Inside The Mind of Google

2009, Technology  -   23 Comments
Ratings: 6.13/10 from 31 users.

Inside The Mind of GoogleIn this CNBC Original, Maria Bartiromo takes viewers Inside The Mind of Google for a rare look at the world's most powerful technology company and its crown jewel, the Google Internet search engine.

This is the fascinating story of how two grad students, in barely a decade, took a one-time research project and turned it into a global technology powerhouse... changing the way we interact with information, the Internet, and each other.

See how Google came to dominate the search industry and turn it into a profit machine... and see where it's taking its next step... and how the company plans to address arguably the biggest controversy in today's digital age: privacy.

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23 Comments / User Reviews

  1. 1funkychicken

    Thought it was good, and shows the possibilities of what goggle may become

  2. Bill

    am i the only one bothered by her voice?

    1. Kathryn Andicoy

      I cannot STAND her voice. CNBC plays all day at my office and I cringe every time she speaks.

    2. Jane Tow

      I was bothered by her face.

  3. Phil W

    When was this doc made?

    1. Jane Tow

      I think 2009/2010, I found it relevant. I think they were working on Google Image Search in this doc, something I use everyday.

  4. Mark Stouffer

    Maria Bartiromo is hot.

    It's helarious that HM the Q came by and the guys weren't shaved or dressed up. That is awesome!! No wonder the BBC hates California.

  5. Sunny

    Too much info/power in one company's possession will eventually misused..Then all you will get is a OOPS from Google...

  6. JAMES

    This woman's voice is annoying as hell. She's not shouting at you, but she is. CNBC fails.

    1. Darren Stephenson

      Yeah, she's really annoying =/ ..

    2. Frank

      hey! Maria Bartiromo cant help it if she has a big mouth.

  7. ReligionIsntAllBad

    We know where they went with privacy ...

    I have a few companies using google apps ... it is so obvious why the services are free. Robots read the contents of your emails and then market you services based on them. Ch-ching! To my telecom company, surprise! I see telecom related ads. To the other company I see completely different ads.

    If you have anything you dont want a robot (or easily a human) to read, then you shouldnt be using google or possibly email at all :)

    Google may once have been 2 nerds slugging things out in a basement, but now it is a corporation. Corporations are accountable to shareholders to achieve profits. Google romanced us by selling themselves as the ”good” corporation. To be good is not the function of the corporation.

    That being said, these guys are responsible for my cellphone running linux 2.6 and also simultaneously not SUCKING ... which other projects were unable to do. R.I.P. Openmoko you guys really couldnt get it together. Nice try Nokia ... almost :D

  8. Irish Shane

    the information is been logged into a database to generate market profiles for each and every internet user. what we see with Google profits now is nothing compared to what it will be in say 10 to 15 years.

    information is the most valuable commodity wouldn’t we all agree?


    I do say, they sure seemed to have no problems in 'silencing' freedom of speech on their google videos, they been posting, when they use to allow open forums on them. Along with they sure had no issues backtracking from what the concept of internet search engine, into censorship/ad's engine that its become.

    Was hoping Bing Gates, would've done better, till when you do a search for minesweeper, and 80% was about the micro$oft app...

  10. lissa shevon

    Has anyone tried using Bing?

  11. Frosted_Turnip

    So can they see bank details etc? I'm a litle uneasy about using online banking anyway but watching this doesn't really make me feel better about it.

  12. pingvinai

    am i the only one bothered by her voice?

  13. Phoenix

    I got up to Part 4/5 and thought they were over selling it. I feel exhausted now.

    Other thoughts: Out of a 4 billion dollar a year profit in 2009, heal the world already.

  14. WTC7

    @ InedibleHulk,

    It's always good to be cautious and not too trusting when it comes to internet... Agree with you

  15. InedibleHulk

    Google is always there, waiting for us to enter, waiting to enter us! Or wait, that's the Darkside.

    Google feels a tad shady to me, but I think that's just the nature of their industry. Probably better them than many of their competitors handling my info, especially Microsoft. I consider Google to be mostly benevolent. Hope I'm right.

    They DO seem to be replacing search terms with synonyms and spelling "corrections" more frequently lately, though. That gets annoying, and makes me wonder...

  16. Elizabeth

    It is interesting how the privacy issue keeps popping up, I think there is just no more "privacy" no matter what companies tell you! Regardless, Google is a great search engine that continues to impress us all.

  17. Anthony

    google is a monopoly on information, i seem to remember when all other search engines died out, i personally preferred altavista in the early days, as i recall it was mainly a word of mouth phenomenon that killed of the other search engines. Isn't it really a kick in the nuts that something as simple as a page ranking system and a little propaganda could ultimately dominate the entire internet.

  18. Life.Is.The.Alien

    Wow, about the saying that you 'really shouldn't be doing anything you don't want public knowledge... '

    This is a major fallacy, sometimes you really want to give certain information only to certain people... it is an issue of safety. Being anonymous allows more diversity while exposing everything will create conflict and oppression by those in power and/or the manipulated majority. Now if I make the rules I don't mind being completely open. Even so the future is most certainly one without privacy, but in exchange we will gain more knowledge and services... the price seems to be worth it.

    I think that eventually google should be nationalized or become a users cooperative, just like all other important services with no competition should be.