In Pot We Trust

In Pot We TrustThe medical use of marijuana is examined from every side of a very complex issue with this documentary that charts the suffering of four chronically ill patients whose reliance on the illegal drug as a pain killer is in jeopardy due to federal anti-narcotic legislation.

Reform organizations, prohibitionist groups, politicians, drug war critics, scientists, and celebrities all get their say in this fascinating analysis.

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  1. pgeller

    I like the m*ron saying that 'smoked' anything is not medicine. I guess we should take harmful 'prescription' drugs that have known dangers and side effects that they can treat with other 'prescription' medications.... Not to mention that smoking isn't the only way to ingest cannabis.....smh

  2. jag how

    at 50:20 replace weed with booze. why is booze legal and weeds notwhen they have the same risk. and alcohol has more risk.

  3. Troy Bennett

    did u know that the usa government has a pill called maranol it has thc in it i know what ur thinking oh good its been out a few yrs its already killed more than 200 ppl so the us government is saying thc is legal put the source of thc isnt. also as far as people saying it has no medical value what about the condition known as the aids waisting syndrome its caused from kemo when u have kemo u get sick lazy and u puke and smoking cannabis allows people that have to do kemo it allows them to keep food down and therefore they keep a healthy body weight and dont waste away litterally

  4. Troy Bennett

    7:00 ok so hes saying that meth and cokecaine isnt on schedule 2 meaning its legal with a doctor percription and hes medical benifits well ig uess that makes sense bc by the us government standards if it cant kill people its too safe

  5. Henrik Reimann-Philipp

    That DEA head is talking about zeal and conviction being a good thing, he does not realize he is describing ignorance and blind faith, 1 perspective, 1 viewpoint, akin to Catholic Inquisition burning heretics at the stake, or Fundamentalist Islamic terrorists is the Middle East mass murdering civilians, what kind of an ignorant twit would use the argument that conviction and zeal are good for anything, it just fosters ignorance ,and ignores Science and facts.

    1. SFreeto Be Francisco

      So true!

  6. site white

    It's not equality to give permission for harmful poisons like alcohol and tobacco , and both are bad for our life and children too .
    and ... It looks like that some politicians attacked Afghanistan to have the best addictive drugs in the world (Heroin and opium) and those are very aggressive against anybody legalizes the competitiveness of there market share , specially you can't find these dangerous drugs in the American soil only can buy them and of course from time to time they tell you they caught some bad guys in some drama scene to make you believe they are against them . anyway . the only way to legalize Marijuana for real is buy really cultivate people against Heroin and cocaine to let them suffer the loss of money of their global business in the world .

    I mean (((a Global campaign against Heroin , opium and cocaine)))

  7. bud_oracle

    This movie gave a great view from many sides. What struck me most was the explanation about the vases with the blobs. I think it is a perfect example of how the legal term Wednesbury law came about. I am fighting mal administration of the Controlled drugs and substances act in Canadian Courts which is a healthcare act. It is a fact that the most dangerous drugs are alcohol and tobacco, there are no exemptions under the act. The minister is mandated to keep the schedule current. He does not because the government misconstrues the purpose of the Act as a prohibitions Act which is politically inspired. This would not mean prohibition because the minister has the full power to exempt any users of any substances. The way the Act is mis constructed now arbitrarily divides the same class of people, those who use dangerous drugs, into two separate but equal groups deprived of equality under the law. Much like the Jim Crow laws of the 50's and 60's. They have been spouting this propaganda so long that the legal fiction "illegal drugs" appears in our latest Supreme Court decision. The law only governs people's actions concerned with certain substances. By using the terms "Legal" and "Illegal" substances the person is equated with the object and loses all rights. The law is about treating like alike and unalike differently. If a person can manufacture and sell tobacco products to users who are of legal age and they can use them responsible the state has no concern legally although it is a government statistic that over 450,000 die from tobacco related illnesses directly and many are killed along with entire families in fires, misadventures driving. Alcohol is behind many murders drunk driving fatalities and adverse health affects. If people break the laws and put other people in harms way then the criminal law comes into affect. Under the principal of common law we are entitled to equality before the law. Unless we harm or put into harm's way another person then we are entitled to use whatever diet we wish for whatever effects we choose. Treating like alike. In our law the minister must use their power to control and regulate according to the harm a substance poses to others. By that reckoning the most dangerous drugs are A&T, they can't simply neglect to put them before parliament because it is a hard political choice. Once these are controlled the Act is given effect according to its purpose. The CDSA is actually a good act if it were used as intended: to control the use of all possible dangerous. This then takes it from the criminals hand and lets adults make their own choices on which state of mind the wish to peacefully access.

