The Inner Planets: Mercury and Venus

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The Inner Planets: Mercury and VenusScorched by their proximity to the sun, Mercury and Venus are hostile worlds.

One gouged with craters from cosmic collisions and the other a vortex of sulfur, carbon dioxide and acid rain.

Prime examples of planets gone awry, do they serve as a warning for ominous scenarios that might someday threaten Earth?

Cutting-edge computer graphics are used to show what life would be on other planets and to imagine what kind of life forms might evolve in alien atmospheres.

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  1. mrmikemrmike

    this is new world propaganda, with little truth in astrophysical reality.

  2. Matt Kukowski
  3. Matt Kukowski

    Videos are unavailable admin!

  4. Anthony Pirtle
  5. Anthony Pirtle


  6. Isabelle Béchamp
  7. Isabelle Béchamp

    it is true!! there was life on venus.....the gouverment purpously focuses all their energy on mars, not venus!! because they dont want the truth to come out!!!

  8. Epicurus
  9. Epicurus


    what is your evidence that there was once life on venus? and why wouldnt they want the truth to come out? and who is "they"?

  10. Tristan Rentz
  11. Tristan Rentz

    Have you perhaps.. a reference to some evidence, or are you allergic to concepts like 'evidence'? Just saying "it is true" offers us nothing..

  12. Tristan Rentz
  13. Tristan Rentz

    Stupid American documentaries; wtf is an "atomic molecule"?!?

  14. Yakov Smith
  15. Yakov Smith

    Wow... History channel documentaries suck... Did anyone else catch them mixing up Venus and Mercury in the intro?

  16. madscirat
  17. madscirat

    Do any of the idiots that these popular science documentaries are slanted towards actually watch them??

  18. Alex Wilding
  19. Alex Wilding

    1 minute 40. I couldn't bear to watch any more than that.

  20. sammy richard
  21. sammy richard

    Actually there is a possibility that even life existed in Mercury (or may be not)...
    The propaganda is very simple.. Sun was not warm as it is now 4 billion years ago ( The time at which Sun was born)... The heat radiation was so mild that the feeling in venus or Mercury was same as we feel now on Earth...
    And gradually as Billions of year passed, heat radiation from Sun increased, which made the possible beings in Venus to get destroyed by heat.. So the thing is Earth is now fit for an evolution.. As we already know, the heat is getting increased in earth and possibly after another million years, this Earth would suffer same fate as Venus and at certain point of time Mars will be fit for an evolution...
    Noticeably this process will continue until another 5 billion years, after which Sun is liable to lose its heat radiation power...

    Long reading.. :)

  22. Epicurus
  23. Epicurus

    you have to remember for life to exist it must first form and evolve. that takes long periods of time. i dont think life could have arisen in the short period of time that the sun was warm enough for that planet.

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