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IraniumIran's nuclear program presents a threat to international stability. Yet successive American administrations - Republican and Democratic alike - have misread the intentions and actions of the Iranian regime.

How dangerous is a nuclear Iran, even if it never detonates a weapon? What are the guiding principles of the Iranian leadership? To what lengths would the regime go to carry out its agenda? How far have Iran's leaders already gone to fund the world's most powerful terrorist organizations? And why have American leaders failed to gain the upper hand in relations with Iran during the past 30 years?

In approximately 60 minutes, Iranium powerfully reports on the many aspects of the threat America and the world now face using rarely-before seen footage of Iranian leaders, and interviews with 25 leading politicians, Iranian dissidents, and experts on: Middle East policy, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation.

Iranium documents the development of Iran's nuclear threat, beginning with the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the ideology installed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini. Iranium tracks Iran's use of terror as a tool of policy, beginning with the 444 day seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, through Iran's insurgent actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iranium details the brutal nature of the Iranian regime to its own citizens, and the Iranian people's desire to rejoin the international community. * Iranium outlines the various scenarios the greater Middle East and the Western world may face should Iran cross the nuclear threshold.

Directed by: Alex Traiman

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  1. richie cahill
    American threat from Iran... it's laughable.

    If anything the US citizens should be calling for heads to roll because the money they spend on defense and a country like Iran is a threat?"

    I didn't find anything amusing about this documentary. Most of the people in it were right on target (Torah, Torah, Torah). I wish I could get feed back from most of the commentators to see what they think about obama's deal for irterroran. (if I don't capitalize your name, or country, it means I don't like you.)

  2. The conspiracy theorists, oh how far they have dined like the termites that they are. Regardless of whether you agree with certain aspects of this doc, it should be obvious to anyone with any knowledge of the Iranian regime that they don't simply want nuclear research for peaceful means. This is a regime that funds terrorist organizations more then any other entity, that is indisputable. What has happened recently has created an enormous windfall for the regime. Yes, some of that money will go to the Iranian people, but a tremendous amount will also go to Hamas and Hezbollah. These aren't 'freedom fighters' people, they have made it very clear, especially Hamas (in their own founding document after they were elected by the Palestinian people, mind you) that they have every intention of seeing the Jewish people wiped off of this planet. And they have every intention of continuing to target markets full of innocent men, woman, and children. No! You never see their brutality in your bleeding heart,Hamas promoted, online propaganda that you American 'liberals' frequent, do you? The United States, the symbol for free and open society, the first nation to change society from 'the divine right of kings' to the 'consent of the governed' should never make a deal with a backwards theocratic fascist society like Iran. Now, all you 'blame America for all the troubles in the world' people, save it. If you don't understand the major contributions that the U.S. has given towards free and open society then *you* are the biased,ignorant, and brain washed individual.

  3. Stay away! a very bias documentary made by the Clarion Project, Inc. Obviously, they are mixing up facts and details in a misleading way in order to impose their views on the public.
    Just one example (I am from Saudi), and everyone there knows that Iran has nothing to do with 1996 and 2003 attacks in Saudi.

  4. What is this, a special episode of Homeland?

  5. What a biased, no good documentary. Stay away

  6. This doco is well made propogranda, it does not mention about the 1953 CIA coup and all that jazz before hand. How Iran helped in Afgahnistan and offered to help in Iraq, but was rejected. While there is useful information in here please look elsewhere for a more balanced picture as this one is incredibly biased. Both Iran and what America is doing is not good. Please look at the other Iran Doco's on this site as they are much better. I am not Muslim nor middle eastern, just an outsider looking in.

  7. I'm Iranian and i don't know why your gov insist that we are looking for nic weapons with out any profs.
    i have a question: who is dangers?a country that uses atomic bomb!!!!!!! and a country looking for nic power???????? USA is first country used atom bomb.

    1. You must be a Iranian agent playing dumb or just a goat herder with his head in the sand. When you hide your nuclear weapons sites from the UN and the whole world at the same time you openly show off your nuke power plant that Russia is building for you, anyone with half of brain is going to call the Iranian government on its LIES!!! The U.S. and Israel do not want war, OBVIOUSLY or it would have happened years ago! If you even start to put one together you better hope Israel never finds out about it or the last thing you will see is the big flash and maybe a big boom before you go meet your 72 virgin boys.

  8. Propoganda this, that,B.S this and B.S.that.Well it is not B.S. When a man says to the U.N.Death to America and Israel.Is someone going to tell me that it was all dubbed in using trickery.I doubt that.But for those who believe for one second everything is going to be o.k.Just give me a bomb.Then I will say Told you so.The sooner we are hit buy a Meteor the size of ten football fields.The better it is that I do not half to watch.Murderers,Rapists,Torturers,War Mongers and lying corrupt powerfull ***holes any more.I do know one thing we do not deserve what is left of this rock called earth.Fed up with id**ts who talk and post bull**** and conspiracy theories.It does not matter what you believe anymore because every person has their own ideas and frankly it scares the **** out of me that we are very close to ww3.PEACE TO ALL FROM CANADA

  9. More 'war-economy' propaganda, so blatant I'm not even going to watch it. I totally believe the Iranians are developing a bomb, based on the last 60 years of their history and nothing else.

    Al Quaida is in Afghanistan so we invade, they move to Pakistan (who have nukes) and look what we did. Gosh, we'd better be careful because these people can hit us back and that would effect the profitability of our sponsors.

    The gleaming citadel on the hill is really anodized aluminum speckled with the bird s*it of a thousand planets.

  10. AIPAC propaganda!

  11. Unfortunately, any documentary which uses clips from Fox News completely discounts whatever message it is trying to convey.

  12. FKGN "propaganda!"

  13. IMPORTANT about this doc...

    The text below the screen is TOTAL BS, can't believe it.

    1. About what text are you referring?

    2. Im sorry, i just watched the first 45 min. to answer your question and i cannot see why i made this comment, probably the video has been edited.

  14. The Reagan Fapping in this documentary, partnered with the sourcing of only 2 resources (Center for Security Policy and Foundation for Defense of Democracies) which happen to be conservative think tanks makes this a laughable documentary

  15. If I am going to invest my time in watching this ... who made it ? There are just too many twisted evil minds involved on all sides who can't be trusted (Iran, More Iran, GOP America, Libertarian America, Hebrew America, not to forget about Israel).

    I'll pass without the context with which to test for bias.

  16. As a peace loving, head-in-the-sand liberal democrat I reject that Islam wants to destroy us, they are just saying that...more immigration, especially along our unprotected southern borders..all we have to do is sing kum-ba-ya and hold hands and everything will be alright....

  17. Lawd, who's behind this documentary? Scare us more ;D Smells Fox long way.

  18. this documentary, while informative in many aspects is HEAVILY biased towards the far-right conservative Israel-loving country.


    all the best from Norway

    1. This documentary is less about Israel and more about a potentially destabilizing force in the world. Did you see the part of the video that showed how Iran can send missiles as far as Norway? How do you like your warheads delivered? To you door? Careful, your anti-semitism, like that of the Nazis, will cause you and your countrymen to cloud your judgement on what's right and wrong, and contribute to Norway's destruction. If you think that I'm a right-wing fanatic, that may be true, but so is the message in this documentary- Prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapon-producing capability!

