IRAN (Is Not The Problem)

IRAN (Is Not The Problem)

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IRAN (Is Not The Problem)IRAN (Is Not The Problem) is a feature length documentary film responding to the failure of the American mass media to provide the public with relevant and accurate information about the standoff between the US and Iran, as happened before with the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.

We have heard that Iran is a nuclear menace in defiance of the international community, bent on "wiping Israel off the map", supporting terrorism, and unwilling to negotiate. This documentary disputes these claims as they are presented to us and puts them in the context of present and historical US imperialism and hypocrisy with respect to Iran. It looks at the struggle for democracy inside Iran, the consequences of the current escalation and the potential US and/or Israeli attack, and suggests some alternatives to consider.

This 79 minute documentary features Antonia Juhasz, Larry Everest, and other activists and Iranian-Americans. The goal of this movie is to promote dialog and change the debate on Iran, so please consider organizing a screening, big or small, in your area.

Produced by Aaron Newman, an independent film-maker and part of the Scary Cow film co-op in San Francisco. He is an anti-imperialism/pro-democracy activist, founder of the SF Chomsky Book Club, and a member of Hands Off Iran. There are differences of opinion between many of the voices in this film, but all agree that a war would be unjustified. Below are brief video introductions for each of the people who participated.

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  1. elmerfudzie

    I despise the use of music during intellectual discussions! I loath "bumper music", completely unprofessional presentation(s)! The Intel agencies want us to remain as stupid as possible so why not shorten our attention spans with background noises and music to dance by

  2. Pemba Sherpa

    axis of evil? what is definition of evil exactly you said?

  3. aeonem

    USrael is a plague upon the world.. Leave Iran alone, they have hada successful revolution, completely independent of USraeli intervention which is spawning all the propaganda against the iranians..

  4. Piyam Grammi

    the only way this dictator in Iran most remove by Iranian revolution not by any out wars

  5. Piyam Grammi

    i believe the Islamic regime in Iran is the cancer for not Iranian peoples but also for the world, and as soon as possible has to be removed .bye Iranian people ,bye use help of the world1but if any wars against this county happen? not only help the Iranian government to get more prover , and will be for world piece

  6. Max van der Veer

    **** off USA

    And if we let Iran just alone nothing will happen.... just like North-Korea

  7. Dante Robertson

    stop lying to the world and while you at it stop persecuting the Palestinians and Catholics in Israel

  8. Jay

    This documentary is probably the most bias and ridiculous one i have seen on the website. These people are radical left wingers... I think there are trees being cut down somewhere in the world, go save them and stay out the middle east issues.

  9. Mark Stouffer

    "Plain and simple: The US agenda is world domination."

    This is not a phrase that should be in a documentary without being immediately justified. First, "plain and simple" is a cliche. It's like saying "let me dumb it down for you", or "bottom line ..." Why would you put a cliche right in the beginning of what is supposed to be an authoritative work? Then to say that it is the US agenda when you only show that it might be some faction's agenda, and then it's not actually world domination.

    1. Suitably Skeptical

      Erm... That line was actually a direct quote from the American paper, 'A New American Century', and was written as a serious, legitimate appraisal of the country's geopolitical aims. Authored by the Neocons (you know, those guys in control of the White House and, ultimately, the country's actions for a couple decades?), and used as a handbook for US policy towards the Middle East.

  10. planckbrandt

    This is good. Let's just remember there are big families behind these oil companies, banks, and insurance companies that lost collateral in Iran. They are a mix of American, British, and Iranian-American. They use our politics as their doormat. John Roberts and William Rehnquist before him let them do it!

  11. Zachary Griffith

    I like how none of the predictions of this video even came close to happening.

    1. 0zyxcba1

      @Zachary Griffith, could you please be more specific?


    2. Anugrah Bantawa

      @ Ozyxcba 1

      “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: 'Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter their armies'.”
      ~ The Ayatollah Khomeini

      We should not judge Islam merely on the words of a a politically driven and so called religious leader. To understand Islam, the least you can do is read the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad.
      Every religion teaches us the same thing and every prophet that came said the same thing that God is one and the same but, sadly the message always gets manipulated or miscommunicated on the way and all we end up hearing is "My God is the only one"

      God be with humanity. Peace.

  12. Zachary Griffith

    Allatoulah has recently stated he did not support the plan that would call any those things.

