Into The Fire

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Into The FirePress For Truth Presents Into The Fire. World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit.

With over 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.

Here is one interesting comment from YT: So they spend a billion? dollars to protect 20 guys. These 20 dudes could have stayed home and used Skype or something. Meanwhile they discuss how they're gonna take money away from the ordinary people to keep the system running.

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  1. Wow, never expected this to happen 4 hours away from where I lived. It's kinda shocking when you notice how close it was to where you lived. Sadly I think this is just the beginning of the downward spiral that will lead to Canada becoming a police state. We're not there yet, so let's fight and hope for our freedom to stay intact.

  2. This is the beginning of what is to come for the majority of people on our planet. We cannot sustain our capitalistic system due to our depletion of natural resources, the unfair gap of inequality around the world, and the threatening future of climate change not reported in the media. The powers that be are scared because people are seeing the truth as to what is happening. I think civil unrest is going to be frequent and people will reject the old system for a new sustainable one.

  3. Some one from Mars would be shaking their head asking how stupid are humans.

  4. To bad nobody attacked the fake protesters that were doing the vandalizim. They were actualy part of the securty planning (employed by). In the US this is called a false flag. It is used as an excuse to get more laws passed to restrict people.

  5. Notice the way the police break groups of active protesters by holding a solid line and gradually pulling people out one by one, relying on the inaction of the crowd... It's an analogy for the way the state as a whole controls populations, keep them divided, selfish, scared in the face of the seemingly unbreakable co-operation of national institutions...

    Protesters, as with our nations must stand solid and fight tooth and nail for every individual the state's line attempts to take, from the first, and unify our focus... If we do that our numbers will overwhelm them.

  6. So this is how they want to rule the world.A show of power .A show of things to come .They can do what ever they want.Make the laws to suit their businesses and break all the laws to enslave the people within those businesses.
    Only they can not escape the laws of Karma .
    They tried to make out that all protesters are dangerous by pretending to be protesters and vandalising ,then they took off their black clothes and made a get away in a car by pretending to be plain clothes cops arresting someone.Then they most likely put on their police riot gear and smashed the hell out of the protesters for the vandalism .
    There was a protest recently and in the same area a child was abducted .Another effort to bring about fear that everyone is a criminal. The frightened people will be protesting to stop protesting.Allowing the greedy bankers to make more laws and do more crimes unchallenged by protests.

    The heavy music used in the film and the documentary brings to life the many fascist protest songs like pink Floyd and Michael Jackson.This documentary shows just a glimpse of the fascist world rulers.


    ......And take to spiritual life ,the only other life is material life and you can see who is running that show.It is no good trying to take shelter under those fascists ,that pollute ,poison ,and enslave the world , don't be a part of it ,take shelter under the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna .

  7. agents provacateurs (i.e. so called black blog hired thugs from the youth brigade whatevs) burn a couple cop cars justifying making amputees into criminals, press piss their pants in paddywaggons, and gives excuse to busting heads!

  8. i found some parts of this doc to be propaganda...i had some doubts about one of the filmers ?Veitch how they actually showed footage of his detainment when he got arrested hmm not quite sure about that...seems like there were undercover police officers in the crowd of protesters might have been the ones starting the fires of the police cars just to hype up violence..something is a little off to me....

    1. What's pathetic is the cops had done absolutely nothing to the actual vandals that Saturday. They practically stood and watched. The following Sunday, the cops then decide to start cracking skulls of friendly protesters and local residents, not the masked a--holes from Quebec that were starting the riots.

      This incident needs to be taught in schools. The Canadian police force f***ed up huge and need to be punished severely.

    2. here in canada if you are detained and not charged you are allowed to ask for any footage they have of you from when you were detained.

      now about the police cars you MIGHT be right. or they allowed it to happen for the same reason. either way what happened was all that was reported on the news was those stupid cars and all the protestors were made to look like an unruly anarchist mob.

    3. Hello There To You Epicurus :)

      Really that is interesting you can ask for the footage from your detainment up there in Canada are you serious? Will the police give it to you?.. To be honest where I live which folks probably know by now lol...Most folks will not even think to ask for any type of footage if you get into trouble down here with the police Lol....

      But most of those protesters were Peaceful. The ones in Black with the Masks were going around destroying things AND if you notice that was mentioned in the Doc there were Undercover off Duty Police Officers they said were protesting in the crowd that were wearing Black with Masks sooo I really Believe that is who those protesters were that was destoying stuff was the UnderCover Police..

