Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

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Iraq for Sale - The War ProfiteersJoin documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed) in assessing the damage done to average Americans when corporations decide to wage war. For critics of the current administration, the connection between the war in Iraq and the private corporations who profit from the fighting is plain to see.. For those who may not be so easily convinced, however, Greenwald and company not only explore the questionable motivations of the corporate decision-makers whose wartime profiteering has affected the lives of countless soldiers and their families, but also the increasingly negative international reputation of the United States as a result.

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    Jonathan R
  1. Jonathan R

    Another really sad film - I'm a capitalist - I own companies - I am motivated by monetary gain but I cannot understand the lack of moral conscience it would take to be a war profiteer

  2. Harry Huran
  3. Harry Huran

    This is so obvious a anti-war supported documentary.
    With terrorism out of control with the Obama Administration, we all know the liberals are incapable of protecting Amercian lives.

    Next time try and study how to produce an objective film.

    This stinks liberalism.

  4. Chris W From Canada
  5. Chris W From Canada

    Harry - The news tells you that terrorism is out of control, and you believe it. American criminals kill more Americans than terrorists ever have. There are between 1000 and 1500 murders per year in your country. In the 9 years since September 11th, that's 3 times the amount killed on that terrible day. Can I perhaps see your film - the one you produced objectively? What do you know about objectivity, let alone film making? I am so glad I don't live in the US - it's douche bags like you that makes the world hate America; and that's a shame. I know so many Americans that are rational, kind and against this illegal war.

  6. Battleangel
  7. Battleangel

    this film is very informative and moving. it shows the destruction that ensues when one lets greed and private profits become the means to win a war.

    poor and low-income citizens trying to make a better living for themselves and their families are the ones who suffer. even those who support capitalism need to seriously question what should be the limits of capitalism after seeing this film.

    the only thing that i think would have made this film perfect is if they highlighted more the affects private military has on iraqis and how the lack of accountability leads to the atrocities. this film did highlight some but i would have appreciated more.

    and to all the so called "conservatives" or "republicans" who say this film is replete with "liberalism" they should keep in mind that the people affected by this murderous greed are usually themselves. poor whites and republican voters. thus they should pull their humanity before their politics and seriously look to see what they can do to stop this egregious violation of human rights.

  8. andre
  9. andre

    What a film. It really does go to show what's going on. However it is very one-sided and I'd really like to hear the other side of the story.

    Again, very insightful.

  10. Lisa
  11. Lisa

    I wrote something an I think it was deleted so here I go again! I can't believe that these people don't realize that we do not have anymore choices anymore. These people are getting away with murder, stealing, super spending needlessly. And the people on the hill don't care! They've shown this many times already that they are not listening and they are sdoing what they want with our country and most of all US!!!!

  12. Simon
  13. Simon

    I think that this is a better doc than many others because it isn't trying to say that the entire government is involved in profiting from war like many of these and 9/11 docs do. What I found interesting is that Harry claims that America is being bombarded with terrorist attacks. I'm British, and I haven't seen many headlines like America is being attacked, the last I had seen was 9/11.
    Don't get me wrong, it is clear that there are many factions out there that are planning illegal activities, but none of them have succeeded.
    This may be an antiwar supported documentary, but it doesn't excuse the fact that there are these corporations out there that are profiting from this war. I was out in Iraq, once in an American camp, and once in a British camp, and to think that these people couldn't be bothered to check if the water was clean sickens me. I feel that the Persident and congress need to look at themselves and make this change, and if they aren't prepared to them maybe the US needs to demand them to make that change, just like the British government.

  14. Shane Falco
  15. Shane Falco

    If you watched it to the end, the makers of the film attempted to contact Halliburton, Blackwater, CACI and Titan to give them an opportunity to speak to their side of things. None would. The fact is, they are guilty and have no defence.

    Why don't you Americans do something?

  16. spaceace2012
  17. spaceace2012

    I feel very sorry for the family at the beginning living in a fantasy world where their son grows up loving soldiers and ends up in a way being one...then a soldier.

    What ARE these people like? Are they for real.... you go into a country at war waving a gun around, chances are you're gonna get shot at. AND THAT'S A SHOCK TO THEM? Wake the hell up. Maybe they start teaching their kids the simple old adage...LIVE BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD.

    Arrogance shows its sad face AGAIN. I'm so sorry reality has to finally hit them in such a stupid but NOT SURPRISING WAY (at least not to the rest of the world).

