Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

2010, Conspiracy  -   155 Comments
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Invisible Empire: A New World Order DefinedIn the tradition of his first Internet blockbuster, Loose Change, which has had over 100 million visits, Jason Bermas has created yet another outstanding documentary film, Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined.

This film documents very clearly that some of America's most powerful elected officials, including all recent presidents, have been part of an international cabal to establish a socialist New World Order that would eradicate national sovereignty and many of the God-given freedoms vouchsafed in the Constitution of the United States, making all citizens mere slaves of the state.

It has an amazing collection of video footage of these leaders stating their unabashed ambitions to establishing this New World Order. It also shows just who is behind this international cabal and their nefarious intentions and true sinister nature. It is deeply troubling and very important.

Again, its relevance to Free Energy technology is two-fold. First, these same forces are behind many of the instances of suppression of breakthrough free energy, which would empower the individual, contrary to the NWO agenda to enslave. Second, the emergence of breakthrough free energy technologies will help unseat these criminals. It is a powerful antidote to the poison being administered.

Another point of relevance is that the film touches on the fact that Al Gore is one of the New World Order insiders helping to accomplish their objectives by politicizing climate change and using it as a reason to impose global carbon taxes; all while personally becoming super wealthy from his various involvements that include serious conflicts of interest. He should not be seen as a hero figure in the free energy movement.

Directed by: Jason Bermas

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earnest lee wright
5 years ago

Send for sercet hidden demand deposit of the right of$ individual at the m1 money supply package from the usa newest constitution article:16 to congress new budget pre-planning era.

5 years ago

Bush sr. - "... the illumination of a thousand points of light."
This is a reference to Lucifer. It is alleged that the Bush family are Luciferians ... as are the Clintons and the Obamas ... as well as other elite-status, prominent people.

5 years ago

Limited shelve life once the vatican comes to call, right David Icke.

5 years ago

Now surreptitiously, as many of the potential gullible as possible, hypnotize them to see the royals in a new way.Crazy lone gun assassin potential, right David, as if you will live to tell the tale.

5 years ago

The non existent aliens will solve our non existent overpopulation problem for happy picnicking ,right David Icke.

I.O.U. Agency
5 years ago

You wanna know why most if not 99% of people do NOT believe these 9/11 videos? They are so PACKED with information in the Internet Age, that OLD people simply can not follow.

Interneters really are THINKERS... we can process information quickly, because of Reading tons of text all day long. Mst people can not process information faster than a few Ideas at a time... all of this seems too much TO BE TRUE. But, all of it is True.

New World Order is actually an American Dream that is a Night Mare.

6 years ago

Issac Newton predicted the World will end in 2060, so if any of the previous dates don't work out, we have that to look forward to.

6 years ago

how can infowars and prisonplanet claim to be the resistance whilst at the same time supporting trump and his rascist nationalist and even fascist agenda?

7 years ago

People, go listen to the 5 minute speech that got JFK killed. what he describes in it, is the cabal that are the elites that do seek to create one-world govt. I believe that JFK is specifically talk about Bilderberg and its arms of the trilateral comm and the Royal Society. Just who do you think calls for all of these obvious false flag ops ?

8 years ago

Interesting, well worth a couple hours of one's time. I particularly appreciate the background information on the Bush clan and the extraordinary evidence of government involvement in the first WTC bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing.

However, think for yourself and consult other sources. I think the film in many ways reflects a reductive philosophy. 'New World Order' is a very flexible term and could mean many, many things to many different people. Certainly, the elitists that have been pulling the strings for centuries and who still mostly control the planet's economies, political systems and media are up to no good, and when they use the term, we should be very wary. Yet, we could have a NWO, including some sort of sincere, public-serving global government, that would truly serve mankind. It would be nice if people could see themselves as humankind more than as competing nations. A legitimate global government would not have much to do, because only a few issues would best be tackled at a global level, but it could deal with things like air and water pollution, climate change, sharing of the seas, interaction with our celestial neighbors (who are among us - another truth that's been suppressed), and establishing and protecting a few basic rights that should be respected everywhere. Of course, this body would have to have very strong controls to keep it from expanding its mandate or abusing its powers, but I wouldn't rule it out just because we have a cult of lunatics that have given the very idea of government a bad name.