    1. 0zyxcba1

      @ Zachary Griffith
      "Allatoulah has recently stated he did not support the plan that would call any those things."

      Please read what you just wrote.

      What are "all those things?"

      The noun 'thing' is one of the most vague references possible.

      " any those things" what?

      "call any those things"?isn't even a coherent phrase.

      Your entire statement in incoherent.

      Have you been drinking?


  13. 0zyxcba1

    Regarding international power structures, and the tensions(to understate) we face today, Iran is most decidedly a major threat.

    However grave a threat Iran is to regional 'peace'(if one can call it that) and/or to International stability, the primary threat is nether Iran, nor even Israel, but United States foreign policy, most particularly as it pertains to the Middle East.

    I refer not only to current policy and engagements but also to past United States Middle Eastern policy. The Unites States CIA operation to remove the democratically elected prime minister of Iran and then to subsequently install the Shah during the Eisenhower administration has to be the single most inexcusable, dumbest, blunder of post-war United States Middle East foreign made. And the repercussions in no small measure are what we are now forced to witness.

    Inside Iran, however, as pertains to human rights violations, Iran is a MAJOR threat to civilization, and to common decency, right down there with the Taliban, and North Korea, and Uganda, to mention a few of the worst.

    Human rights is every human's business, and all humans have a duty to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran as pertains to state sponsored human rights violations. Just as ever human on this planet has the moral obligation to Interfere with the internal and external policies of the United States regarding the, now legal, state sponsored US torture of human being.

    There is not much I can do. I suspect the same predicament confronts just about everyone. Still, ever opportunity that comes my way, no matter how seeming insignificant or futile, should be ceased upon. It is not easy, E-mailing the White House, etc. It's almost embracing, even humiliating, participating in grassroots efforts when one is able to find time. It is not easy because one knows it can make no difference.

    But I am not absolutely convinced of that.

  14. MJ

    Commenter debates are so petty and fruitless, simply a bunch of anons who want to be heard. All I want is to read someone's CRITICAL ANALYSIS of the film, but instead I have have to sift through useless and half-informed discourse...

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      If its Critical analysis you are looking for why are you looking on the commentary boards? It seems less than half informed to look here. As for your contempt for commenters , does that apply to your comments which seem to be the most "petty and fruitless" I've seen in along time.

      As an "anon who wants to be heard" I have picked up useful links to related documentaries, counter arguments and even interesting stuff from half informed discourse that has gone off topic of the documentary.

      Might I suggest "Where can I get informed crytical analysis on this doc/subject?" as a mature alternative to your trolling about "useless half inf.....

    2. Guest

      We hear you.
      This is definitively not the right place for you to socialize.
      So far people are free to have opinions.

      Here is a suggestion, if you see that a doc has a lot of TDFcomments, many facebook "like this", that when you screen the comments you put it in the order "Sort by Best Rating" then you should conclude the critical analysis "may" or "may not" be in favor of your liking of the movie but that it is to the liking of many.

      After which, please give us your CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE FILM, and we will see if it matches our taste.


  15. gheghe

    @Alan and Faith, yes, religion can be a problem when the believer (regardless if we're talking about Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Atheism - and I'm not mistaking including this one, I've done my homework) sets his mind into a trap: he truly thinks that his and only his point of view is the accurate representation of the Truth, everyone else is wrong and needs to be converted and/or destroyed. the same problem applies to Democracy. what, don't you think it became the US official religion?
    Some fat dude from the Far East once said something like "when every human will try to find it's own path, the Earth will know peace".
    I've stumbled upon you a few times on this site. I congratulate you for thinking, I know it's a normal thing to do but you'll agree that not many people are doing it these days. Secondly, I would advise you not to be so belligerent, any idea can be illustrated peacefully. also, there's always an alternative. think outside the box, leave democracy and focus a little on, let's call it, biocracy.

  16. Joel

    STOP CHEMTRAILS and investigate the 9/11 SCAM, The Inside Job! Explosives were used to take down all three WTC buildings in NYC and everyone knows that.

  17. Joel

    STOP CHEMTRAILS and investigate the 9/11 SCAM, The Inside Job!

