Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

2009, Society  -   436 Comments
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Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really ThinkInside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think explores the expertly gathered opinions of Muslims around the globe as revealed in the world’s first major opinion poll, conducted by Gallup, the preeminent polling organization.

Gallup researchers began by asking the questions on every American’s mind. Why is there so much anti-Americanism in the Muslim world? Who are the extremists and how do Muslims feel about them? What do Muslims like and dislike about the West? What do Muslim women really want?

Crucial policy decisions hang on these questions. They continue to generate passionate disagreements in the public square. Yet for all the heat and controversy, the actual views of the world’s Muslims have been conspicuously missing from this debate.

Now, we have the missing answers and statistics, gathered, parsed, and analyzed not by pundits but by professional researchers.

As part of this groundbreaking six-year project, Gallup conducted tens of thousands of interviews with residents in 35 predominantly Muslim nations, as well as smaller populations in Europe and the USA. The broad extent of the polling has delivered findings for the world's 1.4 billion Muslims with a plus or minus accuracy of 3%.

Focused on the issues of Gender Justice, Terrorism, and Democracy – Inside Islam presents this remarkable data deftly, showing how it challenges the popular notion that Muslims and the West are on a collision course. Like the research, the film highlights a shared relationship that is based on facts – not fear.

Directed by: Rob Gardner

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3 years ago

Poeple, whether it be muslims or non muslims, their knowledge of life would not be perfect untill they read and understand Qur'an. Because what we get from outside need not be correct and perfect from the knowledge what we get from God (Allah) who created us. So many lead a life that is not actually required for them. So outcome would be terrible for himself and others. Due to lack of the knowledge he bcomes victim or make others victims in his life span and as a result we loss peace, vision etc. leading the lfe to world of misunderstanding. At last we cry for what we have done behind - but in vain - at the time of death.

3 years ago

While i personally enjoy and entertain all aspects of Religious, Scientific and Philosophical Documentaries. I must submit this particular Documentary is extremely Biased, Favoring ISLAM. Again we hear of how Muslims are the victims. And how Islamic Terrorist Are a minority. Sharia is NOT compliant with Human Rights..A womans word is half that of a mans. Are Christians,Jews,Buddhist, Gay, Lesbians and Transgenders protected under Sharia? I have been reading Quran,,And Hadiths...and though there may be Muslims who do not practice...or Do not want to kill ,,it does Not Detract from the Fact that Quran and Mohammed command it. We live in The United States of America...we are free to research Quran and its prophet and call him out for what he is without fear of Death. If a christian such as KKK kills in name of Jesus,,he/She is NOT a true Christian..We follow Christs example. If a Muslim kills in name of ALLAH..he/ She follow Mohammed and Quran. Who Decides True ISlam...The foundation of Quran.

3 years ago

Revelation 21:27 .
But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb's book of life.( UNCLEAN/UNHOLY/PEOPLE WITHOUT REPENTANCE/PEOPLE WHO LOVE FALSEHOOD WILL NOT ENTER THE HOLY KINGDOM OF GOD)

3 years ago

Psalm 101:7
No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes.
1 John 4:20
If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.
In hope of eternal life, which God, who never lies, promised before the ages began
So that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us.

3 years ago

Proverbs 6:16-19
There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

3 years ago

1 John 3:15
Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

3 years ago

1 John 4:20
If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

4 years ago

ISLAM IS OF SATAN and is an ideology of evil.

4 years ago

This documentary fails to illuminate the primary Muslim Holiday "The Eid al-Adha." The Eid celebrates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as an act of obedience to Allah.

Parental love is conditional in Islam. Children grow up with the subtle knowledge their parents could justifiably kill them at some juncture if instructed by Allah.

Growing up with the Eid is how well educated, professional, young adult Islamic males (19 of them) could look small children, and babies in the eye on four planes, and take them to searing, fiery deaths on 911; this trade for Heaven and virgins.

There is a distinct pattern of mass homicide integral to Islam only a fool could ignore. Even in this documentary on 911 Muslims state they knew it was Muslims.

Through the Eid, from earliest childhood Muslims are deeply inured to the belief that murder is a venerable and honorable means to settle the score with problematic people and non-muslims (infidels) - and a guaranteed means to achieve heaven with Allah.

