Inside Secret Government Warehouses

Inside Secret Government Warehouses

2010, Conspiracy  -   67 Comments
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Inside Secret Government WarehousesAlien body parts... powerful religious artifacts... UFO wreckage... what exactly is hidden behind heavily guarded doors?

Inspired by Syfy's hit series Warehouse 13, NBC News award-winning journalist Lester Holt goes on a global expedition to uncover the truth behind the world's top secret, mysterious warehouses where super-classified objects are kept.

In Inside Secret Government Warehouses: Shocking Revelations, Holt capitalizes on exclusive access to restricted sites, traveling from Area 51 in Nevada to deep inside the Vatican secret archives - the centerpiece of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons - interviewing informants, Washington decision-makers, former top military personnel and leading experts.

Among his findings: A high-level informant who describes huge underground tunnels beneath military installations, victims of unauthorized government experimentation, and a former US Air Force pilot ordered to shoot down a UFO in England.

With input from world renowned theoretical physicists, Vatican officials, anthropologists and experts on Area 51, Holt will explore the darkest corners of the places where the world's secrets hide. What will he discover? Tune in to find out.

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  1. John

    Not sure if UFO is better restated as underground facility operator/operations. Pretty cool what might lie way beneath the surface of everyday civilian space. High-speed maglev trains seem also pretty far out, they say they go up beyond the speed of sound. Nice to hear the American history and ?folklore behind the whole ufo/Rosemont or Lancaster/42 levels down nuclear waste storage facility at Northrop and formerly McDonnel Douglass. Wish I could've been there at the testing sites to see the detonation experiments, pressure discontinuities, radii. What did Oppenheimer see in the center of the gravitational delivery. Also Von Neumann, glass and transistors seemed like a timely invention. Interested in Nimitz bridge. Hurricane Harvey and Irmie.

  2. norm

    The authorities can blame everything on the non existent aliens,happy depopulation everyone.

  3. Rick

    Area 51...... Government WANTS you to keep researching and looking at Area 51 as far as anything concerning Alien objects are concerned, they certainly don't want you looking anywhere else for it instead!.... Fact is, is that ALL the incriminating evidence isn't even there anymore, it's all long gone!! It was all packed up, transported and moved more than 8000 miles away, from Nevada to Pine Gap after the Robert Lazar story broke in the 80's...... Far far away from prying eyes.
    Did you ever wonder why you don't hear much about the secret US underground facility in Pine Gap anymore?.... Best of luck with your research on that, seek and you will find!

  4. Rick

    Montauk,...... As things have always been (like in other places the last 60+ years), top 6ft layer of structure between earth outside world, and below ground structures, is ALWAYS concealed with an artificial combination of concrete and natural resources; in order to hide from sonar, electro magnetic's, and penetrating satellite....... That equipment used would always show up nothing as solid ground, and very minimal pockets of space underground...... An excavator would be the ONLY way to find it, and the entrances would more than likely be several miles away, hidden within another above ground structure, like a house, shop, or public area like a mall or gas station?..... Australians were also used as MK test and measure tools, from 1980's.
    Peace be with you all....

  5. Tina

    Such Closed mined people!! If you think that we are the only people in this vast universe, then ignorance is bliss... but then again... most of you vote for idots..gossip cause you have nothing better to do..or because your lives have no meaning and it makes you feel better..Grow up and Wake up!!Quit walking around with your Eyes wide Shut!!!

  6. TAMMY


    Im a South African and am interested in buying these documentaries for myself, Please advise

  7. Brandon Roberts

    i love being a conspiracy theorist

  8. flopydisk

    why do they add this Crap music / sound effects ruins it for me ...
    am i the only one that can watch a programe without this junk added ?....i find it frustrating ...i force myself to watch and try to block out the music ......i'm quite happy to listen to people talking ...we humans do that very well !!!!.

    1. yarply

      cant stand it either.

  9. Kwame

    its funny cause ppl who watch this get a brief view, but cant fathom the amount of lies our US gov. feeds us... or how the media acts as a tool of brain washing and indoctrination...... People need to start asking more questions, like.... why do i think the way i do? who is giving me (whatever) information, and why would they want me to know this?.....
    But u cant ask these questions without jumping out the box.... you gotta open your mind to some things that seem ridiculous, while also using wisdom to filter out the impossible things

    1. Matt Kukowski

      You can _not_ MAKE people wake up. I am talking about big ideas trying to conform to (excuse me) THE SHEEPLE.

