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inFactinFact with Brian Dunning is the web video series that gives you the real facts behind popular myths. Some people say a global catastrophe will kill millions in 2012. Have you heard there's an island of floating garbage the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Has anyone ever told you that a shot of wheatgrass juice is nature's superfood? Did the US Navy make an entire ship disappear in a 1943 experiment that went awry? Do you ever hear people talking about energy fields? What does that mean?

We've all heard that fast food is terribly unhealthy. But have you ever looked into where calories and fat really come from? Some say nuclear energy is ready to make a comeback; some say it's still too dangerous. How do you know which to believe?

Can you really detect ghosts using a few basic instruments? We're going to take a look at these tools and find out. They say leaving your plastic water bottle in the car will heat it up and leach dangerous toxins into the water. Should you be concerned?

Think you're going to make a million dollars in network marketing? Give me the next three minutes of your time. Did Navy hydrophones pick up the sounds from an impossibly huge sea creature?

Is buying locally grown produce a good way to be green and help the environment? Antivaccine activists claim that vaccines contain all sorts of terrifying poisons. Is this true?

Can simple foods and supplements actually boost your immune system? Promoters of quack products are always saying you need to detoxify your body. What does that really mean?

Everyone says organic food is better for you, and better for the environment. But is that true, or is it just eco-marketing rhetoric? Think you know how to use and recognize logical fallacies in arguments?

They tell you that environmental toxins are all around you, making you sick. Ever wonder why you've never seen a victim of these so-called toxins? This will tell you. Why do so many people believe in completely improbable conspiracy theories?

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  1. Corporate propaganda-disinformation here, move along folks.

  2. Actually. I think most of this was blown up my marketing rather than hoaxers. Hollywood made a multi-billion dollar movie out of the concept. What actually scientifically happened in 2012, was supposedly that the milky ways black hole, the sun and the earth were going to align. From what I remember from national geographic. The conceptulisation is that we dont know what that will cause. The science of today says that they can get it to the accuracy of 2008 - 2015 of the crux of the alignment but they cant really get any more specific accuracy. Nobody said the world was going to end, except for mainstream Hollywood. The fact that the author of this video didnt know this... is a bit of an eyebrow raiser.

  3. 25920 years is the long count. The axis tilt moves 1degree every 72 years. precession.

  4. Brian Dunning is a 'What, me worry?' kind of guy. He glosses over things like plastic in the oceans as, 'Well, it's not too bad, we just need to stop dumping plastic in the ocean." Right, so issue the order Brian, and watch everyone suddenly stop using plastic bottles.

    Well, at least he's young enough and will still be here in 20/30 years to see what happens....

  5. Some of this stuff is right, other stuff is wrong, I do see him as a puppet of the system though

  6. This Guy Is a Liar... Skip This Video If You Respect Yourself!

    1. what exactly are these lies?

    2. I would respectfully point you further down this thread to read the post by Ouch_My_Truth_Hurts - This person accurately (and much more articulately than I ever could) hit the nail on the head.
      Love and Respect for a great site!
      Keep up the good work :)

  7. Millions of people are dying globally due to the effects of GW (Lack of water, famine, extreme weather-(tornadoes for example) T

  8. Dallara
    what are these lies exactly?

  9. Lies, lies, and only that spastic brit colony of disgraced animals could be expected to believe this horse s*it, so s*upid they forgot the rest of us arent that gullable - this makes me mad

    1. Would you care to elaborate?

  10. Brian Dunning is a mouthpiece for the establishment and dogma. He's not a paid disinfo agent, just a naive man who actually believes science and politicians are not corrupted unless presented with smoking gun evidence. He's very close-minded. I've listened to his podcasts and he's anti-religion, anti-conspiracy, anti-paranormal, and pro-establishment and pro-corporation.

  11. The only thing I know is I don't know everything. "Facts" have a funny way of not being so factual. Pay attention to what is going on around you and think for yourself. My personal experience tells me we are being poisoned and brainwashed. I grew up in a world with a minimum of immunizations and home-cooked family meals made with food from the local market. My grandparents lived into their eighties and did not spend 40 of those years at the doctor's office or in the hospital. My parents were never so ill they could not go to work. My sisters, brother and I got sick, at most, once a year with a 24 hour flu. I did not know anyone with cancer. I now have five children. We get sick at least 3-4 times a year, and the fevers, vomitting, diarrhea, coughing, and/or sneezing lasts over a week. My six year old son suffers from asthma like symptoms during these periods of illness. And I can't help but notice the more money that goes into cancer research (or any other "research" for that matter) the more cancer there is. People in general take to heart any bit of verbage that suits their agenda, without questioning ulterior motives (some people refer to this questioning process as "conpiracy theory"). Open your eyes, pay attention, and do as you will - as long as it harms none.

    1. we are , protect yourself and your family with a few simple things .

      Google , make Orgone ! , make colloidal silver . Check where the toxic influence is coming from and if there is no toxic be sure you have EM or Microwave fields .

      Or Chemtrails over head ... again use Orgone devices !

  12. this guy has his head so far up his ass that he reccomends fast food and flinstone vitamins while calling wheat grass a fad for health suckers? dont waste your time watching this close minded jackass

    1. lol I'm guessing you're a fan of wheat grass and not fast food. How about instead of telling people he's close minded (and therefore being so yourself and condoning it in others) you check to make sure he's wrong and tell others to do the same. the way, he's not lol

  13. Alot of what this guy says is utter ****** opinion... he shows little to no facutal evidence to prove these things. He says fast food is no worse then the food you eat at a mom and pop diner. That is just ridiculous. He showed NO evidence other than his mere opinion as to why he is making such a bold statement. If you think my local diner who uses ample ingrediants from home grown farmers markets in my area is as bad as the MSG/Aspertame engraved, live for 12 months at room tempurature food you eat at a fast food resturatunt are on the same level, he is an *****. Im done with this guy!

    1. lol you clearly didn't pay much attention to the video then. He did give evidence, in that mom and pop diners give you more quantity of food that isn't much healthier. As he stated in the video; you get free refills at most restaurants, way more fries, a bigger portion of whatever you order, and generally an appetizer. Also, most fast food places no longer use anything with MSG because a lot of people are allergic to it. As far as the other things you talked about, based on your reasoning in your response, I'm not willing to accept them off hand and doubt they're true.

      The health food industry is out to make money just like the fast food industry. The problems is it's a LOT easier to sell fast food. Rather than getting upset because he happened to challenge one of your personal beliefs, maybe you should look very deeply into this from BOTH sides and see if your opinion changes

    2. Do you work for McDonalds? your starting to sound like it. Obviously the health industry is trying to make money (no ****) but id much rather give money for GOOD food with NO additives and preservatives unlike dishing out a dollar for a like your beloved fast food burger.

    3. I watched few other , about vaccines and Organic food .


      He tells poeple it's all the same whilst Rockafella , Gates and others buy and fill up seed banks with all seeds of the world !
      !!???!!? IN THE ARCTIC !!!???

      WAKE UP he's a agent and they poisoning US and don't eat the s*** themselves . Promote everything they wouldn't let their dogs near !

  14. Brian Dunning is a certifiable Narcissistic Personality and a giant kill joy at that. Yeah UFO's and conspiracy theories are probably B.S. but its more entertaining than the reality TV shows and boring sitcoms that hog up 99% of the TV stations.

  15. I love Brian Dunning! He's so smart and I really respect him and the work he puts in to Skeptoid.

  16. I think this dude loves himself cuz he has some knowledge!!!!(prolly works out and has a nice lovin family with his son makin cameos). I think he may be doin what he's pointing out in the videos==sellin himself to us. I think his videos are factual but opinions are thrown in. HOW CAN HE SAY HIS VIEW ON CERTAIN TOPICS IS FACT=a thing that is indisputaby the case

  17. LMAO Another great example of a 'logical fallacy' is Brian's stance that there is simply no proof that BPA, vaccinations, fast food, GMO food, mercury, etc. are harmful because the FDA, EPA, and the other 'government run' consumer 'protection agencies' care about us and protects us. LOL Or that somehow alternative media is discredited simply because it has no corporate backing. LOL Now that is comical! If anything the lack of corporate interests keeps alternative media unbiased and free to report unadulterated TRUTH. Now obviously it is not 100% reliable, citing Brian as a perfect example of that, as he uses the standard half-truths, lies by omission, lies with qualifiers, lies with statistics, observational selection, imaginary evidence, glittering generality, exaggeration, strawman, bait and switch, non-sequiturs, false dichotomies, applying labels, etc. etc. etc.

