ISIS vs. Christ

2015, Religion  -   22 Comments
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Islamic militants pull up to a small village in Libya driving heavily armored vehicles. They kidnap a group of Christians - 20 in all - as their friends and family members stand by helplessly. Months later, these militants conjure a horrifying public spectacle by videotaping a mass beheading of their captives. This repulsive event is indicative of the war currently being waged by the Islamic State, and the emotional ramifications of this conflict serve as the basis for the new documentary short ISIS vs. Christ.

Produced by the Russia Today global news network, the film contains a series of unflinching interviews with those closest to the victims. A grieving father recounts the journey of his son - Gergess - who traveled from Egypt in search of more lucrative job opportunities in Libya. Gergess had found monetary success as a tiler and was on the precipice of getting married when he was kidnapped. His father expresses tremendous sorrow at the brutality his son suffered at the hands of ISIS, but carries a comforting sense of pride in the fact that his son died in defiance of his captors by vocally praising the Lord.

One victim's mother witnessed the lead-up to her son's murder on television. For some time, she hoped against hope that the scene was staged for shocking effect and wasn't actually carried through to its horrible conclusion. Following the inevitable revelation of his death, she and her family praise their loved one as a martyr, but the devastation of their loss can be felt in their haunted eyes and pained expressions.

These families find solace in the warm blanket of their beliefs - the same beliefs which made their loved ones targets of terrorist aggression - but they continue to struggle through daily bouts of resentment and numbing grief nonetheless. Their inner conflicts are palpable, and the bravery and open-heartedness of their religious convictions in the face of such tragedy is never less than inspiring.

ISIS vs. Christ presents a deeply intimate and human side of a murderous epidemic which continues to stretch across further reaches of the globe. Its subjects are inspiring in their ability to find grace in the presence of savagery.

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  1. Tleigh

    Can people stop using the word 'animals' to describe these violent, sick, deranged killers?Animals are way better than that, they are not stupid enough to kill each other in the name of some imaginary 'god'. Animals kill for need not greed (or religion). I prefer the company of animals any day of the week.

  2. P Chaphi

    In the Bible,the Word says; I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curses you. e.g: USA blesses Israil,is there any peace or prosperity in any country that hates the Jews? Count from the Roman imprior. No man can fix this,only obidience to what Christ died for.

  3. Ian

    Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't mean their view isn't "based in reality". Two people look at the same evidence and, through reason and interpretation, come to two different conclusions. Every conclusion requires a degree of faith. You have faith in the accuracy of your sensory perception and thought process, both notoriously inaccurate. You have faith that when you walk out your front door, a huge anvil isn't going to fall from the sky and crush you immediately. If you eliminate "faith based thinking", you're left with extreme paranoia, something that actually is considered insanity.

  4. Steve

    I don't think there is a single comment here that is based in reality.... Religion and any other faith based way of thinking should be considered insanity and not taken seriously.. The ONLY time religion should be taken seriously is when people are killing in the name of one, and then it's time to get rid of them. If the rest of the religions adherents say they don't support the actions of the killers then they wont mind stepping aside or pointing to the problem people so they can be taken out. If they DO have a problem pointing them out or try to defend them then they are lying about being moderates and should be taken out too.

  5. Michelle

    The difference between Jesus and any other...Mohomad, Gaundi, Budda, Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh, not a messanger or teacher. No other has made this claim. He also offered eternal life to those that trust in Him. Every other religion is man's ahttempt to earn favor with God. The God of Christ , God of the universe, is reaching down to save us by believing in the one he sent. The Christ

  6. Michelle

    The difference between Jesus and any other...Mohomad, Gaundi, Budda, Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh, not a messanger or teacher. No other has made this claim.

  7. 51purebred50

    It sounds like some of the commenters on here need to go to, what ever Church they used to go to, and dunk their a$$ in some holy water, or some weird sh*t. And Murar, what the f*** is that supposed to mean???? Scaring the hell out of folks by whackin' some heads off isn't the way to get them to believe in something they don't believe in.

  8. Glen

    Until we find a cure for this mental illness and what makes people think there is some God...about 80 of them..we will never have peace.

  9. Jorge Addiel

    The life is the unique thing that god give us! we never will have right to remove to our brothers!

  10. Sorn

    Why should the West not have "double standards" when everyone all over the world has? Go to China. Do you think you will be treated the same as a native Chinese? Or to Sri Lanka. India. Japan. Everyone thinks in terms of their religion or their race. So whey the Hell do you think the West has to be different?

  11. khaled

    why isis slaughter !
    Any country is under occupation have the full right to defend itself in the manner it deems appropriate , Ironically, that we consider the killing of the occupier or his client with a knife crime while turning a blind eye at killing dozens of people by guided missiles and unmanned aircraft and turning their bodies into pieces ! US occupation of Iraq has caused the killing of two million Iraqis and the displacement of 5 million others and the rape of thousands of Muslim Is this not terrorism ?! Not to mention the destruction of infrastructure and the destruction of livestock , agriculture and inflict serious harm the wealth of marine pollution caused by the war ! what do you expect from a man you occupied his country killed his family and raped his wife or sister ! give you candy ? . but it is the double standards of the west . Western arrogance is over weaker nations and contempt .the french troops during the occupation of algeria had pictures with heads of algerians !! it is there on the web for those who want see them . afghanistan is another story more than 20 thousand people killed by unmanned aeroplanes most of them women and childern ! who speaks for them ?! simply because they are muslims . however if i were iraqi or an afghanian i would fight the occupations and its allies and would slaughter them in the same way isis does .