      Ironically, sheeple OR elite, like that Sting song, 'We can all sink or we all float, because we all in the same big boat.'

      Corny as it may sound.

  10. Kwame

    some of the secrets of the Vatican are the origin of life as we know it, and true history of the world..... some of which includes the African face of the world, and how all cultures have raped the ancient African cultures without giving it any acknowledgement

    1. Steve

      surely you must be referencing gold, diamonds and exotic animals since there is nothing else worth acknowledging about the sinkhole called africa. Those poor schmucks still live in a primative world that will never see the light of a moderns day

    2. Darian Thompson

      Those people are primitive cause they know what is necessary for sustaining life and spiritual growth. The "light" of the modern world has corrupted us and distracted us from the true purpose of our existence. You are ignorant had it not been for the people of that continent there wouldn't be a modern world nor would your ass exist

  11. jeffosirius

    where is the rest of 4/9 nothing about time travel what too much of a secret, about five mins is missing

  12. talkingdeer61455

    nothing belongs to the government, we are the government. are we not? do we own the government or do they own us?

    1. Guest

      Sadly (or rather, OUTRAGEOUSLY), it appears the corporations own the government, and so own us.

    2. ContigiousLight

      lol no they own us watch Zeitgeist the full movie

    3. truecantin

      nope, we are not the government. The rich people are the government.

  13. talkingdeer61455

    seems if all people who think they have the right to know area 51 were to unite, then sat 5000 of them went to area 51 as a group pressing their way in... would they use deadly force on 5000 people? the problem is the numbers and the unity demanding the truth. NEWS brodacst 5000 people killed by their own government???? hummm.. makes you wonder.

    1. Jordan Stevens

      They would just move everything once they got wind that we were planning that. Cause something of that magnitude would require a lot of preparation time and they monitor all communications. We would get to the base and all the alien stuff would be gone. Just left would be advanced technology that didn't point to anything E.T.

    2. batvette

      Nobody would care that 5000 PITA idiots got killed for their own stupid curiosity, I'll tell ya that buddy.

    3. Matt Kukowski

      Although interesting way to look at it, they WILL KILL YOU if you cross their lines, there at Area 51.

      So, it would be pointless, because it is just an airstrip on top. The REAL business is underground, I bet. So, good luck!

  14. John Fulton

    excuse my spelling

  15. John Fulton

    the phoenix lights were a trail run to eliminate large city populations and the military has been told to stand down or else. there are 6 billion idiots killing are planet.

  16. Reina Avila

    I don't think it's right that my government keeps so many secrets from us since we fund all their research etc. They say everything is related to "National Security" but I think that's BS. Other countries have declassified UFO/Alien documents, so why hasn't the US? We can handle the truth. We're not little children. Why are we continuously led to believe in the Hollywood version of what an alien is, a monster. I don't believe this to be true. Our government is not protecting us from them. If the aliens only get to talk with our military and other power-hungry humans then they are getting the worst impression of our actual humanity. That is sad, very sad. I wonder, what are the aliens getting in t rade for their technology? What do we have to offer them of equal value? Hmmm...

  17. T.

    I say the hell with this cover up shit i am a tax payer and there fore I have every legal right to see where my moneys being spent,In fact protest that I own this area 51 taxes pay for it and the employes that run it,,,So eventually this goverment will unfold the truth about area 51,thank you,

    1. knowledgeizpower

      Thank You... governments and truthfulness is like oil and water you know the rest of the saying...

    2. Matt Kukowski

      Oil and Water? You could take that further to get at the root of the problem. Water Fuel Cell or WFC.