  9. and i thought i was i little paranoied teenager, scared to talk about it to my parents. turns out people have been protesting against the international bankers for years. the illuminati is real, even thought its a name they gave themselves for us to call them that way just so they could turn us into ridicul for believing it. its the psychologic war. money is weapon and casualty is freedom.

  10. Mind blowing that this happened in my country. How am I supposed to feel safe, or have any trust in any authority when this was allowed to happen on so many levels? To think that they kept telling people this was for their own good, what a horrible lullaby.

    Makes me want to weep.

  11. Where were the elected officials who are meant to be there to lead when the police were herding those innocent people in those intersections? Why didn’t even a single one go down there and tell the police what they were doing was completely illegal and immoral because I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have found an officer who was willing to assault or arrest an MP, Mayor etc? Surely the logical thing to do was to take their details in accordance with that BS works act that they were justifying stuff with all along and let people who complied go; after all they had enough CCTV that they could have easily arrested trouble makers later on. I thought that Canada was a civilised country where you are innocent until proven guilty but alas no. If I was a Canadian citizen I would vote out your elected officials who clearly lack the moral fibre and capacity to lead a society.

    I did watch it and understand that the whole Black bloc stuff is staged but what you’ve really have to be asking yourself and the Police officers that you know is why would you/they stand back and watch people commit criminal activities and then arrest people that are peaceful and polite and suspected of committing crimes? They need to be reminded that if they are given orders that are illogical and against their oaths then they should question and disregard them and be rewarded for it, NOT PUNISHED!!! It isn’t their fault that they were misinformed about powers that they didn’t have, but they should really stand up and come forward with the information on officers who clearly crossed the line.

    The scariest thing about this is that it happened in Canada where their media doesn’t constantly place the population in a state of fear, unlike the US. There’s a bit of food for thought there because if it can happen in Canada it can probably happen anywhere.

  12. Words serve their purpose to voice our thoughts and to educate others about our causes. But they fail as a defence. Its frustrating to watch people get so upset over their friends being brutalized and wrongfully arrested but doing nothing to stop it. This kind of police behavior will only continue. Eventually we will not be released after a mere 24hours and it will be too late. The people united can never be defeated. but when we crumble at the first sign of attack we ARE BEING defeated. STAND STRONG, SPEAK LOUD, DEFEND YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU. we are legion, expect us.

  13. A worldwide trade war has erupted between bankers and sovereign states.
    This of course, will be followed up by the real thing.
    History guarantees us that much.

  14. People should actually watch the film before commenting to avoid making ignorant comments. Despite the huge security bill, 50-100 vandals were allowed to rampage, smash windows and burn cars while police were ordered to stand down. Cars were allowed to burn to make sure the media captured the images to justify the expense which tax payers had to swallow. Research "Miami model" on Google to see that the exact same scripted tactics are used at every G20 summit to shut down peaceful dissent. Agent provocateurs are often used to incite violence and create an excuse for the authorities to shut down the peaceful protests. I do not condone what the vandals did but police could have easily stopped them. Vandals only damaged property. The only one who committed any crimes and injured and traumatized innocent citizens were the police. These summits are all about politicians sucking tax payers dry while raising taxes and cutting services to bail out the rich bankers and corporations. People who support these thugs and want to blame protesters need to WAKE UP!

  15. This is exactly the reason why those guys spend a billion dollars. Because of things like these. Riots, breaking glasses, I mean, why would people destroy all those harmless building just to get their word to the public. Seriously, they need to grow up.

    1. I live in Canada, not far from where the "riots" happened. There were only a handful of vandals. None of them were arrested. The police just watched them. After all the trouble was over the authorities moved in and started arresting and harassing peaceful demonstrators. It would not have cost a billion dollars to arrest those few trouble makers. The violence could have been brought to a quick end quite easily had it handled properly. Everyone around Toronto knows that it was mismanaged. We just can't understand why.

  16. Percy Schmeiser is a monument to the fight against big Agri-Chem,.. I really like the way he presented damage to his hybrid canola as a result of Monsanto contamination for a counter-suit,.. but I believe that a judge ruled against him,.. for shame.

    It is also a total shame that honeybees act as the devil's advocate in the spread of GMO contaminated pollen and genes. Almost as though it was planed that way,. probably was ! I believe Monsanto claims the rights to any GMO hybrid plant resulting from cross-contamination. Do these devils want to control food ?

    I am a catnip farmer in BC,.. check out 'kooky kat catnip' to learn more.

    "Locavore" by Sarah Elton is not known to me,.. but I will look into this.