4 years ago

I thought we were going to hear from a billion Muslims? Instead we hear from a few Americans telling their opinion, and mostly about Anerica. Very disappointing.

4 years ago

More bloody Taqiyya

5 years ago

This is pure propaganda and more of the same deception and deceitful strategy laid out in Islamic texts as desperate close minded and one sided lie to justify acceptance of very backward ideology masked as religion as Trojan horse to western world.

Mekagoen Mimadri
5 years ago

Respectfully, what we do know about the Taqiyya deceptive practices of the Muslim type, actually precludes any and all desire and intention, to remotely tolerate the bloody ideology that cannot be named. Lo demas, dear folk, is "boberias"
Consequently, regardless of any splendid "struggle" or jihad fecal matter, dealt to the SIX BILLION KUFFAR, by the criminal humanoids that can't be named, we, the splendid SIX BILLION have already scheduled the bloody ideology, for permanent deletion, from the universe. The bloody ideology has been busted, and it WILL NEVER AGAIN, be trusted. That is the pulse reading of THE SIX BILLION KUFFAR, with pernicious hyperintolerance, for the abjectly criminal fecal matter of that particular brand, that cannot be named...
Moving forward..!

Sarto Mik
5 years ago

Don't get me wrong. My grandfather was a Muslim. My father even looks Muslim right but he's a Christian (I'm not religious though) since he was born because my grandmother was a Catholic Portuguese woman. Most Muslims never really read the Koran so they don't even know what the Koran says. There's no such thing as "there are some extremists". No. If you are Muslim and you read the Koran. You ARE an extremist. That bullshit cannot be spread. Muslims are extremists, period. Half of my family are Muslims and they didn't even read half the Koran (ridiculous to me).

Max Frost
5 years ago

There are NOT 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The Arabs use that number to intimidate the west. 800,000,000 muslims are illiterate and cannot even read the Koran. Even more cannot read Arabic and are not even Muslims by their own rules.

5 years ago

I live in a neighborhood in the Northeastern United States. Muslims are growing in strength in an alarming rate, birth and immigration. The only other people keeping them at bay is the overwhelmingly high numbers of Coptic Christians in the same area, equally strong in high birth rates. If not for them the Muslim Horde would've taken over the city a decade ago.

tommy G
5 years ago

This documentary is another attempt by the Muslim world (and American liberals) to have Americans accept the Muslim beliefs. Nowhere in this documentary do you hear about the Violence that the Quran promotes and advises muslims to do against ALL NON MUSLIMS. To say that most Muslims are peaceful but still follow their religious beliefs is ridiculous. The Quaran teaches ALL Muslims to kill all non Muslims. Their hero Muhammed was a child molester, murderer and liar.

5 years ago

2 brief contextual disclaimers. I'm a US woman that's been to Saudi for business 12 times in 6 years, so my biases are based only on niches of society and only those 12 weeks. But, unlike a minority here of commentators that need get off their keister and stop allowing Fox, CNN, or CBS brainwash their world view. Also, acknowledge your filter! I've met only educated Saudi males and their spouses, people of all races that have "lived" there for decades, and young female professionals. But is firsthand, through my own bias, not someone else's. Second, I'm a spiritual, do right-undo-others type that makes up my own religion because I feel my faith and connection to any potential higher power/being/giver-of-hope is only mine. I don't judge who yours is, or who it is not, or if you're still searching. or if you don't care at all.

I have had the opportunity to enjoy and hate experiences that take make my blinders off and in 4 regions in Saudi, Oman, Bahrain, and Indonesia.
(I love the dialog here, but some of you are so rooted in a mindset of anger both sides, it saddens me. I have compassion for how terrible feels inside and ask simply: why do you intelligent people want to spread that? Your reaction and mindset are literally 2 of the only things you controls in life. Here are some things that blew me away:

1. Many practicing, educated, non-radical muslims have 2 groups they cannot respect and broderline-dispise: Atheists (not surprising) and Buddhists (what!?). I asked many questions, but it seems to be based on the lack of believe in a god means they fear no retribution are truly not guided by clues. This learned, peaceful, genuinely funny, happy man respected Jews (not Zionists), Christians, even Iranian, with a warmth that was no fake. Buddhists are driven by a selfish desire to attain greater enlightenment. Wow. I thought part of greater enlightenment mean being less self -focused.

