Iran and the Bomb

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Iran and the BombWith every passing month the international dispute over Iran's nuclear programme becomes more intractable.

On the one side, the West and Israel are convinced that Iran is working towards a nuclear weapon and are determined that this should never be allowed to become reality - even if that ultimately means taking military action to prevent it.

On the other side, Iran insists that its nuclear project is purely peaceful and that its controversial uranium enrichment programme is aimed only at producing fuel for the Iranian economy and medical isotopes for use in its health services.

Is Iran really building a nuclear weapon or are its activities peaceful? And would Israel really attack Iran's nuclear facilities? We examine a dispute taking place against much sabre-rattling but in which the truth is hard to pin down.

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  1. Richie Cahill

    There's no ambiguity. Iran are not developing weapons. If they are they are doing it behind their supreme leaders back, which is quite a fantastic possibility..

  2. TheParadigmShift

    There is no evidence Iran is building a bomb and the fact that the USA and Israel who have thousands of bombs are telling them that they can't have one is the height of hypocrisy. (Not to mention the only nation to ever drop a nuke on another nation is the USA).

    Also the fact that Iran hasn't invaded anyone since becoming an Islamic Republic while the USA and Israel on the other hand have invaded a long list of countries in the same time span like:

    El Salvador (1980), Libya (1981), Sinai (1982), Lebanon (1982 1983), Egypt (1983), Grenada (1983), Honduras (1983), Chad (1983), Persian Gulf (1984), Libya (1986) , Bolivia (1986), Iran (1987), Persian Gulf (1987), Kuwait (1987), Iran (1988), Honduras (1988), Panama (1988), Libya (1989), Panama (1989), Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru (1989), Philippines (1989), Panama (1989-1990), Liberia (1990), Saudi Arabia (1990), Iraq (1991), Zaire (1991), Sierra Leone (1992), Somalia (1992), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present), Macedonia (1993), Haiti (1994), Macedonia (1994), Bosnia (1995), Liberia (1996), Central African Republic (1996), Albania (1997), Congo/Gabon (1997), Sierra Leon (1997), Cambodia (1997), Iraq (1998), Guinea/Bissau (1998), Kenya/Tanzania (1998 to 1999), Afghanistan/Sudan (1998), Liberia (1998), East Timor (1999), Serbia (1999), Sierra Leon (2000), Yemen (2000), East Timor (2000), Afghanistan (2001 to present), Yemen (2002), Philippines (2002) , Cote d'Ivoire (2002), Iraq (2003 to present), Liberia (2003), Georgia/Djibouti (2003), Haiti (2004), Georgia/Djibouti/Kenya/Ethiopia/Yemen/Eritrea War on Terror (2004), Pakistan drone attacks (2004 to present), Somalia (2007), South Ossetia/Georgia (2008), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009), Haiti (2010), etc. etc. etc. etc.

    So who is the threat to world peace?

  3. Paul MacLeod

    Even if Iran are building their own Nuclear Bombs, there are still more than enough Thermonuclear weapons out there to obliterate prtactically all life from the face of this planet. Our planet will remain, all be it totally FUBAR, but human life would be unlikely to continue due to the radiation fallout and nuclear winter blocking out the sun would likely destroy all other life we depend on.
    It only takes one Nuke to be launched and the counter strike will start a chain reaction that will escalate into Mutually Assured Destruction! M.A.D.

    On the subject of Iran, why not let them build their own Nuclear Power stations and when they realise that they can't deal with the spent fuel rods and radioactive waste generated by these plants. Or they have their own Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi or Sellafield type of disaster before they turn round and say enough is enough Nuclear Reactors are not the solution to their long term energy problems.
    Try and see it from the Iranian peoples perspective and ask, why would they want Nuclear capabilities in the first place? Well, if most of the Western world were going round saying that your a threat and ultimately that leads to war, wouldn't you want the ability to protect yourself and to protect your way of life?
    I've got a funny feeling that this is going to be a self fulfilling prophecy. If Iran didn't have any nor wanted any Nukes before all the warmongering, then they will want as many as they can get/make because of all the warmongering.
    Cui bono, who benefits from all this?

  4. dmxi

    iran is being cornered & have every right to defend themselves with every measure they see fit!iran is constantly being demonized by western media to
    justify future actions against their non-conformist regime. in the cnn interview ,Ahamadinejad stated that politics based on nuclear arms are out-dated & counter-productive & are not in the interest of the iranian people!wise words & i would like to believe him ,but i fully understand if he was dishonest about his motives!knowing israel is fully equipped(&backed by the US) without international control,who could blame him?

  5. walterr44

    Yet another anti Israel screed disguised as a phony documentary on this is
    From the very beginning it was an obvious disinformation campaign carried out by the so called jounalist Jacco Veluis who accepted the Ambassador's word that centrifuge presented in his office could not be used for bomb making . Any true Journalist would have asked why then doesn't Iran allow the U.N, unimpeded inspections. As far as terrorism goes it was Iran that helped supplythe terrorists in Iraq that killed hundreds of American soldiers. It is Iran that bombed a synagogue in Argentina.
    There is so much propaganda nonsense in this Al Jazzera
    labeled documentary it would be impossible to rebut all of it in less than ten pages.

    But What is most disturbing is that this "Top Documentary Site" shows only anti Israel documentaries and has not presented even one with the Israeli point of view.

  6. Far Spam

    Just like there are no Pro Nazi documentaries!

  7. Far Spam

    You also have enough Holocaust movies/documentaries/scifi to justify anything Israel wants to do!

  8. Bob

    Well done Iran. Build the bomb, grow and prosper. The hypocrites who are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and do not want anyone else to have them can choke on their kosher food.

  9. walterr44

    why don't you choke on your halal food

  10. walterr44

    Well at least your pseudoname is appropriate. P.S. Mein Kampf
    is very popular in Arab countries and in Iran.

  11. tomregit

    "why then doesn't Iran allow the U.N, unimpeded inspections."

    Would the USA, Britain, France, or my country Canada allow "unimpeded inspections" by the UN?
    Here's a broad hint: The answer is not "yes".

  12. dmxi

    gentleman,you're loosing (lost!)the perpective & using the 'anti-semite' card to avoid the core of the topic!why can israel avoid inspections?
    ...& on a side note,don't forget that hebrew gangs & mobs were raping & pillaging muslim villages in the early 50'ties,& are now unsung heroes!?!?

  13. Far Spam

    you now very little about Arabs... If you did you would know that they are the real Jews...

    One Arab child is more genetically "Jewish" than most people that call themselves "Jews" in Israel!

  14. Mercenarry ForHire

    Foolish Government! WE are the Weapons of mass destruction!

    Every time when enough people put there differences aside we can move and shape the mountains! >:O

  15. Ghost_Buster

    I just can't believe that we are still living in the age of domination -_- and what's the best domination method other than the threat to kill millions of ppl? once you have the bomb nobody's gonna push you around. but seriously, even if they're building the bomb, even if they're religious fanatics I think they would think twice before using it, just have to imagine a giant wasteland without life, irradiated, deformed people like in Mad Max, carbonized bodies all over etc. it just gives me the creeps :S nothing is worth for the death of millions especially not god or ideals.

  16. John Gros

    But once you die you go to heaven. Religion is a great motivator for death and destruction. Why live here in one star luxury, when you have ten star accomodation down the road? No money needed, just kill everything and let god sort it out. Mushroom cloud flags are appearing at Hezbollah rallies. Hezbollah is funded by Iran. Fear is justified.

  17. Mercenarry ForHire

    You know what they say, things always stay the same :D

    Humans try to escape there habits and problems yet they make those problems to begin with :D

  18. Regan

    Walter your living in La La land mate! how you or anyone else can see this doco as anti-semite is very odd, you must be so paranoid of even the most objective view points portrayed of the situation in the middele east. I found it reasonably balanced and if anything built a case for Israel's hard line stance, to me it looks like Iran is upto something, and as for the scientists assasinated by Mossad? well only a blind idiot would refuse to accept that the Israeli's dealt to them! Wake up buddy! you're fast becoming a dying breed, The Emperor Has No Clothes!

  19. in_SANE

    With all respect, did you remove couple of continents from it? Looks like a short list to me from what I have imagined!

  20. in_SANE

    Oh you started from 1980...Got it!

  21. TheParadigmShift

    You have no idea what you are talking about and clearly watch too much FOX News. Iran does allow nuclear inspections and has signed the non-nuclear proliferation treaty where as Israel has not and does NOT allow nuclear inspections.

  22. walterr44

    To Paradigmshift
    It's you who don't know what your talking about. Yes they allow
    "inspections" but they select the time and place, And they demand advanced notice. Snd I didn't get that info from Fox News. I got it
    from the NY TImes and CNN

  23. walterr44

    To citizen of LaLa land Regan

    the so called reporter doesn't bother to ask any critical questions, he accepts everything said to him at face value, he doesn't question that ambassador about the terrorist activities conducted by
    his government or the repression and persecution therein,
    you call mwe a blind id**t?? Hard line. It's Kameni and Ahmadinejad
    that have threatened to wipe out Israel. It was the Iranians who started the war by assasination way back in the 1980s
    Dying breed?
    Let's see just a few years ago the Islamnofascists had to use brute force to quell protests in Tehran.

  24. Paul MacLeod

    And the main stream media is a beacon of truth, justice and an inspiration to the world! < that was a sarcastic remark I just made, just in case you have no sense of humour casue you seem to have no common sense.
    Or should that be un-common or rare sense? Cause it seems like more and more people don't have the ability to think for themselves, only to think and behave in a manner that the TV tells them to!
    How dare you walterr44, try and label this website as Anti-Israeli, which is just another way of saying this website is racist, and you'd be dead wrong!! I think its safe to say that the only thing this website is guilty of is, it's guilty of being anti-ignorance. And if you check your dictionary you'll see that the definition of ignorance is, a state of being uninformed or lack of knowledge. I think this website is a fountain of knowledge and seems to be well informed on many a subject.
    If you don't like here at TDF then its simple, don't come here, go to another website and peddle you logical fallacies and xenophobic behavour there!
    I do appologise if I offend, I'm certain that Vlatko and company doesn't need me to defend their website but comments like that I have little patience for.