  17. So you are probably totally familiar with Percy Schmeiser's fight against terminal seeds. Have you read "Locavore" by Sarah Elton? Vancouver Island is a great place for enlightened movements. And, there are a lot of people advocating "Life Lite", not only out of necessity but because it is so much nicer. I, too, have a farm..... micro-farm in my solarium..... but darn, they won't let me have chickens..... /; )

    1. Keep the pressure on about the chickens. I live just outside Toronto and our city council has just passed a bill allowing a limited amount of urban chickens. This has been happening all over North America.

    2. I will! Check out Transition Towns, too. There is a Transiton Town Toronto and you can start one in your community if you haven't got one. They started in England and are cropping up all over the planet.

  18. Welcome to the world. The world where we are wrong and they are right. It has always been this way, it is only now, as we near the crossroads of humanity's end? that it is being seen on a global stage and blatant disregard for whatever political standing you have. Even if peace is what you seek. The 'Governments' of this New World Order don't want this, they want the anarchy to explode at these protests.
    It justifies everything that they say and gives them the reason for glorifying their NWO

  19. Although they're still investigating I don't think any cop has been charged. The guy at the end who got beat is trying to charge the toronto police service, he even has a photo of the guy who beat him and those surrounding him but because everyone wont ID that one guy no one gets charged.... It's sad to know that nothing has or will happen to bring these people justice, I can only hope some of those in authority feel ashamed of themselves...... right, and then they'll legalize marijuana;).

  20. CP24 covered the whole thing with very little bias, as I watched and thought "how could they do that?" Ann Rohmer would say the exact thing out loud... I remember at one point the cops were surrounding about 100+ people telling them to go home and disperse yet they were surrounded and attacked when they came with-in feet of any officer. I knew there would be hell to pay and officers are still being investigated here in toronto, I'm glad there was finally a doc made for it... can't wait to watch it, just too anxious to post as I seen the whole thing through live coverage.

  21. Shocking

  22. I have had enough of this. I am joining the fight. I might have been a skeptic before but now I am settled. No more of this.

  23. Incredible documentary, I will be sharing it with many of my friends..


    This cancer that infects our society lives off our insatiable desire to be constant consumers,.. like locust we are. So, believe it or not, the simple consumer actually has ALL THE POWER, and together we can lance this infection and remove it from our society.

    Enlightenment can be found by following the simple path

    1. I am so with you on this. I have been making my life smaller and smaller and it is like getting a load of bricks off my back. Also, we have to start treating agricultural work with more respect as we are going to need to resort to it.

    2. nice to know there are two of us a least,.. and I'm sure there are millions more. I operate a farm in BC, Canada. GMO's, and other Monsanto/big Agri-Chem products and issues are strongly opposed. Seems farmers are getting well educated thanks to independent media.

    3. So you are probably totally familiar with Percy Schmeiser's fight against terminal seeds. Have you read "Locavore" by Sarah Elton? Vancouver Island is a great place for enlightened movements. And, there are a lot of people advocating "Life Lite", not only out of necessity but because it is so much nicer. I, too, have a farm..... micro-farm in my solarium..... but darn the condo bylaws won't let me have chickens..... /; )

    4. Percy Schmeiser is a monument to the fight against big Agri-Chem,.. I really like the way he presented damage to his hybrid canola as a result of Monsanto contamination for a counter-suit,.. but I believe that a judge ruled against him,.. for shame.

      It is also a total shame that honeybees act as the devil's advocate in the spread of GMO contaminated pollen and genes. Almost as though it was planed that way,. probably was ! I believe Monsanto claims the rights to any GMO hybrid plant resulting from cross-contamination. Do these devils want to control food ?

      I am a catnip farmer in BC,.. check out 'kooky kat catnip' to learn more.

      "Locavore" by Sarah Elton is not known to me,.. but I will look into this.

  25. Wow this is got to be one of the best 'protest' docs I've seen... One city, one-two days ... but FULL of interesting story and footage. A must see for anyone doubting we are heading to a police state. It is already here, apparently.

  26. I totally agree with Derek... I saw a video of one of those guys being arrested in London before the Royal Wedding talking about abuse of authority while brushing his teeth while the cops waited for him. I'm not saying I agree with the state of affairs, but come on, rich, lazy boys trying to be celebrities by means of activism. I'm happy they were there but they are too childish and spoiled little brats...