  19. To all the idiots who claim that Iran is a peaceful country I have a golden bridge for sale, please pay me in full before I take you to it. Iran has a huge problem, and that is their religion, their entire political policy is run on the basis of an imaginary man who wants sharia law implemented. The only people defending this pathetic regime are terrorists themselves, or people of ignorance. Snipers picking off demonstrators and stoning a woman to death is despicable, I'm not a war mongerer but would have no issue with the US and allies bombing this regime to bloody hell.

    1. Us policy is not peaceful, but the United States people in general are peacefull people. It goes the same for Iran...I know i was there for one full month. Bomb what? Children, women and men going about their life as best they can? Not war mongerer? Not peace one either.
      Where does your golden bridge go?

    2. @Azilda,

      Yes, I remember: Pardon them, they don't know what they're doing.

      It may be claim that it's not the public at large "At large" and that it's the ones who talk the loudest. One of the many definition of lynching.

      I also was in Iran in ~ 2002 or 2003 for technical matter on a contract. Principle this, principles that...
      Don't shake the hand of Iranian female scientist, women don't drive and of course the stoning in the newspapers in some out of town cities for which the local police was running after the culprits.

      Still, I seen that peoples has easy contact with the rest of the world. I seen university rookies.
      They're know it all about Mossadeth, the CIA's Iran/Contrat drug deal and so forth...

      If one nation has the recognized habit of declining its own responsibility, what's good for one should be allowed to any other ones?

      Once this is settled, may I ask where are the damn*d Bush/Powell/Cheney WMD are now that those cherubim's GI grew tired of war crimes? Up to a point where they stated that they had and shown photos at the UN.

      If in such a "Closed" country as Iran is, how come the Iranians are aware of the CIA-Chile, affair, the CIA-Irangate Drug deals, the ignorance of the US-Congress passed legal refusal of carpet bombing, and... and... Some 45 years of this that went by...

      And the common US citizen wouldn't know anything about of this?
      What was the date that Elizabeth Montgomery was the speaker of a documentary on the Chile affair?
      Do they vote over there?
      Is their career and bread depends on a vote?

      What's a democracy for? Iranians have doubts because of obvious reasons. No doubts that either Obama's boss or who ever's follow him will send cherubims to nurse the iranians as we all seen on Wilileak tapes.


  20. ok....i almost believed this dribble until the the Fox "news" report...Fox "news" is the last source i'd ever turn to get my news!
    This is just Iraq all over again!
    Its funny how America accuses other countries of radical behavior..the U.S is the most radical country on the planet today!

    1. I will pay your airfare if you will move to Iran...

  21. This movie is nothing but I propaganda piece. The video starts with the revolution in the 70s, in reality this problem goes back to 1953 when the CIA over threw the democratically elected leader and returned power back to the Shaw. Then they go on to say that they hate America because we are the enemy of god. No they hate America and say we are the enemy of god because we backed the shaw as well as Israel's genocide against Palestinians.

    1. Genocide? Really?? Did you ever visit Israel and visit Ramalla, Gaza, Beit Lechem, etc? Do you know how many arabs live within the borders of Israel? It is very sad that you and many of the other people who wrote comments think that this movie is propaganda. Please, for the sake of all our descendants, review very carefully the history of Adolf Hitler (YSv'Z) and Germany, and Hitler's rise to power. Many of you are unfortunately allowing your irrational feelings of anti-semitism to cloud your common sense and ability to see the truth. It's important to be open-minded, but not so open-minded that your brains fall out. Shalom, Peace to you and all humanity.

  22. Ok Guys! So? What's the date the USA invades Iran?
    As a pre-emptive war, of course. Your's, on your credit card after the communist chineses give you another mortgage.

    However, I noted quite a few usual "Typical USA" aberrations in that pack of lies. To begin with & since Mossadeth was mentioned here below, why didn't you guys held back on your sub-human beasts CIA-Agents as they fomented the sedition to overthrow Mossadeth in the early 50's?
    The whole world wouldn't be stucked with stucked with your mirrored psychotic beasts in Iran today.
    Better yet, Iran sure had the natural resources to pay back the oil wells, installations and equipment since then, no doubt about that.
    - You were as wrong as the APAC partner Powell was to the face of the whole world. And you'll be wrong again once you'll come back from there and come back empty handed with nothing more than medals for war crimes and bodybags.

    Speaking of the last fraudulent election in Iran...
    Doesn't it remind the good taste of deuces of spades that goes to electronic polls
    Who vote, the "We the Corporate" or the "We the peoples"?

    I've been ~ 1 month in Tehran some 10 years ago.
    It's a fact that one day I seen in the Tehran Post that one woman got stoned but the police was after the guys who done that.
    It was in a rural city some 180 miles from Tehran.
    2 Days before I left, they got the 3 guys.
    Jailed and sent to their trial for murder.

    I consider that as bad as the GI Vets. in the docu "Coco Schrijber - First Kill (2001) [VIETNAM WAR] who says that he miss war action because of the great feeling of having a weapon in his hand, and the potential to kill. Anybody that is, as he says.

    Within that " Iranium " docu, I don't see anything else than US civil servants (Hired by fanatics) who in many cases were involved in the "New World Government: USA delirium tremens.
    I recognized many faces who worked at this fantasy.
    Look at the way they fantasize about WMD, the exact same scenario as for Powell at the UN. War criminals do not deserve any benefice of doubt. Mongering wars cannot be treated as a childish thing.
    As one shows up in the face of humankind, he ought to be conscious of the seriousness of what he throws forward and done his homework beforehand.
    -Any vote on that?

    Just think of the following: -Iran trying to conquer the whole world and bring it under its own dictatorship?
    Obviously, after the exact same pack of lies the whole world has seen at the UN in the case of the official US liar for the WMD in Iraq, they're back this time with an even worst delirium crisis?

    These guys really take for granted the USA is the whole humankind.
    While it's less than 1% of it and here I mean; Compare the number of citizens there are in Iran to the rest of the world, better said 85% of it...

    So why panic?... In less than a year, that 85% of humankind would solve the problem rather quickly, much quickly.
    And remember always, you were proven wrong, totally wrong with Mossadeth in the 50's. Oh! A lack of memory, IQ? I see, ahum!


  23. This documentary should start in 1953 when MOssadegh was removed from power by the CIA and british. Keep it real folks.

  24. good job iran.. keep it up and protect us from the zionists
    oh almost forgot.. death to america

  25. I'm wondering why not a single person responded to the very insightful and challenging to this thread comment comment by israel1 posted about 7months ago.

  26. Just reading the introduction to the film is enough to understand its crappy contents.

  27. Zionist Propaganda....trace the source...its not hard all connections to Clarion Fund and on to Zionists racist organizations.....Islamaphobia mindless fear mongering from the self proclaimed sacrosanct....
    panama Mike is spot on PURE USRAIEL PROPAGANDA that will ignite world war three....Its Insanity at its most dangerous...

