Incredible Human Machine

Incredible Human Machine

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Incredible Human Machine takes viewers on a two hour journey through an ordinary, and extraordinary, day in the life of the human machine.

With stunning high definition footage, radical scientific advances and powerful firsthand accounts, Incredible Human Machine plunges deep into the routine marvels of the human body.

Through 10,000 blinks of an eye, 20,000 breaths of air and 100,000 beats of the heart, see the amazing and surprising, even phenomenal inner workings of our bodies on a typical day.

And explore striking feats of medical advancement, from glimpses of an open-brain surgery to real-time measurement of rocker Steven Tyler's vocal chords.

Directed by: Arthur F. Binkowski, Chad Cohen

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Iolanda Ribeiro
4 years ago

I love this channel. This documentary is fantastic. congratulation

6 years ago

Brilliant and very instructive documentary. Highly recommend it.

Samo Soviett
9 years ago

LIfe is life. We all try to survive to live in this world. Make sure you live this only once life with goals that you want to reach as this is the main purpose of our existing


11 years ago

i really appreciate the gift of life

12 years ago

remarkable ....beautiful ......our body seem to be as complex as a planet .....

12 years ago

Did anyone else get turned on by the chick in the beginning? lol

12 years ago

loved it

12 years ago


Oh, I was just joking. I didn't read much of the comments above. Just wanted to throw religion in there to start trouble. haha, sorry.

12 years ago

matter is just what energy dose

12 years ago

@ Cliff
Its not in the doc, thats why said I was off subject in my above post. Somone made remark tied to the doc about the existance of the soul. It lead to a deeper discussion about religion and belief.

12 years ago

Where was the part about god creating our bodies?

12 years ago

@ Atrophy

I agree, materialism in the philosophical sense makes life very preciouse. I have had the arguement on this very site that atheists are by nature materialist, which in itself is a questionable assertion, and therefore would be indifferent to suffering or immoral behavior. This is a very illogical arguement as materialism insists that we get it right in the here and now, that thier will be no eternal afterlife where justice is exacted or we get a second chance to really love someone we have lost. The arguement also supposes that morality has no real value in the here and now and is only rewarded or punished in the afterlife. The reality is that moral behavior has tremendous value to a society as well as the individual without invoking a devine judgement. Moral behaviors promote cooperation and self-worth, moral behaviors reduce fear and distrust- all of these things make a society run more productively and in the end be more sucessful.

In fact in my opinion what is more scary is someone that is only moral due to the threat of some judgement after they die. These people seem to be capable of grave immorality when their religion mandates it, or when they perceive that it does I should say. Rarely will you find direct validation in their own holy texts for these immoral acts, its their interpretation that mandates it. Its almost as if they are looking for some devine justification for what they themselves actually want to do. See how fickle religious morality can be?

12 years ago

As multicellular organisms, there is really no reason why we cannot be biologically immortal with the proper maintenance, repair and nutrition.

Some say that if we discover there is no soul it will devalue life. I think having no soul would make it all that much more precious. Once you die, you are gone forever... There is no backup, no continuation, no afterlife. Under that assumption, the loss of life seems even more tragic.

12 years ago

So we are just electrical impulses? Doesn't sound right to me.

The complexity of Human thought and consciousness (I believe) Is far to complex for us to understand.I mean,how can you understand the thing that makes you understand.Perhaps its referred to as enlightenment? I don't know and I will never know.

12 years ago

@ 420 Vision

O.k. I get it, just a loose association not a assertion that the soul is a reality. I can dig that.

@ sarp kaya

O.k. you are saying that the result of belief in a soul is the ability to indulge in these beliefs, but thats the act of belief not the actuall soul. I still stand by my statement: no effects have ever been obeserved that could be attributted to the actual existance of a soul. Of course no observation has ever negated the existance of a soul either. Its like belief in a god, no way to validate or disprove the belief. The only logical arguement is whether or not the belief is beneficial or destructive to mankind, anything else tends toward conjecture and personal revelation. I say the formalized practice of religion has been destructive, not necessarily the belief in a god.

Belief in a god may lead those of questionable moral conviction to a less destructive mode of behavior. It may comfort those that need comfort, again leading to a more positive outcome than disbelief. Of course it also henders their understanding of reality, for example evolution, cosmology, etc. But is understanding of these concepts truly of any consequence to average peoples that have very little influence over society? I don't really think so.

Unfortunately I am way off topic considering the doc we are talking about so i will stop here. Sorry Vlatko.