    1. I agree with you on that. I also love how that chick was breaking Officer Bubbles balls until he had her arrested. I mean come on, there are no places on this planet where you would get away with acting like a jackass in front of a cop. It doesn't matter what anyone says you just can't get away with it. It's like If I was a park and rec guy and my boss told me to mow the lawn by 2 or I get fired, and then some douche bag showed up and sat down on the lawn and even though I asked them to leave because I need to mow, he started shoving rights in my face and being rude, it would be the same thing.

  27. I don't think it really matters which perspective you follow on this documentary. The producer is providing the viewer with a non-bias documentary on the streets of Toronto those days. It jumps from everyones opinions and perspectives of the accounts of people who witnessed and were part of it. The people with megaphones is freedom of speech. None of the people in this documentary were violent in anyway except for the black bloc. Blocking off a section of a street and enclosing a fraction of peaceful protestors and arresting them and treating them like cattle is un called for. I'm a canadian and I live in British Columbia and what I saw of this day on our national press was just a burning car and Peter Mansbridge stating all protesters were violent. This documentary speaks true about our press censoring material. I had no idea how bad things were until I watched this for the first time because our reporters failed to cover it. I show this to everyone I know on the west coast of British Columbia and they are in shock. They are blinded by what really happened that day and it makes me wonder what else they feed us.

    1. I agree with everything you say as it applies to the substance of the material presented. I didn’t say they were being violent or doing anything illegal, nor was that my point.

      All I am saying is that the documentary would be more presentable if it were observed and recorded in a more objective manner. If the filmmakers are giving us a valid perspective of the corruption of government authority—and I believe they are—they don’t need to taunt those in violation to expose them. Let them expose themselves (as in the example of “Officer Bubbles” in the first doc).

  28. And the Oscar goes to....!!!!!! American bull s***....

  29. It is difficult to follow the perspective of this video. Are they inciting a riot, organizing a protest or making a documentary?

    Drifting up and down the boulevard bellowing cutesy cynicisms into a megaphone is just as offensive to many of us who are on the side of the filmmakers as to those they are trying to annoy. They seem to take pride in thinking they are not only setting the stage for riots, but will probably get arrested in the process.

    Gandhi and Martin Luther King didn’t protest in such a childish manner, and they got results on a national level.

    C’mon guys. Put on some decent looking clothes, keep a low profile and stop trying to draw fire. As it is, your hollering into the megaphone that a cop made you move three yards is on the level of a little kid screaming, “Mommy, he’s touching me! Teacher he’s making faces at me! Daddy, he called me a name!”

    If you wish to make a documentary, it may help if you remember where the word comes from. It means to document. If you have an agenda or want to play to the camera, put the camera down. As it is, you want to write the script, act out the parts, produce, direct and film.

    Documentaries like this NEED to be made, and they bring to the fore activities that SHOULD be exposed, but clean it up. Your histrionics are not only annoying and embarrassing, they don’t accomplish anything; they don’t convince either side your point is any more valid, and they certainly don’t command any more respect than a calm and stately demeanor.

  30. I never comment on these videos but this one is particularly bad. These guys making the documentary and the british dude are just f***ing annoying and dying for attention. Get a life! If you think yelling through a megaphone is gonna change s*** than your an idiot. Stop wasting your energy with this pointless, horribly put together documentary (btw I only got through the first 20 mins before shutting it off)....WHATS THE POINT OF THIS DOCUMENTARY?? that cops are doing their jobs??

    1. no the cops were not doing their jobs.

    2. Nazi's were just doing their jobs too. Most of these cops had more choices then the average 1940's Nazi, though. Yet they still show up and CHOOSE to act like thugs.

    3. I really feel sorry for you dude !

    4. Someone above posted this isn't biased. I'm not sure what world they're living in. This is a bunch of arrogant a--holes preaching their basement dweller ideas for society among people who are just going about their business.

  31. Human beings are egotistical. Go ahead and have your revolutions. All you people do is get suckered into them anyways. For your ignorant information there are people behind every movement that have their personal interests at heart. In the end it's war either way. Nobody ever learns anything . I saw a liveleak video showing how the amount of actual wars has been increasing in the past 1000 years. Dated place time date and location. It's quite hilarious too watch a bunch of sheep freaking out downtown. I bet if I get a bunch of you together and get you angry enough by what I'm saying right now, you'll beat me to death for your righteous beliefs and call me the monster. Haahahahaha . Bunch of hypocrites.

    1. I fail to comprehend your point? Come again?

    2. Maybe you guys should learn a little about how revolutions occur and come about, and their consequences then open your mouths and defend those *******. Sure this wads a poor display of democracy and blah blah blah, you guys call those world leaders war criminals, well maybe you should have ran for office and we'd see what position you'd be in if you weren't listening to what your were told by the NWO leaders.

