The Islamic State

The Islamic State

2014, Military and War  -   189 Comments
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The Islamic State (IS), formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), permitted filmmaker and Vice News journalist Medyan Dairieh to have exclusive access to their operations for three weeks, allowing viewers insight into the horrifying inner world of jihadist militant extremists.

Devastating footage of executions and men lying beheaded in the street illustrates the severity of the threat of the Islamic State. Militants patrol the streets to ensure their religious standards are being upheld, and citizens are encouraged to report any transgressors, even if they are family members. One man is stopped and instructed to make his wife change the fabric of her veil, and although the tone is polite it is clear the requestor is telling, not asking. The influence of the enforcers is evident - prisoners who have dared disobey the IS laws are full of self-blame, accepting their punishments to be the will of Allah. Disobedience will not be tolerated by man or God.

Preaching centers serve as meeting grounds for fanatics young and old as they celebrate their faith by raising guns above their heads and sing songs of triumph over America and the European countries. As the borders between Syria and Iraq are crossed, IS fighters defend their growth, ever insistent that their actions are defended by the will of their God, even as women and children lay bloodied and dying before them.

Operating under Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a self-proclaimed descendant of the Prophet, followers are taught to surrender everything to him, be it their money or their lives. Interviews with young boys attending a Mosque service demonstrate the fundamentalist mindset that is being ingrained in the local children, who are as eager as their adult counterparts to enact what they believe to be God's will through acts of violence and self-sacrifice.

It is the belief of the adults that their hardships bring them closer to their God and that the children are meant to be "the generation of the Caliphate" who will combat the Americans and their "infidel" allies. Those under fifteen are sent to Shariah camp to learn about their religion, while older teens are sent to military camp to train for combat; however, it is not uncommon for the younger children to already be practiced in handling arms and bracing for conflict.

The Islamic State is a stark, harrowing wake-up call to the realities of religious fundamentalism in the Middle East and the corruption of generations being raised to believe violence is the best defense of their beliefs.

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4 years ago

so radical and classical story about Islam and terrorism - it reminds me about AL-Qaeda, profiled and patterned to be the tool for wars by superpower country just keep in mind 9/11 was an inside job - just search more about why 7 nations bought to ashes because of the petrodollar system. why it's only appeared in countries like Iraq , Lybia and Syria. poor people and uneducated fights for what the rich want to get under some sort of causes. when most countries tend to be more alt-right regime there is a need for fear and a role of terrorism - that's how you keep the complex relationship of corporate and the regime going on for decades.

6 years ago

How can one people split in two, that created both islam and zionism, state that zionists created islam? Of course they did. You are the same tribe.

6 years ago

First of all I would not dear to expose such a graphic documentary to my grandson until he becomes of age and legal to watch a doc on Islamic State and only than he will be old enough to understand and to be educated about the world of today.

I like the fact based on Islamic State lores

If you compare this to whats happening today in our communities people are taking the drug ICE which leads to even worse extreme situations. I watched 60 minutes on Channel 9 this was about 3 years ago where a single mother was asleep in her room and her baby was a asleep in the colt in another room. That night the house was getting robbed, the intruder was in the babys room, the baby started crying and the intruder stabbed the baby to death due to the fact that the intruder was on ICE. Everyday a person is getting killed either by drunk driving where in some cases this drunk driver has killed other innocent people. It's a never ending story here in Australia. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. People from young to old are getting kidnapped and than killed. Young children as young as 2 years old are opening front doors without parent supervision and this young child ends up drowned.

However; terrorist attacks here in Australia may happen at least 1 per year for example the Sydney terrorist attack in the Cafe. It was sad but there have been even worse events compared to the Sydney for example I think the most saddest was when a mongruel dude decided to drive his car into the people along the streets of Melbourne killing a child age 5 or 6 years old. This was not linked to any terrorist Islamic State.

Like some people may argue that the Islamic State are portraited as cold blooded murderers. While other people may disagree that Islamic State is a group who has their own believes, religion, values and culture. Would you class a group as such to been the Indigenous people of their country? If so than they have all rights to defend what they believe is rightfully theres. However this is a debatable question?. Therefore it makes it ok for a governement to produce a policy called "Freedom" according to the freedon of speech (FOS) this allows all humans to verbally express their views, the FOS is also interwine with peoples interpretation "it's a free world" lol.