    But all and all 'alternative' media is certainly much more reliable than the corporate spun mainstream media propaganda the establishment pushes.

    Former commissioner of the FDA, Dr Herbert Lay stated, "the thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them. IT ISN'T! What the FDA is doing and what the public think it's doing are as different as night and day"
    (January 2, 1970)

    The FDA accepts funds from pharmaceutical companies. Those whom they should be governing rather than commingling with. At the very least, this represents a blatant conflict of interest. At worst, I am concerned that this improper relationship between our FDA and the pharmaceutical companies may be one of the very reasons that our FDA is now considering imposing legislation against the freedoms we enjoy in health food stores.

    Renaming polio to 15+ other diseases is NOT the same thing as curing it. When your id**t doctors (who are supplemented by big pharma) look down their brow at you for declining vaccines, and regurgitate their poster child example of polio, you can spit back at them the new names:
    Transverse Myelitis, Viral/Aseptic Meningitis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome, Chinese Paralytic Syndrome, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, Epidemic Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Spinal Meningitis, Spinal Apoplexy, Inhibitory Palsy, Intermittent/Famine/Worm/Bilious Remittent Fever, Acute Flaccid Paralysis.

    From rat and bug poisons to sprays that keep lawns lush and crop yields high, "pesticides" include hundreds of chemicals. Some interfere with animals' nervous systems, and others disrupt hormones (endocrine disruptors), causing abnormal growth (mutantions) that kill the plant or animal. Thus, it's not surprising that synthetic pesticide exposure is linked with diseases of the nervous system and problems with cell growth, including reproductive problems and cancers.

    This guy debunks nothing. LOL He uses the tired tactic of lumping the 911 Truth movement and natural organic food lovers with fringe reptoid nutters and calls it apples to apples. I'd like to see this 'skeptic' actually debunk something worth debunking. Like sodium fluoride is good for your teeth, Monsanto is helping the world, aspartame is harmless, PCBs, phthalates, PFCs are perfectly harmless at low levels, contaminated municipal water supplies are not an issue, MSG is useful, the Fukushima meltdown is a non-issue, Georgia Guidestones mean nothing, the 9/11 official story has absolutely zero holes in it, or 'global warming' is not part of an agenda to institute a worldwide carbon tax benefiting the 1%. Sure I am aware that many 'skeptics' that will read this will misconstrue this comment as 'excessive verbosity', lol but sometimes the facts need to be dumped on people quickly to get through the thick multi-layer filtering system of doubt, conditioning, and blind faith.

    It is now accurate—scientifically and medically—to state that we are poisoning every man, woman, and child on earth. We have reached a milestone in human history. Awaiting each and every child born on the planet is a life doomed to being poisoned. There is “overwhelming evidence that every child, no matter where in the world he or she is born, will be exposed, not only from birth, but from conception, to man-made chemicals that can undermine the child’s ability to reach his or her fullest potential—chemicals that interfere with the natural chemicals that tell tissues how to develop and construct healthy, whole individuals according to the genes they inherited from their mothers and fathers,” wrote Dr. Theo Colborn, Senior Program Scientist, at the World Wildlife Fund.

    Doctors need to be advised that all efforts to derail the chemical buildup taking place in us have failed, and the direct effects of this chemical poisoning are resulting in more and more symptoms. But doctors will not be told about any of this by medical officials from either the government or private medical associations. The fact that toxic damages from the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster are being hidden, denied, and covered up, and the fact that the government is against natural chelation of mercury, adds up to a one-two punch against trusting much of anything from the official medical world when it comes to heavy metal contamination—or anything else for that matter.

    People have mostly shrugged it all off and left their governments to resolve the problems. What a huge mistake! Even when faced with massive insanity and theft on the financial front, most go back to their TVs and sleep without much alarm. I think the day is coming soon that this denial is going to be crushed by events and life will no longer continue to be the massive cheap carnival funhouse that we have made it.

    1. Ewe took the werds rite outta my mouth ;) .. or ..
      koodn't have said it better m-eyeSelf ..
      .. BRAVO !!

    2. Thanks for taking the time to show the ignorant the light. Hopefully they actually listen to reason.

      Money is the route of all evil, but it's not the money that is evil—its the people coveting it more and more—and your health is the last thing that matters.

      I didn't waste my time on this video after reading your comment recommended by a later commenter.

  18. In his " Fast Food Phobia" piece he doesn't address the real issues with with fast food such as the preservatives, artificial coloring and various other chemicals. I'll do my own inFact... Did you know that there is a chemical in Chicken McNuggets that in a quantity of only 1g. will kill you? FACT!

    1. And did you know that there is a liquid that can kill you if you drink 10 liters of it? It's called water.

    2. hahaha zing!

  19. Concerning Nuclear Power... He does kinda sound dumb right now with the current knowledge concerning Japan. It does take down alot of his credibility.

    I hope he renews that episode, it would regain most of the lost credibility and that would be a waste.

    I'm really curious what generation those reactors were, especially since they are pretty advanced in most technology. But seen Japan ha third generation nuclear plants, it seems highly possible those are it.

    Just for the record: "I'm not againt nuclear power"... But I have problems letting those kinds of things in the hands of commercial companies, who will also try to max out performance at minimum capacity of personel.

    1. The Fukushima Plant was built in the early 1960's by no means was it a third generation plant, seeing as how the first reactors were going online in the mid to late 50's, also the Tokyo electric company was found negligent for falsifying safety records on the plant, and third a natural disaster which was unseen cause the meltdown. Had the earthquake not struck the plant would still be operating today

  20. thank you brian dunning. I no longer buy farmers market produce. I no longer get bullied by people arguing logical fallacies. I no longer wet the bed...

  21. Hmm I wish I could get paid to dredge up facts to help build a shell around my common sense like Dunning. I'm surprised he didn't have to stop and graze with the rest of the sheep he's corralled himself with. Can't really explain gravity myself so I guess that doesn't exist either. It must be another conspiracy made up by the week minded lazy science fiction lovers.

  22. Ha ha I like this guy. Very informative. I like how the stuff he's talking about is backed up by evidence. Oh and to the guy talking about using fallacies as a crude way to argue, I disagree. Alot. He's only mentioning material that is already out there, about common deceitful ways people try to win an arguement. There are a ton of books about it. Its all about how to put a point across logically, without using fallacies to win. Its usually the reading material of people who are frequently in a negotiation situation, its their bread and butter.

  23. The commenters are spread far apart and the woo lovers don't appear to have watched all the video.

  24. This guy is exaggerating all the time. He is trying too hard. It's just exhausting... for gods sake... please...

    Constantly generalising, comparing one thing to another, downdumbing and telling "facts" which is so absent from all nuances that the guy is actually lying on many themes here. So dull and, as said, EXHAUSTING. I almost started vomiting.

  25. Just watched one of his vids on energy fields (eg chi concept used in accupuncture) ... he makes a "categorical error" , the word energy in "energy field" is used analagously is is NOT meant in the physics sense. He`s a bright bod for sure, but the reasoning used in some of his vids is somewhat disingenuous & uninformed ...

  26. I think the main problem with this video series, as well as various podcast shows such as The Skeptics Guide, is that the content is aimed at either trying to alienate you and your beliefs, or give you an affirmative slap on the back. In this regard, the Skeptic community may not be all that different from many evangelical Christian organizations for example, not to mention the "Antivax"- movement.

    The practise of pointing out logical fallacies whenever you stumble upon a " false claim" is a crude and ineffective form of arguing, since it only regards the claim itself and not the feelings of the person behind it. It is, however, an easy way to win an argument. Much like it is to commit a logical fallacy. Hmmm...

  27. Good series btw.

  28. The term "conspiracy theorist" Is used, knowingly, and unknowingly, simply to discredit free thought. However misguided, the so called "conspiracy theorist" is nothing more than an opinionated human being. Trying to project some kind of unfitness on those with differing views to your own is Nazi like. I'm surprised how ubiquitous this term has become among educated people.

    1. No, no it's not. I use conspiracy theorist to refer to a person who believes illogical bullshit simply because it comes from "alternative" (i.e. discredited) news.

    2. and so, by extension, anyone so labeled is discredited no matter what the value of what he is saying. As Tin O said "knowingly or unknowingly" I think it is a tool of counter-intel and we should label its users as dupes "knowingly or unknowingly"

  29. Watching these "series" has made me sad. Needless to say that it is because of "hosts" like these, that our world is the way that it is today. It is always easier to justify something as taboo, rather than OPENING your heart and mind. And it is always easier to be an ignorant person. Doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Time wasted? Yes. BTW, there may be no floating island of garbage. But there IS a LAYER OF PLASTIC there. Is that any better?