    3. @rtiom. This was not a revolution,this was a bunch of cops dressed in black playing their part as provocateurs. While we have revolutions you will be doing what? pointing out the worst examples of us and making cynical remarks? I'm sure you're use to getting beat on for you arrogant way of talking to people, but don't just make scenarios were you pick arguments and get beatin' on by peaceful protesters. You say you've been trying to inform people for years and nobody listened to you... if you talked to them like this, it's no wonder.

    4. What the heck are you talking about man? You are ignoring the meaning behind the words because you already put into your head that you don't like what I have to say before even reading my comments. That is ignorance at it's best. "THIS WAS NOT A REVOLUTION" WAAAAT? No it wasn't duh, whats your point. If you don't know how to read then go back to school.

  32. Adolf Hitler would be very proud of this modern day Gestapo.

    1. Adolf Hitler would be proud.

    2. @ rtiom ,

      Adolf Hitler would have been proud of you!

    3. thats for sure... new world criminals are the PEOPLE or so called domestic terorists. we all should be jailed so the corporations could be safe!

  33. The powerful have always treaded upon the rights of innocent individuals. The incident in Canada is not an abberration, but instead may be viewed as an indication of a problem that is more widespread and deeper than that of previous historical eras. It is true that events similar to this have occurred throughout history and it is also extremely likely that such events will never be completely prevented in the future. What seems unprecedented however, is that we are living in a time in which terrorism is committed on a GLOBAL scale under the guise of "legitimate" governments.

    It is easy to point the finger at particular individuals and to view these incidents as either a manifestation of personal political corruption or attribute this to some "deficit" of human functioning. Though this may rightly contribute to government terror, it seems to me that this problem may in part be attributed to "the system" itself. This is why it doesn't matter who is elected, no substantive change ever occurs. In some ways, "the system" is self-perpetuating and forgive the personification, but it strives to maintain its' own survival. Substantive change may be beyond individual acts of intrapersonal transformation and may instead only result from a crisis or an external force that ultimately transforms the system itself. Sadly, as an American citizen I do not see this happening for quite some time. Elections, at least within the United States, have become a meaningless battle between corporate puppet #1 and corporate puppet #2.

    ---and no I'm not a conspiracy theorist...just a disillusioned, yet concerned individual.

  34. And that hippie chick testing officer bubbles is sooo **** . Like why would you test them? They will mess you up and if that's what you want then tha's what you'll get.

    1. @ rtiom,

      "Work for and trust the powerful few.
      What's best for them is best for you."
      ~ Peter Weiss. Marat/Sade

    2. @Ozyxcba; You have expended far too much time and energy arguing with a minor troll. rtiom says a few offensive things, but mainly just idiotic drivel to get a rise out of people like you. He strides proudly into his chosen arena armed with a sword of silliness and protected by the undentable shield of a simpleton and the armour of ignorance. Look at some previous posts. Better to leave him tilting at his windmills.

    3. @ tomregit,

      Thank you, Tomregit.
      I will keep what you have advised in mind :-)

    4. @tomregit,
      You talk like you know it all. And that you are some sort of wise-man, truth is I'm armed with facts and lots of patience to deal with anyone ignorant, uneducated and pathetic sheep that thinks he can shut me down. You my friend are no exception. You should be writing children's stories the way you write. Or telling children bed time stories. Cause you can't differentiate fantasy from reality. PLEASE DO READ ALL MY POSTS and get your **** straight. If I was a troll who had nothing valid to say I wouldn't still be fighting of your emotional comments at me. Psychologically, it's a well known fact that people who have nothing to say and are loosing an argument, resort to bashing the opposing side calling him names and lashing out with emotional outbursts just so they can go out feeling better about themselves. Hahahahha, w.e floats your boat, I dare you to challenge me in any facts you might think you have to discredit what I have to say come on.
      Bring it buddy. And same goes to all . I will give lots of respect to anyone who can.

  35. And I love seeing some of these ****** hippie people get tossed ahaha.

    1. @ rtiom,

      And I love seeing some of these ****** hippie people get tossed ahaha.

      Cheap thrills for cheap people.

    2. Exactly. These hippies could be doing something a lot more thrilling instead of asking for a butt kicking from the cops. They should go to work so they could pay their bills and take vacations.

    3. @ rtiom,

      No, Rtiom, not "Exactly."
      You are the cheap one with the cheap thrills.

