Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

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Inner Worlds was created by Canadian film maker, musician and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The film could be described as the external reflection of his own adventures in meditation.

Akasha is the unmanifested, the "nothing" or emptiness which fills the vacuum of space. As Einstein realized, empty space is not really empty. Saints, sages and yogis who have looked within themselves have also realized that within the emptiness is unfathomable power, a web of information or energy which connects all things.

The Spiral. The Pythagorean philosopher Plato hinted enigmatically that there was a golden key that unified all of the mysteries of the universe. The golden key is the intelligence of the logos, the source of the primordial om. One could say that it is the mind of God. The source of this divine symmetry is the greatest mystery of our existence.

The Serpent and the Lotus. The spiral has often been represented by the snake, the downward current, while the bird or blooming lotus flower has represented the upward current or transcendence.The ancient traditions taught that a human being can become a bridge extending from the outer to the inner, from gross to subtle, from the lower chakras to the higher chakras.

Beyond Thinking. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We live our lives pursuing happiness "out there" as if it is a commodity. We have become slaves to our own desires and craving. Happiness isn't something that can be pursued or purchased like a cheap suit.

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Susan J
3 days ago

I've enjoyed this so many times and the wonderful imagery is truly captivating.

A must see several times with many educational ideas to study, contemplate and explore.
I've been amazed and so grateful to see, learn and watch

Colin Valencia
4 months ago

Thee most informative and captivating ,not to mention the explanation of things we
in general never understood so glad I took the time to watch this

2 years ago

Classic and a half, never gets old.

P. Bhraonain
2 years ago

It is interesting that there a those see the film as being a victim of supposition, It is important to recognise that "scientific knowledge" is also supposition. Recently, experiments with a tiny subatomic particle called a 'muon' has indicated that our understanding of the Laws of Physics is inadequate. "New experiment hints that a particle breaks the known laws of physics." [National Geographic April 7 2021]. To attempt to condense thousands of years and the spiritual/scientific of many cultures and different religions was a huge undertaking. So well written and presentation is excellent!



John A Hughes
3 years ago

Very in depth and very revealing of the consciousness that’s growing in everyone
3 years ago

Best movie ever! explains everything in a beautiful and understandable way. I kept saying "wow". I've had many teachers but the one from whom I've learned the most was Sydney Banks who had an insight about thought and to find it in this movie was so wonderful.

MeeSha Buhlmann
4 years ago

Excellent documentaries ❗️❗️❗️

Thank you ?????

4 years ago

I watched it last week with my family. It was mindblowing because it brought all the iconography and symbolism from my past experiences and childhood, and explained their meanings and relationships to science and cosmology in simple terms. I have read the translations to the Vedic scriptures, and heard stories in the past, but the connection from the physical to the spiritual was captured beautifully in this documentary through stunning images and clear commentary.

4 years ago

Excellent film that has captured all I have learned in the last 7 years condensed into 2 hours.
I send Joy, Peace and Love to all. Remember if this film did not hit the mark for you, all flowers bloom at different times when THEY are ready to bathed with the sun.

Gerard P Lane
4 years ago

I doubt anyone with a brain, who has traveled the path to enlightenment could not love this film. It's well planned and expressed with vivid beauty and common sense. I recommend it to one and all; especially to those rigid evangelicals and born again fanatics who always look externally for god and inner peace.

4 years ago

This film is an embarrassment. I actually couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’m a spiritual person but I also have a brain. So many suppositions stayed as fact. This the kind of thing that gives the spiritual community a bad name.

4 years ago

An oldie but a goodie! Still LOVE this documentary very much <3

4 years ago

Wow, no comments since 2016, I wonder if the thread is still active and that we can continue to share this space/time continuum. Like several other instances in my life (66 yrs so far), I was "led" to this program and information, really wasnt looking for it, but the program title caught my attention while looking for something to watch, and am very glad that I did.

7 years ago

IF you people are at a point where even arguing for the existence of autonomy or identifying its place in this world is a bit beyond you, then on WHAT basis does anyone here claim to be able to understand its properties and relations? Here is a question: do you think that a large majority of your questions could be answered simply by noting the structural relations between autonomy and space/time itself? Do you think that since all mental projection is unitary then that might play a role here?

farshad rouhani
8 years ago

you should have the "the four horsemen" documentary from RT can find it by that name on U tube ...
It should go viral ...