  25. Secretagent667

    Likud (The Stern Gang) were around before the 50's. The first 2 PM's of Israel were leading members. Its also interesting to note that these Zionist "Jews" offered HITLER an alliance on condition that they got Palestine when We British were beaten :D

  26. Secretagent667


  27. ThisDarkChestOfWonders

    Its not about nukes. Its about oil.

  28. mishkamo

    Just read Shlomo Sand's "The Invention of the Jewish People" who is a professor of history at Tel Aviv University and Far Spam you are right.Especially the American 'Jews' ;their blood is so diluted from Assyria where a Jewish power forced non-jews [ a one time rare event in ME history] to convert, through their diaspora in Spain and Eastern Europe. It's ironically true that present day Palestinians ,genetically, probably have more Jew than those Zionist occupiers of Palestinian land.

  29. walterr44

    Israel has is not signed of the Nuclear non proliferation treaty along with several othe many other nations and have forgoned the benefits of shared data.

    Your other comments are ether incoherent or completely inaccurate.
    In fact the Iran sponsored Shi'ite terrorists in Iraq
    killed thousands of Sunnis. The Stern gang didn't deliberately target woman and children the Iranian terrorist do. The King David hotel was bombedin July 1946
    because it was the headquarters of the British high command.
    In short, the Stern gang (Lehi) targetted military installations.
    They didn't make heros of of monsters who bash the heads of four year olds which "Palestinian"terrorists did.

  30. walterr44

    I didn't say this site is racist, you implied it. I have yet to find one documentary giving the Israeli side in this entire site. But there are plnty of anti Israel sites To present one side only of this dispute
    is to propagate half truths which is partial ignorance. And I will continue to DARE to comment on this site against bias and inaccuracies unless they censor me which they probably eventually wil.
    But it won't be for profanity or anything other than exposing
    the latent bias of this site.

  31. Vlatko


    Please do comment, but don't call the website racist. I've heard this so many times before. Sometimes the website is racist, sometimes is nazi propaganda, sometimes atheist anti religious project, sometimes government propaganda etc.

    Edit: There are so many people here, and so many documentaries. It is unavoidable someone to be offended at some point.

  32. Declan_Walsh

    I don't understand why some people haven't realized this by now. All anyone has to do is wander off to the "Documentary List" to visually see the the example of diversity on the site. And if they feel in whatever way it lacking. Perhaps post or recommend one that fills the supposed gap. I cant imagine it being that difficult, but hey correct me if I'm wrong in that assumption.

  33. BlueNick305


    You can clean up a pig, put a ribbon on it's tail, spray it with perfume, but it is still a pig. Perhaps there are no documentaries favoring Israeli policy because there is nothing good to say. I have yet to find any myself too... coming from an objective view. Now please stop detracting all the posts to your issues.

  34. john ford

    i would love to see American or Israeli response ,if Iran deployed a nano weapon (or some other unknown technology) and then restricted those other countries getting the new technology.
    the cries of unfair! would be deafening..
    would be good to see these arrogant nations put in their places.

  35. walterr44

    I will continue to rebut lies. I will not let phonies post your lies without rebutting with the truth The real lipstick on a pig is portraying the so called Palestinian cause as something heroic.
    It is a nasty racist utterly false movement based on the destruction of another people and I will continue to defend the Middle East's only island of working democracy in a sea of religious tyranny, corruption and rampant racism found in the surrounding countries, especially in Arab occupied Judea , Samaria and Gaza.
    I suggest you look the meaning of objective view.
    The objective view after reviewing the facts and not propaganda lies
    is to support Israel. Rest assured that if I am able I will continue to
    distract your lies with the truth.

  36. walterr44

    "Just read Shlomo Sand's "The Invention of the Jewish People" who is a professor of history at Tel Aviv University"

    Read your above quote. then read it again. At Tel Aviv university.
    Does the word Free Speech mean anything to you at all?
    Would any Arab country allow someone to write a book so hostile
    to an Arab cause. In an arab country any statement even critical
    of Islam would be censored and anyone saying anything positive
    about israel would probably be jailed or killed
    Why does Israel allow it. BECAUSE IT'S A DEMOCRACY AND HAS FREE SPEECH. In a land of free speech any idiot can have soapbox.
    Even you. Even the other professional Israel baiters on this site.
    And guess what, even me.

    As for Sand's book I didn't finish it because it is completely ridiculous.
    Sands is not only just a knee jerk leftist, he's a "communist.
    Anyone who believes in a sytem that failed in every country it was tried can't be taken seriously, Incidently genetic testing has completely rebutted Sand's m*ronic hypthesis and definitively links Jews to the Middle East.

  37. wald0

    I certainly do not support Isreal, a theocracy guilty of horrible hippocracies, anymore than I support Iran, a violent theocracy guilty of civil rights abuse, however, with that said I hate see any nation that doesn't already have nuclear weapons developing them. Especially a nation whose leader openly expresses his opinion that Isreal should not be allowed to exist. I may have no love for Isreals politics or religious point of view but there are good people living within its borders, children at that- just as there is in Iran. There are other reasonable energy technologies that Iran could develope- solar and wind should be huge there. What if other nations came in and siad, "O.k. if you need alternative energy we will help you finacially and with research and develpement of wind and solar technologies. In fact we could use your country as a model for the new energy paradigm that is inevitable at this point. It would give you guys a chance to get the energy you need, build a solid modern economy, and become part of the global community in a positive way. As well as giving us the chance to see better what works and what doesn't, how to go about implementing this change to renewable energies in the west. We will also get rid of our nuclear weapons, no one will have them. We will make it a crime to produce or possess weapons grade Uranium, platonium, etc." Now don't get me wrong I know better than to think this would happen or that Iran would accept if it did. The global community is really ran by the U.S. and Britain and is dominated by a sense of competition with the East that would preclude such reasonable problem solving. Besides why would Iran help implement the change to renewables when it survives from exporting oil? In fact tthe strength of the American dollar is that it is the currency in which oil is traded, do away with the oil market and the dollar fails, China fails, Iran fails, the global economy would cease to exist over night. I am just saying that in a world that takes our problems seriousely, logically, and values human flourishing oer profit- this is what should happen.

  38. John

    The entire US media and plenty of Hollywood and independent movies routinely depict the Israeli point of view. U.S. citizens are saturated with pro-Israeli propaganda. I travel to Europe and Asia on a regular basis. It never ceases to amaze me how completely one sided US opinions are compared to those of people in other countries where the media is not biased. The average American is wholly ignorant of the history of the middle east. I for one welcome the opportunity this web site provides for film makers to inform people about facts and realities that are often suppressed or ignored by the US government and US media.

  39. walterr44

    Nonsense. The NY Times is critical of Israel. Tom Friedman self issues ignorant tirade after ignorant tirade against Israel. Sure, there are News stations that are pro Israel and there plenty, usually the left leaning ones such as CNN that have no dearth of anti Israel commentators.
    Scurrilous books such as the "Israel lobby" By Mearsheimer and Walt were best sellers and they appeared on many stations. Rebuttals to their inaccurate statements were not aired. There is Noah Chomsky the world's premier self hating Jew, along with George Soros. The only films being aired lately
    about the Palestinian conflict are very much pro Palestinian.
    Most of this anti Israel tirades come from knee jerk leftist and of some of them are Jews.
    Nothing is mentioned about the millions of dollars being funded into this country by Saudi Arabia
    to fund colleges for their "Arabic Studies" The media is not biased in other countries????
    European countries get even more $$ funneled in from Arab sources.

    You stated
    "I for one welcome the opportunity this web site provides for film makers to inform people about facts and realities that are often suppressed or ignored by the US government and US media. "

    I agree that the facts and realities are suppressed and ignored. Here is a brief outline of just a very few.

    1. The founder of the Palestinian National movement according to Yasser Arafat was Amin Huysanithe grand mufti of Jerusalem. Also the organizer of the Hanser Battalion of the Waffen SS in 1943. He was a friend of Heinrich Himmler.
    2. there were more Jews forced out of Arab countries then so called Palestinians who fled from Israel.
    Almost a million.
    3. The 1922 League of nations Mandate gave lands west of the Jordan to the Jews. If anyone is occupying the West Bank it's the Arabs.
    4. the Arabs rejected the 1947 partition plan and vowed to force out all the Jews. So they lost and the Arabs who fled hoping to return after Jews were massacred. No this isn't propaganda it's documented. So what is this nonsense
    about the "Palestinians being forced out. They brought it on themselves.

    There is so much more. More than I have time to write. about. I could list about 30 points and that probably wouldn't be enough
    There are plenty of documentaries about each point I made and far more but they are not found on this site.

  40. Vlatko


    "There are plenty of documentaries about each point I made and far more but they are not found on this site."

    Name the documentaries and possibly post the links.

  41. Helen

    Walter you seem to paint over Jewish Terrorism, the indiscriminate bus bombings, the murder of innocent civilians palestinian and jewish, the letter bombs, the assassinations, the ethnic cleansening..I could go on.
    While is admirable to witness your defence of 'Israel', it reeks of bias, and bigotry. "The Arabs", the way this drips from your lips reminds me of the use of 'n*gger', 'untermensch' and Jew.
    And you have the gall to blame the 'left' and 'self hating jews' for criticising a state which has been called apartheid and racist, a state which ignores international law and holds the honour of being the state in breach of the most UN resolutions.
    Your grasp of history also has me aghast. The Mandate, and the Balfor declaration simply said that the Jews there in Palestine, had a right to a national homeland in Palestine, not of Palestine.

    I sigh when I hear people like you trying to control the debate with fallacies and disinformation.

  42. Guest

    @walterr44 1. “The founder of the Palestinian National movement according to Yasser Arafat was Amin Huysanithe grand mufti of Jerusalem. Also the organizer of the Hanser Battalion of the Waffen SS in 1943. He was a friend of Heinrich Himmler.”

    If you are going to point out Muhammad Amin al-Husayni the uncle of Yasser Arafat then you might as well point out the grandfather of George W Bush Jr, Prescott Bush. It is widely known atrocities were committed by his grandfather and he was welcomed with open arms by Israel.

    You don’t find that a bit hypocritical seeing that he inherited money from concentration camp slave labor?

    From that observation it seems Israel will chastise anybody opposing Israel’s right to exist and welcome anybody favoring it, regardless of their family history.

    2. “there were more Jews forced out of Arab countries then so called Palestinians who fled from Israel.”