2. when asked, the women I dealt - all from moderate families or a young female professionals, NOT royalty - how they feel about not having the right to drive? Gave me this what i can only think to call 'sista'-ly look I was clearly the dumb one. Labor is inexpensive here. I call my typical driver, he takes me to work, which is only 7 miles, but 35 minutes due to traffic, and I answer emails and call back people I missed the day before. Why would you WANT to drive??? The sense of freedom, the spur of the moment decision, right? All good points, but the general attitude was coming from a totally different mindset than I had assumed.

3. Saudi women DO NOT hate wearing a burka or hijab and abaya in the more liberal areas not he coasts. Their beauty, their very identity, their facial reactions are entirely their own to share/give to only those they care to show in a more private setting of a restaurant, small shop, etc. And the hijabs? Think of any woman could have an average, everyday way to hide that the heat gives them a bad hair day. AND any woman can go to a salon, or sit in front of a mirror and turn a pretty, inexpensive scarf into a stunningly beautiful "not-hair"do.

These are just small glimpses into how the Western world sees the everyday life of a muslim person with same basic goals we all have - better lives for our children, an opportunity to improve our role in the workplace be recognized, and holidays that focus on focusing our thoughts on being more giving to the less privileged, on how to be a better human through Allah's guidance, for recognizing our error and asking for forgiveness.

Now balance all this with brutally unfair business tactics, lying is acceptable, trickery just means you're not smart enough, and absolute certainly that Saudi's are the chosen race and are better than any non-Saudi. AND the my biggest difficult - basing decisions on emotion, not logic, fairness, and balance. And lastly, Saudi Arabia is still a very YOUNG nation . . . very much still based in tribal cultures that makes each region so different than others.

In closing, don't get me wrong. I do not love Saudi's and their moral code, as it has broken promises (to save face), outright lies, and support of one of the US's most monopolistic of companies is killing my small business and nearly bankrupting my family.

Thus, please know that my sometimes rosy attempts to breakdown the stereotypes is not out of an unrealistic liberal love of all creatures, but just merely my observations.

Jacqueline Mosco
6 years ago

It is nice to see a piece that isn't always vilifying the Muslim population.That being said, I do believe that Muslims have strict and sometimes hateful beliefs because they are made to look up to Mohammed, who is supposed to be their perfect role model. Just pick up a book to read about Mohammed and his life. Not someone I would choose as a role model for society, thats for sure. But the Muslim population are taught the Koran and Hadith from the time they are taught to read, and they are also taught they must memorize it as well...If you read something over and over, and over and memorize it and are told by people you look up to that this is the way of your religion and you must follow the ways and rules of Mohammed and the Koran, Im quite sure that you would become brainwashed and come to see those thoughts and rules as the only way in life. Once this happens, and they become brainwashed, and Islamized, they don't really have much of a choice about religion and the Islamic ideology. What i don't understand is how we end up with what I see as 3 very different types of Muslims. One, the Muslims that read the Koran and Hadith and take every word as Mohammeds and Allahs law that must be followed in every way. And remember many peaceful things that were said at the beginning but were abrogated by later words that were then followed instead. For example, it may have said at the beginning to love your neighbours, but if later it said to kill all infidels, the last point would be adhered to and followed. So yes, there are those Muslims that will follow their Holy books to the letter and end up being terrorists.... Secondly, I believe there are those Muslims that also believe both the Koran and Hadith, but chose to worship in their own way and not cause anyone harm, while staying in their own little culture bubble. Lastly, I see a group of Muslims that only follow parts of the Koran and Hadith that they deem to be honourable and respectful to others in society. For example, they say their calls to prayer 5x a day, go to mosque, abstain from pork, celebrate Ramadan and Muslim holidays, stay away from dogs, may or may not chose to wear hijabs, work in everyday society, women are looked at as equals, they wear makeup and everyday western clothing, and take infidels for friends and neighbours. This last type is the Muslim type i believe that dominate society right now and makes society a better place because of their differences. Unfortunately, at the same time, the extreme radicals are going about their ways, bombing places and trying to cause as much violence and pain in western society as possible and this isn't fair to the moderates as they are lumped in with the radicals and people come to look at them with fear and hatred in their eyes. So there are many more moderates than there are radicals, but unfortunately it only takes a few radicals to destroy our society, break our laws and hurt others...So I really enjoyed seeing this documentary explain the way of the moderate muslims and how happy they are to be in our society and how they wish to integrate and all live together in a cultural melting pot. Just my thoughts.....