12 years ago

This was boring but I liked it I just pushed press play and it helped me to sleep like a lullaby. Im not a big fan of national geographics and its docs but this was pleasant but not great.

sarp kaya
12 years ago

@ez: the soul serves all manner of purposes:
1- Allows you to believe you are eternal
2- Allows you to pacify your fear of death
3- Allows you to think you can communicate with the afterlife
4- Allows you to create fancy rituals around it (mostly involving religious activity and all other manner of delusional belief)
5- Allows you to believe there will be perfect justice in the end, as it is the soul that is hijacked in to heaven or hell
6- Allows incumbent "gods" to pull your strings here as ultimately you know they's gonna getcha

This trivia aside, the human animal is indeed a fine spectacle of the evolutionary process. Our imperfections are a great source of knowledge about how we evolved and the cause of many of the problems we face today. We are totally parasitic on our environment and as a species I guess we will always be so. Lord have mercy on the universe if and when we go interstellar.

12 years ago

i dont like the narrators voice at all.

12 years ago

@ 420 vision

oh yes.. I understand the sentiment and truly hope there is some validity to it. but to elaborate, matter and energy are one and the same or more like causal each other.. energy is an effect of matter so to say. no such thing as just pure energy without any matter linked to or causing it is all i'm saying. (if that makes any sense) lol.
energy is eternal & i believe so is the universe.. energy cannot be created and destroyed.. it just changes forms. too bad all the evidence we have leads to the belief our final form is maggot food. :(

12 years ago

awosome documentary:)

Charles B.
12 years ago


420 Vision
12 years ago

maybe it's all just some really ancient C++ program that is attempting to compute the final prime number.

@princton - everything is matter interacting,. matter and energy are intimately linked.

@ez - a belief in the soul is not a cop out, it is just what simple minded folk like to think exists within them, and remains eternal. Energy is probably eternal, hence the analogy of the soul concept.

Achems Razor
12 years ago

Ah, the soul, have refrained about talking about that, don't know one way or the other, but gives food for thought does it not, what is it that we see, it is only converted to electrical impulses in our "dark" void of light "brains" we do not have a movie theater in our brains, just electrical impulses. Do we form what we see? hmmm.

Achems Razor
12 years ago

Good all around basic doc. as in other docs of similar nature again was said 80% plus of dust in homes is from dead human skin. Not all bacteria are harmful, we live mostly in symbiotic relationship with beneficial kinds of bacteria not only on, but in our bodies. Don't forget vitamin B12 is bacteria that comes from dirt.

12 years ago

@ ez

right on.. consciousness is an effect of matter. cannot have consciousness without cumbersome clunky (and wet) matter interacting. same as windows xp is an effect of processors, chips and hours and hours programming a.k.a physical switches going on and off, directing the flow of electric currents. at least that is my amateur take on it.. I use the term soul sometimes, but that is really in reference to the true self or our subconscious mind which is actually the one in control of us, despite all our conscious thoughts and desires.

12 years ago

"One’s soul might be this type of entity."

Yeah, if there was a thing called a soul that is and it wasn't some romantic man made concept. Saying we have a soul is basically saying, "I can't understand how the brain and central nervous system both creates and retains our sense of self so I will say it is a seperate magical entity and call it the soul." No one has ever seen a soul or measured a soul, nor seen any effects that could be attributed to a soul. But we simply can not swallow that thier isn't any magic or eternal part of our being, ie that we are merely the sum of electrical impulses moving through a complicated biological mass.

It is a mystery worthy of exploration and very tantilizing. Maybe I am wrong and their is a soul, but I have just as much chance at being right as those that say they "know" we have a soul. There has never been a speck of proof in either direction. I am making my decision based on the fact that I nor anyone else has never encountered anything remotely like a soul. It takes biological systems and substances to create a self aware creature, not magic and ether. Besides every single magical romanticized concept of man I have ever heard of turned out to be bs. Also, the definition above of the ultimately evolved creature, pure energy and no moving parts, fits a computer that has become self aware just as well as a soul- if not better.

12 years ago

Great documentary :)

12 years ago

Awesome documentary! I highly recommend it.

420 Vision
12 years ago

The human being is a machine that is no different than a clunky typewriter, it has moving parts that break down, yet with the right intellect driving this machine it will compose great works of significance.

The ultimate state of evolution are beings composed of pure conscious energy, which require no mechanical parts. One's soul might be this type of entity.