I am truely a documentary person which I have seen hundreds and hundreds of documentaries in my life time. I'm into most doc's from nature, outback, countries, and the list goes on. I get more education from watching docs than going to University it is so true.

Therefore; I have been so curious about terrorist attacks, what drives these groups to such devastation and hatrage. This particular doc has opened my eyes and I've come to a realisation that there is always a deep meaning within these groups. They don't attack for the sake of attacking or because they just felt like it. In my view I think these groups are formed due to history and in this case it goes back to World War 1 in the early 1914's.
It involved countries like Bristish, France, Russia, Turks, Syria, Libea, Eypgt, Iran, Iraq and than came the U.S.A. However; like most countries that was affected by WW1 the after math became peace between themselves. Is there truely peace amongst these countries particularly the middle East and West countries?. Yet in this stone age this war is still alive today amongst the Middle East and West. I thought it was such a clever plan from the Western countries such as British to come up with an idea for the Middle West and East counties to continue fighting with each other.

Was that a wise thing? and obviously they didn't think about the future of innocent people in their own and other countries????. Since the discovery of Oil in Iran and Iraq in the 1916's the British government soon developed all these treaties binding other countries together expect for most of the Middle East and West countries. There was 1 thing the Bristish wanted was the control over the OIL and yet these OIL wells were first located in Iran and Iraq. Surely these Oil wells obviously belonged to the Abrabs do you agree or not? Oil is the most important vital organ that operates the world today and without it the world will stop functioning. So what? what has this got to do with Islamic State? Alot it was because of the invasion of Bristish governments who than seeked help from the USA Defence force to monitor and patrol the Oil wells in the Middle East and West countries. The Middle East and West was not going to just sit back and watch a British and USA nation take control of the Abrab resounces. In defence of the Middle East and West came the Islamic State Group and really they are freedom fighters fighting of what belongs to their pre assessors and their forebares.

It's like where I come from as I too am indigenous of our country and it's taken more than 100 years to fight for what is rightfully belongs to our people in our country. The government has signed most of the land back to our people that was confiscated from the British early settlers. Due to history our forebears had no choice but to educate themselves and became a powerful voice followed by many of the young generations. It was the voice, protesting, and marching for miles and miles from the top of the North Island to the government parliment door steps. From this the government had no choice but to sign the land and resources back to the Maori people. The land and resources is such a rich product that we love and cherish our land so much.

I hear you and right now your all thinking I am so crazy I'm not saying that I encourage the behaviour and cold blooded lores of Islamic State I believe it is so wrong and it does not have to happen like this.

How I have overcome and understood Islamic State so too I do not view Muslims, Iranian, Iraqians, Turkish, Afganistan, Syria and other people who come from the middle east and west countries hatred upon them and thinking that they are all terrorist. If it wasn't for these documentaries I too will be like you full of hate on terrorist people and full of hate towards Muslims and all people who come from the Middle East and West because in my mind I too would be thinking that they are all the same.

I hope you understand this as much as I have understood it all just by watching this doc.

Thank you I am now at peace of mind. It's taken me most of the day to write this.

Fred Garvin
6 years ago

12:25 Sorry, no sympathy for you in the Islamic State.

7 years ago

I'm terrified, frightened and depressed watching this, but more so by learning about how the western world plays "war games".

7 years ago

ISIS is a completely tool for political issues of European Union,USA and Russia.Dont you comprehend this ?
and that document. is propaganda of isis.IT IS NOT ISLAMIC STATE.THEY have NEVER ISLAMIC RULES.with isis and other terrorist groups such as YPG,YPJ,PKK,Iranian militarists,global powers try to redraw the borders of southeast Turkey.
If they attempt to evaluate Isis in terms of religion,you make mistakes.

7 years ago

Religion - nothing but a deadly con. Sick of it.

Mohamed's Son
7 years ago

These people are maniacs. Literal translation of word Islam in Arabic language is peace. These people do not represent Islam and they are as well enemies to us Muslims. Our wholly prophet only killed once in his life time and it happened in war during the time mulsims were attacked. The wholly Quraan verse is very clear translating to "Call to your God's side through only righteous wisdom and words. Also it is stated in the wholly that "if anyone kills a human is like killing all human kind and it is a sin that will never be forgiven by God Almighty Allah". Us True muslims we believe in peace and love to all humanity and that no one has the right to take anyone's life no matter what and by common sense and reality we can see that this ISIS was not a creation of muslim preaching rather it is a creation of someone who wants to destroy the image of Muslims. Just look at their weapons machinery and the majority f their victims and you can figure it out who brought them to existence.

