter drowned by amateur film making.

    1. vvindred

      i think you watched this movie at the wrong time ..we should try to view this not as when you want to relax after a long day at work or want to see some cool special effects listen to some music or an artistic movie, but dont bash this movie just cuz it didnt have the hollywood resepi ..all the best

    2. DocuWhore

      I agree wholeheartedly. As a documentary film, it is not well done, but as an archive of information, I have seen no other targeting this subject more in depth. It is desperately needing a slick fascia in order to target the mind numbed drones of this present populace, but those of us who are more concerned with content than presentation, it does nothing more than spark a fire in the mind of those willing to fan the flames with diligent research. The good doctor is certainly passionate about this subject and it is reflected in his voice throughout the film. Many people have a hard time listening to people like Alex Jones, for example, for any period of time, for his voice unnerves them. Again, I compel the viewers of this film to focus on the CONTENT and not the PRESENTATION. If you think you can do better, THEN DO IT!

  18. gary

    Why do drug companies have the largest profits? Why? Because they control our health through patents and profits. From growth hormones to pills to control the symptoms not the disease. Cancer research is a panacea for them. Just think of the "free" funding they receive from families of victims through donations to the research facilities. Cancer is not a disease. It is induced in society much as the plague was introduced. The conspiracy continues. Instill fear and the drug companies win. When your prescribed a drug challenge you practitioner. if he can't offer an alternative natural remedy then reconsider. The internet provides some alternatives from Chinese medicines that are not bound by patents but may be proven over many centuries.

  19. Tim Osman

    This was all around good times. The Hurricane Katrina line was classic. I was like, “Zing!”. Waiting for the drumroll n sh!t.

  20. Tim Osman

    This was all around good times. The Hurricane Katrina line was classic. I was like, "Zing!". Waiting for the drumroll n sh*t.

  21. james

    great documentary, not so great truth.

  22. Anthony

    As someone who's watched a lot of conspiracy docs, in the last few years, this one is perhaps the most shocking... although not surprising.

    A+ Recommended viewing!

  23. noneutrons?

    scary, very scary.Im no biologist but the questions raised by this film are very disturbing indeed. Dr. Cono obviously doesnt have a clue what she is on about- she appears not to undrstand what she is reading out.

  24. Luke Wilson

    This is scary stuff. These people must have a real hatred for humanity and life in general to do this stuff. All I can say is I hope this isnt true because if it is, everyone is as good as gone only a matter of time. I am glad that well dressed well paid proffessionals who have somehow been duped into believing they are somehow part of the elite will be joining the rest of us as we all take that train to damnation. I for one personally hope they get special treatment for selling there fellow man for nothing more than a few bucks and an illusion of power...

  25. julie

    This was one of the best conspiracy films I have ever watched. I knew I shouldn't have taken the H1N1, and now I know I can trust myself. So glad I didn't!! Thank you for all the great work that went into this film.

  26. chris

    Hey folks, love what you do, "because its free!!!" Unfortunately after watching five minutes of this vid with many start again pauses my screen tells me that this video is no longer available.
    Tends to happen to me alot!Yea sometimes have to wonder. Well even my alternative radio shows keep stopping!
    Wacko conspiracy nut? Maybe.
    I dunno but I will keep trying and you guys please keep doing what your doing otherwise I will be forced to pay for Alex, whats his name?
    Thanks from your new friend in arms,or uh, type.
    Oh Boy Im outta here!
    Huh, thanks again guys keep up the good work.

  27. Yavanna

    I wished there were docs exposing the British Government like this.

  28. Tyler

    This was quite eye-opening. It really confirms a lot of what I've been hearing in other videos. Very intriguing.