      @ rtiom,

      Rtiom, I do not know what planet you live on, but I have not seen a 'hippie' since the 1970's. And, anyhow, you can dislike a certain 'type' of person without at once hoping to see him harmed, unless, that is, you happen to be nine years old.

    4. Yeah just like the nine year olds that protect this country right?

    5. Actually I think going fishing or to a bbq with friends is much better than being smart with the cops downtown haahah. So sure if you call that cheap compared to what those hippies were doing so be it.

    6. @ rtiom.

      Fine, Rtiom, go fishing. It's cheaper. Hate those good-for-nothing, lazy layabouts who are too busy protesting to go fishing. Protect your fantasy of them as so-called 'hippies'. That's all well and good, really.

      I would not, however, be so quick as you seem on the draw to discredit their motives. That is what you are doing. There are a WHOLE LOT of people whom I DO NOT LIKE with whom I must nonetheless work. Most of the time, it isn't really anything they do, it's just the way they do it. Sometimes it just drives me nuts. And yet, I have no doubt whatever but that they would be there for me in an emergency. One thing is absolutely certain, I'd be there for them!

      Do you see where I'm going with this?

      Leave the kids alone. They are young. They are doing what they feel to be right. At least respect them. Okay. Now, I have got to sign off and go to bed so I can get up tomorrow morning, bright and early, for WORK! :)

    7. I know what your saying. Originally you can see in my posts I was referring to how ignorantly they were assuming that just because it's Canada and there are civil rights and human rights and so on, they would apply in such special circumstances. I just think they should be protesting now instead of on the day when they it was clear they were gonna get hurt, you have to understand that. Every battle has a strategy, without one its just suicide. I'm all for the cause but I don't condone stupid actions.

  36. Some of these cops are straight up and tell you. If your just gonna resist to be an ass and test them in under these circumstances they will arrest you and you can resolve your problem in court. Lucky for you you won't be charged.

    1. @ rtiom

      They do serve and protect, but if you go around shoving your rights in their face specially when you know they were ordered to protect 20 of the world's worst war criminals what the heck to do you expect.

    2. Those poor people aren't the war criminals. The people who control them are the war criminals. I'm not cool with the federal government or the international bankers or capitalist scum. I'm not cool with Zionism, but you are shaking your hateful finger at a bunch of "temps" who can be replaced with virtually anyone else and it wouldn't make a difference. You're angry cause only now you wake up to realize that your rights can be taken away whenever and wherever, but most of these **** have been sitting around thinking everything so great and being ignorant to all those people that tried to make them aware a long time ago.

    3. @ rtiom,
      "Poor people!"
      Rtiom, what have you been smoking?!

      @ rtiom

      I will grant you that none of us really knows who's running the show. But that we do not know means we do not know that it is not them! And even if it were not them, they still do choose to participate. They are not forced. They choose to participate out of greed and lust for power at the expense of you, of me, of anyone. They choose to participate in the creation of war for profit.

      If you honestly do not believe this, then you have a lot to learn.

  37. As soon as I found out about this I boogied out of there and stayed far away. Everyone else is just an idiot.

  38. I never liked cops since I was little. I always knew they abuse their power, and often so do soldiers during war. That's just the way things were, are , and always will be. It seems to me that all these f in hippies in Toronto never realized this before. You can't do w.e you want and neither should you be allowed to do w.e you want. It's unfair but that's the way it is. Everyone should stay away from cops. They do serve and protect, but if you go around shoving your rights in their face specially when you know they were ordered to protect 20 leaders of the world what the heck to do you expect. Who cares why they are all here. Obviously something is brewing but In any country or even planet for that matter the same thing would happen.

    1. @ rtiom,

      Pity the police are too cowardly to arrest war criminals so they can resolve their problems at the International Court of Justice in The Hague instead of resorting to beating up on defenseless 'hippies' ? 'hippies', I might add, who do NOT start illegal wars so that Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Electric, Halliburton, BAE Systems, SAIC, Pratt and Whitney, Northrop Grumman, ITT, L-3 Communications, General Dynamics,...
      can make a killing, killing kids!

      Rtiom, I am not so naive as not to recognize how truly unrealistic it is to actually expect police officers to arrest the garbage they are assigned(and paid) to protect. But is NOT unrealistic to expect the entire police force to simply refuse to protect such scum. They, and their unions, are too cowardly. They'd rather pick on kid 'hippies' whom you happen not to like.

      You mention in a posting here that:
      "I always knew they abuse their power, and often so do soldiers during war. That's just the way things were, are, and always will be."

