Inside Bountiful: Polygamy Investigation

Inside Bountiful: Polygamy Investigation

2012, Sexuality  -   52 Comments
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Is this man breaking the law, or following his faith? The leader of Canada's most famous polygamist community - Winston Blackmore - opens his doors to what life is really like in Bountiful, BC.

Polygamous marriages in the religious commune of Bountiful, B.C. are once again under the scrutiny of the RCMP, following two decades of similar investigations that have so far failed to lead to a single conviction.

The Mounties have investigated plural marriages in Bountiful since the early 1990s, but persistent questions about the constitutionality of the law and a successful legal challenge three years ago have meant only two people have ever been charged and no one has been convicted.

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52 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Gr8wrtr

    +papilo_Ulysses_ulysses .....I think you mean impede, not impinge. If you did mean "impinge", then you don't have say " impinge in a bad way"; as that is the definition of the word. Its like saying have a bad/negative effect in a bad/negative effect way. U r saying the same thing TWICE.

  2. E. Mo

    The law definitely should be upheld, not because the government ought to be able to persecute people based on their religious beliefs, but to stop people from being able to legally exploit others based on religion. If it were to become legal, I don't even want to imagine how vulnerable the women and children would be in terms of support and custody rights. I can see the first wife and her children getting preferential treatment. Tax loopholes where families are used to dodge paying their fair share of the commons is also a danger. A guy like the one in this doc would take as much advantage as he could of the legalization of this farce, would manipulate it and get away with it. He's a scared weak little person who wouldn't know what to do if he couldn't control a remote community of brainwashed women and children.

  3. E. Mo

    "Child trafficking? Nah. It's got nothin' to do with me." "Just because you have a fifteen year old in your life doesn't mean your're gonna touch 'em." He calls women "his ladies". He's an arrogant pimp who has serious control issues and a rehearsed bulls**t answer for everything. Just because his community wears clothes from this century doesn't make him any better than that POS Warren Jeffs.

  4. Steph

    Did anyone notice how he liked to hug and kiss.... the young girls on lips, at sunday service...I would not send up my daughter to have him bless them.

  5. Alfred Silva

    Most adults everywhere are in a polygamous relationship at some time. For convenience they call these relationships "Affairs". The women "Mistresses".

    We made fun of and demonized the Muslims for the same reason they legitimately like the Mormons have more than one wife at the same time. At least the Muslims limit themselves to 4 at any one time. Why do we always see the women as victims in such situations? In Brazil I have relatives (women) who want to get into such situations and will do anything to be part of a gang of women with one man.

    We do not admit it is the desire of everyman and woman to have more than one ritual stroking of the cat (what's another name for cat?).

    Given the opportunity and the willingness of women to participate in the ritual stroking of their cat and sausage trapping into their tunnels, with the ritual stroking of another womans cat in the presence of another woman is fantasy that is heavenly and beyond what one could imagine.

    Its better than coke, smack and ice combined.
    If someone wants to engage in this (and it is gender neutral by the way) as long as it is consensual let them be.

    1. a_no_n

      affairs are nothing like polygamous marriages because the women in affairs don't know about the other woman.

      If your relatives have had much exposure to you then it's no wonder they're so lacking in self worth that they feel a Hareem is a good option.

      Also to further compound your utter ignorance on the subject, polygamous marriages rarely engage in threesomes.

      i get the impression you typed most of that comment with one hand.

  6. Odile Cohen

    What anybody realizes is that this guy is a psychopath as well as the guy that went to jail, they call themselves prophets and do whatever they want based on religious bullshit. Of course he seems to be charming and smart because he is a psychopath as well as every one, and those women are so blind, naive, and do whatever he ask them to, because are his followers. The way religion works.

  7. Hux Leary McShulgin

    I see nothing wrong with polygamy as long as:

    1.) The women aren't being brainwashed/controlled (or forced to marry at 13 like the Warren Jeffs thing).