  28. I agree that this is PURE US. Military industrial complex propaganda BS...!!!!
    A mere 8 minutes into this garbage it started to reek of "Fox News" fear mongering. No sense of balance what so ever. No mention of Reagan's (well documented) involvement with a hostage release deal at the 8 minute mark. The mere mention of 9/11 Commission (Omission) reports just minutes later threw the warning flag up for me. The entirety of the show after that was listening to the likes of James Wolsey, John Bolton, and talking head after talking head of every right wing US. think tank you can imagine.
    No context to the US. empire policy of grabbing resources in this region (now for nearly 70 years), no mention of the illegal Nuclear weapons possessed by mention of the underhanded tactics of Multi-national corporations zeroing in on the resources that rightfully belong to the peoples of this region. Let's not forget the fomenting by the likes of the CIA in God knows what kind of BS to rile this country to the point it is in now. It seems to me that the Hypocristian right wing element in control of the US. Gov't. (no offense to true Christ like believers) is driving this mess off the cliff for their beloved worship of end-off they can some how say "I told you so" (or whatever their true fatalistic belief system desires).
    THIS SHOW IS PURE CR@P....and has Fox Media finger prints all over it.
    Seems the message builds over the course of the presentation to make you "afraid, very afraid"....and sway your opinion to their desired end result. They want a proactive first strike action and have you back and vindicate their "solution". This is Military Madness run amok. I reject this entire show and it's message should you.
    Thanks for a great site Vlatko...!

  29. Look I realize that this is all propaganda and that it contains countless lies, but how did they get the guy who overthrew the Shah to openly say that the west is the embodiment of satan and that he desired its total destruction? And how did they get those kids to chant "death to america"? Bravo to the editor of this piece, because there's no way that such brash maliciousness could take place in the glorious and morally superior Iran without something being taken out of context.

  30. What a farse of a movie. The title of the film should read something like this, "All the propaganda you need to justify another war to kill millions of innocent people." Our foreign policy is a joke. Notice how every country we are at war with happen to live over oil fields?? Kind of strange huh? We can defeat Germany and Japan in WW2 within 8 years but we can't seem to win wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, countries full of "cave dwellers" that have been going on for for almost 10 years.

    1. It is a different form of war fare. They are beating us the same way we beat Britian. The same way the Vietnamese beat us. They know their land, they know their limitations and the are fighting for their homes. But these wars had nothing to do oil. We still haven't gotten anything from any of them, and if we had wanted to we would have.

    2. @ Zachary Griffith

      Iran is almost as bad as America.

      The chief difference lies in the fact that the violence and international crimes of the United States, such as virtually non-stop undeclared war since the last declared war on December 8, 1941, have been directed at 'others' outside the United States, whereas Iran's violence, atrocities, and human rights violation, are directed primarily inwards, against her own people, in the name of God.


    3. So you didn't really watch the documentary, did you? Iran has been behind many terrorist actions outside of Iran. The message I got out of this documentary is that the world leaders must take action ( not war) to ensure that Iran does not have the capability of manufacturing nuclear weapons. If you think that Iran is not as bad as America, then yours is truly a distorted view of society, morals, and humanity. America is far from perfect, however when was the last time you heard Obama, Kerry, or any other politician make statements about "wiping Iran off the map"? Do you really think that when Ahmenejad, or Khomeni, etc. said "death to America", or "America is the Satan", that they were joking? Do you think they just were in a bad mood the day they made those statements?

  31. America, Israel and their allies are the biggest threat today in the world, no one else, in them lies the problem of today's global situation.

  32. The Americans are hiding under the cloak of democracy, and consider only zemljom.Oni were the first to the question: murders, suicides, drugs, sexual abuse, prostitution, homosexuality, immorality, a large number of prisoners, domestic violence, exstrem violence and other things that corrupt society today.

  33. Americans and their allies want only oil.It is unfair that Americans have never been prosecuted for their many crimes, and the list is lengthy

  34. Rabbi Rafael Shore presents.... okay. Considering comments about how women are tortured for no wearing hijabs properly, while almost everytime i see a woman in Iran, she is barely wearing it and has dyed hair, I knew this was a bunch of lies (exagerations). Though, i realize women likely have been arrested for this sort of behaviour in Iran, but also likely in all other Muslim countries...

  35. This is fiction. Im an Iranian american and im better informed than most on the issues, and this film is blatant propoganda backed by hawkish israeli and american interests. Keep that in mind if you decide to watch this.

    1. Thank you, but I always watch everything with an open mind. To go into anything with any preconceptions is foolish.

    2. If you have a problem with America feel free to move back and kiss the feet of your masters, if you decide to stay, shut your mouth and know your role.

    3. so to be americans you must be totalitarians? shutting our mouth and knowing our roll is the same thing as kissing the feet of your masters.

    4. Ok, then, please tell us, do you believe that Ahmenejad, Khomeini, etc. are just joking when they say "death to America"? Khomeini was quoted as saying that Iran must spread Islam across the world. Since you claim to be better informed than most, please tell us, how will Iran accomplish that? What about freedom of religion which exists in most true democracies? As someone well-informed, do you believe that Khomeini and his successors would tolerate those whom he refers to as "infidels? Are you willing to bet your life and the lives of your family that Iran leaders are hysterical religious fanatics with talk but no action? Really?

  36. I can not belive so many lies in this movie,"Iran supplied 911 Hijackers with substantial material" is she talking about the box cutters, then chinese ar einvloved too for making it. And Iran is selling weapons to Iraq, name one country that could sell weapons during wars, and they did not? Including US, during Iran-Iraq war who sold chemical weapons to Iraq for Iraq not to loose that war to Iran. Iran's government is a brutal dictator; however when Mr. Obama had the chance to help Iranian people by moral support he decided to say he would not interfere in Iran, why? US is a country which respects other people's opinions and stands for pro democracy why would you not interefer? When there are people killed on the streets of Iran, yelling and crying for help; however Mr. Obama did interfere with other middle eastern countries some how just not Iran, the least he could have given iranian people was moral support. I guess he was too worried what would iranian government think of him not the Iranian people. At this point of time I wish Mccain was the president atleast he did not promise to close the guantamo bay, and he would have sided with the Iranian people to free themselves from this brutal dictators, which most likely would have become US ally. For anyone else who has been in Iran except the government and the small portion of the population who support that government, you would see that majority of people love westerners, specially Americans. I don't really know what is the purpose behind this movie, war? Where most Iranias would have over thrown this government only if other coutries would help them, by not recognizing this government expeling all of their embassodors and probably by not buying oil from iran that would cripple the government and people will have the chance to over throw this government, become US ally, and no at no war cost which you and I the tax payers pay for it only the weapon industry makes money and people lose.

  37. must read what khoumayni wrote. otherwise not easy to understand who he is. he got many books, read his books please, if you understand. its so theosophical you ever know.