  18. Joel

    I'm not a strong supporter of Israel or Iran, but I believe Iran is a peaceful country with some inhumane laws (stoning of women) and I also think that Jews have a right to have a country of their own. USA should leave Iran alone and let them develop their own nuclear facilities and even a nuclear bomb for their own protection (from Iraq, terrorists, "western" invasion etc.). The world must become FAIR to everyone. Humans must cease to be insane animals. I also think that unfaithful women could and should be punished, but not by stoning but perhaps by a prison term or by a financial penalty or something less physical and more humane (in real Human terms, not in insane, wild human-animal terms). USA has many flaws and problems and it is not exactly a democracy, therefore it should cease being a policeman of the world and take care of its severe internal problems and respect its own people MUCH MORE.

    1. Pemba Sherpa

      unfaithful women could and should be punished? hahahaha you start doing that and you will end up with an army of ugly friends ahahahahaha

  19. Umari Sadiqi

    I must say, just to have the courage to view this documentary tell me alot about all the individuals that have posted. The U.S. Goverment policies is the problem. As it relate to the illegal state of "israel",religion and the East, I do not mean the entire U.S goverment but agencies such as the CIA, State Deparment, Military, United Nations, National Intelligence Asessesment,Defense, Navy,Army intelligence etc. Most of all the corrupt & hypocrital Legislative & Executive branches who are the executers of orders and lie to the citizens. As a veteran I know who the real enemy of the citizens are, create and cause the divisions, allow corrupt institutions to function and enslave the citizens daily for a "JOB"

  20. awful-truth

    It isn't religion, it isn't political ideology that causes all the problems. If blame is to be directed, it should be sent towards greed and lying. The entire U.S economy is based on producing and selling weapons. You know, jobs, the economy. ergo, times are tough so lets start a war. There should be no more interest charges for digital credits, no more collecting a trillion dollars a year by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers through the federal reserve for doing absolutely nothing!
    The next biggest problem is propaganda.(lying) When Jane Akra got her 450,000 dollar decision against FOX news, it was overturned by the Florida supreme court who said she was not covered under whistle blower status because it is not against the law to falsify the news.
    Until there is true accountability and reasonable intelligence by the masses, humanity will continue this direction until it becomes extinct. generally speaking, people are like electricity taking the path of least resistance, blind to critical thinking. For all those who want to blame it on race, religion, gender, etc, etc, either get off your butts and do something about it, or pledge allegiance to the cockroach, because humanity's days are finished if we don't correct it.

  21. scoogers

    excellent, well-done film.

  22. Mateen

    Alan and others, the largest minority, may be even it is an actual majority, is not the turks, but Azeri turks. Azeri turks are a bit different form turks of Turkey. They are the same with azeris in Azerbaijan Republic, the country in the north border of Iran.

  23. Siauwaxh

    U.S. and Israel are now dogs on the lose, beware. Leave Iran alone. Except I vote for a less religious society in Iran.

  24. Ryan

    @ Alan

    Actually, the world isn't getting less religious. Maybe the WEST is, but that's the problem with Westerners, we interpret what is happening in our societies as the norm around the world.

    In fact, in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and much of Asia, even parts of Eastern Europe, there is religious revivalism, not increased secularism. Some could say in even in the US this is happening.

    For better or for worse, it's the truth. In the West, we are very secular, (again, the US is debatable) but this doesn't mean the rest of the world is.

  25. Ryan

    Why are people blaming Iran? It's the power mad US that wants to dominate the region for political and economic reasons. They will allow Israel to attack Iran, try to change the regime because America doesn't tolerate anyone standing up to them. Iran, if anything, represents a brave state that will look America and judge some of their foreign policy actions as what they are: imperialism.

  26. Chris in the center of Canada

    You "activists" can not have it both ways... Imperialism is so 20th century. Democracy is the lesser of of the two evils and it works or you and I wouldn't be here to argue in a Theocratic society. Of course they would shoot you first since you are so much smarter and have all the answers... ha not! What you have all the blame and complain, which is the easy part and doesn't make you look smart.

  27. Chris in the center of Canada

    You "activists" can not have it both ways... Imperialism is so 20th century. Democracy is the lesser of of the two evils and it works or you and I wouldn't be here to argue in a Theocratic society. Of course they would shoot you first since you are so much smarter and have all the answers... ha not! What you have is just blame and complain, which is the easy part and doesn't make you look smart. I was impressed when the narrators voice went into a nice accent for each middle east word and name.

  28. Randy

    I praise the Great Iranian Peoples... stop hurting your women, be kind to the g@y boys, and we can all get along!