    2. The children aren't being neglected due to having so many siblings. It's humanly impossible to connect with 130 kids every day like a good parent should. People should be having fewer kids, not more.

    3.) They aren't doing shady things to make/save money, such as living in half-built houses to cut down on property taxes (which happens a lot apparently).

    No consensual relationship between adults should be illegal. Law enforcement and our government have MUCH bigger fish to fry.

    1. a_no_n

      problem is it's usually in deeply religious settings where these things occur and as a result consent is not something taken into consideration.

  8. JC O

    i am so disgusted with this it's not funny...What is wrong with this ****: PUT THEM IN JAIL the ****** child molesters

  9. JC O

    OOG My all I can say is this guy and any other man who has many wife's are pure PIGS and the women are totally ******..." please read the comment policy" (moderator)

  10. Brittney Kroiss

    First of all, this film claims to be looking into polygamy but it's really just focusing on polygyny (one husband, multiple wives) without touching upon polyandry (one wife, multiple husbands). If all polygamy was legal in Canada, in my opinion, it would be easier to track where the problems (abuse, underage forced marriage, etc) lie because it could bring them out of their secluded communities as it would be seen as a valid marriage. Which, again in my opinion, it should be if consensual and respectful to all involved.

  11. Panama Brokerage

    Women are so dumb

    1. Fredthefrog

      People who generalize are so dumb (note the proper grammar?).

    2. Watley

      They must look pretty smart to you falling for that old line about multiple wives as the word of god. They probably know grammar too.

    3. Hux Leary McShulgin

      So are the men who believe in the fundamentalist Mormon bull****. (Or any religion).

    4. Nimueh63

      Yeah, that why we give birth to an even more sorry excuse for a human being on this planet, Men!
      Ah, well, I guess god made a little mistake there..

  12. Tom Boy

    The guy is definitely an alpha male. When you're attractive to women, you can get them to do many things for love. I can understand him and his wifes and I respect their lifestyle. The canadian government is doing a good job being tolerant while still investigating this family (or should I say community). I think they're right to be suspicious about possible deviances...

  13. Beata Filipiak

    The guy comes over as a formidable and magnetic personality and some women seem to be drawn to such men: men who would insulate them from the dog-eat-dog world. And when it comes to parenting, you can’t really be a doting daddy if you have 150 kids.

    On the other hand, I’m a strong advocate of not meddling in other people’s affairs. As long as they don’t mind being a co-wife and (highlight =>) as long as no one gets hurt, it's fine. I’m exasperated by those who believe that being within the mainstream equals “normalcy” and all other ways of life are deviant.

  14. CukeGoddess

    Honestly, I think other than wives not getting enough time and he thinking they don't need to have more time with him, and the shipping off girls for marriage, if you can take care of that many children and women and not be on assistance the man should be left alone. I'm sure he has some control issues, but there are hundreds of thousands of monogamous relatio ships that do too.

    Also, he brings up a good point. Cheating on spouses is pretty common in today's society, so technically many so called monogamous relationships are in fact practicing polygamy..... Very interesting little clip. As a female I wouldn't mind having 2 men to be honest, for when the other is too into their video games you still have someone to go to the park with or cuddle. :) I agree that one woman and one man is also in fact religious thinking, so it really is up to the individual people involved in the relationship what they are comfortable with.

  15. Aldo Solari

    Well, 15 wives, 130 (!) kids ... THAT MAN IS A CHAMPION!! he and his wives should be given some kind of "Nativity Medal of Honor" - not the least, a champion for the social security system and tax income office !

  16. yahoo user

    i dunno why religion even is involved... 1 man and 1 woman marriage is a religious ideology as well

  17. PaulGloor

    Its all about population control and giving us geeks a fair chance :P

    I would have to say that if the law remains against, any future occurrences should be investigated and charged but those already in plural marriages should not be held accountable for their religions ignorance to the common law, at the same time, they should also not be permitted to expand their existing family.