  38. Just watched the first 5 Minutes and I'm too disgusted to go on. The Shah was some misunderstood reformer? Not an American puppet installed after the CIA orchestrated a coup d'etat against the democratically elected government in order to gain controll of the oil resources that had been under control of the British and the French until little before? This was all the nauseating propaganda I can bear for the evening. Certainly the Islamic Republic is not a democracy and it doesn't have much interesst in the well being of the individual Iranian but that's all they could muster to free themselves of a brutal dictatorship installed and supported by the "morally superior" democracys of the west. Acting superior and threatening the Iranians to strenghen their paranoia will not help freeing them but it is certainly usefull to provoce excuses to finally regain control over their most precious resource for good.
    Anyone who is interessted in the truth can easily research what was going on. Cheap propaganda is all this is. Maybe Bill O'Reiley would be impressed, I am not.

  39. Isn't it funny how Iran, with a practically newborn nuclear program, is a "huge threat to the world", yet the most aggressive nation on earth a.k.a the U.S.A, and the perpetual "victim" a.k.a Israel (which happens to follow the U.S. as one of the most high-tech military powers in the world), their nuclear arsenals aren't weapons of mass destruction, no.. they are tools of freedom and democracy :) Make a list of countries that: a) the U.S. has attacked throughout historyb) Israel has attacked throughout historyc) Iran has attacked throughout historySee which ones represent a bigger threat to the world..This "documentary" is a waste of time..

    1. Your measure of countries attacked by the U.S., Israel, and Iran, is not the measure that is important in this documentary. The measure to use is, what are the goals of each country, as espoused by their respective leaders: USA. If you think that Iran has similar world view and goals to those of the USA and Israel, please tell me what you are smoking; I'd like to have some of that, too!

  40. 14 mins in and still waiting to hear some balance in this doc...

    1. what balance do you want to hear, read a disney book

    2. That's exactly the point! The society in Iran currently is not balanced! You hear about extreme views because that what Iran is disseminating to the world!

  41. what a load of b.s. fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us!

    us = people who are wise enough to see through all the b.s. propaganda.

    this doc. made sick in the stomach.

    1. I can use your phrase, "fool us once shame on you , fool us twice, shame on us!" for exactly the sentiment 180 degrees opposite to yours! Look at world history, look at how the world stood by and did nothing as Hitler (YS"Z) annexed Czechoslovakia.... do you know what happened next? You and all the other people who think this video is propaganda are making a grave error in judgement. You and the others are displaying the "ostrich" syndrome. Open your eyes and ears to see and listen to what the leaders of Iran are saying and doing! Otherwise, you will bear the shame of being fooled twice!

  42. nothing but propaganda what a load of crap clips mostly from fox news

  43. how could any one call this a "documentary"? As if middle east needs more tension.
    Such war-mongering will only lead to the fall of Israel. Anyone who criticizes Israel is not antisemitic. US can't afford to support the foreign policy of this spoiled baby anymore.

    1. You need to forget about Israel and Anti-Semitism. This is not "war-mongering". This documentary is about taking preventive action to ensure that there is no war. There is a definite message here, that says the world must wake up, realise that the situation with Iran can become a repeat of Nazi Germany. If you don't agree, then go back and review history, and then review the statements that come from the leaders of Iran. Do you think they are lying? Do you think they do not mean what they say? Really? Are you willing to bet your life and the lives of your family, friends, neighbors that all that "talk" of "death to America" is just "bluff" and exaggeration?
      The idea of this film is to prevent war, not start war!

  44. I walked away from this thread a while back for many reasons. I simply wanted to revisit them now in light of the UN once again Utilizing US forces to enforce their agenda in Libya. It will continue this way until America wakes up and recluses its self from the UN or the whole world is put on strings. My guess is that it will be less than a month before people start bashing the US for this one too.

  45. If I had to choose, I would rather choose Iran over the US, as at least, the Iranian president is unafraid to tell the truth in UN conferences, unlike other countries. I hope they don't send in the economical hitmen :c

  46. "All of us have heard this term "preventive war" since the earliest days of Hitler... I don't believe there is such a thing; and, frankly, I wouldn't even listen to anyone seriously that came in and talked about such a thing... It seems to me that when, by definition, a term is just ridiculous in itself, there is no use in going any further. There are all sorts of reasons, moral and political and everything else, against this theory, but it is so completely unthinkable in today's conditions that I thought it is no use to go any further."
    - Dwight D. Eisenhower

    "I’m not sure the role of the United States is to go around the world and say this is the way it’s got to be. I want to empower people. I want to help people help themselves, not have government tell people what to do. I just don’t think it’s the role of the United States to walk into a country and say, we do it this way, so should you. We went into Russia, we said here’s some IMF money. It ended up in Chernomyrdin’s pocket. And yet we played like there was reform. The only people who are going to reform Russia are Russians. I’m not sure where the vice president’s coming from, but I think one way for us to end up being viewed as the ugly American is for us to go around the world saying, we do it this way, so should you. I think the United States must be humble and must be proud and confident of our values, but humble in how we treat nations that are figuring out how to chart their own course."
    - George W. Bush

  47. i can see where the director is coming from but this just screams propaganda and fear tactics

    1. all depends on the stakes you like to play at risk have a search for this on youtube Issa ( (1/3) Glenn Beck - Islam's "12th Imam" (2.17.11) ) My guess is there will still be people everywhere who don't see a risk and thats because they are in denial, it is a classic trait which occurs time and again when people do not wish to face up to something which is just way beyond their comprehension and their perception of reality.

  48. from the comments here i can see that the world is not worth saving.. so as an Israeli all i can say is this: we will continue to be your human shield, but we will do this only for ourselves. and when things get rough, and they will, we will take care of our selves and our selves only.
    you can be as antisemitic or anti Israeli as you want. we don't care because we know the real facts and we have the power to protect our country. you on the other hand, are brain dead and couldn't understand the forces that are truly in power in your western world- the ones that this doc mentions, and therefore are in much greater danger. stupidity costs. you will pay the price in lives and in the standards of living.

    1. So you are a typical israeli. One that calls anyone anti-semitic that does not support disproportionate Israeli aggression and does not fall for right wing propaganda. If you are our shield I guess we can withdraw the billions of dollars we give you every year in military aid that helps to support your genocide. Luckily people in the states are waking up to your countries crimes that doesn't make us anti semitic.