  18. John Cury

    First of all, the movie cuts off at some parts.
    And second, what was the point? Same things as we know, it does not contribute to anything but repeating what is well known already. We know about the many video Hokes’s that have been circulating regarding real live alien footage. And it doesn’t take a group of scientists to conclude that a jaw with similar patterns to a humans is most likely is a baloney. The most they could have done is give us more footage on the area 51, at least they had a helicopter

  19. Arija Lee

    my uncle used to work at the airforce in ohio

  20. JerryHarden

    good movies

  21. Harris Sultan

    HAHA of all the conspiracy theories I could care the least about the secret documents in the secret Rome's archives. Who cares about them? They are all made up of fantasy anyway. Lol 3 kids saw the vision of fatima, how did the kids know it was The Fatima? Today we'll simply call it a hoax and walk away.

    1. Graham Stevens

      Haha you have no idea the vast amount of knowledge stored in the Vatican, they have immense documents on everything you could imagine. UFO's being one of them, its almost like the modern day library of Alexandria but its not open to the outside world. I could spend a lifetime looking through those secret files covering the most broad spectrum of secrets you could imagine...truly thought provoking.

    2. Rainmaker

      I'll make it simple to understand:

      (1) the knowledge of mankind is not limited by schoolbooks and Wikipedia;

      (2) even many products that surround us at any moment are made using confidential technologies that are not revealed to public;

      (3) the ACTUAL secret experiments conducted by many governments go FAR beyond information from conspiracy movies.

      Questioning and staying hungry for knowledge means thinking outside the box. Otherwise you remain narrow-minded.

    3. harmit.hassanwalia

      You could care less? Meaning that you care a lot! You meant you couldn't care less haha. your opinion doesn't count..that Aspartame has gone to your head!

    4. pwndecaf

      Fatima is a place, not a person. It is a place where no one appeared except gullible humans.

  22. Xbow

    Shocking revelations of shyte they can't show you because most of what they will discuss isn't there and never was.

  23. Joe Johnson

    It does seem that the government does indeed have something to hide. But then again, try flying a helicopter near Gitmo and see what happens. Maybe something similar to NORAD and also a throwback to the cold war. The tunnels in Montauk could be fallout shelters.

  24. Carl

    Not bad... LOL @ Geoffrey.

    1. Geoffrey de Geoffrey

      Thanks, but my grammar is still a bit shitty dont you think... (facepalm)

  25. mikbe

    I hate these kinds of "mystery" shows where they just speculate and don't actually solve any mysteries. It remides me of an interview where Dr. Phil Plait says a producer of one of these shows said, "We can't have you giving us an answer because if you solve the mystery then we've got no show."

    How very odd that a show purporting to want to find the answers can't make a living if they actually do.

    1. ivanitchy1

      The monetary system my friend,

    2. mikbe

      I think it's a conspiracy!

  26. Guest

    Well I don't know, out of the box? yes. Sensationalism? yes. Interesting? some parts, like the Vatican secret archives.

    Michio Kaku suggests some shocking allegations, so some of it has to be true, Yes?

  27. Geoffrey de Geoffrey

    This Docu comes to 1 coclusion. An alien was on a epic journey into space from is home planet ''Flapder X'' To find the best dentist in the galaxy because he and his fellow mates had bad Teeth. So he came to Earth. But he did not find it soon enough so the military found him. They run some tests on him.? Unlucky for him. He died as a unhappy Alien. Now all his mates died from Bad teeth disease on his home planet. The military was so ashamed from this that they store the secret files in a warehouse.

    News was spreading throughout the galaxy of the uncivilised practices on Earth that All Aliens would be so afraid that they never want to drop by on Earth. Because we are Barbaric.

    And the Vatican is all behind it. They even sexual abused the alien.

    That poor litlle Alien. All he ever wanted was good teeth.

    So for all those Alien watching this docu. If you have bad teeth? Come to Holland because we wont do this to? you. Dont go to America!!!!!!!!!!!

    And thats why we never see an Alien or Alien spaceship on Earth

  28. SK3PT1K

    I supposed it's an interesting doc for anyone looking for a simple list of places of interest, but for anyone looking for real content, as the title suggests, should simply keep looking. I want that hour and 27 mins of my life back.