Also, I don't think 'collectivism' is necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn't go too far. It certainly is ridiculous that the vast bulk of mankind struggle for the basic necessities while a small sliver of the population lives very well. I think it's a good idea to balance the interests of individuals with those of communities, to support as great an amount of personal liberty as possible while still making sure that most folks have a reasonable ability to get what they need and nobody is poisoning the commons.

Another quibble is that I think the climate change portion is weak and that Climategate was overblown.

Changing the subject slightly, I can't help but imagine how fantastic life would probably be by now, had not these creepy elitists been subverting the aspirations of most of humanity all these years. This incredibly productive planet, along with the brilliance of man, could long ago have reached a point wherein virtually every person could easily meet their basic needs, live a vital, creative life, and enjoy a healthy natural and human environment. An interview from another documentary, "Gashole," sticks in my mind. David Blackmore, who headed Shell's fuel economy lab for decades, stated that his team, working with the automakers, crossed the 1000mpg barrier in the 1970s. Sadly, this kind of fuel economy was contrary to oil industry and auto industry (because the innovations that increase fuel economy tend to dramatically extend the life of auto engines) profit maximization, so these advances weren't implemented. No doubt, many other innovations that are inconvenient to the elitists have been suppressed. Similarly, there is much hand-wringing over the balky progress of 3rd world nations that our elites are ostensibly trying to help develop. If these efforts were sincere, almost every nation would be prosperous, and almost everyone firmly in the middle class by now, but as we know from the work of people like David Korten and John Perkins, the elites have been preying on the developing world while pretending to help it.

Yet, I suspect that many in elitist circles don't like what the conspirators are doing and would like to break away from the cult, but are finding it very difficult (The cult is incredibly ruthless and knows its strength depends on near-total loyalty and secrecy). Too, it may be that some politicians and business leaders are simply going along with the conspiracy to the extent they have to, while hoping for an opportunity to bring it down. Accordingly, our energies are probably better spent dismantling the system than attacking the people caught up in it.

Just some thoughts. Reach your own conclusions.

Tomislav R
9 years ago

Global technocracy, I'm for it.

9 years ago

Just started watching this, and I'm disappointed to hear the same old propaganda about Hitler - that he wanted to take over the whole world with himself in charge, etc.. That's a lot of crap. Hitler was a fierce nationalist who loved his country. His interests were Germany and the German people. He practically stood on his head to keep his country out of war and to stop the second world war, to no avail.

9 years ago

This is the best video of this genre that I have ever seen.

Bunne Rabb
10 years ago

America was the last great business venture for the house of Rothschild and it took them a long time to finally get a central bank installed to control the money, because money is the access to everything. It has no value other than a promissory note backed by debt, but if I can tell you what money is and I can tell you who God is, I own your culture and whatever it produces. And control of access is the point. If you hold the access to everything people need to survive, you own everything. If you can force them to carry your debt to use it, you own them, too. Welcome to the a** end of a very long ball family business plan. And it ain't gonna bet better and you best believe that they're dismantling this joint and re-assembling it in China. The serfs here have gotten too uppity and since the bankers they already own all the wealth, it's gotten sort of same-o. Strap in, y'all.

G. Baeza Zamora
10 years ago

what a scam!

masih TOKHI
10 years ago

"mastered mortal combat" hahahah

10 years ago

Useful documentary, if you try to isolate the facts and ignore the opinions of its creators.

This was interesting and provoking up until somewhere between the condemnation of global warming, and the condemnation of homosexuality. These conspiracy buffs claim to fight for personal freedom, yet they so often seem to come out as's bizarre and it creeps me out.

Sabrina van Zwieten
10 years ago

This documentary deeply affected me. It feels horrible to have all the knowledge I've gathered since 9/11 confirmed once again, backed up by plausible and credible documentation.

That said, I know this documentary would've become endlessly long if they discussed all issues in greater detail, but I doubt this will convince people who do not have as much foreknowledge on the matters. Nonetheless, a documentary worth spreading.