    There have been genetic studies showing that “Palestinians are genetically as close as or closer to any modern Jewish population than are those Jewish populations to each other. In other words, genetic data is totally consistent with the idea that Palestinians are the direct descendants of ancient Jews who never left their ancestral land and who later converted to Christianity and to Islam.”

    For more information on that look up the keywords “Behar’s genetic study”.

    It’s a possibility those Palestinians are the descendants of the Jews kicked out of Rome to a place called Syria Palæstina, between 135 CE and about 390 CE.

    3. “The 1922 League of nations Mandate gave lands west of the Jordan to the Jews. If anyone is occupying the West Bank it's the Arabs.”
    That same League of nations that gave them the right to a Jewish “home land” (not a Jewish “State”) turned into the United Nations which now declare their expansion further west to be against the original proposal.
    Its obvious Israel is a Jewish State because they keep attempting to maintain a majority hidden behind political moves while ignoring others rights to live in Israel. As in, the African migrants labeled “infiltrators” and being deported which was reported by BBC news.

    Iran has ancient ties with the Jewish people and the Persians were favored by the Jewish people in ancient history when Cyrus the great freed the Jewish slaves in Babylon and was henceforth known as “The Liberator”.

    (Side note) Free speech means jack squat in the modern world. All it guarantees is a right to speak not a right to be heard. The ones with the biggest megaphone have the most free speech, just look at AIPAC.

    A majority of people around the world (I’m not talking about political leaders) want peace and stability in the Middle East. So much in fact that there is a FB group called Iran loves Israel, Israel loves Iran, and Palestine Loves Israel. This is an example of regular people bridging the gaps that leaders do not do themselves. Love will prevail.

  43. walterr44

    You are really stretching it. George bush was not the president of Israel. Huysani was the leader of the Palestinians up until 1948.
    Huysani directly committed atrocities against Jews. What is the relevance of George Bush to this?? Egypt welcomed soviet leaders
    who were mass murderers. Does that mean Egypt was responsible
    for atrocities in the soviet Union?

    Your second point is pointless. it makes no sense. The genetic
    studies link Ashkenazi Jews, especially the Levys to the Middle
    East. But it can't determine if the so called Palestinian were direct descendants of the Jews. there is no cultural continuity between the groups. anyway what does this have to do with the fact that close to a million Jews were driven out of Arab lands last century,
    far more than than the Arabs who left Israel.

    your third point is tired nonsense. The term homeland was used by the British because the ministers, including Churchill didn't want to
    upset the Sykes Picot agreement so they used a euphemism.
    By homeland they meant nation. What else would it mean.

    "African migrants being driven out of Israel."

    If they are illegally there.
    How is deporting them any different from what happens in any other
    country. Every European country deports illegal immigrants.
    Israel allowed in thousands of Ethiopian JEWS, so much for racism.
    The Arabs have killed hundreds of migrants. In fact one of the reasons Israel has more than it can handle is because of Arab persecution.

  44. walterr44

    What indiscriminate bus bombing was committed by the Israeli government. Ethnic cleansing??? The arabs living in Israel have full citizenship rights. The arabs who call themselves palestinians were
    forced to live in camps behind barbed wire but not in Israel.
    IN LEBANON EVEN NOW AND IN JORDAN DURING THE 1950S. It's the Arabs who subjected their fellow arabs to apartheid. It's the arabs who are forcing out thousands of christians as they did with the jews decades ago. Just look at the emigration rates.

    "The Arabs", the way this drips from your lips reminds me of the use of 'n*gger', 'untermensch' and Jew."

    Go to youtube and look up some of the vile evil racist poison
    that drips from Arab mouths. And since there is no free speech
    in any arab country (Egypt will shortly end any free speech) all of this is done with official sanction.
    In Israel incitement against minorities does happen. but it's
    a criminal act.
    As for the UN. It's a bad joke.

  45. walterr44

    Get your facts straight. Yes Israel is a Jewish state. No it is not a theocracy.

  46. Paul MacLeod

    You need to heed your own advice and get your facts straight and learn to read what is in front of you and not what you think is in front of you!
    Guest never said George Bush was president of Israel. What Guest said is and I quote,

    "...If you are going to point out Muhammad Amin al-Husayni the uncle of Yasser Arafat then you might as well point out the grandfather of George W Bush Jr, Prescott Bush. It is widely known atrocities were committed by his grandfather and he was welcomed with open arms by Israel.

    You don’t find that a bit hypocritical seeing that he inherited money from concentration camp slave labor?... "

    End quote.

    Where in the above quote does it mention that George Bush was president of Israel?
    No it mentions the fact that one Mr Prescott Bush was associated with Nazi Germany, and profited from financing German companies that lead to Hitlers rise in power and continued to do so even after America enter the War, until 1942 where the assesst were arrested under trading with the enemy act.
    I think it was ment to counter your comment walterr44, on Nazi relations to Arabic nations and peoples. But I cannot say for sure as I have never met whomever Guest is nor can I talk for him/her, however, I'm pretty sure that's what the comment was about.

    Neither side Israeli nor Arabic can claim innocence as they have both commited atrosities towards each other and most probably it will continue because of short sighted, so called leaders and the Military Industrial complex profits from this! However, this cannot continue, or are you trying to condone that the fighting continue until the last man, woman and child, from all sides of the conflic, has been erradicated?

  47. walterr44

    To Macleod

    You need a course in reading comprehension. I never said that guest,
    whoever he she or it is, said that Bush was president of Israel.
    I was attacking the relevance of Bush's conduct to the issue that Huysani was intimately connected with the Nazis . Second Guest said that I said that Huysani was the uncle of Arafat. I never said that. There is a strong probability that he is but it's still in dispute and since I want to deal in established facts I didn't mention it. Anyway even if Huysani were Arafat's uncle that alone didn't make Arafat a mass murderer of both Jews and any Arab who opposed, a liar, and a thoroughly corrupt crook, no that Arafat did that on his own.

    What is interesting is that guest rebutted a statement I never made,
    that Huysani was Arafat's uncle strongly hints that guest is merely reciting from some propaganda sheet of disinformation.
    Notice I said probably, I didn't say I knew for sure.

    Oh, Arafat died in a hospital in France. The precise cause of death was never revealed. his medical condition was hush hush.
    It was probably AIDS. but the PA media as usual blamed the Zionists.
    The Zionist were also blamed for the Tsunami in southeast Asia,
    for 9/11, for Aids, for Passover ritual killings. All of these aforementioned accusations at one time or another were made on various Arab or Iranian stations. Since there is no freedom of speech in any of these satraps this must be the policy of these governments. And that policy is to produce lie after lie after lie on the theory that even if they are ridiculous and are rebutted they stick. it's the big Lie technique of the Nazis all over again.

  48. Vlatko


    You didn't name any documentary.

    The site you linked contains only short clips of lectures and interviews, NOT documentaries.

    So again, let me know if you find any full length pro Israeli documentaries.

    Until then, please refrain from using statements such as this: "There are plenty of documentaries about each point I made and far more but they are not found on this site." or this: "But it won't be for profanity or anything other than exposing
    the latent bias of this site."

  49. Declan_Walsh

    Why Is the comment section of this doc still almost completely dominated with this "Walterr44". There's a wealth of websites out there that host many videos short and long that I'm sure can cater to his wish's.
    All this seems to boil down to is some kind of misguided ideological attempt at "Fighting The Man".

    Walterr44 -
    "is to propagate half truths which is partial ignorance. And I will continue to DARE to comment on this site against bias and inaccuracies unless they censor me which they probably eventually wil."
    Walterr44 -
    "But it won't be for profanity or anything other than exposing
    the latent bias of this site."

    What the hell man? there are bigger battles out there. Go find a doc, link it. And stop trolling around with meaningless comments. In other words...
    Do, don't just shoot your mouth off via text on a computer, because you
    "dare" nothing. Everyone's brave behind a frack'in keyboard.

  50. wald0

    If you really believe that, which I doubt very seriously because no one I know is that thick, I feel sorry for you. You are either very, very dim or very, very indoctrinated. I would say mostly the latter with a good dose of the former hiding in the bushes. Have you ever been to Israel- let me answer that for you- NO. You are simply taking what you have heard others say or what you have read or seen on T.V. as absolute, unquestionable truth. Of course Israel is a theocracy genius, by its own admission its whole right to existence depends on the Old Testament being taken as a valid, legally binding document. Take away religion and Israel has no claim on any land nor any more right to exist or occupy a certain space than Palestine. Not that they do now but, we all know they rely on the Old testament to validate their claim. Most actual Jewish people that I know, unlike Christians, think that the Palestinians have a right to live in peace just as they do. It seems the pathetic Christian wanna bees that always take such a hard line against Palestinians. Apparently they feel Jewish people are the chosen ones (I mean just listen to how st%pid that really sounds) and since their religion relies on the validity of the Jewish text, the Old Testament, I can see why. To admit otherwise is to destroy their religion's validity. Now this has nothing to do with why the U.S. government routinely gets on her knees in front of the Jewish state, that's all about oil and nothing else. We need an ally in that area, close to the oil, and of course the Jewish state sharing our theocratic back ground and knee jerk hatred of Islam or Arab culture is whom we chose. Israel of course loves having such a big boy friend whose weight it can throw around- so it’s a match made in heaven that keeps the rest of the region in hell. You have fallen for exactly what they presented you and think this about a sense of justice when in reality it’s just a way to maintain a strong hold on the region Israel sit in. You think men smart enough to make it to a position of real power believe the garbage they are selling you? Of course they don’t, they are far too intelligent to believe such gibberish. The positive side of all this is that you have been so closed minded and obviously indoctrinated in your posts that no one of any intelligence would take you seriously. See people like me don't see things in such a simple duality as you do- when we hear someone present things in a good versus evil context we immediately tune them out – for good reason. The world is not black and white; it consists of endless colors and shades of grey. The second someone presents one people as all good and another as all bad you know they are either st*pid, uninformed, or both.