  29. Guest

    I'm glad noone does a documentary on my secrets

  30. Kabee

    i have been studying our government for years and this is very evident

    1. Carl

      What do your prolonged continuous studies suggest to everyday people.? Inquiring minds want to know... =)

  31. Paul Glaspie

    The most unwatchable miscreation I have watched here, bar none. Apparently this was aimed at people who think that information of an esoteric nature is bound to be boring, to judge by the bombastic post-production. There is so much sonic distraction that it nearly drowns out the dialogue, if it was worth much to begin with with all of its timid hedges and assumption that the viewer knows nothing to begin with. See Bill Dean's comment below to see what I mean by this. And if they took on such an enormous topic, wny wouldn't they run out of time to deal with any of it in any depth?

    1. oddsrhuge

      No missed the subtle introduction of the "message" its there in the subliminal messaging... I bet you wanna "eat a bag of Lays chips" now. Huh??? Huh???? cmon! you know you want one.

  32. Lasse Järvensivu

    I'm drunk. This sounds like fun.

    1. oddsrhuge

      It's all about "Lays" chips...

  33. Bill_Dean

    "Some people say..., Could it be that...? We've heard rumours..., What if (insert crazy guy, here) is telling the truth...? We may never know the truth about..., We'll never know..."

    Just a small sample of what lies within. If you start out watching this with absolutely no knowledge on this subject, be assured that you'll know even less when you've finished...if that were possible!

    1. oddsrhuge

      I am "some people"....wait, I am one person and I have to agree with. Lasse Järvensivu: I too am drunk and i think that touring unknown underground "Stuff" would be fun.


  34. Simon Ashton

    Just checking if this comment works

  35. Jack1952

    Secrets. Speculations about secrets. Tiny snippets of information. Then, discussions and theories about those snippets of information. The great thing about secrets is that if we don't know we can postulate any theory we want concerning those secrets. Before long we are tele-ported across the galaxy, hobnobbing with aliens. Nothing is too outlandish. Any thing can be true. Its our imagination that controls our minds. Or are our minds controlled by sinister forces that we do not see, from places beyond our capabilities to understand? Or is it the LSD in our corn flakes? I got to get out of this place.

  36. Robert M

    Propaganda puff piece, much speculation on old theories but again no new proof presented. Smells of FOX production :p

    Here's a thought, you want to find UFO's how about everyone point their webcams at the sky every night and put them on motion detect, enough people in relatively close places recording the same thing should give enough information to calculate distance, speed, shape etc if any unknown does happen to fly near - think of SETI only for the airways :p Networking can be an amazing thing ;)

    1. Guest

      NOT A BAD IDEA! let's check on them while they are checking on us!
      I personnaly think UFO should be GUFO as in Government Unidentified Flying Object. It is actually a good feeling to think that they may come from out of space...but i doubt it otherwise the GV
      would not deny their existence and would want the population to warm up to the the Europeans did when they *rediscovered* the Americas.

    2. Robert M

      Exactly, everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it :p People who want to know - should stop looking at others to find out for them, watch the watchers so to speak ;)

  37. Mad

    They've been showing a lot of the conspiracy stuff on TV lately every time I turn around my TV is talking about Freemasons or the Illuminati or ancient aliens or JFK or Hitler escaping to Argentina or a secret alien agenda. Just goes to show most of what Tupac said about conspiracies & the Illuminati was true that stuff is put there to distract you from the real conspiracies that are actually taking place under your nose.

  38. Guest

    If this is true, why would the gov. let this come out in the open. Right from the start this doc sounds like a fear infusing piece of propaganda.Almost looks too insightfull to be true.Holt has lived in NY, LA, Chicago, has covered Iraq, Northern Ireland, Somalia, El Salvador and Haiti. He has worked for msnbc and nbc new...Hum, I don't know about you but I no longer trust the news! Some docs give you the feeling that they are opening a can of worms and others give you the impression that they are putting the worms in the can.

    1. Jamez McCall

      'Nuff said.

    2. PaulGloor

      I have seen a doc that suggests the govt keeps the UFO and secret experimentation rumors going as a disinformation act. Let the loonies go and let them feed everything to the public, the majority will discount it.

    3. knowledgeizpower

      Yeah what you mentioned you are right some things are pieces of propaganda...Some things have truth one should be careful and cypher through info so you won't be so easily deceived thats real...

  39. Zaq Stevenson

    sh*t, as usually. Lots of material with no proof.