    1. The POINT is "Don't open your mind so far your brain falls out." People who think an "open mind" means "accept without evidence" rather than "be prepared to look at evidence even if it contradicts what you already think..."

  30. i take some of this commenters believes some of the crap that the clips denny. lol gotta love ppl.

  31. In fact.. is wack. In fact.. Brian Dunning.. is twat.

  32. OMg What a simpleton this Dunning is.. .Shoots down all beliefs with absolutely no facts only Theory .

    1. OMg what is a theory? Once you know what it means you might feel stupid.

    2. Dunning provides links to all his reference material. Too bad you didn't reference the particular woo that you believe in or I could help you, perhaps.

  33. According to one of Brian's theories, the more unlikely a thing is to happen, the more inevitable it is, which is circular logic. Dunning's message is to not believe anyone who uses circular logic. The whole series is an ironic joke that simply isn't funny, but has taken on a life of its own because so many people don't get it, and think he's either right or wrong.

  34. Once you understand WHAT to look for, and where, it is blatantly obvious! We've ALL been "played like fiddles!"

  35. "Mythbusters this! I SAW the video that shows how Kubrick did the whole thing. Once you understand NASA was invented by, and run by, NAZI's. '69 was a hoax! The moon is hollow! There is so much truth being kept from us. Not because it "might" destroy Christianity, but it will destroy THAT "business" known as "RELIGION."

  36. InFact Nuclear energy: What about Japan?! what about waste? To be safe, it must be isolated from all living organisms for at least 100,000 years. And which Building on this planet has survived that long? NONE.

  37. Does that guy blink?

  38. This show is bullshit. Fast food is soooo bad! Look at whats in the meat. This video is Illuminati.

  39. If you want vitamins take a vitamin pill ? How about some fruit and veg Brian would that do the job ? You Americans love your cookies in plastic bottles .

    1. i think the point is that the flintstone pill is 5cents while the other stuff is like several dollars...

    2. I have Smartness Pills that I'll sell you for 5 cents each. Really, they are just rabbit droppings, but when you figure that out, you will be smarter. I've never worked at Mc Donald's, but I have been a doctor for 32 years. Bad food can be expensive, but if good food is cheap, someone's doing you a favor.

    3. best comment regarding 'infact' !to sum it up in two words :total tosh! !

  40. would be way funnier if he said im brian fellows ....i mean brian dunning..hehe any safari planet fans about?

  41. I think this guy works for the government...

    I have felt energy on my palms for many years now when i hold my hands over a person, animal, plants even the sea. So i do believe that everything else he has said is misinformed. I find it hard to believe that he can be the only man with the true facts.. where did he or does he get his information? I also understand that he doesn't know everything of course no one does.

    I think i feel slightly annoyed at his very patronising body language whilst talking about some things.

    I hope that this clip does not put people off from energy healing and alternative therapies. I feel they dont want to promot it because there is not much commercial gain from it and anyone can work with the energy in order to aid thier daily lives.

    The energy that i feel has connected me back to the earth and nature, which seems to be where capitalism is blindly moving away from. How can this enegry be a bad thing?

    The reason i feel able to call it energy is because this is what it feels like under my palms, like a magnetic swirling force.

    And just so you all know, i do not charge for giving people healings. And try my very best to help others feel it so they too can start believing and benefiting.

    the true power is our thoughts, our belief, and love.

    I agree dont go to people who are wanting alot of money for this treatment as the energy belongs to everyone and is all around us. all i know is what i have experienced.

    many thanks for reading


    1. you felt energy in your palms? How many joules?

    2. I understand how you feel. When I was younger, I flirted with all possible kinds of spirituality (from witchcraft to reiki) and I really enjoyed it, because it made me feel part of something special.
      But at some point it was not enough anymore. I needed to understand how things worked and why.
      We have a brain capable of amazing things, from controlling a variety of automatic functions (breathing, heartbeating etc) to logical thinking. Believing in myths that cannot sustain scientific proof is doing our brains a disservice.
      There is no scientific evidence that our hands can heal someone, and that's a fact. Unless of course you can put your palm onto somebody's open wound and see it heal... can you? Can anyone?
      Having said so, there's absolutely nothing wrong in giving a bit of love, affection and attention to a fellow human being ,and if you want to call that energy healing, that's fine.
      But, it's not energy in the scientific sense (i.e. a measurable force) and that's all Mr Dunning was saying.
      Real science and the study of nature is much more amazing than pseudoscience and new age myths.

    3. Hello cezy, thanks for your response. i understand your own search. I do not do it to be apart of something special. I had come from a place where i had stopped believing in something greater than myself. i believed in science and was happy with this.

      through life circumstances i started to feel my own energy. and it when from there. I have never seen a physical wound heal before my eyes no. But an emotionl wound i have yes.

      when i was attuned to rieki level two some amazing things shifted in my life. of course it is a bit personal to discuss here.

      I understand that it may not be measurale force however there are scientists out there who are able to show you that we are able to take photos of auras..

      Have you ever read about how our thoughts change the crystals in water? that is quite amazing.

      I dont believe in this energy because of a crutch... I feel it. pulsing swirling throbbing and i have no other explination of what it is. the only place i that has told me what i feel is in healing books, books that talk about the energies.

      Its amazing to how when i stated to feel these things, it started to connect me toall the life around me. How valuable the earth is. How interconnected we are. It has led me on a fantastic journey.

      Isn't strange how if we can't measure it we dismiss it? Our world responds only to the physical... adverts are aimed at the physical... isn,t that because money cant be made from what is naturally ours, from those things you can,t measure.. ?

    4. can you show me links from the research institutes that took these "photo's", of theses so called auras....and "thoughts" changing waters crystals? I doubt it... you've been had, I'm sorry to say :(

    5. exactly! been had!

    6. Where do i start in debunking all this! None of those so-called water experiments have ever been replicated. It's all pseudoscientific, half truths peddled by people who are way too imaginative and clearly do no understand or respect science.

    7. I think you smoke crack, it would explain feeling dogs, and plants.When did Earth, and nature become separated?

    8. Energy healing is a crock of ****! you're just imagining things sorry. We live in a universe filled with physical laws. These laws don't allow for your "energy healing" to even exist. Ever heard of the placebo effect?

  42. It blows my mind that people, like this guy, don't *believe* in toxins, or detoxing. Anyone who has detoxed properly has seen, vividly, the effects on their body - and this guy would too if he tried it. Yes, our bodies are amazing at getting everything we need from food - but a lot of what we eat, ISN'T food! Wheatgrass is LIVEFOOD, that's why it's good for you. A vitamin pill is not livefood. Wow - I'm a scientist too, but some scientists need to get their heads out of their bottoms.

    1. So putting your feet in salt water gets rid of arbitrary chemicals? And our body doesn't care whether what it eats was once living. just fyi lol...

    2. Kevin

      How many atoms tall are you? What is your net charge in electrons? How many amps of electricity do you use to control your muscles when you kiss your girlfriend? Your inability to quantify your existence does not mean you don't exist.

  43. Ok...I like the message this doc is relaying. But I just can't get into this dudes young 'Jay Leno' chin, speech slur thing he's got goin' on there....along with that annoying "teacher's pet" know it all mentality he's arrogantly displaying.
    A person can be one of the most educated and informed humans in the world, but I believe their shared knowledge and wisdom will be clouded and lost along the way if a person comes off as a totally arrogant sh*t stick!

  44. This is the worst documentary Ive seen on this site.
    This guy trying to indicate what to believe or not, without facts haha

    funny tho

  45. Shiver me timbers there Brian! Got to disagree on boosting immune system as being bogus.Many,many MD's recommend taking Vitamin C and Echanacea with Golden seal for battling the common cold--FACT. Used them plenty of times and they work like a charm!

    1. That's because vitamin C is the vitamin to maintain our immune system. You aren't "boosting" anything by taking more of it than you need. If you aren't getting enough, any cheap source of vitamin C will work as well as any other source.