  51. wald0

    Listen to yourself, excusing one wrong because of another. It is o.k. that Jewish people spew racist venom because the Arabs do as well? Its o.k. that people are ru out of Israel because they are run out of Iran or Jordan as well. Come on man, wrong is wrong- whether your enemy does it as well or not. Tell me this, if you are not indoctrinated then how do i know already where you live, your approximate age, and your religious affiliation? You live in the United States (possibly Europe but i doubt it) are probably over thirty-five and a Christian- don't worry Walter you can deny it to everyone if you like but, we both know I am right don't we? Keep fighting Walter and eventually you will convince yourself. After all, if your are so convinced already why is it so important to your belief that we also share it? Think about that Walter. I mean the U.S. couldn't be in bed more with Israel if they tried so what are you so worried about? That others might continue to expose your apparent indoctrination? I think you are seeking validation of your beliefs which you are not getting so you throw a temper tantrum and accuse the site of being anti-semetic and others of being professional antagonist of Israel. Well sorry but you are barking up the wrong tree- this site is not anti nor pro anything and the people you accuse of being professionals planted to steer the conversation have been posting on this site for years about everything from evolution and physics to politics and art. So when did they become professionals hired to steer the conversation about Israel- could the Palestinians somehow see into the future and know this doc would be made and posted here? Vlatko just posts the docs- what is said about them or whether this or that cause is supported or shot down is up to us commentors- so how is the site steering peoples opinions? By showing them documentaries? That is ridiculous, the people on this site are quite capable of digesting what they are shown and forming their own opinion, as you said there are endless pro jewish docs out there as well, what you think we only watch documentaries here? Such a joke, I feel bad for you really.

  52. walterr44

    Like honest Iago in Othello you accuse me of what you yourself are guilty of. Rebut me with facts, not with incoherent rants.
    I've been to Israel three times and to Egypt once. My Egypt visit
    was strictly touristy so I can't honestly say I got any perspective good or bad.
    My Israel visits weren't guided tours. I saw Jews praying in synagogues Christians praying in churches and guess what, Moslems
    praying at the Al Asqa Mosque. When Jordan occupied that territory
    Jews were denied access to the Western Wall. Nevertheless when
    they liberated Jerusalem they allowed the Molems access, they didn't have to. Just a little tidbit that summarizes the fact that Israel is a democracy in an island of tyrannies

    This is tiresome. The reason why I bother posting is for the benefit
    of the casual passerby reader. It's a just a hope of mine that they'll
    do their own research.

    The administrator of this site asked me for documentary sites.
    Since it has been years since I've seen them many are no longer
    at the same URL I'm not going to Google for hours searching but I
    have asked others for help in finding them.
    But I should think the one who runs this site is the one who should do this: after all, that's the raison d'être of this site. Nevertheless I'll make the attempt.

  53. KsDevil

    If Iran wants the bomb, it's for political reasons. Any country with a nuke can not be so easily pushed around by the other nations. But once they get on that horse, they must know they will never be able to get off it alive.
    And as for the "kill israel" nonsense, that's just speech to keep the people in an "us vs them" mode of nationalism. In reality, the mulahs know they are using religion as a tool of power and do not really believe all that nonsense. It sure fools the rest of the world.

  54. Helen

    Walter...... 'Moslems' ? .. 'Touristy' .. 'Liberated Jerusalem'? ..

    Is this a comedy sketch? .. if so its very good and satrical ... if not... Jesus wept.

  55. wald0

    Yeah, and my posts were so the casual passer by knows there is a whole other, equally valid perspective on the whole thing, not just the truth according to Walter. I'll be honest with you, I don't believe you when you say you were there nor do I think you have a clue what you are talking about even if you did visit a few times. I noticed you didn't bother denying you are over thirty-five, lving in the U.S., and a Christian- but I suppose that has nothing to do with your opinion right? If you did visit, and I doubt it really, then you went with a preconcieved idea of what you would see and how it would be interpreted.I'm sure you saw things you didn't expect but, I am equally sure you had no problem bending them into the context of your already formed opinion- mental gymnastics get easy with practice just like everything else.

  56. hernandayoleary

    There is no clear reason why Israel should be allowed Nukes but not Iran. Israel thinks nukes strengthens their position, but it really weakens it as the think lady shows.

    The "Death to israel" chant at the end was just rhetoric, it was more a joke, you can even see the audience laughing and smiling.

  57. Donald Edward Goodman

    WHO, besides Rocefeller, Rothschild, and Bush, have ANYTHING to say, whether or not Iran "can have" a nuclear weapon? We've had "them" 70 YEARS! WHO "died" and left "US" God?

  58. Donald Edward Goodman

    Sit on it Walter

  59. wald0

    Do you have to consider yourself god to oppose nuclear weapons being aquired by anyone? Your right we should not have them either but, the solution to that problem is hardly standing aside and not opposing someone who has threatened open war and violence gaining nuclear capability. Yes the U.S. has nuclear capability but, they have also proven during the cold war that they understand the concept of mutual destruction and will not launch such weapons due to simple anger or out of a misguided sense of revenge, mostly because it isn't in our own best interests. We seek to exploit the planet, to own all the resources- what good would the planet be after a nuclear war? I'm not saying this is right in anyway, only that it is true. Israel and Iran seek to destroy one another and advance some religious ideal even at the cost of ending every life on this planet or ending the planet its self, which is a much more reckless and unpredictable motivation. They both believe in some type of eternal reward for their actions and, one believes this action, destroying the planet and starting worldwide war, will bring back a two thousand year old carpenter. Saying either one of these peoples has a right to nuclear weapons simply because other countries have them is like saying since we normal, sane people have the right to carry a concealed weapon we have to let the psychopaths carry them as well. Sorry but in my opinion you must show yourself responsible and sane before we let you exercise such rights, and that goes for nation states as well as people. That said it would be best if we all got rid of these weapons, period. But until then let’s keep them out of reach of small children, drug addicts, and religees please. Besides, have you ever thought about what would happen to the global economy if nuclear war broke out in this region, the main oil producing region of the globe? It would effectively throw the entire world into chaos and poverty by destroying the global economy over night. It’s all set up like dominoes see and the first domino is called oil, push it over and it knocks the American dollar down next, then China, and so on and so forth. It would be the greatest financial crisis we have ever seen, making the depression of the thirties look like good times.

  60. Guest

    You write:
    Yes the U.S. has nuclear capability but, ...........................and will not launch such weapons due....................................."mostly because it isn't in our own best interests".
    What if it became in the US own interest? It has once (twice).

  61. richard

    Bye bye Iran, you arseholes really think you can just do what you want and develop nuclear weapons. lol- you will definitely discover the hard way that you are delusional. You are not powerful, free, nor guided by god; even though you believe to be all three. Iranians have to up-rise immediately, or the whole country will certainly be nuked into oblivion. This is so simple and yet people can't see what is about to happen next. The time is counting down on Iran. I hate what I foresee about to happen!!! There will be maybe 4-5 more years of talks/democide/drone activities/economic genocide then nukes will fly. This will be a situation where tard-monkeys actually believe they have power and wipe out their population!!!

  62. Studhurst

    Take off the red white and blue colored glasses and see the United States for what it really is. The only country to ever use nuclear weapons is the United States. Who is the insane one? Actions speak louder than words. Iran can say all the crazy **** they want. They don't run around the middle east dropping bombs at will. The United States is the insane guy with all the weapons. Wake up.

  63. eireannach666

    This is why education is important. Not just in a society as a whole but inthe ones calling the shots. Space aged technology in the hands of stone aged minds is a recipe of diaster.

  64. wald0

    See now you hit on why I say we should not have them either. We may not be as unpredictable as Iran or Israel but, one can predict that if it was in our interest, under the current political environment that button just might get pushed. We could rely on more level, calm heads to prevail in the past but, that is no longer the case. I have said several times below that no one should have these weapons, and I mean the U.S. as well. To possess these weapons is to say that at the utmost need you would sacrifice all your principles and indiscriminately murder thousands while ruining the very earth they rely on for survival for years and years to come. Possibly causing deformities and cancers that could run amuck in such populations for decades afterwards, killing and maiming small children- the most unforgivable offense I could imagine. I feel we should hold to certain principles even unto our very destruction as a people, or to the death of every human living on this earth. Why, because I see our identity as being inter-wound with these ideals- therefore to abandon them in order to survive makes no sense- what are you saving? You are no longer human when you become a monster. Hitler for instance, in my opinion, ceased to be human when he conceived Mein Kampf and possibly before this. I am not that familiar with his history so I don’t know when he abandoned human kind and became the monster, even if only in his mind, that he turned out to be. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Hitler was “evil” or that this is not within us all, this monster waiting to be indulged I mean. I am just saying that once you indulge it in my opinion you cease to be a part of the human family and become something not worth saving, even if that indulgence was necessary to survive. There are worse fates than death and living as a monster is one of them, again- that’s only my opinion, of course.

  65. Guest

    Your words: "the whole country will certainly be nuked into oblivion".
    You sound like too proud of an American. Have a watch at THE POWER PRINCIPLE.

  66. Guest

    First, nice to see you back, i was on the lookout.

    Of course education has inumerable advantages but it is educated people who have created the bomb and used the bomb. People like Richard who are ready to wish extinction on a whole country are luckyly not the ones with the hand on the detonnator but they are people who will support any actions done by their country against another country without being aware of all the political twists and turns that brought the situation to where it came to be.


  67. Guest

    I just screened through the comments on the doc THE POWER PRINCIPLE and see that you haven't commented. I am curious, have you watched it? I would be interested in reading your opinion.

  68. Helen

    Walter.... The 1st Israeli 'government' included terrorists.. the 'Defence force' was established by terrorists........ Carry on.

  69. Helen

    Its ironic that the video/documentary concerns the Iranian alleged nuclear weapons program. Yet Walter focuses the debate on Israel.. Palestinians.. and 'Arabs'.....

  70. Pysmythe

    No kidding! So would I.

  71. David Foster

    Ya know... The simple fact that we have knowingly developed the technology to eradicate all life from the face of this planet fifty (if not a hundred) times over; coupled with the fact that we are all-too-willing to blow each others heads off over something as fictitious as money means that under no circumstances should I EVER discount the possibility of Armageddon! Who gives a sh** what Iran may or may not be up to?

  72. CurtT

    Oh no! the europeans are going to get gunpowder! someone stop them! lol.

  73. Aaban

    Unless WW2 was a zionist conspiracy to enable the west to steal the holy land from the Muslims and establish the state of Israel (which Iran and many others believe), then the following facts cannot be ignored.

    I have middle to left wing political leanings incidentally and do not believe that Israel is completely innocent in the context of current world affairs, but...

