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The growing threat of terrorist menace in the United States has placed enormous pressures on the country's intelligence gathering agencies. It falls upon them to track and put a stop to any potential plots before they're carried out. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the chief agency behind these efforts. Produced by Al Jazeera Investigates, the documentary Informants exposes the inner workings of one of their most popular methods of investigation: the employment of undercover operatives.

These informants don't fit the profile of fresh-faced patriots anxious to serve the common good. In many cases, they're hardened criminals with the street-wise credentials to fit in where others cannot. Each has their own personal motivation for engaging in this dangerous undercover work. Some even use these mission as a means of lessening their sentences from previous crimes.

The film profiles three FBI informants who employ various approaches to their infiltration of Muslim communities under suspicion. First, there's Elie Assaad. Known as "The Closer", he's a violent criminal who's brought in to help the FBI complete a sting operation involving suspected terrorists. Another convict, known as "The Bodybuilder", faked a conversion to Islam in an effort to fit into the Muslim community. He gains the trust of young worshipers at mosques and coerces them into sharing secrets through the allure of personal fitness training.

Finally, we're introduced to Darren Griffin, a United States military veteran who first accepted his role as an FBI informant as a way of escaping drug charges. Working under the code name of "The Trainer", he gathers intelligence as a weapons trainer to Muslim men.

Preemptive counter-terrorism measures have their drawbacks, and the FBI program has garnered much criticism for relying on such questionable characters in their intelligence gathering efforts. They argue that much of the information they produce may be suspect at best, the methods of their investigations may constitute unlawful entrapment, and that potential terrorist plots may even be manufactured at times.

The whole notion of using criminals to catch criminals is a double-edged sword. Utilizing superlative investigative techniques, Informants sheds light on this shadow world of intelligence gathering which may actually work to subterfuge its own intended outcome.

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  1. Terry West

    The FBI is involved with state and local law enforcement all over the country extorting criminals to act as informants in exchange for their freedom, they regularly plant false evidence alter digital video, and commit perjury with immunity!

  2. Mahmoud BouRaad

    Call it what ever you want but it's still a Dirty Business.

  3. Frank

    If you come from the government the FBI NSA CIA when it comes to terrorism want to comes to all this BS it's all a lie it's called propaganda and it's the most dangerous weapon on the planet lot of these films that you see zero dark 30 lighted 78 or whatever found that is Sean about Benghazi all the stuff is written by CIA writers in Hollywood I want to make sure the public believes the story even though most of it is all a lie in the public needs to be aware of that just like this so called documentary it's just more propaganda so wake up people and learn the real news

  4. tom atkielski

    In order to stop further violence and murder, we should help in any way to turn-in suspected terrorists, whether from the Inside of America or Outside of America! Wherever there is hatred, even our own people, there is a greater chance of crime and damage to others! Some might be offended & call it profiling, but we cannot allow people to use our weaknesses to destroy us! They must think of the broader picture and not their own sensitivities, which must be subverted for the greater good!

  5. justice

    Well American citizens should not only rely on intelligence but PRAY...