    2. i never understood the phrase "disproportionate aggression". if they killed only one citizen we are allowed to respond accordingly and kill only one terrorist?
      i wonder if anyone has used this expression in other cases of war on terrorism. i'm not saying we don't do mistakes, but we defiantly do not aim at innocent civilians, unlike the other side in this conflict.

      i'm not calling you or anybody anti-semitic unless i read a comment about the Jews trying to control the world (as i saw here). i don't care about the Jewish faith around the world or whether you think we killed Jesus. i do care about Israel's security (and my own) and for that matter if you and your country decides we are the bad guys in the story it would mean that you are surrendering yourselves to the Arab propaganda.

      there are so many conflicts in the world where human rights are being ignored that you are completely (or partially) unaware of. in most of them there is no record and the abusing side is a terrible dictatorship (for examples look at all the names of the countries next to the name Israel on the map).

      i don't see any UN discussions or media coverage for those human right violations.

      on the other hand there is only one conflict (that i know of) that the UN and the international media report so eagerly about "human right" issues. this is the one conflict involving a state of law, a democracy.
      this is the only conflict where the other side (the Palestinians) can go to the courts of the enemy to fight injustice, and win.

      i wonder, did you stop for a minute to think what would you do, being the Israeli prime minister for the example, when a group of terrorist slaughters a family (as happened a week ago)? will you not try to find those terrorists and bring them to justice? you will.

      those terrorist are now hiding between civilian population, and what do we do? nothing. we are waiting for them to come out but they never do. so our only possibility is to get inside their village and get into a fight with them and their Hamas backup. in this fight those terrorists will get killed along with Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians.

      by the way, inside Israel i'm not a right wing voter. it's a common Palestinian Propaganda to say:"we have nothing against Israelis, we are just protesting against it's right wing government" well i'm sorry to disappoint you but i'm somewhere in the middle of the Israeli consensus.

      now to make things more complicated for you here's a difficult question: the settlements are unnecessary and expensive and the average Israeli will give them away if he gets peace in return. wars are even more expensive and Israel losses money and public opinion each time it finds itself in one (not to mention human lives). Israeli citizens live in a democracy and are in general pleased from their government policy towards terrorism (and they have all the information they want from other media sources). they also sacrifice them selves and their children's security by recruiting to the army.

      what on earth makes you think that a rational person will do all those things unless it was necessary? do you think that Israelis are stupid? you think we would not rather live in a safe place without all this mess? we are here and in this mess because there is no other option for us. if you have one please share it with me.

    3. Do not try to pull the I don't know what im talking about s*** because I have been there. I have worked with the IDF and seen crimes first hand. 10 year old boys as human shields, the bulldozing of homes while people slept inside, denying rescue personnel access through checkpoints with palestinians in the back, waiting for them to die before they let them through. Your government is reprehensible and the world knows it.

    4. muchael30v I think you have been watching too many muslim propaganda youtube videos, Israel are a peace loving nation and have never hurt anyone who didnt ask for it. Israel are totally amazing and show massive restraint and love towards these islamic drones, you obviously have never worked with the IDF or you would know this.
      Search for this on youtube (11yr Old Muslim Girls Yearn to Murder Infidels ) can you honestly say that Israel should not have security checkpoints etc.
      The bulldozing is a very sucessful tactic to prevent loss of life and all occupants are evacuated beforehand.
      There is no words that can praise Israel high enough for their generosity to the people of palestine.

    5. please israeli1, save the world for us! we beg you! teach us oh great visionary!!!!!

  49. I know a lot of Persians. Both here in the West and in Iran itself.

    None of them have liked what their government is doing. They're faithful Muslims and proud, patriotic people, but they don't want the aggressive provocation that the Mullahs sanction.

    Marg bar dictator. In baraye shoma, Ahmadinejad.

  50. sigh..........

  51. propaganda. Not one mention of the American Coup of a democratically elected Iranian leader. One of the worst war drum beating, vacant and biased pieces of garbage I have seen.

  52. propaganda. Not one mention of the American Coup of a democratically elected Iranian leader. One of the worst war drum beating, vacant and biased pieces of garbage I have seen.

  53. Bernd I have not a lot to say about your claims about the Illuminati, except that it is mythology with no proper evidence, it is fiction however Iran believe in the 12th Immam which is also fiction but findout what the 12th Immam is and then say that Iran is a peaceful country who just want to become a modern society. Invading Iran would be a bit harsh on the people of Iran but toppling the regime would be a good move towards ensuring this planet wont become a Nuclear wasteland.

  54. What about Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Israel ?

    But don't mind those, altough they are undeclared nuclear states, Iran is the new enemy ...

    Common everybody, let's be hypocritical bastards and send troops there to clear the mess.

    I bet the same type of people who actually believe anything in this doc, are the same type who believe the cold war is over.

    1. your reply to Roy sounded like their is a problem with these allies of ours having weapons we want them to have and that is if the story is not a tall tail, one like many other lies put out by the media. Does it not baffle you that the United States supplied the Iraqis with AK47s and Russian Tanks, I mean come on stop listening to idiots in the media.
      Most of the time the media are spreading propaganda for political reasons or simply because they don't like the Americans because they are jealous. The Islamic's buy the media and I would say they invest a fortune in spreading stories about America and the west. They want to divide us, sneak into our lives and take over our countries. It's working a dream.

  55. Iran does not have Nuclear weapons. Although they have enough conventional missal's to level Tel Aviv and destroy other Israeli sites. That's why there has been a stand off between Iran and Israel and the U.S..

    And the only reason. Otherwise its a assured destruction of both states.

  56. @ waldo
    you said "O.K. your American and you've had it- now what?" you keep up the fight. i know that the effect is small or appears non existent but i believe it has an effect. before coming to this site i only heard of people in the bible belt who fight against the status quo but yourself and others have given me hope. this is not a pep talk or sympathy it is completely selfish on my part. look at your views and tell me that their wasn't a time you wouldn't be jailed or killed for them? that is off of the back of others like yourself who pushed back. the fight has kept id out of schools, exposed the lies about Iraq, and at least made the power hungry/war mongers make some concessions . is it enough ? probably not but the person or group that places the straw that breaks the camels back gets the credit but all the other straws are important as well even if they don't directly effect change or seem or significant.

  57. Love this doc. Cant wait to go to war again. NK you are next.

    1. "Love this doc. Cant wait to go to war again. NK you are next." - Again? Did you serve in Iraq and want some more?

      Kim Jong Il became leader by virtue of birth. He is a joke. His sons are even bigger jokes but still, you wont be getting your war without China's approval 1st and foremost. Then there are the questions, "Does SK want a war? Do the Japs want a war? Do the other South East Asian States want a war?"

      Playing armchair warrior on your X-Box does not make you a tough guy.

    2. well said who me yeah you, North Korea are not a threat, the regime is in its death throws and has no ambitions for world conquest. Fight only in self defense.

  58. big propaganda. Goebbels would be proud of these guys lol

  59. How embarrassing, to quote Bolton, Clinton, Shelley Berkley, Frances Townsend and Engel (to name a few) is such an incredulous foundation from which to build any believable documentary that you might want to consider Israel as a nation desiring peace...and have another laugh. If only it was funny!

  60. @StillRv
    the world is not calling on you to get involved the world told you to stay out of Iraq (the un) but you went anyway, Afghanistan the world supported (and rightfully so in my opinion) but that was your fight and "the world" answered your call. now i am not America bashing but get your facts straight the two wars you are in right now are your choice and the call to arms was u.s led not the "worlds call"

    1. True on Iraq. As well as Afghanistan which was UN driven as well as US. But how about Somalia, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Etc. Etc. This is not a superiority as an American sentiment as some people here have said. I am a strict American isolationist. The best way to stop being considered the bully is to stay the hell off the playground. People jump to that conclusion but NO I do not think the US is better than anywhere else it is just my home. And when the UN stays saying Iran this and North Korea that etc. Who do you think is going to be placed in front of the bullets both from the "enemy" as well as the firing squad of public opinion.