    I know that most of the populace of Iran feels this way, just your leaders are "outer limits"...

    Hey, so are ours!

  29. Ahmad

    a small addition to what i previously said i would like to specially thank Mitchel Plitnick i salute you for trying to bring peace together the whole world needs it not just religions or countries

  30. Ahmad

    Everything is extremely true and i support every word that has been said start to finish. Im a muslem who studied abroad and i support the rules and regulations of other countries and try to convince individual in my country to take the advantages of western countries and apply them in our own. Im also a Sunni but some of my closest friends are shia and christian and i respect all religions but the excuses the USA are using to seize control of the middle east is ridicules and unexplainable. I guess the us is like a hit-man who does know what hes doing until he sees his own blood and tastes it. It is really disappointing when you look and see a government of such a beautiful country and people who most of the world idealizes its people and the way they advance and support each other in the good and bad destroy this image. Just like we have a saying in the arabic world "Everything that comes in its time will be beautiful". I hope when the USA's time comes its would not be on the people of the country instead of on its concrete and main targets like it did with Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq. "respect" is a word that should be used to define out time in history because it is a word with endless meanings to it.

  31. David

    I don't agree with the way Iran treats its people. Nor do I agree with islamic extremists. But there is nothing more shameful then an advanced nation destroying the lives of people that already don't have much, pretending to help them but in truth devestating millions including women and children... For their own goals which ironically trade millions of lives for sheer profit and global power.

    Not a single empire in the history has lasted. I hope the U.S collapses before they manage to attack Iran. For the sake of Iran and the whole world.

  32. jacob

    WAtch PSYWAR on youtube

    read watch listen:

    noam chomsky
    howard zinn
    yoav shamir
    emma goldman
    bertrand russell
    george orwell

    A.T.Heist - it is not just entrepreneurship that creates jobs, it is a: our levels of resource stocks, b: our understandings of resource manipulation and extraction, c: our imagination, d: our collective or individual desires or will to act. 'Unemployment', 'Investment' and 'Debt', maybe even 'entrepreneurship' are all just psychological constructs that, although have a very real effect within the current framework, are not divine laws or even scientific or material truths. They are just psychological projections.

  33. A. T. Heist

    The UN definitely gave their off the books blessing, or else their peace keepers would have stepped in; and or they would have been more vocal about the opposition of the war.

    These days reading between the line means listing to what's NOT being said or done. Take Obama speech on creating jobs. Obama never mentions the word entrepreneurship, I won't go into the fine details of my analysis but, entrepreneurship is pretty much the only way to create jobs.


  34. sara

    I did not mean to disrespect and Antasv great regrets, but Baktae sent this

  35. sara

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    They were there a child named Alex and his older brother George and his sister Nancy largeness of his father, George Edward and his mother to death, two years.
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  36. bert

    Is that David Glick a total i****? 20:11 a mention of the "wiped off the map" mistranslation, which by now everyone should know about, 20:24 Ahmidinijad said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map, what a f'ing cock!

  37. Clay Rains

    As an American, I agree totally with this film, but to the people that blame all these problems on religion... What was the religion Mao followed when he killed 60 million Chinese? What was the official state religion when Stalin killed 20 million of his own people?

    With that said, I only have a few of criticisms of this film on some important facts this movie left out.

    As far as comparing sponsorship of terrorism between the U.S. and Iran, I'm surprised that the film left out the fact that the U.S. shot down Iran Air Flight 655, which was full of civilians headed to Dubai in 1988.

    Also left out was the fact that Saddam Hussein told the U.S. he planned to invade Kuwait. As an act to set up and frame Iraq, George H.W. Bush responded be sending his ambassador, April Glaspie, to Iraq to give Saddam the blessing of the U.S, telling him that they "do not take positions in Arab-Arab disputes."

    It would have also been good if the film had dispelled the myth that Iran finally gave up the hostages in 1981 because they were afraid of Reagan, who was about to take office. The hostage release was delayed as a brokered deal to bolster Reagan's reputation. They were released just minutes after Reagan was sworn in. How obvious does it have to be? In fact the entire hostage situation itself, if you actually investigate it, shows heavy signs of CIA provocation.

  38. The End Of Secularism

    Hello .. I'm an Iranian .. I don't like my country as a land ... land is juat land !!! ... I like American people but no American government ... I think nowaday is the war of the media an information ... as they have inforation change the fact to what they like . they chane the imporane of news and evnts in the world and people in the world can't know the fact can't know what is right ... 320 children died in just 22 days in Gaza War ... what did they about this genocide ? ... Stupid Veto
    We are ready to die to make a good world for others ..