  46. ok i thought this guy knew a few things till i saw this clip ...really mcdonalds is no worse than other restaurants...has he seen how they make their chicken nuggets or spray their lettuce with chemicals to preserve it or how much actual real meat goes into one of their burgers and the preservatives he says u eat more at a normal restaurant, well thats a personal choice and obviously the more u eat the more calories and of course not all restaurants r healthy but per calorie they r almost certainly better than maccas...their is more real food in 1 banana than an entire mcdonalds burger combo i suggest if u need a quick fix have a banana...faster, cheaper, better and less rubbish

    1. "has he seen how they make their chicken nuggets"
      He mentioned the oil lol...
      "spray their lettuce with chemicals to preserve it"
      I worked at mcdonalds and we didnt do this, we took it out of the freezer and it was used before it needed "preserved"

  47. you made me laugh with (Soon he will explain the "science" of creationism)
    that will make me laugh all day.well done Itoldyouso

  48. What drivel. Dunning is a corporate shill, a republican propagandist. For example, his portrayal of organic farming as backwards. His manipulation of "facts" and the fact that he covers vast subjects in moments, arguing only one side and taking a defensive posture afterwards.
    Soon he will explain the "science" of creationism

    1. Soon he will explain the "science" of creationism that is very good well done ever thought of comedy? you made me happy for the day tickled me pink bravo!!!.

    2. I'm very anti-republican and i agreed with what he said. Also, "Organic farming is backwards" isn't what i took from that clip...

  49. The thing about facts can eliminate some and still present credible information.

  50. zero stars, fake

  51. Just did a quick goggling on BPA... and frack me! You got me,
    Brian Dunning. :(

  52. they would rather have you chase something you cannot prove and waste your energy to the end.That gives them time while you are researching to abuse in public .Turn your attention to what you can fight against not something you will never get told the truth.If you ask a compulsive liar for the truth do you rely think your question will ever be answered.

  53. you need to focus on what they do in front of your face not the ones you cant prove .if you spend all your time playing cat and mouse you are missing the game and the blatant abuse that is not hidden.

  54. i don't do conspiracy the facts that are out there are enough to deal with never mind the ones they hide.

  55. for those who didnt see what he was doing in these pod casts wake up turn off the tv.manipulation by ease pleasure pain truth lie please donate to him any time he leaves that at the end of every pod cast .I watched it saw it and then saw comments saying some agreed they have to be Americans lol.Not only was he trying to make the people believe but he was also throwing a con for corporate organizations to manipulate id**ts with bad science.I am not talking about UFO or mental stuff no offense i deal with reality not dreams.i give this horrid human 1/10 but many here liked him thus them people should realize they are easily manipulated and learn from this lesson.I feel happy now and i will end my comments on this bastard i Bid you good day all.

  56. FACT!!! In August 2008, eBay filed suit against Dunning and two other men accusing them of defrauding eBay and eBay affiliates in a cookie stuffing scheme.[18] On June 24, 2010, based on the same allegations and following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a grand jury indicted Dunning on charges of wire fraud.

  57. Brian Dunning that is.

  58. hey Phillip the royal Phillip my son has 2 LLs in his name also if you look back i spotted this weasel a mile away.

  59. con·spir·a·cy/k?n?spir?s?/

    1 A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    2 The action of plotting or conspiring.

    see the definition of conspiracy. improbable or not.. does it say anywhere in this definition that conspiracies are make believe fantasy or untrue.. no. Conspiracies are very real and all around. Its Stories that are make believe. Let us never question the OFFICIAL STORY .... sound familiar?? who said that? Trust your feelings, free from ego and what you want to be true. YOU ARE RIGHT, not the person telling you what is right. Love All creation and each other. 1 and 1(can) = 3 Fibonacci taught me that.

    1. Good observation.
      As you say conspiracies can be real.
      Sadly many conspiracies are utter bunk, nonsense.

  60. Ok lets start this basic about the overpopulation we are and arnt overpopulated.Now here are the reasons why.If we don't change our method of energy and continue we are over populated,but if we change our method of energy we are not over populated.The population could be 100x larger but it is how we retain and use energy to produce life giving substance petro is Dino fuel and damn that name it fits the bill.You and i know that petro is dated and finite thus we judge over population on this math. To judge this a family of 4 can live off 2 acres and self sustain with understanding of nature take receive return.We cannot return petro thus the cycle is broken and not a circle thus cannot be sustained.On the last note i do not drive a tank jet 10 bedroom house train plane or submarine,but i do drive a hydrogen car i have made and nearly finished the beta version but my cost to live is zero and my fule is zero my tools run from hydrogen stored then released to turn a turbine to make electricity thus i can use what i get and have spare energy,i know this is not perpetual motion but i live in the woods cold in winters and 30oc in summer is not hard to produce.I am not from oxford or Cambridge and wonder if i can make extra energy why don't others?. Countries with low H20 would be flooding the air with water (BUT!!) water vapor is the highest greenhouse gas on earth tell al gore the bullshit king global warming the american. We have greenhouse taxes we have carbon taxes we have pollution taxes i hope you guys read and look up the facts and figures (we live in a mental world) no wonder i hide with my cubs away from greenhouse carbon taxes road taxes wage tax income tax water rates gas rates food tax clothes tax saving tax energy tax insurance pensions dental health humans are mental.I think without all that stress people would live longer.

    1. I think you are dreaming....

    2. did you even have anything to add to this topic, other than insult peoples grammer? open your mouth, i need to take a ....

  61. I must be only one that sees the large amount of slant Brian Dunning puts on things. I trust him about as far as I can throw him. He's a big guy so not very far at all. He's basically trying to do his own version of Penn and Teller's BullS**t in 5 minute blurbs. Not impressed. Who watches this crap? He talks about science a lot but uses non himself. The fast food episode is a perfect example of how he likes to omit facts. He says something along the lines of all companies use the same condiments. Funny thing is I'm really not worried about the ketchup on my possibly hormone injected greasy meat patty. I agree with him that you shouldn't hate on the people making the food. Just watch what you eat. But... He missed the point completely. The overall quality of the ingredients used in fast food is sad. I just feel its disrespectful towards my body. I like every type of food out there including hamburgers but not the stuff you get at a place like Mcdonalds. It's really more about common sense. If a company like McDonalds sells however many million hamburgers a year and they sell them for a fraction of the cost that any other respectable place would do you really think they would want or would be able to use high quality ingredients? As a person strongly interested in the economics of things I know that for a company like that its not about how healthy the food is until it becomes marketable and they can charge more and in the end sell something closer to what a good restaurant would serve at higher prices. The whole thing seemed more like a McDonalds commercial to me. Maybe they threw him a couple bucks for this one. I don't trust him at all. A quick search will show a couple white collar crimes that he's been sued for in the past.

    Not that it really adds to the argument but the way Brian Dunning talks is also kind of annoying. ...Just saying...

  62. howtothinkforyourself . Co. UK.

  63. so basically were all fuked in 2012

  64. I got to think who are the girls that come here often?.
    WTC7, Dewflirt, KooKookachoo, Norlavine, Earthwinger and i. I have no doubt i am forgetting some. Please add your self to this list.

    To all of you my friends, i say good for us for standing up with our ideas, our words no matter if our comments are based on science, life, our gender difference or the role we play in life.
    Here we do play an important role in a men's mainly site.
    Happy women's day to all of you!
    I'll even include Lady Gaga to make Achems happy!

    1. That is the nicest women's day message! Thank you Az, it is a pleasure to know you, be it only through this fabulous web-site! And best wishes on this day to you too!

    2. Yes, happy womans day.

      A few blurbs:
      1...If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would be meaningless.
      2...When women go wrong, men go right after them.
      3...Most women are not as young as they are painted.
      4...As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied.

      But! last but not least "Men are superiour to women, for one thing, men can urinate from a speeding car!

    3. That's because you've never owned a camping pissing funnel for women.

  65. the part about toxins and the levels, truth is that some compounds do not have L50 doses limits, and we just decided that this should be the apropriate level... i do some tests of gm crops on rats and result are interestng. you should be aware of toxins in your... on this planet

  66. local food is also about different aspects. employment, safeguarding and preserving biodiversity and lot other stuff, but usually farmers do not even know and do not follow these ideas... organic farming, there he has also some misconceptions... it also against herbicides and pesticides that causes alergies...

  67. not falsehoods parse but leading manipulation of idea like i said hes an evil guy that could prey on normal folk.

  68. inFact with Brian Dunning i have never been so enraged some of the things are true what he says but its the real facts when i comes to the big corporate companies and health he just states numbers.I read how to lie with statistics in the 70s and that is all he is doing with this propaganda he manipulates the audience with obvious fact then slips in falsehoods.

  69. hey az i have been here a long time but not registered i have ready many of your comments some i agree with some i dont but that is called being human.I hope you continue to write what you want when you want as diffrent ideas create more thought.