11 years ago

Toward the end it takes up the idea of Global Warming being a fraud. Even taking Ted Turners words and suggesting he was calling for 'mass liquidation' of the worlds people. The doc. was interesting up to that point. I think they tried to take 'A Bridge Too Far'. Now I feel silly for watching an hour and a half of it.

Norman Hawk Nordic
11 years ago

Very well explained, thank you for making the light to the world

11 years ago

Why would people who so obviously like having more money than others and so obviously enjoy things like scapegoating foreigners, want to bring about a one-world socialist government? Just look at the age-old question -- cui bono. Who benefits. Because under a system like that, it sure as hell isn't them.

Then as you're watching the film, notice all the ads telling you to support the filmmakers and fight the new world order by going to the website and buying stuff.

Cui bono -- who benefits.

11 years ago

little mention of Reagan in the old Iran contra scandal..

Aaron Beech
11 years ago

didn't Dylan Avery make Loose Change?

11 years ago

The intro style is take right from Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Check it out. At least half of this is taken out of context. If you want to believe it tho go right ahead. There maybe something going on in this world but this is taking advantage. Don't be a sucker.

11 years ago

I was on board with this documentary until it brought up climate change. As someone of science and a firm believer in the peer-review process, the consensus is that climate change is real and has something to do with man made CO2 emissions. Sure, the Earth is equipped to deal with this emissions but we have systematically deforested the world by 50% over the last 100 years. These forests were essential to the recycling of CO2 out of the atmosphere. These climate change deniers are almost on the same level as people who don't believe in evolution.

That being said, there is much evidence that carbon tax and carbon credits do absolutely nothing to help solve the problem and people like Al Gore are getting rich off of this scam.

Human-influenced climate change = real.
Carbon tax and carbon credits = false.

Also, what is up with the talk of homosexuality within these groups at the end of this film? What does that have to do with anything? If they ended the film at the 1:30 mark it would be a much more powerful film instead of going down the drain into pure conjecture.

11 years ago

After minutes of stuttering, Obama insults the intelligence of the one questioning him, by making sarcastic remarks about not having a secret handshake. typical

11 years ago

Regardless of our opinions, it’s clear there are forces behind the scenes that for all intent and purposes operate in plain sight. To ignore the message of this film with trivial comment would only serve to amuse the power elite, and by definition help deliver their agenda. Being oblivious to the scale of crime that continues to unfold such as 911 and Iraqe & Afganistan for example, is a convenient pain killer for the feeble and terrified masses. This feebleness is the subtle enemy of us all blindly leading us to pass our responsibilities to invisible rulers, and thus give away our very being in all that it is.

Juan Cortes
11 years ago

i really liked the way they put the pieces together, but what's up with the last half hour.

Grant Newsome
11 years ago

Poor filmmaking and unconvincing arguments.

11 years ago


11 years ago

Kissingers' voice makes skin crawl.

David Bowles
11 years ago

Pity one can only wear one tinfoil hat at a time ...

11 years ago

9/11 the ultimate wake up call

Rocky Racoon
11 years ago

Anybody that says Global capitalism is a socialist conspiracy has rocks in their head or are paid by the CIA to manufacture misinformation. Either way the opening paragraph is ridiculous.

11 years ago

Collectivism does not fit under the definition of NWO you are attempting to piece together here. I know the North America defines itself as an individualistic society, but brandishing collectivism as sameness is completely inaccurate.

11 years ago

If they are so much into drug money why didn't they discourage the anti-smoking campaigns? What a waste of revenue!

11 years ago

Revolution, it is time to act!

11 years ago

There has been a New World Order since 1945 with the U.S.A leading it. We’ve been living in it since then. The collapse of the Soviet Union seen the end to the last holdout at the time. The United States controls the world almost completely now with money and military power and they strive each day to keep that position. What country has military bases all over the world while no others can say the same? Why? Control allows the rich to become richer and to keep living the lifestyle they want. They know without control that they risk losing this. Spreading democracy is just another name for globalization making money off another country's resources or utilizing their workforce for their own benefit.

