Inside 9/11

Inside 9/11

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Inside 9/11Inside 9/11 is a three-part television documentary which covers the September 11, 2001 attack, the events that led to it, and its aftermath.

The first part consisted of examining, event by event, the build-up towards September 11. The second part consisted of the events of 9/11 itself, and the aftermath.

Experts and eyewitnesses provide their accounts of the attacks and the events are covered in chronological order.

It was the highest rated program ever for the National Geographic Channel and was nominated for an Emmy in 2006.

In 2011, the episode The War Continues was released with the details and death of Osama Bin Laden and the rise of attacks inspired by other leaders such as Anwar al-Awlaki who is suspected of preparing 3 of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego and Virginia.

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  1. Shaun Cairney

    Everyone should read the book "where did the towers go?" By professor Judy Wood. She blames no one, merely narrates the truths that can be found within the public domain. I'm a firm believer that if a lie that is told sounds too outrageous for anyone to have made up. Then people believe this as a truth. Remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make the world believe that he never existed. No building standing a quarter of a mile tall can fall into its own footprint and a speed greater than free-fall in a vacuum. The building materials alone weighed approximately 500,000 tons and a demolition pile of any sort should have been 10% of the actual building height when raised to the ground. Read the book!!!!

  2. J.

    Project Northwoods is the smoking gun to the 9/11 treasonous attacks. Look it up...its in our own congressional Library. Also NORAD committed perjury in 9/11 congressional hearings when General McKinney testified that he was unaware of any prior hypothetical exercises that simulated hijacked airliners used for a terrorist attack on American soil. Of course, this was perjury at the highest level because operation " Amalgum Virgo 2 " was implemented because terrorists tried to slam an airliner into the Eiffel Tower back in 1994.
    These are documented declassified facts. Not conspiracy theories. So yes I do the research although many do not. If we follow the money trail we will find that multiple elites benefited from the 9/11 attacks.

  3. cillo billo

    Cannot believe that after this many years the 9/11 disaster still accuses the Jihad rather than the real guilty one or Dick Cheney

  4. Melanie

    Another great documentary. Without delving into various interpretations (with the notable exception of explaining the architectural issues involved in the Pentagon and WTC crashes), this documentary simply gives the facts in a very engaging manner. Highly recommend.

  5. Vanessa

    I agree with the first comment I read. I had to sift through at least 10 Conspiracy CRAP "documentaries" before I found the National Geographic one..SMH

  6. Knut Holt

    The two buildings could perhaps collapse from the impact and the fires, but could it collapse so totally, so regularly and so streight down? And could building nr 7 which was noit hit collapse some hours later, also that so totally, regularly and streight down? It all looked like a planned demolition with internally placed explosives.


    I' don't care how many Agencies trying to convince me I' don't believe those buildings collapse from a few isolated fire

  8. fender24

    I always like to say, if you want to find out who did something, you have to look at who benefited from an action. So Who Benefited?

  9. Acezero 44

    I think its obvious they had help from a powerful country. The US helps the enemy win wars vs other country's year after year. so its pure logic to conclude that a 3rd party did the same thing to the US,. eye for a eye.

    Way to many people get consumed by long crazy conspiracy theory's and never stop to think of other more logical solutions.

    The logical question is who helped the terror attack?, and could public opinion handle it?

    The second answer is no,

    So instead they go after the assets there enemy's want. its just that simple. Its a page right out of the History of war.

  10. Manfruss

    Too many questions to just take the "official" story at face value. This "documentary" is definitely US POV propaganda. There is too much interest for the US to remain at war. I don't doubt that the truth is somewhere in between. I don't think the US Government and big business planned this attack, but I doubt they would have pass up the opportunities this provided them.

