In the Shadow of the Tiger

In the Shadow of the Tiger

1998, Nature  -   11 Comments
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In the Shadow of the TigerThis remarkable film follows the story of a mature female Siberian tiger called Katia and her one-year-old cub. Their travels introduce us to a remote part of Russia and to their conflict with their only natural enemy, Man.

This species of tiger once roamed from Eastern Russia to South Korea but poaching and habitat destruction means there are only a few hundred Siberian tigers left.

Through Katia and her cub, we journey through the Sikhote Alin Biosphere Reserve lying at the heart of Siberian tiger country. It is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the Russian Far East, and a critical breeding ground for the last remaining wild Siberian tigers.

The harsh climate and elusive nature of the tiger have left many questions about its life unanswered. This documentary is a fascinating depiction of how striving to understand the tiger and human help have increased its number, and may ultimately save this species from extinction.

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5 years ago

The video is deleted...

8 years ago

we should feed poachers and loggers to the would be a better place

Jack Wagon
10 years ago

I would never eat a tiger or try and destroy their homes.

11 years ago

Poachers make me sick, angry, sad, enraged. Why? how could someone kill such a beautiful, magnificent creature? Greed. It's disgusting. Greed WILL be the downfall of mankind, animalkind too. It's like "hey iv'e got no money, i think ill go kill me a tiger, instead of getting a real job like everyone else with any morals and general sense of being a good person". Those tigers have more of a right to that land than horrible, nasty, disgusting humans do.

11 years ago

Logging, exploitation of the wilderness and poaching are all about arrogance, greed, ego, ignorance and power. Crawling all over collossally powerful darted wild animals putting your vicarious hand in its sleeping maul is not so dissimilar, 'cept it's all in some heroic cause, eh. Yep, humans suck, however holy their intentions. Don't mind the terror inflicted with snares, darts and tracking, enjoy those cuddly thrills. Those beasts just love their supersize flea collars -- hey-- almost as cute and controlled as my little moggy back home!&! Spend the money instead educating the stupid away from their tiger bone superstitions or on freezing siberian dungeons for the creeping shit-hearts who poach these fabulous animals.

11 years ago

Tigers are dangerous but they don't deserve to die by man. Man not suppose to kill animals. If they kill animals, then they can kill humans. Please, don't kill tigers. Watch how cute Katia is. Do people have a heart out here ?

11 years ago

Man, that is one beautiful animal. It's terrible to see how adverse an effect something as simple as a road has on the survival of an entire species.

This animal deserves our respect; any animal that can kill a man deserves it. She's up here with us at the top of the food chain, yet our lack of respect is killing her off faster than she can breed.

I never liked Bambi - not much in common between man and deer. But Katia? Tigers and pre-society Humans have quite a bit in common. She's independent, resourceful, and a good mother (at least she was until some Russian trucker took that away).....and the evidence of Latisha's mate carrying her to a meadow and staying with her for three days.....let's just say that for someone who doesn't really lose sleep over animals, that one got me - I cried.

Saving any master predator is a worthwhile effort; they're the only thing that reminds us where we came from, and how we got to the top.

12 years ago

wtf, yea just a wee bit agitated, like a land based dragon,

12 years ago

Beautiful animals!

The world would be a lesser place without them.

p.s. is it just me or does the husband scientist sound a little like napoleon dynamite.

12 years ago


12 years ago

if tigers becomes instinct i... i.... i dreamed of tigers all my youth they just can't humans has to get theyre head out of they're ass and stop dominating every species there is. already Hundreads!!... of them are gone in less then 10 years..overpopulation is getting dangerous..whats the next step, gona have to hunt humans cause we gona be the only meat left.Noty you might want to hide your cat