The iPod Revolution

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The iPod RevolutionThe iPod Revolution goes behind the scenes and gives the inside story of how Steve Jobs gave Apple new life and paved the way for iPod to takeover the mp3 market and redefine the music industry.

The digital music revolution has been bigger than anyone could have imagined, well almost anyone. It seems one company, in particular one individual, Steve Jobs, saw into the future quite clearly. Apple Computer Company currently holds a market share of not only digital music players, but they also have the largest online music store. It's odd that the company that only holds a market share of 7% for personal computer users, has the whopping 70% market share for MP3 players.

Apple computer is a company that was founded on innovation and the always-expanding frontier. At the time when Apple introduced its first iPods in 2001, most companies rejected the idea. Many companies thought that the iPod was an overpriced CD player and nothing more. Competitors are kicking themselves now because the iPod mini is America 's best selling MP3 player. Apple has also dominated the industry by selling songs and more through its iTunes music store. To date Apple holds over an 85% market share for electronic music and has sold over half a billion tracks.

Apple has been successful in this market for several reasons, but mostly because they offer both the player and the music, all packed into an easy to use, streamlined package. Apple Computer developed an innovative product at the right time and marketed it in the right way. Now iPod has established a brand name and has become more than just a music player. Microsoft and Bill Gates dropped the ball here, and Jobs in no way wants to let them into the scene. Apple continuously has updated the iPod and iTunes products to remain number one in the business.

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    Anonymous Coward
  1. Anonymous Coward

    Boo Steve Jobs. He and Gates are such clowns. Study up on some Free Software, licensed under the General Public License and stop giving these egomaniacs your money so you can use your computer. I may as well pay my mechanic to overhaul the engine of my Mercedes to give it a slightly 'updated' look and feel at the expense of absolute performance. Ha ha! Suckers!

  2. Yunya
  3. Yunya

    This is more of an ipod commercial than a documentary. The narrator ends nearly every sentence as if to say "Waow! Dude!" as if trying to make every stage of the ipod development sound as exciting as the Apollo moon landing. Why is it that every two minutes there's a long close-up shot of Steve Job's face?

  4. Wawa
  5. Wawa

    no one doubts the success, we're just sayin' they don't deserve it. ;)

  6. amol acharya
  7. amol acharya

    I think we should be aware of the more important things in life and spend our money in a more meaningful way rather than buying things like i pod.

  8. deox
  9. deox

    I think i heard "Steve Jobs" like 17 million times

  10. BBTZ
  11. BBTZ

    There are real people who don't know that you can add an sd card into your Blackberry or Vcast phone or Android phone or just about anything, and would rather go buy an ipod that stores less music for more money. This makes me want to vomit.

  12. Vincent39Brooklyn
  13. Vincent39Brooklyn

    I’ll pass on being one of jobs’ pretty ipod slaves. I’d rather have my freedom, ugly cowon J3 and Rhapsody account than anything he has to offer.

  14. johno
  15. johno are all so hip and unique for not using an ipod, keep it up!

  16. bigben
  17. bigben

    It all depends with what u think about in lyf.

  18. M@ximus
  19. M@ximus

    wow!!!!! that was a cool documentary....
    the ipod craze started in India by 2005.... and now its like a hell burning... haha

  20. M@ximus
  21. M@ximus

    @bigben : Ur absolutely right ....

  22. Omar Cerpa
  23. Omar Cerpa

    You guys are idiots apple is one of a kind. and you get what you pay for. yes you may put a sd card but the phone/mp3 player SUCKS its not smooth. the itunes libary still has the same look just some minor changes. the iphone still has the same look just minor changes. same with the iOS. But like windows/htc/all the other useless brands. they keep updating because there never happy with what they have. and you can customise the iphone more than any other phone out there. JAILBREKAING IT. there are no limits. People hate on things they CANT have.

  24. Odessa Noriega
  25. Odessa Noriega

    Wow. I never knew how the ipod came about 0.0

  26. SpookyCheese
  27. SpookyCheese

    ipods are wonderful, I wouldn't trade my 3rd generation nano for any other mp3. However... I think most of us can agree... itunes sucks. It complicates a simple process and infuriates people when they cant move an already purchased movie into itunes. When downloading a lot of songs at once, they don't get put in your library, but your money is taken. Songs on your ipod can't be moved to your library, and will be deleted if you sync. Whatever crap they tried to tell us was home sharing didn't work worth scratch, and its a little absurd that you have to "authorize" every single song before it can play on your computer. I love ipods... But seriously.... itunes frustrates me to no end.

  28. Clockwise
  29. Clockwise

    Bit exaggerated but still informative and fun to watch.

  30. 756wuhu
  31. 756wuhu

    meeeeeeeeh not that good

  32. Tipsy
  33. Tipsy

    Some decent history in this doc, but WAY sensationalized to make the iPod seem like the most incredible piece of technology ever created. It's a cool little device, but it doesn't need this much fanfare.

  34. Sieben Stern
  35. Sieben Stern

    #1 reason i use an 'off brand' mp3 player - i want to buy an mp3 (from amazon or another site) and use it on whatever device I have - phone, computer, second computer, mp3 player, car, etc. why should i have to buy a song or a movie for every format. I don't need a second set of software other than explorer to put music on my player, and it doesn't sync unless i want it to, and never if at all.

  36. Art Vinette
  37. Art Vinette

    I was very eager to purchase an iPod in 2010. Very late to the iPod game I was then very eager to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately the price of the iPod at $189 to $249 for the 4GB version was just uncompetitive to other 4GB and 8GB MP3 players for $49 to $69. In the end I went with a competitive 8GB MP3 player for $69 that looks identical to the modern iPod but without the software functionality. I have been very happy with it.

    The MP3 music revolution however has completely changed my life. Today I bring my music with me every where especially when exercising.

    I can't say enough good things about Apple and their culture of innovation. However I do wish their prices were a little more affordable. To date I have never purchased an Apple product but the temptation is there.

    Honestly who has not seen an Apple computer used in a movie in the last couple of years. Apple's penetration into movie advertising is one of the best.

    Other not so favorable news against the iPod is that it used to be designed with a non replaceable battery with a finite life of 18 months. This is what I have read. So if your spending $189 to $249 to $299, this is important to know about.

    The court case against Apple and the 18 month battery life of the iPod was recently won in a 2010 California court case in favor of the plaintiffs.

    In light of this Apple needs to focus on quality and long life of its products with regards to batteries and being able to replace these batteries. Even Apple loyalists do not like to be taken advantage of.

  38. anonym ous
  39. anonym ous

    Can't tell if trolling or just stupid

  40. alfredo z
  41. alfredo z

    there is always a trick in apples products, ipod only play songs from original cds or itunes the battery ,,, the iphone coudnt intall other programs than the apple ones or see flash video or progams the battery again ..... and the price always triple the other competitors ....,,, but they made you appear different ---

  42. Pendleham crotchman
  43. Pendleham crotchman

    Typical cheesy American promo doc, dressed in sappy American sentimentality. And I'm sorry if that sounds racist, or it's generalising but every person watching this knows it was 'all about the money', not the music. Obnoxious.

  44. Veress
  45. Veress

    nice ad

  46. ROMO
  47. ROMO

    They are not a "revolution"! the walkman was more of a breakthrough and this is just evolution of that technology , youd think they invented the wheel!

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