  11. Manfruss

    Yes, there are extremists in the Islamic world that want to destroy Western civilization. The typical wild terrorist in a turban is a new faction of Islam that developed after WW2. It developed in response to the extreme liberal society we had here. They saw us as decadent and in decay, a sick and perverse society. Doesn't make them right, but it's it important to understand how things develop. At the same time, an extremist point of view developed in the States. This extremist point of view is that the US is "good" and others in the world that have other interests are evil. After WW2 this focus was on the "evil" and "vile" empire of the Soviet Union. The US was the good, and the only righteous people who can take care of the rest of the world. It was their responsibility to defend the American way from Evil Doers. All nations on earth, have done some good, and some bad. The US is no different. This doc is 100% pro-America, "phuck-yeah". Why don't we look at other major issues that are caused by our "western civilization". Today we muzzle any science that suggests our consumption and materialistic society is damaging. We are so fixated on our "one right way", that we fail to see the harm caused to others. How many democratically elected governments has the US helped to over throw because that government wasn't in the best interests of the States? There are many sides to all stories, and terrorism is about one of the only way for someone to "fight" the states, since they'll lose in any toe to toe conflict.

  12. Doug Hymas

    are the producers of this crap guilty of treason.... whos job is it to arrest and prosecute people who produce this trash where is the ACLU
    it would be nice to see mass murderers put in jail or hanged for this

  13. fmac20

    so they decided to bomb the WTC because there were alot of jews in it? thought it was because due to trade and finances? more and more i believe the conspiracy theorist.

  14. Sikander Zeb

    the documentary was really informative for me... thanks NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and TDF com..

  15. Matthew Austin Pendleton

    Don't ascribe human nature to something so cultural. Human nature is a lot more difficult to understand and is something you should leave to the philosophers.

  16. tonyzepp

    Islam is a dirty religion. Muhammad was a war lord and spread his way by the sword. It is repressive to women and non believers. It is illegal for churches or synagogues in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Non Muslims are not allowed in Saudi Arabia unless the govt. OKs itand then it is only political figures or someone to do a job. Yet they still want to be here in the US. Last time I looked I didn't see too many Mexicans trying to flee the US because of persecution. And if u think 9-11 was an "inside job" Go East St*pid Muslim and get the **** out of my country !

    1. johnnyboy777

      I took the time to sign up for this comment. The United States of America, which I proudly served for 3 years in the Army, is a secular government, in which by that it means the constitution declared the state be neutral to any religion. That is why we call it winter break, not Christmas break. Your 'comment' shows you lack education and these days there is not much room for excuses. There are many resources such as search engines like Google, which can lead you to great finds after you filter out the nonsense flooded by ignorant people. There are other non secular governments who choose Islam as their religion. There are other places that claim roman catholic, the small Vatican place, built by beautiful boys, I mean adults. There must be a more logical explanation why the Vatican announced in 2008 that Muslims are more numerous than Roman Catholicism as the biggest single denomination in the world. I don't know if what happened in 2001 was an inside job or not. I remember even though I had a 3.7 GPA and a Bachelor's degree, it became tougher to get jobs, but I'm still a pilot. There are a lot of things I don't know. One thing I do know is that this is MY country and I don't have room for ignorant people like you so get the **** out sounds better than what ever you said.

    2. bertram89

      if you think 9/11 wasnt an inside job, you are asbolutely r*tarded in every sense of the word. do some research that isnt primarily basded from cnn, abc, nbc, or the 9/11 "script" the government released 3 years later and spent less money on than they did to find out if clinton got his **** sucked. i dont agree with islam either, but i also dont agree with christianity or judeism. my point? my point is that you need to do some research before tryin to blast those who have done more than their fair share. anybody who looks at the 'attacks' objectively, can and will most certainly come to the conclusion that 9/11 was not carried out solely by men in the middle east.

    3. quickymart

      Calling people re*arded because they don't agree with you is pretty backwards of what your trying to accomplish, or maybe it's not. This is exactly what I see with most 911 truther's agree or your "add expletive." You talk about objectivity but I seriously question yours. Also truther's all sound like recordings of each other and remind me of religious folks.
      Really I wonder if it's not just kind of wanting to belong to something bigger than themselves. Most people need to define themselves with something bigger some group, some cause. In reality you truthers are just as much sheeple, if not more than most people.
      Truther's don't usually read much, "some do a select few." Most truther's just watch documentary's and believe what ever they see. When I see truther's in public they usually just chant the same slogan's over and over and over and they watch each other to see what to do next.
      What research have you done? You didn't cite any, just the "typical do your research" did you? Most 9-11 truther's are just blindly following each other around in a circle filled with rage spouting the same slogans for the last 10 years and 10 more to come.
      Go live man go get a life.