    Keep it up :D

  70. Also he includes his laughable conclusion of energy saving,also he talks about calorific values not what they are just the numbers so saturated animal fat compared to organic vegetable (ie) virgin oil is nothing but numbers he rely is a twerp 1200 calories for 3 burgers a fully grown man only needs 1600 per day so you wouldn't be able to have much else this guy is a wolf and don't think he is a nice guy for one second.He is a troll he throws in some id**t stuff that the mentals believe (ie) conspiracy to hide his real purpose of condoning large corporate organizations.Anybody that takes donations to keep spouting rubbish should be a politician. Fact if every person on earth consumed as much as Americans and lived the same lifestyle we would need 3 earths!!!! to support humans Brian Dunning would make a great leader he has all the attributes miss information lying with statistics i could carry on but wont sigh i am angry with this guy.

  71. Fact if every person on earth consumed as much as Americans and lived the same lifestyle we would need 3 earths!!!! to support humans Brian Dunning is a twerp.

  72. Regardless of the content of what Brian Dunning is discussing, I find him to be disturbingly condescending, which I also find takes away from the video(s) quality.

  73. Your comments are far more insulting and pathetically pedantic than anything in Tim's post.

  74. Epi,

    Just give up man. If we can't beat them we should join them, or at least make money off them. With my chemistry degree I can come up with all kinds of psuedo-scientific explanations for why the local artesian spring water here cures everything from cancer to the common cold. It is "all natural" right down to the way it is delivered to the earths surface from an ancient aquifer. Never mind it is free to anyone that decides to walk up and take some, probably because it is so infused with leeched minerals no one can drink it. We will just say they are tasting the love mother nature imprinted on the spirit of the water, the "active ingredient" if you will. If you can provide a way around the legal concerns I'll split the profits with you.

    A good model for us to follow is the one that produced and marketed Joggin in a Jug. Never heard of it, probably because you don't live in the south eastern U.S. Joggin in a Jug is a product created by a man in cherokee Alabama that supposedly heals everything from arthiritis to hang nails, gives you tons of energy, and vastly improves your immune system. After seeing it in local stores for years I asked someone what it was and where it came from. They told me it was produced locally and was a "cure all" that really worked. So I, being true to who I am, decided I should pay this man a visit. He openly admitted to me that his product was nothing more than several fruit juices, some vinegar, and lots of sugar. He even made me a quick batch after also admitting it had no more curative or medicinal power than simply drinking the recommended daily allowance of any fruit juice. So, after we stopped laughing at the gullible people that had bought him his new car and mobile home I asked him why he thought people bought the stuff and he replied, "The name man, you just have to find a clever name." You can look the product up online, people still buy this stuff. There are several different recipes online as well, and they are just as effective as the original- LOL. People buy this stuff knowing full well this man has zero education or experience with either science or medicine. And, though I have never looked on the bottle, the law says it must list the ingredients, so people must know it is merely fruit juices and other simple ingredients they already have in their pantry. I guess they think putting them all together and calling them Joggin in a Jug makes all the difference in the world.

  75. such a bad way of delivering the information and to me.. quite annoying, but i want to know!!

  76. @ Achems

    Oh come on now Achems you have directly and indirectly attacked many posters on this site.

    1. @pulunco:

      Did I? I probably have. But not without justification.

      And it is never to late to see the errors of your ways.

  77. Love what this guy has to say, hate the way he says it. His voice and mannerism are very annoying, sort of plastic like. But who cares, he is debunking a lot of stuff that needs debunked. I love the way many people below disagree with him based on other documentaries and presenters that have no better experience or credentials than he has. I am dieing to ask why they choose to believe say Super Size Me yet refuse to believe this guy, after all they are both simply documentaries that set out with a preconcieved goal, one to debunk this and that and one to condemn fast food culture. Could it possibly be that each of us already has preconceptions concerning these topics and that we choose to believe whom ever reinforces those preconceptions while refusing to accept information to the contrary? I would bet my last dollar that this is the case. The real question is why humans, myself included, are like this. I think it is because when we recieve information that reinforces preconceptions it is easy to assimulate it into our everyday thinking, where as recieving information to the contrary may require a complete restructuring of our thought process and real changes in our life style, which is never easy. It also requires admitting we were previouisely mistaken, or just plain wrong. Maybe we have built up prejudices, made statements, or committed actions that we must now admit to be also wrong or mistaken, which is also very hard to do at times. In short there appears many reasons exist for us to want to continue to believe whatever we already believe, but only a few to motivate us to let go of preconceptions.

  78. its ok to eat 3 big macs a day ??!!! ID**T !! perhaps if this self-proclaimed fact spunking prophet of all that is true and wise had watched supersize me he might have learned something REAL. + its obvious he likes the sound of his own voice too much.

    1. "Supersize Me" targeted Macdonalds. The overweight people in that film undoubtedly ate more than 3 big macs a day. It would also have included fries, pop and the rich desserts that are also available. Had those people gone to a normal restaurant to eat similar foods that are offered at these places, they would still have weight problems. It is not where they eat this type of food it is how much and how much physical activity they are engaged in. The big difference is the savings at Macdonalds.

      I love burghers but hate Macdonalds and will not eat there.

  79. wow... he lost me at the fast food and nuclear power episodes. he's also not presenting any evidence (i.e. reference material and verifiable peer reviewed data/information) to accompany his arguments/claims. i find that in itself about as 'unscientific' as his opinion of the criticised theories/conspiracies... dislike.

  80. so macdonalds its more healthy than going to a normal restaurant??? who is Brian Dunning, it seems that the government, macdonalds, nuclear companies, has paid him to make this videos. I dont trust him! he seems like in favor to some people´s interests.

    1. He never said Macdonalds is healthier than a sit down restaurant. What he said was that your calorie intake was greater at a restaurant because your portion is usually much larger. Given the same portion the nutritional value is about the same. That is what he says.

      I despise the food at Macdonalds but it is the taste that I find disgusting. That does not mean that I will criticize everything about this franchise. I just won't eat there.

  81. guys a joke..

    1. how so? if you're going to take the time to click the comment box and start typing, try saying something at least half intelligent.

  82. That's right Epi. He has a composting toilet. Gotta bow to a man who's got a composting toilet you dirty wee fecker. A man with a composting toilet can always spot a troll.

  83. I wonder if Dunning still thinks nuclear energy is the answer after what happened in Japan?

    Dunning does make some good points but in my opinion he makes some erroneous assumptions.

  84. He is talking base chemicals and elements,Fact eating fruit isn't that good for you but raw vegetables are even cooked veg is better than fruit.Fact Caring for the land mmm? by using petro chemicals to mass produce and deliver is not in anyway as efficient as self sustained organic living .Not Fact This guy has any idea other than the selected information he has spouted.Not fact as we now know the existence of quarks who knows how deep the rabbit hole is.Not fact this guy is from an educated or progressive thinking modern family that is aiming for a natural life.Fact all of his comments are founded on what he has been told or read not from his own understanding or study.Fact Socrates said that any man that takes another mans word as truth is an idiot.Fact is not fact until we have true understanding of everything so what i am saying is that nobody knows or will ever know all we can do is do what we think is best.This guy annoys me because he genuinely thinks he is right.Nobody knows how quarks work that means nobody knows how anything works we have a simple understanding but a true knowledge like he dictates is juvenile.Yet another American half educated idiot preaching to the world what he thinks is right.Fact no other race on earth talk balls like Americans.
    On a final note some of the things he said are true but most were WRONG!!! back to school for this guy.

  85. I don't care about plastic bottles, energy fields, fake vaccines, navy hydrophones, helmets on dolphins, etc. I want to explore 2012 more in depth. What is going to happen on the 23rd of December? I know that if a meteor is being aligned in a cosmic path to hammer Earth, I will go to the NASA space observatory and ask the geniuses working there where they project the impact to be. Then I will board a plane to the destination dressed as a Barney dinosaur while everyone else thinks I'm a lunatic so I can be there to feel the full impact of the irony. With big open purple arms and a massive sh*t eating grin I stare skywards softly singing inside my costume.."I love you....

    1. drinker69, LOL! I concur... For me I see no real reason to be concerned however I do have a gut feeling that there very well could be some effect, the possible cause of which is completely beyond me. The objective standards say that nothing special will happen and logically I agree as there is no evidence to the contrary... but I still have this gut feeling. I guess I see several things that kind of jump. The exponential growth of population, economic disaster, environmental/climatological change and other anomalous things in concurrence. Terence McKenna maintained that we may be experiencing something that he called Timewave Zero. Strange but it all remains to be seen. Chaos is defined as "sensitive dependence upon initial conditions" and physically and mathematically we can see that very slight, or incipient inputs can have wildly drastic outcomes in the function of a complex system. A system like life. Oh well, but I am not convinced one way or the other but damnit, I have this feeling in my gut...