  8. Think Ovaga

    the point here is that enjoying the comfort of being healthy literally blinds people from the reality of the dept of misery that millions of sick people are stuck in. if certain research has identified cannabinoid as incredibly useful in alleviating the misery of many, why do we play hypocrisy and sycophantic politics rather than saying "wait a minute" let's come together and take a closer look at this. perhaps the already made "Heroes" in the war against drugs would utterly reject this... i think that we are being unnecessarily difficult in this situation.... this in my opinion is as simple as "alright let's give this a chance" and carefully legislate on the regulation to avoid misuse...
    Like i said, some people are just bubbling in good health and HAVE NO IDEA WHAT People are passing through health-wise.

  9. bill holden

    It is past time for cannabis to be legalized. What is going on in America. What is it that keeps this plant illegal? The seeds won't stop the birds from singing. Hemp will not even get you high.Cannabis is medicine. For a policy to have its start based on racial bias and misinformation it is unbelievable the U.S government would want to keep it illegal even though almost all scientific studies shows it should be decriminalized. What is the hold up?

    1. Tran Sient

      Whats keeping it from being legalized? Really? Well the main reason is that its a NATURAL PLANT! Which means Big Pharmacy cant PATENT IT! So if Big Pharm cant make money off it ....and they will actually LOSE money if MMJ is legalized. There lies the problem with Legalizing Marijuana! If big Business or a Big Corporation sees a threat to thier Profits... THEY WILL ELIMINATE IT! Its just that simple! Like they say... "Ya cant fight City Hall" ...especially when it is lobbied... and bought and paid for by Big Corporations.We dont OWN our politicians... Big Business does!

    2. Autumn S.

      def. agree! its all about a profit... so for that reason you just cant fight city hall.the federal & gov't doesn't care about the american citizens and our health!! what the hell is the GOV'T REALLY benefiting from it now since its not being taxed lol... i believe cannabis will be legalized in most states very soon. i just hope the gov't keeps this fight consistent.

  10. Dominick Dimina

    "Educated Guess i would say this is a Hispanic Grow" Really Dude!!

  11. Nakor420

    The problem with really informative docs like this one, is that opponents of mmj, will just change the channel without giving it a chance. What we need is to sit the politicians down in a room and FORCE them to watch these things. How would they be able to see the mother with that stutter, or the vet with ptsd, or the woman with MS, SEE the change in them right after smoking, and then STILL deny that it works? They wouldn't be able to deny it. It's the closed minded, reefer madness mentallity that is holding us back.

  12. Nakor420

    That guy in the very beginning in the parade with his lame songs is NOT helping the cause. lol

  13. Commodity Market

    Very good post, I was really searching for this topic, as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet, that is why it was very difficult to understand.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Miish

    I have been a marijuana user for about 16 years. I have been put in jail for selling, which I took up in order to pay for a habit that I have seen go from $300 per oz. to over $1200 oz. This has still not deterred me or anyone else I know. The only thing that jail time ever gave me was better connections to cheaper weed. The place I live has about 1500 people, of which about 200 of them are regular users amounting to about $750,000.00 to $1,000,000 per year. This is our small towns largest money maker for the individual and the government gets none of the taxes on that money. So, lets keep this one out of government hands, since they can't make anything work anyway.

    1. Nakor420

      There is no weed anywhere that costs $1200 an ounce dude, that's rediculous to even suggest. lol


      you are so wrong! Wtf its almost embrassing $1200/oz? what the f*** are you smoking?

  15. Sam

    Corrections, I got all my sums way off.