    Hitler and the Nazis provoked many European countries into a world war, which also resulted in an arms race. The Nazis very nearly got to the finishing line, but their attempts were thwarted and their goals never materialised. The Nazis were producing hard water in a Norwegian facility for example until it was sabotaged by a dedicated Allied Norwegian unit. They were seeking nuclear capabilities.

    Towards the end of the war, the Americans realised the nuclear bomb and ironically saved millions more Japanese lives than they exterminated by the very action of dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese said themselves that they would have fought until the end rather than surrendering, but the bomb steered the Japanese to surrender.

    The nuclear bomb was born as the lesser of two evils, and it has since gone through the hands of communists - Russia, North Korea, to Islamic states like Pakistan, but now I believe that the threat is beyond anything that we have faced before. No country on this earth has a government which ruled by the last word of a 'spiritual' visionary, actually publicly chants 'Death to Israel'. This is a fact.

    Again, however it is the lesser of two evils - with the rest of the world having nuclear weapons, but nevertheless - the LESSER of the two. If I was a betting man I would put my money on the countries that currently have nuclear weapons to NOT start a nuclear war, because even with all of the flaws of Western 'democracy', Israel and the tyrant that the US has become, the simple fact of the matter is that these countries, their leaders and people don't have the religious spiritual nut job with the last word at the top of the tree - steering a country towards it's divine 'destiny'.

    The world is a terrible place, full of tyranny and corruption, but the nutters - Ali Khamenei and his puppet Ahmadinejad are WORSE than anything that we've encountered.

    Yes, we may be flirting on the tightrope between paranoia and naivety with our view of Iran and her intentions, and it would be IDEAL to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but to allow a country which hasn't exactly given the logical minds of the world, a single shred of confidence that their intentions are anything but bigoted, religious and emotive, to even think of playing with nuclear science is in my mind more crazy and illogical than the purported intentions of the Iranians themselves. Madness, absolute madness!!

    The options are bleak. Military intervention by Israel would be a disaster. Diplomacy is a goose chase and leaving Iran to their own devices 'because it's their right plus America / Russia / Pakistan have nuclear weapons' is possibly the most dangerous option of them all.

  74. israeli1

    the woman at the end of the doc is a real Einstein.. suggesting that it's better to not attack Iran now because if attacked they will start to think on nuclear weapon whereas now they are not even imagining the possibility of developing such thing. "learn the lesson from Iraq" she says!!
    stupidity aside, i'm getting tired of these documentaries. it takes out the life out of truth and honesty. have no doubt, Iran is not concerned about it's Million cancer patients, as a matter of fact i have the feeling that i want to keep them alive and help them to get a better life much more then the Iranian minister in this documentary. clearly, they are on the way of getting nuclear weapons. they don't hide the fact that they will soon erase Israel of the map.
    god this equation is so hard to figure.. on the one hand nuclear weapon, on the other speech of Israel's destruction... hmmmm i don't know they might wanna be groundbreaking in medicine and they are building larger facilities to help the rest of the world and share their amazing capabilities in Medicine.
    i actually don't know why i wrote all this.. it really doesn't matter because people here are so obsessed with hating Israel they probably won't even bother to read what someone who calls himself israeli1 has to say to the world. just like the Arabs listen to the sheikh and religious orthodox Jews listen only to their rabbi, you only listen to left wing-Muslim joint effort propaganda.

  75. wald0

    No, I haven't watched it. I have been watching too many political docs. lately, which has the tendency to first make me angry then eventually make me feel like there is no hope. I'll check it out though, after I find a few science docs to watch and return to normal.

  76. Guest

    I will keep my eyes open for your comment.
    I wish there was a good new comedy doc to suggest but i suspect a science doc may calm you enough to stand watching the lack of moral principles in the doc in question.
    To think that a doc like this one is free to watch and readily available and that the world continue the way it is mindboggling.

  77. Seamus Watson

    Iran must also reserve the right to defend themselves.

  78. dmxi

    sir,most commenters here are capable of thinking for themselves by
    objectivly processing the information to the concerning topic!disregarding critical views of israeli politics with,& i quote
    " ...,you only listen to left wing-Muslim joint effort propaganda.",is
    very sad.avoiding critical facts (that goes both ways!)with polemic
    rhetoric,doesn't make you 100% right,as you seem to think you are!
    in my youth,i made the same mistake with the northern ireland conflict,by following blindly my irish roots & letting my emotions ruling out 'the big picture'!i hope you understand that every story has two sides & don't forget that iranians are as human as you are!

  79. Helen

    "the Americans realised the nuclear bomb " I'm sorry, but wasn't that a truely INTERNATIONAL effort?, and wasn't it also the case that the Japanese defeat in Manchuria by the USSR also a major contribution in the Japaenese surrender?

    "the woman at the end of the doc is a real Einstein".. Einstein!!. Now what was it he said about Israel and fascism again?

  80. dmxi

    -- Einstein speech in New York, 1938."I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. …the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power….I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain – especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks…"........& don't forget that common sense & politics don't mix!

  81. wald0

    People on this site do not hate Israel, nor do they hate Iran- generally I mean. I'm sure there are a few people here that hate one or both and many other countries or religions to boot but, the same can be said for every web site or forum. See you guys all ways think it has to be one way or the other, either you hate Israel and all Jews or you hate Iran and all Muslims. Most people I have interacted with on this site think both sides of the conflict are equally guilty and equally innocent. What people are not going to buy any longer is that Israel is this poor little innocent country that is being vicimized by the Arabs, which is the official spin constantly coming from the powers that be in Israel. However, we will not think this of Iran or Arabs in general either, we are quite aware they are on offense just as often as defense. Now, can we please stop playing the "who is to blame" game long enough to stop the killing? Or will you guys just keep pointing fingers and throwing bombs until you are all dead? Have you ever had to break up a fight between children and they all start blaming each other- What do we adults tell them when this happens?

  82. wald0

    "the Americans realised the nuclear bomb " I'm sorry, but wasn't that a truely INTERNATIONAL effort?,

    That is a tricky question to answer actually. The actual bomb, the first working model, was built here in the states. However, the nuetron was discovered by Chadwick in Feb. 1937 which started a scientific race to see what would happen if we bombarded different elements with this particle. Enricho Firmy then bombarded Uranium with these magic particles and detected several different radio active elements but could not identify them or interpret what had happened, this started what was known as the "uranium problem". Finally Lise Meitner, a Austrian born Jew in fact, identified the present radio active elements and decribed what had happened, Uranium had been split into two other elements. Unfortunately Lise's boss, and some say lover, Otto Hahn took credit after shipping Lise to Sweden due to the persecution of Jews in Germany where they worked. It was decades later before the truth was known. To make it even more complicated in July of 1934, six years before Lise truly discovered fission, Leo Szilard, a British physicist, actually concieved of and recieved a British patent on the controlled release of a nuclear reaction as a weapon , including such key concepts as critical mass and using neutrons to induce the reaction. Szilard had concieved of this only seven months after nuetrons were discovered by Chadwick and truly could be considered the original inventor of the atomic bomb. Fission is annouced officially in 1939 by Niels Bohr at the George washington University physics convention. Present, Robert Openhiemer immediately realizes that the resulting elements after fission would have extra nuetrons to release and the idea of a chain reaction forms in his mind. The rest is pretty well known history. But as you can see who is the actual inventor is hard to say. I say it's Szilard because even though he didn't physically split the atom or actually make a bomb he did conceive of it exactly as it ended up being done before anyone else. He then gave his patent to the British government in an attempt to make sure the bomb was never realized or used, which didn't work out so well.

  83. israeli1

    did i say i hate Iranians?
    if you find the words "i hate Iranians" in my comment in any kind of form please quote me..
    it's always the same thing with your type- "they are humans too!!" i know they are human and i don't have a problem with the Iranian people. further more, i know them well enough to tell that most of them don't have a problem with me or my existence, unlike 99% of the Arabs and Muslims outside Iran so that makes them an even more "humans" and capable of free thinking than the rest.
    i strongly believe the Iranian people would benefit much more than me from the fall of the current regime there and the only way of doing that is war against those in power.
    i'm not that young, and i know i'm not 100% right because no one is. but in this website and others, it seems like everyone enjoys patting each others backs on the expense of Israel and i will not be the one to let it go by me without trying to stop this hypocrisy of criticizing Israel's smallest mistakes while granting ArabsMuslims the benefit of the doubt while they smile their way into atom bombs and the destruction of Israel.

  84. israeli1

    he was right, i would like a reasonable agreement with the Arabs too. ask them the same question and hear for yourself if they think the same way or they just think that if there were no jews left between the Jordan river and the sea there would be peace.

  85. israeli1

    i know what i can tell you wald0: arrogance usually means (and you can verify that historically) that you are not fully aware of the complexity or the facts. we don't need you to play the adult card on us and the Arabs don't need you to do that as well.
    i would agree with you on one thing- both sides have legitimate claims. and that's what makes this conflict so difficult to solve.
    Israel is little, but definitely not poor or innocent. we are the strongest nation in the middle east and that's what keeps us there. otherwise the Arabs would undoubtedly kill us to the last one. i'm not saying every Arab would participate in this massacre, they will just do what they always do and let the extreme ones do the nasty work without stopping them or denounce them because they have zero self criticism or social institutions which punish brutality of all kinds. (like they make a hero out of baby killers while we put on a trial a pilot who accidentally threw the bomb near school location).
    we are the stronger side, that doesn't make us guilty of anything. to the contrary, it shows you that we don't use this power to massacre Arabs.furthermore, Arabs living inside Israel have more rights than Arabs in Arab countries. if it was the other way around i wouldn't be here to have this talk. that's the basics. start from here and grow yourself an agenda dear father.

  86. James Rustle

    so much butthurt

  87. dmxi

    i didn't say you hate iranians!read again.
    i find it flattering,that you know my type!how do you conclude knowledge about myself when you don't even read my comment(s) right?this gives me the notion that your mind is already made up before the discussion even began?your mindset is 'defense' not 'debate' !just to clarify the "they are humans too" quote,they have the same urge to defend,expand,secure....etc,as any nation has the right to!you have a very nationalistic view of the topic,which explains your narrow margin of acceptance.are you one of those types?
    (don't forget,this is not personal,only a debate!)

  88. AlfBeta

    correction: The West and Israel SAY they believe Iran is getting bomb. That statement would be journalism, reporting fact. But to report that they believe what they say they believe just because they say it - that is opinion.