8 years ago

The 4th episode is ALL THAT

8 years ago

So where does the role of angst, despair, and boredom fit into all of this?
Where is genocide, betrayal, addiction, and hate? in one form of another, these are things that seem to preoccupy our minds most here on lovely mother earth.

Sarvam nirodham yogi
8 years ago

07:08 does anybody know the title of this song :o?

8 years ago

amazing documentary precise and informative

Nancy Vail
9 years ago

We create our world with our mind...perhaps that is the underlying message of all the great "religions."

Nancy Vail
9 years ago

So beautiful

9 years ago

Everything about this documentary is beautiful, could watch this millions of times.

just another name
9 years ago

Finally the world is the way it was, welcome friends to the beginning of the ascending cycle of consciousness! We haven't stood on this precipice for 12000 years, glory to the future we spend together ginette

Viktor Klouček
9 years ago

One of the greates documentaries ever. Whenever I feel lost, I find the path in the words of wise. Thank you, thank you from the whole of my heart.

Mango Smoothy
9 years ago

Intense yet light documentary, I really needed this. I watched this before going to bed and I had wonderful dreams, thank you

9 years ago

I loved it! Thank you all very much for making this so

Francis Mary
9 years ago

A truly beautiful film, a must see for anyone searching for true meaning. Thank you for this gift.

9 years ago

"The true crisis in our world is not social, political or economic. Our crisis is a crisis of consciousness... an inability to directly experience our true nature... an inability to recognize that nature in everyone and in all things."

Directly after the guy said that I decided to go check the IMDB page. Oddly enough that's the exact same quote on the IMDB page. Now I'm wondering what kind of cosmic conspiracy I've walked into.

Very interesting documentary and well put together. It did suffer a bit from the usual pitfall of new age stuff though, the tendency to attach unwarranted meaning to symbols and patterns.

10 years ago

As far as I know, the Buddha never used the term "kalapas" can you cite a reference?? Thanks.

10 years ago

The beautiful emptiness of nothingness.Bliss

10 years ago

This is just a brilliant movie ! Watch it and let some other part of you other than your mind decide whether you like it or not. It just felt so right for me.

10 years ago

Ive showed this to everyone I care about who I think can digest it..2 thumbs up!!

10 years ago

the best documentry that i have watched till date .just see it does make lot of difference in ur life

Mira Malatestinic
10 years ago

Nikola Tesla was a Croatian American -- he was born in Lika, Croatia. The film errors in that detail.
Otherwise a very intriguing doc that brings together beautiful visuals and thoughtful points for discussion.

10 years ago

Having watched the first part of this film “Akasha” I've already run into a problem. I should preface this by pointing out that I'm no scientist, and I don't consider myself a particularly spiritual person. So I don't have a foot in any particular camp. Nor is it my intent to try and pick holes in anything, but rather to try and better understand the theories that are proposed in the film.

There's a brief mention of pattern formation in animals, specifically tortoise shells and leopards spots, and the suggestion that these patterns can be explained by Cymatics, although this link wasn't really explored . It's my understanding that pattern formation in biology was explained about sixty years ago, by Alan Turing and his paper on morphogenesis, and then later backed up and expanded on, after the discovery of DNA and advances in molecular biology.

So my question is, does this Akasha/Cymatics theory attempt to reconcile itself with what we know of morphogenesis, or is it incompatible with it?

Layman's terms would be appreciated. ;)

10 years ago

What is the song that starts around 7:12?

10 years ago

Not bad at all, but I do get a little frustrated with the flashy, colorful presentation and the spiritual tone. It is attractive, but distracting. The thing I've often thought is that we are all in a matrix/model of perpetual movement. We are time/movement. In that our very experience, and consciousness, is constant motion. I would recommend the Youtube videos of David LaPoint and his idea of "The Primer Fields" as a new model of how everything is held together without the need of gravity. In other words the major force is one of Electro magnetism(hence, in my opinion it relationships of the fields of energy to fields of energy, so to speak) but not limited to only EMFs, but all force... this would then eliminate the need of gravity and the invented idea of Dark Matter of Dark Energy. Neat idea.. I'll "Inner Worlds Outer Worlds" three letters...a o k.