    GDP of Peru is approx $150,000m NOT £150,000m.
    A conservative estimate to the level of cannabis production is 170,000 tons (estimates go as high as 300,000 tons)
    170,000 tons = £500,000m = $800,000m

    Therefore its more like the GDP of the Netherlands ($770,000m)

  16. Sam

    And finally...

    Simon, are you in favour of keeping cannabis money moving into the hands of international criminal organisations? If it becomes legal then the blackmarket just disappeared, didn't it. All those violent thugs now have in the region of £150,000,000,000 less to spend terrorising your community... That's the same as the GDP of Peru.

  17. Sam

    @simon You're missing the point entirely

    "Weed may be the answer to a few, but not to the masses, so that is why it should remain illegal to those who don’t need it to feel better."

    If you're one of those who "don't need it"... DONT USE IT!! Its legallity has no impact on u if u dont smoke it, why do u care???

    You should start the arguement where it starts, namely "It's my f-cking body. If I'm not harming anyone, leave me the f-ck alone! What business is it of yours??"

    Never forget this is a war against you. They dont like us to be independant and autonomous. They rely on our dependence on them and since anyone can produce cannabis easily and cheaply, there's never gonna be good profit to be made from it. Also, no taxes. How many people would switch from alcohol to weed as thier drug of choice?? THATS why its illegal, and thats speaking as an commodities trader. You can draw a graph to show the effects of making something illegal.

  18. darryl

    @simon i bet you've never even tried weed. OMG usa's closed mindedness is really getting under my skin.

  19. Simon

    I think that a few people will disagree with my views on this subject, but oh well.

    Drugs are illegal for a reason. Now I'm not saying that it shouldn't be used to medical purposes, because it is showing that it can help people, which I'm all for.

    But the problem I have with a few of the people arguing over this subject is that it may not be as dangerous to your body than alcohol, but we have to put a stop somewhere. And those idiots who say that it's harmless really should just read about the facts. It may not be evil, but like booze, if taken in excess it will be harmful.

    I'm glad that those of you who use pot to feel better do feel better, but don't start thinking that it is good for you. I've known plenty of people who use pot to try to forget about their problems, and are now all out of work, or working in a dead end jobs with no thoughts about trying to better themselves. Weed may be the answer to a few, but not to the masses, so that is why it should remain illegal to those who don't need it to feel better.

    1. Graham Davies

      Where are your facts to support your argument??? You probably grew up in a conservative, republican, christian home/community. That is why you have been brain washed your whole life. Just a guess, I may be wrong.

      Do a little bit of research; you'll be surprised what information you find on the positive effects of marijuana. Yes, some of the methods used for the act of smoking marijuana is bad for you. BUT, there are still NO recorded deaths as far as marijuana use goes.

      Too many benefits to write down here. Do yourself a favour and do a bit of research on vaporizers and cannabis oil, just to name a few ways of healthily administering marijuana.

      Watch the documentary 'The Union' with an open mind and then reply to this post. I mean this in a purely diplomatic sense.

      Its criminal for this plant to be illegal.

  20. toddy

    Another great documentary on the futlity on the war on cannabis. It is amazing how quickly it helped the people in t doc. I can speak from experience. I tend to have insomia, and it helps me to fall asleep quicker and allows the dreams to be not as vivid, so as to wake me up. I have a bad knee probaly by my choice as profession( I'm a chef). The cannabis takes the dull throbbing sensation away.
    I used to as a younger individual have quite severe head aches and one time in college I was having a attack my roommate suggested i smoke some and the first feeling or rather thought that came into my head was wow this must be what it feels to be normal( i was prior to this against the use). And to this day and it's been 22 years and I have not had a bad headache, unless it was through my stupidity of over indulging of alcohol the night before.
    An individual I know has when they were young had anger issues and has found that cannabis has helped them by instead of wanting to pop a person in the nose for pushing those buttons he would want to give that person a hug or forget the trangression instead.
    I want to say to the DEA F@#$*#A@*H*&#$ person who said that people want to feel good by smoking cannabis is that not what medicine is supposed to do make you feel good , so as to be able to do your daily things?