  18. Simon Johnston

    At lest they aren't aiming for a theocratic Canada or America, like the right wing fundamentalist 'Christians' are.

  19. chard01

    all the single ladies all the single ladies and no booze.i think i'll stay catholic and livin with me mum.

  20. cdnski12

    I'd like to see some facts about these people collecting welfare. Certainly some did so in past years. Also Winston has paid minimal Income taxes in some past years ... claiming he is a "Church" and is thereby tax exempt. Incredible that he can own, service and fly an expensive air plane, but can not pay his taxes?

    1. Simon Johnston

      Do you know why he has the plane? How much farmland he manages?
      As for the rest of your queries, I think that's what one of the girls was talking about earlier - nasty rumors dishonestly trying to portray them in certain ways.

    2. Guest

      If he can finance an airplane and pay for expensive lawyers, then he can surely pay his legitimate Income Taxes plus the relevant fines. He is running a cult, not a religion.

    3. bringmeredwine

      Just imagine his child tax credit exemption! "Our tax dollars at work".

  21. Imightberiding

    As the brilliant Dr. Sam Harris once said: "Mormonism is a lot like Christianity only considerably more stupid." That is of course a loose quote but close enough to the point.

    It's my understanding that if someone gets married in Canada & are at the same time already married the subsequent marriage is considered non binding & void. I don't care much if these women are stupid enough to follow & submit to a man like this, what I find truly disgusting & completely unnecessary is that on average each of those women have had more than 8 children. One man, over 130 children? I don't think I need to elaborate on how absurd this is in today's world. It is obvious however that this results in an established slave trade with in his family & religion. At very least cheap labour & established child trafficking.

    Illegal? I don't know? Unethical? Perhaps. Inappropriately over populating the planet? Definitely. Big greedy, selfish smile on Blackmore's face? Without question!

    1. Simon Johnston

      Clearly no need to approach the community rationally.
      Assumptions like the ones you have made are just silly.
      And ... slavery? So now cooking for the family is slavery? uuurrgghh
      And as an atheist who believes rational and critical thought are extremely important, and someone who enjoys watching the likes of Dawkins debate the Catholic hierarchy around the globe, I consider Sam Harris to be a nasty little bigot, with quite an obvious dollop of racism dribbling down his chin.

    2. Imightberiding

      Just a little curious why a person who is an atheist would rise to the defense of mormonism? After all, their entire lives & the very core of their community is a function of the mormon faith. Sure they appear happy. I find it sad that their happiness is grounded in ignorance & a direct result of drinking the koolaid on a daily basis. Clearly the only truly happy people in the community are the innocent children who have yet to come of age & think for them selves & the men who control the women & children.

      I'm not talking about cooking as slavery. Every child should learn house hold duties & responsibilities as far as I am concerned. It is the simple fact that this man runs a significant if not large business on the backs of an almost unending well of teen labour that the doc stated, are far from appropriately financially compensated. Not to mention the forced relocation of underage children for what ever the desires of the elders/men. Defending child sex trafficking too?

      This man is a pedophile & you defend him? He has married at least 2 underage girls. I won't dwell on my disgust for this man's blatant selfishness but I will refer you to Kateye70's comment a few down the list. Pretty much sums it up as far as the degree of effectiveness with regards to partnerships & parenting.

      I will close my response to your response to my comment with the following: "I consider Sam Harris to be a nasty little bigot, with quite an obvious dollop of racism dribbling down his chin." I am genuinely curious as to why you feel this way. Please explain. Perhaps you can enlighten me to the dark side of this intelligent, well spoken, sensible man with a some what witty albeit dry sense of humour. I honestly want to know if I am missing something here. Don't waste your or my time with your opinions of the man. I want facts about him. My experience in watching & listening to his lectures & talks thus far would put him as straight forward, mostly correct & generally unimpeachable & altogether worthwhile listening to.

    3. 220VOLTS

      But...but, he's going to go to the planet Kolob, where he will be a god with all his "angels."