  89. israeli1

    what you are saying here is even worse. you are saying- never mind they are a country controlled by messianic jihadists, and never mind their threats to eliminate Israel- everyone has the right to have a nuclear bomb to "defend themselves".
    i didn't get what you were saying in the first place because it's so bizarre and destructive way of thinking that i could not comprehend it.
    i don't like the atmosphere of "it's just a debate duuudddee chhiiill" that your trying to create here. people in israel die from those ideas so for me it's not just a debate. if they nuke tel aviv you'll go "oops, i was wrong.. ah well" and i'll be dead along with my family. that's why it is personal for me, because for you AND YOUR TYPE it's an intellectual debate. for me if anyone threatens to kill me ill get to him first because that's what keeps me alive here. some day you might understand.

  90. israeli1

    great thinking!!
    don't let those Israelis and Americans fool you!! Iran only develops life saving devices using nuclear process.. the Iranian minister in this doc says so himself!!

  91. dmxi

    actually, i'm saying that israel should be treated/sanctioned the same way as iran & every other nation in an unstable region ,as simple & fair as that!

  92. Samuel Morrissey

    The problem with the demands on Iran to be transparent regarding its nuclear program is that they come mainly from a nation who blatantly refuses to do so itself. Regardless of how bad Iran may be, nations have no right whatsoever to demand other nations do things that they themselves will not do. Why not try giving them your inventory first, before you ask for theirs.

    The US is the only government with a proven will to use nuclear weapons on people, and Israels primary defense doctrine is preemptive strike, Monty Python style.

    My main worry is that Israel may spark a conflict by attacking Iran that seriously risks escalation into world war possibly involving nuclear weapons, due to their relationship with the US and the proximity of Russia. Maybe some sanctions would calm them down a bit? Who is really looking like the dangerously unstable ones here?

    Otherwise I guess the revelations fruitcakes will be getting their judgement day after all.


    [edit: removed falsehood]

  93. wald0

    See, all you can do is play the blame game. Dont listen to anything I say just insult it and blame my arrogance, because there is simply no way you could be misled right, no not you. I mean us, well that's a different story- we are all brain washed and fooled by propaganda because obviously we are not as smart or capable of critical thinking as yourself- right? I mean even though we live in a country that demonizes Muslims to no end and all we hear is how they are going to take over the world- somehow this little bit of exposure to a different point of view has brain washed us- yeah that makes sense- thats the ticket.... Never mind Israeli1, though you probably don't buy it I sincerely hope you and yours remain o.k. through this thing. I know its easier to think someone hates you or is prejudice when they criticise your point of view but, that doesn't make it so. I mean think about it, you call my position, which sees both sides as equal, arrogant? How could it possibly be as arrogant as declaring one side better than the other, which is your position? You try to say it isn't but your hatred simply refuses to be hidden. Just look at what you wrote about Arabs in your previouse post. That they are either all extremists or that they will all cowardly let the extremists do thier dirty work. So where is the vast optimism and open mindedness you claim to posess about Arabs? How is it you claim on one hand not to be indoctrinated but then turn around and write something like that? If someone approached you with that same mind set about Jews would you listen to them and consider their grievance?

  94. wald0

    The U.S. hasn't refused to give an inventory to the IAEA, where did you hear that? I mean i agree we should not have them if we wish others not to, that makes perfect sense but, we don't hide what we have as far as I know. It would seem to me if we did the IAEA would freak out and make it widely known we were not in compliance. Now don't get me wrong, it would not surprise me to find out we were keeping a few secret, I know my government, but is there any proof or reason to believe that is the case? I am open to hearing it if so.

  95. valerie

    Does anyone remember Iran-Contra?

  96. israeli1

    the only difference between you and me is not the material we are exposed to and not my hate toward the Arabs. the difference is that i live with them. the city i grew up in has 20%-25% Arab population and countless Arab villages near by. i have had many Arab friends. so i can say with some confidence that i know how they think like they can say they know how i think and i'll believe them. all you need to do is to ask them about the 2 state solution and get an answer.. that's that.. the christian Arabs may very in their answer but the Muslims are unanimous with their answer that there shouldn't be a state of Israel. and they do not denounce any suicide bombing or missiles louche into centers of population so if they don't have any problem with that today i can't see them defending us as human shield tomorrow. the moderate ones don't rebel.
    you may think i have an extreme thinking from where you are, but it's only because there aren't enough MuslimsArabs there for you to notice, and because if there are you get the best of them- the ones that fled the horrors of religious law or got accepted to good universities, the ones that wanted American lifestyle. i don't "hate" Arabs, i just know what drives them and how they act, and it scares me.
    by the way i'm not choosing one side, i am representing one side. i see the problems the other side is dealing with and their worries but they get so much attention on these website that it makes it sound like the bad Israelis are killing innocent Palestinians for fun. i represent my side of the story because there are two sides and one of them is absent here.

  97. dmxi

    "i represent my side of the story because there are two sides and one of them is absent here."
    au contraire,mon ami !you should check better before denouncing an
    unbiased site due to yourself being as bias,as one can be!check out other related docs to this topic & you will have a better picture!you are ignoring the fact that you are steering the dicussion into the direction of 'i'm affected,so i'm right & if you don't agree then you're
    weak minded,propaganda fed muslim huggers'!your style of communication reeks of that,what you despise on this site!a total contradiction of what your are unable of conveying.
    why are you here then?why waste your time with 'ignorant goyim'?
    there are other sites,where people share your disgust & spill out their
    unfiltered fox news rhetoric!
    now reply with some insults & then the case is closed!

  98. joe ineson

    You are forgetting the whole invaded and occupied the middle east part, Israel is never going to be accepted by its neighbours as a state- insisting that it must remain at all costs is going to start the inevitable war that seems to be long in planning.
    The israeli and iranian people are pawns in a game- basically a european/US invasion and resource grab under the flag of the jews into the middle east.
    If iran had nukes then the game would be stalemated- israelis are ******* stupid for not moving to wisconsin and having the balls and idiocy to think a new crusade just might work...

  99. wald0

    No, I can't let you get away with that- your hate toward Muslims is obviouse. Don't try to say your hate doesn't exist- I mean above you tried to deny it, then you turn right around and explain why you hate them, because you live with them you say. In another post you said you didn't have a negative view of them as a whole basically and then turned around and said they were either all extremists or intentionally let extremists do "thier dirty work", as if all Arabs want all Jews dead but most are too cowardly to do it themselves. You keep saying things like "not all Arabs will particpate" and "I understand thier problems" in some attempt to sound objective however, there is always a "but" isn't there, after which you proceed to spell out how they are all horrible cowards or violent extremists and that if we only lived around them we would be destined to feel the same way as you. I'm sorry but its simply not true. Iranian citizens fight back against the regime controlling them and their country all the time, they don't all agree with the statements or actions of their official government or these extremist groups fighting within their borders, often oppressing the citizens as much as those they attack. Here for instance is just an excerpt from a article about the recent attempted "Iranian spring" as some call it-

    Published on Thursday 21 June 2012 00:00
    THREE years ago, regional opinion polls showed that the Middle East’s most popular leaders were Hezbollah chief Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. At the time people appreciated that they were standing up to Israel in Lebanon and Gaza, and resisting US regional policies.
    With the Arab Spring, regional public opinion has shifted toward prioritising civil rights and democratic reform over foreign policy. Today, Assad is reviled, Ahmadinejad’s government is accused of violently suppressing its own pro-democracy protesters, and both Hezbollah and Iran are condemned for continuing to back Assad as he slaughters his own population."

  100. joe ineson

    i strongly believe the Israeli people would benefit much more than me from the fall of the current regime there and the only way of doing that is war against those in power.

  101. joe ineson

    you see the thing is , setting up the state of israel itself was like walking into modern south central los angeles and erecting a whites only country cowboy bar.
    the state of israel, its very existence is the most obvious of set ups designed to trigger a war and when it does youwill all die, the israelis, the iranians, the libyans, the syrians.
    its about resources and strategic territory in a much larger "who gets to run the world" tactic.
    Israel was setup to fail so westerners can nick all the good stuff from your neighbours when you really piss em off.

  102. joe ineson

    In the uk we have local councils that plan areas and housing.
    now say im a councillor in charge of social housing and one day im approaced by a supermarket director and told "we want to build a supermarket on a council owned estate"
    and"we will give you a 2 million pound a year job iyou can get us the estate"
    problem is the estate is nice, friendly and noone would think twice about pullingit down.
    so what does the councillor do?
    he moves kosovans into one end of the street and serbians into the other, he moves in christian africans next door to fundie moslems- soon enough the area is a dangerous hell hole fuelled by old racial tensions and everyone is calling for it to be pulled down.
    happens all the time and is happening in israel right now.

  103. israeli1

    what i meant was that my side was absent from the comments here accept one. i'm aware of the material on this site.

  104. Samuel Morrissey

    No, you are right in terms of the US arsenal. Sorry for my mistake, I will edit my post after this message. Israel on the other hand simply refuses to even talk about their Nuclear tech to this day, which they acquired in contradiction to international law, they are still not allowed to have nuclear weapons, but they do have them. The demands they make upon Iran are absurdly hypocritical. Also the demands they make on the US to play along must get really tiresome.


  105. israeli1

    Israel is a democracy.. unlike Iran.. in democracies the people get to choose and they chose between something like 20 political parties.. from the elected parties 4 different ones created a coalition together. you think Israelis would benefit from war against the government they chose? maybe i didn't understand your meaning. it must be that.