Dixie Hurley
6 years ago

I know there is more Han one version of the Quran and I don't know if I bought the correct one to give me the real exact true picture of the Muslims an their true beliefs . But out of respect an the desire for good will an knowledge I bought a Quran and read the entire whole document from cover to cover . What I found on every single page of it is hate an murder the unbelievers infidels or anyone who does not believe as I do . An nothing but hatred for women period .its completely disturbing to me . Yet as an American woman I have never disrespected nor made fun of my ones religion period .an never will . I respect all people . But I find is hard to respect my one even Christians who only have murder in their hearts . An by the way I am a committed christian a woman and a minister. But , because I am a christian I have also studied in all the depth that I can every other religion I can in the world includeing but not limited to Islam . I have done this because the bible says " I would not have you be ignorant brethren . " this is not he entire quote but you see the picture . I believe God does not want me to be ignorant about anything if I have any ability to be educated about what ever the issue or belief or person . An because as a minister an teacher of scripture I believe I am responsible for what I teach, responsible to teach truth an to bare the horrible responsibility if I teach wrongly . This makes the teacher more responsible that the student . An believe me because people have so many different views of life there are a lot of lies out there everywhere . But , right now I would give a clarion crystal clear Call to all Christians everywhere to remember this most important fact , no one , no one on earth or in heaven has ever been , is now , nor ever will be won to Jesus Christ or anyone else through hatred , through murder, through exclusion , divisiveness , abuse of ny kind twards women or twards anyone . The only way anyone is ver won to Christ is through truely living an showing Gods love . If we as Christians do any of these other things they are evil practices and we are then evil ! We live in a genuine SCAREY world an time . But if we want to see peace an see Gods love in this world , we must stand firm and be Gods peace an love in this world , my brothers an sisters it s time the call is here it is time to start teaching the world that is we truely want to be a Christ one belonging only to God we must carry out the order to make peace at any cost except the cost of denouncing our God an faith , an we must be the peace an love we want to see in this world by now this minuet beating our swards into plow shears an teaching others to do the same no matter what their faith Is or even if they have no faith at all. Anyone who is he's may laugh at me all you wish . But the truth is this , Gods love in an through us as a world people is th only power that will ever change anything for the better in this world . An to be that love we must live it out in our lives be active in giving it away to all an be willing to see God and our own selves in everyone we ever meet for only by those actions are we truely letting Christ live in an through us an by those actions only do we let God reign and have control in our lives . Thank you . Dixie hacker Hurley .

Adam Khan
6 years ago

I as a Muslim do not agree with killing people because we are suppose to show them the truth about their existence... Anyway Allah doesn't punish a people until the message has been shown to them and they've understood it and the message is there is no God but Allah... It's not the Muslims they u should fear but the One that Created us all and his punishment...

6 years ago

Islamification of the whole world is their ultimate goal, and they wont stop until....end of

Alan Daniels
6 years ago

This is the most Islamic "apologetic" video I have ever seen. What horseshit. What lies! Sharia law is anethma to the civilised world and to speak of it in the context of "what Muslims percieve it to be" is a PURE HORSHESHIT exercize. PERCEPTION IS NOT TRUTH. It takes FACTS to establish the truth. And the fact is, Sharia law is flawed from the get go. What does Sharia law have over the ten commandments morally? NOTHING. It condemns innocent people, mainly women, to servitude under men who are
encouraged to mistreat their women with ease and as a reward for having many wives in this earthly life they will be REWARDED with72 VIRGINS in the next. Where is the equality here? The Christian concept of God may be "partrarchial" but at least Eve was born of Adam's rib, to be an equal partner in the game of life. Why do not each of the 72 virgins themselves get 72 male virgins to fool around with forever in eternity? Women like sex as much as men, don't they? I have a suspicion they enjoy sex even MORE than men, owing to how their growns of ectasy are so much louder than men. Where does the woman's sexual satisfaction come from? To wait in line behind 71 other virgins seems a depressing waste of time. And BTW, can there be depression and time wasted in Heaven? BULLSHIT PHILOSOPHY! And I hate to admit (I am culturally sensitive) but: BULLSHIT RELIGION!