  17. Tara Gunderson

    Damn you, NG! They got you, too? What a joke! One more example of the government filling in the "gaps" of the true story of 9/11 with elaborate BS propaganda.

  18. dks2012

    moving part when the orthadox jew helped the young muslim (both new yorkers) to run from debris, one of the better s/11 doco's

  19. john kay

    these videos are pretty good - ive seeb them before...

    one thing i found appalling was that when i watched them originally it was commercial free yet at the end of each video (there were 3 9/11 vids) there was only one advertisement/commercial and that was from westjet airlines?

    Somehiow i dont think its morally INCORRECT and INAPPROPRIATE to advertise air line commercials on videos based on airplanes crashing and the fact that they are the one and only company doing so, means that the are targeting the audience (or amt of viewers) and national geographic (whom i respect) was picking them...

    Am I wrong?
    To me this is like going to a funeral and smiling or laughing intentionally

    Irregardless i will never ever deal with westjet airlines for this reason alone

  20. john kay

    its so funny seeing so many "open-minded" people commenting how "close-minded" others are.
    only goes to show that majority of people are over exposed to too much information and none important bs causing all of us to have lost something humane along the way - me included

  21. Larry149

    This is how all of the documentaries in support of the official story work. Sell a narrative ignore the facts

    1. Nick Ramsay

      What facts?

      19 Islamic fundamentalist planned and implemented the most horrific yet spectacular terrorist attack in history.

      The only fact is that in this world we have sad, pathetic, uneducated, and gullible people who fall victim to conspiracy ideologies.

      Try to think about the complexity of planning and implementing an attack like goose....

    2. Ryan McQuiston

      Exactly, the complexity. Impossibility, rather, of pulling off without being allowed to do so.

  22. Jon Kutastrofik

    this is such a load of BS.

  23. Ernesto Martinez

    911 was an inside job

    1. Thang Tran

      Conducted by Miley Cyrus Inc.

  24. Yeung Xiao

    I might not believe in a god, but I believe in Vlatko. He is righteous and smites ill doers and maintains peace and order.

  25. Guest

    I now have a probl'm with NatGeo since I viewed Buch's interview on this website. Because they just can't be a "Thrird" party, not involved.

    Right after I finished viewing that NG 9/11, I stumbled on a comment made on Bush's interview doc stating that the new "9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out" is just about is be available.
    Well, it is and viewed it yesterday on a website that looks quite a bit of pure copy of this present one.

    Again, I find that some scientists go too far as if they're insulted to be considered as poorly minded persons and that because of this, they's punish any author by jumping to the conclusion that the whole 9/11 event was planed from "A" to Z".

    This, while it could have been only the some high ranks of the CIA or any USA-Org. organisation who simply tried to keep these maniacs under close surveilance, and then simply goof a little or were taken short.

    But the bare fact that USA citizens who lost some of their relatives (And/Or) family in this, are simply turned down and made fun at, do have all reasons to go after these high ranking civil servants who despise them.

    Again, is there only George, Collin and his gang who's the perfect "USA Patriotc citizen"? There are so many facts for which there was no "Gov Secrecy" reasons to hide reasons, explanations.

    Considering all the "Plots" the USA Elite ran in the back of their of their citizens since some 40 years, how a human being could act otherwise?
    Only one example suffice: Did the USA population (Including the senate) voted to bomb Cambodia, against international war crime commission?
    No. Never, they only gotten fooled by criminals like Kissinger.

    The benefice of doubt is no "Elastic" that streches indifinterly.
    Once it's lost, it's for a long time.
    Keep them locked up, no one needs that.


  26. GoughLewis

    inside "job" 9/11

  27. Achems_Razor

    Saw the others, will watch the war continues however.

  28. Yavanna

    WoW I`m totally converted to the official view now the official view is now getting it's facts a bit less bendy....... They're even including real stuff now! It must be real and official!!!!
    Guys it was some guy in a cave what did it. Let's get those bearded freaks KK?

    1. GoughLewis

      haha lol

  29. Leofwin

    This is the first 9/11 documentary I've seen that actually gives you some bloody context and background information about who the hijackers were, where they came from, and why they did it. Most other documentaries just play the footage of the plane crashing over and over, and describe the events of September 11 like it's an episode of 24, without giving you any real depth of information.