    4. bringmeredwine

      Like I said to Cndski12, imagine his child tax credit exemptions?
      Oh, but the government must not interfere with people's religious beliefs.

  22. DigiWongaDude

    monogamous swans we are not. Leave it oQ though and the washing up will never get done.

  23. oQ

    These polygamy "marriages" are always for the benefit of the man. As in polyandry (women with more than one man) wives are most of the time shared between brothers, fathers and sons, in other words, these women have multiple partners for the convenience of men.
    Polyamory on the other hand includes the true consent of everyone least the word describes that...not sure how true it can last.
    But afterall even monogamy hardly ever last anymore.
    I say get rid of mariage all together!

  24. barbara sherman

    The picture on the interface of this video speaks volumes about these conservative women's "independence" and "bravado" at speaking out - and - speaking up for themselves. Yea right, where do I sign up for one of those tailor made dresses made out of floral feed cloth, and the latest polygamist hairstyle? Give me a break, if they hadn't been brainwashed from early childhood and indoctrinated into that narrow culture there is no way they would willingly choose to live that way, unless it would mean being taken care of financially and not having to actually struggle for survival. Trading safety and security for freedom. Not a very good trade off in my opinion.

    Is there any real truth in the adage that ignorance is bliss? Maybe it's not exactly bliss, but never knowing there are options in life, beautiful options that would bring joy, exploration, education, travel, the freedom to think for oneself and make one's own decisions, the real possibility of having a mutually passionate and jealous love that would of necessity exclude all others...then, ignorance, whether blissful or not, would at least prevent one from longing for such a life.

    My guess is, that now, since the advent of the Internet, travel, and communications more open and free, more and more women are going to be hitting the trail and escaping fat, ugly, heavy breathing old men and their "felt needs".

  25. Kateye70

    "...It all comes down to numbers: 1 man...15 wives, and more than 130 children." (That's an average of almost 9 children per wife.)

    What's appalling to me is not the polygamy as such (no problem with what *consenting* *adults* do), but how in the world is this man a real parent to more than 130 children? Or able to have a real, loving, adult relationship with 15 different women?

    How can anyone have *meaningful* relationships with almost 150 different people? One can be close to a few people, but when one's time is stretched that thin, one cannot be an effective parent, teacher, lover, or even just friend.

    Personally, I don't think I even have 150 actual acquaintances. There's certainly only a handful of people I interact with daily in a meaningful, loving way.

    Also, the 'daddy' in this video never did explain exactly what happens to all his sons once they're grown...maybe they're not 'lost,' but how many of them can live like daddy?

    As the reporter pointed out, the numbers just don't add up.

    1. KurtofLA

      he does not look like a real active man and to father 130 kids does require some "work". Some of this women are not very attractive. On the other hand, many men are not really happy even with one wife and not much of a father for two kids. Selfish does come to mind.

    2. globaldailymedia

      because life isn't only about love .. other animals don't waste their time on love maybe we shouldn't either

    3. RikG01

      That isn't strictly true. Many animals have a bond that we'd call love. There are plenty of examples of mourning at the loss of a mate, in many species which exist in social groups. Love is a reward of the instincts, all the feel good chemicals that flood our brains, and the brains of social species, that keep us with our mates in order to increase survival.

      Of course the process is somewhat loused up in humans given that we are cursed with the intelligence, greed and neurosis to overcome the bond.

      This is probably why over the years, even arranged marriage couples (so long as their partners aren't horrible) have (supposedly) grown to love each other.

    4. Jess

      But we are not those animals .... how can you say we should act like animals, yet we pride ourselves on being so different from animals? Which is it?

  26. LaBetta

    Mormon sounds a lot like more men, which is ironic since there are less men. I don't care how many wives these men have as long as the women are actually women and not under age girls. I can assure these men (speaking from the experience of having once been a teenage girl) that no young girl would willingly marry some old-fat-hairy dude if given any kind of REAL choice. I could be wrong, but I say offer these girls, let's say Justin Bieber up against said old dude and see which one they choose. Not forgetting the possible religious brain washing these girls may be subject to I still think they would all go to the Bieber camp. I guess what I would like to be able to say to the people of this religion is stop marrying young girls off to old dudes and the rest of the world might just say "Oh! more than one wife that's a little different but, ya and let live."