  18. mehdi
  19. mehdi

    do care about your soldiers but not for the ones died by your soldiers, think if the same thing happend to your country, what would be your resones, harrrrrrry insane

  20. Lary Nine
  21. Lary Nine

    Reply to Harry Huran~
    I'm a liberal, Harry, and I was busy fighting to keep my country [allegedly] and my own ass [certainly] safe in 1967 in aplace called Southeast Asia. I've forgotten more about defense of country than you'll probably ever learn, so careful where you sling that mendacious, insulting mud, pal.

  22. Chuck
  23. Chuck

    It always bothers me that the media doesn't know the difference with contractors and contractor employees. Employees are not contractors, but work for contractors. The first half minute of this film states that there are over one hundred thousand contractors.

  24. Guest
  25. Guest

    Simple! When an individual submit his or her resume, she or he does submit that resume to a person who happen be a "Corporate".
    For instance: -If a corporate is involved into the mining and extraction of some rare metal that serve a lot in cell phones.
    -The "Nokia ordeal" in some poor countries...
    And that you are personally disgusted by their senseless maniac behavior, would you submit your resume to them?

    Ok, Ok!... After you seeing with your own eyes what they're in, what would you do?

    Better yet, once it was knows at large, all over the world what sort of crimes were commited in Vietnam, Chili, Nicaragua, Panama, the School of the Assassins in Georgia USA and a few other ones like the famous hidden WMD in Irak, what have you done?

    The thing is that it goes back a few generations in the past...

    But I have a more important question though...


  26. Guest
  27. Guest

    I obviously was wrong, Israel is not the worldwide war crimes champion!
    Question: When the senators vote, does the public knows how each 1 voted?
    Otherwise, it's a dead-end! If the USA citizens do not know how their leaders (Elite) voted, it becomes a fool's game.

    If I remember well (Although, it's been a while), the USA constitution was created, written quite swiftly? I'd be surprised if the had in mind what was coming.

    Except, that the ones who created, wrote it down took measures to up-date it? Oh, oh! I heard that the civil rights are suspended over there by their "Patriot Act"!
    Bwaff! I guess that you only have to sit on it until you're free again for fixing a few little thing?

    Meanwhile, you may well sell you family houses and goods to pay for the thrills you gotten in Iraq seaching for those WMD?
    But fankly, I'd rather not own anything based in the USA, sell that to the Chineses...


  28. arcot
  29. arcot

    No sympathy or whatsoever for americans, Hoo ha

  30. mikenelsonmikenelson
  31. mikenelsonmikenelson

    In the contacting world Chuck, the people who work under them are almost always called sub-contractors. I know this from experience.

  32. mikenelsonmikenelson
  33. mikenelsonmikenelson

    Amen Brother.

  34. Lary9
  35. Lary9

    We are! There is an active enemy---political ignorance, enabled by News Corps and Roger Ailes. Ever try political dueling with Darth Vader et. al. using light sabers in the Town Squareville, America? It's tedious, hectic and potentially lethal. These self-aggradizing fascists in the good old USA play hardball!

  36. Maria Mercado
  37. Maria Mercado

    Well maybe because the corporations can find time to give an explanation in response to all these allegations. The producer and his team tried to request interviews with CACI, Halliburnt and Titan but they all denied an interview. The documentary view was based on their finding, which the corporations did not want to discuss.

  38. Dan
  39. Dan

    Harry Huran if you watched this and that is your comment, FOX News has done a very good job of brainwashing you...Sad

  40. winter
  41. winter

    When you go to a war zone you might die. That being said, all of these good people were misled. They thought they would be kept safe. They believed what corporations told them. If they ever had doubts they pushed them aside because they were trying to help their families. The problem is that all these politicians are intertwined with all these corporations who pay for them to be elected and benefit from contributions after their elections. They are a rotten intertwined disgusting pile of crap. Until there is a revolution, there will be no change. Would you fight in a revolution? Or are you happy to let the government do business as usual when they have killed your loved ones?

  42. winter
  43. winter

    Bush and Cheney convinced you that Iraq was the enemy. You didn't realize that they were the enemy. They owned majority shares of the stock of these companies and saw a way to make huge profits payed for by taxpayers. (you)

  44. winter
  45. winter

    Oh, by the way, Harry, you dumbass. Americans are 3 times more likely to be killed by police than by terrorists. American police.

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