  30. Alexander

    bin laden this bin laden that bla bla bla... it was USAma Bush Laden

  31. BeardHero420

    Excellent documentary - full of fact and devoid of crap.

  32. blondewithtools

    I love what Vlatko has done here, I think it's absolutley grand. I have a problem with the way the comments are sensored now. It didn't use to be that way although there use be a few punks that would come on and mess with your comments. You would think by now that people would allow each other to think what they like and not be so insecure. But then again sensorship is becoming more and more the american way with National Security and a country turning to facism

    1. Yavanna

      "rude" words are censored. There are two censored words which I disagree with because although they are part of the English language and are restricted.

      R3tard & M0ron.

      Don't say those words and you are safe.

      This is the second of your comments I`ve read regarding American political correctness. American this and that...... You do realise this is the World Wide Web? Not the American Wide Web right? America is a small part of the world which you obviously happen to live in.

      Buy a bloody map! And realise you insult half of the community here every time you rationalist the world as being something irrelevant outside the borders of the USA.

    2. blondewithtools

      You need that new PMS pill that use to be Prozact.....Rag hag

    3. fender24

      Eh? small part of the world?? are u kidding me now? do u not have maps where u live or something? and u ask him to get one! LOL :D

    4. Yavanna

      Erm.... project much? Firstly I`m a guy. Secondly It's spelt Prozac. "Rag hag?" Never heard of that one. Probably an invention on Camden trailer park.The first rule of idi*t club is you do not make yourself too obvious......

    5. Yavanna

      You probably think Christmas is awesome and should happen every year! (For some reason my real comment is in moderation - is 1d1ot a moderated word now as well???!!!)

  33. S.E.T.H

    Vlatko spends his time creating this whole website which in itself has created more insight and info then i could have ever thought......and some of you give him grief for posting some "commercial viewpoint" 9/11 Docs.

    bit dumb when considered holisticly innit?

    keep it up Vlatko, TDF is my TV station:)

    1. fender24

      well isnt all the docs on you tube? :P

  34. Sun

    ni hao vlatko, thanks for posting these docs.

  35. Veselin Totev

    I will not watch this doc, because I have herd the nationalistic BS of NG before. I think that all sides of an augment should be presented, so it is good to have this documentary hire, but if you want to know the truth watch some of the other movies about 9/11!

  36. norlavine

    Nice discussion so far, but I'm going to sit this one out and watch the doc! xx

  37. c m

    Really? Zero 9/11 truth documentaries posted on this website on the 10th anniversary with around 10 or so "Official" documentaries? That is sad on the face of it.

    1. Guest

      Its no sad at all. Admins of this site are skeptics and atheists with their own unholy agenda :D

    2. Butterfly05166

      there's nothing wrong with being atheist :) everyone's entitled to their own religious beliefs not everyone lives in the same tiny bubble and I have awesome morals without it thank you very much

    3. Guest

      You are right to say that 9/11 was a religious war, never heard of one that wasn't in one way or an other.

    4. Irishkev

      Come on, be fair. There is a whole section on this site dedicated to 9/11. Anyway you should know by looking at where this came from as to what type of spin its gonna have.

    5. Vlatko


      1. There are no admins. There is only an admin.

      2. You've being rude. Find me a comment where I declare myself as an atheist.

      3. What is wrong with someone being an atheist?

      4. What unholy agenda?

      5. You have thirty nine 9/11 docs on the site, most of them describing the event as an Inside Job. The last 5 are with the opposite agenda.

    6. Jack1952

      A glance at the recommended videos and I see "9/11 Mysteries", "The Great Conspiracy" and "The 9/11 Conspiracy"....all right up your alley. The 4th documentary "Who Killed John O'Neill" may or may not be a CT film. It seems you only see what you want to see.

    7. cynicalitis

      @ Guest>>>>

      Hmmm, Projection Identification much.

    8. Chris Starkey

      I think you should be more worried about 'Holy' agenda mate... Religion is used by governments to convince the populace that killing is a good thing. Religion is division.. BELIEVE IN LOVE