James Harrison
7 years ago

The best minds just want everyone to get along and respect the elders;
the wise ones that deserve respect because they are good hearty people;
who love life
the earth in its natural "bio-diverse state" (including humans)
pursuit of friendship
love and self worth
developed integrity
don't behead people
are open minded with non evil justifiable reason
putting family first as everyone has a voice,
they have learnt to live and let live
they do to others as they would have others do too them.

Yes Yes those best minds. The Types of minds that make great parents to raise more great minds.
The types of minds that invent cool technology
the types of minds that become great strategists
the types of minds that end up taking the side of peace, and knowing how to achieve it.

8 years ago

Only religious fanatics could create hell on earth. God is great?

8 years ago

This video frightened. I cannot believe what I was watching..Is this religion? Or have insane people taken control and in power dominate over the sane. I don't want any soldiers from the USA to die trying to remove them. They are so far gone that in time they will destroy themselves from within. Once the children have been indoctrinated they will never be able to think about not killing anyone who isn't like them. I say let them isolate themselves..Yes become like North Korea. Just keep the insanity contained.

9 years ago

And i will just like to add - This is really never about religion to some extent at-least- The leaders know they will garner more support when they tell their people the US only come to attack them because they are Muslims - We all know the US dont care whether you worship a goat or Allah - You got oil - they want it - you are not co-operating - they brand you all sort to justify an attack or topple your government. The extremist leaders are not dumb and archaic as people think they are, these are very smart probably western educated. Do you think iraq is in a better state after saddam, what of libya? What has this democracy benefited them? I have a friend from libya who says life under gaddafi was the best regardless of what the media reports - But now he is a refugee here in my country -Do you think he likes America for coming to his land and changing is status quo making him a destitute? Your guess is as good as mine.

9 years ago

I dont get how you attack someone's land , remove their leader, kill their people, take over their resources so your own land can keep prospering , try to impose your own type of government on them and then sit back and think in your wildest dream that the orphans of those killed wont retaliate . This didn't start today we need to ask ourselves why is it justified for USA to attack any country at all on the bases of restoring Democracy - The people didn't yearn for this type of government they were doing just fine (dont believe everything you see on CNN its always one sided) But the west wants this oil so badly they will justify an attack and the very toothless UN sits back and nothing is done about it. I know alot of Americans are angry over these i can understand their pain but why not ask your government why they wont let these countries be - Even the so called democratically elected Mohammed Mosaddegh was removed because he decided to nationalize the oil industry in his country(IRAN) . Ya'll think this just started today? Open your eyes this is a fight that has been festering for years. The west will only brand a government a dictator when he stops playing to their tune. Just cause some people kill in the name of religion and others on the bases that they are restoring democracy. It is still murder - who will call USA to order definitely not the toothless UN - please ask yourselves why didn't the US intervene during the Rwanda Genocide? This is a no brainier they had nothing to gain - Rwanda offers no strategic advantage to the US, they had no oil or resources the US wanted so they waited, waited and waited and waited until about a million people died. We as people of the world need to stop believing a convenient lie and start examining the bitter and Inconvenient truth then we will truly understand that there is never smoke without fire. Examine my points b4 you start spewing insults on me. Peace out.

Fabien L'Amour
9 years ago

Quite a bunch of delusional fools, I laughed out loud when that guy said they would plant the flag of IS on the White House.

Keith R Sauerwald
9 years ago

So, why doesn't the spineless UN get some intestinal fortitude and realise that those maggots should have no place to neither live nor hide. It won't be long before there are more of those vile scum than us. Their religion is such a load of rubbish. They are worse than Hitler and the Japanese were in w.w.2. Do we want a repeat performance. I don't. Do you?

Keith R Sauerwald
9 years ago

They are sick, pathetic, violent dogs. (Those kind of dogs get euthanized).

9 years ago

The god these thugs call on is a bad joke.

9 years ago

the story always been the same uneducated poor peoples who have no idea what they fight for and individuals who preach the Kuran and twisting this religion and use it for commit murders and brainwash young and old alike .they don't even know they killing their own kind as long as they follow some power hungry i*iot who using mass control,just like many time in History the end is always the same unnecessary death .they tear each other to pieces rather united that is the reason they never suceed

Suna Ronginaru
9 years ago

Watched it all the way through! If this in-the-toilet VICE News flick is to be believed, 'IS' (the group formerly know as 'ISIS', if you hadn't heard that a thousand times already) will behead you if you sell beef fo more than $9!

