In Search of Ancient Astronauts

In Search of Ancient Astronauts

2008, Mystery  -   17 Comments
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Space, an endless tapestry of stars reaching toward infinity, scattered through its vastness are 100 billion planets on which life theoretically could exist.

If only one percent of that life is intelligent, there could be one million civilizations out there, and of that million is it conceivable that one discovered the secrets of space travel.

It is possible that ancient astronauts went in search of life beyond their own world and found it on the planet Earth. The existence of other intelligent beings in the universe intrigues the men of tomorrow's science.

If ancient astronauts did land here, what effect would they have on early earth men? Perhaps they were worshiped, fear, loved. Perhaps they brought gifts, a new world of knowledge, or simply the principal of the lever.

If we accept the premise that beings from another civilization visited her ages ago, then some of the mysteries from out past take on a new and startling light.

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7 years ago

Ancient Aliens, if they watch this doc, will be ashamed of how mankind has perceived their non/existence.

7 years ago

bloody indoctrinated students, buggers keeps dicovering achological stuff that doesnt proove aliens.

11 years ago

When is this from?

Also interesting they talk about the Baghdad museum. The US bombed this museum in the war, losing hundreds of priceless objects. Damn.

So I've been doing research on this theory now for many months. I want to crush it like the ethocentric, racist theory it is and I intend to do so.

This documentary shows many interesting links that I believe will help me trace the racist roots of this theory that is made less obvious and played down in the recent Ancient Astronaut show on the history channel. I don't use a capitol "H" because the history channel seems clearly to be a force in which to disseminate misinformation of a eurocentric Christian nature.

First, this documentary is constantly running around calling brown people "primitive" and talking about the advances of white culture. Then the quote from Werner Von Braun was just perfect. He was brought to the US space program through Operation Paperclip from Germany during WW2 and was forgiven of his Nazi war crimes because of his scientific proclivity. There are testimonies that he actually ordered slave laborers to be flogged and witnessed people in chains during the Holocaust. Many of the early Nazi's believed, or some may say pioneered the Ancient Alien theories - in the modern Ancient Alien show they even have a whole show about Nazi's.

Yes, I have found a topic for my thesis. Thank you Top Doc.

But, it is worth stating that I do think these shows inspire me to learn more about the many true mysteries of archeology.

11 years ago

bunch of wrong information: When the Aztecs arrived from the north-west, Teotihuacán was already deserted

12 years ago

you wouldn't need aliens coming all the way over here to show you how a lever works.... just play around with tree branches for a while!

12 years ago

That's the voice I grew up with, Rod Sterling's. But it was some other guy sounding quite a bit like Rod. (That's maybe why I watch this one every so often), it's still running today, new versions of this one all over again. Just some small details get added, to these bunch of cool stories in one.

Bunny Prole
13 years ago

Teotihuacan was not an Aztec city. It was found abandoned by the Aztecs who named it and the also named the pyramids and the 'Avenue of the Dead.' They were so in awe of it they thought that it must be where the gods lived or were born.

I'm not sure if this was unknown at the time of this documentary or if they were just stupid but those are the facts.

I have been there and it is a truly amazing place.

13 years ago

Cavin if you're going to dump your sale's spam on videos as poor as this one expect very poor sales of your book.

This seemed to me like a 30 year old doc based on 50 year old interviews and "evidence." Whilst some of the content is part of the current examination of the "we were we visited by aliens in the ancient past" CT it is a very poor doc indeed. If however you wet yourself for Carl Sagan he has a quote resembling "this is a pile of bollocks" close to the end. He is wearing shorts and a scouts uniform but the bad video is very unclear. He is extremely young!