    2. yes i agree that the u.s. has been drawn into some conflicts and yes it gets the blame deserved or not sometimes. but it also gets the benefit of being the biggest player in the game and with that comes influence and stature other countries only dream of. i am Canadian and we are known as peaceful and polite which are great but we are also thought as militarily weak and a small fish in a big pond. now we have discussed similar views before ( i think you are reasons voice if not apologies) and if the u.s becomes isolationist that is their right and it would solve problems but create others. my point is we as people and as nations have to accept responsibility for our actions good or bad.

    3. Over the edge; Yep that's me. And I don't think of Canada that way at all. I'm just across the border and think your country is beautiful. I would be quite willing to have the reputation of your home over mine. I love my country but am just so tired of the BS and the finger pointing. Just leave us out of it for a while at least.

    4. Meh, I'm Canadian and I think our reputation for being "polite and nice" is a little overstated. In many of the high population areas of Canada it would be pretty difficult to tell its a Canadian city as apposed to a US one. Canadians just adopt more of a European attitude when it comes to helping eachother, in that we believe its our responsibility to help those in our society less fortunate. The US has more of an independent stance, where its every person for themselves (but you have the ability to become rich) heh.

      Honestly small towns in Canada are great (specially in alberta) but if i had my choice i'd probably move to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, or in that area.

  61. wake up people if you like it or not there shall be war.
    if it shall involve nukes, it will be devastating. i dont think anyone should have nukes. Not israel and not iran.
    Letting iran get nukes because israel has nukes is a suicidal concept. Israel is not promoting the destruction of another state, israel does not have a supreme all powerful leader. Israel must be disarmed but iran is a much more volatile situation.
    This is not about USA this is about the world.

    1. Then let the "World" take care of it. I am one American that is fed up with our roll as global watch-dog. We are called into action by the "World" in these situations then condemned by that same "World" after the fact. Do your own dirty laundry for a change, leave America out of it.

    2. typical american superiority feelings. you are part of the world, and you cant take care of this alone. usa is just one pawn in the game, and not the one who calls all the shots. get off the ladder. the war is coming weather you like it or not.

    3. God damn it, nobody are calling you in! Your government instigate these situations, construct a media illusion to get support and leave you (and us) to pay the massive physical and mental price of it all. Again and again.

      Just stay away from other sovereign nations!
      Why can't you guys gather enough backbone to actually learn about your candidates and their voting records, then vote in people who are NOT total sell-outs. Honestly, it's beyond me. Are you just that pre-occupied with watching TV and stuffing your faces with junkfood as the stereotypes say? I hope not.

    4. Per Christian; I wish that the majority was not as you say but yes they are. Much of the US has fallen into TV induced idiocy. My single educated vote does little to balance against the tide of uneducated ballot stuffing drones.

    5. As I said you want the war it is all yours. Hope ya do well and hope we stay the hell out. I'm not being superior in any way by saying it is not our concern. Making it our concern brings nothing but pain to both sides.

    6. To Roy; Don't flatter your self and your ego. I am well aware of the status quot here in the states. I know that our primary export is arms and war. That is a relatively new thing and can go just as fast as it came. I would be just as happy to drink my slurpee through an American made straw as one from china. So i hate to break it to you Isolationist means just that. We stop making guns and war and go back to making toys for happy-meals.

  62. As far as I know, every time when someone claiming to be a supreme leader or equivalent (e.g. Hitler as James mentioned) gets access to weapons of mass destruction (the real WMD being an AK47) there's been a disaster.

    I think it's quite simple - lunatics should not have weapons. I'm not pro US etc having WMDs either but at least they don't keep threatening to wipe things off the map.

    1. the US threat is not in words, but much more real and immediate than the so-called Muslim threat. I just ask why none of the great powers respected the Non-Proliferation Treaty. US has no right to even talk publicly about Iran or any other country from this point of view - of the development of nuclear applications.

  63. I suppose that Hitlers intentions to invade Russia and create an empire were propoganda too, if anyone wants to know how serious the Iranians are about using Nuclear weopons then you need to find out what the 12th Immam is all about then come back and say the anti-semitic statements you are making.

    1. personally, I don't have any problem with Jews and I'm sure that the majority knows that Israel is not the whole problem here, only a small part of it. It's the profilactic war that I hate. America is in almost constant war since the 50's, if I were American, I'd had it by now.

    2. O.K. your American and you've had it- now what? What do you do? one vote doesn't pull any weight and when you try and persuade others they just ignore you and go on thinking the way they do. You can blow up a federal building or something like that, but its been done and nothing changed. You guys fail to realize that the American citizen is just as powerless to change things as the victim of the wars we are in. We get fed up all the time, but what can we do about it? Nothing, thats what! You guys make niave statements like "Learn your candidates voting record and vote for the right person." When in reality the right person is not available to vote for. It doesn't matter who you vote for they are all crooked and money hungery or they woulld not be on the ballot. The only way to fix this is to flush it all away!!

  64. Zionist propaganda of the worst kind. I have an idea for you Israel, why dont you do something about Iran? Seeing as how Israel would be the most likley target of any sort of nuclear weapon attack by Iran, I think they should take responsibility and do something about it. Stop trying to scare Americans into backing a US military invasion of Iran.

  65. Iran is probably the most difficult nation to invade from a strategic sense. By that if one looks at the location of Tehran it is in a place which is suicide to launch a direct attack on, which means in order to fight a war against Iran, you have to conquer all of Iran, a nation of some 70+ million people. Iran would be like Iraq but 100 times worst. Iran has mountains in the border with Iraq that make a direct invasion especially with tanks suicide as the tanks will move slowly and get bogged down and be open to iranian air bombardment. Iran has too much mountains to just easily roll into the capital. Meaning any invader will have to use the roads which will be full of ieds and traps by the time the army gets there. It would be like 300, one opponent is superior but gets destroyed because they are going through a narrow entrance. Tehran could be invaded through the caspian sea but again how do you get boats there, how do you not get noticed, odds are you will be blown away before you reach tehran

  66. Iran is a peaceful nation and has a right to defend itself against highly weaponed states like Israel or the US. Moreover Iran's national oil production has peaked some years ago and it is therefore a wise decision of the Iranian government to look for non-carbon energy production.

    We must never forget that all Western nations live under the control of an evil empire called the Illuminati, which has evolved from the British Empire. Iran has its own national money creation which is a thorn in the eye of the Illuminati, because it is the power of money creation which enables the Illuminati to rule the world. The Illuminati aim for an elitist centralized world government under their control (New World Order).

    I support Ivan and the others here in this forum who regard the video 'Iranium' as pure propaganda. Please don't trust the Illuminati, they are responsible for a mad build-up of arms and illegal wars. They own the mass media and know how to organize illegal wars.