  39. Ivan

    Yes Iran is not problem,Vietnam was not be problem,Libia,Iraq,Afganistan,Serbia,Atomic bomb in Japan (The bigest crime in history).......Who is next Venezuela,North Korea or maybe Russia,China,India.Listen me America and all American bitch(Germany,France,Italy,Nedherland,Belgium....).You can not win,World is Free,humanity will defeat you,like always in history,you are not first evil in history we goo down and some another civilizations goo up.DEAD FOR NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!! Hitler + Stalin < United State

  40. oil

    Iran is probably the most mistreated country of middle east. Future of Iran looks somewhat bright, pax Americana is over, Iran now sells to highest bidder (China). Iran is in dire need for nuclear program because otherwise, American power will just be replaced by Chinese power.

  41. Bluesmanwalking

    Religion is not the problem. Our government is the problem. It always as been and still proving it today around the world.
    The fact is that the majority of Americans are simple minded, have a below average IQ compared to the rest of the world and border line retarded. Look what's on TV. Our government knows this and takes advantage of it. This is also why when it comes to national problems all you see on TV(local news)are the simple minded Americans have their fifteen minutes of fame. The government says at the majority what they want to ear.
    But to the minority, they say don't put your nose in International Affairs, we will take care of that, watch CNN.
    So what can we do ? Get a million signatures to get our country back ? All that money for war, directly & indirectly, just imagine a full 60 seconds if it would be put on Education, Health, Housing, poor children, sick children, technology, industrial (National) that would create jobs, every thing made in the US. We would already have water fuel engines, we would already have Cold Fusion, and so much more. Man life in the US would be Grand.

  42. roy


  43. Dorani

    Yavanna Yavanna Yavanna :lol:

  44. buck fush

    @Yavanna. :lol:.

  45. Yavanna

    Awesome nickname but you are a bit out of date. Shouldn't you be calling yourself Orac Bbama or something? Oh I see that doesn't quite have the same grift derrr :)

  46. buck fush

    Us will face the consequences . US govt is similar to Nazis . Go and watch the documentary the end of America

  47. njtaaa

    There will never be peace in the world. The banks would go broke.

  48. Lisa O

    Excellent, excellent. This may be the best documentary on US foreign policy I have seen (and I seen lots). It gave a complete picture, including the history of the conflict. It was based on facts, and it was presented very clearly. I think every American should watch this!

  49. Yavanna


    All societies have been governed in some way or another and all have had laws; written or spoken. There could be no society without some form of Government. And yes of course there can be 'better' governments - just as there can be worse.

    You would not come and take what I am eating because there is a deterrent. You don't want to be arrested for theft and punished. The "Government armed thugs wearing costumes" as you describe them don't need to be everywhere and so long as society behaves within the boundaries of its rules they do not need to be. It also tickles me how some people hate authority and or police but are the first to go to them when they are the victim of a crime.

    Your Wild West analogy is appropriate but probably not strong enough. Assuming civilisation broke down tomorrow, after an extended period of anarchy all that would be left is armed thugs. These would group into gangs and the toughest / cruellest their leaders. So explain to me how this would be 'way' better than how we live right now.

    So; do I believe that there could be better governments? Yes! It's easy to believe that "fairy tale." I'm not so willing to believe ones that involve talking snakes etc. But two thirds of the planet do in some shape or form. Let's called them the "masses" or better still a power base? Of course religions still have some control over the masses, by the good old fashioned way as well as using more sophisticated methods; such as corrupt dealings with politics and Governments.

  50. Jose

    Better Government....Ha that is a laugh! No such thing will ever exist. That my friend is the fairy government will ever be good. They will always be corrupt and hell bent on killing innocent people.

    Question...lets say I am your neighbor and I want what you are eating right now. Whats going to stop me from taking what I want? Do you have an armed thug in a government costume with you right now?

    Law of the jungle would be way better than what you live in right now. There certainly wouldn't be chaos and disorder like you want to believe. The "wild west" was nothing but a marketing/propaganda tool so Buffalo Bill and the dime novels authors could sell more book.