    Way to go to the states that allow medical usage and lets hope for the rest of us that the insanity will end soon.
    I say lets regulate the same way and tax it the same way as with alcohol and tobacco. If you not happy with whats avaiable in the stores you should be able to produce your own.

  21. jayjayee

    This is really by far the best in teaching the truth that this world is so blind too even glance at. Its inspiaring to watch an needs to be spred. open a close minded person.

  22. Robert

    Michigan just became a Medical Marijuana state. I retired in 2004 after 30 years as a police officer and Yes the drug war is over the government lost but wont adjust. They will not adjust because the war on drugs is Big Business. Is Marijuana harmfull, NO! My Doctor has had me on Morphine and Fentanyl for a couple of years now. I'm given it for chronic pain I suffer from as a result of breaking my back. Does it work? Yes it does and without rotting my guts out as does the Morpine and Fentanyl. Is Marijuana addictive? I dont think so. I quit smoking cigarettes 8 years ago and when I started smoking marijuana for pain 3 months ago it DID NOT spark my desire for cigaettes.

  23. SWEET

    jimmy carter said it best"when the legalities of the substance are more harmful than the substance itself then there is an injustice" i'm facing 5 to 30 years right now for manufacturing the herb in virginia, and quite frankly i'm depressed for the 1st time as well as have more anxiety than ever my health is failing dramaticly as a result of this demonization of a plant that has never killed a soul on this planet!!!!

  24. 30stones

    R.I.P. Jack Herer.

  25. Forrest

    Thank you Top Documentary Films for showcasing so many great videos. I've recently been watching the unbiased drug doc's with my kids to make sure they're informed of the truth. Nothing is good in excess but many effects have been overstated by the hype pushers. Personally, I am a long time pot user as well as bipolar and possibly schizoaffective. Smoking of this wonderful herb, if it doesn't completely quiet the voices it definately pacifies them. When I smoke I don't yell at my kids and am calm enough to feign a somewhat normal father stance. I'm terribly disturbed about the misinformation being spread about cannabis's affect on psychiatric patients. It should be part of almost every medicinal "cocktail" if effective. It could certainly replace half of the meds I've been prescribed over the years.

  26. whatistruth

    Hi I'm a father of 2 myself and a 'pot' smoker who quit. I was abused as a child, taken by the State of Missouri, then adopted. As a boy I had "anger'issues. by the second grade I had already broke another boys arm on purpose in the school yard. At the age of 15 I was introduced to weed. I stopped have violent outburts when I smoked. When my oldest son was almost 3 years old i quit smoking for almost 5 months. after I stoped smoking I started to get more and more like my biological father, lashing out at the littlest of things my son did (no I wasn't drinking then either) . I started smoking behind my wifes back again @ 2 moths ago. Not on a daily bases, but I am noticing how much calmer I have become again when dealing with my sons, no longer do I spank him for the little things that I did when I wasn't smoking. I hate the fact I can not control my rage with out a vice. Just this week I told my wife I had been smoking alittle bit latley, didn't go over well. My fear is that if I don't smoke it I will abuse my sons like I was abused, and if I do smoke it that i could get busted. Either way I loose my children I'm in a catch 22 here. Before some one says well how about seeing a physiologist from the time I was 5 till the time i was 15 I did, the shrinks didn't help. What right does anyone have telling me I can't do something that makes me a calmer person. Weed has done what the church, my adopted parenmts, teachers, and docters couldn't do , make me a more tolerant person. Sorry this was so long but hadf to add my 50 cents, inflation you know its a batch.

  27. Rob

    pots illegal because it can't be controlled by governments and drug companies. Thats it - its not about whether its 'good' or 'bad' - anything (coffee, sugar, TV, beer etc) taken in excess is 'bad' for you. Moderation in everything is the key. Other drugs (meth, heroin, alcohol, coccaine barbs, hypnotics etc) is manufactured to make money for the criminals (drug companies, governments, banks etc)pot takes that $$ from them and they don't like it one bit. Marijuana is a wonderful, helpful, creative herb. As someone who had a limb amputated because of a accident involving alcohol and epilepsy from a violent alcoholic father who beat me around the head as a kid I know what I'm saying. As a drug and alcohol counsellor who reccomends pot to his patients and has smoked for 35 years - well, the proof is in the pudding - preferably a nice herb and choccy cookie. remember - rather a father who smokes and loses his car keys then a father who drinks and loses his temper. Wheres my pipe . . .had it here a minute ago . . .