      Yeah, sure, Rtiom, and you also know that child molesters have always abused innocents both during peacetime, as well as during war, but:
      "That's just the way things were, are, and always will be."


      So let's have the police protect the child molesters. After all, those who molest children aren't as bad as the 20 they now defend.

      Can't you see the logic?

      It must be very comfortable for you, Rtiom, to always side with the powerful, to side with status quo. That way you can always count on talking big with the knowledge that Big Brother will back you up. You would have fit in perfectly with the powerful backing you up in Deutschland during the 30's and early 40's.

      Go along to get along.

      Rtiom, it is one thing to recognize the futility of a situation, but it is quite another to openly criticize those who dare to try.

      Shame on you!

    2. "But is NOT unrealistic to expect the entire police force to simply refuse to protect such scum."
      ??/?? Waaaat?
      I don't understand your logic no. Cops become cops and serve for many years for a reason. It's ridiculous to think they would ALL quit. I've been preaching being against Zionism for many years. Back in the day everyone was sitting around telling me I was full of conspiracy ****. Now that **** hits the fan I have too listen to you teaching me a thing or too, please. You're way out of your league for a start. If you want to make a change for the better in this day and age, you don't go around marching downtown like a douche bag in front of thousands of well armed cops. You can organize much better than that. I bet your one of those guys who watches documentaries reads a couple of books, and smokes pot and comes up with these emotional driven conclusions about everything based on the evidence other people seek, investigate and make public. Cause you certainly are not of the few who intellectuals behind the uncovering of the truth. You my friend are one of those people who screams revolution, yet hates the USSR, or The Third Reich.
      And on top of all that the only difference you can make is sit around not vote, and visit the gay pride parade.
      The situation is not futile. If there was no demonstration and people just left the whole thing alone it would have proved more than it did this way. These hippies did exactly what was expected of them hahaaha. Stupid sheep.

    3. @ rtiom

      When cops acquiesce to protecting war criminal, then they no longer 'serve' anyone of us.

      @ rtiom

      And besides, Rtiom, no one expect police officers to forfeit their careers.

      It is a single act of civil disobedience.

      If one cop does it, he'll get fired. If an entire city police force stands up and says: NO, not this! then no one gets fired. And if some creep politician does try to push the envelope, then it becomes an issue for the entire country. This is how activism works, and it DOES work.

      Next step, the collective police forces of all Canada make it crystal clear that if twenty pigs who kill defenseless men, women and children so that corporations(THEIR corporations) can make 'a killing' want to meet, then they will simply have to meet elsewhere. In Candida, they all become personae non gratae.

      @ rtiom

      It is one thing to honestly, and sincerely, plead ignorance about how these things work; it is another to come out in support of the garbage that would not hesitate one instant to liquidate YOU, should it suit their needs.

      That is what this is really all about.

      It is not about how best to do it. I am quite certain you have some practical ideas of your own that might work much better.

      It's about WHO's SIDE ARE YOU ON?

      Are you on the side of the Hitlers of this world, or are you with us?

      That is what this is really all about.

    4. @Rtiom I was reading over your past comments on this Doc...

      I feel what you are saying and I liked some of your comments...
      It depends on where you are and the environment that you are in the Bad Experiences you may have faced in the dealings with the Police so in that I can understand.

      Like I know for a Fact because I have lived in the Suburbs or Rural areas and I have lived in the inner city areas also. And there is a Big Difference in the way that you as a Citizen are treated in between those areas as far as with the Police. Its not fair but that is how it is.

      I can't say that I don't like all the Police because some of them are not bad. I agree with you as far as those people that were taunting the police the lady blowing bubbles in the police face in the Doc that was imo very silly and stupid to do.

      I have had good experiences and bad experiences myself with the police and there are things just by knowing how the System is Really Run that are not Fair and that gets one upset and you are right there is nothing you can do to change it I agree. I just think if you go about standing up for what is Right and Fair and not being Afraid you can make a Big Difference :)

  39. Sick, F'ing Pigs.... I was falsely arrested twice in my life... once they broke both my wrists... I want to learn more of what happened during the G20 Summit. Any suggestions?

  40. So as a canadian all I saw was our country spend a billion dollars on securing a known building in the downtown core from its own citizens and wrongfully accusing peaceful protesters with conspiracy to commit and allowing black bloc protesters to vandalize in order to release a censored news report on what happened that day. And it's true I watched The National with Peter Mansbridge the following day and none of this was covered. A complete and total eye opener to a canadian citizen who resides on the west coast. I hope everyone gets to see this.