    2. When people thought 2000 was gonna be "it" some people went nuts. My friends dad went as far to stock his basement with bottled water and cans of tin soup. No joke. 2012 is probably bologna as well but I hear what you're saying. Maybe SOMETHING will happen but it won't be the end of the world. Even if it is that same friend of mine who is pretty intelligent said to me once; "Man if its the end of the world I think its an honour. An honour to be the last people ever to grace this planet and be around when it all ends." Given the vastness of Earths history you see. But if the Mayans realized the natural cosmic cycle has these defining points then maybe the Earth will align itself differently than it has before and cause some different energy or something. I watched a doc or something a while ago that an energy wave will contact the Earth and knockout our existing power systems. Computers would go down. Electricity gone etc. We'd have to start over or something along those lines. Who knows. Maybe the Mayans were just bored stargazers who realized being stuck in the Jungle was a good place to view the night sky and built temples to reach above the trees to view it all and liked to be artistic in their storytelling and presentation. I guess time will tell.

    3. If you really want a genuine scientifically based 2012 freakout, checkout the theories of paul laviollete and his galactic superwave hypotheses, its on youtube under "earth under fire" its on the ufotv channel but dont let that put you off there is no mention of roswell or aliens eating peoples hamsters- but some pretty profound and lucid science (ice dendrology, cosmology, catastrophism)

  86. Brian Dumbing!

  87. Gary Null should kick this guy's ass!!!


  89. Again?... will try to watch this lame stuff, about as exciting as "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" $crew the critical thinking, need way out thinking, need stuff way, way, down the rabbit hole, way out of the box. This guy is an....

  90. Canola oil is low in saturated fat (less than 7%),[22] is high in monounsaturated fat, and has a beneficial omega-3 fatty acid profile (which has well established heart health benefits)[27] and is recognized by many health professional organizations including the American Dietetic Association, and American Heart Association.[28][29][30][31] Canola oil has been given a qualified health claim from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration[32] based on the theory that the absence of saturated fats (consumption of which may cause coronary heart disease) in the oil content makes it a healthy food.
    [edit] Erucic acid issues

  91. Oh NO!!!! Not this guy again!! am skipping this

  92. Gotta say it though, after watching the episode on nuclear power, does this man not realize that switching nuclear out for coal is still relying on a resource that we will inevitably run out of? Also, after seeing shows like Aftermath:population zero, I have to call BS on all the "safety" features, that's all fine and dandy but when something disrupts the power and the spent fuel rods go critical... so much for safety measures that require power to operate!!!

  93. there's something weird about this docu i can't put my finger on. most everything he says is true on one level, but skewed in some way.

    I just want to consolidate it into, go eat fast food and don't worry about that garbage patch! just don't be a hipster in a coffee shop and the world will be a beautiful place.

    I don't get his catty comments about buying an aluminium bottle for water. It's like he's assuming everyone got one because of the myth of chemicals in bottled water, and since he 'debunked' that 'myth' he gets all snotty.

  94. @ Brandon - My brother in law literally Thrives on fast food, so does his wife. His wife is ENORMOUS, no doubt, however, my brother is a cyclist and rides several hundred miles a week, and has a very physical life and this guy looks like Brad Pitt in fight club, no fat, pure muscle : ) Everyone that knows him says **** like, "I don't understand how you can eat taco bell EVERY DAY.."
    I just giggle because if they knew how hard he worked out, they wouldn't ask stupid questions like that...

    Not saying fast food isn't bad overall, but come on, 90% of people with weight issues are simply due to the fact they sit on the couch all day, if they exercised, it would not be an issue.

    1. I know a marathon runner that eats whatever she wants as well and she looks just fine. Its not the calories I'm weary about its processed food in general, especially of the fast food nature. He made a comparison to the fruit smoothies we eat. I make smoothies every day and worst thing I put it them is 1 tablespoon of honey. But even if the fruits you put in a smoothie added up to the same amount calories as a whopper is that really 'equalavent' in terms of each's abilty to cause weight gain,all other factors being equal.

      I do think how much we move around is a big key to maintaining a proper weight but Ive been told diet is a bigger factor? Of course if you ran around has much as you brother in law did, it wouldn't matter, but how about an average fitness adult.

    2. add some fresh organic kale to that smoothie, very good!

  95. He has the same effect on me as did Bush.

  96. I say bravo to Brian Dunning. I've no doubt his reasoned approach to fact vs. fancy is particularly grating to the serially credulous. He's providing a valuable social service.

  97. Where did he get all this information from? Hmmmm, I'm thinking this guy doesn't enjoy life too much. He must be a blast to be around!! I just think he's taking it overboard. I can't imagine going through life analyzing every single thing you eat, buy, do, etc. I "believe" we all need an escape once in a while and use our imaginations. Then it's back to reality!

  98. you can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink.

    you can lead a new ager to critical thought, but you cant force them to think.

    1. @Epicurus
      Forcing others to 'think' could almost be interpreted as one attempting to impose their will upon others by foul means or fair, and you wouldn't want that now, would you?

    2. yes i would. i do think people ought to think. and if they choose to not think and just live in a fantasy we call those people delusional and get them help.

    3. Parents force their children to have an education.

      Doing hard work and forcing everybody to do hard work is close to acceptable to enforce upon others.

  99. Oh boy can't wait to see this one
    Someone tell me he isn't defending fast food.

    1. he does. it seems off that he doesn't mention the fat in the meat or the portion size. he compares eat in (and take leftovers home) restaurants to fast food (on the run) but doesn't talk about age appropriate foods in that conversation.

      also he gets pissy against coffee houses, which is funny. everyone knows blended coffee and smoothies are super high in sugar and fat.

    2. Yeah I winced at his fast food claims but his point is, we avoid some food over others based on assumptions, bias, prejudice, etc which may mislead us into thinking we are making healthy choices. He also made the point that its what WE shove in OUR mouths that matters, OUR OWN choices.

      Personal responsibility counts here but I also acknowledge that choices are harder when the temptation to eat unhealthily exists. For many, making healthier meal choices would be easier if society hadn't become "obesogenc".

    3. Agreed. Plus how do you go to McDonald and not eat the tastiest thing on the menu, which is the worst for your health the French Fries. Everyone loves those damn things! There so damn good!! ARGGGG

    4. @Brandon Costa
      Thank you for your kind words. xx

    5. I sound like Robertallen1 but the word is obesogenic...i had to look it up.

  100. On the new energy wave, he says that our energy field was never found! But there are cameras that take picture to auras! that seems like a field of something!
    Dose someone know what king of field is that?

    1. what?

  101. I believe he is the new know er of all! Pfttttt!

  102. Okay, okay. Listen to his video about fast food. What a joke. This guy looks like he eats three Big Macs a day and is trying to justify it to himself.

    I mean, oh my god. He has a total lack of nutritional knowledge. If this guy had ANY IDEA what goes on in the meat and dairy industries, ANY IDEA, he wouldn't be making videos like this.

    Brian Dunning, you make me so mad I could punch a wall!

    1. all he said were the calories arent as bad as people think and that the worst part is the soft drinks and fries.

      he said the calories at a restaurant are often more than that at a fast food place.

      why not correct him? instead of just saying you disagree with this part, say what you know that goes against what he is saying.

    2. maybe your right here. Maybe Brian Dunning has a personal weakness that has affected his judgement. That would not be a reason to reject him outright. Ok, maybe you are not rejecting him outright but I'd like to know if there is anything you agree with and more importantly, have any data or references to support a counter argument.

  103. This guy does have some useful information.

    But, when it comes to conspiracies... and he discounts ALL of them makes him WRONG.

    1. no he is right.

    2. that on it's own does not make him wrong, that is a logical error on your part. The data will make him wrong or not.

  104. Honestly, I want to hit Brian Dunning, right in his smarmy mouth.

    Now, people, I am a freethinking agnostic skeptic, and I tend toward secular humanism and atheism, but Dunning is just too much.

    You know, nobody is an expert in every field, but Brian Dunning is a great example of someone who thinks he is. He's right on some points, ostensibly wrong on others, but seems to imagine he's got a comprehensive grasp on every single thing he talks about. This is a reality-tunnel as narrow as those he criticizes.

    Criticize wheat grass? Come on, man! Greens are so good for you. I get that some of the claims are over the top, but that doesn't mean there's no merit there. Comparing wheat grass to Flintstones vitamins? Totally different delivery systems which are not at all comparable.

    You've got to use your critical thinking skills to avoid being drawn in by this clown. So much pretense with this guy!