    1. Why? why do they want to control the world. Do they just want more money and power, or they have some sense of religious or intelectual superiority, why? I hear all the time how this or that secret society is running everything and has since the beginning of time- I don't buy it. Not that I want to go to war with Iran, but I would hardly call them a peaceful country. I have heard their so called leader speak, he is not a peace loving man. No, they should not have nuclear capability, no one should really. But especially not these countries that run around threatening to blow other countries off the map nor the ones that have such extreme religious convictions- whether muslim or not. Isreal should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons either, they are just as stoned on religion as any muslim nation. America should not have them either, our military industrial complex is capable of anything to make another buck. In fact, after watching Russia desolve, it should be clear to everyone that ALL nukes must go and are very dangerous.

    2. Waldo, I really understand your doubt concerning the importance of secret societies but what you experience in your mind is of course the wanted outcome of covert control. I never believed in secret societal control until 4 years ago when I started to ask myself why European nations deliberately gave up their national sovereignty to become mere subordinated counties of a centralized European Union.

      I began once more to study history in general and especially the history of money creation. I researched the real power structure of the world and began to understand the importance of rather unknown round-table organizations, think tanks, secret services, corporations and other organizations. Step by step I started to realize a complex structure as depicted in charts like 'The World Government' by Université Tangente (please google).

      And now I stand here and must confess: humanity truly lives in a highly organized world and history rarely happens by chance but very often by steered operations which lead to calculated outcomes. Please listen to David Icke, Alex Jones or read Albert Pikes letters to understand the hidden power structures of the Empire of the Illuminati. As I already mentioned I didn't believe this stuff some years before but the more I research the more evident it is.

      I fully agree with you that nuclear weapons are a bad idea in general and we should have never built even a single one to threaten peoples. I don't think Iran is building such a device but I know that Israel has many of them. I fear the Illuminati will create a new world war soon (WW 3) to consolidate their power in form of a world government with the EU as an advanced building block. With regard to your last sentence, I politely want to correct that not Russia but the USSR dissolved after the end of the West-East-conflict, which was in my believe another secret political order of the Illuminati.

      I like to thank you for your interesting reply!

    3. Bernd I have not a lot to say about your claims about the Illuminati, except that it is mythology with no proper evidence, it is fiction however Iran believe in the 12th Immam which is also fiction but findout what the 12th Immam is and then say that Iran is a peaceful country who just want to become a modern society. Invading Iran would be a bit harsh on the people of Iran but toppling the regime would be a good move towards ensuring this planet wont become a Nuclear wasteland.

    4. James, (religious) fictions were always used to steer and mislead mankind to war. Freemasonry and its relation to the Empire of the money creators is is well documented, although many things happen deliberately in disguise. And most people simply don't connect the dots. I fear the plot of the Illuminati against mankind could be even bigger than I expect. The Freemason Albert Pike (1809-1891) wrote in a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) dated August 15., 1871, that 3 World Wars have been planed for many generations to come. The third World War would be a confrontation "between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World." It could be well possible that the conspiracy is much greater.

      US and NATO troops use depleted Uranium (DU) in their armor-piercing projectiles in Iraq and Afghanistan. The dust of DU is highly toxic and turns the battleground where it is used into a Nuclear wasteland for at least 250 Million years. Thus the Illuminati are already doing what you fear in a small scale.

      It is very clear to me, that sovereign power - if it ever rested by the people - was stolen from the people of the Western world and transfered to a small group of elitists (Illuminati) whose plans reach far into the future. The Illuminati have no moral standards and claim to be the owners of the world. If we - the people - do not wake up and reclaim to be the real sovereign, the way of history will surely lead to a complete enslavement of humanity with no democracy at all and small elite on top of a hierarchical pyramid of power.

    5. Bernd, get a clue, will ya?

    6. Iran is peaceful? I guess shooting demonstrators to death is peaceful, how about stoning your wife to death because you want another woman. You're an i*iot!! loud and clear

    7. man do ur hw. the only way Muslims stone someone is when (e.g.) woman (married or single) commits adultery and 4 people attest as the witness of the crime.
      I guess our problem is ignorant people where ever they would be.

  67. Pure propaganda! Hug and kisses from Montenegro :)

  68. Many things I need to say:
    1. The Iranian regime may be bad in some aspects, but please, they are not batshit insane that they'll destroy the world for no reason with nukes. Come on...this regime has existed for over 30 years and has been anti-American and anti-Soviet. It makes tactical sense to have nuclear energy for practical needs and weapons for deterrence.

    2. You cannot tell Iran not to have nukes but turn a blind eye to Israeli nukes. It sends a terrible message, is a huge double standard and frankly, Israel may be just as dangerous in the Middle East as Iran is.

    3. Give Iran a reason to feel like they aren't constantly being threatened with covert regime change or possible invasion and maybe they won't want to have nukes.

    4. Racist undertones in that Western governments assume that only Western countries and Western allies are "rational" and "responsible." As if other people can't handle the power of nukes. I wonder why America has not questioned Pakistan over its nuclear weapons, when clearly that country is more unstable and dangerous right now.

    5. As much as I disagree with the discourse surrounding the Iraninan nuke issue, I think this doc should stay because it is a different perspective, and frankly, what is this site without different perspectives on issues?

    1. It is more like a monkey holding a razor blade and you do not know that if he will cut himself first or the others

    2. ....I cannot believe what I just saw. I feel like I was being sold a war that hasn't happened yet, but WILL in the future. It was almost as if this was a commercial, even with the description:

      As if it was a f--king infomercial, seriously.

      There were so many inaccuracies with the doc.

      1. Iran HAS reached out numerous times, under Mohammed Khatami, all of which was rejected by America.

      2. Iran actually wanted to invade Afghanistan to take out the Taliban and consulted the U.S. over the invasion. This was in response to the Taliban killing the Iranian diplomat and attacking the Iranian embassy.

      3. The documentary constructs this image of the BIG BAD...more dangerous than the Soviets, totally irrational, nuclear armed, cells in your backyard, the great evil against's ridiculous. And of course, only America understands this...every other country is stupid and quivers under Iran's awesome power...give me a break.

      4. Say what you want about Hezbollah and Hamas, but while Iran has never invaded a country since 1979, America has invaded five. Sure you can talk about the culture of martyrdom, but the raw facts point to America being a dangerous country as well.

      I'm not an Iranophile or anti-Western...but for a more nuanced and accurate depiction of Iranian-Western relations, watch: Iran and the West by BBC. It atleast gives some picture into the complexities.