  106. israeli1

    yes exactly!!! excluding few very minor problems with your fantasy story:
    1. there were Jews in Israel before 1948. in fact there wasn't any minute in history without Jews in Israel.
    2. Jews always prayed facing Jerusalem and the blessing was "to the next year in Jerusalem" (even the Jews inside Israel) so there was some kind of affection towards this place without politic thinking.
    3. inside Israel 20% of the population is Arab (not including the Palestinian territories) which have the same rights WITHOUT the same obligations (they don't have to do a 3 year service, they get bonuses in SAT's to get accepted more easily to universities, employers get benefits for employing Arabs, tax benefits and so on).
    4. It was a Jewish initiative rather then western plot.
    5. the riots and extermination of the Jews world wide (including the Arab world) is what brought them here.
    6. there was a plan to find home for the Jews. there where quite a few options before Israel including Uganda, Russia, Australia and so on. it proves that the problem of home for the Jews was there before Israel and not the problem of oil and then Israel as a western solution.
    7. there were riots in Israel (or Palestine) against the Jews much before it was founded. just like there were riots inside the Arab world against each other. we did not bring conflict into the middle east, we brought our selves into a conflict zone.
    8. if it was about resources why not bringing us to Iraq or Iran? or Saudi Arabia? why to Israel with zero oil? why get us near the oil and not controlling the oil?
    9. when Israel was founded there was no such need for oil as today. the U.S. was self sufficient and Europe.. well Germany and Italy just wanted to kill all the Jews and they even tried to attack Israel, Britain abstained when it came to vote in the U.N. which leaves us with war struck France.. i wouldn't count on them to think at that point of a mission of that sort.
    10. the existence of Israel today is only depended on Israel. we decided many years ago to cooperate with the western countries based on similarity of higher moral and peaceful nature we believe to share with them. we put U.S. flags on our cars in Independence day right next to the Israeli ones because we believe in America, we believe in their way of thinking and we want to learn from them. the Arabs are burning the flag of America right next to the one of Israel not because of the west bank or Gaza. it's because they don't share those values of freedom in all areas of life, the rule of civil law, democracy and the sanctity of life (rather than death).

    i would like to hear more of your interesting theories of the world and if you can tell me your academic source of inspiration i will also appreciate it very much.

  107. Sherman Monro

    israeli1, I have something here for you to consider:

    Israel is almost 50 years old and so far she has invaded her neighbors 3 or 4 times. Now, how many times Iran has attacked any other country during the last 100 years?

    I think, Israel should chill out and stop shivering from Ahmadinejad’s political rhetoric.

    Iran like any other country has a right to have nuclear weapon and it doesn’t mean she is going to drop it on Israel; but it could be a good deterrent for Israelis aggressions in the region.

    Last, how would you have reacted if all the countries around you were militarized by US?
    Remember, Israel cannot totally demolish Iran for her nuclear ambitions, because the only way to stop Iran is its total annihilation, which is impossible. So, reaction from Iran to the Israeli’s aggression can indeed set the whole region, if not the whole world on fire ---- as Samuel Morrissey has mentioned here.

  108. israeli1

    Iran helped the war efforts of Hezbollah against Israel and the effort of Assad to kill his opposition these days and don't forget sponsoring terrorist groups around the world including al Qaeda. that's how they promote their agenda of spreading Islam to the world.
    Israel gave back the territories it conquered during war in exchange for peace. which means we are more concerned about peace than territories.
    actually Israel is scared from Iran's bomb no less then the Arab Sunni countries, but they don't make to much sound because they would rather Israel or the U.S. to do the work for them rather then siding with Israel, which they consider as an unforgivable sin.

  109. dmxi

    is there actual proof that iran sponsored al qaeda,an american & british
    product of the cold war ? can anyone supply confirmed information,or are these allegations ?

  110. David Foster

    Al Qaeda began as a bunch of leftover radicals from the Reagan era. As far as I know, they are purely a 'CIA asset'. By that, I think they mean that it's convenient for us to claim that a nation is sponsoring Al Qaeda whenever we get the urge to bomb them.

  111. dmxi

    i presume this is an 'orwellian' prophecy that will turn into a huxley
    fact!george is becoming 'aldously' impatient,if a new world order is imminent....

  112. BlueNick305

    Bravo! Very nice use of puns. Although I would have a added one last pun at the end instead by saying "if a brave new world order is imminent....". 8)

  113. dmxi

    cheers...., but i didn't want to be too obvious,just a little corny.

  114. eireannach666

    Well they did important work. The use of the technology wasnt their call. The achievements were worth the cost in my eyes. If feynman etc didnt do the work its given they wouldve found others. However this kind of technology doesnt need to be inthe hands of ignorant religious extreamists with a desire to destroy nonbelievers and on a jihadic trip. Just sayin. And , i miss talking with youprincess. ;-)

  115. Guest

    The Richard i was talking about is the one who wrote the comment 4-5 down below me,...
    I don't know i spent a month in Iran....and didn't meet too many people ready to bomb the shite out of non-religious people...but you never know with Gov officials...just look around here in America, Good (with a big G) people and rotten gov.
    No reason to miss...quite a few enjoyed your posts...bring'hem on!

  116. Guest

    Now that we are talking about Iran...what's that hood you got on your head? a male burka.(i should say chador)?
    LOL...teasing...i don't know you , so i should beware of bad jokes!

  117. dmxi

    so,the question is "should iran have the bomb(nuclear,of course!)"?
    this question can & should be answered with every spectrum of facettes given to the true nature of the situation given,or not?
    a sound mind would say 'no'!
    an objective view,would be 'yes'!
    but the actual fact leaves room for speculation...........

  118. AlfBeta

    *I didn't state an opinion of whether anyone's getting or has got nukes. What I wrote is true, and its a common enough practice of newswriters on 'political' subjects. Sometimes I point that out, not sure why.


  119. deliaruhe

    The only question is, Why are the US and Israel trying to deny the Iranians the same rights that other signatories of the NPT have?

    That is, of course, an academic question. Israel likes being the regional bully and doesn't want to share that distinction with any other Middle East state. As for the US, the Israel lobby has it by the short hairs: the lobby has access to both money and a highly successful machine for destroying the reputation of any politician who gets in its way.

    There's also that inconvenient event called re-election coming up in November, so the US has to stall, stall, stall because the American public has had a belly full of expensive, failed wars in the Middle East. There's nothing for the US in yet another war except more capital outflow.

    So just sit back and watch the charade of "negotiations" between the US and Iran. And get used to the idea that sooner or later Iran will be enjoying the rights that are theirs by international law.

  120. Efritt

    Israel the criminal lunatic state holding hundreds of nuclear devices is in no position to demand anything. just STFU

  121. Paul Hunter

    Because the Iranian leader developing this weapon has vowed to wipe Israel off the map.

  122. Paul Hunter

    Keep an eye on this. Russia and China have vowed to enter into conflict with us if we invade Iran. If they do that, because a good portion of world powers have vowed to protect us and an equal portion have vowed to protect them, we could cause WW3.

    Romney accepts that and is willing to enter Iran if necessary. Obama and Clinton have made clear that they are only using that as a last result.

  123. Secretagent667

    "Anyone who believes in a sytem that failed in every country it was tried"

    Errrrrrrr... China!!! Even before it truly allowed free trade it was a successful Communist state!!! Yeah it had a bad time getting there but that was not the result of Communism per se but a result of Mao's botched attempt to implement it!

    and as for Soviet Russia?

    "Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order."

    "classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production"
    Does this describe Soviet Russia? Yeah if you're dyslexic maybe...
    the only inkling of Communism in post revolution Russia died with Lenin.
    The "Red Threat" was was an illusion created by western "Democracies" out of fear that the working class of other countries would decide to try it and overthrow the elites. thats why Britain and America supported the Pro-Zsarist "White" Armies even going so far as to invade Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.

    They then further used it to keep the countries in a state of war so they had reason to keep (and develop) their large standing armies and thus use them to further western interests (resources). It also allowed the military industral complex to keep running full tilt which was nesseccary at the time because years of War had made them into the ONLY significant industry still in 1 piece making it essential to prop up practically dead econimies.

  124. Secretagent667

    "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."

    --HERRMANN GOERING at the Nuremberg Trials
    The is what the "Red Threat" and the "Terrorist" threat are all about.

    "Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Ideally, this includes equal (direct or indirect) participation in the proposal, development and passage of legislation into law. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination. It originates from the Greek: ?????????? (d?mokratía) "rule of the people",[1] which was coined from ????? (dêmos) "people" and ?????? (kratos) "power", "

    "Ideally, this includes equal (direct or indirect) participation in the proposal, development and passage of legislation into law"

    Here in Britain we have NONE of this!!!! NONE!!! We vote for a guy who is apparently supposed to represent us, the majority. However last time I checked the majority of Brits were lower-middle class and yet ALL the Prime Ministers for 100+years have come from rich upper class families who've been to schools like Eton?
    How can someone like that possibly run things for the benefit of those on the bottom with whom they nothing in common?

    Israel is based on that form of "Democracy". There is no Democracy only plutocrats covered with a thin veneer of "Democracy.

  125. Secretagent667

    You b**** about this site not being objective and then post a site with ONLY pro-Israel Vids!!!!!!

    F***ING HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!

    (To the admin: I apologise. But these pig-headed facists do my nut!!! You have to see the irony of his link!!! At least i try to prove my claims objectively...)

  126. Secretagent667

    Oh my word, you made me Wee!!! XP
    Just a little...

  127. Secretagent667

    "god this equation is so hard to figure"

    Must be cause i'm struggling maybe you could cite some EVIDENCE to help me along?
    Even if Iran ARE building THE bomb does the acronym M.A.D. not mean anything to you?
    The only reason Iran probably even want to DEVELOP them is because Israel already HAS them...

    ANY State that claims to be ordained by God is a damnned menace with a bleedin' Atom Bomb straped to its hip. Muslim, Jew or Christian!!!

  128. israeli1

    i can see why you struggle to understand the difference between Israel's atom bombs and Iran's. after all we come from the same general region, the one is Jewish and the other Muslim.
    some differences (or evidence- whatever suits you):
    Israel is a democracy and quite a liberal one (you can believe in whatever you want, tel aviv was just elected the gay capital of the world, minorities can vote and get elected, women have equal rights to men etc. ). Iran is a muslim dictatorship without even one of the above.
    Israel never threatened to wipe another country of the map. you can hear those threats in every speech of Ahmenidjad followed by a great roar from the 100000 people with flags that came- Nazi regime style.
    bear in mind the fact that Israel and Iran don't have a shared border and there where no disputes in the past- that's just the ideology of Al Qaeda as a country.
    there is good and bad in the world, and this is pure evil. even if they didn't want the atom bomb i would support destroying this regime. also i believe at least 50% of the Iranians will agree with me.