6 years ago

Read quran/hadith/sira and equip yourself with facts/truths about islam because muslims are deceivers, have to lie based to quran to promote islam, I mean lies..

6 years ago

Just ban islam. No baby is born bad. People are taught either to love or hate. Religion makes us more different than alike. In fact we are more the same than different. Ban all hateful cults.

6 years ago

How about this? We leave the middle east to do whatever they want on their end. The results? They don't need us to get rid of them. They will burn themselves to the ground.

mike mouse
6 years ago

there is no allah - an illiterate paedophile made up story in the 7th century- islamist muslims have been a threat ever since- there is no allah and the imams in the mosques make money from the gullible muslim men promised sex with 4 teenage wives and even sex when dead in a non existent paradise- Saudi has conned everyone with a black rock - and of course if you are threatened with death if you deny allah and islam then you will remain a muslim because you get to live- carrot and stick fake religion. Ban sharia law, close all mosques- deport all imams as they are the enforcers of this exploitation gang of
blackmailers and murderers. PC liberals who have let the islamic invasion build 2500 mosques in USA while Hussein Obama postured in the White House will be the first to die as islam does not tolerate liberal democracy or lesbian feminists or gay guys not breeding for a non existent allah. 3m muslims in America already and breeding like rabbits demanding sharia law from sea to shining sea- 300 mosques in Texas already!
good luck with that y'all

Umar al khadr bin talal
6 years ago

LOL this bs is hard to watch! I was waiting for this "Doc" to tell me Santa Claus is real.

People, keep in mind these pollsters HAVE to say nice things about Islam because if you speak ill of Mohammed of even draw him, your gonna have big problem on you hands.

Charlie Hebdo made a joke about Muslims and guess who came shooting up Paris.. but this isn't about religion right? Those terrorists aren't blowing up shit in the name of Islam right?

I was a Muslim, my father was killed lawfully under Sharia for wanting to leave Islam.

I love my Muslim family and friends but lets be honest here theres a serious problem

1% of 1.5 BIllion is too many radicals but they don't mention why they're radical.

10,000,000 Million Muslims want to Kill you for no reason but be nice because thats just the minority lolol my last penny says that number is only going up!

6 years ago

What an utter bull shit. it is like saying you either adhere to our terms or else. good luck globalising Islam, as if that is what we need to complete the circle of destroying the last castles of enlightenment. When was a woman wearing the symbol of oppression lecturing us about freedom and security? Shouldn’t she be talking to her natives, o sure she will be beheaded for doing just that.

6 years ago

You will never get open and honest answers about anything from anyone, if you do the interviewing or questionnaire face to face, it's that simple. People will always lie to show their best face. As a result, this smacks of nothing more than propaganda, and the continued perception that Muslims are being victimized by everyone else, when the truth of the matter is, they victimize their own people far worse.

Even reading through these comments, Muslims are continuing to make excuses for the barbaric practices and killings by other Muslims. Oh, the Saudis aren't following the correct Shari Law, so that shouldn't matter. Sorry but it does. Afghanis and Pakistanis don't follow Islam the right way, and we shouldn't hold it against them ether. So and so doesn't really discriminate, they're just uneducated and poor. Seriously, and we should just open our doors to them and not discriminate?!

What's worst of all, is when muslims blame FGM, child brides, stoning and other horrors on culture rather than their religion. These atrocities go in in Muslim dominant countries, where everyone supposedly practices this peaceful and loving religion of Islam, but yet can't be bothered to stop these barbaric practices, which have been going on for centuries or millennia. How can any country support these horrors, I mean seriously, who's in charge?

