Into Eternity

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Into EternityEvery day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants is placed in interim storages, which are vulnerable to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and to societal changes.

In Finland the world's first permanent repository is being hewn out of solid rock - a huge system of underground tunnels - that must last 100,000 years as this is how long the waste remains hazardous.

Once the waste has been deposited and the repository is full, the facility is to be sealed off and never opened again. Or so we hope, but can we ensure that?

And how is it possible to warn our descendants of the deadly waste we left behind? How do we prevent them from thinking they have found the pyramids of our time, mystical burial grounds, hidden treasures? Which languages and signs will they understand? And if they understand, will they respect our instructions?

While gigantic monster machines dig deeper and deeper into the dark, experts above ground strive to find solutions to this crucially important radioactive waste issue to secure mankind and all species on planet Earth now and in the near and very distant future.

Captivating, wondrous and extremely frightening, this feature documentary takes viewers on a journey never seen before into the underworld and into the future.

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    Dr. Dunkleosteus
  1. Dr. Dunkleosteus


  2. NaoCat
  3. NaoCat

    I can't help but remember the docu about "money pit" when they talk about what future people might expect to find when digging for that waste, I say erase all data bout it so that noone can actually say where it is (or was).

    And desing some booby-traps for good sake!

  4. Danny Pan
  5. Danny Pan

    Awesome!! I been wanting to see it since I saw the trailer.

  6. jestertor
  7. jestertor

    The guttering match routine was cool the first time, less so the second and a little annoying the third. Hats off to Kubrick eh? Loved the surreal snippets of the scooter trolleys. The dark ambient music suited the doomy subject matter and that crapping creature seemed to sum up the ultimate efforts of humanity rather nicely...

  8. bornin62honest
  9. bornin62honest

    good stuff. bit arty tho...

  10. Alexander Olsson
  11. Alexander Olsson

    They could have done this in a 15 min tedtalk instead
    good information but way to much useless stuff
    And way to much focus on future generation

    If some future society Diggs this stuff up they will have acquired technology again and if they don't know about radiation, the first containers they will come about will show pretty fast how dangerous it is by people dieing just being around it

    My suggestion is to fully cover everything in the end but still have a lot of information inside about the dangers of it, and a lot of
    rosetta-stones for "them" to understand the writings

    In my opinion this is "the most"(edit) safe way to store the nuclear waste...only thing that would be problematic are massive earthquakes that would split the mountain apart, but Scandinavia sits on a very stable tectonic-plate so it should not be a problem, and with that said my second worry goes away with what i just said, and that is massive volcanic eruptions

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    totally safe way??? but then you name earth quakes and volcanic eruptions and forgetting other threats and you add "should not be a problem"....
    Hum...i suggest you re-phrase with the editing possibility or leave it as such unsafely!

  14. jubbs_sher
  15. jubbs_sher

    pretty funny song lyrics at 10min30! haha. nice and literal! great cinematography!

  16. GodmanEnki
  17. GodmanEnki

    Like.....WOW! The fools at "Oak Island" should watch this movie. Whatever is "down there" should be left alone. While even famous men like FDR have played there roll in searching for what is buried at Oak Island, that doesn't mean people should go there. Whether it is treasure or not, it could very well be, another "onkulo." However it's spelled. There are things we should not do. When someone from the past, has gone to such extent to keep something hidden, as they did at Oak Island, it should be LEFT ALONE! But it is GREED, and not the love of money, that is the "root of all evil." And nothing more-than EVIL, should be unexplored.

  18. Jack_Burton
  19. Jack_Burton

    You have to put it somewhere...................... Just look at Japan. Those waste pools are a accident waiting to happen. Rather have the waste underground then in pools where it can be exposed to the air.

    Obama closed down the Yucca Mountain site. wasted 14 billion dollars. Most scientists think it still a safe spot, although a minor fault will run close to it.

    Better to stick it there then to let thousands of tons sit at reactor sites waiting for an accident, natural event or terrorists.

  20. John Murgaš
  21. John Murgaš

    The majority of waste originates from the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear weapons reprocessing.

  22. Luis Fernando
  23. Luis Fernando

    Humans are the real danger to this planet no the waste ...any waste...i thing we should be dealing with the humans first

  24. Lasse Järvensivu
  25. Lasse Järvensivu

    Well this certainly changed my perspective on nuclear power radically.

  26. Bjurne
  27. Bjurne

    "removed by the user"? anyone else getting this message? :(

  28. Guest
  29. Guest

    yep! the producer must not want this doc to be posted here for fear of a nuclear uproar!

  30. bogdanvladimir
  31. bogdanvladimir

    they invented a method of reusing the waste as fuel!

  32. Nikita2012
  33. Nikita2012

    This is an eye opening documentary in many ways... the danger and damage of nuclear radiation and waste is gigantic not only for humans, but for every living organism on this planet. Its so surprising that in spite of knowing the danger most of the countries are competing in building nuclear plants more and more! How much energy we humans need by the way?? Why every one is thinking and making us believe as if there is no other options or alternative energy, but nuclear energy? If all these human intelligence could have diverted for some constructive purpose for our planet earth, then probably we could have experienced a better world by now and also a safer place for our future generations. We human beings are becoming more greedy and nothing can satisfy us. Mahatma Gandhi very well said that, “ There is enough for every one’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”!!

  34. chaysun
  35. chaysun

    Solar Power/Wind Power/Wave Power....clean energy...get on board already!!