  129. walterr44

    O.K. China is a successful communist state. That's why they abandoned communism

  130. Secretagent667

    China is Communist! They've just embraced the free market! thats why in China they have Labour Protection laws like any product to be sold in China must contain 70% chinese manufactured components so the greedy capitalists can't move all the jobs to somewhere that they can get practical slave labour like happened here in Britain.
    Your view of Communism is skewed by a century of "Evil red" Propaganda. Communism was the enemy of the west because the west was ruled by aristocrats and Communism proposed the working class could be their equal. A communist state WASN'T EVEN SET UP when the UK and America decared war on the Communist movement.
    The entire argument is moot anyway because the 1 thing Capitalism and Communism have in common in they're 200 YEAR OLD IDEAS!!!!!! Written before we understood Climate change or the limit of our fossil fuels.

    "Pig headed fascist???? might I suggest looking into a mirror"
    No! because I'm not suggesting my people are better or more than any other which YOU are! I'm not nationalist in any way. Infact quite the opposite I rail at my countrymenwomen for allowing Britain which for centuries was the bastion of free thinking and democracy to be usurped by a plutocracy of, frankly, idiots!
    You are fascist because you believe YOUR people have more right to that land than the arabs! Why? Is there some evidence of this i don't know about? Is it Genetic? I ******* hope not considering such an idea would be based in Eugenics.
    The Hebrew people have an ANCIENT claim the the land. Correct?
    Well so do China in Tibet but the tibetans are there NOW!

    And no Jehovah didn't "say so" because he DIDN'T WRITE THE BIBLE!

    "Pig headed fascist???? might I suggest looking into a mirror"
    The very fact you fire this back at me proves to me you don't acually understand what Fascism is. Its a nationalist belief that 1 race or creed or culture is above or has more rights than another. To destroy arab homes and replace them with hebrew is as good as saying "I have more right to be here than you!!!" which by definition is Fascism.

    You obviously don't understand Communism properly either because if you did you be able to deduce yourself that since in "Communist" Russia most people suffered abject poverty while a small number became wealthy it, by definition, wasn't Communism!

    The best one from Zionists like yourself is "Anti-semetic".
    I stand up for the arabs so i'm "Anti-semetic".
    But doesn't the term semite refer to your language? Hebrew being of of the semetic tongues? like Chaldean or Aramaic or even, dare i say it, Arabic?
    So.... if i stand up for arabs am I anti-semetic? or Pro-semetic? or are they LESSER semites and you a fascist??

    As for the argument of "There was no palestine" well thats because it was part of the British Mandate since the First World War and an Ottoman Turkish possession for centuries before that so its just a desperate argument of religous fanatics who have no legs to stand on in terms of International Law.

    I notice the site you give me is not only a blog! But a blog DEDICATED to mapping out victims of terrorism, however i don't see a single dead arab so it can hardly be called "Objective" can it? I found the photo of the blood stain bed particularly ironic as early in the 20th century during the British Mandate there are many, many reports of similar atrocites by Zionist groups. I've already given you examples of how to explore a words definition so I'll leave the word "Objective" for you to figure out as homework.

    I noticed though that for all their denunciation of "Terrorism" and "Islamic Fundamentalists" The United Corporations of America and their Zionist lackey are pretty supportive of the bombings in Syria!!!

    Sorry for the long post but i'm not naive enough to believe that such a multi-faceted issue can be described in "simple terms".

  131. Lewis Holder

    Well that's entirely true as it was a mis-translation! They're just saying this because it causes media hype :)

  132. shb shb

    I am Iranian and i have several issues with your quotes to discuss.

    you said because Israel is a democracy it can have have atom bombs and it has not threatened to wipe any country of the map.
    Iranian regime had stated several times that it does not want atomic bombs.
    Iran has never started a war in its recent 200 years history though it had been attacked several times and about twice its current size of lands had been parted away by great powers policies to shrink and shatter possible threatening countries in middle-east and eastern europe in recent centuries.
    it is a democracy and it was elected by 98 percent of the voting population 30 years ago and have been reinstated by several other elections through years. we have our internal problems and minor protesters but that does not affect our main strategies.

    please answer these:
    wasn't the only country who used the only two applied atom bombs in history a democracy? and isn't it the country who has been engaged in most of the last century wars? and exactly how many of those wars where taken place even in its continent !?
    did the US needed UN authority to invade Afghanistan or Iraq?
    did it need to prove Alqaedas role in 911? even if so, why didn't it invade Saudi Arabia, the mother land of Alqaeda and its main financial supporter?
    did you needed UN authority to invade Lebanon or Ghazza?
    and about wiping a country, as you talk about your liberal democracy, whose lands are you standing on even by 1967 UN stands?

    we live in a world with double standards and we have learned the rules to live in it, and not to be stepped on any more.

  133. israeli1

    you are so lucky to live in a place where 98% of the people are in total agreement on everything..
    my answers:
    1. yes, didn't count, 0
    2. no, i don't know, because saudi arabia has oil?
    3. we "invaded" Lebanon and Gaza in response to terrorism from the Palestinians in both cases, but i don't think they showed it on your free liberal television in Iran.
    4. we were attacked from these lands and took it as a response. we also offered it back to the rightful owner- the Jordanians, but they didn't want it so we are going back and forward with the Palestinians since.
    i hope Iran would reclaim it's great historical status, by becoming the democracy most of it's citizens want it to be.

  134. shb shb

    its might feel good to set the history's starting point by our choice, but it doesn't change the reality.
    was Israel in its old long lasting country when it had been attacked first? or had it been attacked for arrogating someones land and declare it a new country?
    terror started the day Israel threw 2500000 Palestinians out of their lands to nearby Arab countries as refugies, but there was no one in the western civilized world to object to that. Palestinians started to fight back. and what choice did they have with their resources compare to Israels? so they blew up themselves in attacks too to draw attention.
    terror started in sabra and shatila.
    Palestinians have the right to fight for their country. its not terrorism. killing innocent children in their schools with phosphorus bombs is.
    and sure, as you said, who would want to have his lands back?!

    thank you for the conversation.
    let the free minds decide.

  135. israeli1

    just to set a few facts strait- the number of Palestinians is not 2,500,000 but more like 500,000-1,000,000 which is about the same number of Jewish refugees from Arab states that settled in Israel.. some deported, some fled just like the Palestinians.
    second fact- the UN had a resolution of a partition plan that Israel accepted. the Arab countries attacked Israel. Israel is blamed of "enjoying" it's win while we are all aware of what would happen had Israel lost. i'd guess about a million Jews dead..
    in sabra and shatila Arabs killed Arabs and the Israeli army stood by. it is wrong, i admit, even inhumane, but there is still that fact to remember- the Israeli soldiers did not commit the massacre.
    Palestinians have the right to fight for their country? yes, in the UN they sure do and i'm glad the PLO chose this way over blowing buses and launching rockets.. can't say the same about Hamas though.

    may all the differences in the world be solved on the negotiation table.
    thank you for the talk.

  136. pjle

    The absolute fact that Iran is the only Arabic state to threaten Israel and stating the facts that it is the only state that has never attacked any other state in that region is and foremost one which is true.But the reason for this is because they do not want to draw attention to themselves and by Iran attacking Israel with imagination does not mean their intentions are good or for the benefit of it's citizens.Understanding reasoning to own any nuclear power be it good or bad clearly defines the intentions that it speaks publicly and when that becomes death chants and holy wars or in the name of GOD.I for one will not understand how anyone who wishes death to another nation expects that GOD will be backing up such threats and death.It is blasphemy to use Gods name in veign,Is it not?When the powers that be want a device that is capable of starting a mess that will never be cleaned only 1000s of years it will take to cleanse.Not wanting to defend the Jew or the Muslim neither do i wish to offend.Yet what about all other nations who have their own beliefs?Such as Catholocism.No one can convince me that the CIA,MOSSAD,or even former KGB are not behind this fassad of creating a hate so deep that if not fixed,Then we all will pay the price.I would bet a million dollars that the people of IRAN,Do not want the bomb.But are forced to go along with the program or end up buried in the desert.I am not suggesting that the U.S.Great Britain,even Israel are angels themselves.But their comes a time when something as explosive as the bomb and the evil powers who own such weapons are capable of maintaining the highest security so that it does not fall in the hands of those who only want to watch the world burn.Certainly there are many cells of terrorist who are quite capable of holding the world hostage on a scale so large it would make Hiroshima.Nagasaki seem like a cold.The very idea that all nations who own these weapons are considered super powers.But those who do not own such are merely pieces of or pawns on a board.I certainly would not want Iran to have the death device for the simple fact as stated buy their leader.Death to Israel.Do those in other nations expect to believe he has good intentions when he demonstrates such hatred and using God for his soldier to applaud for the death of another nation so hated.As for those who are going to try and justify that they have a right because others own one.His justification is cut and dry MURDER on the grandest and most horrible way.WW3 is coming and I certainly hope that the second coming arrives soon.For those who wish death and use god for that death.Certainly will not see the great sky but the black hole that awaits.So I say.Peace to all from CANADA.ENUFF of this death.

  137. Magdi

    As much as I stand with the right of Iran to grow the capability to protect itself from a US-Israeli invasion. Frankly I love the fact that they can stick up a middle finger to the imperialist US hegemon and get away with it - one of few countries that have the balls to do so. Phrases like 'choke on their kosher food' is unacceptable, I hope I don't have to explain why.

  138. Magdi

    Love how pro-annexation Zionists refer to a made up phrase of Israel being wiped off the map. While Palestine is being wiped off the map as we speak. Pathetic hypocrisy.

  139. amir

    im from iran I don't like our government but I also don't like the zoinist regime , USA, government and the fukin queen

  140. Synagogue Of Satan

    No country is morally superior then another. Iran has as much right to have whatever weapons she wants same as any other country. At least Iran is part of the IAEA and has signed the non proliferation treaty. Can't say the same for Israel, who would wipe out Iran and has certainly said so on many, many occasions. You, my friend, are a complete tool. The US, Israel, Great Britain and Saudi are THE worlds largest sponsors of worldwide terrorism and chaos.

  141. Synagogue Of Satan

    The fact that Israel's nukes came MOSTLY from the U.S., how can that be without the IAEA knowing? I'll tell you how, we do NOT divulge our entire inventory, never have, never will. Every country has the same rights as any other. No country is morally superior nor has the right to such a claim over another country, especially western countries whom have sponsored more terrorism then every country in the m.e. combined!!!

  142. Synagogue Of Satan

    Maybe because the palestinian arabs have been held under occupation for over 60 years, YA THINK!! Of COURSE they're indifferent.

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