  41. Well this certainly negates any lectures on civil liberties Canada may direct at China or anywhere else, for that matter. If some of the Black Bloc were police (as done at Montebello) and the police cars were staged for destruction, Canada has indeed become a very ugly country. The sad part of it is, once trust is destablized, even the police will become victims.

  42. "...I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!"

    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

  43. Honestly, being right there downtown during the G20, my perspective that the people who really f--ked up were the idiots who rioted for the sake of rioting. Seriously, a lot of people went with no political or social agenda, just to cause s*** because they had a chance to be on TV. I'm not saying all...certainly, a majority were peaceful protesters...but it was the idiots parading around saying they're "anarchists" and torching cars and throwing rocks at stores for no reason who truly caused the chaos.

  44. If those of you who keep knocking Obama don't shut the Hell up, I'm going to vote for Sarah Palin if she run.

    1. @ bbga,

      The government has lost ALL credibility.

      I no longer believe it makes one shred of difference who wins the White House. Obama was selected because he's more photogenic and is more adroit at reading a teleprompter than McCain.

      Obama's better looking, too.

    2. If you really believe that, then leave.

    3. @ bbga,
      a) I do not "really believe that," I really know that!
      b) I have not the least intention of taking orders from you.

    4. @ bbga
      Is that a threat? Good lord man, you're insane if you think it makes any difference as Oxyxcba1 has stated. And your comment about leaving is just as ridiculous. The only answer is to stay and refuse to accept the nonsense we're handed by the corporation known as the US government. We will win.

    5. Cleary no. It was a suggestion. And yes we do have choices and that is one of them. I've lived abroad and there is no Shangrila. This usual anti American drival is old, myopic, and boring (some of the comments). If you really want to change things then go to DC and Lobby. A lot of my friends have and they ve made a difference.

  45. After being detailed with the NYPD to a couple of anarchist protests in New York, I can only say that the anarchists' "rights" wouldn't be so "violated" if they didn't act like the a-holes they really can be.

    1. ummm.. except that most of if not all of the 1105 people arrested were NOT anarchists...

    2. Walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, then...

    3. @ Frederick Ritchie,

      Sounds like you might be the 'duck'!

    4. @ Frederick Ritchie.

      It's a matter of priorities.

      Given limited resources, one might find oneself in the unenviable position of having to ignore the antics of a few anarchists in order to deploy enough police force to arrest and detain known killers and mass murderers.

      Don't you agree?

    5. Uh, no.

    6. @ Frederick Ritchie.

      If you would not, or could not, do the right thing, then why didn't you just find yourself another job?

  46. Tsk Tsk,...
    I think the g8 security force won this battle.

    1. @ Geoffrey Grekin,

      Evil may go undefeated, but it can never win!

  47. Protest to survive !

    1. ditto!

  48. @far far
    You are the joke, What does protesting change ? apparently nothing.... we as the activist are aware of this..... but not protesting doesn't change anything either.... by not protesting you are letting the ''men'' (and i say men because that's what they are) of power go on with their evil schemes without at least trying to (i'm not saying it coming through to their thick skulls) tell them they are wrong, if they are not at least reminded once in awhile they are wrong, they will go on like they really believe that destroying the earth and everyone else than themselves. is the best way to go..... social Darwinism makes me sick..... destroy the system whilst you still can for the sake of yourself and your children. A//E Anarchy and equality for all.

    1. ditto!

  49. This is scary stuff, and the trends are just showing an escalation of the Policestates all over the world. This is just a tell tail sign of what the 50+
    Fema "camps" are going to be used for in US in coming years...

  50. Yawn... all these protests for what?!

    They can protest all they like nothing is going to change.

    We had Bush, everyone protests, votes and then we got Obama.... LOL... what a joke!

    1. the only way for evil to succeed is for good people to do NOTHING! the people united will never be defeated

    2. @ far far,

      Protesting, by itself, has never won anything.

      Protesting can, however, build a sense of solidarity amongst those who are brave enough to take part: to the young, with tomorrow in the balance; to the old, who remember when; to those who remember when, against all odds, we all worked together to FINALLY change the 'completion' of America FOREVER; to those of us who accomplished the impossible, bringing the greatest power the world has ever known to its knees in order that a cruel and unjust war might be stopped.

      We worked together and we STOPPED the war on Vietnam.

      Protesting also moves the hearts and minds of those hapless individuals who are starving for hope. And, we all of us, DO take notice, and there are 6,000,000,000 of us! Who says we can't topple a handful of effete swine?

      Who says we can't buy Made in France guillotines and put them to their proper use, once again?