When Al Qaeda crashed airliners into their intended targets, it wasn't a U.S. conspiracy per se but I do believe that a few insiders knew something was going to happen and they were ready to take advantage of it when it did. What structures were targets? The Twin Towers representing money/capitalism; the Pentagon representing U.S. military power and the Capital Building representing the U.S. (world) government. Although I abhor what they did due to the loss of innocent lives they were showing everyone, symbolically, who the real villains were. They were wrong in their actions but were they wrong in their belief?

As a citizen of Europe or North America you share some blame in this although the brainwashing of the population does account for much of our willingness to go along. We benefit too from this NWO. Many of us have a better lifestyle than 99% of the world's population and not many of us are ready to give that up. Oh sometimes we give it lip service but take our lifestyle down a little and you'll see an ugly change in people. We're seeing it now as the filthy rich go for the gusto even eating its own body. It's capitalism gone mad and the game plays on. For how long nobody knows for sure.

The U.S.A. = the Roman Empire. If you are an American you are as the ancient Romans were. Not necessarily corrupt but enjoying the benefits of the corruption. Think about it. Think and read about how the Romans lived and you may see yourself. Will it all come to an end some day? Yes but the powers that be will hold on for as long as they can. The root of all evil is the love of money. How much do you love having money? In our society it is “THE” measure of success. Nothing else really matters as much to most. I'm not a religious person but how can one argue that money is not "the mark of the beast". What are you able to do without it in our society?

Looking for bombs exploding in the Trade Towers or missiles hitting the Pentagon only distract you from the truth and the elite know this and want you to continue down that path as they know you won't find what you're looking for. The Occupy Movement is leaning in the right direction. Join them and help create a different world order, one that puts people before money. Only then will you see the change you seek. Otherwise, it's business as usual. Good luck, we’re going to need it.

11 years ago

"god given freedoms"??? I was under the impression that you stole them from George III, who owned America east of the Mississippi by divine right.

11 years ago

There is also a book "The last waltz of the tyrants: the prophecy" that talks in even more details of how a group of very powerful people have been gradually enslaving us through The NWO since Napoleon times (Rothshild's sponsored). The recent introduction of an Access Card in Australia is part of their plan (which didn't work out): the card is to be approved everywhere in the world to keep the track of every person's life on the planet and so suppress our freedom. Alex is right - we all care only about celebrities' life, food , and TV - our ignorance is destroying our natural way of evolution which is based on the right to make a choice. The theory of equality had already been put into practice by communists and it didn't prove to work.

11 years ago

we all learned in school how f***ed up history was, they will think the same in the future when our children learn of our history...

11 years ago

...Who knows, maybe it will be a good thing.
We just have to let go of our old way of thinking, and come together.
We all SHOULD have a part. We should all come together, we should create more equality between the peoples. It could be good.
Maybe its all in how we think of it.
LoL. Just because they refer to NEW WORLD ORDER, doesn't mean much but a better way of ordering the way the world works. It almost NEEDS to happen.

12 years ago

I haven't even watched this for thirty minutes and already I am enraged that these so-called NWO theorists are really planning the takeover by force after all others submit and bow to this NWO only to be duped and enslaved.Now as i watch Alex Jones trying to beware us of what is in store I am in total Agreement with him and some of many issues he has brought to lite.Corruption,lavish lifestyles,Fraud,Lies,Infighting,Murder. These are only a minute amount of items that are being kept away from the public.It seems that when the people need to bailout the Banks, Wall Street,The Mortgage crisis ETC.This is when the Government has the Balls to tell the public about the grand theft and that the taxpayers should be patriotic and help there fellow Americans so they can continue to rip everyone off as there lifestyle never changes.They still have there Jets. Mansions,yaughts as well as the guts to pretend they are remorceful, executives,Ceos,ETC, ETC.Hitler came very close if it not for Japan bombing pearl Harbour,We quite possibly would be living in this so-called NWO.Only to find ourselves much worse than todays society. The Middle East is in the process of change and they not only risked there lives but gave there lives so that the children of the future can have a non dictorial government. What is so different here? Power and those who will not under any circumstance give it up.One example of power that will not cave-in is the power that held the U.S.A. during 9/11.As the world was in shock watching it all unfold,There were many,many who had already planned for a congressional hearing and without a doubt Practiced over and over what they had to answer for and those who answered to nothing.Why? Power and murder,The administration in the past was without a doubt the most cunning and calculated men who Knew that nothing would happen to them cause any or some who tried to expose were met with one option not two,DEATH.It is really a scary thought that so many will start a revolution based on the NWO. Anyone who gets in there way well u get the picture.This is a rogue government that runs the show as we all step back hold our breath and pray tthat there are those out there who will do whatever it takes to prevent being enslaved,Or murderd in the name of,THE NEW WORLD ORDER.One thing is certain,We must not let this happen