  28. HaTe_MaChInE

    @Rick - "just say NO! To all the pharmaceuticals, as they aren’t always for everyone. If for anyone at all."

    Yeah all the diabetics out there say no to insulin... all you people out there with infections just say no to antibacterials... all you mothers out there that are experiencing pre-mature labor just say no to Progesterone, all you hemophiliacs just say no to anti-haemophilic factor... all you stroke victums say no to blood thinners.

    There is no reason that we should continue to keep saving millions of lives every year with pharmaceuticals.

    My feeling is that if you were able to make it to Holland in the first place, then you really are not that disabled. If your pain limits you to just not riding a bike then I have no doubt getting stoned in Holland will help.

    It is amazingly ignorant and dangerous to think that people should stop using pharmaceuticals.

  29. Rick

    Very good documentary. I am Disabled with chronic pain. I agree with Randy when he said those facts about Holland. My experience over there is truly a heart warmer for not only did they allow me to stay an extra two months but help me with medicines I was taking since I couldn't recieve them from back home. I found my muscle spasms weren't as bad and the burning from my neck to my lower back wasn't stiff and in pain. Its very disconcerting when one can recieve such treatment while in a foreign country. I feel I represented us very well as I was learning to speak a little dutch from the phrasebook I bought so there goes your spacecase thoery. I saw churches that were Centuries old and Arches where Roman soldiers Marched through way back when. I also bought a used bike where I was able for the first time in years, the ability to lift up my left leg in order to push the pedal. Something which is hard for me to do to this day as my leg catches and I can't lift it up. I end up dragging my leg. I have had sciatica and gout and endema. I really don't blame a bad diet as I eat healthy and do go to the gym every week. These are just conditions that come from alot of prescription use. That I truly believe in. More people need to stand up to their doctors and just say NO! To all the pharmaceuticals, as they aren't always for everyone. If for anyone at all. Thanks for reading my opinion and have a Nice Day :)

    1. wysp22

      I have AS (ankylosing spondylitis) which causes me chronic pain every day (since i was 16 now going on 30), including sciatica and no matter how potent the herb your not gonna relieve that kinda pain. I can't walk and am hardly able to move and even at some points unable to sit down/lay down for hours when its inflamed leaving me to be stuck standing with support from crutches or whatever I am close to..saying that going to Holland and being able to smoke allows you to ride a bike sounds rediculous to me. Now with that being said weed has done great things for me. relieves the stiffness and some of the aching pain, but to say it helps with my sciatica enough to ride a bike would be like me saying shooting heroine everyday allows me to be a more productive member of society.

    2. Vangy

      I have AS. I have known the agony you are experiencing and I can now ride a bike. For the first time in years I am off the drugs that were wrecking my stomach. Two things have helped me. The first was to find out what things cause me to “flare”. For me an elimination diet revealed that I couldn’t eat potatoes without flaring. The second was discovering cannabis. I eat it before bed. I never experience a high as I sleep through the “high”. I can now move nicely. I get up most mornings without pain and it has helped with the insomnia that came with AS. Also, I have more energy and am no longer constipated from taking Iron for anemia. I finally have quality of life… did not have it on “legal meds.” I am once again a productive member of society. While disabled I felt like such a failure.

  30. Randy


    I pray to whatever gods there might be that you are right! If their aren't any gods, I still hope you are right!

    I'm just sayin', I really, really hope you are right!

  31. Logic

    very good documentary, thank you for finding it and sharing it with us

    the prohibition of marijuana is coming to an end... don't worry.

    It first started because hemp threatened oil industries, paper industries, pharmaceutical companies and the list just goes on forever. Of-course, using propaganda and control of the media politics made marijuana what it is today. scary right??? makes one think what else is the government lying to me about?
    But now with all the lies exposed and medical marijuana established prohibition is coming to an end. even Philip Morris bought 20,000 acres of land in the famous emerald triangle where the whether conditions are perfect for weed growing. ITS ENDING!! once its big business, and the big businesses start lobbying for it, we'll all see how the government will change their views. T

  32. Randy



    And, incidently, extensive studies of areas of the world where pot is legal, show no remarkable adverse effects. In fact, in Amsterdam, it's mainly the tourists that buy and use the most pot. To the citizens it's all very mundane.