    I doubt your scathing emails were from very devout Christians. Jesus is supposed to be the prince of peace. The only time he used violence was to kick out the bankers/mafia (goldman sachs and co) that was running a racket on the only currency deemed holly enough to be offer to the temple. Yes, there are similar institutions in today's modern world, just in the form of the government granting the monopoly instead of the church and the currency is even more faith based.

    US soldiers are not going to look at what is really going on and quit their jobs. Although that would be nice. People are controlled almost entirely through the state organs like the new york times and NBC and the State themselves. I have never seen a preacher that is pro war (save the usual nascar/neocon suspects in the MSM).

    The days where religion actually had control over the masses are long gone. Masses of ignorant folks maybe.

    If you believe in a better government I have one simple book for you to read and as a atheist I am sure you will appreciate the title. Democracy: The God That Failed, by Hans Hermann Hoppe.

    Good luck and best wishes...may god bless you :D

  51. Yavanna

    Jose - a very simplistic view and how do you suppose society will not rip itself apart within weeks without a form of government? What happens when that bigger stronger neighbour of yours wants what you are eating, then moves onto your wife and children? Law of the jungle maybe?

    Religion is a major part of the problem because it is a TOOL to control the masses. What we need is better government and people to stop believing fairy tales.

    Meanwhile if the US soldiers looked at what is really going on and just quit their jobs things would have to change. Oh and I proposed this on another forum recently and got personal emails from devout Christians wanting me to burn to death - then burn in hell forever... Praise ta Jeeeezush!

  52. Faith

    Religion is the big problem because every powerful states in this entire earth have been established by the church rules,and kings and leaders get approved first by priest or spiritual peoples(learn from history).You cannot be an atheist and become a leader,you need to have a believe or religion.We all know that even in the Bible,there are stories about how the children of Israel were going to fight with other nations that were worshiping different gods,killing women and children.Same as other nations were doing to them.Governments need church's leaders to guide them,so it depends on what religion the government is based on.If you don't know,know it now that the US is trying to stand for his Christian believe which support Judaism too(the Bible),instead Iran is standing also for his Muslim believe(based on the Quran)which is opposing the other.In north america if you go to court,you have to swear by the Bible,probably it may be the same in some Muslim based states too.My point here is,religions play a huge role in governments.Know this if you didn't know.

  53. Jose

    WOW! There are some really confused people here? Did ya watch the documentary? I don't think religion is the problem...the imperial US government is the problem. Infact I can argue MOST problems in the world originate in government. What may be distracting some of You is the Iranian Government is religious in nature.

    Keep your religion should you choose to have one. To get rid of evil; lets rid ourselves of all government!

  54. Faith

    RELIGION, CULTURE, SOCIETY, NATION, CLASS,… are the only boundary we have that prevent the human kind to come together once again before the fall of the tower of Babel, I bring this subject because if you read from yourself this scripture attentively you will see my point”Genesis 11:1-9? I don’t personally see their wrong doing for building a city which top is in heaven, first of all who can build a city which top is in heaven, I don’t know?

    we have a lot of architects today who build skyscrapers but they still cannot reach heaven; Second of all, since they saw that man were ONE, they come to create confusion” let US(the same US from Genesis 1:26)go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech”. Now judge from yourself, look at us today still living with the same confusion, diversity of languages(different from one another, so confusing), diversity of religion(waring against each other, divided churches, for what reason? we don’t know), diversity of classes(Rich and poor, rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer), we are still leaving in that confusion from the tower of babel, that’s why we are still divided, any one thinks he’s better than the other(my religion is better than yours, my culture is better than yours, my language is better than yours,my nation is stronger than yours), so divided;

    How do they confused humans?, Let Us go down, they came on earth as spiritual people, kings, leaders, in one words as elite to teach mankind different religions, cultures, languages and laws, so we could not agree with each other but arguing, fighting, killing in the name of who or what you defend; By the end, you will realize that only mankind killing mankind, man ruling man, it’s all us, just like some Muslim extremists blowing out christians for the sake of Allah, and Christians doing the same all over the world against no Christians, just like Hitler a Nazi but Christian who thought killing jews(non-christians), he was doing it for christ. I’m done here by this phrase:” WHY GOD DOESN’T INTERVENE WHEN CHURCHES ARE DIVIDING FOR FALSE CAUSES , WHY NOT COME DOWN AND TELL THEM CHURCH LEADERS NO TO DIVIDE IS CHILDREN SINCE IS ALWAYS THERE”. WAKE UP MANKIND!!!