    3. US is not a monkey. more like a stupid and aggressive dog.

  69. @ arnold
    could you please source your claim "Britain's North Sea oil reserves will be deleted by 2020" all the info i could find states that it will drop by 2/3 of it peak by 2020 but not " depleted" also "Canada's tar sands have sufficient oil reserves to send to the United States until 2020." the best estimate is 1.75 trillion barrels of oil in the sands now at today's prices and today's technology it is estimated that 173 billion barrels are recoverable the u.s. consumes 20,680,000 bbl/day (as of 2007) so do the math and the tar sands alone could supply ALL the united states demand for almost 23 years at today's prices. now you can claim that demand will rise and maybe you are right but as demand rises so does price and with increased prices more oil will be financially possible to remove. now this is off topic and i apologize. but this is serious we do need to get our consumption under control because someday we will run out not to mention the environmental cost and the cost to world stability. these two sources are the only two of your claims i looked into but 0 for 2 isn't a good start. crying wolf or exaggerating the problem only gives ammunition to the status quo when predictions fail to materialize.

  70. The problem with docs like this is that there is always an element of truth involved. Iran is ruled by Muslim extremists and as such do believe in a Muslim world. That does not make them responsible for all terrorism in the world. The Ayatollah may even approve of terrorists actions. Approving of them and arranging them are two different things. If the United States and Britain go to war against Iran over oil reserves they would be wasting lives and resources to delay the obvious future. Their resources would be better spent trying to retool the economy and our way of life without an oil based economy.

    Muslim extremism is still something to be aware of. Although Western motives are highly suspect, religious zealotry from Islamic factions is still a very dangerous prospect. We should keep an eye on both sides of this issue.

  71. @ Arnold
    Fueling the cars and trunks around the world with water isn't going to help us. 50% of oil usage goes to making plastics. There is another source, but the US is keeping it illegal to keep their hopes alive it can dominate the oil industry. We have other options on all of it, plastics, fuel and heating. Why people aren't fighting for it is beyond me.
    Oil could be a thing of yesterday in about 5 years if people would learn about options and protest, loudly.
    I haven't watched the doc but since most are saying it's propaganda. More propaganda to keep their people angry enough not to learn, know or care there is another option.

    No one here my believe me but, you should know a few things.
    There is one simple plant that can change our habits literally overnight.
    The government has kept it illegal and away from it's people's knowledge through propaganda.
    Hemp (non THC kind)
    Can be made into:

    Plastics (even Euro care makers are using it for door panels and dashboards, check out the eco Lotus)
    Concrete, that holds in carbon
    Non Toxic instillation
    Bio Fuels (we would only need 6% of American land to grow enough for fuel)
    Food (extremely nutritional)
    and a bunch other things.
    It naturally aerates the soil, doesn't need pesticides and little fertilization.
    Pesticides used for cotton kills the soil

    A brave soul in congress tried to get it back (industrial use), his bill is now in the office of "Homeland Security".

  72. Undoubtedly a slanted documentary. However, we should not so quickly dissmiss the notion that an Islamic theocracy that has consistenly professed a doctrine of intolerance and hatred should be carefully scrutenized at least as carefully as we scrutenize our own. Afterall, we live in a world where an

  73. I certainly hope that the US does not invade Iran. It is none of our business at all. If they are a threat at all in is out of a proactive posture on their part and it would evaporate when and if they feel we are not a threat to them. This doc. is not US propaganda, it is Zionist and UN driven. Time to take a stand America!! No more being the UNs attack dog. If the Israelis have an issue with Iran they have an army and are welcome to go right ahead on their own. Let their young men and women come home in boxes not ours.
    But as for globalization as was mentioned earlier, no thank you. Pushing for globalization just feeds into the hands of the power hungry idiots. Free and independent, autonomous nations working together is fine. We are not ants or bees, we don't need to have a hive mentality to cooperate and get along.

  74. @ everyone! the comments so far have been unanimous in rejecting this documentary. That bring hope to me, and many have even made reference to previous docs on the subject. Look what happens when we have multiple sources of information, when we can pick apart what is being told to us and discern truth from nontruth. This is the greatest advantage of education, our salvation and our weapon. I'm grateful for this site and the plethora of information available from the internet as a whole. Now please, let us continue, learn something and share it. How else do we know this documentary is so full of shit?

  75. i just flagged it as inappropriate for promoting terrorism. suggest you all do the same. this kind of propaganda makes me sick...
    edit: don't forget all the 5 parts

    1. I just did the same thing thumbed down all 5 videos & reported video 2 for terrorism & the rest of them for promoting hatred against people based on their national origin.

  76. This is complete bullshit..... just more propaganda to manipulate people to want iran attacked, the same bullshit that justified the illegal war on iraq.... There is as much evidence against iran as there was against iraq. This is nonsense and im not gonna fall for it.

  77. So i'm guessing america is gonna invade Iran soon!:))...this is real propaganda

  78. You watch the many docs on this site about similar subjects...and then try to tell me that we can trust what is shown here! I don't even feel like spending time watching it.The biggest threat to United States and Canada (as is considered the little brother) is US politics....there is a wave of change coming from under, people are waking up, the US nationalistic ego is deflating, the sense of belonging to a world and not to a country is growing, the march towards the truth is gaining momentum....yes it is slow and yes each and every one of us can help but it is not by telling others what to believe that we will convince anyone but by living according to our new realization.many are willing to die at the battle frontto win a warmany are willing to live at the battle backto win peacei am at a standstill in the middle with many othersturn away from the extremeswalk towards a different directionif enough are standing in the middlewe can go side ways towards evolution.

  79. its gonna happen soon for iran
    the propaganda is getting spread

  80. Zionist propaganda

  81. man, **** your international stability!
    1. Iran signed in '68 the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and I choose to trust them. They haven't done anything wrong and they have the right to use nuclear material for civil applications.
    2.USA also signed the treaty, but they developed nuclear weapons. they have over 10.000 nuclear warheads by now. under those circumstances, Iran has all the rights in the world to own a few rockets. in fact, US should donate some to Iran.
    3. No matter how the government treats it's population, the People should deal with it. it's an internal problem and any outside interference could and should be interpreted as a war declaration.
    4. You might say that I'm wrong on 3, that human rights are broken, people get killed and tortured on absurd reasons or no reason at all, it's an abomination just like it happened in Iraq, well, **** you, did you gave a flying **** on Darfur? the people must take care of it's own leaders, not a foreign army.
    5. for example, the Patriot Act is an abuse over the American population and human rights. do you see me coming over the Atlantic with an ak47 to liberate you? no, because you should take action!
    6. about the so-called terrorism... we have Muslims in our country and we get along very well. we never had highjackers, suicide bombers and so on because we never invaded no country. the terrorism is a response, not a threat. if you stop the invasion and the profilactic war (which is by-the-book terrorism) the violent response from "extremists" will cease. it's that simple.

    1. Bogdan true words of a coward, when they come they wont care that you like them so that they wont kill you, right enough though you will probably convert, pathetic words from someone with no pride. Do you ever consider finding out the truth about things before making up your own opinions lol

    2. Bogan makes a very good point - minus the swearing - but he is merely getting his point across.

      And in order to let you defend your own cowardly thoughts what exactly is the 'truth' that you speak off?

  82. @ Richie Exactly.

  83. American threat from Iran... it's laughable.

    If anything the US citizens should be calling for heads to roll because the money they spend on defense and a country like Iran is a threat?

    1. (I posted in the wrong place and have moved the comment accordingly).