Women are equal, we just don't educate them or let them go out. We cover them up and restrict their lives in order to protect them better. Seriously, protect them from who, your fellow Muslims? Then of course I keep hearing that Muslim men don't rape muslim women or girls, but should it happen, then she must have aroused him. It also can't be rape, because 4 honourable Muslim men didn't witness it, and the DNA evidence cannot be accepted as main evidence, until the rape itself can be proven. Wow, such enlightened people.

Muslims are genuinely peaceful, as is Islam, but we love to watch violence, beheadings, stoning, hangings and anything else that we and our children can show up and support. Don't believe me, then go online and watch all the videos that have been secreted out. What's truly fascinating, is that the public squares are always packed with cheering Muslims.

If you can't get your own religion right, follow your own Shari law properly, then what makes Muslims think that anyone will ever believe them. The truth is, if you want to know and predict the future behaviour of Muslims and their true intent, just look at their past and what they're doing around the world in Muslim dominant countries, or as guests and refugees in other countries.

Want to know what they really feel, read what they say online using their real names, especially the men. Most are even proud to tell you what country they're from, and what they will do when given a chance. You want us to believe them, then go out and ask them to answer a poll or questionnaire anonymously, and to mail it in. Then we'll talk. This on the other hand was a colossal waste of my time.

6 years ago

I don't buy it!

6 years ago

We do not need this. We need the Muslims to stop and condemn the killings of innocent. Stop blaming someone else for your violence. History is full of it. The Quoran is full of it. I cannot trust someone who considers me (the infidel, the unbeliever) as an enemy, and who ought to be deceived and destroyed..

Irene Brekelmans
6 years ago

Just a little more info for Muslims. As far as I experienced it, there is only one God and that is the same God for all, whatever you want to call Him. I do not have a special religion, but I have a very good relationship with my God (which is yours too), but He does not expect me to worship Him or sit in the middle of the street and pray to show people how religious I am. I meditate in the silence of my own home and do not bother anybody by doing so. My religion is life itself, how and who I am in life, what I do and think, my deeds, my compassion, how I treat nature and the animals who are all part of Life. I know who I am and I know who you are, and believe you me, when you die, there are not 75 virgins waiting for you, and everything you did bad to others, people, animals nature, you do it to "YOURSELF" and in your next reincarnation you reap what you seeded. It's called "Karma"

And what was written in the Christian Bible where Jesus said: I did not come to bring you peace, but came to bring you the sword, you know why? To cut of your own "EGO". All people fight about ego's, their own. So you can try to conquer our countries, in the end it turns against yourselves and that will not be nice.

I do not have a Religion, I watch all religions, and see how most of them turn into poison, but your religion is very violent, I must say. The human race is a very violent race anyway, we fight and kill, we destroy our earth, and very many rich people always want more and more, it is never enough. we have Monsanto and the absurd rich Pharmaceutical fabrics and others, and you do not have to believe me, I do not care, but verify this with your own God, in your prayers, ask one phrase, loud and clear and mean it. "GOD, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO KNOW"

Think about it every day or before you go to sleep and slowly you will start to experience dreams, or things happen all of a sudden that you never expected. But you have to do it for yourself, there is not anybody who can do it for you.

This is specially for the violent Muslims, I am not able to pass judgment on anybody, but I know what is coming. So it is really to reach out to stabilize this crazy world, that is all. Because there is nothing stronger then light and love and you are demonstrating totally the opposite and so have non Muslims done in the past, but there has to come a time, where everybody needs to be peace, otherwise there is no hope for this world and it will blow itself up or ends by other means.

I hope somebody will read this and changes his/her thinking about everything. In the next ca. 20 years everything will change and it is up to you, in which way, what is your choice? It's all about choices. I wish you all a very good peaceful day and a good night.