    Good luck Brian, or should I say Brain, you're going to need it

    1. why are wheat grass and Flinstones vitamins not comparable? you ingest them both and digest them both the same way.

    2. Because one is eating live food as oppose to powder. Also if you know about composting and the whole process you would know what the difference is.
      Also what is really good to start a day with is a green smoothy. Kale is an other fantastic green to consume in large amount and mixed with fresh apples, ginger, and the likes. Power food!

    3. whats so great about eating live food compared to powder?

      i dont see what composting have to do with flintstone vitamins and wheat grass.....?

    4. i have tried to answer your question 6 times and everytime i come out rude and i will wait until a better approach takes root in my mind. You deserve respect.

    5. @Az
      you stated "i have tried to answer your question 6 times and everytime i come out rude and demeaning." i am not even sure you are capable of rude and demeaning lol

    6. I'll say my rudeness level is often time lower than many here, that is because i have a wall to wall mirror in my mind.
      I don't think i will answer the question in question.
      " whats so great about eating live food compared to powder?"
      I think it answers itself when you open your mouth.
      edit: see my comment to Pysmythe in RS, you'll understand!

    7. "Mmmm, tasty!"
      Clip a clothespin on the nose of the public, and they'll swallow anything.

    8. AZ, I am not doubting u are an intelligent person but I watch many of these docs and usually, before I do, I like to read the comments on them first. And for the last yr or two, I see that u comment on alot of them.

      With that said, most of the time you bore me with ur comments... that I am quite sure you think are very intelligent, scholastic, etc., but quite frankly, it makes me want to puke. Why not just watch the docs like the rest and stop commenting on the majority of the docs on here like you are some sort of "Jeopardy Queen"???

      Feel free to respond, which I know u will, but rest assured, it is highly unlikely you will get a response.

      ps--my momma taught me that if I could not say nothing nice to someone, dont say nothing at all. Maybe I should listen to her. However, you my friend, I am tired of reading ur garbage.

    9. Sounds like u might have a crush on her.

    10. After the first blush of sin comes its indifference.
      Henry David Thoreau

      jump over them.


    11. Back off. She's really chill. You have to just target her out on here and stalk her post and look hard for her intent to sound arrogant, to think that she does. She just says little quirky things that I think, are one of the best things about this site.

    12. thank you Charles. All of us here who write often are often disliked and often liked. You can't please everyone and it is easy to bother many.
      When someone has an avatar, it makes it easy for anyone to skip over their comments. I try not to make mine too long. I do enjoy the new tool Valtko added yesterday, where it brakes down the long comments by hiding a part and leaving it available. He is such a smart guy!
      I take all critical comments in mind, even more so if they are supported by many people who are identified. In this case his comment is supported by 3 guests with no name.

    13. I completely agree with Az and Charles Alderson -- just don't read them.

      What is the purpose of your post other than to make Az feel bad? Do YOU feel better now?

      Personal attacks are just uncalled for, especially when completely unprovoked. What is wrong with you?

      Should listen to your momma more...

    14. @Tim:

      TDF community does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks on its posters. Read the "comment Policy" and govern yourself accordingly.

    15. tim, frankly you're a fool. Your attitude AFU and you have proved, by your grammar, sentence structure and general comments that you lack the knowledge, skill-set and mental prowess to be a judge on any other persons intelligence.
      Aside from everything else that is painfully and glaringly wrong with your comment "alot" is not a word. Check the dictionary. It's two words timmy - "a lot". Before commenting on other peoples intelligence - try and ensure that your basic, 1st Grade spelling and grammar is correct. Fool.

      "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt". You sir, have failed.


    16. Tim writes: "that I am quite sure you think are very intelligent, scholastic, etc., but quite frankly, it makes me want to puke."

      I never claimed to be highly school educated, in fact i have explained being the opposite quite a few times. I have never taken a science class in school because of the particularity of my education which i don't care to explain again here. My curiosity expanded while travelling.

      I do participate on TDF a lot but no more than others who have reloaded their file and now appear to have less comments than i do. One day i'll vanish just like that.
      Until then, people need to skip my comments if they don't want to read them or continue to tell me straight on, just refrain from pucking while doing it and i will also be polite in my response. It's people's right.

    17. Az, you are much liked by many here, me absolutely included :). Please post as much as you want & don't let the Tims tell you how much and what you can say, you at least never offended anyone.

    18. Az, you do not have to justify yourself to Timmy boy or anyone else here on TDF.
      Infact you are the bee's knees, the cats meow! lol

    19. I hope Lady Gaga is not reading this, she might make me stop flirting with you. Thanks though...purrr

    20. Azilda, I am a 61 year old well travelled woman and I am learning at an amazing pace. I really enjoy reading your comments and whether I agree or not you come across as a very well educated lady. I wasn't much on school as I was switching schools between two countries and they were so different. I thought I knew it all back then and research wasn't high on my list. Reading was an escape but as fiction became dull I learned without knowing it. I love the fact that we are free to discuss these documentary's.
      I have quite a chuckle at the one up manship that sometimes crops up and find you uphold the one womanship side (as it should have been called!) clearly and well, I say Bravo, you can stand up for me anytime!
      Yes, I thoroughly enjoy the chaps too and feel so blessed to be healthy enough to say a few words now and then. Haven't had a TV for over 7 years, best thing I ever did, thankyou Vlatko, when's Vlatko Day? they call me lady jane xox

    21. Thank you Lady Jane. Although women do not participate in the writings of comments as much as men do on TDF, I know they are reading. I went back in your file and remembered your comment about your mom's amber. I too used to own many ambers (i still have a few), i gave most of them to my daughters.
      I try to hold my ship as best as i can and most of the time i navigate with a courtesy ship way up the mass.
      I never liked rough seas.

    22. Ahhh, finally found someone who swore off the junk food for brains, just like I did. No TV here too and loving every minute of it. And look at that - not even my kids are complaining. Told you all it works ;)

    23. Fifteen years and no TV here. Ain't it great!

    24. Hahahahaha.....what a good laugh. You are so right TDT. Many people here with their comments don't show much enthusiasm for grammar. It puts a knot in my intestines reading some of those comments. It's just as bad as the school principal of my son's school when she wanted to "aks" me a question. I turned around and told her she can ASK me any question she wants AFTER she went back to school to touch up on her pronunciation. What a sorry world this is....

    25. Just take the possibility of people commenting on here comming from countrys that don´t use english all that much into account and your mystery might solve itself.

    26. be shush silly gramar natzi u spell bad u to not well u read what we say an know wat we mean u bad

    27. ignorance is bliss. don't be so petulant & dismissive of 1's opinion simply because they ain't educated to the same level as yourself.
      i may be illiterate but you sir are an ignorant-illiterate, which is far more destructive & dangerous than 1 .....

    28. wouldn't you say "reading some of those comments puts a knot in my intestines" is more correct, or at least more elegant, than "it puts a not in my intestines reading some of those comments"?
      ; )

    29. I still say, dispite you personal feelings and quite poor argument, he makes some very valid points and many times does a great service to critical thinking and myth busting. I think we aught to thank him for the stuff about network marketing, health scares and the logical traps in poor argumentation. That stuff is priceless and I welcome his contribution. He should be taken on a case-by-case basis instead of resorting to some blanket dissmisal based on petty personal feelings and weak counter arguments. Brian Dunning 1 - Brandon Schultz 0.

  105. My comment I left on his Youtube channel:

    inFail. Why did you fail to mention in your organic farming hit piece about the practice of using human sewage sludge in non-organic farming? Why did you also fail to mention the massive crop failures to Monsanto's GMO corn in South Africa? 82,000 hectares failed costing farmers millions. You also failed to mention that toxic pesticides are engineered into the flesh of the corn making it impossible to wash off before you eat it. Oh well, serves you "skeptics" right, you are just a bunch of followers of the official orthodoxy.

    1. you are just a follower of the latest trend being sold to you.

      why do you ignore the billions of lives saved from starvation due to GMO crops? why not mention the cost to farmers and the small harvest they get making it impossible to feed the world or grow in certain parts of the world?

    2. Yeah that's why the Earth is over populated. The first cause of the human downfall is cultivation of crops much less GMO crops. I know it sounds crazy at first but really think about it, we lived how long with out? Now look at our sorry asses, war everywhere, HUNGER still, no going back now.

    3. the world is not over populated. what are you talking about?

      the hunger is MUCH less than what it used to be.

