Inside the Garbage of the World
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Inside the Garbage of the World

2014, Environment  -   26 Comments
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We're living on a beautiful planet and as a human race we've been here for thousands of years. Our planet didn't need to be protected; life was flourishing on its own, with its own agenda. However for the past 100 years we've made a tremendous impact with our footprint due to the growth of world population and the industrialization of our everyday life. Economy, profit and capitalization became more important than respecting our planet and an ancient knowledge to advance a new way of life.

Greedy organizations have perverted our past legacy for a quick and disregardful fix to our new suggested needs. The introduction of the concept that we're living one life and disappear subrogated the spiritual knowledge of the ancient - that we're passing life through ourselves from the past to the future. Materialism is today the main purpose of our lives... being bombarded with commercials and publicity all over the world.

Today we're at the threshold that can't be reversed if we don't stop consuming the way we do as a human race. Pollution is becoming a devastatingly huge problem that will endanger humanity for generations to come. One such pollutant is our use of single-use plastic. Civilization is plainly on an irrational course and the situation currently is close to hopeless. If we don't fix what we're doing to the oceans we'll ruin the building blocks of life.

Everything we share, which is the ocean, belongs not to corporations or any individual. It belongs to the world as a whole and that's getting trashed. When we start losing those resources we'll lose our very quality of life. Our business system, environment system and our social system is not going to survive... it cannot survive. All the other species are suffering because of us. We'll also lose the ability our future generations to enjoy the quality of life that we were fortunate enough to have.

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3 years ago

I believe that if we were to make littering a capital punishment we could STOP a lot of this. How many time have all of us seen someone dispossing trash. I am one of those people that WILL call you out on it you pigs.

ravioli huvs
8 years ago

What I wonder about is the equipment used to shoot this film, do the research etc. How much of that equipment is composed of plastic? Obviously the film and research are valuable, but is it possible to do it in a sustainable way?

9 years ago

Increase the price of each product by 25 cents to add a value to the plastic container which can be refunded when the plastic is returned for recycling. If people see a value to plastic they will not throw it away.

9 years ago

Thank you I had no idea the problem was that big. I switched to glass
A long time ago. Those items that can be recycled I take to our recycling center and make money. All food containers should be replaced with glass or biodegradable paper. Keep making everyone aware!

9 years ago

Why should people stop consuming when that i stye agenda of greed? It is how they get rich!

9 years ago

Funny how the description of this doc said, " that if we do not stop consumingā€¦" Most consume because of as they put it "greedy" corp. and the access to incredible amounts of credit given to anyone.

9 years ago

i'm 33 & i'm finally at a point where i can kick ass in my profession & incorporate my passion music. Yet I'm starting to feel like i'm needed somewhere else. The generation before mine says its up to the generation after mine to fix the environment, only one of the major issues the world is currently facing to ensure our survival.

I'm having trouble changing minor world problem's let alone how to live in a plastic free environment so yeah question is do I...

a) continue living obliviously to the fact that i think humans are capable & willing to destroy themselves or

b) stop them

Stop us..

John Smith
9 years ago

only thing that will be destroyed are people, planet is +-5 kkk y old, and we are like fungus on her, if we will not learn how to live in equal simbiose we will simply die , thats all

Gaia ODea
9 years ago

This planet is so much stronger than all people and A bombs etc...the only thing that people need worry about is that the planet will take its revenge out on people and bye bye people ...btw....this planet was NOT created for people how self centered are those who believe this or those who made this documentary.....humans are the SICKEST speicies that EVER inhabited this planet and i would wager the universe...not so powerful weak sick and destroyers torturers perverts of all species ever creatred. BIG mistake...mistake will go away and Mother Earth will sigh in relief hoping that in perhaps a few hundreds o millions of years if ever that some new and imporved version of humans might come to walk the earth this time creatures who are loving and whom do not even know what NEGATIVE means....too late for is only getting worse...close to THE END for humans sadly for the beautiful innocent animals too we are responsible and have not a chance of killing anything but people and animals NEVER the planet...there will come an end to this planet but this is very very long time off so BOMBS AWAY...the sooner the better.

9 years ago

Humanity suffers from two major problems; Ignorance and Overpopulation. One fuels the other.

The first problem may never be entirely eliminated, the latter will eventually resolve itself, as our species continues its rapid march to extinction.

9 years ago

terence galland1 second ago

absolutely amazed that this appalling situation is going on behind the backs of the worlds governments they really need to be made aware of this catastrophic practice of using the worlds seas and oceans as garbage sites

9 years ago

Stop buying all that trash in the grocery stores ,dollar stores,dollar tree ,all that s*it out China,

9 years ago

maybe there is a valid issue of progressive technology generating trash when it can be helped. I mean in a few months, the computer or gadget I am using would be old stuff. Soon, I must upgrade if I want to run the latest programs

A perfectly working device has become junk or has been trashed by the latest fashion and better design,

9 years ago

I really agree the points this movie makes, but it is like the movie tries to sabotage itself. the science is not presented well, the appeal to pathos and ethos is overly wrought, and so many of the people they brought on to talk simply sound half stoned while they are talking.

even though I agree with the movie, I almost have a hard time taking it seriously. how is this going to convince the people who think environmentalists are just a bunch of hippies trying to save some turtles?

Larry Dean Moore
9 years ago

Preaching to the choir never saved any more souls. Spending money to support all these "green" inspired items and environmental protection documentaries is pointless.Also it's playing into the hands of your enemy. Lets face it no one wants to extradite themselves in society. Following what this and so many documentaries similar Do exactly that. Your influence will only reach outliers. If you want to change the world, change society by out marketing the giants. Fight fire with fire. get dirty. Peaceful thinking is the type of thinking that will get stepped on. Become a shepherd. Learn to heard sheep/ Link up and convert minds. It is rocket science and it requires money.

9 years ago

We can just helplessly watch and weep now, it's already too late! Capitalism's greedy god and comfortable life have its high price, we as human race should know that a long time ago. There's no return or good way to repair the damages now. It was the human mind (way of thinking) that should be reseted a 100 years ago and than perhaps we should have a little chance. That chance dissapeared right after II-world war. God luck everyone! Those who survive will talkā€¦

9 years ago

Why pollute the message with the spiritual b0llocks?

lan ban
9 years ago

we we we we theres no #we# greed and power hungry corporations are destroying the planet not humans

9 years ago

I would have thought that by now some giant corporation or even better a science student has not manufactured a prototype for the replacement of plastic. I mean, how wonderful it would be to get rid of plastic.

colinvanful .
9 years ago

bring back paper bags and glass bottles!