  12. justice

    its quite unfortunate christians are the victims. one question please....which religion teaches murder and violence? Budha is a speaker of self peace and comfort....God is the king of peace, the personifocation of Love. Which God is satisfied when other souls are slaughtered? If a God exist as such, then its obvious He never created anything in his whole existence, he is just drunk with foolishness and playing dumb games on humans who are in reality animals. Why should I slaughter just because am warring against your religion? Always speaking violence and bloodshed. They never speak understanding but confusion....I can bolster predict that the next worldwide war will be financed by religious foolishness ( that's if there ever be one before Christ comes). I pray so hard it doesn't start....If you ever believed in prayer, now is the time...

  13. Russ Tul

    So sad that these wonderful people, whose forbears taught us chemistry, algebra, geometry and various other sciences many centuries age, are now living under the control of primitive, sadistic apes known as ISIS. I hope they will come up with somene like an Islamic Martin Luther who will show them the road back to civilisation.

  14. Erika Wilson

    ISIS was created by the CIA, Mossad and the Saudis to bring chaos to create a greater Israel. They don't attack Israel. By the way the elite is also working on bringing down Europe with the illegal immigrants and later America. Thomas Barrett { American Think Tank in Washington} said"We want to create a light brown race with an IQ of ninety to work for us but too dumb to understand what is going on. This has nothing to do with religion. People are being used and do not even realize it.

  15. Dodie

    These people aren't even human.They're animals.

  16. Mahmoud BouRaad

    Wondering where ISIS has come from? How they were created and by whom? Who is Al Baghdadi, who claimed to be the ISIS Khalifa? Where was he first? If no body knows, he was a prisoner at Abou Ghouraid Jail in Iraq. But how did get out, who got him out and where did they take him? This is remain to be seen. One day the picture will be more clear. But in my opinion, and I hope I am wrong, ISIS was created by the CIA of the US, the MOSAD of Israel and Turky with the finances of the rich countries of the US Allies. Now we should know who to blame for these horrible killings.

  17. lib

    The difference between Jesus and Mohammed is that Mohammed was a spiritual leader who accepted a political role. He acted as political leaders continue to act - using violence and power to crush opposition. Jesus declined the political role and attempted to empower others. The ideal he represents continues to empower gentle loving people. Those Christians who seek to use power over others are as misguided as any other power seeking and using folk. I see "female" characteristics as empowering and "male" characteristics as using power. These characteristics are found in women and men. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" . As a species it is time for us to evolve and step into Empowerment. We need to empower joy and hope and tolerance and compassion and an understanding that everyone makes mistakes. We are inspired by forgiveness . Why do so many then rush to hatred. It is a failure to comprehend.

  18. lib

    I read Leslie Hazelton's book about Mohammed, and how after a great start he had thousands murdered. Then i listened to a documentary about Constantine who established Christianity as a major religion. He slaughtered thousands, eg taking THOUSANDS of captives and blinding all but one of a hundred - the hundredth one was left with one eye to lead the others home to be a burden on their country. Maybe that was Clovis who made France Christian. When you listen to the history of the times, bloodshed and cold blooded murder is always part of MAN's way of being. We need the tempering influence of women around the world to stand together and stop this ridiculous slaughter and we need to stop blaming the other side and look inside our own heart. We dont need to worry tho - half of human kind is busy wiping themselves and all large mammals out as we continue to ignore the economic chaos created by wars and injustice in societies and our one ecological niche. We can only survive by co-operation. That will come - or we will go extinct and the earth will heave a sigh of relief and take a few million years to clean up after us. Great extinctions come and new growth follows. Some form of life survives. Whether it will include us remains to be seen.

  19. Leslie Reader Hemmeq

    ISIS is not even Islamic, the US created and is funding ISIS, what do expect when you kill the leader who is the largest supporter of NON radical Islam on the planet all the while keeping that side of the planet in chaos?Why isn't ISIS going after Israel? Why is ISIS predominantly in Muslim countries? Do not think any of this is an accident, and do not think the Western world is safe, they have plans for us!

  20. Charles R Cloninger

    When we killed them did we line them up and tell them beforehand that we were going to behead them? And tell their families too so they could suffer and grieve and mourn and hope against hope that something could be done to save them? Until, at last, they marched out and submitted numbly to being beheaded? No. Well, I guess we just don't have cruelty down to quite the science Isis does?

  21. Marty

    What a ridiculous comment. WTF does that have to do with ISIS or Christianity ?

  22. Murar Ioan

    The US army killed about 70 people that participated at a wedding in Afganistan.They were collateral losses.Interestig.NO?