    4. Currently over 400 million people are being fed through unsustainable agricultural practices. These systems will fail in the near future. The term 'over populated' does not do justice to our current state. We may not be over populated now, but when water resources around the world, look up problems with the Ogallala aquifer, and arable land turns into deserts because of poor farming techniques we will definitely consider ourselves over populated.

    5. we have a resource distribution problem, not a population problem.

      and yes we need to come up with better agricultural techniques. The fertile crescent was turned into a desert due to our farming techniques, and it can happen again.

    6. No we will have a straight up resource problem soon enough when the oil dries up though-
      two words for you "mechanised agriculture"
      oh and three more "oil derived fertiliser "
      oh and another five "co2 acidiication of the oceans"
      oh and some mathematical ones too
      "exponential growth function"
      "doubling time"
      "finite space"
      "critical mass"

    7. Do we have GMO docs on here? Interesting subject. With some of the discussion about how much animal products we should or shouldnt eat, based mostly on the fear of not enough protein, could we modify certain vegetables to contain all the essential amino acids?

  106. to anyone who liked this : also watch HERE BE DRAGONS, with the same host, in recently added docs ;)

    the one part about detoxification is particularly funny

  107. Who needs lessons in logical fallacies? Just read the comments.

    1. @lakhotason,

      Logical fallacies all over the place.

      Mostly ad hominem (he has no credentials, he is a lousy speaker and arrogant know it all) and some confirmation bias here and there.

      The guy actually anticipated the reactions: "Conspiracy theories are so prevalent that I've might just made you mad, by naming ONE you believe in."

    2. I agree Vlatko. Rather than focus on his presentation, Its important to check the info presented here, but then that is Brian Dunning's main point.

    3. @Dean Edgington
      Yes, Brian Dunning is his own best example.

  108. I myself, ...with me and I, all agree that 'we' all have opinions. Opinions are like brain cells. We all have some. As for me. I have 2. One I am using now, and one in the freezer. After that, ..I could careless. PEACE!

  109. In some cases he is right but in some cases he is talking rubbish forgetting details or deliberately leaving them out.

  110. Ah Brian Dunning. This fellow is always good for a kick in the pants. He makes me smile. I've said it before & still feel the same way. He appeals to my bitter, cynical, sceptical sensibilities.
    For those who find him off putting, I can understand why you may think or feel this way. We all have different tastes, ideals, & friends. I happen to think he's quite funny & cuts through an awful lot of B.S.
    I will end my comment with the suggestion that I think more than anything he is encouraging viewers to do a little thinking of their own & perhaps a little research or maybe even read a few articles & books occasionally. Cheers all!

    1. Thta's my reading of Brian Dunning too. Notice how his critics mostly resort too straw man, red hearings and ad-hom attacks? Go Brian.

  111. First of all, Brian Dunning does a horrible job as speaker, presenter, narrator.
    It is almost painful to watch/listen to him. Secondly, he's done quite a few of these "info" documentaries and they always seem to have a few true and useful tidbits of information mixed with tons of propaganda. My own crude, but hopefully useful, analogy: 'There are no ghosts, the earth orbits the sun, voodoo medicine doesn't work, corporate CEO's are good honest men who care more about people than profits, etc., etc.' Well, I guess you get the point. I wonder who is funding this guy?????

    1. when did he say corporate ceos care more about people than money?

    2. I fail to see your point!

  112. I like some of what he has to say but I just can't listen any more.

  113. Ah yes. Attack the man.

  114. @Andrew Preston - I do not agree with most of what he's saying. He's mixing common sense subjects with propaganda. He's a man with no scientific qualifications AND an agenda. He does have academic credentials. Computer science, film/television and fiction writing. I have nothing against skepticism and critical thinking, but this is hardly the way to promote it.

    1. "He's a man with no scientific qualifications" - Now which logical falacy have you presented here Muerte? Can you name it?

  115. love the bashing this man is getting in the comments, calling him an 'arrogant know it all', despite the really long and very self-righteous comments that people on this site usually leave on videos. if you agree with most of what he's saying, then surely that's what counts? a man with no academic qualifications speaking truths is more useful to the planet than a professor or a doctor with an agenda surely?

    1. i like this documentary and i love his other one, here be dragons. my issue here is not his lack of academic credentials but how he chooses to state his beliefs as facts it reminds me of a conspiracy theorist lol he would be much more enjoyable and effective if he left his opinions out of it and stuck to the facts. in his logical fallacies he actually points out ways conspiracy theorists use to argue there opinions but he uses the same ones... once again this isnt bashing i enjoy this very much as well as the debate that its going to bring up.

    2. His most obvious error is actually taking a position and then selling his position as if it is immutable. He is a great example of arrogance without any credibility nor credentials. Insofar as these litle videos I AGREE WITH HIM, but he is a horrible at presentation of facts. That is not say 2012 is going to bad year. (I don't expect anything other than the usual human caused death disease and war.) The Garbage Patch, it is a problem. But the FOR PROFIT media is the real problem here. That is where his attention needs to be addressed. IN FACT it is our FOR PROFIT ideology that is arguably the source of said problems. Examine, compare, contrast, and measure. etc etc etc. Sometimes a little information can be dangerous.

    3. Yeah there is an air of arrogance about him it appears and calling his show InFact is unfortunate; it reminds me of a religious person claiming to have the truth but any simarlarity between the two begins and ends there. In both cases, checking the info is important and BD asks we do just that using proper science. Follow that methodoly, you will be well served by it.

    4. Dean Edgington, I do not object to the techniques that are presented, but Dunning would be better served to use issues that do not make your audience look stupid. But obviously you have experienced the negative reaction of the masses when you are the lone dissenter.<--(been there done that.) In such cases being "right" doesn't really matter much! lol Despite that, Dunning is using issues that I agree with and I still find myself getting really PO'ed because he is exudes a pretentious self satisfied smugness and I think "What a d*ck". Being right doesn't win you friends or make people buy your book.

    5. can you point out a few examples?

    6. agreed. the only true credential that is relevant to anything is being a mature, capable and intelligent human being. combine that with what we know to be FACTS and you have yourself a fully qualified individual.

  116. Not this guy again. The man's a corporate bootlick with no credentials in any of the fields he talks about. He just barks out what he's told, placing actual facts alongside his own agenda, to further his credibility. I mean, have you read any of his articles?

    1. Do you have ANY info to support your (possibly paranoid) claim that he is working for a corporation? Which corporation? Have you seen any of the the pre-written scripts you claim he's told to "bark out" or are you just making this stuff up as you go along?

  117. this is awesome!

  118. even though I generally agree with what he's saying here, he's in no place to be "educating" people on what the truth is, he's no expert, he's just an arrogant know it all.

    1. thank you! i feel the same way! i generally agree with his opinions on these subjects but hes just as bad as the conspiracy theorists

    2. "just as bad as the conspiracy theorists"? the man states clearly that you should think for yourself on the many subjects of "conspiracy", and rely solely on FACTS. that is what Dunning is doing. in no way does any "conspiracy" lay within the facts that are presented in this web series.

    3. you have a long way to go if you think a man posting free videos online trying to curb society's appetite for untrue claims with scientifically verified fact, for the benefit of all, in a humorous way, is arrogant. Your assumption the man is arrogant, simply proves you are the one who is making an ass out of you, and umption. [hes rubber u glue]

    4. anyone with the facts is in a place to educate others who dont have it.

      it is clear that he has an entire research team. its not just him. why not point out what you disagree with?

    5. "JUST and arrogant know it all"? Nothing more, nothing less? No shades of grey, no nuances, no middle ground, no doubt it your mind that you have the full measure of this man? BTW, I generally agree with him too.

    6. if you would please, enlighten everyone on what defines an "expert" in the context of this web series...since you A: apparently know Brian Dunning's credentials and B: seem to be keen as to what an "expert" is.

  119. ok here be dragons was good because he wasnt actually trying to debunk anything but trying to teach howto excercise critical thinking but now hes acting like an authority himself the same as those who come up with the claims producing even less evidence than the myth tellers themselves... ugh!!! i had so much hope for this guy guess i should have excersized my critical thinking there...

    1. Neal Robert Croskery, I agree...I realize many people thought highly of "Here Be Dragons" but Dunning's examples had way too much emotional appeal, and if anyone is really trying to teach critical thinking then why do something so stupid as to be walking on the edge of the razor? Use the opposite, and challenge a widely held position that is possibly erroneous or just an accepted truth. He could've gone after the idea American Exceptionalism, or the Founding Fathers. Most Americans blindly accept such things without any proof whatsoever. It is fertile ground for deep discussion. I am sorry that I write htis without having watched it yet. I will watch it and if it is actually good I may have to amend my statement!