Julie Ng
12 years ago

Indonesia is not part of BRIC , it's India. Quite a mistake..

12 years ago

The intuition is right but he feels it's all wrong and tries to make 99+1 equal to it. We need to stop poisoning our minds bodies and the earth. Live a life that does not cause suffering for other sentient feeling entities including ourselves. Work in tune with others and nature. Make decisions and plan comunualy and with great empathy wisdom. Power of the few over the many is insane patronising and just plain stupid and tends towards apathy.

12 years ago

The intuition is right but he feels it's all wrong and tries to make 99+1 equal to it. We need to stop poisoning our minds bodies and the earth. Live a life that does not cause suffering for other sentient feeling entities including ourselves. Work in tune with others and nature. Make decisions and plan comunualy and with great empathy wisdom. Power of the few over the many is insane patronising and just plain stupid and tends towards apathy.

12 years ago

wow i just read 3 comments before I realise its always the same guy speaking, hey! write a book!!

12 years ago

short qabalah of 322 (Skull & Bones) :

300 = vast movement (any vast movement; can be fire, or something else, certainly MUCH energy).

22 = perfection & chaos (when something attains perfection, it crumbles - perfection implies chaos, chaos implies perfection). 22 (2+2) is associated to 4, which is associated to 13 (1+3), which is associated to 400 (Tav).

322 is associated to 7 (3+2+2) which is associated to 16 (1+6) which is associated to destruction. Like the maison-dieu, for instance, the tower destroyed by lightning (tarot cards).

Very much "Skull & Bones..." and wtc towers ...

22 is associated to 4 which is associated to 13, which is associated to 913 (9+1+3), which is the number of Beith(2)-Reish(200)-Aleph(1)-Schîn(300)-Yod(10)-TAv(400), which is "Bereschit", which is the first word of Genesis in hebrew, which is usually translated by: "In the beginning ..." and which seems to imply that the end (Tav - 400 - associated to 4 and to 13 : see tarot card 13, skull and bones, literally) is included "at the end" (Tav) of that "beginning" of the Law (Thorah), which begins by 2, followed by 200, then by 300, ... which can be explored as 322, 223, 502, 7, etc. One follows one's intuition.

September 11 2001, if you add the figures : 9+11+2+1 = 14, which is associated to 914 (9+1+4), which certainly means something in relation do "911" and "913."

913 is 911 + 2, or 912 + 1, etc.

914 is 913 + 1 ...

On "911" - which should be read "914," we've crossed the treshold of a powerful new cycle.

The deepest sense it has can only be found in the deepest realms of one's heart, where the best in us is waiting for us. And it's alive.

I made a little research long ago. I like figures.

Good luck to all.

12 years ago

Skull & Bones vs Christianity. At the end of the day, religions, all kinds ("evil" or "good"), or creeds (and atheism is also a creed - in an unproven non-existence of something), seem to exist for a dominant, central reason (it's not the only one, but it is probably the most important): they exist to fill the deep-seated need in people to protect themselves against their most prevalent and often self-denied fear: God itself - and God is freedom.

By reducing God to their own narrow and comforting conceptions, biblical, "satanic," denied, or otherwise, they miss both God and Freedom.

So many slaves at the Top (usually wearing ties .. - to show they've been hanged? By whom? Is it self-inflicted?).

And so many slaves down the end of the road - or down the proverbial garden path.

12 years ago

Great documentary (except for Alex's godfatherlike usual egotrip - but we're used to it - and some other irritants). Useful. I watched it when it came out. And now, again. And as for any documentary, one has to carry on its own follow up, which I'll do (and refrain from too much biching :-))