  36. spanner1
  37. spanner1

    If i may ,
    Well, they are trying to tackle this problem , is about the crux of it, burying this waste in some of the olders rock formations on the planet , the logic is that it wont get disturbed as it hasent for the 2 or 3 billion yrs the rocks been there . There is a saying about analysis paralysis you can analise some thing to death , thats what philisophy is all about , what we should do of course is eliminate the problem at the source, If we spent as much time trying that approach as we have so far on making the stuff work for heating water and making steam to drive generators i think we could have solved it by now . the problems with us humans we think , the more complicated things are the better it is , cos you can pass the buck that way , as this documentary so clearly states.

  38. PaulGloor
  39. PaulGloor

    "And way to much focus on future generation"
    That's who matters, 100000 years is a LOOOONG time. It is a painful legacy, and Onkalu is the place for Finland at least, to bury their conscience in a safe place.

  40. Johnny Armageddon
  41. Johnny Armageddon

    Even if future generations of creatures did happen upon this site or similar ones, its not likely that it would wipe out the entire planet. Only those who went down there would be exposed and logically if everyone you send down a hole dies a slow horrible death, you would eventually stop sending them down there.
    I would think a bigger worry would be that if you had hundreds of these sites scattered across the globe to contain all of humanities radioactive waste, that eventually a fault line would form on one of them. Radioactive waste sitting in a hole is one thing, but being blown into the upper atmosphere by a volcano would contaminate the entire planet. Realize that every person born before 1986 has a small piece of Chernobyl in them and that was an extremely small explosion in comparison to a volcanic eruption.
    It is my opinion that we should spend the same amount of time and effort building a "space elevator" to safely transport dangerous wastes off this planet to be launched into the Sun.

  42. Irishkev
  43. Irishkev

    Funny, isn't it? Pretending to be concerned with this particular waste while tons and tons of depleted uranium is being scattered all over Iraq and Afghanistan.

  44. pennynom
  45. pennynom

    And now Libya no doubt... I think that the film-makers probably are
    concerned, nuclear waste is bad news whether in deep geological disposal or the toxic ordnance we've distributed throughout the middle east, but I get your point, it's a good one and there is a film about it on this site (in the health section), The doctor, the depleted uranium and the dying children.

  46. Jack1952
  47. Jack1952

    The space elevator if possible, would be a great solution. However, concentrating of solar power and other energy sources and abandoning nuclear would be a better solution yet.

  48. Jack1952
  49. Jack1952

    Another real threat to nuclear sites would be an event like Tunguska.

  50. Sieben Stern
  51. Sieben Stern

    I have no doubt that they are concerned about both - but the issue that this docu hits so hard is that we don't think enough about the long term effects of our actions. the question on whether or not we can build for 1000 years let alone 100,000 sums it up nicely.

    Pennynom mentions the DU docu in the health section and i agree that it was very good watch - highlighting another bad decision based on short sighted goals.

  52. Kate wilkins
  53. Kate wilkins

    Did anyone else see the topless picture on the wall at 48:17?

  54. David Foster
  55. David Foster

    No, but of course now I have to go look...

  56. Ognen Stojanovski
  57. Ognen Stojanovski

    solar power = big money-making scam playing off of concerned peoples' good intentions; the technology is inefficient, solar panels are only good for heating water and mostly useless for making electricity; plus the panels themselves are made of totally bad and toxic chemicals that are hard to get rid off properly after the only 20-year or so shelf life of the panels so in the end solar does a lot more bad than good; you should have known this industry was fishy and phony just by looking at the number of politicians promoting it and the large government subsidies being offered

    wind power = suitable only for a tiny portion of humanity that lives in sufficiently windy places; also, it is a major bird killer (funny to think about at first but actually quite tragic if you do your homework on it) and this would become a major ecological problem if wind farms were to scale up dramatically

    wave power = very immature technology, again only suitable for those that live along ocean coastlines (a significant minority of people) and whose ecological side-effects are unknown and potentially catastrophic (I suspect it won't wind up being too different from damning up rivers, which seemed like a good idea and "clean" investment in energy 100 years ago before it's many ecologically destructive side-effects became apparent)

    so no, i cannot "get on board already" with any gimmicky ideas like solar, wind or wave "clean" energy that promise a technological fix to our energy problems... if you want to really "get on board" already, realize that you can't have your cake and eat it too, there is no technology fix, and the only way out of our energy predicament is for the developed world to say our standard of living is "good enough" and to dramatically reduce our energy consumption for the sheer sake of it and to stop chasing the ridiculous GNP economic growth goals... but since there's no way that's ever happening, it's time to "get on board already" with the idea that our species it totally f-ed and we've already crossed the point of no return... but don't worry too much, it's probably only your grandchildren that will die horrible and unnatural deaths - we can still close our eyes and enjoy the last bits of seafood, clean air, beef, forests, glaciers, streams, and large mammals... would write more, but i gotta go now to see what i can cook up for lunch from my enormous refrigerator and freezer (hey look at that? all my foods have been frozen and shipped in from thousands of miles away), turn up the AC another few notches cause it's getting hot, and recharge the toxic batteries in all my wonderful tech gadgets... life - is - good!!!

  58. Vicki_in_Greece
  59. Vicki_in_Greece

    No this not the case. none of the problems you mention exist anymore You may find some good investments for your home if you review the current state-of-art of these technologies

  60. Richard Neva
  61. Richard Neva

    America is doing this too. Only the poor will be excluded, imprisoned and killed by the The New World of Jews!

  62. jackmax
  63. jackmax

    How did you come to that conclusion or is this another case of you saying stuff just for the sake of it. You often make these silly little statements and never answer anybodies questions that are put to you why is that? It seem to me you have very little knowledge and you think be throwing in these one liners you appear smarter than you really are.

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