10 years ago

some errors here and there. The so called map of dark energy, was not dark energy. This was a map of the Galaxies, which is getting more and more complex, as we gather more information.

Chad Butler
10 years ago

it's beautifully presented ( I saw the first 2 chapters) It mainly has a positive message attached with it! that's all, how many documentaries to that these days? or any media? Through all there findings/research and meditation as the reflection, it make some sense, with peace and connectedness, yes we are all 'one' co-existing together, sharing this life, this planet , each other, as a common species and with all our order and chaos, it still works out in the end somehow...There's also a very well written book on this topic by a quantum physicist Dr Darryl Reaney, titled "Music of the Mind" an adventure into consciousness, I hope you all find it! xx

10 years ago

Thanks Daniel Sunjata for linking this.

10 years ago

@ Vlatko
I wrote a fiction four book series playing with these concepts. I attempted to create a story that unveils like an onion, exposing more of the inner workings of the universe as it goes. It was written in a way to manipulate the reader to examine these issues as the story goes on. I made the first two books (the Caves of Etretat+ The Four books of Etretat) free on smashwords, if you want to check them out.
Most readers go into it thinking it's a regular thriller story and only discover the spiritual aspects in the last book. Few are aware going in that the story is not at all what it seems. I tried to incorporate the main theories about our existence into the storyline and provided one possible answer to explain everything.
Let me know what you think, if you get a chance.

10 years ago

This is a beautifully made Doc, I’m not surprised that it has won several prestigious awards already but I am surprised that this is not mentioned in the Doc description. Checkout the link in the doc itself for lots more info. This visual feast for the eyes is complimented by a well narrated description of the universe through many ancient meditation techniques. The terrific HD images of the Mandelbrot fractals that you could eventually morph into a BuddhaBrot were especially stunning. There’s lots of good philosophy in here as well to go along with the very good in parts soundtrack.

“If you name me, you negate me.” Soren Kierkegaard/The Individual.

The narrator mispronounces Kierkegaard, it’s pronounced
Kierkergore, this I can forgive but not overlook, the mispronunciation of Nietzsche however I cannot forgive. Heads should roll!!! Lol. It’s pronounced Nietzschuh.

The Crucified One

10 years ago

Wow... Thank you Daniel Schmidt you really help me understand and see light and consciousness in a new way XOXOXO

10 years ago

You get what you concentrate on, there are no other rule....and as a whole we get what, together, we concentrate on.

Meditation allows one to access the stem of personal being, it is perhaps impossible once out of a meditatitve state to find the exact words to describe to an other what was accessed.
That is THE problem with separating religion, they try to tell every ones what their inner says or should say. As people are raising out of separating religion and many are, we are left with whispers of our own depth.
Documentary such as this one, offers a path to explore.
Reading about meditation is not doing meditation therefore without meditating repeatedly one cannot agree or dissaprove with the practice.
Again, you get what you concentrate on.

jon jenkins
10 years ago

lol not commenting on ne1 elses comment ....this one is just right up my alley :)

10 years ago

These four videos are the most brilliant and amazing videos I've ever seen. I was amazed by how well the information was conveyed and the content was absolutely incredible. I highly recommend watching these videos and studying the content. After all these years I finally understand the importance of meditation and how absolutely fundamental it is in exploring the inner self. Thank you so much for posting these videos, I for one will definitely take to heart the message and I believe knowing the information that I just learned will help me to evolve into a more spiritual and enlightened person which is to say I already feel more joyful, content, eager, hopeful, and excited so thank you again.

10 years ago

Damn, now I have to spin as well! What next, jumping up and down? Seems like an awful lot of work! Best bit so far is the cornflour, worst bit? Not sure, probably all of it.... Its like asking which sweet is worst for your teeth, they all are but you eat them anyway. Good jet lag TV ;)

chris papas
10 years ago

logos means speech in greek

chris papas
10 years ago

it is not psyma or cyma the right pronunciation is kyma and kymatics. kyma means wave in greek...

10 years ago

If we all hum the right hum at the same time we can create a universe!!! ;)