  55. Faith

    The problem is not about being white,black,Arab,Asian…,it’s about the rulers of the worlds,those people they know what they want while we still supporting their evils schemes.Slavery wouldn’t happen if a brother didn’t want to betray a brother,but it happen because of corrupted ones.Same as are black,white,Arab,Asian leaders are all corrupted,that’s why they do rule us all,and we are the only ones who never learned from the past but always go to vote for those evils doers to rule us.WAKE UP!

  56. Faith

    The real problem is that,we are the people,we are the world,we need to come together as one again because if you want to ask about the reality of things,you’ll see that without us the people nothing can happen,I mean it in this way:if all of us decided not to go to work for a week,no business will make money or profit,even the banks,if we decide not to kill each other anymore,there won’t be any war because the elites of the society recruit our sons,brothers,fathers and sisters to go to war and kill humans like ourselves while they seat in their luxury houses in peace watching us kill each others,by the end we kill more of ourselves while they keep on prospering,if all of us put the guns down and decide not to go to the army,there won’t be wars.Same as those spirituals leaders that tell others to go blow out themselves and kill innocent people,why they don’t blow out themselves first and so the followers can see? but the thing is they don’t wanna be guilty,that’s why they send us to kill ourselves so we can be guilty of killing each others and diminish on the face of earth while them living in peace.If we all stop doing that,no killings will happen.Please wake up mankind,it’s time to come together again,we are the world,we are the builder,we are the society,we are the children,in this way of thinking,we will bring peace upon ourselves if we wanted to.Let’s not listen to those evils elites anymore because they depend on us.IT’S TIME.

  57. gurdeep

    the u.s. may claim to be a democracy but it has made sure the world isn't... no doubt this super power will cause millions more deaths... but it won't last forever... nothing ever does... and the u.s. must be prepared for that... you know what goes around, comes around--even if it takes a 100 years.

  58. Tyler

    The run-down at the end was probably the best part: Imagining the US and Iran in opposite historical places, in which Iran had invaded Mexico and Canada instead of the US invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Really puts it in perspective.

  59. Nabi Allah

    Dear people,

    I live in Iran and i see that in the planet earth history Iran there was not problem for other country any more but others were problem for Iran. Iran is a peaceful country for years in the who world, we want peace with all world but we never accept pressure and power. Good luck.

  60. Alan

    @ Jenn - Religion has become a tool in this so called war against West not only in Iran but worldwide. religion brings in tons of money every year but such does the weapon industries.
    if it was not the US as the worldpower it would been another country! money and power is in the human mind!

    Of cource at the end its the civilian population that suffers most but one thing that will bring people people together is the one we learned from the roman empire! but also that will have their problems.

    a lot of propaganda on tv, internet and media newspapers is doing a good job on both sides to bring hate and missunderstanding which will bring a whole new battleground which wasnt meant to be in the begining. its not all about religion the major part is for many because of media,

    religion maybe not for some groups but for many it does play a big part in their life.. just look around yourself, at a lot of places religion is a way of life, many use this in the frontline of wars...

    ''with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression, and so on, man is still as he was. He is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive, and he has built a society along these lines." - J. Krishnamurti,

    there is nothing at peace and have never been not on the streets or in nations or in the planet earth! thats the truth!

  61. Jenn

    @crabman - No, religion is not the problem. It's people.

  62. crabman

    ' Religion is the only thing that keeps Iran together is religion but religion is slowly dissapering not only on iranian soil but also in the whole planet!"

    Good religion is the bane of this planet its the root of evil. It's the cause of most of problems we have and it's used way to widely as and excuse "oh god told me to","oh it says that im aloud to do these things in this old book".


  63. Hardy

    Prior to watching this documentary a thought: In what way is Israel having Atombombs better than Iran having them?

    Our media continues to trick us and we do nothing about it.

  64. Alan

    Irans population is mixed and can sees as of the former Yoguslavia. Under 51% is of persian orgin, the 51% is only political and many are aware of this.

    Religion is the only thing that keeps Iran together is religion but religion is slowly dissapering not only on iranian soil but also in the whole planet!

    the other two big groups are Kurds and Turkish groups. And at the end it will end up like the Yoguslavia.

    The middle east map will be withdrawn!! the same thing problem is in Irak, syria, turkey!