mike mouse
6 years ago

7th century islam, mohammed, koran, sharia law, was written to take revenge on jews christians and non muslims - muslim men were recruited by promising them sex with very young girls. Imams in the mosques controlled muslims with sharia law comanding them to lie and defraud for non existent allah. THERE IS NO GOD NO ALLAH - gullible naive uneducated muslims were and are emotionallly blackmailed and controlled by a non existentent allah. A mosque is a symbol of victory over the infidel - so many are built quickly because the imam gets income from the muslims and sex from the women forced by sharia law. Islam do not add value - no inventions - creations - no farming - no buildings as they spend their time on their knees praying to the non existent allah.
So they steal lie and defraud tax non muslims - the muslim men are total misogynists- muslim are treated unequally - and girls are forced into FGM - islam and muslims are predatory parasites - every other religious immigrant into USA has contributed something - muslims have done nothing but build a mosque and dmanded sharia law while taling welfare payments. Somalian muslim pirates chew khat and rape while drinking coffee.
In the 21st century the PC human rights liberal democrats have been conned by imams spouting total fabrication and will be killed by muslims because islam does not tolerate non muslims. liberal democracy, feminism, homosexuality, freedom of thought or equality. Islam must be banned, mosques closed, sharia law banned and all imams deported as they are the root cause of islamic intolerance of non muslims.
Islam is a totalitarian fascist dictatorship masquerading as a religion to get tax relief as a charity - all liars and fraudsters from square one.

Dave good day mate
6 years ago

Good day mates I love a sunburnt country a land of sweeping planes rugged mountain rangers of drought and flooding rains
No religious or religion will be a part of my life I have decided I treat all with the due respect commanded by there actions and there decisions I'm a good person and expect to be treated that way or you will be treated with the same respect you show me
See it is simple humanity has good and bad being a good human costs nothing being religious should give you peace but religion is for the weak to be lead by the bad
So join my religion be a good person command respect by being happy and respectful so throw another snag on the barbecue and as one man said have a good weekend
Praise the Aussie

Morehead State Student
6 years ago

Watching this for one of my classes on global crime and terrorism along with one about Mohamed from his birth to after his death. I was amazed by all I learned such as how Abraham and Isaac are held in high respect (Dome of the Rock being a great example) and how in around 650 A.D Muslim and Christian people would worship near the same place peacefully. I have learned why Muslim people worship toward Mecca and why it is seen as a holy place and how poetry was held in such high regard. It is a very interesting religion with an amazing history.

6 years ago

A confused path of living life. All most all non-arabic muslims dont understand what Quran says. They are feeded knowledge by imams and mullas who are again tought by those Saudi superiors and have created the kind of Islamist population they wanted. Aggressive, intolerant.
Those in Arab countries who understands Quran and tried to be intellactual to bring out the real meaning are all in Saudi jails.

6 years ago

I dont know why i read comment by almost all muslims that those (muslims always) who are sucide bombers, terrorist groups are not muslims and tells rest of us the opposrs to read quran to know what is quran.
Why do u want us non-muslims to read quran ? You, self acclaimed representatives are there for us see and what quaran is. Thats what quran says, muslim's "Akhlak" should speak about Islam. And that is exactly what the world is seeing. World is seeing that the terrorists who are killing fellow(shia) muslims and other (kaffers) non-muslims are muslims. The world is seeing no regret from other self declared good muslims condemning those acts of killing. However they will sure pray for the dead muslim terrorists.

6 years ago

This seems to be a "narrowed view" production made by liberals and liberal muslims that projects their worldview onto the arab world, which they do not seem to understand. Here is some poll facts by

Poll results on muslim population worldwide:
- Death for leaving Islam 584 million!! (what is their opinion of me as an atheist??)
- Death for adultery 748 million
- Sharia should rule 1.1 billion!! (and NO it is not as nice as described in this video! And NO the woman does not enjoy same ruling as men - this is also very much in line with the Quran teachings)
- Wife should obey husband 1,39 billion!! (this is also very much in line with the Quran that specificaly points out that the woman is inferior to men, e.g. 4:11, 2:228, 2:223 etc....the list is long.. both in Quran, Hadiths and Sira) )

(The above fact are within a population of 1,62 billion muslims)

I would sincerely hope that the information collected in the video would be true..but sadely Islam is not yet reformed and developed and the deep problems still subsides.