To see the 'chief press officer' for IS driving around with our man from VICE, wearing Ray-bans and blindly shooting at out of view targets over sand dunes is unconvincing!

If IS's Sharia law in Raqqa means that some geezer with a fully automatic weapon can just pull up in his vehicle and tell you that the fabric of your wife's garment could be improved somehow, expect no-votes, and local enforcers can expect to get Samurai'd in their sleep!

el-Baghdadi as 'Caliph' is a joke to sincere Muslims. A Caliphate? - Orwellian tosh!

Oreste Gallo
9 years ago

“Religion. It's given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”
― Jon Stewart

Puscas Marin
9 years ago

What I had noticed from all the documentaries about Arab conflicts is that there are no nations but tribes. The tribal world is more powerful than nationality, and the tribes are united by religion especially Muslims, they unite against the christian world.
On one hand i understand them because many children and innocent people have died especially from US bombs, but for many times these was/is happening whit the help of there leaders: presidents, kings and tribal leaders.

9 years ago

Some very worthwhile comments here.
I haven't watched this because I'm sick of hearing about groups like ISIS every day, killing innocent people in faraway lands, who are just trying to live their lives-like all of us.
So my comment shouldn't count.
I have a feeling in my gut-no solid evidence to back up my fear, that one day some wild eyed home-grown group will commit atrocities door to door, house by house, against their perceived "enemies" here in Canada, in my neck of the woods. It's a "Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!" type of feeling.

9 years ago

The day when we have no borders
The day when we have no religion
The day we got equal wealth
The day we got 0 lethal weapons
That will be the day of ultimate peace, that will be the day racism ends.

9 years ago

Btw we who write these comments would probably be beheaded by Islamic state.. how disturbing is this.. so tired of religion.. so tired of islam... and so tired of people saying "this is not islam"
Islam is **** without killings aswell..

9 years ago

The only answer to such people is bombs.

9 years ago

Islamist with the Ray Ban sunglasses, I bet that in the night he drinks some beer and eat home made Big Mac.

9 years ago

Bogus feel good documentary.
If life was all roses then no one would be complaining.
People are much different when their life is threatened and on camera they act completely different.
No authority exists today to establish a legitimate caliphate.
They have killed score of Christians and also sunni and shia Muslims which will land them in hell for sure upon judgment day.
Another case of Muslims not understanding the message within the Quran correctly.
1/3 of the Quran is a historical account of the time of Muhammad and his people and only applies to that time, not today's day and age.
The problem is in their education and understanding of Islam.
ISIS will be eradicated for they are not the Will of God to be an established caliphate.

9 years ago

The war on terror is likely centered on religion. It is not about gun control but mind control. The Taliban made 911 possible by motivating the participants to sacrifice their lives with the promise of bliss in heaven, Their mission is to eliminate the enemy which they have been MENTALLY conditioned to see as wicked.

It is completely false to predict a clash of civilizations rooted from differences of religion. Fact is those who share common beliefs engage in war, just like Protestants and Catholcs who believe in Christ, Or maybe the many Islamic groups wishing to eliminate each other.

More bizarre is the truth that men have been known to ignore these religious differences and connive or unite against common enemies. This was the situation in World War 1 when Ottoman Turks and Christian Germany fought on the same side. What is more thought bending is that the unlikely partnership dates back much earlier with Ottoman Turks teaming up with Catholics to eliminate Orthodox Christians.

Overly eager environmentalists want to be given the license to eliminate religion by the murder of the concept of God or atheism. But such moves betray the policies of an Evil Empire or socialism that got similar goals and totalitarian aspirations.

Control was justified by socialists for the welfare of mankind, but today, totalitarian contol is presented as the only alternative to safeguard the environment.

Why allow men to dictate what we ought to think? In an age where technology permits instantaneous communication, there is so much misinformation leading people to war and destruction. The solution is to foster Truth so we would not end up like the 911 terrorists whose brain had been whacked to volunteer for a glorious mission and merit a short cut to heaven,

9 years ago

Get a s much oil out of the region as possible and then flatten in. Until they're wiped out, there'll never be peace.