    And, to all the "Won't someone think of THE CHILDREN!!!" cryers out there, Amsterdam's pot usage among children is much less per capita than even the U.S. It really is no big deal to them. When it's freely available there is no great urgency to try it, and certainly no "rush of danger" that many teenagers get from sneaking pot.

    Alchohol is a far greater threat to society. (But, as an Irishman, I say, "DON'T TOUCH MY WHISKEY!!!")

  33. Preachingtothechoir

    (OOps, I meant 'effect')

  34. Preachingtothechoir

    I think most people visiting this page will agree: The War on (some) Drugs has been lost for some time now. The very idea of protecting people from themselves by hurting them far worse than the behavior you wish to a sad joke that destroys lives. Yes, marijuana will probably have some negative affect on society if/when it is legalized. Personally, I think that harm will be better than having thousands of people put away in prison to be beaten, raped, and made into hardened criminals. Anyone who has been in jail (for even a month as I have) for a marijuana related offense , a steadily growing number by the way, will know firsthand that the punishment IN NO WAY fits the crime.

    It's time to legalize marijuana and stop torturing people and destroying families and communities over this non-issue.

  35. Prohibition is the problem

    BTW, I would add that the stated reasons for prohibition is a canard. The hidden reasons seem more economic than the Public Safety and Policing of crime issue. The hemp plant has so many uses. The paper use alone would drastically cut back on the use of trees as a source of paper. Then there is the use of hemp as a fiber for clothing? Also the use of the fibers for a particle board that is stronger than wood particle board. There are many other uses as well... more study reveals that most of our Free-Market ideology is telling us a big lie.

  36. Prohibition is the problem

    This doc is very good. Nearly the best of the THC bunch. Currently I am not using weed, but I would like to try again. I do have Relapsing/Remitting MS, and I have noticed that when I did use some weed, my jerky movements would disappear. However, I am not someone who would smoke as much as the guy who smoked the 10 joints a day! That is even beyond my chronic use as a teenager. Wow... the effect it had on the woman with Cerebal Palsy from MO was stark, as well as the man with severe MS and the woman from NJ with MS who used the walker. Women tend to have more severe problems with MS. My problems haven't been nearly that drastic. Despite all that, if I were to use weed again I would try Sativa variety instead of Indica.

  37. Informed American

    very well put together documentary. it clearly shows both point of views which is what people look for (should) in any documentary that discusses issues such as these. i personally fully support the use of marijuana medically and although i smoke marijuana with no medical issues i still think it should be legal for medicinal use only. i believe ANYTHING can be abused to the point of harmful effects and marijuana is one of those substances that can be "used and not abused" and have a benevolent effect on society.

  38. Anamericantroop

    i agree, sending people to jail for smoking weed is crazy. As long as you dont hurt people and effect society in any way then what the problem.

  39. REBEL

    Artinad might as well be preaching to the choir i couldnt have said it better myself

  40. Artinad

    I am cannabis cardholder but fear that past issues will still result in being imprisoned for my use. I feel a little guilty I have not a tenth of some of the ailments I saw on this film. The fact is perhaps I just like to smoke. Do I hurt anyone? Do I take my child to school daily and have been there for both consistently since the day they were born. I take pride in this, and I take comfort in my cannabis. I also believe that children that is under the age of 18 do not partake in any drugs especially from the street I'd prefer them go to a reputable cannabis club. I also believe if they're old enough to send to war for NOTHING they're old enough to drink and smoke. Further, I love the scent of it I love the honey in my tea I love that this film gives both sides of the argument it makes sense and is in many cases heartbreaking. I am healthy an ache here and there but again I smoke I don't hurt anyone I don't think I should be locked away like an animal for this choice.

  41. Noah York City

    The head shop is called Ethnic Concepts! WTF?!