6 years ago

Islam brings nothing but destruction and misery everywhere it settles. 5.5 billion other people in the world that Muslims meed to start recognizing that. Wake the f*** up Islam! You want respect? You give respect! You try to force your ideology with your sissy ass intimidation of the weak or defenseless and you will get a fast and deadly response. Your ideology is on a world stage and it shows ugly hatred, not a peaceful religion. You want to be respected stop being cowards. You want a fight don't hide and attack innocents like f******. Speak your mind on a public platform. You have a world stage and you hide in the shadows and terrorize the weak and helpless. If any of your ideology is really a peaceful Religion that show it. Fight like men for it! the more you attack and prey on the defenseless the more anger you seed. You Islam need to defuse this situation because we are fed-up giving understanding and getting cowardly attacks in return. It is your choice! Our hearts and minds are closing fast by YOUR own doing!

6 years ago

please check out saudi Arabia exposed it is a documentary that will show you the truth of Islam. please dont take my word for it, this is the truth about Islam.

6 years ago

Muslim/Islam is fixed in a victim mode. They have not entered the 21. century, as equal partakers - (like China , Japan, Brazil, Russia, India...and so on...) They are stuck in the century - dominating their women - and fleeing endless internal wars. They have to seriously consider a better path towards peace - for their children. ( that is if they love their children ????)

6 years ago

Don't let these so called Muslim moderates fool you. A moderate Muslim agrees with punishments amputation, flogging, wife beating, crucifying people and all kinds of other cruel punishments which are outlawed in the declaration of human rights. Moderate Islam has an agenda to be the over lord of all other religions, just read the Quran to find out for yourself. NEVER trust these people, ever. It is not irrational to know the truth and to speak it, and I don't fear it. Call me an Islamophobe if you want!

7 years ago

Fascism! Or a little worse, thats what it is.

7 years ago

puzzling apologist for a violent ideology - it is politics and any religion can be used this way -
some more than others - just follow the money. Listen to what is said - even more Watch &
see what is really done.

athea marcos amir
7 years ago

Interesting that they never quoted from the Koran, e.g., kill the infidel, if someone leaves the religion, kill him, etc. All religions are evil because they are based on myth, superstition, tribalism, and general BS. Fortunately, most Christians and Jews don't act on what their holy books dictate; the "good"(i.e., obedient) muslims do. I'm glad to see by the majority of the comments that this piece of propaganda did not produce the desired effect.

7 years ago

Typical propaganda, ignorance kills, educate yourselves on the Quran. You can't compare Islamic terrorists to the KKK because there is nothing in the Bible that condones the actions of the KKK. However, the Islamic terrorists are just following the Quran word for word.

7 years ago

The people responsible for this documentary are not real Muslims and do not read the Quran or follow it's teachings.

7 years ago

i didn't even read it XD

Jay Brimberry
7 years ago

As a political scientist and historian by training with an emphasis in Islam, I found this movie nothing more than a mere soft hand propaganda piece. As anyone knows who is familiar with polling the author of the poll can pretty much control the out come of the poll. One fine example in the poll was the question on freedom of speech. Of course everyone is going to say the support freedom of speech, but of course not everyone has the same idea as to what freedom of speech consists of. Most would view that question from a personal perspective, in other words they think they should have freedom of speech. Under western ideals, blasphemy is considered protected under freedom of speech. I wonder what the answer would have been had the question "should blasphemy be protected as freedom of speech?" been asked. I also noticed the issue of religious tolerance was not touched on. Why wasn't the question "Should other religions always have the same rights and freedoms as Islam does in an Islamic nation?" asked?

Another interesting statistic they presented was that less than 1% of muslims were "violent radicals" which would have been laughable if it was not so sad. As others have responded "do you really think someone is going to tell a pollster a true answer?" But the really sad part is there was no definition of what a "violent radical" was. I imagine few I would imagine most radicals or extremist see themselves as being more mainstream than they are seen as from the outside. The Hanbali School of Jurisprudence is spread throughout the Islamic world by the Saudi Royal Family by financing religious schools, mosques and Islamic Centers. It is very widespread and no longer just prevalent in the KSA . This school is the root of modern Jihadist philosophy and Salafism. There are few, if any, who adhere to this school of jurisprudence who do not support violent jihad in one way or other.

It worries me to see many of the comments on other web sites extolling the virtues of this film and lack of questions about the young lady who spearheaded these polls. She is a muslim who obviously wants to combat "islamophobia" so obviously her questions are going to be framed to show Islam in its best possible light. Had she asked some hard, non-ambiguous questions I would have been more impressed.