9 years ago

Can we please just go..."free the sh*t out of them" so to speak.

9 years ago

This is pretty mental but took too long for the west to act..Countries like Syria need some sort of dictatorship as its clear they cant live a "Normal" live without one.
Quite sad in this day and age but it true.

9 years ago

Eleven year olds with guns, gives me the warm fuzzies. Fagin is god.

9 years ago

Much of this doc came across as a parody and that is what makes it so scary it isn't.

9 years ago

Well this is just the finishing years of religion as we speak.. this it he PEAK of how bad it can get....we are actually leaving "age of pisces"
around 2,500year circle.. and the age of pisces was all about religion/group/worship to loose the EGO and to think beyond.
But ofcourse some missuse and take religion literally some change it and some use it for war and power...
This is it.. 40 years forward there will be less then 1% relgious people on this earth..and people from Arab countries will look back at these videos and just be in shock.

Worst part was when they captured normal soldier protecting a border.. and the other guy saying he will chop his head off..
to much. USA will finish them off.. i laugh at the people talking about taking over EUROPE.. you need a medical check.

9 years ago

If Sharia Law wasn't a completely male-dominated doctrine, I wonder how that might affect recruitment? I think maybe many of these men who are turning to ISIS are doing so because they know if they are successful, it'll be a male paradise.... relatively speaking.

9 years ago

US forces have been training the Iraqii military for going on 10 years. Its all been a game. A game with serious consequences. We have been told that Iraq was ready to govern and police itself. As soon as US forces departed the country, the Iraqii military dissolved into dust, exposed as a sham. US military forces knew damn well that this would happen. Lest we forget, we went into Iraq because we were told by our leaders that Iraq was part of 9/11. Lies. When you invade a country unnecessarily, killing mothers and fathers, grandparents and children, there will be consequences. It is our misguided foreign policy that has begat the current caliphate. Thank George Bush and Dick Cheney for all the lives ruined.

9 years ago

if you wanna say your not part of the radical muslims, that's fine. I certainly understand but your still part of the religion movement. All religions are f--ked cause thy are man made and flawed. Im not even athiest. I believe there is a God. Im spiritual, not religious.

George Bush
9 years ago

is the truth upsetting

Kip Keino
9 years ago

They're sure doing a good job of making their God appear cruel and bloodthirsty. Keep it up boys.

Kip Keino
9 years ago

Very well done documentary, thanks. Notice there were no women shown or interviewed. Islam has always been terrible for women, and not much better for males, unless you're a fanatic. Will be interesting if/when radical weapon-worshiping Muslims come up against the N.Koreans. Maybe/hopefully they'll wipe each other out, as Sunnis and Shi-ites are busy doing now.

George Bush
9 years ago

Clarification-Buddisn and the likes is not based in a belief system,but yet rather a system of seeking until you KNOW that you have found the peaseful sun rise.

9 years ago

I know they are against western power, but why they kill each other, like sunni against shia, shia against sunni? Are they not muslims, so who is the real muslim?

Geoffrey Grekin
9 years ago

The sad thing is that ISIS probably got most of its funding from the Western alliances in support of overthrowing Assad.

Huge blow-back when these same forces took it upon themselves to move into Iraq

Cristo Dias
9 years ago

Abu Mosa - Islamic State Press Officer has been KILLED theses days!
Font: liveleaks

George Bush
9 years ago

The EU has turned Ukraine into a fratricidal gladiatorial arena for its very own amusement and entertainment.Bord and bloated is it name,sadism is its game.How are they any different then Islam.

9 years ago

What happened to the infidel from VICE NEWS? Didn't he get crucified?

9 years ago

I have to wince everytime I hear one of these people imply what they're doing is in the name of "God." To presume their means will somehow justify the end. They are no different than thousands of little Hitlers run amok on a terrified, confused citizenry..... and therefore must be routed to enable a more worldly influence to take hold. Fear and horrendous acts of terror are what these ultra-extremists have discovered will sway momentum in their favor. The civil world will have to fight this fire with more imposing fire, then prove they have better alternatives,

9 years ago

Ban all religions.

9 years ago

If there is anything funny about this at all, it's the "beautiful Virgins are calling, sign me up as a martyr" part. If it weren't so horrendous, I'd be laughing.

9 years ago

What happens when the voice and presence of women becomes so suppressed that they are not seen or heard? Total TestosteroneFest!