    1. Fabien L

      I agree young women might prefer a younger man but I question your pick of Justin Bieber as an example. You couldn't think of a less effeminate young man?

    2. barbara sherman

      I could think of a lot of less effeminate young men personally. The old perv in this documentary is fat and disgusting, as in "climb the mountain". Can you imagine the huffing and puffing as the old wart hog gets his steam engine going?

      With 15 "wives", at least most of them don't have to put up with him knocking on the door at night very often. Pity the young pretty ones that end up being the favorite.

      If these men were honest it IS more about sex than obeying their weird religion. The women are taught from early childhood to obey, and that they have no personal rights to live and dream, to travel independently, to explore life, to experience a passionate one on one real soul mate love with a man.

    3. Ash NA

      You're welcome to your opinion, but as someone who grew up in a fundamentalist, far-right and Yankocentric cult I beg to differ. What these women think and what we'd like them to think are very, very different things. And sure, just as unhappy people can switch ideologies and join the church in an instant of conversion, so too can they join a competing ideology and leave. It doesn't really say much about the church, it only speaks of them.

      And, it's really is about time we accept that conservative women can and do speak for themselves. LOUDLY. It's not usually the women who run away, it's everyone else who runs away from them.

      I have for a brief time visited a polygamous cult as a WOOFer and I have some experience of this as well. Though, to their disappointment, I didn't join in the 'fun'. Their leader was fat too and an easy stereotype. He was also utterly sincere and brainwashed and cynical all at the same time. The women there came to him for comfort as much as sex, and he to them for the same and a feeling of admiration and self-respect he couldn't generate through his outside achievements.

      I didn't have a good time in either of these places, and if you think any of these groups are run by men for their own gain, think it through. Do you know of any companies or organisations where women don't squabble and vie and compete and try to take over. In 35 years on the planet, I haven't discovered one. Marcuse is dead, let his victimology die with him.

    4. bringmeredwine

      "The old wart hog"!!!
      Thanks for making my morning, my coffee snorted out of my nose!!!

  27. Papilo_Ulysses_Ulysses

    It always mystifies me as to who said you could only marry one person... I kind of think as long as people over age and are happy to enter these kinds of marriages then whats the problem. As long as they all support each (including the husband) other and help each other out then whats the problem. As long as the husband doesnt touch the children then whats the problem. As long as they raise those children happy with good decent morals and values then whats the problem. As long as everyone has a choice then whats the problem.

    We will always have bad people in this world, we will always have control freaks, cults, etc etc, that will never change.

    If you are happy doing what you are doing then wheres the crime? If you arent happy then make the changes! As long as you arent murdering raping pilliaging and scamming others and as long as your life doesnt impinge on others in a bad way, then enjoy your lifes journey. I always think when my children are making decisions I dont agree with is "its their journey the universe has something to teach them", no one can take that from anyone. Most of all I wouldnt want anyone taking my choices from me.

    Actually come to think of it I wouldnt mind more than one husband lol now that would be handy, Id keep em all busy lol

  28. gert2222

    who cares, it's just creepy and greedy. leave some for the rest of us you greedy creep

    1. barbara sherman

      I have studied this in depth and I can tell you most of these women are desperately unhappy. There are many women who've escaped this hideous lifestyle who tell of suicides and/or how gross it is to be forced into a marriage with an old man.

    2. KurtofLA

      You should hear some of the women talk about our village bull. Another cow every day. Humans are self centered. I have seen life in countries in Africa and India etc. I guess most of us are just luckier and have a better world and then we screw it all up and vote for Obama.

    3. Alan Strife MacDonald

      ud prefer romney? o.O