Independent Media in a Time of War

2003, Media  -   9 Comments

Independent Media in a Time of WarPart scathing critique, part call to action, Independent Media In A Time Of War is a hard-hitting new documentary by the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center. This film is composed of a speech given by Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! illustrated by clips of mainstream media juxtaposed with rare footage from independent reporters in Iraq. The documentary argues that dialogue is vital to a healthy democracy.

Independent media has a crucial responsibility to go to where the silence is, says Amy Goodman, to represent the diverse voices of people engaged in dissent. She makes a compelling argument that the commercial news media have failed to represent the true face of war.

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9 Comments / User Reviews

  1. frankie

    Most of the world's population have had enough of the usa government and it's disgusting media that only fills us with hate on daily basis since the turn of the century but thanks to truth tellers like amy maybe the American people can wake up and bring down the evil government and be on the right side of history

  2. rps abq

    I really thought Amy would be the one to get the Pulitzer by blowing the lid off 9/11. Sadly, she caved. We keep trying to attack the symptoms, but no one has the balls to conquer the disease. Just remember all this crazy nonsense going on the world? It's all based on that fact that a couple of desert monkeys were able to burn steel. As we roll on along just remember that we are living and making future decisions based on a scientific impossibility. WAKE UP SHEOPLE!!

  3. Goldie Locks

    I have a new found respect for DEMOCRACY NOW! Incredible moving speech. I am surprised that this link has so few views. No, I'm not now that I know the pentagon ALSO is in bed. I mean embedded with google

  4. Sherman

    Excellent speech! Amy Goodman deserves hundreds of Nobel Peace Prizes. I often listen to her on Pacifica radio stations or watch her on Link TV. Thank you Amy, you are a true patriot and a living angel!

  5. Roger l

    Thank you Vlatko for enabling us to see this incredibly informative and eye opening documentary...

  6. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Amy has pretty much been a beacon of truth for as long as I have ever known her ... since East Timur and Democracy Now and on and on. Thanks Amy for continuously uncovering the truth for us, and thanks Vlatko for this awesome site :D

  7. roland gopel

    an excellent speech.

    amy makes some exceedingly important points.

  8. Vlatko

    Should be OK now.

  9. chocolatestarfish

    hmmm...seems tbe vid is off, innit? doesnt start when i click.